Evil (2019) s03e07 Episode Script

The Demon of Cults

You're early.
I would imagine
you'd approve of that.
I do.
So what does the Entity
want from me this time?
Cyanide pills?
Oh, David,
I never tire of your teasing.
What is it, a time bomb?
Yes, just wind it up. No, it's a toy.
That's all. It's just a toy.
We need you to slip it
into a room and leave it.
For surveillance?
Something like that.
- So, do I wait for a call?
- No.
You will be getting an invite to a dinner.
When you're at that dinner,
we need you to excuse yourself
and go to the restroom.
But instead, you will enter
a room neighboring it,
and you will put that toy in that room.
One of the other assessors you work with
Her name is Kristen Bouchard.
She has a daughter named Lexis.
Kristen will be the one
inviting you to a dinner,
and you will be putting that toy
in Lexis' room.
You said yes to the Friends of the Vatican.
I didn't agree to betray a friend.
And betray a friend about
her fucking daughter?!
My goodness, swearing.
You were the one who discovered
the demonic connection to RSM Fertility.
In fact, you keep asking me about
my progress in attacking it.
This is my progress.
Lexis Bouchard is a product
of RSM Fertility.
She is being groomed by demonic forces
to replace one of the aging sigils
of the Poveglia Codex.
She needs to be observed,
and eventually stopped.
You're talking about an 11-year-old.
The daughter of a friend.
Those who are evil start as children, David.
Hitler was a child.
Mao, Stalin.
They were loved, they had toys.
And they looked like Lexis.
I will insist on one thing.
Do not say anything about this conversation
to Kristen or her daughter.
They're all pedophiles,
every single one of them.
You know, they take these kids
and they peel off their skin
so fast it's like they got zippers.
- Hmm.
- And the thing is
no one cares about this; it's just me.
That is a really scary thing
to imagine, Larry.
I'm not imagining it.
This is all completely true.
In order
to pull something like this off,
there would have to be millions of people
- keeping it a secret, right?
- Evil people
- do evil things.
- What are we doing here?
I can't explain how
- they do it all.
- Talking to him.
You're a liar. You're lying.
You're lying to everyone and
you're part of the problem, man.
Okay. Okay, thank you, thank you.
Most of your conversations with loved ones
will never escalate like that.
Uh, thank you, Larry.
It has gotten harder
in the last half decade,
mostly because religious cults
have been joined by
political ones.
My guess is that most of you are here today
because a family member
has become absorbed in QAnon.
Take care. Ah.
Father Acosta.
Very interesting talk, Doctor.
- Oh, thanks.
- This is Kristen and Ben.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- You needed our help?
- Yeah.
Doesn't seem like you'd need anything
with 500 successful interventions.
Yes, business has been
oddly busy lately, but
I've come across something
that I can't understand.
- What's that?
- A young man,
24 years old, Owen Venegas
His parents sent me out on an intervention
about a month ago.
His girlfriend got him wrapped up
in a cult upstate.
The Yeshua People?
Um, it's new. It's caught on
with some celebrities
and New Age folks.
They live in the woods,
talk about Jesus on earth.
Living and farming together.
Well, with deprogramming,
you break down a subject's identity
in order to build it up again,
but with Owen
something happened.
I don't think he's brainwashed anymore.
I think he's possessed.
I didn't know you believed in possession.
I don't.
But I believe the evidence of my eyes,
and this one scares me.
You want to meet him?
Don't get within two feet.
You'll see a line we've drawn on the floor.
Hi, Owen.
I'm Father Acosta.
Do you know why you're here, Owen?
Can you hear me?
We've been asked to examine you.
Did he do all this?
Yes. Once it takes over, he really loses it.
What takes over?
Um, he-he seems dehydrated.
We give him water every 20 minutes.
- He's been here a month?
- Yes.
Okay, you need a doctor in here.
- I am a doctor.
- No, a medical doctor.
I am a medical doctor.
Do you want to see the diploma?
Doctor, he needs to be in a hospital.
- You tied him to the bed?
- Yes.
- Why?
- So that he doesn't
hurt himself or us.
Don't you do the same thing
with an exorcism?
Well, exorcisms don't last for a month.
Some do. David?
Okay, you-you cannot just
kidnap somebody and hold them.
These are signatures from his parents
granting us permission to hold him.
And this is a court order
granting his parents
guardianship over Owen until
he's returned to his right mind.
The parents are in the hall
if you want to talk to them.
Potesne me audire?
Quis es?
Egerene es.
Quod no men tibi est?
You've neglected your lessons, David.
Altus, alta, altum.
Alti, altae, alta.
What do you want with Owen?
Why are you doing this?
Come closer.
Because I need to whisper it to you.
Closer, David. Closer.
Now what do you want?
Our golden retriever.
That's what we used to call him.
Just the happiest kid ever.
A real idealist.
Wanted to join the Peace Corps.
That was his plan.
That's why, when he told us about the farm,
we thought it was just another
one of his volunteer things.
How did he hear about the farm?
From his girlfriend Lilli.
Where is Lilli?
Still with the Yeshua People on the farm.
Does she know what's happening here?
No. She resisted our intervention.
Your intervention being
Approved by the authorities
in emergency cases like this.
Do you have a photo of Lilli?
Yes, I do.
Has your son ever studied Latin,
Mr. and Mrs. Venegas?
Uh, no.
I'm gonna suggest that Father Luke,
one of our exorcists, come later today
to look at Owen, if I have your permission.
- Anything?
- Well
not much of a web presence.
Just some testimonials
- from a soap opera star.
- What is this?
These are new margaritas.
- They're, uh, colorful.
- Mm-hmm.
They got Pop Rocks around the rim.
Yep, those are Pop Rocks.
Oh, here's something.
So, "The People of Yeshua,
a land with no locks."
They're having sunrise services
tomorrow morning,
and the public is welcome.
That's us, right? The public.
Oh, God! Why?
Okay, what are you guys doing tonight?
I have a very busy life. Nothing.
You're both invited to dinner.
- What, now?
- Yeah.
I made salad, we've got tacos,
the kids made some
special dessert; it'll be fun.
Plus, they're saying we don't
have enough people over, so
- They just want to see Ben.
- No, they want to see you, too.
And they have this special game
they want to play.
Didn't you give up those girls for adoption?
Oh, yeah,
but they gave 'em right back.
Come on, it'll be fun. We won't bite.
Dearly departed,
we are gathered here tonight
Okay, wait, wait, wait, so what
does it mean if I have the queen of spades?
I'm joking, I'm joking.
Whoever got the queen of spades
- is the killer.
- Okay.
And the killer secretly
winks at people to kill them.
- They have to wink?
- Yes.
- Yeah, a wink.
- Yes. But if they wink at you,
don't say you're dead right away.
Yeah. And if you catch the person winking,
then you win, -Yes.
So look at your cards.
- Okay, okay.
- I'm dead.
- Wait, what?!
- We just started.
Already? Who did that?
Okay, let's concentrate.
- Look around.
- The killer's among us.
What's this game called again?
- Killer.
- The killer.
No, it's not "the."
- It's The Killer.
- It's not The Killer.
I'm dead.
No! Wait, what?!
Who did that? I didn't see anything.
Mom, don't cover your eyes, you scaredy cat.
Who came up with this game?
Well, they taught us at school.
Oh, well, great, Catholic schools!
Getting ready for the next crusade.
- I'm dead.
- No! No, really?
- It happened so quickly.
- Who's doing this?
I didn't notice a thing.
That's the whole point, Mom.
I'm dead.
No. Okay, let's just play
a nice game of Candy Land.
- Mom!
- Mom!
Stop it. You're ruining it.
Oh, my God, I'm dead.
Okay, wait, wait, wait.
So now there's just the two of you left.
- So what happens?
- Yeah, well, David
or Lexis knows who it is,
so they should say something
before they get killed.
Who's it gonna be?
Wait, wait, wait,
maybe neither one of them is it.
- It's a spirit.
- It is.
Father Acosta, I'd say something.
Come on.
I'm dead.
Why didn't you accuse her?
I didn't want to be rude.
Oh, I am so proud of my daughter
and her killing skills.
I wonder which side she got it from.
Clearly from my side.
Wait, I thought that the plumbing was fixed.
Yeah, I thought so, too.
I had plumbers over today.
They brought the wrong equipment.
- What?
- Yeah.
Took 'em 20 minutes to figure that out.
They asked us to leave our room.
- Why?
- I don't know.
I thought they were
gonna steal stuff.
Stop! Why are you always,
like, mean to me?
May I use your restroom, please?
Fifty cents.
Thank you.
I wanted to thank you
for not saying what you could've said
at that trial, or whatever it was.
- Ecclesiastic Review.
- Right.
You could have pointed out that I saw
whatever I saw, too, but you didn't.
I'm not sure why I
Forget it.
You intimidate me, so I often don't say
exactly what I mean.
What do you mean?
I had an experience,
and it's thrown my life off course.
Have you read Portrait of
the Artist as a Young Man?
No? There's an epiphany in it.
A girl walking on the beach.
And I-I realized
I've never had an epiphany in my life.
Until that moment.
- The demon.
- Yes, exactly.
I mean, I know it wasn't
a positive epiphany,
but it woke me up to what I need to do.
- Get baptized?
- No, write a book.
A book about spirituality,
about an agnostic who understands
that there's another plane.
Demons. Spirits.
But I need your help, Sister.
I need to understand what you understand.
- Come with me.
- Thank you, Sister.
I-I feel like I'm nearing a breakthrough.
I'm one of those people
who doesn't know what they're thinking
until they write it. Uh
Sister, I I can always find
literature like this everywhere.
What-what I need is you.
What I would tell you is exactly
what is in this literature.
You want to write a book
about a spiritual journey,
read this first.
Good to see you, Kurt.
Dr. Townsend, what are you doing here?
Oh, packing up my things.
I had a small office in the church.
But I hear you're writing a book.
Sounds exciting.
I would like to offer my services,
if you want, about the darker side
of the spiritual experience.
Yeshua blesses.
Yeshua blesses.
Yeshua blesses.
Well, I don't see Lilli.
How can you tell?
They all look like Lilli.
And I thought the Catholic Church was white.
And breathe in
then out.
Intake the spirit
exhale the detritus.
Okay, you stay close to Yeshua.
What? You guys leaving me?
We'll look for Lilli.
You talk to the leader
and find out anything you can
for the exorcism.
Wow, that's vague.
You are loved, Ben.
Yeshua blesses.
Thanks for dinner last night.
You should come more often.
The girls are fun.
- How are the girls?
- They're good.
Fighting over who should get
the new bedroom.
Hmm. Any worries about
The RSM Fertility issue?
- Are you asking me about Lexis?
- Yeah. I'm just
checking in. She seems adorable.
She is adorable.
Kind and considerate.
Guess I never spent so much time with her.
Look, she's a good girl.
You know better than anyone
our fates aren't predetermined.
I don't care what happened at RSM Fertility,
she's the product of a loving family.
You two are the most beautiful
people I've ever seen.
Thank you.
- I'm Carsie.
- Hi, Carsie. I'm
Oh. Hello. This is, uh, David.
Oh. Hey.
Yeah, we're looking for someone
who lives here.
Uh, maybe you can help us out.
Uh, someone named Lilli.
Oh, Lilli! I love Lilli.
Um, I think she's by the barn. Let's go.
Come on. You, too.
- Hi. I-I know you, right?
- You do.
Maybe if I wore the goggles.
Oh, my God.
The Secret Science League.
Yeah, I blew up the toaster.
Yeah. You took first place.
That was amazing.
- Rachel.
- Renee.
And you took second place.
Yeah, well, we agreed on a rematch.
No, you agreed to a rematch.
I told you to get
some more experience first.
Oh. I thought you were flirting.
Oh, my God.
Why is it that when women
point out male inadequacy
men think they're flirting?
Hey, I'm about to be rude.
- Oh, thanks for the warning.
- Yeah.
Um, what the fuck are you doing here?
- I mean, you're not a nut.
- Thank you.
Uh, this is crazy here.
Right? I mean, you gave that
great speech on black holes.
What are you doing here with this bullshit?
Well, I like bullshit.
I like science and I like this.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
All right, well, what does she do?
I heard she channels Jesus.
No. She has a strong faith
and meditates 12 hours a day,
but she doesn't channel Jesus.
- Mm.
- What are you doing here?
Getting close to her.
Someone got very sick
after listening to her.
Owen Venegas.
Oh, yeah. I know him.
Wait, what-what happened?
Well, there's some disagreement
about that, but, hey,
maybe you can help me.
Can you introduce me to her?
It is now time for Yeshua.
You just flirted with Jesus.
Good morning.
We all thank God for another fine day.
Thank you for another fine day.
And we also thank God for black holes.
Thank you for black holes.
Yeshua wants us to know that reality
is never just one thing.
It is both love and science.
Hug the person next to you right now.
So there is a movie with a criminal
who had "hate" tattooed on one hand,
and "love" on the other.
And he brought them together,
and they struggled.
Those tattoos today
would say "God" and "science."
They struggle.
They fight, they try to subdue one another.
I think I can ask a friend here,
a good friend, Ben
Yeah, I know, I'm embarrassing you,
but I think you can help us.
What is quantum entanglement?
- You want an answer?
- Yes, please.
- Enlighten us.
- Okay, uh, well,
quantum entanglement is when
two or more particles link up
so that no matter how far apart they are,
- their states remain linked.
- Mm-hmm.
So what if I told you that
Yeshua and I are entangled?
Across 2,000 years and
6,000 miles, we are linked,
so that no matter how far apart we are,
our states remain linked.
I would say that is not
how that works.
Kneel down beside me.
Uh, I'm not gonna kneel.
Sit down, then.
So, this is a scam, right?
Oh, ye of little faith.
Um, put your hand in mine.
I want to compare hands.
What, is this a cult thing?
What are you looking for?
Owen's been asking
about you, Lilli.
Where is Owen? Is he all right?
Yes. Actually, that's why we're here.
He needs your help.
We need to take you to him.
Carsie, I've got this.
No problem, I can stay.
No, no, I'll get you later.
Where is he? Where's Owen?
A motel, Highway 85.
We can take you there. We're going now.
Who sent you, Owen or the other two?
The other Who's that?
Two men in ski masks.
They-they drove up in a van to the gates,
jumped out and dragged Owen in.
I chased after them, but they took off.
Are they the ones who sent you?
Lilli, those men you talk about,
we don't work for them.
We work for the Catholic Church.
They took Owen to be deprogrammed.
When Owen was deprogrammed,
he became possessed.
What are you talking about?
That sounds nuts.
Lilli, you need help over there?
Lilli, here's my number.
Call me and we'll come get you.
I'll stay with you
the whole time. Owen needs you.
Let me think about it.
I need to get this.
Okay. I'll go collect Ben.
Hello, sir.
Is est a Deo habetur.
Not the best time.
You're 15 minutes out of town.
I need you to return.
I'll see you at your room in one hour.
How do you know where I am?
David, you're a Friend of the Vatican.
We always know where you are.
I'm in the middle of something.
I can't leave.
You have five minutes to get in your car.
- Listen
- No, David.
If you want to intervene
for your friend's daughter,
you'd better come now.
I'm coming.
You go get him right now.
- I cannot do that.
- Okay, listen. Lis
- That is what I am saying.
- We have to go.
- What's wrong?
- I was explaining to your friend
that Renee has asked Ben to stay
for dinner; it's quite an honor.
Yes, and I was telling her
that she can go fuck herself.
- Who's Renee?
- Yeshua's earthly vessel.
She's a friend of Ben's.
Ma'am, sir, please come with us.
Yeshua needs a few hours
with Ben. You are loved.
Oh, my God. You get him right now,
- or I'm calling the police.
- Ma'am, you are loved.
Hey, what's up?
Hey. Hey, Ben. Hey, where are you?
I'm with the cult leader,
like we said. Where are you?
- We're being kicked out.
- What? Why?
They want you to have
some private time with her.
- Are you safe?
- Yeah. We're just talking.
Uh, are you kicking my friends out?
No. Tell them to stay.
We need more heathens to sacrifice.
- What?
- She-She's joking.
We have to head off.
We'll come back and get you.
Call us if there are any issues.
Gimme. Ben, are you really safe?
I'm really okay.
They're not sucking you in?
Uh, hold on, let me ask.
Are you sucking me in?
That is a straight line I'm gonna let pass.
Kristen, I am fine. I will see you tonight.
Oh, you didn't tell them
about the sacrifice tonight,
and how we have to drain you of your blood?
Oh, I forgot.
Wait, what what's going on, David?
What do you mean?
Ben is stuck at a frickin' cult,
and we're rushing to some
unknown meeting at your church.
And it's not the first time for one of your
mysterious phone calls.
Kristen, I'm a priest.
I don't control my own fate.
- I'll drop you at home.
- No, I'm fine.
We'll be driving by your house.
I can pick you up afterwards.
I'll come with you.
You were talking about the darker side
of the spiritual experience.
What did you mean?
Do you know how many
English translations there are
of Dante's Inferno?
A hundred and thirty-four.
Do you know how many there are
of the Paradiso? 12.
You want to know why?
I didn't even know that was true.
Because angelic is boring.
It'd be like watching industrial
films about syphilis.
No wonder you have writer's block. Here.
I come bearing props.
You light this candle,
somewhere near the typewriter,
and turn out the lights.
Cut your hand with this knife,
but only lightly.
You need 12 drops of blood
to fall on the paper.
Now, do you mean laser printer paper?
I-I work on a laptop.
On the laptop screen.
Then play this song and sing to it.
Now, see, I-I don't have a turntable.
Well, go get one. Who said
writing was gonna be easy?
Now remember, candle,
blood, sing, in that order.
- And what will this do?
- You saw a demon, Kurt.
It scared you, but it made you
hungry for more.
This is the more.
Candle, blood, sing.
Do it.
Come on, children, sing.
I said sing!
Sing louder, please.
Now, children, it's time to write.
Kristen, do you mind waiting here?
Sure. Is there someone in your room?
I'll be right out.
Tell me how to lock this door
so no one can enter.
These three gentlemen are from
the Corpo della Gendarmeria
dello St a to della Città del Vaticano.
They have the same question I do.
You took something from the bedroom
of a child of our concern.
- You planted something?
- Yes.
We found another way to fulfill
the service you would not.
Every child is a potentiality.
Nature versus nurture.
- This child has a good mother.
- This mother
turned her back on the Church.
She has committed evil acts.
Stop. The Entity has committed evil acts.
We are not the Entity,
we are Friends of the Vatican.
Kristen, give me a minute.
- You brought her here?
- You called me
in the middle of an assessment.
What did you think I was gonna do?
David, I have to ask you something.
Give me five minutes.
Unfortunately, I have to ask you right now.
- What's up?
- David, what's going on?
I need a minute.
Who are you in there with?
Excuse me.
Kristen Bouchard, hello. Remember me?
Victor Leconte.
Yes. The Entity.
No, just a Vatican functionary. Come in.
This looks serious in here.
We were just talking about RSM Fertility
and the sigil map.
- Really?
- Yes.
You and David and
- Ben?
- Right.
You have pushed us to dig deeper into it.
We're just trying to figure out what to do.
Any thoughts?
Well, the only thing we can think
is to keep track of these RSM children.
Did you have a thought?
Are you sure you want me to have a thought?
- Tell me what you mean.
- I'm a woman.
I'm a mother.
I had an embryo implanted in me
from RSM Fertility, and I'm
pretty sure you know that
and you think I'm biased in some way.
Kristen, your daughter is a child of God.
Is that what David's been telling you?
No. David has insisted on
not helping us because
that would mean betraying you.
And yet you opened the door for me.
So what are you about?
I want to enlist the help of the mother.
Your daughter, Lexis, is being groomed.
Excuse me?
She's being influenced by others
to carry on a demonic tradition.
This is a map you'll recognize.
This sigil here, that is the one
your daughter is being groomed for.
It is a key sigil.
Many rely on it as a leader.
It matters more to us than 20 of the others.
- H-How is she being groomed?
- You know how.
You stopped Leland Townsend
from having direct contact with her.
So this isn't about my daughter.
This is about Leland.
I would agree.
Then why aren't you
doing something about him?
Why was he working
as a doctor for the Church?
We needed to keep him close.
Now we want you to work with us.
David has great faith in you.
Well, I don't believe in the supernatural.
Neither do I. Maybe that
surprises you, but I think
that God forces us to move
on the earthly plane
to bring in His kingdom.
We want you to work with David and us
to stop Leland.
He is intent on putting your
daughter on a demonic throne
above the destroyed world.
I'm sorry, what?
You must have wondered why
Leland was targeting you.
Why did he go after you at court
from the very beginning?
Why Orson LeRoux? Why Dwight Ferrell?
Why your delusions? Why your night terrors?
Yes, we know everything.
None of this is mysterious. It is human.
This is not about you,
this is about your daughter.
What are you doing?
I'm calling an Uber.
- I'm going home.
- Why?
Because I have to hug my daughter.
Wait. Stay.
- Do you have kids?
- No.
Then shut the fuck up.
I'm going to hug my daughter.
Keep her in line.
She's a mother.
You need to stay in line.
No, I'll be right there.
Just do what they say.
We're coming right now.
- Ben?
- No, Lilli.
She went to the motel.
- Damn it.
- Yeah.
I'm feeling like this is, like, dorm life
- circa 2004, you know?
- Mm.
I mean, all you need on the tape
deck is "Hey Ya."
Oh. Boop.
- What's going on?
- Um
Don't freak out, okay?
Um, okay. Uh
Okay, so what, are we in
Midsommarterritory now?
You gonna push me off a cliff or something?
Not quite, but seriously, don't freak out.
There will be some blood.
My blood?
Are-are you joking?
No, I just worry that you'll
Are-are you okay?
- Are you all right?
- Uh okay, all right.
Are you all right?
- Okay, she said something
- It's time for the sacrifice!
Okay, uh, Renee, I'll call you later, okay?
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Okay, okay. Excuse me.
Okay, okay, calm down.
Bless Yeshua.
Bless Yeshua.
- Bless Yeshua.
- Okay. Hey, hey, hey!
Where are you?
Help me, muse.
Where the hell are you?
Come on. I need you.
- Why are you bitching?
- Oh.
I'm not bitching.
Oh, I-I was writing great stuff.
Oh, it-it just flowed. I I've never
- had that feeling before.
- Mm.
Like someone was writing through you?
It was. Like-like I was
sharing half my brain.
I wrote ten pages like it was nothing.
Then what?
It stopped.
I didn't do anything. I
It just Boom.
Your muse fled.
How do I get it back?
Do you really want to know?
That's why I'm asking.
Hemingway asked.
But you have to be prepared
to do what they did.
What did they do?
Use these.
- How?
- Sister Andrea.
Cut her hair.
Cut it all off,
and your muse will return.
You're joking.
No, I'm not.
- Where is she?
- Shh.
Where's Lilli?
master of all deceit.
Begone, Satan,
enemy of man's salvation.
Give place to Christ.
- Begone, Satan.
- Where's Lilli?
She tried to break him free.
Give place to Christ in Whom you have
found none of your works.
Begone, Satan,
the inventor and master of deceit.
Begone, Satan,
- enemy of man's salvation.
- Oh, my God.
Stop them. They're killing him.
Wait. Lilli. They're not.
They're trying to save him.
- What are you talking about?
- Give place to Christ
- Owen!
- In Whom you have found
- none of your works.
- I love you!
I'm here. I'm here for you!
Owen, fight it.
Fight it!
I'm here, Owen. Owen,
I love you.
Owen, fight it! Fight it!
- No.
- No, no. It's okay. It's okay.
- I'm here, Owen.
- I'm so sorry.
I didn't know where you were. I didn't.
- Lilli, I'm so sorry.
- I'm here, Owen.
I love you.
Hey, Ben, what's up? How's it going?
I am guilty!
take my guilt!
Yeshua blesses.
Yeshua blesses.
I have been found guilty.
I am guilty!
I killed my mother!
When she gave birth to me,
she was bloody.
I made her bloody.
Praise Yeshua.
Praise her.
Release me from my shame.
Release yourself.
It's just his voice mail.
We shouldn't have left him there.
No, I'm good.
You're not good.
You're guilty.
No, I'm not.
Look, I don't believe in all this.
Okay? Sorry, I
I don't believe that
you're channeling Jesus.
I don't Hey.
I'll rephrase that.
Your mother.
Excuse me?
You blame yourself
for your mother's death.
No, I don't.
Where-where-where you getting all that?
Your sister.
At the Science League, she told me.
You broke your mother's heart.
That's why you think you killed her.
You're guilty.
- Guilt!
- Okay, all right.
- Okay, everybody Shh!
- Guilt!
Hey, guys, guys, shh.
Everybody, that's-that's not helping.
I mean, even if I was feeling guilty,
okay, I wouldn't crawl around on the floor
like some kind of nut, hitting myself.
Right? That-that doesn't do anything.
- Guilty!
- Okay, okay, stop.
Stop, stop. I am
facing up to it.
Okay? That's what you have to do.
Look, you didn't kill your mother.
It happens. Childbirth mortality
is always a danger.
Hey, hey!
Okay, hey, Renee.
Hey, remember science?
This is not science.
Okay? This is some crazy cult shit.
Come on.
Through here.
Oh, my God.
Hey, guys.
How's it going?
What the hell?
What did they do to you?
Oh, this? Eh, it's not mine.
What happened?
Uh, they killed a goat, and
they poured his blood over me.
- Mom?
- Yeah?
You smell like blood.
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