Evil (2019) s04e03 Episode Script

How to Slaughter a Pig

What is this?
- For?
- A target.
What target?
There is a situation the
Church is seeking a window into.
You are the window.
You know conversations
are supposed to make things clearer?
I'm not intentionally obscure.
Sometimes reality is obscure.
This exercise is called
"stepping into the target."
The mind is stimulated
when the body physically moves
through a threshold.
A doorway, a tunnel,
or over a line.
More obscure still?
- Yes.
- Step over the line
and draw what you see.
And if I see nothing?
Then this will be a short meeting.
But there are eight
Christian missionaries
who will die if this doesn't work.
- Is that true?
- One thing you have to know about me.
I never lie.
Now close your eyes,
step over the line,
and draw what you see.
Why did you replace Victor LeConte?
I don't understand the question.
You're my new handler, right?
Is it because you're Black?
You're a very suspicious person.
There are 250 Black priests
in the United States.
And we just happen
to end up together?
I'm from Nigeria.
There are more Black priests there.
Now close your eyes, step over the line,
and tell me what you see.
What do you see, David?
Let me start by saying I am
so sorry for my behavior.
I started seeing this
doctor about my back pain.
He promised a cure.
It turns out his cure was Pentazocine.
- Oh.
- Which, as you know,
has the potential for
psychotomimetic effects.
- Hallucinations.
- Right.
That was the wake-up call I needed.
I changed doctors,
detoxed from the drug.
I'm really glad to hear that.
Okay. Uh, I got to head out.
- An assessment?
- Yeah.
Listen, I know I have
significant work ahead
to rebuild your trust.
But would you be open to
resuming our weekly sessions?
Um, well, it's actually, it's, it's,
it's not for me, it's for Andy.
Ever since the avalanche, he just
has not been himself,
and the neurologists
can't seem to find anything,
so my only other guess
is that it has to be psychological.
Well, I would be happy to help.
Right. It's just that, uh, the
I know.
My, uh my automatic writing.
I was trying something out, but
I'm done.
Are you sure?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Well, great, uh, let me talk to Andy,
and then I'll give you a call.
- Oh.
- Need any help, Doctor?
No. No, I'm just
throwing away old business.
Yes ?
The crow is starting to caw.
What does that mean?
Boggs has thrown out your things.
One dose, Ziprasidone, 18 milligrams,
swallowed ten minutes ago.
Opening eyes slowly.
Ah. No evident hallucinatory
images to my left.
Ah. Wai Oh, wait.
Faded image against the black and white.
Image is strongest against the black.
Closing my eyelids to half.
Image is gone.
But the voice is still here.
18 milligrams has no evident impact
on hallucinatory voice.
Have you ever thought this Dr. Boggs
might be trying to get
you hooked on drugs?
Have you heard of Big Pharma?
Oh, my God.
- The country life.
- Gosh.
Okay, you're trapping
all the smell inside.
Well, you open yours.
Does it feel like we're heading
out to the country a lot these days?
Yeah. And the same place.
Particle accelerator's
only four miles from here.
The gates of hell.
We're opening them.
Okay, what am I looking for here now?
All right, let me show you. Um, here
VidTap? Really? We swore these off.
Just watch.
Earlier tonight,
my boyfriend ate pork chops for dinner.
This is him now.
Oh. Okay. What, are we back in
jump-scare territory? Come on.
This is the possessed pork challenge.
- Here's another one.
- Here goes.
Regardless of the
warnings, I'm about to eat
bacon from Belmonte.
Wish me luck.
And I challenge my friends
JoelBee49 and AdamFraizer226
to do the same.
Let's see what happens
when I eat possessed pork.
Okay. So we're assessing this kid?
No, we are assessing the pigs.
What? You-you're kidding, right?
The pork lobby.
- Oh, my God.
- There's a 20% drop in sales
because of the fear of possessed pork.
They asked the Church to intervene.
After a sizable donation, I assume.
So we're out here looking at pigs?
You must be from the archdiocese.
I'm Larry Bibb, from the PPN,
the Pork Producers of the Northeast.
I'm Father Acosta.
- Uh, Kristen and Ben.
- It's so good to meet you.
Oh. This is one of the
Belmonte team members,
Chet Garcia, who runs this farm.
Welcome to my farm.
- You're the priest?
- Yes.
Good to meet you.
Closest church we have
out here is in Lidden.
Yes. Uh, we spent a night
out there in a graveyard.
- Mm.
- Looking for a ghost?
No. Werewolf.
You know, before I forget,
let me give you these.
It's a selection of our
fall meats and cheeses.
- There's one for each of you.
- I don't eat pork.
Ah. Well.
I'll just keep these here, and
you can take them with you when you go.
My guess is, you want
to see my livestock.
Yes, please.
This way.
Who's that?
My neighbors. The Baxter farm.
They farm by drone?
They keep track of
their livestock by drone.
- You don't like that?
- It's a new way to farm.
A lot of us prefer the old ways.
Come on in.
- Yes. You get used to it.
- Whoa.
But we have some masks here if you want.
- Uh
- It's okay
We have about 1,200 animals,
give or take the
gestating breeding sows,
which are kept here. Our animals
are all vaccinated
against porcine diarrhea,
brucellosis, pseudorabies
and African swine fever.
And this is my son Anthony.
These are the people from the Church.
They want to know about
our living conditions.
Well, we follow all New York
Department of Health
and Hygiene regulations.
And all animals designated for
slaughter have a certificate
completed by a USDA Category
II-accredited veterinarian.
My son was gonna be a lawyer,
but he decided to stay
closer to home for a while.
It's the family business.
Can we get a look at your
farm's paperwork, Mr. Garcia?
- Of course. Yeah.
- Why so loud?
Why all the the squealing?
Oh. Pigs and hogs together.
Noise isn't a bad thing with
the pigs. It's not like babies.
Why do you think people
think your pork's possessed?
Because people are weird.
People believe a lot of things.
"The world is flat."
"QAnon is real."
People like the idea of conspiracies.
It makes life easier. Don't you think?
- I do.
- You look around.
You tell us what we're doing wrong.
All right. Thank you.
Ah ow!
Darn it.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I'm I'm fine. It's just a cut.
- Let's get you first aid.
No, it's all right, it's nothing.
Let's get you some antiseptic.
You don't want to get that infected.
I look around
at all the women here, and I know
that we together have
been more responsible
for this quarter's bottom
line than any of those men.
Gina, you brought in Solovyov, okay?
Can we have a round of
applause for Gina? Yes?
And, Leslie, Leslie,
you not only righted the
ship on the Twitter threat,
but you're carrying
the friggin' Antichrist.
Can we give it up for Leslie?
Thanks. But I'm not
the biological mother.
No. See? That's the problem.
Men take credit, even
when they don't deserve it.
Women share credit, even
when we do deserve it.
Look at them up there.
Mike started out as
your assistant, Monica.
Tanner over there brought me
lunch, and now they're all
How cute.
A little sewing circle.
What do you need, Leland?
Well, I've got my hooks into Dr. Boggs,
but I need to close that deal.
I need more background on Kristen.
Okay. I'll come back.
Okay, listen up, ladies.
That is why I'm here
to bring down that motherfucker.
- Leland?
- Yeah.
He's out to destroy my
family and my granddaughters.
But I'm taking him down first.
From the inside.
- How?
- Organize. The six of us.
We get the rest of the
women in the office.
Are you saying that we threaten to quit?
No, I'm saying that we take over.
The women. We just ta
I think I need some help.
Oh, shit.
Okay, uh, no-no-no,
I-I got it, I got it.
There you go.
- How's that?
- Yeah, it's That's good.
So what do you think?
I think they're doing
what pig farmers do.
I'm not sure how pigs would
act if they were possessed.
Did think it was weird, the
way they reacted to my blood.
Where's Ben?
What do you need?
Oh, no Just-just, uh,
checking out your drones.
Uh, I just think it's interesting.
Farming by drone.
Yeah. And who are you?
Oh. No one. Uh, I'm just
inspecting the Belmonte farm.
Uh, is that a Redeye 360?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You like that better than the QuadAir?
Night and day. Redeye's lighter.
Yeah, but less battery life, right?
Oh, come on.
It's equivalent in common usage.
QuadAir's for city folks.
Okay, I guess I'm city folks.
How's the digital accuracy?
Three megapixels per frame.
And you get night vision.
Really? Nice.
Can I see?
This is the night vision.
That's the, uh, Belmonte farm?
- Yeah, and that's our field.
- Yeah.
Well, Garcias hate that I
do this, so I fly at night.
What are you worried about?
Pigs getting loose?
Well, sometimes, yeah.
I mean, they find a hole in my fence,
and they're all over my land.
They dangerous?
Nah, mostly just aggressive.
There are some weird
things at night, though.
Like what?
This is last month.
Watch the field.
Around 2:00 a.m.,
- I couldn't sleep.
- Mm-hmm.
Kept hearing weird noises.
People screaming and the like.
So I sent the drone up.
Okay, what am I looking for?
What the hell?
I know. It's freaky.
This is real-time? This
is not time-lapse, right?
W-w-wait a second. Can, uh, can I?
That's his son.
- What's he doing?
- I don't know.
But if you find out, tell me.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- No, no, please make it stop.
- I don't want to do it anymore.
- It's okay.
Leslie, Leslie, this is
DF's private facility,
one of the best in the
world. Nothing's gonna happen
to either of you, I promise.
Leslie, Leslie, it's okay, it's okay.
Wait, wait, wait, it's just a,
it's just a normal little kick.
It's okay. Just keep breathing.
Hee, hee, hoo, hoo.
Hee Nurse! Nurse!
Hoo, hee, hee, hoo, hoo. It's okay.
Hi. I'm Nurse Bloch.
- And I'll take it from here.
- Hi. Okay.
- You need an ultrasound.
- Please, please help me.
I don't think it's
supposed to hurt this much.
Don't worry, honey, I have
just the thing to help.
Please, please!
- Hee, hee, hoo, hoo.
- Hoo, hee
Shh, shh, breathe, breathe,
breathe. Hee, hee, hoo, hoo.
Hee, hee
Thank you.
That's better.
I snuck a shot on my phone.
He didn't want me to have a copy.
He's worried that it'll seem like
he's surveilling his neighbor.
But he is surveilling his neighbor?
Well, I think there's a lot of
sabotage out there in farmland.
He hates how the pigs
dig under his fences.
You think it was the farmer's son?
I think so. It's really weird.
Why are you breathing so hard, David?
My nighttime run.
Oh, my God, would you
stop being Super Priest?
I don't run that fast.
Um, hey, so, what do
you want to do, David?
I mean, this doesn't seem to
have anything to do with the pork.
Let me talk to Father Ignatius.
He'll probably want us to
go out there one more time
to see if there's some kind
of infectious possession.
Well, good night.
Don't get mugged.
- Already home.
- Hey, what about me?
You don't get mugged either.
- Night, guys. Bye.
- Good night.
Two doses, Ziprasidone, 36 milligrams.
What does a red, green
and yellow flag mean?
The flag of Ethiopia.
Where did you see it?
- I can't tell.
- You can to me.
No, no, I mean I can't tell.
I have visions.
It's not remote viewing.
It has nothing to do with your
numbers or your line on the floor.
You don't know that.
- I know what I see.
- Okay, I
In your vision, what did you see?
I was stepping through them.
And that flag.
Were you googling something before?
That can affect what you see.
No, I was coming back from a run.
I was filled with
hatred and
Like I wanted to kill someone.
Like I was
I saw
a scar on my right hand.
The shape of a red triangle.
This was PSI.
Perfect site immersion.
The coordinates we gave
you were for the barracks
of General Kaleb Girma,
the leader of Ethiopian military forces.
And he has a triangular
scar on his right hand.
David, you didn't step
into the space of Girma.
You stepped into Girma himself.
That's why you felt hate
and murderous thoughts.
You were him.
- This is not real.
- Oh, it is.
And this is not healthy.
There are eight missing
priests in Ethiopia.
We need to know what
General Girma did with them.
I know it's hard.
I had visions of hell.
I had visions of the world ending.
They're not true.
They are possibilities.
You can't depend on
what I see to be true.
I can if it's all I've got.
That's your son Anthony. Isn't it?
Where'd you get that?
- I can't say.
- It's the Baxter farm, isn't it?
He has those stupid drones.
Constantly spying.
Wait a minute.
We have been sent to check on
the pork being slaughtered here.
If this has anything to do with it,
tell us or we'll have to
turn in a negative report.
Father, he's my son.
But he looks like someone possessed.
Tell us or we'll find out on our own.
What are we playing here?
Good priest, bad priest?
About a month ago, my son
came back from college.
He started acting strange.
I thought they were
night terrors at first.
He would wake up
just screaming.
And one night I
I tried to wake him.
And he just snapped.
Threw me across the room
as-as if I weighed nothing.
I was raised Pentecostal, but I-I
I haven't been to church in-in a while.
So I went online
trying to look for help.
It was difficult finding
anyone to come out here,
but finally
I found an exorcist.
The Trio of God.
What is that? The Trio of God?
Amateur exorcists.
They advertise online.
Are you all right, David?
What do you mean?
I don't know, you
just seem, um angry.
I just don't like amateurs
messing with the supernatural.
Right, but also
earlier, you were driving
pretty aggressively.
It's just these old country roads,
they're like like
driving in a video game.
Here they are.
That looks official.
You're keeping her sedated?
Yeah, she's not in any pain.
The pain isn't the real issue
here, it's her awareness.
Can't take any chances that
she'll run off with the fetus.
Can you up the dosage?
No, I can't do that.
Any more and we'll kill
her and endanger the baby.
Killing her is not the concern.
Okay, just tell me the priorities.
First six or seven months,
- we need her
- Her body?
To feed to the baby.
Shh. I think she's coming around.
We're okay.
Oh, good, you're awake.
- How is the ba ?
- Shh, shh, shh.
They're gonna kill me.
- What? Who?
- Leland and the nurse.
They're gonna kill me and they're
gonna feed my body to the baby.
That's crazy, honey.
Giving birth to the
Antichrist is fucking crazy.
Using my body as food
is just normal crazy.
Okay, just, just call down, all right?
Let me go figure out what's going on.
Uh, Nurse Bloch, right?
- Yes. Sheryl?
- Right.
Um, Leslie was just talking to me.
She heard you and Leland talking.
Yes, I-I didn't know she
was awake. Is she in pain?
No, no, but-but she told me
she heard you were planning to kill her
and use her body for baby food.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Killing her.
For baby food.
Yeah, I-I-I want to,
you know, calm her, so
Dr. Townsend and I were discussing
the condition of the fetus
it's in a transverse lie.
- Ah. Right.
- So pain control is paramount.
I can understand if Leslie
finds sights and sounds
confusing during this
time, but I can assure you
the only harm that will come to her
is if we take her off
the epidural too abruptly.
Thank you.
Now stand.
You have been freed from
all demonic influence.
Oh, my gosh.
I feel released.
Jesus freed you.
Can I please get your autographs?
- Maybe in a minute.
- Of course, of course.
You all are a godsend.
Thank you, Jesus.
Don't worry, you are in great hands.
Hello. Do you have an appointment?
- The Trio of God?
- Yes.
Yeah, we're from St. Joseph's.
We were hoping to talk with you?
Ah, our Roman Catholic brethren.
Yes, we've had a few of your
rebounds come through here.
Uh, just your exorcisms,
the ones that didn't take.
Let's talk about your exorcisms.
On what authority do you
cast out these demons?
By the only authority needed,
the authority of Jesus.
But you aren't trained exorcists.
Trained by who?
Nowhere in the Bible does it say
you need to be trained
to cast out demons.
That is just something the
Roman Catholics made up.
Like Latin, the holy
water, the indulgences.
Anything to profit from God.
And to keep the white male
clerical patriarchy intact.
How much did you just charge him?
Nothing but our living expenses.
Chet Garcia paid you $10,000.
That's a lot of living expenses.
His dad would have paid
us ten times that amount.
- But at what cost?
- Um
So, this farm.
What happened at this farm?
- That wasn't our fault.
- What wasn't your fault?
Jesus was confronted
by a demon-possessed man
- living among the tombs of the city.
- Oh, my God
When he encountered Jesus, he cried out,
"Have you come to cast
us into hell, Son of God?"
But there was a herd of pigs nearby.
And the demons begged Jesus,
"If you've come to cast us away,
send us into the pigs."
And Jesus said to them, "Leave this man,
and the demons fled
out of the man's body
and went into the pigs, and all
the pigs ran down into the sea
and drowned themselves. Mark 5.
That's what you did?
You sent the demons into the pigs?
Yes, he came to us three weeks ago.
His son was possessed and,
as the Gospels demanded,
we cast the demons into the pigs.
But they didn't drown themselves.
There was no place for
them to drown themselves.
That's why we told the
father to destroy them.
Oh, Jesus.
So, what are we saying?
"Those crazy girls, they
sent a demon into the pigs"?
Are we really on that level of crazy?
It's biblical, so yeah.
I'm going nuts.
- Why?
- This job.
So you're no longer going
over to the dark side?
What do you mean?
Oh, a few months ago,
you were throwing your hand in with God
and going to church. Hmm, now what?
You're right, I
promised God that I would
take the girls to Mass every week
if Andy came back alive.
But all this talk of
salvation, God, demons.
It's just It's just broken me.
I know you see visions, David,
but that is your truth and not mine.
Don't say your truth. There's truth.
There's no yours and mine.
Look, you see an elephant from one side,
I see it from another.
Neither of us is wrong.
Yes, but there is an elephant.
Yeah, and if one of us were omniscient,
we could insist on what
the other person saw,
but you can't determine what I see.
I'm not trying to.
Ever since I gave up taking God
and demons seriously, I've been happy.
So why would I want
to go back to a world
that requires me to dress
up my kids for Mass or
get a nun into my
house to destroy demons?
Because it's true.
What good is truth if it
doesn't make you happy?
- So, how do we talk?
- I don't know.
Maybe we don't.
Maybe we mime things to each other.
Maybe you mime "God"
and I mime "science."
I've been seeing something.
I've been seeing a jinn.
It's called a Qareen, um
In Islam, it's, uh
like an id shadow.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
What are you doing about it?
Is this about the particle accelerator?
I'm taking medication, and,
uh, yeah, I'm guessing it is.
What medication?
Ziprasidone. I'm trying
it in 18-milligram stages.
Stages? Wh-What do you mean, stages?
Trying to figure out the
minimum I need to stop the image.
Okay, if we're being honest
the Entity is back in my life.
I haven't been keeping it from you.
It's just, things have
been moving fast.
They're experimenting
with remote viewing.
You serious?
- Remote viewing?
- Yes.
They gave me the coordinates
for a dictator overseas,
and my visions for some reason
have caught a glimpse of him.
Or I imagined I caught a glimpse of him.
I think that's the reason I've
been so angry these past few days.
It's because I feel the
emotions of this dictator.
I'm not saying it's true,
that there's just
something in what I'm doing
that's changing my mood.
We are three fucked-up people.
Okay, pull over. We got to hug.
What? No, we-we're okay.
We're not pulling over.
David. Pull over.
Pull over, David, or she'll sing.
Hey, guys, I was thinking
I'm gonna go check out
the soil at the farm.
Oh, yeah? Why?
Because it might be neural sarcoidosis.
- Right.
- What's that?
That happens when individuals
are exposed to foreign antigens
that promote inflammation of the brain.
Which can explain Anthony.
And the pigs, too?
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
So I'm gonna go and get some samples.
Because years of pesticides
can build up in the dirt.
Okay, a Black man, a
Muslim and a white girl
hugging beside the road?
We should go home before we get shot.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
How are you, Leslie?
Fine, I think.
A little pain.
- I want it to come.
- I do, too.
Nurse Bloch has relayed your concern.
You heard what the nurse and I said.
- I want to talk about that.
- Sheryl said I misheard.
Yes, but also you didn't.
So we need to have an
honest conversation.
You know what you're carrying?
- Yes.
- The most important child in 2,000 years.
So if I didn't mishear,
what were you talking about?
Using my body as food?
No, it's not about you.
You said the mother's body.
Yes, but not you. The biological mother.
Yes. We didn't want you to worry.
In fact, we'll need
your help on that front.
Kristen doesn't want any part of this.
Well, that has to change.
That's why we need you.
I'll be right back.
Kristen, please help me.
Who's this?
Leslie. I didn't know who else to call.
Leslie who?
I'm carrying your baby.
And it's coming.
I'm in labor right now, I was..
I was at the hospital, but
they're trying to kill me.
I have nothing to do with this baby.
Leland is going to kill me.
Help me.
Please help me.
- You should go back to the hospital, okay?
- No!
The nurse is drugging me.
Nurse Bloch, with her squeaky shoes.
She's been poisoning me.
Please, I'm not crazy.
They're going to mulch me up,
they're going to feed
my body to the baby.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die, please.
Where are you?
When did her contractions start?
Uh, I don't know.
She have complications
during her pregnancy?
Um don't know.
Ma'am, are you going in the room?
- Uh, actually I'm going to
- I was about to start dinner.
- Guys, come on. Let's go.
- Kristen! Please!
She's very active. The baby's coming.
Please, Kristen, I'm scared!
Kristen, please.
Please don't leave me, Kristen.
- Get her an epidural now.
- Too late for an epidural.
What about a pudendal block?
This baby is crowning.
Since you're a pro,
- help her breathe.
- I'm not here to
Get her breathing in rhythm!
Okay, Leslie, look at me. Look at me.
- It's almost over.
- Mm-hmm.
You're going to breathe in
for four through your nose,
then out like
Are you ready? Think down and out.
Here we go. Four.
Now out.
- All right, I need you to push.
- I can't!
Yes, you can. You can.
I'm right here with you.
It's almost over, okay?
On the count of three,
one, two, three.
She'll have to do better than that.
- Do you want to do it, Doctor?
- Thank you.
Hate him and bear down.
This hurts like a motherfucker!
It's crowning. Keep going.
What is it?
Kristen, what's wrong?
I need to see him.
Green Acres ♪
Is the place to be ♪
Farm livin' is the life for me. ♪
Okay. I'm not your enemy.
Okay? I am just a friendly
old city boy, just
going back home.
I don't know how to make him stop.
You're doing fine.
It's okay. It's okay.
Babies can feel insecure on their back,
like they're going to be dropped.
You could try holding
him on his stomach.
Please show me.
Mm, there you go, little buddy.
There you
So, we have an issue.
We already explained
what happened with my son.
No, that's not it.
Kristen, are you on?
Uh, yeah, I'm here.
What is that?
Which is ?
That's what pig farmers call it
when they feed the ground-up carcasses
of dead pigs to their live ones.
The Trio of God told
you not to sell the pigs
they sent the demons into.
- And I didn't.
- True.
But you killed the pigs
and you fed their carcasses
to your living livestock.
Feedback is perfectly
legal in our state.
Yeah, saves farmers a
massive amount in feed.
But pigs raised that way
develop aggressive and
cannibalistic behaviors.
That's why they were drawn to my blood.
Yep. And that's why they dug
up the neighbor's graveyard.
And that is why they tried
to kill me last night.
And that is why a hog
in Oregon last year
killed his farmer and ate him whole.
All because of feedback.
But that means the pork isn't possessed.
It's healthy.
We're not signing off on your pork.
It may not be possessed,
but it certainly is evil.
Well, either way
we're gonna need you to sign
these nondisclosure agreements.
There's one for you and you.
Hey there. Come on. Follow me.
Hmm. What's his name?
The baby's, um
I don't think that's decided yet.
Here it is. It's Timothy.
That's my dad's name.
That's sweet, she named
him after your father.
Here, it's time for the
feeding. Do you want to?
Uh, no, no, no, no.
You're the only one she approved.
You're the other mother, right?
Hello, Timothy.
There you go.
Got him? All right.
Got him?
You even look like each other.
It's okay. That's okay. You're okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
The thrill of writing
this year was going in
in very unexpected ways, that
I don't think other TV shows do.
That's the good thing about
not planning everything exactly out,
because you surprise
yourself, you're probably
gonna surprise the audience.
David, watch it!
Michelle and I are of the opinion,
the writers' room is about
the logic of building a story.
But the actual putting
those words down on paper
are about tapping into the intuition.
We have a spectacular group of writers.
Either one of them will have read
something, thought of something,
or we will come up with ideas
of things that we're
finding scary in the world.
There's so many different experiences
and walks of life from
everybody in the room.
But I think it makes for
really unique stories.
We'll come with personal stories
and what are you into in
terms of, like, the news
or current events.
And then we'll try to connect
the dots on both of them.
So, even if it is something
that's popping up in the news,
- we will put our own Evil spin on it.
- Whoa!
This year, we leaned a little
bit more into innovative
and newer technologies
that are gonna be a
big part of our future.
Technology has improved our lives,
whether it's connectivity
or productivity,
but then there's always, you
know, an unexpected outcom.
What the hell?
The first episode is
based on a particle accelerator,
the CERN one in Switzerland.
There was a lot of fear at the time,
when it was opening, that it was gonna
open the gates to Hell.
One of the writers in the writers' room
brought it to us, and it felt like
they're now creating
another particle accelerator
that is gonna be equal to CERN
out in Long Island,
so it felt like, "Oh,
well, you know, that's perfect."
Evil has definitely the strangest tone
of any show I've ever worked
o, just because it combines
so many genres that wouldn't mesh,
and that's all due to the mind
of Robert and Michelle King.
Robert and Michelle, as showrunners,
will do a final pass of the script.
That's when most of
the humor gets added in,
and, uh, it's wonderfully surprising,
and it's wonderful to get those scripts.
I think it's such a
great blend of comedy
and also, like, "What
the fuck is happening?"
All our writers and the
Kings are crazy geniuses.
Our monsters and demons
are not fantastical.
Everything is very
grounded in this world.
And so, when you approach it that way,
you find the real emotion
in the scene, in the script,
and then you just go from it,
'cause, like, the scary moments
come from the very real moments.
The scale of our stories
this year is really quite big.
But then, it also becomes
far more personal, too.
It was an interesting
writing exercise for all of us
to do that kind of
balance those two scales,
the really big and the really small.
We're going to be parents.
It's fun to write for
Kristen and Leland.
Kristen keeps being faced with
weirder and weirder challenges
by Leland. We never wanted her
showing any vulnerability,
so all she can do, and start
doing, is laughing at him,
which defines Kristen this
yea, which might define
why she's a little lighter this year.
She would have to. I
mean, her egg was stolen,
and made into the Antichrist.
That is horrific stuff.
And I think she either
could've been destroyed by that,
or found strength,
and she found strength.
Anytime you build a
conflict between characters
in a TV narrative, there
has to be an ending.
So I think what you're gonna find
is things are driven to a head this year
because of the nature of narrative,
but also the nature of these characters.
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