Fame (1982) s01e11 Episode Script

The Crazies

Counterpoint involves a sensitivity to the other players.
At the end of every year, we will start to go just a little bit crazy.
The faculty puts on shows.
The students start sniffing spring.
You've probably heard about Miss Sherwood and Miss Grant switching classes.
Short phrases and crisp rhythms.
Short phrases and crisp rhythms! The crazies strike again! You got big dreams.
You want fame.
Well, fame costs and right here is where you start paying in sweat.
Tell me the truth.
Gregory Andrew Crandall, I love you.
Tell me the truth.
Gregory Andrew Crandall, I love you.
Tell me the truth.
Gregory Andrew Crandall, I love you.
Tell me the truth.
Gregory Andrew Crandall, I love you.
Tell me the truth.
Gregory Andrew Crandall, I love you.
Somebody get the blinds, please.
Would you all go back to your seats? All right, that was very interesting.
Any ideas what we might learn from that? Amatullo? Well, we learned that you probably had a really bad night last night and that your ego needed a lot of stroking, so we hope you feel better.
The purpose of this exercise was to get you used to the idea that as actors you're gonna be called upon to say things and do things that society says you shouldn't.
Like, you don't say "I love you" to somebody with 1 5 other people looking on, right? - So we all passed? - No.
What was requested of you was the truth.
"Tell me the truth, " I said.
Some of you giggled.
Some of you smirked, couldn't look me in the eye.
The reality that I expect from you is the emotional truth and you don't tell someone "I love you" with an embarrassed grin on your face.
You can make all the jokes you want about it, but the fact is you and I were the only people in Crandall's class that chickened out.
Everybody else looked right at him and told him the truth.
You and I acted like schoolkids.
- Have you forgotten we are schoolkids? - More jokes.
Give it a break, will ya? Why are you makin' such a big deal about it? Have you ever seen the English movie The Four Feathers? No.
It's about cowardice and the nature of courage.
And I am formally calling you and I cowards for just the things that Crandall was talking about.
- Telling the truth? - No.
Instead of being serious, we're always cute or copping out.
Okay, what do you recommend? - We take a pledge.
- To do what? It is now 1 0:00 in the morning.
From now until the end of the school day you and I will tell nothing but the absolute truth.
No matter how much we want to sugarcoat it or tell a white lie we must tell the absolute, bottom-line truth and nothing but.
The longer it takes you to answer me, the more I'm becoming disappointed in you.
- Doris, have you thought about this? - Of course not.
Well, don't you think we oughta think about it a little bit? Montgomery, you are standing on the edge of the high board of life.
Are you gonna think it through, or are you gonna jump? For the rest of the day, nothing but the truth.
What's so funny? I was just going over the tentative list for the faculty show that Mr.
Shorofsky drew up.
He's got Miss Sherwood down to do an African tribal dance.
Good luck.
Miss Grant? What do you think about this for Michelle in the ballet finale? Turn around, Michelle.
Oh, it's- It's different.
It's original.
Don't you think so, Doris? Come on.
What do you think, Doris? I think it's a pukey color, and it makes you look incredibly hippy.
What? Oh, it does.
Look at me.
It makes me look huge.
It does not.
Michelle, you look fine in that.
I'm not gonna wear this.
There's no way.
Michelle, you liked it this morning.
There was always a little bit of doubt.
Doris spelled it out.
It makes me look hippy, right? - Incredibly.
- Doris, you should talk.
- Go warm up.
- On my way.
Michelle, sweetheart, you're overreacting.
- The costume is fine.
It's just fine.
- It is.
If anything, it makes your hips look smaller.
So my hips are too big! Class, would you get in places for the end of act one, please.
Honey, you did fine.
It'll work itself out.
Hold it.
Hold it.
You're on key and in tempo, but that's not enough.
Counterpoint involves a sensitivity to the other players.
Minute adjustments one to the other.
This is missing.
I don't know why, but it's missing.
Was there enough time for you to get together and rehearse? We rehearsed for a couple of hours last night.
Well, I'd appreciate someone telling me why it didn't come together then.
Because we didn't rehearse this number.
You didn't rehearse the assignment given you? Well, maybe not as much as we should have.
Well, how much time did you give it, please? - We rehearsed- - About 1 5 minutes, tops.
- What Montgomery says is true? - Yes, sir.
And the rest of the time was spent what, please? A new song I wrote.
You concentrated on a new song of yours instead of a variation from Bach, yes? Yes, sir.
And what is the title of this song that is so much better than Bach? - I didn't say it was better.
- What's the title, Martelli? "My Baby Mine Never Babies Me.
" Get out! You're all dismissed! Dismissed? But the period's not over yet.
It's over as far as I'm concerned.
Get out! If we leave now without hall permits, the hall monitors are gonna write us up.
Give them my regards.
Is there an assignment for tomorrow? Your assignment is to learn to play the Bach as it was intended to be performed.
If you are unable to accomplish that, your second assignment is to be honest about it and not betray my trust in you.
I'm sorry to say that today you failed miserably at doing either.
- Mr.
Shorofsky- - Out! I can't believe what you just did.
What's the matter with you? - Yeah, neat thing to do, Montgomery.
- A couple more rehearsals we could've had the variation down pat.
- What was the point- - No, we couldn't have.
Who says? Julie said your keyboard technique isn't good enough for the complex parts.
- When did you say that? - This morning before first bell.
Excuse me.
You people have hall permits? No, we don't have hall permits.
- I'm gonna have to write you all up.
- Great.
You're Martelli, aren't you? We got chemistry together.
Yes on Martelli and yes that we have chemistry together.
Not the kind of chemistry thatJane Fonda and Robert Redford have- Now listen, pal, don't get smart with me.
I can write you up for that too.
You and I got chemistry together next hour.
I'll write you up on the way there.
The rest of you- Well, just don't be out here without a hall permit.
That's all.
It's gonna be a long day.
- Good morning.
- Hello.
- Are you okay? - Sure.
It's nothing.
I think I pulled a muscle last night.
Oh, when you were rehearsing your dance routine? Doris, how do you know about that? That's supposed to be a surprise for the faculty show.
Oh, I guess Miss Grant let it slip.
How much did she tell you? Her exact words were "Miss Sherwood's down for an African tribal dance.
Good luck.
" Good luck? - Oh, Mr.
- What now? One of your first-hour students was written up by a hall monitor but the student says you ordered him out of the room.
And if that's the case, we can't justify a summons.
- May I ask a question? - Of course.
Why was only one student written up? I sent five of them out.
- Oh, but you can't do that.
- I already did it.
But it's unfair to the student involved.
The student was not involved.
That's precisely the problem.
He was rehearsing "Beat My Baby" or something like that.
- What? - Mrs.
Berg the papers today told of an earthquake in Chile.
Hundreds are missing.
There's famine in India.
There's injustice everywhere.
These things are important.
But this twaddle of hall monitors is not worth my time or attention.
Therefore, you can take the summons and- Don't you dare! Oh, Mrs.
Berg, do you have the forms that I asked you for- Stuff it! Never mind, dear.
I'll find them myself.
I'd like to talk to you, please.
- How about lunch? - How about now? What can I do for you? I want to know if I'm in this faculty show as some kind of comic relief.
Of course not.
You're doing a dance, right? The quote that was reported to me was "Sherwood's doing an African tribal dance.
Good luck.
" - Who told you that? - Doris.
- I'll kill her.
- So you did say it! Well, not the way you said it.
You had to be there.
I was just wishing a fellow performer good luck.
You were wishing me good luck, and I wasn't even in the room? Well, look.
It was just like if I heard Mr.
Shorofsky was going skydiving.
If I heard that, I might just say "Oh, Mr.
Shorofsky's going skydiving.
Good luck.
" And you think the comparison between Shorofsky skydiving and me dancing is a fair one, do you? I'm digging my grave with my own mouth.
Elizabeth, all I meant to say was that you're not a dancer- not a trained dancer- and it might present some obstacles for you.
Well, all you do is teach English.
All I do is teach English! Oh, terrific! Come on, Elizabeth.
Be real now.
It might be a lot easier for me to do your thing than it would for you to do mine.
Fat chance.
What class do you have fourth period? Comparative Contemporary Literature.
Sounds like fun.
I have Modern Jazz Trends in Choreography.
- I'll be there.
- Bet.
He's never talked to me like that before.
Twenty years.
Not once did he ever- Michelle, why are you wearing your coat on the inside? Because I've got incredibly big hips.
And I hate myself! Time out, somebody! Somebody-Time out.
Time out.
But you always laugh.
You laughed at my jokes a million times.
Mostly to be polite.
We didn't want to hurt your feelings.
- And what are you doin' now? - Just tellin' it like it is.
Look, we're not sayin' you never tell a funny joke.
And your delivery is good, but you need better material.
Oh, so people are just bein' polite and laughin' at my jokes, huh? Most of the time.
Not all of the time.
Every once in a while you came up with a good one.
You know, this isn't as hard as I thought it would be.
- Aren't some people gettin' mad at you? - Some yes, some no.
Michelle thanked me for being honest about her costume.
Miss Sherwood said she was grateful.
- She said it all averages out.
- Deidre Maxwell.
What about her? I've been kinda workin' on her for the past couple of months, and nothin'.
Maybe I should stop playin' games and do what we've been doin'- be straight, level with her.
Montgomery, I really think we're onto something here.
I really do.
Go for it.
Where is everybody? Well, let's see.
Coco's over there having a wardrobe conference.
And Bruno's composing something, it looks like.
Julie's buying her cello a bite to eat.
Danny's providing the floor show.
And Montgomery's- Never mind about Montgomery.
I can see that for myself.
Just the man I want to see.
What a limited social life you must have.
I know you're in charge of the faculty show.
I don't know if you know it or not, but I play a little jazz piano.
Just how tall an instrument are we talking about? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
This happens near the end of every year.
The crazies.
We are all crumbling.
I don't follow you.
I've been here longer than you have, Mr.
I've been here longer than the furnace, for heaven's sake.
At the end of every year, we will start to go just a little bit crazy.
The faculty puts on shows.
The students start sniffing spring and freedom.
You've probably heard about Miss Sherwood and Miss Grant switching classes.
- Really? - The crazies strike again! Prose style.
Now, I'd like for you to give me the names of some writers that had different styles.
But don't give me anybody too far out.
Danny? - Ernest Hemingway.
- Good.
- Give me another.
Coco? - Thomas Wolfe.
Very good thinking.
Now, these are two very good examples because both of these writers have very different styles.
Hemingway wrote short phrases and crisp rhythms.
- Say "short phrases.
" - Short phrases.
- Say "crisp rhythms.
" - Crisp rhythms.
Now we'll put 'em together.
Short phrases and crisp rhythms.
Short phrases and crisp rhythms.
Okay, okay.
Now, Thomas Wolfe- different sound altogether.
He wrote in a style that was very ornate.
Very smooth phrases.
Very connected.
Very legato.
Say "Ohhh, legato.
" - Ohhh, legato.
- Come on, say it.
Ohhh, legato! - Put your body in it! - Ohhh, legato! Very good.
Now, there's another writer.
James Agee.
Write this down.
Now, his style incorporated both.
Short phrases and crisp rhythms, and the legatos.
So put 'em together, and what do we get? Short phrases and crisp rhythms, ohhh, legato! Come on! Short phrases and crisp rhythms, ohhh, legato! One more time! That's good.
Doris? We're supposed to be conjugating verbs this period in Miss Sherwood's class.
Oh, I know you're running the class but I thought you might like to know what's supposed to be happening here.
Well, thank you very much, Doris, for bringing that to my attention.
You've been very helpful this morning to so many people.
Short phrases and crisp rhythms, ohhh, legato! That was very good.
I mean, really, it was.
I think when you get some of the rough edges off, it'll be spectacular.
- What rough edges? - Well, maybe that's too strong a word.
It seemed to me that it's- it's all a little usual.
I mean, there are no real surprises.
Well, teacher, you have to tell us what you're talkin' about.
Well, I was thinking, while I was watching it that it's all very modern, isn't it? I mean, the sounds and the moves and- And I thought it might be interesting if you inserted something that wasn't quite so contemporary.
Like the way they use the body in the Irish clog dances.
I'll show you.
We never seen nothin' like that before.
That's real interesting.
Class dismissed.
Leroy, hang on a second.
I'd like to talk to you.
I guess you've heard about the faculty show coming up? Sure.
Well, Lydia- Miss Grant- seems to feel that I'm in over my head.
What do you think? Well, everybody's entitled to their own opinion.
I think it's your- Well, it's your dancing.
I mean, that clog stuff.
- I mean- - Thank you for your tact and honesty.
I think I have a question to ask you.
I'm waiting.
Leroy, can you teach me how to dance? You gotta be kidding! Teach you how to dance.
Well, I'd love to! I mean, why not? Innkeeper! More wine for my men.
We are victorious! The question is are we done? I mean, is this pledge supposed to last all day or just through the school day? You know, I don't think we should give this up.
We've accomplished a lot today.
I mean, we've helped a lot of people open up the lines of communication.
Fine! I don't have the technique for Bach! Then get somebody else.
All I said was your technique could stand some improving.
But not yours, right? Perfection.
You should change your name to Nadia Comaneci.
If you can't stand a little constructive criticism- Constructive criticism? When Leonard Bernstein says it, it's constructive criticism.
When you say it, not quite the same thing.
It's likeJerry Ford saying that Fred Astaire lost his step- But you could do it! I know you could! Danny, I am not going to write comedy material for you.
You're always saying funny things.
I mean, kids think your class is the funniest one in the whole school.
Is it pay? Is that it? It is not pay.
It's just that I already have a very full schedule.
Okay, how about this? If I hear you say anything funny I get to use it in my act.
And I'll give you credit for your work, so it's not like I'm stealing from you.
Terrific compromise.
In all fairness, I should tell you I don't plan on saying anything funny between here and the subway.
- Wakka-wakka-wakka.
- I know this sounds corny.
But I think you'll understand, because we're in this together.
I really feel good about the people we helped today.
Yeah, so do I.
What about this one? This brings out the color in your hair.
Nobody's gonna be looking at my hair.
- Michelle, I- - They're gonna be looking at my hips and wondering if I'm wearing some new kind of water wings.
I didn't think we could stick it out.
I'm kinda proud that we did.
You have every right to be proud.
We did good.
What do you mean, you gave them an assignment? Any class that's taught properly should have homework.
I have a lesson plan that's laid out for the entire semester.
Then it oughta include homework.
It does include homework, and you know it.
May I ask what was the assignment you gave them? - Essay.
- On what? The importance of dance in society.
That's better than puttin' some old tired clog dance in the middle of a jazz number.
Just trying to give the number a little pizzazz.
Pizzazz? Please! Numbers that I choreograph don't need that kind of pizzazz, my dear.
Well, now, that's a matter of opinion, isn't it? - Are you ready? - Yes.
I'm giving Leroy some extra tutoring.
- You're tutoring me? - Yes.
Are you ready to tutor me now? I just wanted you to know that I'll have the Bach thing ready by Friday.
I look forward to hearing it.
You can forget about the hall permit problem.
I've cleared you with the authorities.
Appreciate it.
Do you think that I'm too hard on you sometimes? Well, I think you get angry with me quicker than you do the other kids.
You may be correct.
You are correct.
Is that likely to change? I will stop being hard on you when you start being hard enough on yourself.
That hasn't happened yet.
I've got writing to do.
Good day.
Well? How come you have to do an African tribal dance? Not my style? Well, you're not exactly Watusi.
Thank you.
I noticed.
I didn't mean nothin' by that.
Look, I just know that when an announcer stands up and says "Miss Sherwood will now honor us with an African tribal dance" it's check out the water fountain time 'cause ain't nobody gonna stay around for that.
Look, I'm open to suggestions.
Well, if you just change your music to something more lightweight.
That way, you can just keep doin' the same steps.
All you have to do is add a little boogie into it, and everything'll just be fine.
I had no idea.
I didn't have any idea either until I started calling around and finding you and Montgomery at ground zero of everything that came up all day.
Michelle's really down on herself, Doris.
And she's the lead dancer in your choreography final.
Yeah, that's right.
I'm gonna have to apologize to half the Western Hemisphere! No, only those people with names that begin with a letter of the alphabet.
I feel so dumb.
- Doris, don't get down- - Let her alone! She's entitled to feel proud when she's good and she's just as entitled to feel dumb when she's dumb.
I was just trying to make things better.
Doris, when something's working, you don't try and fix it.
Hey, listen to this.
Prelude to a remedy? Come on, Doris.
You know how it goes.
Show me how To make it right Or should I just stay out of sight I've said too much already There's nothing left to say All my good intentions Went astray I was only trying to help I wasn't acting selfiishly I know you'd do the same for me I didn't know the truth would hurt Till I saw you crying I was only trying To help Love's gone wrong Fallen apart When I said what's in my heart I learned the truth about honesty It isn't always kind You've gotta think before you say What's on your mind I was only trying to help I wasn't acting selfiishly I know you'd do the same for me I didn't know the truth would hurt Till I saw you crying I was only trying I was only trying to help I wasn't acting selfiishly I know you'd do the same for me I didn't know the truth would hurt Till I saw you crying I was only trying to help I was only trying To help It's probablyJacob Marley wanting to borrow my chains.
Hello? Be right there.
Is he gonna be okay? They think so.
They think so? What does that mean? Just what it says.
They think he'll be fine.
It's just gonna take a little while.
That's all.
He's gotta get better.
The last thing that happened between us was me lying to him and getting caught and not having the guts to apologize.
Miss Grant, I love that old guy.
He knows.
He knows.
One minute, please.
You okay? For God's sake, get better.
I need someone to fight with.
I am not being heartless.
I'm being pragmatic and realistic.
Greg, nobody gives a tinker's damn about the faculty show now.
That's not the point.
Well, then you'd better educate me, because I'm not hopping on this bandwagon.
Look, I am not being callous.
I am not a believer in the show going on in the face of someone's anguish.
However, we have students who are working in the band and they are getting credit for their efforts.
They are being graded, and that affects their finals.
And that affects whether or not they will get a scholarship.
If we cancel this show we're going to blow some of our seniors right out of college.
Can I at least get on your bandwagon one step at a time? Forget it, Mr.
Morale is at a low point.
You're being sentimental and foolish.
I hate sentimental things.
We are simplifying the show.
We're gonna make it like an exam presentation.
That way, the kids will get their grades, and we won't feel like hypocrites singing and dancing while you're in the hospital.
You should write greeting cards for a living.
This is embarrassing.
Shorofsky, you are not getting a vote in this.
I'm simply informing you about what's been decided.
Sentimental twaddle.
Well, I'm glad to hear you're getting better.
'Cause the nastier you get, the more I recognize you.
Now, I'll call you tomorrow and let you know how it went.
Good morning.
Someone stole the geranium out of your planter.
Thank you, Mrs.
And now we're going to have Mr.
Gregory Crandall who will be accompanied by Mr.
Jeffry Cummings on bass and Peter Yates on drums.
Crandall here.
Hope to find some of your old favorites to set your toes a-tappin'.
Something old, something new something borrowed and something blue.
Sounds like an old fuse.
And- Nurse? I'm Dr.
We've not met before, I believe.
No, Doctor.
I have a patient in 31 1 - Mr.
You should notify your superiors.
He's gone.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Did everything we could, but he slipped away.
No pain.
He went very quickly.
I'll call Dr.
Wait 1 5 or 20 minutes.
All his family's in there with him now.
Of course, Doctor.
He just slipped away very quietly.
Probably for the best.
I thought so for sure.
- All right! - All right! Yeah! Well, there's really only one presentation left, and that's- I would like to take part, please.
You want to do something in the show, Mrs.
Berg? Yes, if I may.
Well, of course, Mrs.
I believe one could say that this is in the nature of a dramatic reading.
When Mr.
Shorofsky was injured one of the things the police found on the floor was a letter he had written.
He wrote it to me.
I would like to share it with you.
"Dear Mrs.
Berg We have reached that time of the school year when tempers get short and voices are raised in anger.
Some say this is because this is a school for artists and that we are different.
This is not true.
There is art and creativity in any task that is done with love.
If a file is kept with love and not despair then the person who keeps that file is worthy of our respect and our compassion.
I denied you both those things with my anger and I humbly beg your forgiveness.
I am among the most fortunate of men to be able to do what I love with those whom I love.
You are an important part of a world I never wish to change.
Please accept my apology.
Your devoted friend, Benjamin Shorofsky.
" Someone get the diabetics out of this room before it is too late.
Well, you got here late.
But at least you got here in time to see the last act.
And it's pretty hot too.
It's me.
- Let's go, baby! - All right, Bruno! Up! Samba! Five, six, everybody samba! Lucy!