Fairly Legal s01e05 Episode Script

The Two Richards

Hey, how about some eggs? Since when do you cook? I don't.
I don't even think I have eggs.
So then why did you ask? 'Cause you never eat breakfast.
So you were trying to get credit.
For something that you actually wouldn't be able to do? - Maybe.
- You're a creep.
And thank you For listening last night.
You're welcome.
So how are you feeling about this whole David Smith business? Confused Angry and More angry.
I mean, my dad He could have given.
His entire estate to elves, to nuns.
I wouldn't have cared.
But this David Smith? I mean, he is clearly important to Teddy, and he couldn't have found any time in the last 30 years.
To possibly Justin.
What, is he out there again? If by he, you mean the naked man on the balcony.
Across the way, then, yes, he's out there.
Oh, my God.
He's eating a bagel.
Why does that seem dirty? And not like in a good way kind of dirty.
Yeah, I know.
His name is Alex brownstein.
He's a day trader.
He's 28, no dependents.
He's got two speeding tickets in the last three years, and he's not an organ donor.
You got his name off his mailbox? - Absolutely.
- And then you did.
A background check? Yeah, I wanted to see if I had some excuse.
To send the police to go talk to him.
To say stop being naked? Yeah, I wish I could.
Did you know that, in San Francisco, it's not illegal to be naked.
As long as you're not trying to arouse yourself or others? I thought that was the whole point of being naked.
You don't think I should be bothered by this? No.
I think that you should just go talk to him.
- N-no.
Ew, gross.
That's just weird.
So instead you're just gonna keep your curtains closed? Yes Until 8:00.
Until I go to work every morning, yes.
He's doing yoga.
Yeah, that's pretty, isn't it? Okay.
You were very nice to me last night, and you did some excellent Listening.
So I'm gonna pay you back.
I'm gonna go talk to your naked neighbor.
- No, please don't.
- Yep.
That's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna swing by later.
When I have a break.
You know what? I was gonna wear that shirt.
To work today.
This shirt.
- Yeah.
- Okay, then.
Seems unnecessary to say, but you're late.
Oh, I got held up.
Oh, yeah, what traffic, gunpoint, giant squid? Um, all of the above.
These are documents fromester marrin, the insurance company's lawyer.
They were summarized for you in the folder I sent you last night.
Read 'em.
Police reports and medical records.
For Richard neumeier, the victim, also summarized for you last night.
His wife's name is Marsha.
Know that.
So tell me whayou found out about David Smith.
I am on it.
Everyone's waiting for you in the conference room.
Define "on it.
" Spencer hasn't received a response.
To the certified letter that he sent.
To the p.
Box listed in Teddy's will.
So when you say, "on it," you actually mean "waiting.
" There are over a hundred David smiths.
In the greater San Francisco area.
And I am working my y through the list.
Through the list.
I just had to stop to proofread a court report.
And then you're gonna say that it's impossible.
To be two places at once, and I'm gonna cut you off, and then you're gonna try to make a witty remark, and then I'm gonna top that, and then you're gonna end up doing what I wanted you to do.
In the first place, so ko ahead, I'm listening.
I'm not working on anything until I find David Smith.
That's a good idea.
You know, you should always assume that I have.
Your best interests at heart, even if I don't.
It'll make both our lives much easier.
The advantage of mediation.
Is that you can all avoid.
A long and potentially costly trip to court.
But in order for that process to happen, we have to be open and honest with each other.
- We're honest and open.
- Open to what? I've made eight offers in the last nine months.
You've never once countered Your offers don't begin to compensate Okay, hold on.
Hold on just one second, okay? Um, why don't we start over? Richard, why don't you tell Lester about the accident? He wasn't there.
He's only read the report.
So maybe hearing it from you will help him understand.
What you've been through and what you're looking for.
I think Marsha should tell it.
I really don't remember everything, especially afterwards.
We went out for ice cream.
We had stopped to take a look.
At a tablecloth in a store window.
I like it, but maybe it's a little too seafoam.
Who knew there was such a thing? Oh, sweetie, the light's about to change.
Seafoam's tricky.
Get the wrong dye lot, and it can go Richard! Richard! Richard! Oh.
Call 911, please.
The truck driver swerved.
To avoid a car in the intersection, but I didn't see that.
All I saw was You were in the hospital for 2 1/2 months? Yes, that's right.
He had two surgeries.
To remove damaged brain tissue.
And nine months of physical therapy.
But I'm doing great now.
- And you returned to work? - Yep.
In fact, I was salesman of the month last month.
But I suspect they were just being kind.
So, obviously, bayside insurance.
Would not have wanted this to happen to Mr.
neumeier, but all we could do was make him whole.
Whole? It's not a good choice of words.
I'm sorry.
I just mean that we've offered.
A fair settlement.
We covered his ambulance service for the transportation.
To the hospital, his emergency-room services, all of the blood work and tests.
That offer covers his neurosurgeon, nurses and therapists, all the meds and equipment, and compensation for the income that he lost.
During his convalescence.
What about pain and suffering? We offered That is the industry standard.
Richard, Lester feels like he's made a fair offer.
But you don't see it that way.
Why not? - I think that - My husband got hit.
In the head by a truck.
He was laying on the ground bleeding.
Okay, so it's the image that you're having.
A hard time getting over? What do you think? Well, um, I think if we can get Lester to expand his offer, then maybe we could get you some counseling.
You think I need therapy? Oh.
- Marsha.
- I better go with her.
Thank you, miss Reed, Lester.
This offer expires in 24 hours.
I suggest you get Mr.
and Mrs.
To sign it.
You know what? This was our first session, so an ultimatum hardly seems That woman does not want to settle.
And a jury will see how reasonable I'm being.
So let's just get to court and get on with it.
I have been at this for nine months.
If you can fix it in one day, you're a better man than I am.
No doubt about that.
See if you can get the neumeiers on the phone.
Something else you might want to know about.
Uh, we found David Smith.
Oh, my gosh, Leo.
You're the best.
I mean, I didn't find find him.
He responded to that letter that your brother sent.
But he's coming in for a meeting tomorrow.
What do you think that means? That he's coming in for a meeting tomorrow.
Yeah, but he didn't say anything about how he knew Teddy.
Or why my dad gave him 25% of everything he owned? I assume he's saving something for the meeting tomorrow.
That he's coming in for.
You want your hug back? - Yes, if it's possible.
- I'm rolling to voice mail.
Do you want me to leave a message? No, I'll swing by their house.
After I talk to Justin's naked neighbor.
Yeah, don't bother finishing that story.
It's much better in my head anyway.
She's tall, and her name is Chloe.
Alex brownstein.
Do I know you? No.
I am friends.
With your male neighbor across the way.
Grapp? No.
No, no, the other way Uh, through the window and across the courtyard.
Anyway, though your male neighbor.
Respects the right for you to do whatever you want to do.
In the privacy of your own home, um Okay, from his balcony, um He can see you.
All of you.
Uh, I had no idea.
Of course.
Of course you didn't.
So now that you know, if you wouldn't mind.
Just closing your blinds or wearing something, like underwear.
- Yeah.
H-how has this been upsetting him for a while? Yeah.
Gosh, it can't have been easy to come over here and say that.
Well, it's what I do.
You tell people.
Other people can see them naked? No, not usually.
So, anyway, um, take care.
- Yeah, nice - Or Excuse me.
Hi, Kate.
Your nude is no more.
You didn't talk to Alex brownstein? Yep, just like you should have.
- What did he say? - You know, he just doesn't want you looking at him.
Any more than you want to be looking at him.
- So he's gonna stop? - Of course, now that he knows that it's bothering you.
All you had to do was talk to him.
It was so easy.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I'll talk to you later.
It's so nice of you to come by, Jennifer.
Please have a seat.
Thank you.
Well, I just wanted to see how you were doing.
Water? Thank you.
Oh, congratulations on the Perkins settlement, by the way.
Nobody thought you were gonna pull that off.
I prefer when people underestimate me.
Thank you.
How are you doing? I'm fine.
Thank you.
Teddy was a great man.
Yeah, he was.
A very important member of the legal community.
In San Francisco.
And he had a lot of respect for you too.
Teddy was afraid of me, not that I blame him.
I've worked hard to give men like Teddy a reason.
To be afraid of me Which is why you should let harrell and sonnenfeld.
Buy out the firm.
I don't know where you got the idea.
That Reed & Reed was for sale.
Teddy left clear instructions.
On how this firm was to move forward.
Well, the success of this firm.
Requires that you, as managing partner, be able to follow those instructions.
I'm not saying you won't be able to manage it someday, but right now you lack the experience.
No one's gonna take you seriously.
Thank you for coming by, Jennifer.
You're gonna need someone to help you navigate the minefield.
Wellit's not going to be you.
Well, I won't hold that against you.
When you reconsider.
I'm just finishing up.
I'm sorry I ran out of your meeting today.
Look, after you both left, bayside insurance said that they were withdrawing.
Their offer in 24 hours.
So if you don't take it, you're gonna have to go to court.
Maybe that's what we should do.
Marsha, I know that this has been difficult for you, but Richard he has no debilitating injuries.
He's back at work.
He's doing better than ever.
I mean, a jury they just might question your motives.
And think that you're being greedy.
It's not about money.
Well, then what is this about? Because I'm really trying to understand here.
What is it that you want? I want Richard.
He might look the same, but he is not the man I married.
The man that I loved He's dead.
When he was hit by that truck, I just I just prayed he would be okay.
And then when he came out of the coma, I was so grateful.
It took me a long time to see how much he'd changed.
In what way? My Richard used to call me.
If he was gonna be five minutes late.
He underlined things he read that he found interesting.
He He liked nature shows.
And eating dinner right at 7:00.
He was steady, reliable, and I knew he loved me.
And now? This was taken at my niece's wedding three years ago.
We used to call that Richard's dress uniform.
Every year, after his birthday, he would go and buy a new shirt.
It was always blue or white And a new tie, blue or dark red.
And every third year, he would buy a new suit.
And it was always dark gray.
This is the suit that he bought this spring.
It's a nice suit.
He looks great in it.
Look, I know that this must sound silly, but it's not just a suit.
It's the person in the suit.
It's who Richard is now.
He is the life of the party.
But before, we didn't even like to go to parties.
Hey! Kate! Richard? Oh, my gosh.
Richard, I was just on my way to your office.
I'm taking a break.
You're good.
Watch this.
- Well, really quickly, I-I - Hold on.
Ha ha! Yeah! Whoo! Yeah! Whoo! Yeah! Make sure you tip this guy.
That was great.
Hey, listen, I wanted to talk to you about Marsha.
I had a chance to talk to her about the accident.
Have you guys had a chance to talk about it? She doesn't want to go there.
Well, obviously, and you understand that, right? I mean, it's such a traumatic thing to have happen.
Oh, my God, that guy has the best hot dogs.
- What? - Come on, you're in for a treat.
Oh, Richard! - Carlos.
Hey! - Okay.
Wait a minute.
You got hit by a truck.
Doesn't traffic make you Sorry.
I don't know, careful? That's not the point.
- The point is to stay alive.
- Hey, hey, hey! No, the point is, if I'm just waiting at the corner, standing there, I'll miss something great.
On the other side.
Okay, yeah, but you can also miss something great.
Running to what you think will be better.
You're gonna love these.
Okay, what do you want? My treat.
I'm still recovering from crossing the street.
Okay, suit yourself.
I'll take one.
With sweet relish and mustard.
- Richard.
- You sure? You don't know what you're missing.
No, no.
I'm positive.
Thank you.
- You want a beer with that? - Please.
Okay, so I talked to Marsha.
- She's great, right? - Great.
We were talking about the way your lives were.
Before the accident, how you were different, but - Take a bite.
- No.
- Okay.
- Thanks, man.
Let's go.
Come on.
Hey, stop.
Will you stop running into traffic? My gosh.
You made me spill my beer.
You're gonna get hit by another truck.
Let me tell you something, that truck knocked the life into me.
Does Marsha feel that way? About what? About About the new you.
- I don't know.
- Well, you need to talk to her.
- I will.
- You promise? - Mm-hmm.
In fact, if I talk about your lives.
Before the accident and the way your lives are now, that could help us with the logjam.
With the insurance company.
I'm gonna call Lester.
I'm gonna make an appointment.
You do that.
Yes, and you hey, hey! You talk to Marsha.
I will! And watch out for the bus! Oh, my gosh.
Yes, and how do they look? The guy told me they were in season.
He was right.
Well, listen, I just wanted to thank you.
For your help with my little problem.
Oh, you make 'em, and I solve 'em.
Hey, Justin, listen.
David Smith is coming to the office tomorrow? What did you say to my neighbor? What? My neighbor, the naked guy.
How did you solve this little problem? I just told him that you could see him.
That's all.
And you and you just assumed.
That he was gonna stop.
He's still naked? Yeah, hey.
I want my flowers back.
How could you not know it was mine? I'm sorry.
It said Ben.
My name's Ben.
I thought it was for me.
I wrote Ben in Chinese.
How'd you even know what it said? What makes you think I couldn't read Chinese? I'm a little bit insulted.
- Guys.
- You ate my lunch.
Oh, Bens, come on, now.
This is a place of business, and I'm waiting for a client Type of guy, and you guys are creating a disruption.
Now, what's the problem? Every day he eats my lunch.
Really? Not every day.
Okay, why do you eat his lunch? Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh, not so fast.
Why do you eat his lunch? I go to the market, spend $7.
I get some lame-ass sandwich.
Ben's got peanut noodles and burritos.
And corned beef with cabbage, all homemade.
Oh, that's you? I like to cook.
Well, can you make more than one portion? Of course.
Ben, you bring two lunches, and, other Ben, you pay him $7.
- The same amount he pays for a lame-ass sandwich No way.
Okay, uh, $9.
Some days I'm not gonna feel like it.
Well, you know what? He stole your lunches, so you have earned that right.
All right, go ahead.
Off you go.
Go on.
Kate, you're gonna want to see this.
It's a letter from David Smith's lawyer.
To the executor of Edward Reed's will.
I'll get that.
What's it say? He's not coming.
Is Mr.
Smith here yet? Apparently he's not coming.
"Upon execution and delivery of documents" Da-da-da-da-da.
What does one say in a situation like this? Congratulations I guess.
"Hereby assigns all the interests "in the will of Edward m.
To Kate Reed.
" Wow, what's that about? I don't know.
And if you keep reading, it says that all future communication.
Should be made to his lawyer, so then we may never know.
How do we feel? Just, uh, give the letter to Spencer.
Let my brother deal with it.
All the parties in the neumeier mediation.
Are confirmed for 10:00.
Got it? Yeah.
Got it.
I'm also thinking about painting my clothes.
With acrylic paint so I never have to iron them again.
I'm gonna find him.
I'll be back by 11:00.
- I said 10:00.
- I meant 10:00.
I'll make it 11:30.
Lears throat] - Hi.
- Hello, Kate.
Betty, I'm so sorry to bother you at home, but I really need your help.
Okay, I know you worked for my dad for a long time, and he called you the vault, because you took the whole secrecy thing really seriously.
- Kate.
- But if there was any Hey, Kate.
We were just having tea.
You have a lot of nerve coming over here.
This relationship with David Smith was something - Lauren.
- Teddy kept from both of us.
Oh, from me for, like, 30 years, and for you, what, no more than, uh, five-ish or something.
You know what? I don't care that this guy left me.
Everything my dad left him.
Kate Reed, be quiet.
This instant.
Yes, Betty.
Now, Lauren filled me in, and I can understand why both of you are upset, but Teddy loved Reed & Reed.
- I know.
- Mm-hmm.
I know that too.
All right, well, he wouldn't want the two of you fighting.
Over this.
Oh, we're not fighting.
- No, we're sparring.
- With nothing.
But good intentions.
Oh, perhaps, but before I help you, I need to know that the two of you.
Are gonna work together.
To resolve this situation, no matter what happens.
- Yeah.
- All right.
Let's go back to the firm.
I think that there's something in Mr.
Reed's files.
I just have to find it.
Kate, the neumeiers are waiting for you.
In your office, and the insurance company's lawyer Miss Reed, I don't have all day.
Is waiting impatiently right there.
I'm gonna be right back.
Uh Are you ready? I'm a little nervous, actually.
All right.
Uh, well, you guys talked, right? And Marsha explained to you.
That it's been difficult for her to adjust.
To some of the changes that resulted.
Because of your accident? Yes.
Okay, and she just wants bayside insurance.
To acknowledge what she's lost.
Let's get at it.
- So? - You have made.
A very fair offer.
Based on your assessment of the neumeiers' loss.
So we're settling? Well, I'm just gonna present you with some new information.
That's gonna help you evaluate that loss differently.
Who are they? Think of them as witnesses People whose testimony at a trial.
Would effectively prove that Richard neumeier died.
In that accident and that he and his wife.
Should be compensated for that loss.
This is a waste of my time.
Save yourself a few hundred thousand dollars.
And sit your ass down.
First, we have Karen brown, who knew Richard before the accident.
She was a neighbor of the neumeiers.
At their previous address, and she will be followed.
By grant sloss, who met Richard.
After the accident when he moved.
Into the cubicle next to Richard's a month ago.
Describe Richard? Well, I guess I'd say quiet, steady, predictable, though I mean that in a good way.
Uh, fun, really outgoing, exuberant.
The guy's got boundless energy.
He was the guy you'd ask to water your garden.
While you were out of town.
On Monday, I'm exhausted.
Listening to him talk about his weekend.
And how about hobbies? He paints, likes to go to old movies.
- Windsurfing.
- And does he listen to music? - No.
- Jazz.
And what about Marsha? Did he ever talk about Marsha? All the time.
Yeah, of course.
Yes, he looks the same.
But? He's not Richard At least not the Richard I married.
But he was kind? Yes.
And he made a good living.
You can pay your bills.
I'm not saying our life together isn't comfortable.
All that is the same.
Then, Mrs.
neumeier, what is it.
That's keeping you from accepti the offer.
From bayside insurance? You know that moment when you meet someone.
For the first time, someone special, and you sort of You feel them.
In a different way? Richard was like that for me.
With Richard, before the accident I felt alive.
Marsha, I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault.
But I miss you Every day Even though you're right here.
Juries are unpredictable, right? When they hear that, they might cry, or they might not.
I need some water.
Now, I have a list of over 20 people.
That will testify about Richard before and after.
But nobody wants it to come to that.
You've been very fair about everything else.
The neumeiers just want you to be fair about this.
I'll try to get you new documents by the end of the day.
Marsha? Where's Richard going? Home To pack a bag.
He's leaving me.
Richard, uh, hi, it's Kate.
Look, I would really like to talk to you.
About what happened today, so if you could just give me a call, that would be great.
All right, thanks so much.
Betty, come on in.
- Everything all right? - Yeah.
Everything's good.
Mediations can just be a little squishy.
You get a grip on one end, and then they just Squirt out the other.
So Tell me, did you find something? Maybe.
- Okay.
- It's not quite an address.
But it's more than nothing.
Do we have to tell Lauren? I think that would be best.
Don't you trust me to share? Do you trust you to share? - What is that? - Nothing.
It's nothing.
- Kate.
- What? Don't you trust me to share? No.
Ber for Mr.
It's been disconnected, but with a little digging, I think you might be able to come up with something.
More current.
Thank you.
I was gonna tell you that, by the way.
Kate and I agree you have the best chance.
Of finding David Smith using this shred of information.
I'm flattered.
- But, Leo? - Yes? I am the managing partner of this firm, and I will fire you if you don't give.
Whatever you turn up to both of us at the same time.
I wouldn't dream of doing otherwise.
Don't look at me.
I'm on team Lauren, always.
Okay, here's what you do.
You go out on your balcony, you drink your coffee, and you let him know that it doesn't bother you.
Yeah, but it does bother me, Kate.
Hey, I'll have.
The, uh, half-chicken special, extra broccoli, and I'll have a beer.
You know what I'm gonna do? I'm just gonna send the police to his house.
Like I should have done from the beginning.
No, no, no, no.
Next thing you know, he's twittering.
About how you're abusing your position, and you are gonna become an Internet horror story.
In 20 minutes.
- Bad idea.
- This is your fault.
- Here you go.
- I was trying to help.
I didn't need help.
I was coping perfectly well.
You were hiding in your own apartment.
Only in the mornings.
Oh, my God, you're pathetic.
All right, fine.
Tell me, what should I do? What you should have done from the beginning Go talk to him.
You know, he's not gonna keep doing this.
If you have a relationship with him.
Don't use the word "relationship" when you're referring to me and a naked guy on a balcony.
I'd rather abuse my position.
And have the police pick him up on some trumped-up charges.
- Yeah, that's great Way to become ex-a.
- Kidding.
- Yeah, Leo.
Ooh, well, do you have an address? Okay.
Text it to me.
Got to go.
Got to go.
Oh, whoa.
Hey, no.
- Nice talking to you.
- Kate.
That's my beer.
Taxi! Hey.
I thought you could use this.
She doesn't love me.
She loves the person I used to be.
- I don't think that's true.
- It is.
Then why would she have stayed with you all that time? Why would she have nursed you through your recovery? I think she used to love me a lot.
You know, the weeks after the accident, they're a blur to me.
I really I don't remember anything.
I do remember losing consciousness.
I knew it was bad.
I knew I probably wasn't gonna make it.
Oh! Call 911.
Please, call 911.
Sweetheart, we're gonna get you some help.
It's gonna be okay.
Richard, please don't leave me.
I loved her so much, I decided I had to come back.
And I did.
I came back.
And I still love her.
I do.
I love her with all my heart.
But She doesn't love me.
Why would I stay? Why would I stay? This is ridiculous.
- Hello? - Nice evening, isn't it? Oh, come on, man, I don't want to see that.
Yeah, that makes two of us, chief.
We're neighbors.
We're neighbors.
I know.
I know.
So, look, man, we're neighbors, right? How did you get this number? That doesn't matter.
What does matter, yoga boy, is that I can make your life a living hell.
Justin, Justin, no, no.
Okay, I am the a.
Just say just say, "I know we can resolve this" Okay, okay, I got it.
What does matter is that we can resolve this thing - In a peaceful - In a peaceful manner, okay? I work from 9:00 to 7:00.
Between those hours, chief, knock yourself out.
- Okay, fine.
- Do me a favor, would you? Get yourself a girlfriend or something.
What? Be nice, Justin.
I want to thank you, Alex, for working with me on this.
I appreciate it.
No, no, no, no, no.
Open the door, Kate.
What? Open the door.
This is not funny.
Kate, open the door! Kate, I swear to God, I'm gonna break this window.
- The door's stuck.
- Down in five seconds.
- Okay, countdown.
- Four Three Open the door, Kate! - Okay, jeez! - It's not funny anymore! Come on! What's the matter with you? Are you totally insane? How'd you like them apples? I like it, but maybe it's a little too seafoam.
Who knew there was such a thing? Oh, sweetie, the light's about to change.
Leo? Yeah, get me a boilerplate separation agreement.
For Richard and Marsha neumeier.
Why are we here? We're having a funeral.
For my marriage? For the parts of Richard that didn't survive the accident.
Why? So I can start dating again? Marsha, a terrible thing happened.
You lost something.
Now you can either accept that.
Or you can choose to stay angry.
Come on.
What harm can it do? Tell me what you miss about Richard.
I miss everything now.
You know what I miss? That.
Now I have a separation agreement.
In this envelope.
And I have an insurance company agreement in this one.
You sign one, you sign both, you guys get to decide how the story ends.
But for my money, I'm not sure anything really important.
Has changed between the two of you.
Some people go their entire lives.
Without ever finding love.
Maybe you guys get to find it twice.
Go on.
Go buy her some breakfast.
Get to know each other again.
What do you say? Sure.
I'll take "sure" and call it a victory.
- Morning, Kate.
- Morning, Leo.
- Hi, Kate.
- And Lauren.
What's prompting the conference? Well, I'm calling both of you because I found.
A last-known address.
Oh, my God, Leo, I knew if anyone could find David Smith, it would be you.
We need to go over there together.
Yes, Lauren, of course.
We can go meet him together.
You know what, I'm already in a cab, so I can be there in 20 minutes.
But I'm all the way across town.
Then I suggest you hurry.
Yes, Leo? - Hey, I found an extra-juicy tidbit.
That I'm saving just for you.
I'm gonna text it to your phone, okay? - Really? - Really.
- Oh, and Leo? - Yep.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Uh, South of market.
You know, you could have stayed upstairs by his door.
Yeah, I think it's best.
If we just stick together.
We're a team, right? Right.
A team.
Excuse me.
Bar's not open for another hour.
Do you work here? Sometimes.
We're looking for David Smith.
We were told that he lives upstairs.
We knocked, but no one answered.
And who's looking for him? I am.
Kate Reed.
Well, I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
Yeah, Lauren, let's just go.
Let's not waste our time.
Hi, my name is Lauren Reed.
And we're looking for Mr.
Smith, regarding an estate matter.
We could use just any information you have.
Well, I think he's gone back east.
He's got a lawyer who handles all this kind of stuff.
You know, we talked to him, and he has not been very helpful.
That's going around.
Do you know where back east Mr.
Smith moved by chance? No, I really don't.
Keep it.
Thank you so much for your time.
Have a nice day.
You too, sweetheart.
Well, if Leonardo can find him here, he can find him back east.
Yeah, maybe, I don't know.
I mean, maybe we should just let it go.
What? That's not like you to give up a chase so easily.
Well, normally I know what I'm chasing.
- Wa-wa-wait.
What, you're not gonna come back to the office? Do you really want to share a cab with me? Nice driving.
It's not nice to lie to people.
Before you even know them, Mr.
What gave it away? Prison tattoo.
Doesn't say David Smith.
No, it doesn't, but your driver's license does.
And my assistant's very smart.
He emailed it to me.
You look better now.
You've gained a little weight.
Well, Kate Reed, what else did your smart assistant tell you? Oh, not much.
You're 6'2", you have brown eyes, you did 12 years in merced.
For tax fraud and embezzlement.
So tell me, David Smith, who are you? How'd you know my dad? Why are you in his will? And why did you give your share to me? You're just full of questions, aren't you? And none that you're gonna answer, are you? Nope.
Want a beer? Sure.
If we're gonna sit here quietly, then I might as well.
I get the feeling.
You're not gonna go away.