Evil (2019) s04e06 Episode Script

How to Dance in Three Easy Steps

How long has she been doing this?
Two months.
I'm sorry, what? Nonstop?
She dances till she collapses,
and then she's up again.
- She dances when she eats?
- She doesn't eat.
They have to cuff her down,
take her to the infirmary,
force-feed her.
I can't believe she killed her kids.
When the police arrived,
she was dancing in their blood.
She said that something made her do it.
Is she requesting the exorcism?
No, her parents are.
And you agree with them?
Have you ever heard of the tarantella?
The dance in the 16th
century to alleviate sins.
Yes. [SIGHS]
I think she's dancing
because she's guilty.

Katherine, would you like to sit down?
KRISTEN: Why not?
Bad things will happen.
- To who?
- KATHERINE: To you.
To everyone you love.
Who's gonna hurt us?
Are you the one who killed
Katherine's children?
How could Katherine ever be exceptional
if she was held back by
those graceless vermin?
They were robbing the world
of knowing greatness.
So, you killed them?
[NORMAL VOICE]: Please, Mama!
Don't hurt us, please.
Don't hurt us.
[DEMONIC VOICE]: The best thing
those kids had to offer the world
was their blood.
KRISTEN: It looks like bipolar
schizoaffective disorder
a combination of psychotic delusions
and manic episodes.
The exhaustion doesn't help either.
Yesterday, she threw three guards off.
I was there.
- She threw them across the room.
Is she well enough to be exorcised?
The infirmary doctors believe so.
We'll do our best.

- A bullet?
- Yes.
What are we looking for?
Several Tigrayan clerics and nuns
were abducted by
Ethiopian security forces.
We need to find where they're being held
- so we can intervene.
You understand the urgency?
- These belong to them?
- Yes.
But you don't know if
they're alive or dead?
Focus on these PSI coordinates.
What are you seeing?
I'm seeing a snake.
Describe it, don't define it.
Or a tunnel.
Or actually it could
be a roller coaster.
You have too many AOLs.
- AOLs?
- Analytical overlays.
You're interpreting what you
see instead of naming it.
And it renders our work useless.
Okay, then what? I
I can't turn it on and off.
Take an hour. Take a walk.
Start again.
Start again with what?
Block the noise from your head.
Okay! Okay. Get a mop.
I am not going down in that basement.
- It's right at the top.
It's not down with the bats.
Yeah, like you know where the bats are.
- Excuse me, then.
- I got it!
- I'll get it.
Let me answer the phone.
Bouchard residence, Lexis speaking.
SHERYL [OVER PHONE]: Hi, sweetie.
- Oh, Rad G! I miss you.
- Oh, wait, ask her how Tim is,
I can't wait to see him again.
Um, listen, I have Timothy today,
and, um, I can't find his
Boo-Boo Bunny anywhere.
He's been crying without it.
Is it at your house maybe?
Grandma can't find Timmy's Bunny.
She thinks she left it here.
- I think I saw it upstairs.
- No, no, in the kitchen.
Can I have the phone?
Grandma, Mom won't be happy you called.
SHERYL: I know, I know, and I'm sorry.
I hate to be a nuisance.
But where is she?
She has an exorcism tonight.
[CHUCKLES] It's such
an odd occupation
"My mom has an exorcism tonight."
LEXIS: Found it!
It was in our closet.
How is that possible?
He wasn't even up there.
Is there any chance that
you could bring it to me?
I think Lynn is right.
I don't think your mother
would want me to come over.
ZOE: Pulse 70 beats per minute.
- Blood pressure's a little high.
I'll recheck it every 20 minutes.
Holy Lord, Almighty Father,
everlasting God
- and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ
BRASS: who once and for
all consigned that fallen
and apostate tyrant to
the flames of hell
[DEMONIC VOICE]: Fuck you and your God!
Hasten to our call for help
and snatch from ruination
and from the clutches
of the noonday devil
this human being made in
your image and likeness
- Let me go!
- Faster, Father, faster.
BRASS: I compel thee, demon from hell,
in the name of Jesus Christ
to come out of this woman.
Katherine, we're trying to help you.
They're here.
They're in hell. This is hell!
- Hell has opened up.
- It's here.
- Our Father, who art in heaven,
- hallowed be Thy name.
- Hell has opened up.
- It's here.
- Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done on earth
as it is in Heaven.
BRASS: Let Your mighty hand cast
him out of Your servant Katherine,
so he may no longer
hold captive this person
who it pleased You to make in Your image
and to redeem through Your Son,
who lives and reigns with You
in the unity of the Holy Spirit
God for ever and ever.
- BRASS: Strike terror, Lord,
into the beast now laying
waste to your vineyard.
- KATHERINE: Shut up!
- David, are you all right?
BRASS: Lest he despise those
who put their trust in you,
and say with Pharaoh of old,
"I know not God, nor
will I set Israel free."
- BRASS: Katherine.
- KRISTEN: Katherine.
Katherine, can you hear me?
Doctor, medical now!
It was cardiac arrest
from cardiomyopathy.
But you you checked her vitals.
Yes. All I can say is an
electrolyte imbalance
may have impacted her heart.
And something else.
I don't know what to say about this.
There was nothing wrong
with her feet before.
Her feet?
ZIMMER: What is it?
As far as I can tell it's gangrene.
Gang ?
- How could she?
- ZOE: She couldn't.
All we can think is
the body deteriorated
at an accelerated rate.
But I've never seen anything like this.
What's that?
ZOE: I don't know.
A prison tattoo maybe?
BEN: And we're back with sigils again.
No matter how far away we go,
we always end up right back here.
There it is.
What's the "X" about?
It means it's been vanquished.
Vanquished? What does that mean?
Vanquished by who?
The Entity?
Oh, my God, is this some of
your James Bond-Vatican shit?
KRISTEN: Wait, what does
it mean to vanquish them?
Does that mean to kill them?
They say no.
But if the demonic force
dies, they can X it out.
We aren't getting some loser
asshole killed, are we?
Wait, that sounded like
a hesitant David no.
I would not be involved if it were.
So, if this house was vanquished,
where did Katherine get the tattoo?
I don't know.
So, who does?
I'm sorry, that's impossible.
It's not.
It was a failed exorcism and she died.
This was tattooed on her heel.
No one remembered it being there before.
Who was being exorcised?
Katherine Orlander.
An ex-professional dancer.
She murdered her daughters.
You said she's dead?
There's a chance this demonic
house will remain vanquished
if she's the last.
If there are others, that is bad news.
DAVID: How do you find
out if there are others?
I don't. You do.
You need to find out why she
had this sigil on her body.
If this house has been restored,
we need to know immediately.
A prison.
Priests and nuns.
A priest with wrinkled hands.
Good man.
Calmed them.
You are a continual surprise, David.
Was this in Ethiopia?
I-I have no idea. But, who was it?
Father Addiso.
He and his flock are under
threat of torture and death.
Any sense where they're being held?
It was at night, uh
The only thing I saw outside was
a monument.
A spire.
- An obelisk.
- How tall?
Maybe five stories.
Thank you, David.
This will save lives.

Um so, what are you looking for?
An objective read.
Yeah, I have a lot of friends,
and-and I can't tell if
they're being nice when
they say nice things.
So, you're paying me to be objective?
Yes. And I must say this is, is weird,
me being on the receiving
end of my usual therapy.
So let's start with the main character.
I'm not sure exactly what he wants.
- Truth.
- Uh, he wants truth, so
that's why he's telling
a story about girls
cannibalizing their mother?
It's a meta-narrative.
I'm invoking the tropes of the genre
to ask questions of the genre.
I mean, I I recognize my plot
is trying to accomplish a lot.
TOBER: I'd be more compelled to agree
if it had a plot.
You have words
so many words but, um
but no actual plot to speak of.
Do you have an issue with me?
No. I have an issue with
someone who hasn't invested
all their time and passion
into their craft.
You don't know anything about me, kid.
TOBER: Mm I know you're a therapist.
I know you're over 60 or whatever.
And I know that your mix of fiction
and nonfiction is all over the map.
Thank you.
You paid for an objective opinion
And I said thank you.
Next time I order a Frappuccino,
make sure you get the order right.
- I don't work in a coffee shop.
- Not yet.
Get the fuck out.
Do you validate?
Oh, shit.
There's a place where
all the people lie ♪
A thousand times in false pride ♪
And they can say it ♪
If you ask them to ♪
They will tell you to ♪
If you want them to ♪
And I can be there ♪
MAN: Stop!
What the fuck? Stop.
Shut the music off.
What the flying fuck?
Marcy, what the hell are you doing?
If you want to create
your own steps, there.
- Take my seat.
- Those were the steps.
Fuck you, they were not.
I saw you thinking the whole time.
And if I can see you think,
I am not watching you move.
Is this hard, keeping your posture?
- No. I could do this all day.
- Exactly.
Effort is the opposite of elegance.
Shall I warm your leg?
No, I'm fine.
KRISTEN: Excuse me?
Who are you?
We're from H.R.,
and I'm just about ready
to film this bullshit.
Ah, are you feeling triggered, madame?
I'm feeling like you enjoy
torturing your dancers.
I enjoy precision. You do, too.
Only you don't want to
know how it's achieved.
BEN: Okay, um, we're here
because of Katherine Orlander.
Ten minutes.
Are you with the police?
No, the Church.
- Ah, a priest?
- Yes.
I love you guys. Ritual. Incense.
The robes. Oh, my God. So theatrical.
What do you need, "Father"?
- Tell us about Katherine.
- She was with us for six years.
- She left a year ago.
- When she murdered her children?
- Yes.
- Wow, you sound saddened.
Well, now that you ask,
I don't want children dead,
but I do want my dancers focused.
Have you seen this tattoo before?
No, what is it? The sign of the devil?
Why do you ask that?
Because you are with the Church.
Aren't you obsessed with the devil?
And dance is evil, right?
Where would we be without evil?
Is that why you abuse your dancers?
Oh, my fucking god.
If people want to dance for fun,
they should do Zumba at the Y.
Does anyone feel "abused"?
If so, feel free to leave.
There are a thousand people who
would kill to take your place.
Now get the fuck out of my studio.

- Fucking piece of shit!
- BEN: Father, Father.
No wonder Katherine
had a psychotic break,
with all that physical
and psychological abuse.
We should talk to the other dancers.
- You're right. Let's go.
- You know what?
Maybe just me.
Might be better just one-on-one.
I'll catch you later.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- How far away is your car?
- Uh, six minutes.
Mine's four minutes away.
Do you mind if I wait with you?
You're asking questions about Katherine?
Are you a dancer?
You look like a dancer.
No, but I, uh, I used to climb.
- Yeah.
- Let me see your hands.
Come on.
No, they're too soft. You're lying.
Well, I don't climb anymore.
- I have to make a living.
- Oh, yeah.
I've heard of those "livings."
How's it going for you?
You sound a little dismissive.
I watched my parents make a living.
- Death sounded better.
- [CHUCKLES] Oh, my God.
- I'm Kristen.
- Isabella.
- Nice to meet you.
- You, too.
So your, um your choreographer.
He seems a bit intense.
He's definitely obsessive, but he's
No, he's not malicious.
But I can understand how some people
find it hard not to
take that personally.
Like Katherine?
Katherine was a sensitive soul.
Is that why she killed her daughters,
because she was sensitive?
Why do you think she
killed her daughters?
Gosh, um, I don't know.
Maybe she didn't want
to be a mom anymore.
Come tonight.
- To where?
- Our show.
It's just us, the women. No Hossam.
Yeah, I think you'll get a better sense
of what The Movement really does.
"The Movement"? Was-was
Katherine part of The Movement?
Here's a ticket.
Hey, looks like I beat you.
Oh, well, lucky I'm a good sport.
And wear white.
Tonight. White looks better on you.
Hey, I found an ex-dancer
who started an online group
accusing the troupe
- of recruiting her to satanism.
- You're kidding?
- No.
We're gonna go see her
now. You want to join?
- DAVID: Hi.
- Hi.
- You're Megan?
- Yeah, yeah.
Sorry about all of this.
We have a recital this weekend
and I'm super behind on costumes.
- You teach dance?
- To preschoolers.
It's more like herding adorable cats.
But I had to find a way
to make ends meet
after leaving the troupe.
You didn't want to join
another dance company?
I tried. But turns out
I've been blacklisted
from every company for my
video about the troupe.
DAVID: You had issues with Hossam?
No. No. The problem was never him.
It was his dancers. Especially Isabella.
They were threatened by Katherine.
So they set out to destroy her.
I know this sounds
crazy, but they, uh
they put a hex on her.
- Something to drive her nuts.
- How do you know?
Because they did the same thing to me.
I found this
in my bed last week.
Apparently it's supposed
to represent me.
They said that if I
dare speak out again,
I'll dance with Katherine in hell.
DOMINIC: So, you think the other dancers
are the keepers of the sigil then?
- Absolutely.
- We're not sure um
We haven't heard their
side of the story.
They left her a voodoo doll.
It's hard to imagine there's
another side to this story.
Well, I'm going to ask
Isabella more tonight.
- Where?
- She invited me to a performance.
- Really?
- KRISTEN: Yeah.
Okay, keep me in touch.
David, can we talk for a minute alone?
Good luck, Mr. Bond.
What was that about?
We have coordinates for a new target.
For the priests and nuns?
Yes, your last vision
helped us figure out
they'd been transported to Axum.
- How long do they have?
- We don't know. Maybe hours.
LAURA: Okay, Timothy.
Once upon a time,
there were four beautiful daughters
From Dr. Boggs's book?
That's not right for a baby.
LEXIS: Timothy isn't a normal
baby. He's very special.
The four beautiful daughters
LILA: Were very happy together.
Until, tragically, their
mother fell deathly ill
- Oh, my God.
Goodbye, my daughters.
The suburban mountain-climbing
housewife in white.
And her friends.
David and Ben wanted to come, too.
Sure. The more the merrier.
So, tell us about Megan.
Megan Tyree?
What do you want to know?
She says you're all satanists.
Born and bred. Proud of it.
What's with the creepy
doll you sent her?
ISABELLA: The corn husk doll?
Yeah, we sent one to
everyone in The Movement.
- What'd she say?
- That you hexed Katherine
and now you're coming for her.
Yep, that's the plan.
- What do you think she's reacting to?
- Art. Fun.
Sex. Dance. [CHUCKLES]
She's a prude, okay?
Fine, that's her path,
it's just a shame she got
into Katherine's head.
DAVID: How so?
This conversation is boring.
I'm interested.
Take off your shoes.
I want to see what your feet look like.
Sure, if you answer our questions.
Megan convinced Katherine
that we were immoral.
Once Katherine went down that path,
she just saw everything as good or evil.
It's not?
It's beautiful or ugly.
It's art for art's sake, it's
pleasure for pleasure's sake.
You're saying she killed
because she saw things as good or evil?
Stay after the show.
She likes you.
I would say more than likes you.
Just doing my job, guys.

Pizza. Oh, my God, it has to have pizza.
I thought it would be like
a Victorian-style thing.
Ooh, yeah, Victorian!
- That squirts blood all over it.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I could draw pictures and we could
make it into a book together.
No, no, no, no.
That's, like, old-school.
Okay, here we go. You know
what we're gonna do?
We're gonna make a picture
book. It's like A.I.
Timothy will love this.
It's way easier than,
like, drawing it ourselves.
- Mm-hmm.
- "Victorian House."
- That's kind of cool.
- That's scary.
And we can even upload
pictures of ourselves
to make it even cooler.
Then just give it a suggestion
like "Old-Timey Victorian."
Oh, my God.
- We look like princesses.
- Could we do like "a mom dying"?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- And see what comes up?
- Scarlet fever.
Like something cool like that.
Okay. See? We can make
our own book with this.
- Won't that scare Timothy?
- Kids love gross stuff.
Wait, we can put it online.
Crowdsource it.
It's not our story to crowdsource.
Then we'll put his name on it. Boggs.
Curiosity ♪
The young and the free ♪
There for all to see ♪
Entranced ♪
Burned by the flame ♪
Have your senses taken leave ♪
Into the fire of true belief ♪
It's the orgy of the free ♪
It was at first as ♪
If they were shadows ♪
Shimmering visions ♪
By the light of the dancing flame ♪
Bodies in motion ♪
The sound of the ocean ♪
Came into vision ♪
On the night of the dancing flame ♪
Do you see that?
BEN: See what?
DAVID: That thing in the sheet?
Bodies are writhing still ♪
There in the moonlight ♪
With my head up held high ♪
Wish I could keep on walking by ♪
But I find myself drawn to you ♪
I let you do what you want to do. ♪

I'd rather we just talk, David.
I want Ben and Kristen to hear.
We're in this together.
What sigil are we investigating?
It was wiped from the
Earth 200 years ago.
That's why it was X'd off.
But now it appears to be revitalized.
What does the house represent?
A gathering of extremely
powerful necromancers.
Very rare because its leadership
is passed down matrilineally.
So, we're talking witches?
It's become a politicized word,
- so I hesitate to use it.
You have no concern about
keeping women from abortion
or birth control, I mean, why stop now?
- David, we need to talk.
- BEN: No, I'd love to hear.
We've already hunted
werewolves and demons.
Are we now hunting witches?
Okey dokey.
Father Dominic wants us to
look into these dancers.
Of course he does.
Because they're witches?
No. Because he doesn't know.
We've been doing this assessing
for how many years now?
A few.
And how many men have we assessed?
- I don't know.
- Eighteen.
Do you know how many women?
Why is that?
I don't know, uh
Women are more sensitive, maybe
- BEN: Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm.
- Which is a great quality.
But it perhaps makes them more
susceptible to manipulation.
Come on, talk to any QAnon dad,
and tell me who's more
susceptible to manipulation.
So, why do you think that we're
doing more female exorcisms?
Because when women go
against their accepted roles,
the Church labels them
as possessed or witches.
But what about your field? Jung, Freud.
- Their obsession with female hysteria?
- BEN: Okay.
- Penis envy
- BEN: Okay, guys, guys, guys.
Bottom line is we're
looking for witches.
We've been asked to look
into the dance troupe.
That's it.
"And unto Enoch was born Irad
and Irad begat Mehujael and Meh "
"Methusael begat Lamech "
It's Boggs. Do you have more notes?
Oh, my God, you're hilarious.
What do you need, Tober?
I was just calling to see if
you wanted to get some coffee.
I would love to brainstorm
on a possible collab.
A collab? What do you mean?
For the screenplay.
I'm not saying that you
need me as a cowriter,
but, um, it just might be
good in terms of optics,
given the marketplace.
You know, a younger person.
Listen, I know you're probably
fielding, like, a ton of offer.
I mean, you've already got
half a million views
[STAMMERING]: What are we talking about?
Your cannibal mom story.
LAURA: "When their beloved
mother passed away,
four daughters took what
they loved most about her "
LILA: "Her liver, her hands,
her eyes, her heart "
LEXIS: "They put it
all into shopping bags.
They took it to the grave."
Are you serious?

Can you call the rest of
my appointments for today
and schedule them for tomorrow?
ASSISTANT: Yes, Doctor.

Thine be the glory ♪
Risen, conquering Son ♪
Endless is the victory ♪
Thou o'er death hast won ♪
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit, amen.
Go ahead.
How long has it been since
your last confession?
WOMAN: 12 years?
Yeah. Probably when I first
learned to masturbate.
The priest, he was really
excited about that.
Do you have a confession?
I just want to talk.
What did it say to you?
What did what?
The spirit at the show last night.
[QUIETLY]: I saw her
whispering in your ear.
The demon?
It's not a demon.
It told me to shed my God
and know greatness.
That's demonic.
Everything you don't
understand, Father
isn't demonic.
What killed Katherine was.
What killed Katherine was her own guilt.
You had just as much to do
with that, Father, as I did.
Do you practice witchcraft?
When two or more men are gathered,
it's a church.
Two or more women are gathered
[QUIETLY]: it's a coven.
What was it?
What did I see last night?
A muse.
Pray to it Father.
You need it.
God, God, please Please, help me.

No, no, no, no.
Risen, conquering Son ♪
Endless is the victory ♪
Thou o'er death hast won ♪
Angels in bright raiment. ♪
LAURA: "And then, the cannibal
mother started up the stairs,
- with her red eyes glowing."
- Stomp, stomp. [LAUGHS]
Oh, we-we got to go.
Mom's gonna be home soon.
Oh, will you come back?
Timothy loves you guys so much.
- Yeah, we have to finish the story.
- Yeah.
- Laura, what-what's that?
- LAURA: What?
There. What ?
LAURA: Oh, this? Dad gave it to me.
Andy gave you this?
Yeah. Why?

- When?
- LAURA: A few weeks ago.
- When he fell down.
- SHERYL: When he was taken away?
He wasn't taken away. He was sick.
Right. Um
Did he put this over your bed?
Yeah, he said when I slept,
I should put it over my head.
Lynn, can I talk to you?
Why was your dad sent away?
- Why?
- Because I need to know.
Did your mom tell you why?
He was having addiction issues.
And he fell down on the
floor with a needle.

Motherfucking asshole nightmare.
You are fucking dead!
Fuck! Ah, fuck!
KRISTEN: Find myself drawn to you ♪
I let you do what you want to do ♪
You had your wicked ways ♪
There on the site
of the dancing flame ♪
Visions ♪
By the light of the dancing flame ♪
Bodies in motion. ♪
Thank you for coming, David.
And thank you for working so
hard to locate Father Addiso.
- You located him?
- Even better.
For some reason, General
Girma killed himself.
Stabbed himself with his own machete.
Do you know why?
No, he was torturing the captives
when he turned the machete on himself.

I have a confession to make.
No, you don't.
It's a good thing, David.
No matter how it happened,
it was God's work.
Murder is God's work?
If it prevents a greater sin.
This did.
I am
I am harmed by this work.
I feel angry when I go into
someone who is angry
David I understand.
But you're saving lives.
- Yes?
Excuse me, Father. David
- Megan, what happened?
- What did you tell them?
- BEN: Tell who?
- The Movement!
We didn't tell anybody anything.
Then why why did they do this to me?
I was out on a walk
and then, suddenly, I heard cackling
and whispering all around me.
And then I felt a sharp pain in my side.
I thought it was a cramp at first,
and then I smelled burning flesh.
- My flesh!
- They attacked you?
Yeah, from a distance.
How do you know?
It's what they did with Katherine.
They're dancing in the woods tonight
to seek vengeance against
anyone who opposes them.
This is what happened
the night before Katherine
murdered her kids.
Bend out the bless ♪
A heart pushes the smell of jungle ♪
From piles of ghosts ♪
And give what you got ♪
Give all the way ♪
Like falling down ♪
Without being afraid ♪
That's not easy nah, easy no ♪
So glad you came.
Figured it would be good research.
Well, come join us. For "research."
- Oh, I'm not sure I know how
- Yes, you do.
It's gaga.
You just surrender to
your body's desires.
- Mm-hmm.
- Here. Lightly.
Close your eyes.
Easy neh, easy nee ♪
Ah ♪
Feel on your back.
That's not God.
That's something more.
Observe not taking part ♪
Do you see her?
To the red and purple ♪
The colors of the heart ♪
But that's not easy nah ♪
Easy no, easy neh ♪
Easy nee ♪
Ahh ♪
No, that's not easy nah ♪
Easy no, easy neh ♪
- Easy nee ♪
- Ahh ♪
No, that's not easy nah ♪
Easy no, no ♪
Easy neh, easy nee, ahh ♪
BEN: Do you hear that?
Mm, easy nah, easy no ♪
Easy neh, easy no ♪
Easy nah, easy no ♪
Easy neh ♪
[QUIETLY]: Kristen
What are you guys doing here?
We tried to call you,
but you didn't answer.
Megan was attacked tonight.
She thinks this dance
harnesses black magic.
- What?
- She had a sigil on her side.
She said it was from this dance.
Just like Katherine's.
Is that Megan, the prude?
She says it's because of you.
And Katherine's tattoo.
Megan's fucked-up self.
That's why we had to kick her out.
We realized she was
trying to sabotage us.
You know, I can't help but notice
that you and Megan keep
pointing fingers at each other.
ISABELLA: And you're the one
pitting us against each other.
BEN: Guys, come here.
You know what?
Megan's sigil is not
identical to Katherine's.
On Megan, the sigil is upside down.
Like she did it to herself.
That could mean anything.
Yeah, but this couldn't.
From the brand.
Megan Tyree?
The killer of Katherine
Orlander's children.
You're a little late.
The police already arrested her.
You're the Princeps
daemonum Necromanticorum.
Time to take credit.

Hello, Sheryl.
SHERYL: Leland.

We've seemed inclined, this season,
to just try to make everything
difficult for ourselves.
So, you know, you're in
a particle accelerator
and, no, it's not enough to
walk from point A to point B,
you need to get the actors on scooters.
I mean, why should anything be simple?

ROBERT: The visual style
of the show came about
because I directed the pilot
and Fred Murphy was the
director of photography on it.
And we talked a lot about
what kind of styles,
what kind of looks. And there's a
a black and white movie
called Night of the Hunter.
That film has a great deal
of headroom everywhere.
Most people are into less headroom,
and we're quite the opposite.
We're into more space
around the characters
to give space for the angel world
above the characters.
Most TV is constructed horizontally.
All our sets are built vertically,
they're not horizontal,
and we wanted it to be
more about a ceiling
that pointed towards the heavens.
DAVID: Sister Andrea?
For instance, on The Good Fight,
which had this movie ratio,
we never saw a ceiling.
On Evil, all we do is shoot up.
It's very low angles.
The minute you get down to three feet
or 18 inches or right
down to the floor
I think it turns reality
into something special.
The directors invariably go,
"We've never shot that angle before."
For some reason, this is
the season of flashlights.
Either they're real flashlights
or they're iPhones.
FRED: There's a great
deal of lights out.
What the hell?
DAHL: There's this example when we
were walking down that corridor
in the Vatican really, the
only thing we could light it
with is flashlights.
Which I love, because I think
it's great and scary and dark.
And then you can kind
of direct the audience
where you want them to see by
where you shine the flashlight.
FRED: Sometimes we'll attach
a piece of white paper
to an offscreen character,
and the person can shine a light on him,
it bounces back and lights them.
It's actually pretty fun, because
the actors kind of participate
in the process.
Flashlights are scary.
FRED: We're lucky to have a
brilliant production designer.
Ray is sometimes very responsible
for a way the lighting looks.
Like the scenes where
David is in remote viewing
are often just lit by the table.
What are you seeing?
- Oh!
ROBERT: White is overlooked
in the pursuit of horror.
You don't expect horror to
happen in a all-white room,
you expect horror to happen
in the darkest room, the smallest space.
You're in a closet,
you're in an elevator.
That's where scary things happen.
So, the whiteness of a space
can also be just as
intimidating as darkness.
That, I think, is what we
tried, visually, this year.
Will you promote her?
No. She's a woman.
Give her something.
I do think that glass ceiling
is one of my favorite visuals.
I mean, it's it's witty.
And so well done by the art department.
Obviously, it's influenced
by Being John Malkovich.
That space you have
to crawl to get under.
RAY: The glass ceiling is,
like, four foot, six, high.
So she can never stand up straight.
And then the idea of what's
on top began to evolve
and I began to think,
"Well, it's the men's club."
I'm coming for you, assholes.
MICHAEL EMERSON: All these partners
are, you know, having drinks
and cigars up above,
looking down on her.
It's a beautiful metaphor.
RAY: We originally said it was
all gonna be digital glass,
and by the end, were actually
walking people on top of it.
So, that was a very nerve-racking
but exciting moment. [LAUGHS]
ROBERT: We had so much fun this year.
Like, there's a a demented pig.
I have nightmares about it
and also wonderful memories
of filming the thing.
There was nothing simple about it.
So, we're, like, here, right?
It's one thing for me, as a
director, or any director,
to know what it's like in your head.
Communicating that to 200 people
is a whole different story,
so, first of all: storyboards.
FRED: Storyboards are
to inform everybody
what's actually gonna happen.
So that you know there's
gonna be a wide shot
followed by that shot,
followed by this shot.
Mostly, we storyboard
scenes that usually involve
any kind of elaborate things.
The whole idea is to see
as little as possible
and make it seem scary
and that something could
happen at any moment.
The atmosphere on Evil is,
like, everybody is there
to help you succeed.
The most exciting things
start with an idea
that can translate to other departments.
And, at the end of the day, we've
all helped make the show better.
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