Family Law (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Under the Influence

- I'll be your senior counsel.
- No, I want a co-counsel. Daniel
I don't have the affidavits on me,
because the plaintiffs wanted
to deliver them themselves.
I think about my mom. He violated her.
I only inseminated women
who weren't having
success with in vitro.
He may not have been
drugging and raping women,
but you are just as vile
as any other predator.
[HARRY] So where are we
on the class action suit?
We've reached out to
Dr. Peterson's insurance company
- What's the projected payout?
- $15 million.
[MAGGIE] You're not a good person, Lucy.
You're rotten to the core.
This relationship has cost me.
You saw an opportunity and you took it,
even if it meant betraying me.
Tell me again you weren't
gonna sleep with her, Frank.
I can't do that.
Would you consider couples' therapy?
How much cake are you
getting on this class action?
- I gotta go. Early meeting.
- Come on!
How many in the class?
- 50?
- About that.
Living vicariously here.
What are you gonna get first?
Place in Whistler? Ferrari?
- I ordered a Tesla.
- [LAUGHS] Of course you did.
Hey, would you sign this for me?
"Forty Under 40."
I think you're supposed to be
selected for this, not
soliciting nominations.
Well, what can I say? You
should've thought of nominating me.
You didn't. I gave you a nudge.
- It feels weird.
- You know what feels weird?
Telling my boss
you backed out of an accepted offer.
How long are you gonna
hold that over me?
It's the gift that keeps on giving.
Turn around.
It was first-year law
school, about three weeks in.
I was riding my bike across campus,
when, out of nowhere,
this incredibly hot woman,
nose buried in a book,
walks right out in front of me.
I swerved and hit a lamp post.
It was Fall On Your Knees.
Ann-Marie MacDonald. Not
like I could put it down.
So I'm lying there, on the pavement,
my bike's a tangle of scrap metal
I had no idea he almost hit me,
I just saw this poor guy lying there,
so I stopped to help,
- and realized he was very cute.
- Mm. Other way around
You realized I was very
cute, so you stopped to help.
Tomato, tomahto.
The point is, I nursed
you back to health.
My friends gave me a hard time
about dating an older woman.
[SCOFFS] 11 months! My
god. We are 11 months apart.
But I was the one who
had to keep up with her.
She had this
raw energy.
It was infectious.
She could drink everyone under the
table and still get the highest mark.
The night before year-end finals,
she stole all the real estate
signs in the neighbourhood
and blocked the law-school entrance.
I have to take his word for it.
I don't remember any of it.
How often would you say you
drank to the point of memory loss?
Uh well, I-I partied
a lot in university, but
still graduated top of my class.
When did you first
become aware you had
an alcohol dependency?
That first Christmas we
spent with my parents.
Oh, come on.
We were sharing a cabin
with your family for a week.
It's amazing I didn't take up crack.
You called my mother "Smother",
ripped off your bikini in the hot tub,
and made naked snow angels.
When I look back now,
I realize it was a problem
right from the beginning.
I guess I thought it was
a phase she'd outgrow.
I like Dr. Hailu.
Very intuitive.
So, Sofia has volleyball after school
- and Nico has
- Chess club. I know.
Do you want to grab an
early bite after work?
Uh, I don't know what
my day looks like yet.
- Okay. Why don't you text me later?
- Sure.
Thank you for doing this.
I think we're making progress.
- Hi.
- Thanks for your email last night.
My dad and I are super-excited
for the meeting tomorrow.
There's a chance we
could win a bigger payout
if we went to court,
but it's a gamble.
A settlement gives us certainty.
The settlement is still going to be
a lot of money, right?
We're anticipating
something in the six figures
for each class member,
but wait till the check
clears before you go shopping.
Does he have to come
here for the meeting?
Dr. Doug?
Why don't you take an
early lunch tomorrow?
Thank you, Jerri.
Can you sign this please?
Wow. Name on the door
and now you're too special
to even say good morning?
You're 90 minutes late.
Our client's gonna be here at 10.
Just because you need three hours
to look over a separation agreement
- What is this?
- "Forty Under 40."
This is for the city's most promising
The best and the brightest.
It's not for boys who
order penis sculptures
to prove they have a
modicum of authority.
It's a meditation
on the human experience
at the intersection
of individualism and
It's a dick, Daniel.
And in case you haven't noticed,
Harry still swings the
biggest around here.
Did you see the sign?
"Svensson and Svensson."
Your Svensson is smaller.
No, it's not!
Who the hell emptied this
and didn't make a fresh pot?
- I'm sorry about your breakup.
- No, you're not.
No, I'm not.
But I take no pleasure in your pain.
- Or your crabbiness.
- I'm going out to get a coffee.
- H
- Cordelia.
- Harrison.
- You're looking well.
- Ever the charmer.
[NINA] Would you like to wait
in the boardroom, Ms. Bernstein?
[HUSHED] She predates your mother.
My client will stay in the family home.
Ms. Chalifour will transfer
her interest in the house to him.
- She waives spousal support.
- [ABBY STAMMERS] Hang on.
You stayed home with your
daughters for the first 10 years,
and you've only started
making more than Mr. Ramos
in the last year.
Ms. Bianchi is just getting
up to speed on this file.
Why do you think for a second
we'd let our client
waive spousal support?
Because she's already agreed.
Walk away from the family home?
Let Mr. Ramos keep the newer car?
This agreement gives everything to him
- and nothing to our client.
- Because she left me.
She's allowed to do that, Mr. Ramos.
To join a cult!
She left me for a cult!
You can't prove it ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got nothing legit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The glove don't fit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got to acquit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The charges won't stick 'Cause ♪
I ain't no sucker ♪
Ain't your lollipop ♪
But ♪
You can kiss my sweet ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
You can't prove it ♪
Ever since she got roped
into this "LIFT" thing,
she's become a completely
different person.
A healthier person!
It's given me confidence, independence.
You're obsessed with it!
It's all you do. It's
all you talk about.
Because it's my job and I love it.
You can't stand that I
make more money than you.
He's happy to take a huge chunk of it,
and the house and the car.
You used to put our marriage first.
Our family.
Now all you care about
are your workouts.
Just because I choose not
to spend the rest of my life
on the couch, eating
chips, watching TV
Okay! Okay, let's all
take a breath and remember
we're not here to rehash the past,
but rather move forward
with a separation agreement
that works for both parties.
Well said, Mr. Svensson.
We require no further amendments.
Of course, you don't.
Our client's rolled over
on every single point.
She's right.
I am done being a pushover, Efren.
We need to draft a new agreement.
[SNAPPING] What the hell was that?
It's your job to protect your client.
It's my job to follow her instructions!
The battle cry of the mediocre lawyer.
Sabine and Efren
have two young daughters.
Do you think maybe they might
want to settle this amicably
- and spare their kids?
- No one wins in that family
if the children see their
mother painted as the bad guy,
or see their father walk all over her.
- Cecil! I've heard of LIFT.
Got a couple of friends who swear by it,
so I doubt we have to
worry about Efren's claim,
but forewarned is forearmed.
Find me everything you can on
a local company called "LIFT."
- The ride-share?
- No. L.I.F.T
"Lifestyle Improvement
and Fitness Training."
And you're gonna check out one
of Sabine's coaching sessions.
We're in the middle of a class action.
I don't have time to jump around
in Lululemon That's your thing.
Settlement meeting isn't till tomorrow,
and if this case goes to court
Which, by the way,
would entirely be your fault,
then you can be sure Cordelia's
going to use the "C" word.
Cult, Cecil. "C" is for "cult."
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Your friend, Alyse, called.
She had to cancel book
club at El Guapo tonight.
- Did she say why?
- A bunch of people were double-booked.
I was really craving their fish tacos.
- Hey, Jerri, do you have dinner plans?
- Sorry, can't tonight.
Eleanor and I are taking
the kids to a play
The two that still speak to us.
I love Mexican food.
You know, anything spicy!
I once won a uh, chilli eating contest.
- Only needed one day off work
- Wow! [GIGGLES]
And here we go.
Feel the stretch in your hip flexor.
Other side.
I'm so happy you came.
You picked a great day
to check out "LIFT."
We're doing an obstacle course.
Oh, n I'm just here to observe.
And make sure we're not a cult?
I know. You're gonna see
how ridiculous Efren's being.
But I am not letting you off the hook
You've got to try it.
You'll love it.
A day at the revival ♪
I wear my Jimmy Choos ♪
High as Jesus "H" ♪
Hallucinating in the pews ♪
Falling down with fever ♪
Crawling through the dirt ♪
My heavenly father ♪
He's gonna make it hurt ♪
Sugar on my lips ♪
Helps the medicine go down ♪
Midnight corruption ♪
Whispered in tongues ♪
Licking my lips ♪
The heaving of lungs ♪
Oh, heavenly vessel ♪
Exorcise my soul ♪
Find my inner demon ♪
Make me lose control ♪
- [MAN] You got this.
Pretty sure I don't.
Don't let that voice inside
tell you you can't. You can.
I've never really
been the athletic type.
Says who?
What evidence do you
have that you're not?
You're looking at it.
Making it over that wall
is gonna feel better than sex.
Choose how you want to feel,
but I see you making it over that wall.
I can see it like it's already happened.
I'll see you on the other side.
Seven deadly sins ♪
Seven deadly sins ♪
Sugar on my lips ♪
Helps the medicine go ♪
Down ♪
Seven deadly sins ♪
Gonna drink my medicine down ♪
- Whoo!
Fish tacos.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy.
Lucy, wait.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean for you to
see us out with Maggie.
You're my book club.
I started our book club.
We're not trying to be mean.
It's hard for us, too, you know?
Everything that
happened You and Maggie.
What does that have
to do with book club?
Maggie is the one who's
pregnant and alone and
She needs us more than you do.
Is that Lily Kwan?
She just took her company public.
I'm pretty sure her stock
went up 90% in three days.
So it's like a "Who's Who"
of Vancouver's best and brightest.
Oh, God, Daniel would
be so jealous right now.
Everyone's so inspiring
and open and dynamic.
You wouldn't recognize me
as the person I was before.
I was stuck.
Clinging to some version of
myself that wasn't even mine.
Nate gave me all the tools
to unlock my peak power.
Who's Nate?
[SABINE] He founded LIFT.
Sabine, why don't you
introduce us to your friend?
This is Abigail Bianchi.
She is one of the city's
top family lawyers,
and she's mine!
She helped me see
how my ex-husband was using
my own guilt against me.
I have nothing to be ashamed of.
- Whoo!
"Metathesiophobia" A fear of change.
Some people are what
I call "metaphobes."
They don't want to see us grow
because it forces them to confront
their own lack of growth.
And we all know those people, right?
They just want to keep
you in that little box
- they decided was you.
Abigail? Why don't you chop
another log for the fire?
Oh, I've never chopped wood before.
You've never made it
over a wall before either.
Bet you there are all kinds
of things you've never done
I thought I'd hate it,
but I felt like
Xena Warrior Princess.
And Nate he's the founder
He zeroed right in on
what's going on for me.
Would you mind checking out a session?
I could use a professional assessment.
- Sure.
- Are you kidding?
Why send me there if you're
not gonna trust my judgment?
You're in an emotionally
vulnerable place right now.
You drank the Kool-Aid.
I'm not the one biking up mountains
with a bunch of guys in matching Spandex
and calling it a fun Saturday.
No one in my cycling club
is "zeroing in" on my issues.
Well, maybe they should.
- Good morning, "Cecile."
- You're in a good mood, sir.
What's better than
collecting a substantial fee
and beating Phil Sterling all at once?
- Getting justice for our Nina?
- Ah! There she is
The woman responsible
for our ship coming in.
You still haven't signed this.
You just said my
judgment can't be trusted.
Fine. I'll sign it.
- If you give me your office.
I could maybe get some of
these boxes out of here.
- Paint the walls.
- And?
A new chair. A good one.
Come on. You're only gonna be
here for another six months.
Do you want this signed or not?
Now go ask Harry to
approve my office reno.
I'm a partner. I don't
have to "ask Harry."
So what do you think?
After she's gone, we can
move another associate in there.
- Do it.
- Really?
- The fee on her class-action suit
- I wouldn't call it hers.
Will more than pay for
a fresh coat of paint.
Hell, she can have an
Eames chair, if she wants.
[CECIL] Dr. Peterson just
arrived with Phil Sterling.
Put them in the boardroom.
We'll be right there.
You don't have to sit in.
While we wait for the representatives
of your health insurance company
They're not coming.
Unfortunately, Dunlop and Federgreen
has deemed my client's actions
to be intentional,
and, therefore, outside
the terms of his coverage.
When I spoke to Dylan Wolcott last week,
he told me there was no issue
with Dr. Peterson's claim.
Mr. Wolcott was laid off on Friday.
My client is eager to settle this
and move on with his life.
There are 52 members in the class.
$20,000? Total?
250 bucks each, for the pain
and suffering you've caused?
Maybe if you hadn't
destroyed my reputation,
closed my clinic, had
my license revoked
Let's be very clear
You did that when you
violated your patients.
I gave them what they wanted.
And you turned them against me.
- The fact remains, Dr. Peterson
- "Mr. Peterson."
is not in a position to pay
the damages you're seeking.
You forced me into bankruptcy.
This is the best we can do.
Blood from a stone.
How much have we sunk into this so far?
not including today's billable hours.
You didn't have written confirmation
from his insurance company?
- They gave us no indication.
- [SNAPS] At the very least,
I want our costs paid! Do you hear me?
If word gets out how badly
this firm botched a slam dunk
Peterson's far from broke.
He lives in a 7,000-square-foot
house in Shaughnessy.
He has a yacht moored
on Granville Island!
Forget the insurance company.
We go after him personally.
I don't want to hear another
word out of any of you
until you get us paid.
All of you, out.
I'm so happy you brought a friend.
Mm, let's go with housemate.
Lucy Svensson.
Welcome to archery!
And thanks for the referral.
She gets a bonus
for every new person she
signs up for a session.
That's a red flag.
Sounds like a pyramid scheme.
Tons of businesses reward referrals,
including our father's firm.
[DANIEL] Dr. Peterson's clinic's
filed for bankruptcy protection
and his personal financial statements
show he's down to his last 30 grand.
His home address in Shaughnessy
he's not on title.
What? That's where he lives.
Okay, well, he's not the owner.
"18392048 Limited" is.
Since when?
Since 2019.
It's assessed at $12 million.
Doesn't help us if it's
owned by a shell company.
It's got six bathrooms, a
wine cellar, a home theater!
[ANNOYED] Cecil. What about his yacht?
- Is that in his name?
- It's owned by
"78943020 Limited."
Same company owns a house in Tofino.
How many shell companies
does this guy have?
I never should've ordered that Tesla.
So? How did it go?
- Should I call my dad?
- I would hold off for now.
We still have a few
kinks to work out.
The insurance company
refused to pay anything.
And we can't get at any
of Dr. Doug's own money
because it's tied up in shell companies.
We need to find a way
to convince a judge to
pierce the corporate veil.
So he can't argue his
personal money is separate
from all of the money he has
stashed in dummy corporations?
That was my book club.
I started it years before I met Maggie.
They're all friends because of me.
Now they're all on her side.
[CHUCKLES] Well, at least
your resentment's working for you.
Were you picturing
Alyse's face on the target?
My own.
I had everything I ever
wanted and I threw it all away.
Shoulders over hips. Hips over knees.
[EXHALES] Now draw the
bow back to your cheek
like a fish taking a hook.
Get out of your head.
Trust your body.
Feel it.
Imagine what you could do if you
really unlocked your peak power.
[HUSHED] "Peak power"?
It's just something he says.
Can't argue with that, though, right?
- He was all over you.
- It's not like that.
According to Sabine, Nate's celibate.
[SNICKERS] You don't
actually believe that?
I mean, it's textbook cult leader.
It's how they lure multiple women
into sexual relationships.
[LAUGHS] Have you seen Nate?
He doesn't have to lure anybody.
[NATE] There's a first
time for everything,
for everyone,
and it's gonna be terrifying,
but that fear
that is how you know
you're moving in the right direction.
If you're not just a
little fearful every day,
you're not living your best life.
Just imagine for one second
every single person here
This place checks all
the boxes of a cult, Abby.
High-arousal techniques,
thought reform,
rewarding obedience to a
single visionary leader.
He's not some hairy little troll
telling us he's the
smartest man on the planet,
or that aliens control our brains.
You're a high-value target for him.
You watch.
He's gonna invite you to
some elite "inner circle".
That's enough of me talking.
Take a walk with me.
I gotta tell you you're
you're incredible.
You know how rare it is to meet
someone who gets things like that?
I want you to join our executive board.
Uh can I think about it?
But, um, do me a favour?
Don't mention this to the others.
Some of them might feel
hurt that I've passed
them over for a newcomer.
You, you are
special, Abigail.
So not a cycling club.
I can't believe I didn't see the signs.
Intelligence is no
measure of susceptibility.
Cult leaders seek out bright people
to give their groups credibility.
So have we pierced the corporate veil?
Working on it, Nina.
Okay. Well, everyone's waiting
for you in the boardroom.
These are our proposed revisions
for the separation agreement.
I think you'll find them
equitable to both parties.
Their 13-year-old daughter, Aviva,
has been falling asleep in class.
Do you know why?
Because she's been setting an
alarm to wake up every two hours
to exercise through the night.
She won't eat breakfast.
She's limiting herself
to 800 calories a day.
"Discipline and restraint."
- Sound familiar?
- She read my journal.
I never intended Aviva to see it.
I thought it was well-hidden.
You're sick, Sabine.
You need help.
We will be seeking emergency
interim custody of both children.
[SABINE] Efren, please. I'll explain.
Nate designed this program
specifically for me
Do you hear yourself?
[CORDELIA] Your dangerous
practices and lack of judgment
put your daughters at risk.
Leave this awful group, Sabine.
- Please.
- [TEARFULLY] I am this close
to my ideal weight.
For the first time in my
life, I feel good about myself.
You just can't stand
to let me grow.
You're a metaphobe.
Cordelia Bernstein is
an excellent lawyer.
We're gonna be fighting
an uphill battle.
I strongly advise you to leave LIFT.
Absolutely not.
You said it yourself.
Efren is punishing me
for leaving a marriage
that wasn't working.
Or he's legitimately
worried about you.
Nate is telling you what to eat,
what to weigh, when to sleep.
I am not going to let
Efren destroy my career,
my social network
You're setting alarms to work
out in the middle of the night!
Those are your societal biases talking.
Follow your fear, let
it lead you to change.
Okay, look.
If we get the wrong judge,
you could lose your kids.
I believe in your peak power, Abigail.
You're gonna win this for me.
[ABBY] Cecil, did you
find anything on LIFT?
Yeah, there's almost nothing online,
but I was able to dig up a deleted post
from an anonymous blogger.
She used to be a coach
at LIFT, like Sabine.
She's willing to talk,
but only off the record,
and not here.
She'll be at Qaseem's
Cafe in Port Moody at two.
Nice work.
How's the class action going?
Maybe if you weren't hanging
out with your new cult friends
and running off to God
knows where, you'd know.
You take Sabine's case then.
You're used to insane
workouts and bizarre diets.
That's your mess, not mine.
Give me the Cole's Notes.
Maybe I can help.
I need to figure out how
the hell to convince a judge
to pierce the corporate veil.
You prove Peterson hid all his assets
at the first whiff of trouble.
Sure. Except he moved his money
years before you caught him.
I caught him.
Doesn't mean I was the
first to question him.
Excuse me. I have to
text with my cult leader.
Pull up the group email for
the class action members.
We need them all to answer one question.
And then there was the time
we hosted a Christmas open house.
Around four, I found Abby in the den,
passed out on a pile of coats,
[THERAPIST] Let me stop you there.
How are any of these stories
about your wife's drinking
relevant to what we were talking about?
it's at the root of our problems and
Sorry to interrupt again,
but you both seem very comfortable
with this dynamic
Abby, the troubled one,
you, the long-suffering partner.
[DRYLY] Wow. That's
so intuitive, Dr. Hailu.
Rather than dredging up the past,
I'd like to come back
to the recent crisis
that brought you here
- Frank's affair.
- What affair?
I slept with her once, over a year ago.
[ABBY] And never stopped talking to her.
You told her our marriage was ending.
What I'm curious about
is why you continued
an emotional affair,
even as Abby was demonstrating to you
her willingness to do the work.
You were nine months into your sobriety
when this incident
occurred at the hotel?
Yup. A-And I was going to counseling,
attending A.A.
Frank. Why do you think you
agreed to meet with this woman,
even as you were trying
to reconcile with Abby?
Because everything
was easy with Felicity,
and everything with her is hard!
It's always been hard.
No. No way. I am not doing this.
Give me a minute.
You can't believe a
word that woman says.
She turned on Nate when
he tried to help her.
- She's vengeful and petty and
- You hired me to fight for you,
but I can't do that if
you limit my "peak power".
You could lose your daughters.
We got him.
One of the class-action
members went to Dr. Peterson
in May of 2019, with concerns
about the sperm he used.
He managed to quash her fears,
but, in June of that year,
he started transferring all of
his assets into shell companies.
He's the sole shareholder?
Do these companies have a purpose
- beyond sheltering his assets?
- Nope.
How soon can you get
in front of a judge?
Cecil's at the courthouse now.
Good work, Danny.
You might yet turn this around.
Nate told us, to grow, we had
to share our darkest secrets.
It felt so good to unburden myself.
What I didn't know was,
he was recording all of it
Every single session,
- including the body work.
- "Body work"?
With Nate.
- I thought Nate was celibate.
- Yeah.
We all did,
and we all thought we
were the special exception.
When I left,
he sent those sex tapes to my family
my friends, my colleagues.
Ruined my career, my marriage.
I was the cautionary tale
"this is what happens
if you leave LIFT."
- Why didn't you go to the police?
- I did.
They said there was
nothing they could do
because I was a consenting adult.
And then Nate slapped you
with a defamation suit?
Yeah. Fought it for almost two years,
until the legal bills bankrupted me.
I'm guessing that all
sounded a little too familiar?
What does Nate have on you?
- We have to get out in front of this.
- Exactly.
Draft a strongly-worded
cease-and-desist letter.
No. We need to get
Sabine's recordings back.
What makes you think
he'll give them back?
Or that there's only one copy?
That's why you're gonna
reach out to Sandra Dell.
The reporter who outed Dad's
relationship with Crystal?
[ABBY] We put her on
this and she won't stop
until she's hunted down the truth.
The hard part
is gonna be convincing Sabine.
But I'm sure you'll find a way.
- Me?
- I'll be busy with Nate.
- I'm gonna accept his invitation.
- What? No. No, you're not.
You're my second chair in
the class action tomorrow.
I've taught you all I can, Daniel.
Time to take off the training wheels.
You got this!
[BAILIFF] All rise!
- What are you doing here?
- I heard your co-counsel is still busy
chasing down cult leaders. Move over.
Mr. Svensson.
Are you ready to proceed?
Yes, Your Honor.
[SANDRA] My editor's
not on board with this.
There'd better be some
fire behind the smoke.
Trust me. Your readers are gonna
want to hear every bizarre detail.
Hey. You can do this.
You've got more peak power
than anyone I've ever met.
I've been waiting for you.
[LILY] Who else has something
to say before we swim?
Yeah. I do.
Thanks, Lily.
What I'm going to say
I know it's hard to hear.
[ABBY] Where's everyone
else on the executive board?
I wanted some time alone with you.
Happy to hear that.
Because I'm here to get
Sabine's recordings back.
[SABINE] And then I realized
if Nate recorded Robin,
he recorded me, too.
Maybe he recorded
our "body work" sessions.
At first, I didn't think of it as sex,
since Nate's told all
of us he's celibate.
He said he was
helping me overcome my inhibitions.
You think all you have to do
is threaten to send those
tapes to Sabine's husband
and she'll be so afraid
of losing custody,
she'll do anything you want.
But that's called blackmail.
And I know several very
ambitious civil lawyers
who would love to take
down a cult leader.
You go ahead and indulge
this fantasy, Abigail.
See how far it gets you.
If we all leave together,
he can't hurt any of us.
I'm sorry you're having
some kind of personal crisis,
but spreading
this poison about Nate
You know it's true, Lily.
You all know!
We have to stop him
from hurting anyone else.
[ABBY] Hand over Sabine's recordings
and I'll let you crawl back
under the rock you came from.
There are no recordings.
She's lying, just like Robin.
I tried to help these women.
They're so entrenched in their paranoia.
That's the story you're sticking with?
Sandra Dell, from the
Vancouver Guardian,
is at your campfire right now,
getting background for her exposé.
If you do anything
to slander my reputation
or damage my business,
- I will destroy you.
- Oh
I love a good fight, Nate.
Bring it on.
Hey. How'd it go?
Nobody said anything.
They wouldn't even make eye contact.
[LUCY] I promise you
They are all thinking
about what you told them.
It might take a while, but
they will come out of this fog.
Where's Sandra?
She went back to her
office to start writing.
- Did he give you the recordings?
- 'Course not.
But the house of cards is
coming down and he knows it.
No. He could still send those
tapes to Efren, to my daughters.
Cut him off at the pass.
Not only did Dr. Peterson know
what he was doing was wrong,
he clearly anticipated
his heinous acts would
catch up with him.
He systematically moved his assets
into numbered companies,
hoping his victims would
never see a penny in damages.
That speaks volumes about
the defendant's character.
The 52 members of this class
are forever scarred by what this
man did to them and their families.
But I urge the court to
find in favour of the plaintiffs
and send a message to
every doctor out there
who may be tempted
to satisfy his own ego
in such a villainous manner.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Thank you, Counsel.
I have heard everything I need to.
Nice work, sir.
Thank you, Cecile.
[CECIL] And then, when the judge said,
"Your capacity for
deception, Mr. Peterson,
appears to be endless,"
that's when I knew
This is going our way.
Well spotted.
We won!
Oh, my god! Thank you!
I gotta go call my dad.
[SABINE] Efren, if Nate
sends you the tapes,
if he tries to send them to our girls
I'll delete all of it.
You were right
to be worried about the kids.
When I think about Aviva
reading my journal, I
All that matters now is that you're out.
And thanks to
Ms. Chalifour's bravery,
Nate and his cult have
been publicly exposed.
Did you see Sandra
Dell's piece this morning?
I did. It was a very compelling read.
Moving forward, our client will
be working with a psychologist
specializing in cult-victim recovery.
We still strongly believe
that Ms. Chalifour and Mr. Ramos
must share equal parenting time.
Your client has demonstrated
remarkably poor judgment.
I-It's okay, Ms. Bernstein.
girls need their mother,
and I know she's gonna
come through this.
Nice job.
Harry's lucky to have you.
Now that this case is behind us,
there's something I wanted to ask.
It's a little awkward,
but the festive mood,
- I figured that
- Out with it, Cecile.
I know our new HR policy
means I'm not allowed
- to date anyone here, but
- What are you talking about?
The changes Daniel
made to the HR policy.
You signed off on them last week
"no office relationships."
Don't be ridiculous. I met
two of my three wives at work.
How on Earth is anyone
supposed to meet otherwise?
Well, I'm thrilled to
hear you say that, sir,
- but the policy states
- Who are you interested in, Cecile?
Good God, man!
Go for it.
Life is too short.
- Cake?
- I'm off carbs.
We still won,
even if Harry had to be the glory hog.
- He was brilliant.
- Yeah, thanks to your hard work.
He just swooped in at the last minute.
You're the one who
Stop it! While Harry was
running on his treadmill
and I was out chopping wood,
you were building an airtight case.
You know what?
Nate may be a full-on
creepy cult leader,
but he was right about one thing.
Sometimes, the people
we think really know us,
they can't see us for who we are now,
only as we used to be.
Dad's never gonna see me as
a real partner, is that it?
I'm saying, forget how Harry sees you.
Forty Under 40.
And I'm in! [POUNDS DESK] Yes!
Suck it, Dad!
Nina? I'd like to ask you something.
Harry gave me some great advice.
- Life is short.
- Oh, my god!
That is exactly the same
advice my dad gave me.
I just gave Jerri my notice.
Notice of what?
My dad and I are gonna take a year off
and backpack around the world.
We're going to fly to
Japan first and wait!
You were gonna ask me something
and I completely cut you off.
It's nothing important.
They they got good sushi.
So I've heard.
I'll send you a postcard
from every single place we go.
[FRANK] After our last session,
I was tempted to look
for a new therapist.
Dr. Hailu swung pretty
hard to your side.
Yeah. I was thinking a
lot about that last session.
What you said
I I didn't mean for
it to come out like that.
It it was harsh.
No. You were right.
Living with me was hard.
Thank you for acknowledging that.
But I don't want to be
anybody's "hard," Frank.
So I'm going to make this easier,
for both of us.
I'm done
trying to make this work.
It's over.
You call in the jury ♪
Call it a catch ♪
Without any strings attached ♪
Well, I'm looking for ♪
A soft place to land ♪
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