Fame (1982) s01e08 Episode Script

Street Kid

I got a friend over there named Tracy and she's gonna be sitting in on classes, and you're gonna be nice to her- period.
What is it that that girl does? She sings, dances, what? I'm not sure.
Doris knows.
I just wish that I had more time before I had to audition.
You're gonna be fine.
I got to find her real quick.
I'd like some I D from both you girls.
- Dellinger.
Juvenile Vice.
Far enough! - Let her go! You got big dreams.
You want fame.
Well, fame costs and right here is where you start paying in sweat.
An animal dying! A fish out of water! A fish out of water.
- A turtle trying to get off his back.
- No.
Oh, I know! A garden hose going out of control.
- No.
- A balloon losing its air.
- A balloon.
- Yeah.
- A dead balloon.
- Are you done, or are you taking a nap? - I'm done.
- Good.
Would you mind telling the class what you were doing? It's a piece of bacon frying.
How was a Jewish girl from Brooklyn supposed to guess that? I was 1 3 before I realized that BLT wasn't "bagels, lox, and tsuris.
" Okay, okay.
- What does everybody think about that? - About what Doris said? - Yes.
- A good line.
I wish I thought of it.
It was a good line.
It was also an attitude.
- Very prevalent attitude.
- Hey, it was just a joke.
On one level, yes.
But on another level, it's what we call shtick.
Now, that's something that you do, and you do well.
But it's safe, secure- easy.
Amatullo does one-liners and impressions.
Montgomery analyzes things to a fare-thee-well.
And Julie, she would like to play every sweet, quiet ingenue ever written.
But there is no risk, no stretch, no guts.
- You're kidding.
- Let me show you how much I'm kidding.
In three weeks, I want you all to come in with a scene, or an improv in which you portray a character that is as far removed from you and what you think you are as possible.
Or are not.
The reason this isn't working is that you are the person I'm looking for.
I really don't want to let you by.
I'm flattered, but I'm also late.
Could we put this off till lunch - whatever it is? - We don't have to put it off at all.
Because now it's done.
Loan application for the credit union for a car, Mr.
Shorofsky? - You're going to buy a car? - Why is this such a shock? Well, for starters, do you know how to drive? They have schools, courses.
They teach you.
What do you need a car for? We're subway people around here.
Friends of mine are moving to someplace called Cody, Wyoming.
I don't know why.
They seem perfectly fine otherwise.
The point is, they want to sell their car which is 20 years old and a classic.
- It goes up in value every year.
- An investment.
And a way to see the leaves turn in the fall in Connecticut to visit the Berkshires, where students are appearing in the music festival and a way to get a lazy old man out and about and doing.
I'll get it into the credit union and start the wheels turning.
- Miss Sherwood, you know how to drive.
- Yes.
And you obviously know how to teach.
Why should I give my money to strangers when there's a friend close at hand - who could help? - Mr.
Shorofsky- Assuming, of course, there is a friend close at hand who is willing to help.
I want you to come in with a scene where you portray a character as far away from you as possible.
Doris? Doris? Unless there's a giant ape crawling up the side of the building, I don't know what you're doing there.
Crandall, do you think I'm a nice girl? Sugar, spice, everything nice.
- But dull.
- Never.
But not a seductress.
Not a femme fatale.
Well, not your standard model, let's say.
That's it! Oh! And you do believe in research, right? And motherhood and the flag! Once again, returning from the Bermuda Triangle known as Doris Schwartz.
What are you doin'? - I'm new here.
- I probably would have remembered if you'd been hangin' around here before.
No, actually, I'm looking for some information.
Yellow pages, sweetheart.
That is not my style.
- No.
I just want to talk.
- Talk? Please.
Give me a break.
Actually, in reality, I'm an actress.
Which one? Lassie? I'm sorry.
I wasn't looking where I was going.
- See, I only have one heel, and- - Does Donny Love know you're here? - Who? - Donny Love.
This is his corner.
He controls it.
And he'll be real mad if he finds out somebody new is workin' it.
Working it? No, I'm not working it.
I'm just- This was really a dumb idea, when you think about it.
- I'm gonna take my one heel- - I heard you're an actress.
- Is that true? - Yeah! Kinda young to be an actress.
- I'm 1 6.
- Me too.
Isn't that kinda young to be a- Can I buy you a cup of coffee? You could have gotten into a bad scene if Donny Love had come around.
He's got a mean streak.
- Who's Donny? He's your- - He's the man in charge.
What do you want to know? I don't really know where to begin.
How about you begin by opening up this purse and showin' me you don't have some police I D? You think I'm a cop? Not every cop looks like Angie Dickinson.
I mean, maybe it's silly- Okay, it's silly.
There's no maybe about it.
But look, I just can't go around trustin' everybody I meet on the street.
- A person like me just can't do that.
- Look.
Fair enough.
Want to check me out? Student I D, brush- gum- house keys- half a candy bar- must have been there for six months, don't touch it- student bus card- Anything in there says you're over 1 8? I'd like some I D from both of you girls.
- Dellinger.
Juvenile Vice.
Far enough! - Let her go! Listen, I can explain all of this.
This is really a funny mistake and you're gonna laugh a lot when I tell you all about it.
- Let's do our laughing down atJ DH.
- J DH? - Juvenile Detention Hall.
- What? My mother's gonna kill me.
That's if she's in a good mood.
Oh, I am in so much trouble.
If you hear a dripping sound, it's my heart bleeding for you.
You know, it's weird.
You and I being the same age.
- But we're so different.
- You think we're that different? Well, yeah.
'Cause with me, it's pretend.
- But with you, it's- - Finish that sentence without making me feel like a piece of meat and I'd say you're some kind of talker.
- What'll happen to you now? - Donny Love'll find out where I am and come and try and post bail.
He's the one with the mean streak? - But they won't let him take you.
- No.
They see if there's room at Father Ritter's.
It's like a halfway house for street kids.
And if he's booked up- which I heard he is- they look around for a foster home.
Foster home? Why not your own home? Because I've run away every time that they send me back there and I'll do it again, and they know it.
- But don't your folks- - You sure ask a lot of questions.
- Any good at answerin' 'em? - I'll try.
When we were back, havin' coffee the vice was after me, and you tried to slow the guy down.
Why? Your mother? Nice meetin' ya.
Have a nice life.
- Doris, what in heaven's name- - Mom, just be quiet for a second, okay? It's really important that you just listen to me.
I really don't wanna be mean, but I need you to sit down and shut up and listen.
Remember Van Cortland Parkway, three years ago on Thanksgiving? - No.
- We were stopped at a light by the park.
We were going to Aunt Ada's and UncleJack's for Thanksgiving dinner? And I was looking through the window at the park and I saw this baby bird fall out of a tree, out of its nest? And it looked like it had broken a wing and it had died and I asked Dad if we could stop, and he said that we couldn't because there was too much traffic, and you said that Aunt Ada would be furious if we were late- Do you remember this? So I kept talking about it all through dinner, and sniffling and sniffling till finally you gave in and you said that we could go back and we went back after dessert, and we found it, and we got it better and we gave it to the kids at the school on Riverside Drive and they raised it as a pet? - Do you remember that? - Yes.
And do you remember what you said about it? - I'm sure I said a lot of things.
- You said the next time that happened, you weren't gonna waste your breath arguing.
I'm just as stubborn as Dad when it comes to those kind of things.
Remember that? - Yeah.
- Ma I just found another baby bird with a broken wing.
- School zone.
- I'm slowing to 20 miles an hour.
- School bus ahead.
- Any light flashing? - No.
- I proceed at a safe rate of speed.
Turn left at the next corner.
Fire engine behind us with the signal going.
- I stop and pull over.
- You pull over and stop.
You knew what I meant.
I knew what you meant, yes, but it's still the wrong answer.
You think I believe it possible to first stop the car and then pull to the curb? Of course not.
But the answer's still wrong.
I pull over and stop.
Don't forget to signal your stop and use the parking brake.
With my left hand, I signal "stop.
" With my right hand, I pull the parking brake.
Should I steer with my chin? Sarcasm is not going to help matters, Mr.
- Has the fire engine passed? - It has.
I check for oncoming traffic, it is safe I signal I am pulling out, I check the rearview mirror and I slowly and carefully pull out into traffic.
You forgot to disengage the parking brake.
Gott in Himmel.
! Are you like this with your students? I'm thorough with my students, and they learn.
No wonder they call you what they call you.
What did you say? - Don't bother me when I'm driving.
- Who calls me what? What's coming up? Railway crossing, stop sign? - Divided highway? What? - I asked you a question.
I'm pressing down on the accelerator, and exceeding the speed limit.
Who calls me what, I said? I am making a left-hand turn and to hell with the signal.
I am driving through the playground for handicapped orphans at a high speed.
Shorofsky, you will stop this car and answer my question.
I signal I am slowing.
I check to make sure the cars see my signal.
I pull off onto the shoulder of the road.
I come to a complete halt.
I turn off the engine.
And I fully engage the parking brake.
Now, what do they call me? Captain Queeg.
- They don't! - Whatever you say, Captain.
Captain Queeg.
- Wait here.
I'll be right back.
- Yeah.
Guys, let's just lay it on the line so there won't be any misunderstandings.
Regardless of what my mother told Julie's mother I was not arrested for soliciting.
Me and my friend Tracy were pulled in for being underage, and nothing else.
My friend Tracy isn't what you think, and even if she is, she's my friend.
- That's all you have to know.
Got it? - Doris? What are you talking about? - You got arrested for soliciting? - No, I wasn't.
You fill them in.
Bottom line: I got a friend over there named Tracy.
She's gonna be sitting in on a couple of classes, and you're gonna be nice to her.
- Period.
- Who said she could sit in on any classes? Me.
Just now.
Hey, what happened? Tell us what happened.
Remember the assignment Crandall gave, about a character far from yourself? Does this kind of stuff go on all the time? Yeah.
Just like I told you.
School of the Arts.
- Plus all the regular stuff.
- It's a combination kindergarten and zoo.
Close enough.
Come on.
Each of you is unique and irreplaceable.
Keep that in the back of your mind.
So that, when you see a Pacino, a Robards, a Bacall you think to yourself, "I can't do that" bear in mind, they probably can't do what you do either.
We're not looking to make you into copies of anybody.
We're looking to create originals.
- Are all your teachers this kind? - Not exactly.
That was the laziest, sloppiest, dumbest performance I have ever seen in my life.
And, Cynthia, girl, what are you doing? Come here.
Dancin' like a piece of Wedgwood china.
Hold this.
And sit down.
Now, you can strut on your own time, but we're dancing in this class.
All right, everybody in top position.
Let's go again.
All right, class.
You can relax.
All right.
Miss Cynthia, you see that? Now, girl, when you come in tomorrow, I want you to do it just like that.
So I don't have to work so hard.
Now give me my bracelet and get on out of here.
- All right.
That was good.
- Magic time's over.
- Next period, biology.
- Can I ask you a question? - Now? - Yeah.
Could a person like me go to your school? Sure! Sure you could! No problem! Doris.
I'm assuming you are here to apologize and to explain.
- Apologize and explain? - That's correct.
Apologize why and explain what? For yesterday.
Yesterday, you had a friend here observing some of our classes? You told Miss Sherwood I approved it.
You told me Mr.
Shorofsky gave the okay and you told Mr.
Crandall that Miss Sherwood gave her permission when in fact, you hadn't talked to anybody.
- Had you? - Well, not officially.
How about unofficially? I guess I didn't do that, either.
That's why I asked to see you today.
I wanted to kind of make up for not talking to anybody yesterday.
How? I wanted to ask you about arranging an audition for my cousin.
- She just moved here.
- From where? - Cleveland.
- Where are her parents? Well, her father was a policeman.
But he was killed chasing a bank robber.
When that happened, her mother had a nervous breakdown.
- That's why Tracy came to stay with us.
- Doris.
How terrible for your family.
Is it your mother's brother or your father's brother that was killed? It happened pretty recently.
Kind of hard to talk about it.
You know there are procedures for auditioning.
And I don't think we can make exceptions, just because- I hope you're not building up to a "no," because I don't think she could take that.
I'm the only person she knows in New York.
She even had to leave her puppy back in Cleveland.
Does the puppy have a terminal illness that I should feel bad about too? - Too much, huh? - Please! Doris, if you were writin' a soap opera, honey, maybe.
Now, let's not waste each other's time.
What are we talking about here? I guess I better tell you what happened.
'Cause there's a lot of stuff that you should know.
I'm listening.
I was thinking of scheduling a production for next semester of Aristophanes' The Frogs but now I'm afraid Doris will take off for the swamps.
I don't think it's anything to joke about.
Look, that thing about "Give me your tired, your poor," that's on the Statue of Liberty.
- Not the front of this place.
- Greg's right, you know.
We're not social workers.
We're not trained for it.
We turn our backs on the girl.
We run the school the way the school is set up to be run.
The way it's supposed to be run.
If the girl wants to audition, we will audition her the next time around.
The next scheduled auditions aren't for three months from now.
- I am well aware of that.
- What is it that that girl does? She sings, dances, what? - I'm not sure.
Doris knows.
- Oh, for Pete's sake.
Well, what? Is the whole world gonna come to an end because we bend our rules to let the girl audition a couple of months early? No, but if we bend the rules, we have to have a reason.
I mean, if somebody asks, what makes this kid so special we have to have an answer.
An answer that isn't draped in well-meaning intentions.
And wanting to be a do-gooder.
I'm afraid that's the kind of answer I can't deliver.
I'm not so sure why wanting to do good is such a terrible thing.
If this girl goes out and hits the street because we can't show some flexibility- well, I'm not gonna be the one that explains it to Doris.
Because I don't think I could look her in the eye.
Could we possibly agree on the following? We allow the girl to audition early but we do not lower our standards in the slightest.
We have a reputation that's based upon excellence, not on being nice.
If she qualifies, wunderbar.
If not we will explain to Doris as best we can and proceed to concentrate on the people that truly belong here.
But I get the feeling she's gonna have to be sensational - in order to satisfy you.
- Miss Grant? That feeling is probably correct.
As I said, the school is based on excellence.
And that is more important than any one person.
- Well? - Well, I'll go tell Doris.
Thank you.
See you guys tomorrow.
Pretty chilly between those two.
A compromise never receives a standing ovation.
However, I have good news to brighten your mood.
- What's that? - Tomorrow, I take delivery on my car.
We can take our first test drive.
- It's called "belly-breathing.
" - Belly-breathing? They used to call it "supporting a tone by using your diaphragm," but I guess everybody started to giggle at that so the teacher called it "belly-breathing.
" - But what does it do for you? - It helps you sustain a note.
Hold it longer and keep it steady.
I just wish that I had more time before I had to audition.
- You're gonna be fine.
- You hope so, or you think so? - Both.
- Hi.
Hi, Ma.
How was Grandma? Okay.
At her age, even the sniffles can cause you a little concern.
But she was complaining about my not being there often enough so obviously she's feeling better.
Did you check the bulletin board in the kitchen? - Forgot.
Was there a message? - Not for you, but for Tracy.
Tracy, you didn't let any grass grow under your feet.
Your boyfriend called.
Schwartz, the person who called, did he leave his name? Yes, as a matter of fact, he did.
Donny Love.
If you can believe that.
If you want, I could probably get my folks to change our number.
No, don't bother.
He won't call back.
- He won't? - No.
Then why'd he call in the first place? Just to let me know he's still out there.
And that, if things don't work out for me at the school that he'll still be out there.
Shorofsky! It's beautiful! Thank you very much.
I do believe it has some merit.
It also has the steering wheel on the right-hand side.
Is this a problem? I'm not sure.
Let's get in.
It has a four-speed stick shift.
- Has it, eh? - Well- We've been doing our lessons on the assumption it would have an automatic transmission.
A second problem, yes? It could be.
- You told me you knew how to drive.
- I do know how to drive.
Two tiny problems seem to have you panic-stricken, if I may say so.
- These are not tiny problems.
- However I think we will not give in to this problem.
We are bigger than that.
Driving along.
- Residential street.
- Thirty miles an hour.
There's an intersection coming up.
You want to make a left-hand turn.
Make that a right turn.
There's a stop sign at the intersection.
- Get your hand off my knee.
- I'm sorry.
Shorofsky, have you finalized the transaction regarding the car? I mean, is it yours, legally? - One hundred percent? - All of it.
Every nut and bolt, mine.
I even bought this little cap.
Is it waterproof? Waterproof? Why? Because it is my considered opinion that you will swim the English Channel before you learn how to drive.
Some of us got it, and some of us don't.
And you own it, but you don't got it.
How 'bout one last drive around the park? I'd love to.
Whenever you're ready, Tracy.
For my audition, I would like to sing, "Blue Moon.
" The first one's for free, Tracy.
Try it again.
Take your time.
We'll be here.
Thank you very much, Tracy.
Martelli, you did everything you could.
We appreciate it.
You know, there are times when I could do this job for free.
This is not one of those times.
Hey, here he is.
Not even close.
- Your opinion.
- Look, Doris.
She was terrible.
Even if she sang as well as she could, there's no way she belongs in the school.
Her voice is average, Doris.
Just average.
And the same goes for her dancing.
Why didn't anybody say anything before? Because you wouldn't have heard it.
- Where is she now? - I don't know.
She left right after.
She wasn't in the hall when I left the auditorium.
We gotta find her.
I gotta find her, real quick! Ma, I'm gonna stay here until 8:00, when the janitors kick me out.
IfTracy comes home before I do, have her call me at this number, okay? No.
Or if she calls before, have her call me here.
It's really important that I talk to her.
Ma, I got other people out on the streets looking for her.
They're gonna check in with me here.
I'll be home when I get home! That's all I know right now.
I will.
Thank you, Mom.
You want some company while you're waiting? No, thanks.
I got into this myself.
I'd like to get out the same way.
You know, I hope you're not gonna get all down on yourself about this thing with Tracy.
Sure made a lot of promises I couldn't deliver on.
If she could have gotten in here, she'd be the happiest kid in the world.
She'd never want to leave.
You couldn't give her your talent.
You gave her what you could.
- A chance.
- A dumb thing to do.
A Doris thing to do.
And that's something very special.
And don't you forget it.
You're right! You said she wouldn't leave the school, and you're right! Cover the phones.
I'll be right back! Firehouse.
Bruno, does this sound like Doris Schwartz, child? How long have you been here? Most of the afternoon.
Why are you getting made up like that? Going back to the guy on the corner.
But you been here all afternoon.
So you don't really want to go back.
Not really.
Where else is there? Your folks.
They won't talk to me.
You don't know that until you talk to them.
I'm scared.
I'll tell you, I'm getting sick and tired of being scared all the time! Let me tell you something now.
Remember you asked me why I was helping you when the vice cops were chasing us? My mom.
She calls me the world's twin sister.
'Cause a lot of times, when one twin feels bad, the other one does too.
When I see somebody start hurtin', I start hurtin' for them.
And that's true, a lot of the times.
But when I stopped hurting for you, and started hoping was when you decided to audition.
And you started trying like anything to get it together.
Because trying- That's all they really teach here.
You keep trying until you find something that works.
You can call your folks or you can call that slime who runs the corner.
I don't care which.
Part of what I just said is a lie.
I do care who you call.
So do a lot of other people.
You don't have to watch the phones anymore.
I found her.
She was in the makeup room.
Is she all right? I don't know.
Hello? I'd like to place a collect call, please.
To Cleveland, Ohio.
I don't know what the area code is.
John Alexander.
Just say that it's Tracy calling.
Tell us your name.
My name doesn't matter.
'Cause most of the time, people don't remember it anyway.
The other half of the time, I change it.
So let's just pass on the name thing, okay? I guess what you call me is a runaway.
That doesn't get it either.
Because most of the time, we're running to someplace as much as running away from it.
Running to somebody who understands and listens without judging us when we foul up.
You're supposed to be allowed to foul up.
That's what I thought.
That's how you learn.
When you're workin' so hard to be Daddy's little princess, Mama's pride and joy and sometimes you just wanna scream to be left alone.
Then you scream and nobody hears ya.
You just want to find a place where it's okay to be you.
Where you could be scared, or confused, or angry- Or just quiet.
Where you can just be you, and it'll be all right.
'Cause it's you that you want 'em to love.
The you part of you.
That's why my name doesn't matter.
Because until you love me neither do I.
Doris? A-plus.
Take a bow.