Family Business (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


1 [Joseph.]
Don't worry.
He'll calm down.
Don't know about that.
What about the guy that wants to buy? He'll never sell to Waldman.
He can't stand him.
The shop is mine.
I have a good feeling.
That how you feel about Clémentine? That girl was high off her ass when she talked.
That legalization fantasy might be bullshit.
That's what we're here to find out.
[doorbell rings.]
Hello, welcome.
Come in.
She has a servant.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES You mentioned something interesting the other night, - and we hoped to talk to you about it.
- Yeah? - What did I say? - Uh The legalization of cannabis.
Oh, my God.
- What? - What? I was wasted.
I'll be in so much trouble if my dad finds out.
So, it's true? You see, it's top-top-top secret.
You guys can't say a word.
- No.
We won't say a word.
- Don't worry.
We're in a tight circle of confidence.
- That's enough.
- [Oliver.]
You remember my dad's butcher shop? - Yeah, fetch.
- [Joseph.]
I just took it over.
What we wanna do Our idea is to just clean it, start over as a stylish coffee shop.
A little jewel in the heart of town.
We'll call it "The Bud-chery.
" Because it's weed.
- A hip Parisian place.
You know? - Oh, I know.
But why me? We were hoping you could give us info, help us with your dad, the minister Just grease the wheels, see to our application Right.
What's in it for me? Company shares.
All right.
Okay - Yes! All right! - There it is! Not interested.
- I told you she What? - What? Guys, I have, uh just an instinct.
You two and your concept [sniffs loudly.]
It stinks.
Is it your feet, or our concept? - Mm, it's both.
- All right.
Forget it.
Do you mind, where's the restroom? For poop or pee? Us, is it not the same place for both? Of course, it's just that I like to know.
You see, um It's It's Well Go On the right.
All the way down.
For, um everything.
- If it's possible, can you be quick? - Yeah, yeah.
Do you know who he is? - Yeah.
Olivier? - Yes.
There you go.
- Come again? - Olivier.
You want my help? I'll make sure your application ends up on top of the pile.
In exchange, I want Olivier.
Huh! Yeah.
I'll talk to him and see what I can do.
Yeah, no.
You don't get it.
Uh, it's not a "I'll see what I can do" situation.
I want Olivier.
Otherwise there's no "Bud-cher shop" or whatever.
All right, guys.
- Oh, wow.
Tell us how it went.
- Yeah, we were - Great.
- [Clémentine.]
Great? A perfect poop? [laughs.]
I'll go check it out.
I'm so glad.
That's so funny.
Joseph, you wanna tell him? Tell me what? [Clémentine.]
The Bud-chery.
Your concept.
I love it.
I'm in.
- That's awesome.
So, what's the deal? - [Joseph.]
The deal, you see We agreed, uh What was the deal? - Some money for general expenses.
- Great.
- Twenty K.
- Twenty K? If you can't afford it, let me know.
- No.
Money is not a problem.
- [Clémentine.]
The money and, uh And, uh [chuckles.]
- Yeah, yeah, I'll - [Clémentine.]
Mm - [Joseph.]
I'll get it.
- Wait.
It's not clear.
Don't worry, it's all worked out.
- We should go.
- We're done here.
- For our coats, do we ask the servant? - Exactly.
- Ask Bertrand.
- Ask him.
Bertrand! [Gérard.]
What are you doing? I don't know, it's time to work.
I don't want to see you here anymore.
Come on, Dad.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
I was just mad.
I didn't mean what I said.
But you're can't sell to Waldman, that son of a bitch - Hi, Joseph.
- Good to see you.
Didn't know you're here.
I need to come back with an architect.
- A lot to do.
- Yeah, I understand.
No, Dad, listen.
You need to stop this.
- I have a great idea for the shop.
- Keep your idea, it's already sold.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Hear my idea, at least.
- You don't want this shitty shop.
- Give me the keys, see yourself out.
- But Dad - I did say I'm sorry.
- Give them here.
I want the truck keys, too.
- [Oliver.]
How do you like the look? - Well, that was a disaster.
- We'll never get the shop back.
- Shh.
- What? - Dude.
Youssef? What do you think? [Youssef.]
Shut up, I'm putting the pants on.
He's out on parole just today.
Just today? Awesome.
Hey, look who's here! [laughs.]
Why the face? - What face? - You're not happy to see Uncle Youssef? Huh? Sure I am.
I just didn't know you were out.
- What's up? - What's that? - What? - Give your uncle a kiss.
Give me a kiss.
All right.
This is better.
The motherfuckers let me out for good behavior.
- For God's sake.
- [Youssef.]
What are you doing? - I'm good.
- Still at your dad's butcher shop? Yeah, kind of.
But that's not all.
I do a lot of different things.
You kill me, Joseph.
Only five years in jail for me, but an eternity for you.
You haven't changed one bit.
- Really? - Same disgusting shirt.
Still looking like a broke loser.
So, what about the suit? Is it more your style? It's good, but the ankles are a bit short.
I can see the monitor.
Can you make them longer? - [car horn honking.]
- JP, Mom's here.
Let's go.
JP! Hey! Come here.
Leaving without my kiss? - Let's go.
Right here.
- See you, JP.
There he is! I missed you so much.
Mwah, mwah.
Let's get in the car.
- What's up? - Mélanie.
- How are you, good? - Good.
See you.
- Ali! Come here.
- [Ali.]
How are you, Virgile? Why don't you do airports anymore? Too many fights between taxis and rideshares.
- I don't like the bad vibes.
- Who gives a fuck? It's business.
I'm the owner.
When I say work the airports, what do you do? Airports.
- I only hired you 'cause of Mélanie.
- I know.
Not your good looks.
How much? $300? $400? [Oliver.]
Three fifty.
Here's four hundred.
Keep the change.
- Thanks.
- See you guys tonight.
I'm celebrating at Moktar's.
- No, bro.
- Why? - We already have - Fuck that.
No way.
You're coming tonight.
Gonna help you get pussy tonight.
No, we have girlfriends.
- Seriously? - We have girls.
With your face? Who is she? Just a girl.
- How's it going? - Good.
We're in love.
Fucking her in the ass with that dingus of yours.
[Youssef laughs.]
I don't do that.
Too much respect for her.
He respects her.
One time, he peed in her hair Why are you saying that? Remember, when you said Clearly I was kidding.
- What the fuck? - I'm a joker.
A joke.
Did you get your fuck on in jail? What the fuck is wrong with you? Forget about tonight.
You two killed my vibe.
Ali, hold this.
Gotta go.
- Bye.
- Bye, guys.
Nice to see you.
What an asshole.
Were you saying we wouldn't get the butcher shop? He's selling it.
We'll find another place.
With what money? - You know how expensive it is? - I know it's expensive.
The shop would've been perfect for this.
We're fucked.
Just fucked.
Your dad is so stubborn, too.
It's a shame.
Even if God came down from the sky and said, "Let's open a bud-chery, ' he wouldn't listen or give a shit.
- I have an idea.
- What? Hungry? [Joseph.]
If we get Enrico on our side, my dad will change his mind.
- [Oliver.]
Is this Enrico's restaurant? - No, it's like his headquarters.
Pictures of him everywhere.
He controls the TV remote.
Everyone knows him.
- He's always here.
- So we're clear, what will we say? Don't worry.
I got this.
Briks with merguez.
- Please enjoy.
- This is the best place.
You're gonna love it.
- Goddamn! - The two soles.
Here, take the plates.
Only in Tunisia can you find this sole.
They're not that big here.
It's tasty.
Vegetable stew.
Make some space.
And your spaghettis.
You're all set.
[both groan.]
That was serious.
I'm going to shit my pants.
Here we are, your dessert.
- Oh, no! - No! - Can't take anymore.
- The bill.
Excuse me.
Do you know if Enrico's coming by today? Mr.
Macias is at home here.
He comes and goes.
We can never tell.
- We keep his table ready.
- Is that his table? I just said that.
Hey, uh Never mind.
We'll come back.
- What's the damage? - Two hundred twenty-nine euros? - Are you kidding? - No! - That's expensive! - No! No fucking way.
- Can you pay? - What? - No, man, you can't do this to me.
- Oh, come on.
I'm making a bill of expenses for the shop, but You gonna do the same for Clémentine's 20 grand? I don't understand why we're paying her.
We don't even have the butcher shop or Enrico.
First, we make sure she's on our side.
We work out the rest once she's secure.
We pay her so she doesn't partner with anyone else.
Baski, how much are your cheapest suits? Thirty-five euros, but they're garbage.
Can you make labels that say "Made in Italy" and sew them on? What name do you want? Make something up that sounds Italian.
Like "Gardnarella.
" But they'll still be crap.
Will you stop, that's what I want.
I understand.
You like garbage.
Get the shitty ones.
Stop calling me about your poker thing.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, just one more time, I promise.
If I win, I'm out of the tunnel.
Let me explain, this guy's going all in.
- [indistinct stuttering.]
- Hello? Hello? The flop is jack of hearts - I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
- Jack of hearts What's the flop again? Aure? Fuck.
Can you hear me? Hello? - Why is this on? - Hello? Oh, shit! I said "tunnel"! - Fuck my ass! Aure, don't hang up.
- I can't hear you.
- Aure.
Stop it, - I'm hanging up.
- you fucking app! Ten seconds.
- Hello? - I can't hear anything.
- What do I do? - Aure! Damn it.
Forget it.
I'm playing.
- Hello? Joseph! Yes! Yes! Come on, come on, come on! No! No! - Joe? Joe? - No! Gardnarella.
An Italian craze.
Heard of that.
I'm not a fool.
I know "Garndnarella.
" How much? One fifty each.
That's a lot.
I understand.
Something this stylish is not for everyone.
Hey, whoa.
I'm not a freaking bum.
I'll take the entire line.
Your eye for a deal is just exceptional.
You're going to love them.
Okay, then.
To be honest I'm only subletting because I'm never here.
I need to show you this so there's no problem when you flush.
You look flexible.
Just grab the tap, turn that real quick, and at that moment you press this, you feel it vibrate.
That's a good sign.
One, two Then you count to seven.
Five, six, seven.
You're good.
Just [whistles.]
Everything's gone.
You can eat Mexican food or whatever you like.
[clears throat.]
So, are we still okay for six months' rent? Cash? In advance? - That's not a problem.
- Great.
Here you go.
Welcome to your new home.
Well, he might be a pain, but he's your father.
You don't wanna leave angry.
I tried to talk to him a hundred times.
I'm done.
He'll end up accepting it.
It's always the same with him.
Give him no choice.
That sucks.
Any special plans for your last evening? A date, maybe? I'm with someone that's in Japan.
Someone I really like.
Why didn't you tell me about this before? I may be an old Jewish lady, but I ate sausage, too.
Grandma! Too much information! Don't be such a prude.
Well To be honest, the sausage, I don't really prefer to eat the sausage.
I don't really like it.
So Since when? Since forever.
I told Mom when I was 15.
Oh Well, that's great.
- Yes.
- It's wonderful.
Abi gezunt, seafood is good too.
Oh, Grandma! [laughs.]
I'm sharing something important and you tell me it's seafood.
[both laughing.]
I told him I wanted a beige suit.
It's lilac.
Would you look at me, I look like a tuna salad.
Go get some sliced bread so they can eat me.
- You look good, my love.
- No, no, it's a disaster.
I saw your brother earlier today.
I know, Mom told me he was out.
I don't care.
Doesn't exist to me.
Oh, come on.
He's still family.
Ali and my parents are my family, and they're almost here, so if you don't like the suit, just change.
I should, right? I'll put on jeans.
- Better hurry.
- Yeah.
Damn it! - What? - It's the grocer.
They're gonna tow the truck if I don't move it right away.
- You serious? - Yeah.
It's okay.
Maybe 20 minutes, or maybe 25 max.
Long enough to move it.
- They're almost here.
- I understand, I'll be right back.
- You promise? - Yes.
- Will you hurry? - Yes, I'll hurry.
My little salmon.
[Aïda laughs.]
Pardon me.
Good evening, Mr.
- How are you? - Young man.
Good evening.
Sorry to disturb you during TV.
I understand, but I'm a huge, huge, huge fan.
Since way back.
You know what? Hearing that a young man likes my music makes my entire evening.
You kidding? It means everything.
I listen to you every day.
And not only me, my friends, my family.
- We really love you.
- So kind.
So it would be a huge honor for us to invite you to our table.
Just for a bit.
Sorry, but I'm really tired right now.
You understand.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But let me insist.
We'd be so honored.
- Honestly, no.
- Are you sure? - I'm sure.
- Dinner's on us.
Enrico Macias at our table! - Thanks for the invitation.
Thank you.
- Carla? I'm gonna have the complete sole, spaghetti, merguez, loubia soup, pkaila, bass, mullet Are we getting the bill, because that's the whole menu.
And boukha for everyone.
- Good.
- Oh, that's generous.
AÏDA WHERE R U??? All right.
Boukha for everyone! Parking in Paris is a nightmare.
It's been an hour.
We parked really easily.
I hope this surprise of yours is worth it.
She was beautiful Just like sunshine She only wanted to eat All that's fried and sweet AÏDA WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? [singing in Tunisian.]
Bravo! - Bravo.
- Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Incredible, you guys.
It's rare to sing with such talented young men.
How about you two write some lyrics for my new album? You are born for this.
Listen, improvisation's rare.
- That would be an honor.
- One more cheers.
Of course, Enrico, we'd love to but May we ask a little something in exchange? Just a little sort of favor that would help us out.
I'd love to help you out.
Tell me all about it Great.
My dad is a butcher.
With a butcher shop.
He's a die-hard fan of yours.
You're his favorite on the planet.
We are wanting to change the activity of the butchery, only my dad won't listen because he's so stubborn and hardheaded.
You're the only one that can possibly change his mind.
You're the only one.
Why not? - Really? - What kind of activity? - The activity would be - Uh I'd say Say it's cannabis.
Cannabis? Weed? Okay.
What I'm going to tell you is top secret.
I got info Enrico I got Enrico? Uh, Enrico? - Huh? - I got info from the Minister himself.
Cannabis is going to be legal in three months.
- It's the real thing.
- Totally true.
Those who catch the train right now will stand to make a lot of cash.
So, we'll need my dad's butchery, - it's important.
- And what do I get out of it? Ten suits, tailor-made.
- This is one he's wearing.
- They're super fine.
I'm not comfortable with drugs.
- I can't.
I can't, no.
- It's not illegal drugs, Enrico.
It's regulated, legal pot.
- You have my word.
- Sorry, but I can't be associated with this kind of thing.
- Can't.
My reputation.
- [Joseph.]
You mind if I'm honest with you? All right.
I lost my mother last year.
- Yeah.
- No, it's okay.
She died in an accident on her way to one of your shows.
So seeing you here tonight, on her birthday, thought just maybe you were sent by her.
So, let me be clear.
I'm gonna keep insisting.
I'm so sorry, love.
I drove around for two hours.
Good evening.
How are you? I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
The truck I just couldn't park.
- How are you, Djamel? - Sit down.
- [woman.]
Your food's cold.
- I'm so sorry.
You were Mwah, mwah.
- totally right to start without me.
- [cutlery clatters to the floor.]
Oh, my fork.
[farts loudly.]
Oh! Sorry.
Oh, well Seems I just farted.
- No, you didn't.
- I farted.
I farted on her parents.
- How did they take it? - Right in their face.
Right in the face.
After that it was impossible to tell them about us.
I had to lie.
I told them I was putting together a video of everyone saying goodbye to Aure.
Total fail.
So, you sharted? Really? "Sharted"? Did you shit your pants a little, or was it a regular fart? Aïda is about to dump me and that's what you're really asking? I'm just saying.
If it's a regular fart, she's gonna be able to get over it.
She'll get over it if she loves you.
Don't worry.
- Cheer up.
- How can I? - Things are moving forward.
- What is? We don't have the location, or the money, or Clémentine.
We have Enrico.
- That's not a done deal.
- Of course it is.
I have it worked out.
I briefed him.
I gave him fake joints.
I showed him how to take a puff.
He's good.
I'm telling you.
It's gonna work out.
Trust me.
I hope so, man.
Good morning.
Good morning No way.
- It's impossible.
- What's impossible? Enrico Sorry.
What can I do for you? - What merguez do you have? - Yes.
We have the best quality.
- All right.
- Enrico Macias.
In my butcher shop.
I'm a huge, huge fan.
- Your biggest fan is standing before you.
- Thank you.
That's your guitar.
Olympia 1973.
So Do you really believe I played on that thing? I only work with Fenders or Favinos.
Everybody knows it.
But I have a certificate of authenticity.
That's proof.
That's proof you got ripped off.
- Really? - I can't stand these scammers who take advantage of simple people.
It's a shame.
Such a shame.
- I guess they got me.
- Sorry.
- Mr.
Are you feeling ill? - [groans.]
Macias, come over here.
Have a seat.
- Ahh! - No, no, no.
An ambulance? A glass of water? - Something to drink? - No, thank you.
I have a remedy.
- A remedy? - Yeah.
Um Mr.
Macias, I Do you mind if I smoke here? Smoking outside makes a bad impression.
Yeah, but those drugs are no good for you, Mr.
No offense, but If this drug didn't exist, you know what? I would be blind due to my glaucoma.
You have glaucoma? Yeah.
You want a hit? Mm-mm.
It's a pity if you've never tried it before.
No, Mr.
Macias, thank you.
But [scoffs.]
You good, bro? I'm good.
How's it going? Nothing new.
It's been three hours.
I guess they're talking.
Could be good.
- It's working.
- I don't know.
I guess.
That's because I did something.
What did you do? - The fake joints I gave Enrico? - Yeah? [chuckles.]
They were real.
Are you fucking kidding me? [both laughing.]
[singing and strumming.]
I haven't played like that since Constantine.
Look at this.
My arthritis, look at that.
- Thanks for the cannabis, Enrico.
- Call me Gaston, my friend.
- Huh? - [Gaston.]
- Enrico's for the public.
You're a friend.
- Okay.
- That's really nice.
- Sure, of course.
You know The guitar That's how I seduced Béné.
Oh, yeah? [Gérard.]
She loved the guitar.
What a beauty.
- I really miss her, you know.
- There, there.
Put that out of your mind.
Listen to me.
I wanna tell you a secret.
One of my friends is a high-ranking minister.
Really? That minister told me that cannabis is about to be legalized.
In Amsterdam they make billions from it.
It's gonna be huge here.
Soon, it'll be everywhere.
Bigger than the mobile phone.
Mobile phone? Oh, yeah.
We'll make billions.
Be billionaires before long.
Let me show you.
Let me show you.
Lazy Sunday billionaire - Even the bread on the board - The board! [laughing.]
[continues singing.]
Wake up.
He's leaving.
Enrico! Over here.
All good? How did it go? I turned on the charm and did the best that I could.
Yeah? And he wouldn't listen.
- Sorry, kids, I did my best.
- Shit.
Oh, man.
We'll talk about the suits tomorrow.
God knows, right now I'm a wreck.
It's wrong what you did to me.
You drugged me against my will.
No, no, no.
He likes to joke.
He's always playing pranks.
We're done here.
[electronic music playing.]
It's over.
- We tried, man.
- We tried.
Let's go to bed.
I'm tired.
- Yeah, you can't come back with me.
- Why? A girl I met is coming over.
I'll call as soon as she leaves.
Two, three hours, tops.
- Forget it.
- Joseph.
- I'll be fast.
- Don't worry.
I'm not a hobo.
[glass shatters.]
[bangs hard on window.]
What the - Can you spare some change? - Enough! - Coins? - No No, again.
It's the third time! I gave you everything.
- Come on.
Check your back pocket! - Oh, come on.
That's enough! Enough.
You need to go home.
Or Stop bothering people.
- A cigarette? Paper? - No, I don't smoke.
I'm not a corner store.
Leave me alone.
- Where are you going? - Who cares? I'm going home.
Good night.
Vagabonds in this country.
BRUSSELS AMSTERDAM Subtitle translation by Nadège Traoré-Dulot