Falling Water (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Don't Tell Bill

Now, on this next one, I want you to push with all you've got.
(GASPING) (SCREAMING) There we go.
(BABY FUSSING) (EXHALES) Let me see my son.
I want to see my baby.
Where is he? There is no baby, dear.
But I heard him.
I heard him cry.
Where's my baby? (ECHOING) Baby baby (DRAMATIC NOTES) What's your name? What's your name? (SOFT MUSIC IN BACKGROUND) This is the rest of your life (INTENSE MUSIC) Do you ever think your dreams are trying to tell you something? We all dream, and when we dream, we think our dreams belong to us and us alone.
What if we're wrong? What if our dreams are like tiles in a grand mosaic we're all dreaming together? Now, what if a person, that one right person, could wander out of their dream and into yours? What if that person was you? (DARK MUSIC) (BURTON EXHALES) I say we treat ourselves to a lovely dinner tonight.
- How about Marcello's? - Mmm.
You'll call and get us a table? Mm-hmm.
- I can't do this anymore.
- I miss you.
Too late.
MAN: (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) Did I call too late? No, it's not too late.
It's never too late.
- (MAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) - That's why the firm has a security office.
What's the name of the officer? (MAN SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) I know him.
He's a friend of Danny Oldman.
MAN: What do you need me to do? Be polite.
Stay there.
-MAN: All right, you got it.
- (LINE CLICKS) (MUFFLED ELECTRONIC MUSIC THUMPING) - How's the wife, Hank? - Still spending my money.
So I got a phone call from one of the boy scouts from the firm.
Your Wall Street Master of the Universe got his drunk ass rolled looking for love in all the wrong places.
You don't know that.
Maybe he was asking one of these fine ladies where to get a cab.
Ha ha! Come on, west of 10th Avenue with those legs? He's a married man and a senior partner.
We found his wallet around the corner where the perps dropped it.
He refused to give a statement till we let him call "in-house security.
" Any reason I can't take him home? - I'd like a statement.
- Why? You don't want to do the paperwork.
He doesn't want to testify.
I'm sure the good people of New York would rather have you out on the street.
Come on.
Help me out here.
I'll get you something on paper tomorrow.
All right.
Jones? Burton.
I was, uh having drinks with a a friend at the Old Homestead.
Thought I'd step outside for some air.
I've taken care of the police.
The car service should be here any moment.
It was drinks.
These men came out of the dark, you understand? I do, but the more you talk, the less believable you sound.
You did the right thing.
You called.
I'm here.
Let the officers know, uh, they were doing their job.
I don't begrudge.
They're good men.
We're all good men.
Till we're not.
Then we're just how God made us.
Oh, sorry.
You still can't park here.
You look good today.
Ma, this is a great thing.
Wonder of the world.
I'm not kidding.
All your problems are about to disappear.
It's nice, huh? I'm gonna fill it with hot water, and you're gonna soak your feet.
What do you think about that? You're welcome.
I'll be right back.
I was at the, uh (WATER RUNNING) dentist's office last week, and I read this article about foot baths.
It seems we don't treat our feet right.
Lots of nerve endings there, which I suppose is why they torture people by whacking the bottoms of their feet.
Well, you know, it got me to thinking a little foot relaxation would be good for you.
(CHUCKLES) This Sri Lankan guy on Broadway gave me a sweet deal.
Okay, you ready? All right.
I'm just gonna take off your shoes.
Are you ready? Here we go.
That's a nice name.
I'm Dr.
What did you want to talk to me about? I want you to examine me.
For what? I want you to tell me if I've ever had a baby.
A baby? - Yep.
- Um, Tess, according to your computer records, you've already asked Dr.
Obie and Dr.
Rosenthal up at Mount Sinai to examine you.
So? I think you should see a mental health professional.
I don't need a mental health professional.
I just want to know if I've had a baby.
Well, Tess, if you'd had a baby, your cervix would show it.
Not if it was a C-section.
- There'd be a scar.
- Scars can be removed.
Tess, there's no way you could've had a baby and not know it.
McCarthy's still talking about pending mergers in crowded restaurants, albeit not in a way that exposes the firm to liability.
I'll take him aside.
Also, we back-traced your Hong Kong client.
Financially they're clean, but if you peel the onion, 30% of their revenue comes from factories in Cambodia that employ slave labor.
If you care.
It's always better for the firm if I know.
What's the official Security & Compliance report on Jones and his nocturnal adventure? Police have it down as your basic mugging, even with the time and location.
There's nothing to it we weren't aware of.
Tell him.
Our compliance software flagged a series of suspect trades.
No smoking gun, but they reek of market manipulation.
One constant is, the trades all carry a masked sub label "Topeka.
" You think Jones is insider trading? I think Mr.
Jones's desk makes this firm $80 million a quarter every quarter.
If the answer's yes, just say yes.
The answer is, I have no idea.
But last night, that napkin was in his wallet, and if our software can pick up these trades, so can the SEC.
He wants your permission to rattle cages, Nicholas.
Of course.
Go ahead.
As long as you bring me the truth, how can I complain? I can think of a couple of ways.
Just make sure you keep it off email.
Why Topeka? It's the capital of Kansas? So how far in the loop does he want to be kept? Somewhere between safely in and safely out.
Free of the blast zone.
Do our job, but only if we have no other choice? We're fleas steering a dog.
Fleas tasked with keeping the dog out of the kill shelter.
If you want, I have a stepdaughter at home who will treat you with scorn and resentment and not pay you a dime.
- I'll take a pass.
- You always do.
No, I see what's coming, and I duck.
- It's different.
- (LAUGHS) Not really.
Thank you.
Did you tell him? Could you possibly be more obvious? I need to know.
Did you say anything to Hull about me? Your personal life's not a threat to the firm.
Oh, Jesus.
Thank you.
The next time you shag the wife of a senior partner, tell her not to sext you on your company cell.
Yeah, it was a mistake.
I swear.
I owe you.
- So buy me a suit.
- Yeah? Uh, what, 42 regular? Go away.
So you don't You were kidding about the suit? (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Shit, man.
Look who's here.
Special Intelligence Unit.
Vic must be a terrorist.
She look like a terrorist to you? She looks like my grandma.
(LAUGHS) Inside every terrorist is somebody's grandma.
Either way, consulate asked SIU to stick its nose in.
So what do you guys got so far? Lady came in, no appointment.
Said she had business with the ambassador, keeled over.
- And did she? Have business? - No.
No ID either.
Preliminary thoughts on cause? Heart attack, maybe? Allergic reaction? Wool, dust mites Happens all the time.
The woman cared enough to wear a medic-alert bracelet but didn't put down her deadly allergies? I say we wait for toxicology.
(TENSE MUSIC) Look, Tak, Marcos and I are still working the double homicide from the other night.
You want to take Jane Doe off our hands? God bless.
You can turn it into a whole big production.
I got I don't know if it's a production yet.
Neither do you.
Y-you guys skip; let me just see your notes first.
50 bucks it's an allergic reaction.
Peace be with you.
- Also with you.
- Let us pray.
You're the best spotter out there.
So what defining new look will every American consumer between 13 and 35 be dying to buy at the mall next summer? (LIGHT SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Perfect.
I expected you to pay a call on me this morning.
So the police statement they have what they need? Taken care of.
I want to thank you.
Last night, I was less than my best.
It's not necessary.
I did have one thing, though.
Who were you having drinks with last night at the Old Homestead? A friend.
From Wharton.
You charged it to the firm Amex.
Did I? That was a mistake.
So who was it? A friend.
I've been asked to compile a list of all contacts you've had with outside trading entities.
By who? People who want to know.
It's my job to protect the firm.
You want to dry your hands? Oh.
(LAUGHS) I'll get a list.
Including your friend from Wharton.
Hey, got a line on your vic.
According to the ID number on the medic-alert bracelet, lady's name is Ann-Marie Bowen.
No phone number on file, but there is an address out in Long Island.
And what about next of kin? Notify in case of emergency? Just an address.
All right, I'll head out there.
See about notification.
Send the police to this location.
- What's going on? - Just call! (MUSIC INTENSIFIES) (DARK MUSIC) Congratulations.
In 12 months, half of the United States will be wearing green and black sportswear, thanks to you.
- I could be wrong, you know.
- I doubt it.
Have you given any thought to your next project? - What next project? - Exactly.
Bill Boerg really wants to meet with you.
- I don't do meetings.
- That's ridiculous.
Of course you do meetings, especially with men worth billions of dollars.
- Not Bill Boerg.
- What is wrong with Bill Boerg? He's from Iceland.
We all have to grow up somewhere.
I'm from Lowell, Massachusetts.
You don't hold that against me.
Hello, Bill.
What a coincidence.
- Gotcha.
- You bushwhacked me.
I did nothing of the sort.
Bill has as much right to eat here as we do.
- Five minutes of your time.
- Damn it, Miranda.
I told you no meetings.
Shoot me for trying to get you work.
Good idea.
You're fired.
- She serious? - Don't worry.
It's the fifth time she's fired me this week.
Nice work.
Very smooth.
I'm not some widget you drag around - from client to client.
- I'm your agent.
I try to get you jobs, jobs that feed us both.
Hey, hey.
What's wrong? - Nothing.
- You haven't called in weeks.
What happened to your smile? I'm worried about you.
- Don't be.
- Are you getting enough sleep? Are you premenstrual? Did you let some creepy guy into your life against your better judgment? - I'm okay.
- I love you.
Love you too.
But no Bill Boerg.
(SOFT MUSIC) I thought we weren't seeing each other.
We're not.
I'm not even here.
Yet here you are.
A moth to a flame.
(CHUCKLES) How have you been? Really awful.
Want to come to my office? I don't do well under fluorescence.
(SIGHS) I had a dream about you last night.
This was a mistake.
Nothing has changed, at least for me.
I just thought (SMALL LAUGH) I don't know what I thought.
I'm sorry.
(BUTTON CLICKS) Have dinner with me.
What's the point? It's really good to see you.
Where? You know where.
(POLICE RADIO CHATTER) Staties are gonna take the lead on this.
Looks like a group suicide.
Some kind of poison.
Bodies are outside the five boroughs, so - Makes sense.
- You've got a way, Tak.
Like a bad penny.
- Never on purpose, Captain.
- Stick around.
Help out best you can.
Not that there's much to help with.
What about Ann-Marie Bowen? Vic at the consulate? M.
said she died of anaphylactic shock.
Bee sting.
That's one hell of a coincidence.
So is the existence of life on Earth.
By the way, Marcos says you owe him 50 bucks.
You almost didn't come.
I couldn't catch a cab.
No, you stalled.
In your hotel room or your new place or wherever you stay when you're in New York these days.
It's The Pierre.
It's always The Pierre.
You paced.
You chewed your thumb.
You debated which dress and does black with a hem just above the knee send the right signal? And what about you? I can just see you.
You cleaned off your desk just so.
Everything at a 90-degree angle.
And then you looked at your watch and realized that you shouldn't leave for another ten minutes or you'd get here way too early.
So you passed the time by putting on a clean shirt from the box of clean shirts you keep in your bottom drawer.
And somewhere in there, somewhere between the fourth button and the knot of your tie, you thought about not showing up at all.
(SOFT LAUGH) I never did any of those things.
Yes, you did, because you were afraid I might not come, and you didn't want to be left sitting all alone because then you'd be out of control.
And you need control like a child needs his mother to tell him that planes aren't going to fall out of the sky.
I love you.
Say it again, and I'm walking out.
I love you.
(GENTLE MUSIC) It's still raining.
(DRAMATIC CHORDS) Weren't we just here? We always come here.
Say you're okay.
Say it.
You're okay.
Say it! No.
(SCREAMING) No! No! Burton! No! No! Help me! (VOICE DISTANT, ECHOING) Burton! Help me! Help! (PERCUSSIVE MUSIC INCREASES) - (WRONG NUMBER TONE) - We're sorry.
Your call cannot be completed as dialed.
Please check the number and dial again or Excuse me.
Last night, uh you didn't see a woman leaving the building? Brown hair, black dress? - Sorry.
- Right.
(MUFFLED TRAIN ANNOUNCER) (TENSE MUSIC) My feeling, for what it's worth? The world revolves around meetings.
Without meetings, we wouldn't get to know each other, exchange fresh ideas, have conversations.
Don't you think it's important to have conversations? - What do you want? - I have a project.
I need your assistance.
- No, thanks.
- Why not? I don't like being held hostage.
Who's holding you hostage? I'm asking to borrow you for five minutes for which I will pay you $50,000.
Tess, I am interested in a new way of thinking that could lead to a revolution in our understanding of human existence the idea that we are all connected in ways that we can't even understand yet.
Too macro? Okay.
You, Tess, can go out into the world and pick out the one kid wearing the one outfit that will be embraced by consumers around the world.
If you can tap into the unconscious desires, the dreams, of 50 million people, then isn't it a fair possibility that you could tap into the dreams of just one? - No.
- You're that sure.
I've been asked this before.
I don't read minds.
I can't tell you what your grandpa wants for Christmas.
I spot trends.
Mass trends.
Ripples in the Jungian collective unconscious.
Nothing that grandiose.
I'm not asking you to play gypsy fortune teller.
Even if you could tell the future, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.
All I want is for you to spend the afternoon in a hotel suite with a friend of mine.
- Doing what? - Nothing big.
I just want you to sleep with him.
Not like that.
It's dreams.
(OMINOUS NOTES) Do you ever get the feeling your dreams are trying to tell you something? Help me and I will help you find your son.
I don't have a son.
I'm looking for a guest.
I'm sorry.
She's not coming up in the system.
Maybe she maybe she checked out, hmm? Well, if she had, she'd still be in the system.
Are you sure she wasn't staying at The Sherry or The Carlyle? No, no, she always stays here.
At The Pierre.
How far back do your records go? Eight, nine years.
Excuse me.
Staties called over to say thanks.
Mostly stood around.
Tried not to get in the way.
Don't knock it.
That is a rare and valuable skill in the police.
(FOREBODING MUSIC) Who's that? Ann-Marie Bowen.
Thank you.
You look like you got run over in your sleep.
We all have restless nights.
I used to have the most horrible insomnia.
I'd leave the house, have a drink at this Italian place, check into a hotel.
I could always sleep in a hotel.
My favorite was The Pierre.
Maybe I should try that.
You should stop by Marcello's while you're at it.
That was the restaurant.
Have these sent out by messenger.
Oh, if you still want that list of contacts, come by my office.
I'll have it by noon.
I didn't forget.
You'll get your revised documents by the 23rd.
Thank you.
How hard can I push on Jones? Not very.
I'm gonna push on him.
You're cute when you're indignant.
Is he stonewalling you? - No.
- Then what do you have? Nothing.
Not nothing.
The man runs a profitable desk.
When have you known me to chase a ghost? Never.
You have an unerring nose for malfeasance.
Jones is hooked into something.
Bring me the ocular proof.
What now? Now you lie down and go to sleep, and when you wake up, you tell me everything that happened in your dreams.
What if I don't dream? When have you not dreamed? (LIGHTLY OMINOUS MUSIC) It's for scientific observation so we can track your REM cycles.
Take a good look at him.
See if you can think about I don't know.
See if you can think about what he might be dreaming.
What do you know about my son? When you wake up.
(EDGY MUSIC) If you're having trouble dropping off, just let me know, and I can arrange an Ambien or a cocktail.
Whatever you need.
Do you hear that? (ENGINE REVVING) (TENSE MUSIC) Aah! (THUDDING) Next stop, Wichita.
(BELL DINGS) (BRAKES SCREECHING) So I guess you found me.
I guess.
(CHUCKLES) Don't tell Bill.
- Tell him what? - Exactly.
(CLEARS THROAT) Tell him, uh you know (LAUGHS) Tell him I was playing piano.
He loves when I play piano.
Cole Porter.
What's your name? I don't have to tell you.
(ECHOING THUD) You're the visitor.
Can I help? Well, tunnel's only big enough for one.
Your man was there.
Andy? The man in the other bed.
What was he doing? He was playing piano.
What was he playing? A Cole Porter song.
"Anything Goes.
" Yes! I didn't know show tunes were so exciting.
You have no idea.
This imagine absolute connectivity.
No wires.
No Wi-Fi.
No servers.
No routers.
Just pure communication, cerebral cortex to cerebral cortex.
I just want to know about my son.
Where is he? What's his name? And why do I only know about him in my dreams? - Am I crazy? - You're not crazy.
You're just sensitive.
Go to St.
Joseph's Hospital in Queens.
Ask them why their accounting software lists you with an unresolved $10 chargeback when there is no record of you having ever been a patient.
And the billing code is for an epidural.
I have resources that could follow up on that, but nothing in this world is free.
(SOFT MUSIC) - What else do you know? - Nothing.
But you help me with my adventure, and maybe we can both get everything we want.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Oh, uh, I'm sorry, ma'am.
Is this your house? 30 years.
And do you have help of any kind? No.
Is this more about that hazarai across the street? Do you recognize this woman? Never seen her in my life, but if she's some big deal, I can keep my eye out.
Sure, that'd be great.
You look like the sky's about to fall.
The sky's fine right where it is.
Thank you, ma'am.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) (TENSE MUSIC) (BUTTON CLICKS) (PAPER RIPS) How'd you get past the doorman? Apparently your Christmas tips weren't all they should've been.
My wife is such a cheap bitch.
(PAPER RIPS) Where is she? She took 'Cilla up to the house in Stockbridge.
I was supposed to join them, but (PAPER RIPS) I guess I missed my train.
What did Woody say to you? Nothing.
Doesn't matter.
Woody doesn't matter.
It's Topeka.
It's always Topeka.
So much bigger than we should ever know.
Bigger how? Right You still think it's about the money.
The price of winter wheat.
It's everything.
Your girl.
- (OMINOUS NOTES) - What girl? The color of my mother's purse when I threw it off the Serpentine Bridge when she wouldn't let me ride the carousel.
What girl? Go back to the girl.
There's Chinese in the refrigerator if you get hungry waiting for the police.
- (GUNSHOT) - Oh (PERCUSSIVE MUSIC) When I began, I was a man of science.
I believed there was no truth beyond what we can see and test and prove.
I don't believe that anymore.
(INTENSE PERCUSSIVE MUSIC) Now most nights, I wake up in a cold sweat, convinced some deeper truth has revealed itself in my dream.
If only I can hang on to it before it fades away.
There's a war going on, a war for control of our dreams, and the outcome just may hinge on the fate of a single person, a special and powerful person.
Now you can believe me or not, but what if your dreams are trying to tell you something? What if they're trying to tell you your life's at stake? (GROWLING) (SNARLING AND GROWLING) - (GROWLING) - (ECHOES) (SNARLING) (SHRIEKING) (ROARING, HOWLING)