Fairly Legal s02e05 Episode Script

Gimme Shelter

What am I late for again? Monday morning partners' meeting in the conference room.
Oh, God.
There's only three of us.
Why does she need to meet in the conference room? It's like Home Alone.
She has cardboard cutouts of partners moving around on toy trains, just in case the bigger firms are looking in the window.
"Oh, I guess they're doing okay in there.
Perhaps we shouldn't steal their clients.
" I'm talking to myself.
Have you ever considered setting your clocks forward, so you're not always late? No.
All right, I have a brunch meeting, so we will keep this brief.
The good news is, we have decreased costs by downsizing to 11 associates, and billable hours are up.
Leaner and meaner.
I like it.
It's my intention to quietly rebuild, starting with some organizational streamlining, hence these meetings.
Ben, where are you? Oh, you know me.
I'm litigating.
I'm making money.
You're streamlining and brunching or whatever.
I brought in six new corporate clients.
Okay, and what is it you do? - Me? - Yeah.
Oh, you know, bonbons, bubble baths, naps, shoe shopping.
Oh, that's right, you mediate.
You take potentially lucrative lawsuits and try and settle them out of court.
My hourly rate is higher than yours.
I work on contingency.
I have signed a deal with Aero Bank.
Their commercial department is overloaded, so they are outsourcing bankruptcy mediations.
You have 20 cases to get through in two days.
The rep is waiting in your office.
Now, it's a lucrative contract and if it goes smoothly, they'll hand us 40 more.
- Hmm.
- Great.
Bankruptcy mediations? You know, banks can't put people out of business fast enough and, yours truly, I'm gonna help 'em.
Oh, come on.
You're Adam Smith's invisible right hand.
You're clearing away the deadwood so that new life may grow.
Yeah, if by "Deadwood", you mean hard-working people that have lost everything.
Second rule of humanity somebody's got to fail.
Survival of the fittest, baby.
Is that your excuse for not having a conscience? Darwin? No.
Not being born with one is.
Are we done? I'm busy.
The grim reaper awaits.
Hi, um, Lance Ward.
Aero Bank.
Kate Reed.
These mediations are the last stop before Chapter 11.
Occasionally, you find something we miss that can aid their case, but it's rare.
You can figure on an hour an inch.
That's a banker joke.
Shoot me.
I bet that's a banker's joke too.
Just keep an eye on the clock, and try not to get emotionally involved.
I can do this.
What? Mr.
- Aaron.
- Aaron.
Oh, what a welcome surprise.
Thank you.
I don't remember the last time we had a one-on-one.
Since the Angstrom case, when you beat the pants off of me? - huh.
I meant since you became D.
Oh thanks.
I've admired the way you've handled Reed & Reed since you took on a larger role.
Word is you're turning that ship around.
Oh, well, I can't take the credit.
Take it.
My campaign's looking to retain legal counsel.
Your campaign? I'd like to retain your firm.
More specifically, you.
You've had political experience, and I like the way you think.
See, nobody knows what a secret weapon you are.
I'm honored, um, Aaron, thank you.
But your opponent used to be married to one of my partners.
And you see that as a conflict of interest? Potentially, yes.
It's controversial.
Their divorce is a firewall.
And I'm the horse to bet on if you want to back the winner.
I admire your confidence, but I would not dismiss Justin quite so easily.
He's a new face.
There's always a honeymoon phase.
But I think Captain America's mask is about to fall off.
You see, Justin screwed around on Kate while they were still married.
The story's about to break.
- And you know this is true? - I want you to have all the ammunition you need to make the right decision.
The eggs Benedict is great here.
- It's okay, Norah.
Just get your stuff, and let's go.
How do you do this every day? - It's not the days, it's the nights.
Eddie Salinas, Salinas Dry Cleaning? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
So you used your apartment building as collateral when your business started to slide? It's my mom's building.
Look, I realize that I can't save my business, but if there was any way that I could save this building I think we better take a look at the numbers.
Let's not.
Eddie, tell me about your building.
It's been in my family for three generations.
I talked my mom into letting me use the building as collateral when we expanded the business.
The issue is the business credit line.
The apartment building is your only remaining asset, Mr.
- No, it's not.
Salinas has himself as an asset.
And, looking at the numbers, his business was thriving.
I mean, it's not his fault that the economy failed.
We already have a cash offer on the table from a third party to buy the building.
- What? You can't just sell it.
- We own the mortgage.
This might be the only solution here.
I thought this meeting was about finding a compromise.
But you're just here to soften the blow.
And now my mom's gonna be out on the street? - No.
- I know this is hard, Mr.
- Do you? Really? You know what, maybe you did the first Okay, Eddie, how many units are in the building? - Ten.
- And how much do they rent for? - $1,100 to $1,400.
Okay, so then if you knock a point off of his rate, and Eddie pays the total income to the bank for a year, he'll be back on track, and you'll have a thankful customer for life.
Lance, how long have you worked with Aero Bank? Eight years.
I bet you used to give out money, like well, like how banks gave out money during "the bubble".
And if you don't do it for Eddie, just do it for yourself.
You might sleep better tonight.
I can extend new terms for 12 months.
But one missed payment and it's done.
I'm assuming all the units are rented.
Half of them are empty.
Ho, okay.
But your neighborhood is up-and-coming, right? Yes, but I have a problem tenant.
There have been incidents.
He uh, he deals drugs.
He's scaring everybody out.
A drug dealer.
Forget it.
Okay, wait, wait.
Hold on, hold on.
If I can't figure out a solution for this deal to work, then go ahead, sell the building.
Otherwise, please, Lance, please, give me 72 hours to try.
You've got 48.
- I'm really good at my job, so it's okay, we'll get him to sway.
- Okay.
Lauren know you're leaving? I got it covered.
Ben, this is Eddie.
Eddie, this is Ben.
Ben thinks that your failure was necessary for the greater good.
He thinks that you're deadwood.
- Nice.
You think now that I'm face-to-face with a human being, I'll take back what I said.
- No.
But you are going to take us to Oakland.
And you don't have to take nothing back.
Most people this end of town agree with you.
Oakland, huh? Whereabouts? Lake Merritt.
I grew up right next door in Elmhurst.
Come on.
Always happy to see how far I've come.
This part of the Kate Reed mediating platinum package? Evicting drug lords? Hey, mom.
This is Kate and Ben.
They're here to see one of the apartments.
Handsome couple.
Yeah, just looking for a love nest.
He's my brother.
He's my brother.
Please come in.
- Maybe you'll like the place.
- - Thank you.
You didn't tell your mom about the building? No.
She's got enough to worry about.
- Ooh.
Hey! As you can see, Nick runs a bike courier business.
But everybody knows it's just a front for his drug deals.
- Well, what do the police say? - Nothing they can do.
Nick doesn't keep any product in the apartment, just cash.
Knows what he's doing.
People are too afraid to complain.
Last week, a neighbor asked Nick to turn his music down.
The next day, his windshield was smashed.
Oh, so obviously nobody's gonna say anything about the drugs.
I've been to housing court, social services I've tried everything.
But the snake always finds a way to stay.
He's got a lawyer.
Knows how to work the system.
You know what, Eddie? I'm gonna talk to Nick.
- Of course you are.
Perhaps no one's simply reasoned with him yet.
Way to blend in, as usual.
This low-life opens with a shotgun, and I use you as a shield.
Do you want legs or torso? - Hey.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hey! Travis! - Nick.
No Nick? - No, Travis.
Benny? - "Benny"? Been a while, buddy.
- Come here.
Look at you.
Oh, you look good.
- Who are you? You know, it's cool.
I know this guy from high school.
Take it outside, my man.
I can't really entertain right now.
Unless this hot bitch wants to come in and keep us company.
Oh, come on.
Kate Reed, hot bitch.
Huh - I got her.
How you doing? Travis Cleighton.
It is a pleasure.
- You know Nick? - Yes, I do.
I'm his lawyer.
Can we talk to him? Uh, you know what? Not a good time right now.
But how about we do dinner? Say 7:30 at Ziggy's, old times' sake? You know what? You should come too.
Oh, I'll be there.
We can talk about my client.
- See you.
- Um, yeah.
Well, wait.
Can I just one Feel like we're missing out on a really good party.
Looking at the numbers, it seems unlikely you'll be able to make the necessary payments, Mr.
But the purpose of this meeting is to explore all your options.
I poured everything into my business.
You have some other way to make the payments? How can I make the how can I make the payments if the bank repossesses my equipment? Will you excuse me one moment? Where's Kate? Uh, Kate stepped out and asked me to step in.
You're an assistant, Leo.
You can't take over with a client.
What kind of lunatic - Uh, permission to speak freely? - No.
What? - This is bogus.
I mean, what I'm doing in there.
The bank says they want mediations, but all I'm doing is helping give the appearance of negotiations.
I mean, he could have honestly brought a puppet.
You're not a lawyer, Leo.
Kate cannot just dump a workload Well, technically, it's not an arbitration.
It's a mediation, so I don't need to be a lawyer.
Therefore, I didn't really break any laws.
Except the one where Kate introduced me as a recent graduate of case Western Law School and I said, "Hello".
Look, Kate's gonna be back soon.
There's only two more cases left today.
And, um, Lance doesn't seem to think it's going so poorly.
- I know what you're gonna say.
I'm, uh, impulsive, reckless.
I'm - I'm not.
I should.
But We need to talk.
About the race for district attorney.
Justin's? Aaron Davidson wants Reed & Reed to represent his campaign.
He's a self-serving viper.
Why would we do that? He is the most powerful man in the city.
Lauren, how could you even consider it? Kate, I don't think we can just view this through a personal lens.
Oh, really? What kind of lens do you use? I mean, forget that Justin's my ex.
He is the better candidate.
Maybe, but cultivating a relationship with the candidate that is gonna end up running that office is just smart business.
You have a crystal ball now.
I have a dinner.
- Wait.
There there's something else.
- You know, I divorced Justin.
That doesn't mean that I'm ready to work against him.
And if you've already made up your mind, why did you even bother asking? I Kate.
- So Somebody's cranky.
Got other plans tonight? Why do we have to have dinner with this lawyer again? I thought you wanted my help getting rid of this drug dealer.
Travis is obviously pulling the strings.
You're lucky he's my friend.
You're lucky he's your friend.
I didn't think you had any.
He was my best friend.
We did time together.
Augustan's Catholic School, San Leandro.
He was the only black kid, I was the only Jew half-Jew.
We cocaptained the debate team.
Kicked lots of argumentative ass.
How long ago was this? Wow.
Best friends, huh? Home turf, baby.
This is where the magic began - we did.
We used to box at this gym on 11th street.
- Yeah.
You still go? - No, man.
Who has time? Look, did Benny tell you we slugged it out at the golden gloves one year? Yes.
Two little nerdy kids going at it.
It was great.
I beat him by points.
- So about Nick - For the record, you got lucky and you fought dirty.
Second round, after the bell, he stuck in a sucker punch.
Actually, it was before the bell.
And you still think about that, huh? I don't need the glory days.
These are the glory days.
- Oh yeah? Okay, let me see.
You got the fancy suit - Can we talk about Nick? Expensive car.
I don't know, brother.
I think you may have sold out.
- Right.
So I should still be wearing the same adidas from 1995.
What does this have to do with Nick? There's nothing wrong with my kicks.
What are you doing repping lowlifes for, Trav? You're better than that.
So wait a second.
They're lowlifes because they don't live in Pacific Heights? Is that what we're doing here? Can we just talk about your client, please? What do you want me to say? "Forgive me, I have sinned.
I'm doing well?" I don't care who you rep, Travis.
I care, I care.
Travis, I care a lot.
Actually, the only reason I'm here is to come to some kind of understanding about Eddie's building.
And he just wants some ground rules, so that his tenants don't move away because of Nick's drug business.
Nick is a legitimate businessman.
- Um, well - He is.
And he is entitled to representation as much as anyone else.
- Okay, Trav.
It's me you're talking to here.
You're really gonna say that? You know the bank is gonna sell that building anyway, so you have to move out one way or another.
Yeah, but my client has two years left on a three-year lease.
So you guys can do what the new owners are gonna have to do, which is shut up and back off, okay? Nick's not going anywhere.
He has every right to stay in that apartment.
I'm gonna make sure that he does just that.
It's good catching up with you, Benny.
See you, man.
The one person who can maybe help us, - Should I apologize for my success? In a different universe, it could have been him that succeeded and me that got nowhere.
- How do I get there? All you did tonight was piss him off! That's right! Because he hates to lose.
And you know why he hates to lose? That's right because it means I'm gonna win.
I'm gonna kick his ass.
As long as we can just save Eddie's home.
Who's Eddie? You know What terrifies me is I think I'm actually becoming sensitive to your moods.
So what did I do? Did I, uh, forget to replace the paper towel roll? Kate, we we have to talk.
Well, if this is about Davidson and the campaign, I don't want to talk about it.
Kate, when you were married, did you know Justin wasn't faithful? Please say I am not the first one telling you this.
Where did did Justin tell you? No, no.
Davidson did.
That is why I said yesterday that I think he's gonna win.
Davidson? No one knew about this, Lauren.
No one.
He told me in confidence.
But he thinks it's about to hit the press.
I thought you should know.
It's gonna hit the press? I'm sorry.
Yes, hi, Eddie.
Okay, slow down.
I'll be right there.
- Okay, thank you.
Morning, sunshine! - What happened? - Shots fired.
No one's talking.
Cops can't do anything.
A bullet missed my mom's head by a few feet.
- Oh.
- Turf war.
Angry customer.
Doesn't matter.
Another family's moving out.
I've made some progress legally with the eviction.
- This is never gonna stop.
- Yes, it is.
Wait right here.
Reed? What's she doing? - I'm curious myself, Ernie.
- Eddie.
Hey, Nick! Nick? You in there? Hey! Open the door! I can hear you! Nick! Oh, yeah.
Say "cheese"! Oh, and you! How are those legitimate deliveries going, huh? Are you looking at me? You tell your boss that Kate Reed is after them, you got that? So I found a legal loophole to force Nick out.
Got an appointment in front of Judge Keeton in an hour.
- Ooh.
- Which I was trying to tell you before you went to crazy town.
- Run, run.
- Well, okay.
That was quite a show.
It's not every day you get to see a cuckoo bird work out her issues on a drug den.
I wasn't working out any issues.
- Really? - Mm.
So this is just a normal day for you? Yep.
Had you waited two more minutes, I could have told you that we had this hearing in front of Judge Keeton.
Well, had I waited two more minutes, I probably wouldn't have done it.
I think that was my point.
- Hey, where are you going? - I'll see you in court.
Tell me there's not a video.
- Excuse me? - How many people did you tell? Where'd you go with her anyway? Did you take her to hotels? Restaurants? Slow down.
What are you talking about? Were you not even discreet? It's coming out in the press! Wait.
What? How? Davidson told Lauren.
Who knows where he got it from.
Listen to me, Kate.
I swear to God, I did not tell a soul.
On my life.
- So then who told? - It's coming out in the press? - So who told? Does she work here? I really don't think we want to go down this road.
I need to know.
You told me you didn't want to have this talk! That was before I was gonna read it in the papers! Look, I met her at a bar, okay? After you and I had one of our fights - stop.
- It was one night.
- Stop.
- It didn't mean anything.
- Stop! - Listen to me.
Kate! I never wanted to hurt you.
Fallout's a bitch.
It seems unlikely you'll be able to make the necessary payments.
Jet skis, man.
Business is totally gonna pick up in the summer.
- Right.
- Forgive me, Marcus.
But I'm not going to candy-coat the bitter pill here.
You are up to your eyeballs in debt.
Ho-ho! These numbers do not crunch, man.
And if you do make the payments, I feel for you because you will not be able to eat or pay rent.
And trust me, living under an overpass is no way to impress the ladies.
Cut your losses now, and you'll be able to redesign your future, dude.
Everybody fails sometimes, right? Who doesn't dream of a fresh start? So if You could just initial here and your signature here.
A second? Uh, okay.
- Hi.
Kate asked me to apologize.
She had another emergency come up, which will soon be resolved.
And she will be back here to conduct the rest - oh, actually, I'd prefer to work with Leo.
He seems to have a knack.
We're moving more quickly than with Ms.
That's he's one of the best.
I'll let her know.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Your honor, I can't prove that the defendant Nick Constantino is a drug dealer.
Overruled, counselor.
But what I can show is a pattern.
Random gun violence, residents vacating at a higher rate than your neighborhood average, an atmosphere of fear.
And a fourth of July parade of Innuendo.
Cleighton, do you have an explanation for any of this? With all due respect to this court, we don't need one.
Without a witness to this "atmosphere of fear", the court is not free to assume its existence.
Tenants have complained.
To the police.
One tenant.
Which is to be expected with a legitimate business run out of a ground-floor apartment.
That's because the other tenants are too scared to complain.
They're all moving out! Sitting.
I'm gonna sit, judge.
Opposing counsel has made a game out of hiding the truth.
All we're asking is for the court to do its job and connect the dots.
Again, your honor, this isn't a criminal trial.
We're merely asking someone to change address.
I have nothing further.
Based on the lack of evidence, court rules in favor of Mr.
Cleighton motion for summary eviction denied.
Constantino has the right to retain possession.
Your honor, since we're all here, I filed another motion the defendant has been harassed by one of the plaintiff's counsels Ms.
Kate Reed.
This is exhibit "A".
If you could just press play, bailiff, thank you.
This video was taken outside of my client's home.
You just press play.
Hey! I know you're in there! Objection, your honor.
Reed's actions have nothing to do with this case.
You tell your boss that Kate Reed is coming after them! You got that? We believe it shows a pattern, in fact, of intimidation and harassment, and potentially a personal infatuation with Mr.
- Oh, my God.
We too beg the court to connect the dots, which is why we are asking for a temporary restraining order.
Bailiff? A what? I, uh, don't feel my person is safe, your honor.
Are you kidding me? I'm the scary one? - Ms.
Reed! - I'm the scary one? - Ms.
Reed! - That was kind of scary.
I see no reason not to grant it.
You are not to come within Your honor, please.
Let's go, Nick.
Thanks for nothing.
Oh, no, thank you for nothing.
You guys have a good day.
Don't we think two partner meetings in one week is just a bit much? Once a week will suffice.
Except when one of our partners gets a restraining order against her from a drug dealer.
- Drug dealer/lover.
- Shut up.
Kate, resolve this case today.
Even if it means the bank sells this guy's building.
Lauren, this guy's name is Eddie Salinas, and he's about to lose everything that he's ever had.
And you know what? It's only been a day.
You were lucky that Leo is a gifted hatchet man.
He's breaking records.
He has a knack.
I'm done.
I'm out.
You can get Nick evicted yourself.
Just try and do it from 100 feet away.
What? Lauren.
Look, I know that you and I don't always see eye to eye.
But maybe you can just see where my head is at right now.
It's been a really hard last couple days, and so please let me just do one thing that doesn't suck this week, and I will do whatever you want.
I will mediate commercial bankruptcies, I will set polar bears adrift I mean, just really whatever makes you happy.
All right.
- Yes.
- Okay.
Just do it.
- Yes, yes.
- Do what you have to do, Kate.
But please do it quickly, and do it without embarrassing the firm.
Leo is good.
Leo is great! Leo is the almighty fixer! - Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun all thrived on the misfortune of others until they suffered bitter ends.
You see heads on pikes? No.
Leo's kind brings no misery to the people! Tough love, Leo style.
- Okay.
Leo is scaring me, referring to himself in the third person.
Now have you talked to your new BFF Lance about getting the extension on Eddie's building? "We regret to inform you, the bank has denied your request.
" Don't get good at killing people's dreams.
- Okay? - Okay.
Go back to Lance, find out who made the offer on Eddie's building.
Maybe we can just get him to slow it down or withdraw it or something.
You all right? Yeah, yeah.
Go go do that.
Hey! Where are you going? Some personal business I need to attend to.
You know what? You latched onto my case like some bloodsucking aquatic worm, so I get to choose when you drop off.
It's not my fault that this thing went south.
What do you want from me? Meaningful face-time with Nick, which I haven't gotten, thanks to you.
Thanks to Travis, who keeps getting in the way! The problem isn't Travis.
The problem is you pissed Travis off! My success pissed Travis off.
Just get him back to the table.
And if you don't, you are gonna piss me off.
You're never gonna get out of my way, are you? Not till I get what I want.
Ready to rumble.
This is such a stupid idea.
This is what it's like to live hardwired to a pair of balls, my dear.
And it's the opposite of stupid.
It's war minus the shooting, and Travis is up for it.
It's how we always used to settle things.
God, why am I here? Might need a cut man.
What the hell? It's gone.
When did the boxing gym become a coffee shop? I don't know.
Coffee's a great idea.
Okay, just tell us what you want, Travis.
What is it gonna take for your client to relocate? I don't know.
You have to ask him.
Well, I would like to very much, but he's a little bit difficult to get a hold of.
You know what I can get you? A couple of tin cans and, say, a hundred feet of rope.
Trav, I don't care if I have to bribe the entire DEA, I swear I won't rest until I nail that drug-dealing thug.
Okay, Benny, hypothetically speaking, let's just say that some of my clients are, in fact, criminals.
They're still far less harmful than some of the fancy white-collar crooks that you represent, who steal entire neighborhoods from people life savings even.
Okay, now how do you live with yourself? How do live with that haircut? All right, can we just talk about Nick, please? We're here to talk about Nick.
So you had the multimillion-dollar city hall slip-and-fall in '05, the boat cruise accident in '07.
Look, if it hadn't been for a couple of big wins, you would just be Benny Grogan.
Somebody's been following my career.
What career? Man, I've been following your lucky breaks.
- Oh, you think this is luck? - I do.
It's always been luck.
See, you ask anybody that knew you, and you would get "Benny got lucky, but now he thinks that he is God's gift.
" Hey! You shouldn't have done that.
You must be torn.
I just committed a flagrant crime.
Do you sue me for assault or represent me? - No, no, no, no.
Oh! There's really nothing to see.
I mean, they're just working out their differences, really.
- Maybe I was just good enough to get out! - Get out of what? This is my home! - Okay, round's over! What are we doing? - I don't know, okay? 'Cause we're not 17 anymore.
Listen, uh, what do you guys want? I want to talk to Nick face-to-face.
Okay, okay, fine.
I'll tell him that you guys are on your way.
All right, he'll be home tonight.
- Trav.
- What? What about the restraining order? You know what? Don't worry about it.
I'm done playing games.
What's that? What does it look like? A toaster oven? You looked like you needed a drink for the past few days.
- I don't want to talk about it.
- I didn't say I cared.
And don't backwash.
Do you miss your old life? I barely remember it.
Do most people? I got, like, seven memories that go around and around to make it seem like there are more.
I remember every minute.
I remember wanting life on the other side of that bridge.
Then you never thought that you'd get there.
So then you spend every minute worrying that you're gonna end up back here.
That's why you'll do anything to win.
Physician, heal thyself, dude.
Oh, me? No.
I'm not about winning.
I'm about fairness.
And when I fight, I fight for others.
I don't fight for myself.
Fighting for other people is just your legitimate front business, like Nick's bike courier sham.
Yeah, no, no, no, no.
When you win, you get the same high I do.
You know what? Do not measure me by your yardstick, okay? You and I, we are nothing alike.
I can come with you.
Go get 'em, tiger.
Thanks for hearing me out.
I'm not happy talking to you without Travis here, but he told me I had to, so I guess I got no choice.
Beer? Oh, no, no.
I'm good.
I hate that you're good at what you do.
- I supply demand.
- Okay.
Let's just call it a big gray area for now.
Look, you make enough money to live whatever you want.
Eddie doesn't.
He can't move.
This building and the people that pay him rent are the only things that he has left.
And plus the bank is gonna sell the building anyway, so you're gonna have to move out eventually.
I got no problem moving out.
Just my legal counsel advised me against it.
Travis? He told you to stay? He hasn't steered me wrong yet.
Trav's the best.
Oh, Julius effing Caesar.
"Done with the games.
" The hell you are, Trav.
Okay, please pick up.
I need a boy like you like a hole in my head.
Funny girl.
I get that he's, uh, he's great.
He gives you great advice, but I think you might want to reconsider.
I got no reason not to trust him.
I do want that beer.
And I have to go pee.
Where's the bathroom? In there.
Responding to a restraining order.
Hey, open up.
Open up.
Son of a bitch set us up again.
"Survival of the fittest"? - Shut up.
Hey, you're the one with the stopwatch and the backlog.
You trust me, Lance? Okay.
You run a spinning gym, you run an organic juice bar, and you own a manufacturing warehouse, which is currently empty.
You're all in the red.
Imminent demise.
Unless you use each other as life rafts.
Anybody know where I'm going with this? Cross-collateralization.
Yahtzee! Won't be easy, but you get a second chance with a smaller liability footprint.
What do you say, Lance? With oversight, the bank would be willing to look at you as one borrower.
I'll let you guys hammer out the numbers.
It's all right.
There's nothing else to do.
I'll sign the papers.
- Eddie.
- Kate! Had to pull some strings with Lance, but here it is.
The D.
on the buyer info that you asked for.
Uh, tell Lance that we need one more hour to try and reach the buyer.
- He'll be fine.
We added another three cases to the schedule.
What are you? Leo is good again.
- I'm good.
- Uh-huh.
"GFAC Holdings.
" You're kidding.
Eddie, don't sign anything.
It's me again.
Your friendly stalker.
I got nothing to say to you.
Then don't say anything.
Did you know that your lawyer is trying to buy this building? What? Travis? Oh, I guess that's a "no.
" Travis has been using your drug-dealing, gun-toting criminal ass, Nick.
Manhattan, please.
Rough day? If you're gonna come on board, I need some advice.
Ever heard of that prick Felix Wasserman? I wouldn't have characterized him that way, but yes.
He's a well-known political blogger.
Son of a bitch just reported that my campaign's about to release "something scandalous" on Justin Patrick.
You're not, are you? Come on, Lauren.
Dirty politics is like porn.
Everybody has to pretend they don't like it.
But no, nothing's been released.
I see your predicament.
If the affair were to hit the press now, everyone would think that you leaked it, whether you did or not.
And, um, you'd be pegged as playing dirty.
You would not want that.
You tipped off Wasserman.
Given the stakes, if I were you, I would do everything in my power to keep that story from breaking.
Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
Your hand will never feed me, Aaron.
I shiver to think where that thing has been.
- This wasn't about hiring me.
- We're done.
It wasn't enough that you tried to embarrass Justin and Kate.
You had to use me to do it, so he knew it came directly from you.
When I win, and I will The next four years are going to be a painful row to hoe for you Ms.
Love the dramatic exit, but I am not paying for your Manhattan.
- Thanks for coming down.
- Travis, my man.
Kate Reed.
Huh, I see money doesn't buy taste.
Take a seat.
So, uh, how'd your meeting with Nick go? It was awesome, thank you.
Hey, um, did he get in touch with you? Wait.
You guys convince him to move? He said you told him not to.
Well, you know, every junkyard dog needs a master.
We know that you're buying the building.
Oh, no.
You used to be buying the building.
Because the bank is giving Eddie and his mom a chance to buy it back.
You're speechless.
We are getting old, Trav.
GFAC Holdings.
Go Forth and Conquer, Incorporated.
That was going to be our company.
Me and Trav, junior year, sitting in the back of civics.
- Oh, Travis, look.
We just explained to Nick how you were using him to drive the other tenants out and the price down.
And then you were gonna low-ball the bank and then flip the property.
He had no idea.
Funny, right? I mean, developers must be frothing at the mouth to build in the area.
- Oh, yeah.
You would have made a killing.
- And you told him this? - Mm-hmm.
He's not pleased.
He's actually looking for a new apartment and a new lawyer.
You might want to make the first move and find another city.
You know, Trav Maybe you are the better lawyer than me, but I would never sell out on my clients.
So as it turns out I'm the better person.
Quit while you're ahead, idiot.
to this building.
I didn't know this place existed.
First thing I do in a new place is find somewhere I can be alone.
So much for that.
No, you're welcome to share it.
We can hang a tie on the door or something.
So you knew about Me and Justin the whole time? I kind of figured it out.
Looking at you lately is like staring into a mirror.
I had a similar experience.
So you got married, then divorced, then cheated on, and had the whole world find out? You want points for the suck factor of your life? You win.
She cheated on me.
So humiliating.
We were engaged.
Invitations were out and everything.
Begged me for a second chance.
What'd you do? I said yes, and then I cheated on her.
I told you, Katie, I make things much worse, and then I disappear.
It's cold.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Are you waiting up for me? Yeah, actually I am.
I thought you'd like to know that you can rest easy tonight.
Your personal business isn't gonna go public.
How? How can you be so sure? Uh, just trust me.
I have a keen hunch.
Good night.
Thank you.
You'd do the same for me.