Expats (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


- [GUS] Excuse me. Excuse me.
[MARGARET] Come here, honey.
- [GUS] Excuse me.
- [MARGARET] Gus, come back!
- [GUS] Excuse me.
- [MARGARET] Gus, stop.
[GUS] Excuse me.
- [MARGARET] Oh, honey, come on.
- [GUS] Excuse me.
- Gus. [MUMBLES]
- Gus.
- Excuse me. Excuse me.
- [MARGARET] Gus, stop.
- Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.
[MERCY] Ooh.
[GRUNTS] Got you.
Hey, you fall off the back of the boat,
you're gonna get chopped.
- Do you want that?
- No, you're gonna get chopped.
I'm not getting chopped.
You're getting chopped.
- No, you.
- No, you.
- No, you.
- No, you. You.
- [MARGARET] Thank you so much.
Thank you. I'm so sorry.
- No problem.
- [MARGARET] You can't do that.
You can't run off like that,
not on this boat.
All right? You stay with me, Daddy.
We're on a boat, and there is
water everywhere,
and it is very dangerous.
No. No more running.
Is there a cut-off date
for when you might start
finding the child a new home?
Well, most mothers won't sign the form.
They think they will come back,
so the child ends up being
here for a very long time.
This way, please.
The next part of the tour
is only possible
because of your continued
donations to the orphanage.
[EXPAT WOMAN ONE] It's something we
like to do, visit different charities.
so important to give back.
[MERCY] Look at all this cheese,
and no one's eating any of it.
Does everyone have so much
European cheese in their home
that this buffet is just
invisible to them?
Have you tried this burrata?
- It's so good.
- Yeah. Right?
I have to go to Italy
before the end of the year.
- I just have to.
- What do you mean? You can't.
Why not?
'Cause it's irresponsible.
You went to Italy this year twice.
Plus Thailand, India, Australia
I know, but that's different.
[MERCY] Because you're
a trust fund baby?
- [PHILENA] Don't be crass.
You need a career, or at least a job.
Come on. Let's go meet my friends.
I don't think we read
the invitation right.
Water, wine, children:
terrible combination.
It's like being surrounded
by a giant swimming pool.
[GUS] I'll go with Essie.
- [MARGARET] No, you're okay here, honey.
- Oh.
I asked for a Coke Zero.
That's a Diet Coke.
- It's not the same.
- [SERVER] I'm sorry, ma'am.
You can't talk to them like that.
I've lived here long enough
to know it's the only way.
- [GUS] Oh, Essie!
- [ESSIE] I'll take him, Miss Margaret.
[MARGARET] Thanks so much, Essie.
[GUS] I'll go with you, Essie.
You're lucky he gets
along with your helper.
Essie's been with us since Gus was born.
I mean, she's family.
I literally had to buy Mercy
her ticket to Hong Kong.
She was living in the same
apartment with her mom.
Hong Kong seemed far enough
away for her not to follow.
Hmm. Excuse me. Duty calls.
Hi. How are you?
[EDWIN] So you went to Columbia?
- Scholarship.
- Oh, lucky for you.
No. Just had the grades.
What I mean is, I'm anything but lucky.
It's funny, actually.
I'm a little bit cursed.
[RUBY] Cursed?
Mostly my face. It's like a
receptacle for misfortune.
And it's not just my face.
My mom had my cards read
when I was a teenager, and
they all said the exact same thing.
That I'll never marry,
never have a family,
I'll die alone, that kind of thing.
- I feel you breathe in my soul ♪
Didn't your brother just get
into Columbia, Shellac?
- Are you gonna go visit him?
- [SHELLAC] Oh, yeah.
I'll probably go with my parents
when he moves there in the fall.
[EDWIN] Oh, remind me to introduce
you to my friend Antonio.
He owns a bunch of the best
clubs in Manhattan.
- [SHELLAC] Which ones?
- [EDWIN] He owns Tech Service, The DL
[RUBY] Don't you remember
we went that summer?
[EDWIN] Oh, my God, yeah, we
[RUBY] What?
- [MERCY] Whoo!
- [EDWIN] Oh, my God.
- [RUBY] She didn't just do that.
- [SHELLAC] Philena.
[RUBY] I told you she's crazy.
Dare me to swim under the boat?
Yes, do it! Do it!
- Do it! Do it!
- [EDWIN] Do it!
will never go your way.
She is riding a blind horse
towards a cliff.
You must be careful
You're cursed.
You'll never marry, never have a family.
You'll die alone.
- Come to life, come to life ♪
Come to life ♪
- Come to life ♪
Come to life ♪
Don't forget it, get it ♪
- She's ready for you.
Oh. Okay, okay, okay.
Hey, you.
How'd you end up in here?
[OLIVIA] Gosh, she's so tiny,
small as a bird.
Unlike Chloé, who was born so fat
the nurses brought in other
nurses to take a look at her.
Yeah, well, no one can resist
a fat baby, right?
Those little click-on wrists.
Oh, and when we got home,
my mom locked us inside
for a month of confinement, right?
She wouldn't let me wash my hair.
She fed me bitter tea and
soup that was utterly foul.
Poor thing.
Nobody's making soup for you.
- [MAN] No?
What happened? Are you okay?
Here. Let me get you a towel.
What happened?
Um long story.
Where are your clothes? Huh?
I'll go get 'em for you if you want.
I'm Margaret, by the way.
- [CLARKE] White wine for the lady.
- [MARGARET] Oh. Well, thank you.
- I don't think I need any more wine.
- And strawberry something or another
- for madame.
Anything else you guys need?
Do you need anything?
- Oh, no. Thank you.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. [LAUGHS]
I'll see you later. Bye.
Very, very well trained.
Not bad. Yeah.
Not you.
You know, Hong Kong was supposed
to be a fresh start for me.
[MARGARET] A fresh start? Really?
At 24? You got to be kidding me.
- Fair. [LAUGHS]
- [GUS] Fair.
- [MARGARET] You're hilarious.
Do you guys like Hong Kong?
[MARGARET] Yeah. I miss home
sometimes, but, you know,
we live at the Peak. Spectacular views.
Highest concentration of bald white men
driving convertibles I have ever seen.
I know what the "F" word is.
Hey, you promised you wouldn't say that.
[WHISPERING] Gus, I told you
not to say that in front of Mom.
- I think I'll say it. I'm gonna say it.
- Oh.
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Don't ever say that,
especially in front of your mother.
She works so hard to take care of you,
so you just don't ever say it, okay?
- Okay.
- All right, okay.
- What's up?
Well, hold on. Hold on.
You have siblings?
- Only child.
- Really?
My aunt runs a restaurant in Queens.
She needed my mom's help,
so I was always in charge
of the cousins.
Love kids, which is lucky 'cause
she had like seven billion of them.
- [DAISY] Oh, stop shaking it.
Look, if you, uh if you
ever need any help,
extra pair of hands, I'm around.
People always say that,
and they never mean it.
- I completely mean it.
- [PHILIP] Stop shaking it, Gus.
Sometimes I feel like I'm more at home
- when I'm around kids than adults.
- Oh, fuck!
- Don't worry.
Takes more than that to scare me. Hmm.
[GUS] Essie! Essie!
I want Essie!
- [DAISY] Uh-oh.
- I got you.
[GUS] I want Essie!
No, she's busy. Mama's got you.
I want Essie!
- He wants you.
[ESSIE] Yes, ma'am.
Come on, now. Hey.
Oh, hold on. Mm.
- Huh?
[CLARKE] Don't worry about 'em.
I can grab 'em.
- I got it.
- [GUS] That's what I wanted.
- [CLARKE] Just give 'em to Mac.
- No, no.
- Can I help you?
- It's fine. I got it.
- Oh, okay.
- I got it.
[GUS] Hi, Pinot. Hi, Pinot.
Hi. Hey there.
- Gentle, Gus. Be gentle.
- Happy?
- [CLICKS TONGUE] Come on.
- Come on, come on. Stop. Come.
- Hey, Sam.
- [SAM] Sir.
Oh. Thanks, mate.
Oh, new school photos?
The kids, they look older now.
They're growing up, huh?
- Yes, sir.
How old are they now?
Nine and seven, sir.
Nine and seven. Wow.
Geez, time flies.
Feels like just yesterday they
were six and eight. [LAUGHS]
No, you're lucky. They
look like good kids.
Thank you, sir.
We're actually trying for a baby.
I mean, I used to think I couldn't
be a father, I wasn't cut out for it,
but now, no.
Now I see having a child
as a way to turn the clock back.
I have a complicated relationship
with my family.
I don't see them much anymore.
Maybe I should've gone to my
brother's wedding last year, but
There's too much history.
And, of course, Hilary's family's
a war zone. [CHUCKLES]
I guess we're just hoping
to do things differently.
Yes, sir.
- Uh, Hilary Starr.
- Hmm.
- Follow me, please.
- Okay, thank you.
Sorry I'm late.
Hi. I walked.
- They have clams.
- Ah. You love clams.
Mm-hmm. So, how was it?
You know, heartbreaking and
full of disinfectant, all at once.
- What?
- Lots of talks and thank-yous
and checks written, and then they
start handing out babies to hold.
[CHUCKLES] And did you hold one?
I mean, I held this little girl,
and she was hardly a month old
- and already in the system.
- Oh.
And, you know, it's just,
it's almost like we were both
just saying to each other
- Oh.
- "Fuck", you know?
Just like, "How did I get here?"
Like that kind of a "fuck".
- And I felt so bad for her.
- Yeah.
Not in a "I want to take
you home" kind of way.
More in, like, a "Meet me in 20 years,
and I'll buy you a drink" sort of way.
- And, of course, all these other women,
you know, their eyes are all full,
and they're saying all the right things.
- What?
- And I'm just I'm just
- What?
- I don't know.
I'm just me, you know. I'm just me.
- Oh.
- It's terrible. Ah, we didn't order those.
[WAITER] Oh, it said your booking
was a special anniversary.
- Oh, uh, it's-it's all right.
- Oh, Hils, have one.
No, no, no, I don't need it.
I'm feeling good today. Please?
Oh, okay. Then I will. Thank you.
[WAITER] And anything for you, sir?
Uh, no, I'm good with
just water, thanks.
You know, I think I'll have clams, too.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, then, to clams.
- [LAUGHS] To clams.
- May they always be on the menu. [LAUGHS]
- Yeah.
Anyway, this whole afternoon got me
thinking about us and
about having a baby
and how how people talk about
how they feel this instant
wave of love, you know?
Or if they adopt, how they're
they meet their child-to-be,
and they just know.
In that moment, they know, you know?
But how do they know? I mean, know what?
- Yeah. [CHUCKLES]
- What if I don't feel anything?
I think you will when it's your own.
Would I?
Yeah. Uh, look.
Come here.
When we have a baby,
we'll forget how fucking hard
it was to make one.
Next month's our month.
We just have to keep trying.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
No, I don't like red food!
I want something else!
You do like red food.
Berries are red, ketchup's red.
No. I want chow faan.
[SPEAKING TAGALOG] I don't like it.
[ESSIE] Do you want me
to cook some chow faan?
[MARGARET] No! We're not
running a restaurant.
They can't just order food
like we work for them.
But Essie does work for us.
Hey, Essie is here to help us,
not to pamper you.
made some yummy lasagna
- Now you must eat it.
- [GUS] It's disgusting.
[PHILIP] I'd eat chow faan, Auntie Essie.
Oh, my God, Philip.
I'm just saying, I wouldn't not
eat it if it was in front of me.
Just eat your dinner.
I don't want to.
All right, this is ridiculous, Gus.
It really is. Come on, honey.
I'm gonna count to three.
One, two
- [GRUNTS] No!
- Holy fuck.
You're in trouble!
Come on. You made a big mess,
and now I have to clean it up.
So you're gonna stay here, right here,
and you don't move You
hear me? until I come back.
- Ah!
- Oh.
- A little bit more, hmm?
- Mm.
- Hi, Christopher.
- Hi.
How's Pinot doing on the new food?
Well, she got firmer poos,
so that's a good start.
- Yeah, definitely.
Sure you don't mind keeping an eye
on her over the weekend?
No. No, no, of course not.
Enjoy birdwatching.
- Thanks. All right.
[HILARY] Gus! What are you doing here?
Gus? Okay, buddy. Gus?
Oh, Gus.
Oh, no. Where did Gus go?
- There he is!
- Ooh. [LAUGHS]
All right, I'm gonna take him up.
- Hurry, my dear.
- I will. Mm.
- [CHRISTOPHER] Hey, who's that?
- Come on.
- Hi, Pinot.
- [MARGARET] Daisy, is Gus inside?
- [DAISY] I don't think so.
- [HILARY] Come on.
[MARGARET] Gus! I told you
not to go anywhere.
- Hil, thanks.
- [HILARY] I found him on my floor.
[MARGARET] My gosh, it's been a day.
You want a drink?
Your iced tea, sir.
[MARGARET] Essie was wonderful
with them when they were little.
Now she just babies them.
She gives them whatever
they want, no discipline,
and I have to step in
and be the bad guy.
Maybe you've all just
outgrown her a little bit.
Maybe, but, I mean, we could
never let her go. Essie's family.
You know you always say that, right?
"Essie's family, Essie's family".
She's not. You know that.
She's been living with us
since Gus was born.
I know, but everyone
here has live-in help.
You're her employer, not her friend.
You need to relay those boundaries.
Otherwise, she doesn't know
what the roles are.
Living here doesn't help.
We're in Hong Kong,
and it feels like sometimes
that we've moved to a
small town in Connecticut.
- It does.
I was on a yacht today, and
there was this bunch of expats,
complaining about the loss of Target
and pouring ketchup on their ramen
and yelling at their helpers.
[LAUGHING] Oh, God. Just the worst.
[MARGARET] Mm-hmm.
- [CLARKE] What are we eating, guys?
- [ESSIE] Chow faan, sir.
Chow faan again? Yes!
- Is it good?
- That's your problem right there. [LAUGHS]
- [MARGARET] No solidarity.
- None.
- None.
- [CLARKE] Hi, Mommy.
I'm back on the pill.
Does David know?
I know, I know, I know, I know.
I hate lying to him, but
I don't know how to tell him.
I mean, I'm not trying
to change your mind,
but I am gonna tell you,
when I got pregnant with Gus,
[WHISPERS] I didn't want another baby.
I didn't know that.
I mean, I feel guilty
saying this, but I
I had this voice stuck on repeat
in my head chanting,
"I don't want another baby,
I don't want another baby",
almost like I was wishing him away.
But then, of course, he was
born and I saw his face,
and the first words were, "I'm sorry".
And I just, I don't want you
to miss out on having kids, Hil,
because you think you can't
handle the chaos of it.
You can. I know you can.
What if I can't?
Or not "can't". What if I don't want to?
We always end up sacrificing more.
You said it. We do more of the work.
You have to be the bad guy, and
I don't want to take on that role.
- You don't think David will support you?
- No.
Not It's not that. It's just
- Is he drinking again?
- No.
No. He's great.
Trying really hard, he's been
sober for almost a year.
- I mean, a year is
- He'd be a great dad.
That's not it.
In fact, he'd be great, and that's why
I feel like I'm being unfair to him.
But we both agreed together,
we were on the same page
when we got married,
we didn't want kids.
And now he's just sort of
changed his mind,
and I just feel like I'm being
pressured into something
that I'm not sure I ever wanted, and
[DAISY] Mom, can you buy
that game on my phone now?
- No, no, no. Not now. Honey, what?
- Come on, you said you would buy it
after dinner. Dinner's finished.
Daisy, your mother just said, honey.
- Could you just give us
- Come on, Mom, please.
I finished all of my math work.
[PHILIP] No, she didn't. She's lying.
- [DAISY] How would you know?
- [MARGARET] All right, don't yell.
- No, no. Don't yell. Give me this.
- [DAISY] You haven't been with me
every second of the day.
- [PHILIP] Feels like it!
[DAISY] You just need to put in
the password right there.
- [DAISY] Thanks, Mom.
- [HILARY] I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I got to Margaret's,
and she really needed
to vent, and then we
just got to talking,
and I just lost track of time.
Hi, Puri. How are you?
- [PURI] Good.
- [HILARY] Uh, before I forget,
I need you to pick up a
package at TST for me.
[HILARY] I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
[SIGHS] She's in his bed again.
I should be paying her extra
for giving me my wife back.
It used to be you lying in there.
I know. It's just
[SIGHS] I don't know.
Kids they have stages.
- Yeah, but
- Look, it'll pass, and we'll forget.
Essie, you don't need
to do that tonight.
It's been a big day. We can handle it.
Thank you, sir. Good night.
- Good night.
- Night.
We have to set better boundaries. It
It has to be defined for her.
Then what's the boundaries?
- I'm a ridiculous person.
- Shh, shh, shh.
When I see him with her,
cuddling up together, I don't
know what comes over me.
I never wanted to be that kind of mother
who had to be in every part
of their kids' lives.
I was too busy, too busy for that.
- You're busy now.
- [SIGHS] No.
- Yeah.
- I had a job.
Doesn't matter. We're
We're going home.
- Uh
- What?
They offered me another contract.
I know we agreed I wouldn't extend
again, but this is really good.
You can't do this.
I can't do another year.
- Margaret.
- It's unfair to ask me.
I've been looking at office space.
I've been setting up meetings
with clients over the holidays.
All of my friends back home
are-are-are-are CEOs, artists.
- And here, the women are just wives.
- Okay.
I'm becoming one of them.
Hey, they're being very generous
about reopening our relocation package.
If we wanted to, we could afford
This is only happening because
you happen to earn more money than me.
I feel like I have to give up
everything, everything that's mine,
and I feel like I have to become
To become what?
- The family accountant.
- Your accountant.
- Mm, mm.
- No way.
- Yeah.
Don't you ever miss it?
- I don't know.
I like our life here.
The food, the help, the drivers.
It makes everything easier.
This isn't real life, Clarke.
There's nothing wrong
with spoiling ourselves a bit.
Right? We deserve it.
Remember when we first arrived
And we'd take the kids
to so many places,
going on trips to Macau,
high tea at the Peninsula,
the night market?
You hate the night market.
Yes, I do hate the night market,
but our kids love it, so I love it.
No. [LAUGHING] Clarke!
Just think about it.
- Just think about it, please. Please.
Please, please, please. [MOANS]
I'll think about it.
Did you come?
Uh I'm good, baby. You come.
- You sure?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You close?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
- Sorry.
- No, no, it's okay. It's okay.
Do you want me to do that thing?
- No, no.
- Okay.
- You sure?
- Uh-huh.
- Maybe. Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay. Okay.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- [MARGARET] Let's go, guys.
Daisy. Come on. You're
gonna miss the bus.
Mom, I can't wear this.
I'm meant to be extinct.
- That's today?
- [PHILIP] Yeah.
- Say goodbye to your mother.
- Bye, Mama.
Bye, baby. Mwah.
Love you.
- Does he have a candy?
- [CLARKE] What?
- He had a candy.
- Hey.
- She can't give him sugar
- Mwah.
Hey, we're doing night
market tonight, right?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, 6:30, but we
forgot Philip's science costume.
I thought that was next week.
Yeah, so did I.
Uh toilet roll rhino,
- or you could be a bird. Be a bird.
- Bye.
[CLARKE] Daisy's got that old bird
costume from Halloween last year.
[MARGARET] Come on, we'll work it out.
[DAVID] I'm running late.
- I'll see you later.
- [HILARY] Okay.
- Love you.
- Love you.
[MARGARET] Hi, baby.
How was your day, huh?
Winnie got in trouble today.
Yeah? She did?
What for?
Hold on, hold on. Let me help you.
So why did Winnie get in trouble?
[GUS] She kissed Willem on the mouth.
[MARGARET] On the mouth?
[GUS] Yeah, she's always chasing him.
[MARGARET] She shouldn't be doing that.
[GUS] It was silly.
- [PHILIP] How is that my fault?
- [DAISY] You ripped a hole in my wing.
- [PHILIP] Mom made me wear it.
- Guys. Guys!
- Shh. Gus is sleeping.
- [PHILIP] You don't even like it.
- [DAISY] I don't care.
[MARGARET] Daisy, Daisy.
[SAM] Would you like me to wait, sir?
Oh, no, that's okay, Sam. Um
Think I'll just get a taxi from here.
[SAM] Okay. Thank you, sir.
You've reached David Starr.
Please leave a message,
and I'll call you back.
Sorry, Hilary.
Legal says we have to
switch out the earrings
because of trademark issues.
- What trademark?
- He said it looks like Mickey Mouse.
They're just hoops.
We're flying in the alts
if you want to have a look.
[SIGHS] We've already
shot more than half
the commercial with these earrings.
It won't match if we swap them out now.
Hey. Hey, hey.
- Are you leaving?
- Yep. Got to go.
You'll figure it out.
Essie, can you wash these?
He's been wearing them
for three days straight.
[ESSIE] Yes, ma'am.
- [MARGARET] Is that dinner?
- [ESSIE] Yes, ma'am.
Didn't I tell you? I'm taking
the kids out tonight.
- No need to cook.
- [ESSIE] Okay. I'll get myself ready.
I was thinking you might like
to take the night off tonight.
[MARGARET] All right, guys,
let's go. Mac's waiting.
- Come on.
- Is Essie coming?
No. Essie needs some time to herself.
Don't forget this.
- Oh, great. Thanks, Essie.
- [PHILIP] I want Essie to come.
- [DAISY AND PHILIP] Bye, Essie.
- Bye-bye.
- [GUS] Bye, Essie.
- Bye.
[MERCY] I used to hate seafood
like this when I was a kid.
Mostly 'cause I didn't want
to eat anything with a face.
All animals have faces.
[MERCY] Mm, chicken nuggets
do not have faces.
- Adults don't eat chicken nuggets.
- [MERCY] Well, I am not an adult.
I'm so glad that you came.
I almost didn't call you.
[MERCY] Oh, I'm glad you did.
I didn't have any plans, so
- Where do you live?
- [MERCY] Uh, Kowloon.
- [PHILIP] Hey, that's mine. I put it in.
- Alone?
[MERCY] Just me.
Hey, hey.
- [MERCY] After, uh, college
- Stop.
[MERCY] it took about
three days to realize
I needed to leave New York.
My mom and I can't live together.
Turns out we need my dad to communicate.
They're separated.
[MARGARET] You must miss them very much.
- No.
- Maybe a little.
- [MARGARET] Right.
My parents did that thing
where they died
within two months of each other.
I was your age.
- Whoa.
- [MARGARET] Yeah.
They never got to meet
their grandparents,
but, I don't know
They had my sister and me when
they were well into their 40s,
so we expected to lose them
sooner than most people,
but it doesn't make you stop
wanting them, though.
Sometimes, when the
phone rings, I'm like,
"Oh, that's my mom calling".
Feels good to think
that they're still alive.
Even if it's for a millisecond.
It's nice to think that they're
watching you somehow.
There's magic all around,
if you're open to it.
- [DAISY] Mom?
- [MARGARET] Yeah?
- I think I'm gonna stop eating meat.
- Oh.
Well, I'll believe it when I see it.
- What about hamburgers?
- [DAISY] I could give up hamburgers
whenever I wanted to.
- [PHILIP] Hot dogs?
- [DAISY] Yep, I could do it.
[MARGARET] Mm-hmm. Um, what about
pepperoni pizza?
[DAISY] Maybe I'll eat some
meat but only on Fridays.
Ah! Perfect.
No, no, no, I got this.
Are you sure?
[MARGARET] Yes, of course.
I invited you.
I wasn't sure if this was
You are doing me a favor, truly.
Come on. Where we gonna go?
[DAISY] Can we go to Animal Street?
[GUS] I want to see rabbits.
I want to see puppies.
[MARGARET] Okay, okay, we can do both.
[MERCY] You want to see the
puppy? You want to go in?
- [GUS] Uh, yes.
- [MERCY] Let's go. Oh, look.
- Can we please get her, Mom?
- I need a dog. I-I want a puppy.
- Ooh.
[MARGARET] You want a puppy?
- Daddy would never allow it. Never.
- Ooh.
I want to buy a lot of rabbits.
A million rabbits.
[GUS] But could we buy
a rabbit right now?
What-what rabbit do you want?
- A red one.
- You're gonna get a red one?
- Yeah.
- Do bunnies come in red?
Yeah, bunnies come in red.
And the goldfish.
[DAISY] I thought blue
was your favorite color.
[GUS] I want the blue one.
[PHILIP] Gus, you love orange, remember?
[GUS] I want the orange fish.
I-I want to buy this one, please.
- Isn't it cool, Mercy?
- Yeah, it is cool.
[GUS] Mommy, I want this one.
[MARGARET] No, no.
Your father said no pets.
[DAISY] Dad said no puppies.
[MARGARET] Doesn't matter.
When Daddy comes back
- [PHILIP] What about a snake?
- [MARGARET] Oh, sure.
"Hi, Dad, we bought a snake".
Come on. Come on, come on,
everyone, let's go.
[MARGARET] You want some ice cream?
[PHILIP] I want to get boba.
[DAISY] I really want the banana flavor.
[PHILIP] Who gets banana?
It's all weird and yellow.
- [MARGARET] Well, she likes banana.
- [DAISY] I like banana.
Just leave her.
Can we look over here?
I promise I won't buy anything.
I just want to look.
But I want to look
at the action figures.
- All right, um
- I can take him.
Okay. Thanks.
Yeah, we'll find you.
- That's pretty.
- Yeah.
Don't buy any animals.
[PHILIP] Ooh, check out those kites.
[MERCY] Wow, those are so pretty.
- [GUS] There's some toys.
- [MERCY] Which one do you like?
- I like the train one.
- [PHILIP] Can we go over there?
- The train?
- Yeah.
Oh, hey, Philip, wait up.
Slow down, slow down.
- [GUS] Truck, truck.
- Oh, don't grab it.
- You don't know whose that is.
- I want the truck.
I want the truck.
[MERCY] Philip, where are
those action figures?
[GUS] Mercy, it's so cool.
[PHILIP] Um, maybe they're
a little bit further?
[MERCY] Look at this.
[MERCY] Hey, check out
the good-luck cat.
It's pretty cool, huh?
[GUS] Lucky cat.
- Want to see some windmills?
- Yes, please.
I want a bunny. I want a robot.
You want Do you want
a bunny or a robot?
- A robot.
- Robot?
I can't hear you. What'd you say?
- I want a robot. I want a bunny.
You want a bunny? I don't
think your mom's gonna
let us have a bunny.
Ooh, maybe there's a robot.
- You want to go see?
- [GUS] Yes, please.
Check those out.
- [GUS] Ooh, I like that. It's cool.
- [MERCY] Those are nice.
Oh, it lights up?
I want a ball.
Oh. Help me. Quickly, boys, pick 'em up.
[GUS] Got it.
Mercy, there's one over here.
Mercy, I found one.
Over here.
[GUS] Balloons! Mercy, balloons.
- Balloons, balloons.
- Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
- Yeah, I see it. Balloons.
- [GUS] Balloons!
Hey, where's your brother?
He was here. He was right here.
- Gus?
- Gus?
- Gus?
- Gus!
There they are.
Is everything okay?
Where's Gus?
[MERCY] Every detail of the night
was dissected again and again.
Where they had been,
where they were going,
who else was around.
This is the babysitter who lost him.
The babysitter who told
the mother and police
that she was holding the boy's hand.
Except she couldn't have
been holding his hand.
Because if she had been
holding his hand,
the boy would still be here.
The perfect family, now
broken because of her.
The detective said, in cases like this,
it's usually someone you know.
Family, neighbors, coworkers.
He told police he was on
his way home from work
even though that was a lie.
Is anyone taking care of her?
Hey. I'm David.
I heard what happened.
Look, you're shivering up.
Here, have my jacket.
- There.
Is there someone I can call for you?
What did you say your name was?
I live in the same building as Margaret.
I was on my way home
from I saw the lights.
Maybe you shouldn't
Hey, uh, I don't think you
Why don't we get you home. Come on.
[OFFICER] You should
try to get some rest.
We will keep patrolling and continue
the searching in the morning.
It's time to go.
It's okay. It's okay.
Come on.
It's okay. Come on.
Let's go.
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