Fairly Legal s01e09 Episode Script

My Best Friend's Prenup

You don't think there are some things that people just shouldn't know? Before I give you this Your father had to have a good reason for what he did.
Are you saying he didn't lose the evidence? Teddy was a good man.
Kate? Hey! Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Sorry, am I interrupting something? Um No.
No what's up? You left your phone in my office.
Oh, my God, thank you.
I have been looking all over for this.
I even bought one of those, uh, disposable phones.
But I can't even find that now.
Are you okay? Yeah.
You came all the way out here in the rain just to hand me my phone? Well, I had a meeting nearby.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, sure.
We should talk about what's going on between you and I.
- I'm still the tin man, huh? - What? - I called your phone.
- You called my phone? Yeah.
That's not weird.
It is when it's in your pocket.
Justin, thank you for bringing me my phone.
The tin man doesn't have a heart, Kate.
It's just a ringtone.
I know, but it's just I just don't understand why I'm still the tin man.
It doesn't mean anything.
Look, the tin man is the hottest guy on the yellow brick road.
Plus, he has an axe And he knows how to use it.
I have a heart.
I know you do.
You Every time Oh, hold on.
I gotta take this.
Listen, will you please call me? I'm gonna be at a place that's not great cell phone reception.
Then again I am made out of tin, so maybe the reception will be great.
Oh, tin man's funny.
Justin Patrick.
Yeah, on my way.
Five minutes.
Julie! Kate! Oh, congratulations! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
We're so excited.
Ooh! Eric.
- Hey.
- This is a big step.
Are you sure about this? I mean, people who get engaged, they tend to end up married.
I'm sure.
I'm a bit scared.
But, uh, I'm sure.
I have known Julie since high school.
And there's nothing to be scared of.
Except for the black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
Uh, and her dad, also black belt.
- 8th degree.
- Uh-huh.
And, uh, don't forget my mediator.
What, you got a black belt too? I have tons of them.
Kate doesn't need to know martial arts.
People who deal with her do.
Aw! Hey.
I get that feeling.
He is so cute.
So, uh, we figured we'd drop off your bridesmaid dress while we're here.
Oh! Thoughtful guy, your Eric.
Nice job.
Now I know why you've been keeping him from me.
Here, come with me to my office.
Is my dad here yet? Yeah, I believe he's in there with Lauren, finalizing the prenup.
My dad's idea of a wedding gift.
I can't think of a lovelier way to say to my soon-to-be husband, you'd better not be a gold digger.
I don't blame him.
I'm an art teacher, okay? And I do some freelance web design.
She's second in command of his thriving Tae Kwon Do empire.
Any parent would do the same.
You think so? Would yours? Are they asking for a prenup too? No, um, both my parents died when I was young, so - I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
He's, uh, he's got a new family now.
Good morning.
Hello, hello.
Morning, Leo.
Good morning to you, Kate.
Uh, my bridesmaid dress, to be fitted.
I'll learn to sew.
Or call the tailor.
- That's better.
- Mm-hmm.
Congratulations, you two.
- Hey, thank you.
- Thanks, Leonardo.
Okay, let's see the ring.
It's not legit till we see it.
It's good to check.
It's, uh, just kind of buried in there.
- Oh! - Oh.
- It's beautiful.
- It's brilliant.
You guys don't have to say that.
I know, it'slt's Perfect? Aw.
All right.
This way, love birds.
Are you guys hungry? Maybe we can get you some coffee, bagels Leo could go get you something.
Your son-in-law will be amenable to these terms? He's not my son-in-law yet.
What about your daughter? - She knows me.
- Well, good.
Then she won't be surprised.
Julie's a smart girl.
An amazing COO, that's for sure.
Developed your brand of sports apparel, DVDs.
She learned a few things in business school.
But marrying well wasn't one of them.
She has me looking out for her.
I wish she had her mother.
Well, she's in good hands.
And we are here to help.
I want to thank you, Lauren.
You know, it's been my hope to grow the business to a point where I'll be able to work with Reed and Reed.
Maybe if this goes well, uh, my hope will be realized.
I do have many deals pending.
Well, you just say the word and we will jump right on.
Oh, excuse me.
- Joseph.
- Kate! - Hi.
- Aw! Now are you coming back to class after all these years? I know I need to brush up on my moves.
Like, maybe right now when I talk to Lauren.
Can you excuse us a second? Of course.
I'm not telling you anything Kate.
I didn't ask you to.
I'm his attorney, you're the mediator.
And between us is a firewall.
Julie and I are old friends.
We played Sandy and Rizzo in our high school production of Grease.
You were Rizzo.
Why does everybody always assume that? That I was the angry pregnant one? No, I was Sandy.
I was sunny, I was cheery.
When I put those hot pants on, man, the boys, they really liked your point being? While we're in there, I'm going to be fighting for all sides.
So just sit back, smile vacantly, and watch me get the job done.
I represent Joseph Chang and his business interests.
Which are considerable.
Go easy.
They're my friends.
Kate, I'm a lawyer.
I don't go easy on anybody.
You would have made an excellent Rizzo.
I'm just saying.
So, before we get started I would like to acknowledge that everyone has signed a waiver of all conflicts of interest.
So if you'd like a more impartial mediator, somebody who does not adore the bride as much as I do, then I'd be more than happy to recuse myself.
No, this is a family matter.
We prefer it to be handled by someone who's practically part of the family.
Just let's get on with it.
Uh, Lauren? You can start by taking us through the prenuptial agreement.
Of course.
The proposed terms are as follows.
Eric will never be entitled to receive any share of ownership of TKD Enterprises.
Will never influence the direction of the company in any way, shape, or form.
Really? Dad, this is your idea of a standard prenup? Standard is not good enough.
Does anybody want any coffee? You know No, no, no, no.
What are you trying to say? I'm saying that I don't want this man anywhere near anything that we built together.
I don't want to take over your business.
Of course not.
Dad, he doesn't care about any of it.
- That's what he says.
- So I say.
That's today.
What about tomorrow? What about a year from now, when he wants to take half of everything - Joseph.
- We've worked for! I would never do that.
- Then prove it.
- Wait a second.
Julie, uh, maybe it gets better.
Lauren? That speaks for both of us.
Eric, would you walk me out? Well, this is me sitting back, smiling vacantly.
Watching you get the job done.
Keep watching.
Why don't I ever learn? All right, I should know better than to expect my father to be reasonable about anything to do with my life.
I don't get it.
I've been nothing but nice to him.
Now he's accusing me of trying to take over his company.
Maybe he's got cold feet.
You know? People think it's only the bride and groom.
It's not cold feet.
You get over cold feet if you want to.
He doesn't want to.
He is going to ruin everything.
I know it.
That's not gonna happen.
You know, I keep having this dream about the wedding.
It's a perfect day.
All of my friends and family are gathered to celebrate the day that I've always dreamed about.
My grandparents, my sister, my girlfriends, and the man that I love.
And then my dad has to ruin it.
- Dad! - Joseph! What are you doing? Dad, stop it! Stop it right now! Kate, do something.
Joseph, Joseph! Joseph! Dad, stop it! Stop it.
Make him stop.
Julie, it's not going to happen.
No, he's just going to find another way to get rid of you.
Why? What's his problem with Eric? Can you excuse us for a second? Um, yeah.
No, we don't have any secrets in our relationship.
That's not the way I want to start our marriage.
Okay, well then let's just get it all out in the open.
My father doesn't trust Eric.
And there's no reason for it.
Well, have you asked him? I love my dad.
But you know how he is.
If I ask him a question he starts talking about growing up hungry in Korea.
In Korea, stealing spam.
Stealing spam from the gis to feed his family.
And an hour goes by and I get frustrated and he gets angry and then we end up here.
Which is absolutely nowhere.
He'll come around.
Aw, Julie.
He's got a good heart.
I just don't know what to do.
You know what? Let me talk to him.
Hiyaa! You of all people should understand where I'm coming from.
What do you mean? When your father named the firm Reed and Reed, he wanted his children with him, next to him.
The future of his business.
True, but we don't always get what we want.
Nobody does.
That doesn't mean we stop trying.
Look, Joseph.
My dad taught me that business decisions, more often than not, are never about business.
What you did to Julie this morning for example.
What are you accusing me of? You could have taken her aside, you could have talked to her in private.
But instead you gathered an audience.
You dropped a bomb, hoping it would blow her engagement apart.
Now you're telling me that was just about business? Joseph.
Come on, what's this really about? Kate, when I was a boy, struggling to survive after the war in Korea, I learned the importance of family.
Now a marriage is a combining of two families.
How is it possible if the groom doesn't have one? Well, oh! Um, he's an orphan.
That's not his fault.
Well, how do you trust anybody without a family? You can't see where he came from.
You can't see how he was raised.
It's not impossible, it just takes longer.
But they've known each other for, like, six months.
That was nice.
Your generation rushes everything.
A black belt used to take five or six years to earn.
Now they demand it in two years.
It's the same thing with marriage.
First date sex, second date wedding.
Third date, divorce.
How long did you know Justin before you got married? Like, six weeks.
At least.
First of all, that was mean.
Second-ly, I just get the feeling that these two, they know one another.
- I don't.
- Why is this about you? It's about family, it's about being connected.
Yes, and that's something that he wants to be a part of.
He said he's not interested in our business.
- He's not.
- Why not? The man's fiancée turns out to be a princess with a castle.
Why does a man without money, without family, not want a key? Joseph, you have Eric all wrong.
I don't think so.
All right.
I'm gonna prove it to you.
I'm gonna do some digging, and if I can show you that Eric is in fact a good man, worthy of your daughter, do you agree to drop the prenup? I'll consider it, if you succeed.
- I'll succeed.
- I don't think so.
I know people.
So do I.
Yo, guys! Let's go, bring it in.
Center court, just for a second.
Come on.
Okay, guys.
Here's the deal.
We got a big game this weekend against those bastards at Morrison and Forrester.
Watch out for the elbows.
Especially that tax partner.
- Yeah.
- Exactly.
All right.
Settle down, tough guy.
As you may or may not know, we have the third worst record in the league.
So we have got to mix things up.
So as your team captain I have taken it upon myself to get us all new jerseys.
All right! We leave our real names in the office.
On court, we are only gonna use nicknames.
Like "Ball Hog" Steve! Tony "The Hacker!" Alan "No Hops.
" Sorry.
"Slip 'n Fall" Bobby.
"Pass it?" Oh, yeah.
I get it.
'Cause when I get the ball I should pass it to someone who can actually shoot and get it in the basket.
Come on, dude.
We own our flaws.
It's how we conquer them.
Right, yeah! What's on your shirt? "Trash Talk".
You certainly do that.
You were quarterback of your college football team.
You're a good passer.
Come on, man.
Yeah, I know.
It's fine.
I cant take it.
Or pass it.
Ah! I'm kid Chuck.
I'm kidding.
Chuck! Has anyone seen my scary girls? Anyone? Hey, hey, Bens.
Have you guys seen my "scary girl" figures? The ones that I keep on my desk? You mean your dolls? Vinyl figures.
Done by artists.
Highly collectible.
We haven't seen your dolls, dude.
Vinyl figures, Ben.
Vinyl no, it's not funny.
Kate? Kate? Kate? Kate? What? Um, my scary girls are missing.
Well, that's why we put away our toys when we're done playing with them.
Okay, they're not toys.
And I don't play with them.
Close the door.
I thought my father lost something but, uh, it turns out I could be wrong.
Bank statements? Just copies.
David Smith embezzled $20,000 a month.
For five months.
January through may, 1980.
That's why he spent Okay.
Why would he tell me that? Maybe he didn't want you to think he's done things that are worse.
January through may, 1980.
Do you know what happened in June, 1980? Disco died.
My father founded Reed and Reed.
With $100,000 in cash.
- I don't know what to, uh - Shred it.
You sure? Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I need you to work late tonight.
Do a background check.
Anything you can find.
On Eric malloy.
Your best friend's fiancée? My client's Fiancée.
Got it.
Oh, and Leo.
Your discretion is appreciated.
On both matters.
No, yeah.
And, uh, one more thing.
Don't worry about your figurines.
Nothing stays lost forever.
Trust me.
I ran some searches on Eric Malloy.
Tell me you found good things.
- Great things.
- Thank you.
Uh, great art, anyway.
He's good.
- Mm-hmm.
- He's got a large body of work sketches, paintings, multimedia.
Most of it's abstract.
Did I mention that I'm an artist, too? More than once.
You do monsters, right? - Creatures.
- Ah.
Now take a look at this.
It's Eric's painting of his mother, Anna.
It's his imagining of what she'd look like today if she were alive.
He did this? I know, different style, right? Almost photorealistic.
It's another art term.
- Monsters, Leo.
- Creatures.
Now look at this.
His mother again? Mm-hmm.
I searched for more paintings of Anna Malloy, and I found this one.
Except Eric didn't paint it.
Who did? Anna Malloy.
Self-portrait, 2010.
But Eric said she died when he was a kid.
This is Anna last month at a nursing home in Walnut Creek.
Patients had an art show, made the local paper.
She can paint, she can breathe.
She's alive! I can't believe you ran a background check on me.
I'm not a criminal.
Look, Joseph had some concerns.
I wanted to prove him wrong.
But instead I find out that you lied about your mother.
Have you told Julie? Not yet.
I wanted to tell her the truth.
- But you didn't.
- So I made up a story.
I was afraid I was gonna lose her.
That your mother died when you were a child? Eric.
Which, in many ways, is true.
- But it isn't, is it? - Kate, I love my mother.
I really do.
And I took care of her my whole life up until a couple of years ago.
I could handle her depression and the alcohol.
I could manage that.
But when they led to dementia, she needed full-time care.
But why did you lie about it? I was trying to protect Julie from the burden of my mother and because I felt terrible about leaving her there.
You know what's worse, is that, for the first time in years, I could breathe, okay? And I could relax, and not worry.
And I could just you know, for a little while, I could pretend like my mother didn't exist.
Oh, that sounds horrible, doesn't it? Eric.
You can't pretend anymore.
You're marrying Julie.
Do you know what I see? When I think about our wedding? No crazy mothers, no angry fathers.
Just Julie and me, and we're standing there.
Exchanging our vows.
Well, you know how important family is to Julie.
That's why you have to tell her the truth.
That's exactly why I can't.
She has to know the family that she's becoming a part of.
Well, then what's to keep her from leaving me? Nothing.
It's her decision.
But you have to tell her.
We'll go together.
We'll go this afternoon.
It'll be fine.
Maybe it was his own money.
Dad was a young lawyer.
Where did he get $100,000 in cash, if not from David Smith? In this office, a man is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.
If you had to prosecute him, you don't think you could get a conviction? I'd dig deeper.
Oh, I've dug enough.
And my father built his firm by lying and stealing.
And he let another man go down for it.
Maybe maybe it's a relief.
I don't have to worry about whether I let my dad down the last few years, you know? Because he let me down so much more.
Try to remember the whole man, Kate.
Not just the worst thing he did.
I mean, he did a lot of amazing things.
Like what? He raised you to know better.
And, to be fair, this isn't the first time he let you down.
He married Lauren.
You're trying to make me feel better? And you bring up Lauren? Hmm, and yet she smiles.
I'm not smiling at you.
I'm smiling at that Jersey behind you.
Oh, yeah.
That's not mine.
I had some jerseys made up for the team and Chuck forgot to take his.
Oh, no.
No, he didn't forget.
You think he's offended? I think you owe him an apology.
Mm-mm, we're prosecutors.
An apology is an admission of guilt.
He left it.
He hates it.
You're guilty.
The only thing I'm guilty of is giving a guy a Jersey and a nickname.
- So it's just a nickname? - Mm-hmm.
- Meaningless.
- Yes.
Like tin man.
Not talking to you.
Lauren? I need to ask you something.
I'm a little busy here, Leonardo.
- It's important.
- Code red? Absolutely.
What? Larceny.
Grand theft vinyl figures.
You mean the dolls on your desk? Vinyl action figures.
They're highly collectible.
Well, first of all, grand theft means property worth more than $400.
These are worth $800.
$800? For dolls? Artist designed, hand-crafted, limited edition collectibles.
What were you thinking leaving valuables unattended on your desk? You mean like this? Aah-aah! Don't, um, don't touch that.
Why? It's expensive? Doesn't look it.
- This thing.
- Leonardo.
I need your help.
If you are asking me to put on a sheriff's badge and round up a posse I'm asking you to give me authorization to review the security videos.
They say they haven't seen anything but they won't let me see the tapes unless you sign this.
Well, let's just let security handle this their own way, yeah? Right.
Because that's what you do when you think someone's not doing their job.
Let them handle it their own way.
Hey, what are you guys doing here? Eric has something he'd like to tell you, Julie.
You're leaving me for Kate.
I knew it.
It's sophomore year all over again.
I'm kidding.
Um - You're not - No.
I, um, I haven't been honest with you, Julie.
About what? My mother isn't dead.
She, um, she lives in a nursing home.
She's not all there anymore.
You know, she hasn't been for a long time.
She struggled with depression and alcoholism.
Joseph! - Hi.
- Why is Eric here? Um, they're talking.
No, no, no, no, no.
It looks like they're fighting.
Maybe if we leave them alone, then they'll keep fighting, and then they'll break up.
Wouldn't that be awesome? Uh, Joseph, uh, look at that helmet right there.
No, no, I can't have this conversation with you right now.
- Julie, please.
- No, I can't, no.
Why didn't you tell me? Because I was afraid you'd turn and run.
We've been talking about her since the day we met in the past tense.
How we both lost our mothers.
I've been helping you grieve for a mother who's still alive? Your mother's alive? I'm so sorry, Julie.
I thought we didn't have any secrets from each other.
We don't, anymore.
- No, how do I know that? - Julie, listen, I was just Get out! Julie? All right, fine.
Eric, what are you doing? No, you can't leave.
You have to stand up to him.
- Why? - Because he thinks you're weak.
Keep moving, Eric.
Don't let him push you around.
Do it for Julie.
Stay out of this, Kate.
Even though I put my mother away to save her life, I feel like I abandoned her.
'Cause you know what? Maybe with a family like mine, I don't deserve somebody like Julie.
I told you to go, and I'm not gonna tell you again! Let me tell you something.
I love Julie.
And I will do anything for her.
So if you want to make me leave, you're gonna have to make me.
- Joseph.
- Eric, go.
- No! - Aarrgh! Dad! Ooh.
I forgot I knew how to do that.
I had security bring you a copy.
Really? Why? Because everyone here deserves to feel safe.
And I made you feel guilty.
Take the high road, Leonardo.
I get nose bleeds.
Just watch it after work, please? Got it.
Detective Leonardo Prince reporting for duty.
- Lauren? - Oh, Joseph.
I was not expecting to see you today.
Did we have an appoint No, and neither did Kate when she did this.
Well, please let's talk about this in my office.
You need to keep your associates in line.
I don't appreciate your tone.
You need to keep Kate in line.
You're her boss, and her step-mother.
One of them should mean something.
Wow, um well, Joseph.
How I deal with Kate is within my discretion, not yours.
I will ask you to respect that.
As a client paying your bills I think I'm entitled to a little respect.
I've treated you with nothing but the utmost respect.
No, no, no, no.
Your employee encouraged a man to fight me, then she hit me in the face.
That is not respect.
That's not what I paid for.
And I'm not paying for it anymore.
What are you saying, Joseph? You're fired.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
Listen, Chuck.
I just wanted to say The team Jersey.
It was just meant in good fun.
I hope you didn't take that the wrong way.
'Cause, really, the nickname was a compliment.
My ability to keep the ball away from myself.
Well, yeah.
You're the league leader in assists, you know? That's the kind of ball player you are.
Hell, that's the kind of lawyer you are.
A lawyer who passes work to other people? No, no, no, no, no.
That's not what I meant.
What I'm trying Toto say is, I'm sorry.
Yeah, well, uh, basketball was never really my sport.
Well, it is now, 'cause these jokers need you.
You know if you want I'll get you a new Jersey, a new nickname.
Nah, don't bother.
Maybe I should get myself one, huh? You've got bigger flaws than trash talk? What are you kidding me? Name one.
Uh, bottom tier Law school.
Never made Law Review.
Big firms reject me.
Hot girls divorce me.
Ha ha.
We own our flaws.
Maybe you should be wearing trash talk.
- Pass it.
- Fine.
Get out there.
Can we just go a little faster? I mean, I really need to see my friend.
If I even have a friend.
I still need this dress.
Kate? Oh, great.
Just when I can't move.
You assaulted a client? Lauren, I'm in the middle of a fitting.
Nice, using billable time and office space for personal business.
Look, I didn't hit Joseph on purpose.
He was gonna bring his business here.
And now, because of you, we may never see him again.
Okay, look.
I'll take care of it.
- How? - I How? - By beating him into submission? - I'll take care of it.
If I have to, yes.
You know what? This is your mess.
You clean it up.
- Yes.
- Clear? Clear.
- Got it.
- Good.
Ooh! Are you okay? I need practice.
Julie, why haven't you returned my calls? I was gonna come see you.
Oh, how's your dad? Well, his ego's bruised.
I can't believe you hit him.
Oh, it was like muscle memory took over or something.
I didn't know I was that gifted.
It was a wild swing, impossible to see coming.
Well, that's my strength.
Look, I came by to collect some files.
I need them for a meeting tomorrow with our new law firm.
No, don't do that.
Plus, don't you have a wedding to get ready for? - Not anymore.
- What? You cancelled the wedding? Julie.
Oh, come on.
Talk to me, please? I'll keep my hands by my side.
I promise.
Come on.
- Oh.
- Ugh.
All my life I've been trying to prove myself to my dad that I'm better than any son would have been.
That I'm worth all these sacrifices he's made for me.
And you have proven yourself.
I chose a man who lied to me over and over.
As hard as I try to prove my dad wrong what am I supposed to do when the man that I love just proves him right? Right or wrong, this is your life.
Ah, you know, you wouldn't understand.
Oh, please.
My dad, he groomed me to take over this firm.
Instead, I quit the law, I became a mediator.
I broke his heart.
And I thought eventually he'd come around.
And did he? Can you honestly tell me you're not still trying to prove to him that you made the right decision? I have no argument.
I was wrong.
- You're not wrong.
- Eric lied.
Yes, he did.
But, you know, he has his reasons.
Julie, he loves you.
And you love him.
And if you can't admit that, then you're a bigger liar than he was.
Because you're lying to yourself.
Just why couldn't he trust me enough just to tell me the truth? He's a guy.
Listen, he just he thought if he could bury it deep enough, then it would never see the light of day.
But the truth always comes out.
People who were not supposed to get hurt always end up getting hurt.
Do you think he was protecting me? Or protecting himself? Both.
I need to talk to him.
I can arrange that.
You ready for this? Ready.
Wish me luck.
Hey, stop talking.
Stop talking.
You know what? I give the word, and we move all of our business to the messengers across the street.
Yeah, maybe they don't hire thieves.
Thank you.
Yeah, no.
I have so much evidence.
I have a timeline, I have security footage.
What's going on? A messenger stole my scary girl figures.
- Yeah.
- Leo.
Just a sec.
Yeah, no it's not a threat.
It's a promise.
Find my figures.
Umm Yeah.
Well, I don't know what language that is, but I don't like your tone.
Okay, bye.
What? Why would you take them? And write all over them? It's an autograph.
Oh, my God.
The artist who made them was in town.
Yeah, you told me about it.
I couldn't go because I had to work.
I know, that's why I went for you.
Well, you know.
Do you wanna you wanna do something? Like, get a sandwich? I mean, out.
I'd buy it.
Yeah, cool.
That's sure.
- Great.
- Totally.
- So I'll call you.
- Okay.
Well, you don't have to 'cause I'll be here.
- See you tomorrow.
- Right.
Thank you for stealing my figures.
You're welcome.
You know, with the autographs these are worth a fortune.
And now the whole office knows.
Now I have to lock you guys up.
We have a solution.
We'd like for you to be a part of it.
They're holding hands.
- She forgave him.
- They're in love.
Nobody knows how to hold a grudge anymore.
That's not true.
What's the solution? Okay.
We were looking at your website.
- So? - It's crap.
Yeah, well, Julie wants to bring in a web designer.
A student made it, it's kind of busy.
There's no color, and It's magnificent.
Eric stayed up working on it all night.
It's not fully functional yet, but he just wanted you to get a sense of his ideas.
- He did that? - Yes.
He's an art teacher.
He's an artist.
He's worked in all kinds of media, and he is fantastic.
You know, you said that you couldn't trust a poor man who wanted no part of your castle.
Now he wants to help you build it.
Higher, bigger, taller.
Put in a moat, a new wing.
A drawbridge.
Whatever it is that you do with a castle.
Oh, he wants to work with me now? Well, he still wants to teach, but he wants to help you.
When he can.
And you need help.
What's his price? Your respect.
He loves Julie and her family.
He's not trying to take the princess away.
And isn't that what you're really afraid of? To be all alone in your castle? When Julie was a child, she just excelled in offense.
Punches, kicks.
No problem.
But defense, she couldn't block a punch.
Even if it was in slow motion.
You didn't have that problem.
You knew how to keep your guard up.
Not let anything through.
But Julie, she's the kind of daughter a father always feels the need to protect.
When I picture Julie's wedding, she's still seven years old.
The wedding dress is so big.
It could swallow her up.
And when she starts to run, like we're playing Tag and I'm "It", l I can think is, this stubborn little girl, unafraid of anything.
How am I ever going to protect her now? Who's gonna pick her up when she trips and falls? You let her fall.
She can pick herself up.
This is fun.
All the masters from the Bay Area are there.
And they don't trust me not to tell everybody that I'm the girl that caught Master Chang.
Oh, like you would ever do that.
You know, these Tae kwan Do masters, they're so sensitive.
Just like ADA's.
Hey, hey.
I'll have you know, I took your advice.
I apologized to Chuck.
- You did? - Yes.
Like I said, I have a heart.
- Hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
- Wanna dance? - Hmm.
You know, uh, I'm kind of holding out for that cute valet.
Get over here.
Oh, man.
What? - This just sorry.
- What? This just reminds me of our wedding where absolutely everything went wrong.
Oh, and your creepy uncle with those hands.
Well, what about the photographer with that ancient lighting equipment? He almost lit the hotel on fire.
- And our first dance.
- What? Dude, you blanked on all the steps.
- No, no, no, no.
- Yeah.
You totally forgot all the steps.
I did not forget the steps.
No, you would not let me lead.
That so doesn't sound like me, Justin.
I remember the steps.
Here, this goes here.
And thenWell.
I I remember the finish.
We did this.
Right? And then we did this.
This is probably a bad idea.