Family Law (2021) s03e03 Episode Script

It's the End of the World as We Know It

Previously, on Family Law
[HARRY] She's going to move in with me.
Just until I find my new place.
I forbid you to breathe a
word of this to Nico or Sofia.
They'll be crushed when this blows up
I've gotta say,
I can't imagine why anyone
would want to start a new family
- at this stage in life.
- But never say never, right?
I can 100% say never.
I think you're ready
to move on to step four.
Which is?
Moral inventory.
It helps you get to the root
of any unhealthy patterns of behaviour.
This relationship has cost me.
You saw an opportunity and you took it,
even if it meant betraying me.
So, is Kelly a new friend or
a new friend?
- I can't tell.
- It's real.
Must be time to walk again.
We've been running for
at least three minutes!
Oh my bad.
We just ran a whole
kilometer without stopping.
- You're the worst!
But you did it!
Oh I did it!
Ah must be the runner's high.
I love it!
And I love you for being
my endorphin dealer.
I love you, too.
- Wordle in four.
- Ugh I got it in three!
do you know what Friday is?
Uh, the day before the weekend?
I know very well what Friday is,
and I've already booked
us a table at Il Giardino.
- Do you need any gift ideas?
- Wouldn't that spoil the surprise?
Oh, surprises lead to disappointment.
I'd rather get exactly what I want.
Oh, and what might that be?
Your mother's tennis bracelet.
Not inheriting it
was one of my only
regrets about our divorce.
Well, wouldn't you rather
have something shiny and new,
from Cartier, maybe?
You do still have that tennis bracelet?
Of course.
Just saying I called it.
Well, congratulations,
you've got gaydar.
Now can you please stop gloating?
I'll stop gloating
when you stop grinning.
- Oh Someone got laid!
- Lucy has a new girlfriend.
[LUCY] She's not my girlfriend.
We've been on a few dates.
I've met her.
Wh ! I stayed at
your place all last week
and he finds out first?
- What's her name?
- Kelly.
Not you, Dingus. What's she like?
She's cool.
Grounded, mature.
- Oh. So older?
- Ancient!
- Your age.
- She's a good listener.
She helps me unpack things,
identifies emotional triggers.
Kelly is a psychologist, too.
Oh, overanalyzing each
other? Sounds sexy.
You know, people in the same profession
can have successful relationships, Abby.
Yeah, just because you
and Frank imploded
Oh your new suit.
It's really upped my game.
- Scored me another date last night.
- How'd it go?
Started great, till she went to
the bathroom and never came back.
- What'd you say to her?
- Nothing.
She called her roommate a
slob, I said tell me about it.
"My mom leaves her nail clippings in
the sink and my dad forgets to flush."
- Just casual banter.
- Cecil, that's not banter.
Mr. Svensson! Ms. Bianchi
Both of you here together! At once.
- Everything okay?
- Absolutely. It's just
there's a new client
- in the boardroom.
- Who's he booked with?
- Oh, go ahead.
- No one yet.
- And they're off!
Daniel Svensson, Partner.
Abigail Bianchi, Associate.
- Magnus Sundstrom.
- What can we help you with?
My in-laws are trying to
take my kids away from me.
- On what grounds?
- My criminal record.
I've been arrested a few times.
- Arrested? For what?
- For trying to save the world.
You can't prove it ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got nothing legit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The glove don't fit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got to acquit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The charges won't stick 'Cause ♪
I ain't no sucker ♪
Ain't your lollipop ♪
But ♪
You can kiss my sweet ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop ♪
And by "saving the world," you mean ?
I'm a climate activist.
Oh, so you were arrested at protests?
Yes and no.
Uh, first time,
I chained myself to an old-growth fir
at Fairy Creek.
Second time, I helped blockade a bridge
- during a trade summit.
- Okay.
And then about a month ago,
I, uh, paid a surprise visit
to Bluecore Mining's head office
and I poured a bucket
of fake blood on the CEO.
[CHUCKLES] You pulled a Carrie?
- How many children do you have?
- Uh, two. Boy and a girl.
- Are you and their mother still ?
- My wife died three years ago.
I'm sorry to hear that.
My in-laws never liked me much,
but after Kyra died,
well, they hate that
I've involved the kids.
Well, you do keep getting arrested.
My kids are never with me
when I do anything risky.
My in-laws are taking me to court.
They're calling me negligent.
How the hell am I being
negligent? I just
I fight for climate justice
because I care about my kids,
because I want them to have a future.
When's your court date?
- Uh, tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
I-I know, it's short notice.
I really thought this
would be resolved by now.
Is there any possibility
you would consider ?
- Yes.
- Yes!
Who waits until the day
before court to retain counsel?
The man sounds woefully irresponsible.
What did he think would happen,
repeatedly breaking the law?
It's not like he's getting
arrested for assault or DUIs.
The law is the law!
That's what they said to Rosa Parks
when she wouldn't give up her seat.
Mm. That's not the same thing.
[LUCY] Laws protect the status quo.
If they're unjust,
maybe we should be breaking them.
Exactly! These companies are
destroying the environment,
and yet he gets arrested
for standing up to them?
Meanwhile, some people won't
even let their firms go paperless.
I'm sensing the
beginnings of a harangue.
If you'll excuse me.
Eleanor and I have fought
for dozens of causes
went to marches, wrote
hundreds of letters.
My mom used to take me to protests.
I hated all that patchouli
oil and body hair.
I'm a bit of a social activist, too.
Did the ice-bucket challenge.
Put up a black square up
on my social media for BLM.
Grew a mustache for Movember
though I did shave it when Winston
said it had "porn star energy".
[ABBY] Wow, Cecil! Way to change
the world, one hashtag at a time.
I do what I can.
Hey maybe I should
put "social activism"
on my dating profile.
We need to divide and conquer.
Could you two drive
out to Magnus's place,
- do a home assessment?
- Sure.
Uh, and what, pray
tell, will you be doing?
Digging through similar case files.
Hope you don't get a paper-cut.
This is beautiful.
Daddy, keep pushing!
- [ABBY] Hey, Magnus.
- Hey.
- This is Dr. Lucy Svensson.
- Hello.
Hi. Glad you came by. My
arms are getting tired.
- This is my son, River.
- Hi.
You wanna see our bees?
Uh I'd love to, but
I forgot my epi-pen.
Let's go inside and you
can meet River's sister.
- Half-an-hour till lunch, kiddo.
- Okay.
- How's it coming along?
- Great.
What's another word for
"disaster"? I've used it twice.
Mm catastrophe. Doomsday. Apocalypse.
[CEDAR] Oh, that's good. Thanks.
Mm. Cedar's writing her
speech for the rally this week.
Will this be your first time
speaking in front of a crowd?
- I do it all the time.
- Yeah, she started when she was eight.
Wow! [LAUGHS] When I was eight,
I was too shy to stand
in front of class.
- Hey, can I use your washroom?
- Yeah, just upstairs on the right.
Don't forget to put sawdust on
your business when you're done.
It's a compost toilet.
All right, Riv. Let's get washed up.
Thank you so much for the visit
and, uh see you in court tomorrow.
You know if SUV
drivers were a nation,
they'd rank seventh in the
world for carbon emissions.
It's a hybrid.
I'd wipe that smug look off your face,
unless you'd prefer a
long, emissions-free walk
back to the office.
Hello, Harry.
I was surprised to hear from you.
Yes, it's, uh, it's been a while.
I caught your monologue
the other night
the one on Critical Race
Theory in the classroom.
Oh. And?
Your position was certainly clear.
- The ratings keep soaring.
- Do they?
So why did you want to get together?
I have a bold request.
That diamond tennis
bracelet I gave you
could I have it back?
It's an heirloom.
Giving it away was rash.
Of course, I'd be happy
to compensate you for it.
Who is she?
- My ex-wife.
- Which one?
The "Sanctimonious Bleeding Heart"?
Or the "Wicked Witch of the West Side"?
[DEFLATES] The latter.
Her birthday is coming up.
Apparently, it has sentimental value.
Take it.
I never liked it much anyway.
Thank you, Crystal.
- How did it go at the Sundstroms'?
- Good.
The kids are happy,
healthy engaged
having a pretty idyllic childhood.
- Magnus seems like a good dad.
- No red flags?
Nope. We're good.
Okay, I've written up
a brief home assessment.
What are you doing?
My "moral inventory".
So far, I have "procrastination".
I'm thinking of adding "perfectionism".
You're eating my lunch.
Kelly made it for me.
Maybe next time, you should
write your name on it.
- What do you call that? Hey?
- Oh!
Must've been facing the other direction.
Well, you know I love
lasagna! This is really on you!
Well, maybe you should add "selfishness"
and "lack of impulse
control" to your list.
[GRUMBLES] Can I do that
after lunch?
Oh! I love it, Sof.
- You have exquisite taste.
- Happy almost-birthday, Jo-Jo.
- Open mine next.
- Okay, okay.
What oddly-shaped dice.
They're for Dungeons & Dragons.
So we can play together.
You'd make a great sorceress.
- Oh, ho. I can't wait.
- Oh
Oh, yes, this one must be from your mom.
I saw it and, uh, I thought of you.
Oh, thank you, honey!
So considerate.
Why do Mom and Sofia have
goofy looks on their faces?
Oh, that is a very good question.
- Are you texting Justin?
- Who?
- Oh, him. No.
- Well, who is it?
Someone who respects my privacy.
- Does anyone
still use their cell phones
to talk to each other?
Not by choice.
Well, that's why you don't see
Harry and I texting all day
that way, we actually have
something to talk about
when he comes home.
[SOFIA] Wait. Are you
and Grandpa together?
- Like, together together?
- Oh
- Cat's out of the bag.
That's so cool!
Hey, kids? Why don't you, uh,
get another bocce game started?
What the hell was that?
I didn't mean to say
anything. It just slipped out!
This could get their hopes up.
What if they think Frank and I are next?
You're being dramatic.
Children are self-absorbed.
They'll hardly give it another thought.
How often did you see your
grandchildren, Mrs. Wickstead?
All the time, when my daughter was
uh, Vince and I would go
to their school concerts,
Cedar's soccer games.
We brought oranges for the team.
But the kids don't do
those things anymore.
Ever since Magnus started
homeschooling them,
they've been cut off
from their friends us.
You feel that Mr. Sundstrom
has isolated your grandchildren
- from you?
- [DANIEL] Objection!
- Leading the witness.
- Overruled.
Proceed, Mrs. Wickstead.
He returns our gifts.
Blocked our trip to Disneyland.
And I know he has his reasons,
but Vince and I just
want to make sure that
our grandchildren are okay.
Do you think they're safe
under Mr. Sundstrom's care?
Not when he takes them to those rallies.
They turn violent.
Your Honor, there's no evidence
my client has ever put
his children in harm's way.
Please continue.
How have your
grandchildren been affected
by Mr. Sundstrom's arrests?
[SOBS] They're terrified.
They've already lost one parent,
and now the other could
be hauled off to prison.
Objection! We're talking
about civil disobedience here.
No! It's more than that.
He's obsessed.
If it weren't for him,
Kyra would still be alive.
Our grandchildren would
still have their mother.
He killed our daughter!
- Mr. Sundstrom, did you kill your wife?
- No, of course not.
The last two years of Kyra's life,
there was so much chemo and radiation
it bought her some time
she was just so weak.
And whose decision was
it to stop treatment?
She wanted to put her
last bit of time and energy
into the things she cared about
our family the cause.
She was the bravest, most
principled person I have ever met.
Mrs. Wickstead said you bring
your children to rallies.
- Do they ever get violent?
- No. No, they're peaceful protests.
If there is any chance of danger,
I leave the kids with
trusted family friends.
And now that you
home-school your children,
- do they ever feel isolated?
- Hardly.
We belong to a thriving
home-school community.
Both Cedar and River
are above grade-level
in reading, writing, math.
[DANIEL] What about their grandparents?
Are you alienating them?
I refuse the odd gift, but only
because it isn't biodegradable.
And the Disneyland trip?
Air travel is accountable for
5% of global CO2 emissions.
That's more important
than lining up for rides.
Look, I want my kids
to have a relationship
with their grandparents.
I invite them to our rallies,
especially when Cedar is speaking,
but they never show up.
Thank you, Mr. Sundstrom.
[GRANDLY] And for your
efforts to save our planet.
Your Honor, Mr.
Sundstrom more than meets
the minimum standard for good parenting.
To suggest he should
lose primary parenting
because he's a passionate
acting in our collective
best interests
Thank you. That is laying it
on a bit thick, Mr. Svensson.
But the courts don't take
children away from parents
for passing on their beliefs.
That being said, I am
ordering the children
to meet with a psychologist
to assess their well-being.
We will reconvene at a later date
to consider that evidence.
- Thank you.
- Oh, don't thank us yet
we have to get through
this report first.
Oh, I'm not worried.
My kids are doing great.
You should come by the rally,
see Cedar in action for yourselves.
- You can cover that.
- What? Why me? Why don't you go?
Because I'm partner and you're not.
Well, I've been a lawyer
longer, so make me.
"Hey, Mom. So happy you're home!"
That's more like it.
- Oh ooh!
- What's for dinner?
Ah, there's still tons
of food from last night.
So, leftovers. Again.
You're always free to
make your own dinner.
Are Grandpa and Jo-Jo
gonna get married again?
they've only been dating for a month.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
By the way, I'm not going
to school on Thursday.
Uh, yes, you are.
There's a bunch of student strikes
for the climate rally.
Mr. Maniar says he won't mark us absent.
The cynic in me might
think you're skipping class
to hang out with that
boy you've been texting.
[SCOFFS] Mother, please.
Your generation left a big mess.
Now mine has to clean it up.
[GASPS PLAYFULLY] Funny coincidence!
I happen to be going
to one of those rallies.
- [ALARMED] Since when?
- Since my client asked me to.
So, while you're out there,
cleaning up my generation's mess,
I'll be on the sidelines,
cheering you on.
- Can I come, too?
- Absolutely!
It'll be a family outing.
Morning, Winston.
You're wearing that suit
every day this week.
Yes! I have, indeed. Lunch date today.
- Gotta bring my "A" game.
- Cecil. Saying this with nothing but
care in my heart you
need to change it up.
But it's the fanciest
thing I own. Feel that!
My skin can't go back to polyester.
- Then buy another fancy suit.
- I didn't even buy this one.
It's super expensive.
Why don't we hit the
department stores after work.
We can "Pretty Woman" you.
Find something you can
wear on a second date?
Yeah, I'd love that. Thanks!
Straight boys.
Back in a couple hours.
- New client?
- Sure.
Mr. Svensson!
This came in by courier first thing.
It's from the Law Society.
[JERRI] What?
I can't believe it
she lodged a complaint
- against me!
- Who?
Crystal Steele.
We're in a horror movie.
That woman just keeps coming back.
What's her complaint?
That I "breached my fiduciary duty".
Apparently, hate-mongering
isn't enough
now she's graduated to slander.
What outrageous lies has
she been concocting about you?
That I started dating her
while she was still my client.
Are you sure this is okay?
Thought you weren't allowed
to bring me into the house.
We can stop if you want.
- What was that?
- Shh.
[NICO] Hey, you're supposed
to take off your shoes inside.
[SOFIA] Don't be such a narc.
[HORRIFIED] Wednesdays!
They get out at noon!
Hurry! Here.
Hurry up!
- Jump off the balcony!
- Are you crazy? I'll break my ankle!
Shh-shh-shh-shh-shh. Hide in the closet.
- Go! Go, go, go, go.
- Mom?
- What are you doing home?
- Hey, Peanut.
You're that fireman
who came to my school.
Yeah, he w he was just here
uh, checking the smoke detectors.
Good news they're working!
Bet you didn't know the
death rate from house fires
is twice as high in
homes without detectors.
Uh, actually, I did know that.
I love my grandparents.
But they don't get it.
Can you give me an example?
Well, we used to sleep over
so they bought us bunk-beds.
- That sounds nice.
- No!
Fast furniture winds up in landfills.
If you lined up all the discarded
mattresses in the world,
they'd circle the planet!
You're really passionate
about these issues.
Everyone should be.
That's why we do these rallies.
- Do you always speak at them?
- Most of the time.
- I also have a YouTube channel.
- [LAUGHS] Wow.
Did you come up with that idea?
My dad got me started.
He said Greta Thunberg
gets more attention
than any adult could.
What else do you like to do?
I heard you're quite the soccer player.
I was a pretty good goalie.
You don't play anymore?
We don't live in a world
where you can just
play soccer or have sleepovers
and pretend nothing's wrong.
The Earth is in trouble.
The only thing that matters
is trying to save it.
Where have you been?
- Um
- Don't touch my lunch.
[ABBY] Oh, wouldn't be
[LAUGHS] this one, would it?
[DANIEL] How'd it go with Cedar?
Oh, she's certainly
invested in the cause.
The life and death of the planet
it's a burden for anyone to carry.
Yeah, especially a 10-year-old.
Well, a lot of children
suffer from climate anxiety.
Cedar might be questioning
if she even has a future.
Because of the messages that
Magnus is drilling into her?
He's not wrong.
Climate change is terrifying.
But it's all Cedar seems to think about.
Harry needs to see
you in his office. Now.
- Ooh, someone's in trouble!
- Abigail, grow up.
- What's your report gonna say?
- I'm not giving any recommendations.
Just sharing the
details of our conversation.
Right. But not all the details?
Anything that could be
misconstrued as negligence?
Here's another word for
your moral inventory.
"Witness tampering".
That's two words.
Crystal claims you told her
to take a lesser settlement
- so you could start dating.
- Which is absurd!
Were you dating Crystal when
she was still your client?
There there may have
been a small overlap.
You know how long it takes
to wrap up the paperwork on a case.
Harry has a hearing at
the Law Society tomorrow.
And you want me to represent you?
It will be straightforward.
We'll minimize Crystal's complaint
and call her out for
manipulating the truth.
Belligerence will only escalate things.
If I'm going to represent you,
we need to follow the three "C" s
cooperation, compliance, and contrition.
- I knew this was a bad idea.
- Harry, we need him.
Daniel's reputation is above reproach.
They may try to establish a pattern,
so if there are any
other women you dated
while they were actively
your clients, tell me now.
I'm not going to respond to
accusations that haven't been made.
I'll be completely
transparent about Crystal
but that's where it ends.
What was that all about?
I need to follow up on our receivables.
Somebody's favourite ♪
Chicken Parmesan ♪
From Whole Foods or Urban Fare?
How 'bout from scratch?
Stick with Whole Foods next time.
- I like it.
- Thank you, Nico.
Did that fireman say anything
about our carbon-monoxide detectors?
- How about a B.S. detector?
- Sofia, don't.
Don't what?
Dad might be interested to
hear a fireman came over today.
Yeah! He'll be glad to know
our house is safe and sound.
Yeah, it might be best if
we don't mention this to him.
Why not?
Eh, I was supposed to schedule
that inspection weeks ago.
Turns out a couple of
the batteries were dead.
Can this just be our little secret?
Speaking of secrets
I have a confession.
You were right.
I'm not attending that rally.
Charisma Singhal's
new movie is coming out
and I'm watching it with friends.
One of them is Riley,
the boy I've been texting.
[FORCED] Come home
right after the movie.
Thanks, Mother.
- Mm-hmm.
- Wait!
So you're just gonna let her skip class
to hang out with a boy?
Only because it'll give me
and you some one-on-one time.
And don't forget to tell
your friends and family.
Post on your various
social-media platforms.
We'll be here again next week,
so sign up to the action
list for updates, okay?
I thought you said
one-on-one time?
Hmm? Cecil doesn't count.
It is my pleasure to
introduce our next speaker
a young trailblazer
and creator of the popular YouTube site,
"No Planet B"
my extraordinary
daughter, Cedar Sundstrom!
It's great to see so many people here,
fighting for our planet.
But the truth is,
all our recycling, paper straws,
and bike rides won't matter,
not when our government keeps
allowing greedy corporations
to choke our air with poison,
fill our oceans with plastic
- and rip open our Earth for oil.
They've created an apocalypse
wildfires, hurricanes, floods, disease.
We have less than seven years
to stave off our extinction.
It's time the powers-that-be
stop the "blah, blah,
blah," as Greta puts it,
and start taking action.
Real action!
Not tomorrow.
- Today!
She was amazing.
- Can we plant a tree this weekend?
- Absolutely.
- Are you okay?
- I feel wheezy.
Do you think it's all the CO2?
[MAGNUS] What a useless speech.
How do you miss all
those talking points?
- There was too much to remember!
- Then you practice.
Did you even mean what you were saying?
- Do you care that our planet is dying?
- I'm sorry!
I'm gonna need you to delete that video
- and take Nico for ice cream.
- Sold!
Thank you for never
yelling at me like that.
How often do you talk
to your kids that way?
- You just caught me at a bad moment.
- A "bad moment"?
You're lucky Cecil was
the only one filming.
If anyone else had seen that
- I know.
- Did you even see
how incredible your
daughter was up there?
I'm only hard on her because I
know how much more she can do.
You should never talk
to your kids that way.
- Ever!
- Yeah.
Are they having a party?
- It's a sit-in.
- Oh? For what?
For factories to stop
making them out of polyester.
It's bad for the environment.
I make my own stuffies from
old clothes and pinecones.
This one reminds me of Penelope.
Who's Penelope?
Grandma and Grandpa's dog.
You like dogs?
- But we can't have one.
- Uh allergies?
No. Making their food causes pollution.
And 5.1 million tons of dog poop
goes into plastic bags every year.
When's the last time you saw
Penelope and your grandparents?
It's been a long time.
We've been busy and
[SADLY] my grandparents got a pool.
Is that a bad thing?
Dad says it uses too much energy.
I wanted to play Marco
Polo with my friends
but that was just my
selfish voice talking.
Looking sharp in your
second-date suit, Cecil.
What's the point in dating at all
when the world's coming to an end?
We just came from the climate rally.
Stepping it up, Cecile? Nicely done!
Thank you, sir.
And where are you going?
I know you can hear me.
All three of you!
- What's up with them?
- I need to take a bio-break.
We're just here to pick up River.
- Oh
- Oh.
Why don't you two go help yourselves
to some snacks in the kitchen?
- Yeah. Go ahead.
- Okay.
[ABBY] We can just head in here.
Your children miss their grandparents.
They're allowed to see
them. Just not at Disneyland.
Or their home, because
they have a pool and a dog.
Whether you realize it or not,
you're influencing how your
children see your in-laws.
Nothing I say is untrue.
You're alienating your kids. And
not just from their grandparents.
Cedar quit soccer.
River thinks he's selfish
because he wants to swim
in a pool with his friends.
Do you have any idea
what the energy footprint
of a home pool is?
Do you hear yourself?
Look. You'll have to
speak to all this in court.
Dr. Svensson's report will show
that both your children
are anxious and depressed.
[LUCY] River has nightmares.
- He's afraid the world is about to end.
- It is!
Climate crisis isn't a happy topic.
If my kids are terrified,
it's because no one else cares.
We spend our days going around
like everything is normal,
but our world is dying.
How is it that no one seems to get that?
No one is denying
the work you're doing
is important, Magnus.
Hell, if I really think
about how bad things are,
I wouldn't be able to
get out of bed. But
if you want to keep your children?
You need to give them a climate break.
There is no proof
Mr. Svensson's
relationship with Ms. Steele
had any impact on her settlement.
Should he have waited longer
before he engaged in a
relationship with her?
In hindsight, yes.
But we hope you'll recognize
this was a simple lapse in judgement.
To be clear, you're saying
this was an isolated incident?
That Ms. Steele was the only client
that Mr. Svensson has dated?
A-Active client, yes.
A few of your former
clients beg to differ.
These complaints were
lodged earlier today
and they demonstrate a
troubling pattern of behaviour,
Mr. Svensson.
Uh, we will refer this matter
to the Professional Conduct Committee
for further consideration.
You'll be hearing from us in due course.
Don't even think of
saying "I told you so."
[CHUCKLES] Okay, I'd better get home.
The kids get cranky if I don't
have dinner on the table by six.
Some friends of mine
are getting together
for a barbecue tomorrow night.
They'd love to meet you.
I've met your friends before, remember?
While sitting on the toilet.
Nah, not my roommates.
These are real adults.
Married, with babies.
I'm the last holdout in this group.
I didn't mean
I don't want to re-open
that conversation.
I like the way things are.
your kids seem cool.
Okay, Nico seems cool
- Sofia seems terrifying.
Someday, I'll have the
chance to get to know them.
As long as I have
you, that'll be enough.
Riley again?
He's in your grade, right?
No inappropriate age gap here.
Unlike other couples I could mention.
That girl from the climate
rally is on the news!
- They're showing her speech?
- No, check it out!
[REPORTER] Drivers on the
Burrard Street Bridge were witness
to a terrifying sight this morning.
A young girl hanging precariously
from a window,
trying to get her message across
about climate change.
- I don't know what to tell you.
- Cedar!
Oh, man.
What the hell were you thinking?
Cedar could've been killed.
I had nothing to do with
this. She did it on her own.
She did it for you!
Did you really have
nothing to do with this?
I talked to them about taking a break.
And I thought everything was okay,
and I check her bed this
morning and she's gone,
and my phone starts going off.
This could've had a very
different ending, Magnus.
Yeah, I know! I know.
But look at all the
attention she's getting.
She might make the national news.
This is exactly the kind of
exposure that we have been
Stop. Stop talking.
If your daughter had
taken one misstep
I'm out.
Our firm can no longer represent you.
A little further almost there.
And turn.
And open your eyes!
Harry. Did you ?
Have all this delivered
by Antonia from The Twisted Fork?
Yes! It's your birthday.
You should have everything you want.
Oh! Is that their
banana-stuffed French toast?
Uh, wait, before you dig
in, I have another surprise.
Is something wrong?
It's just not the way I remembered it.
Looks kind of frumpy.
[QUIETLY] You're serious.
You know
maybe I will take you
up on that offer
- shop for something new
and sparkly!
You dropped him without
running it by me first?
Daniel, he was excited
about the publicity.
For once, I agree with
your rash decision.
- Hey, Kelly.
- Hey.
Lucy forgot her lunch
and she's in session,
so I thought I'd leave it in the fridge.
- I'll let her know you stopped by.
- Thanks.
Oh. This is Abigail.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
You, too.
Heard you liked my lasagna.
Really, that's a
testament to your cooking.
Um, Lucy told me
about the issues you've
been working through.
- "Issues"?
- I hope I'm not overstepping,
but if you need to talk to someone,
I know a therapist that
would be a great fit.
Mr. Sundstrom's here to see you.
Daniel and I are agreed, Magnus.
We're not changing our minds.
I know.
Cedar could have been [WORDS CATCH]
If anything happened
to either of my kids,
I would never forgive myself.
[CHOKES UP] They deserve a childhood.
So you're taking a step back?
I'm gonna let them
live with my in-laws,
so I can keep going.
Uh, are you sure this is what's best
for Cedar and River?
Someone has to fight for their future.
So me and the little guy
are rocking his back-float,
when there's a whistle.
Suddenly, everybody's scrambling
outta the place, and I'm like
- Code brown?
- Yes!
Apparently, some kid fouled the pool.
- At least, I think it was a kid.
- Time to play fairy and dragon!
- All right!
Okay, let's go!
- [SCARILY] Here comes the dragon!
- No, not you.
- [GIGGLING] Come on!
Duty calls.
- Since I'm free, I'll just
- Looks like they've done this before.
- Oh, he's so great with kids.
- Have you two talked about ?
- Oh, I already have two.
- Well past the fairy-wing stage.
- Oh.
Well, Aidan's always
wanted a big family.
Just think you'd have built-in
babysitters with your older ones.
- Everything all right?
- Yeah.
Actually, no.
You're great with kids, Aidan.
You make it sound like
that's a bad thing.
You've convinced yourself
that mine will be enough for you.
They will be.
And I know you'd be
great with them, but
they're teenagers.
You'd miss out on
- so much.
- Like what?
Sleepless nights? Colic?
- Changing diapers?
- First words.
Sleepy cuddles.
Bedtime stories and
piggy-back rides and
playing dragon and fairy.
So you think you know what
I want better than I do?
You want to be a father.
be the reason you're not.
This isn't fair.
You'll be able to see
your dad whenever you like.
I don't want to move!
And I don't want him to have
to do everything on his own.
He needs our help!
Maybe you can help us.
Your grandpa and I could
plant a vegetable garden.
Maybe you could show us
how to build a proper compost pile.
That's small potatoes, Grandma.
Oh, but it doesn't
mean it's unimportant.
Think of all the things
you can teach them.
Do you think that
Penelope will remember me?
Oh, River, how could she forget you?
Just in from the Law Society.
Let's see how much they gouged me for.
Now, how much is the fine?
I can't believe this.
They're making an example out of me.
What? A fine and pro bono?
I've been suspended from practicing law.
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