Famous in Love (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

La La Locked

1 And cut.
That was great.
Previously on "Famous in Love" Congratulations Paige you are trending on Twitter.
They aren't exactly shipping you and Jake.
#PaigeSucks? Why are people hating so much? Oh, they just found out you didn't pick Rainer.
I need to talk to you in there.
I thought we were going to Rainer.
You've got visitors.
He's agreed to see Alan again but he still refuses to meet with you.
That is your contract.
Did you even bother to read it before you signed? You're exclusive to Locked until the films completion.
You're all fired.
If I have to pull the plug on Locked, your mother's career is dead.
That's her problem.
My best friend Tangey Turner.
- I thought this was a girls night? - My life is an open book now.
Want to get naked? Let's go.
[SHOWER RUNNING] What up? I'm gonna join you.
Too late.
You can hand me a towel.
Thank you.
[CHUCKLES] Rainer's back.
[THEME MUSIC] Oh Ow oh Give me the.
[UPBEAT MUSIC] Hey, you're back.
Oh, wait, I, I thought you weren't checkin' out yet, what happened? I had a little encouragement.
Oh, yeah.
I just met her.
So, is she from rehab? Yeah, she's so great.
But you're good? Yeah, I'm good.
Does this mean we're going back to work? I don't know, man.
Just, just takin' it one day at a time.
'Cause I'm here.
Whatever you need.
Well, we didn't really get to meet properly.
- I'm Harper.
- Nice to meet you.
So I'm gonna head out.
- Now? - Yeah.
My beach clean-up starts at nine.
It's for my charity, Trending Ocean.
I planned it months ago and it's one of the reasons that I checked out last night.
Oh, wait, I'll come with.
No, please.
You were in rehab as long as I was.
I'm sure you could use a day to get your life back in order.
I can do that later.
I'll call you when I'm done, okay? We'll have dinner or something.
Bye, Jordan.
Alright, that leaves you and me.
- What do you wanna do? - Oh, I can't.
Man, goin' for this Oscar noms like a full-time job.
I got four interviews before lunch.
Then I have to head down to City Block Kids.
- Then another interview.
- City Block Kids.
Isn't that a charity? You have to volunteer? Yup.
Gotta hit this Oscar stuff hard.
Look, I'm sorry, man.
If I would have known you were comin' out No, I get it.
Get out of here.
Later, I promise.
I'm glad you're home, man.
I missed you.
The Rain man is back.
He's back.
[CHUCKLES] [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] Scene 17A, take three.
- 'Quiet everyone.
' - And action! Quick! Let me lock the door.
I took care of everything, Georgia.
No one's followin' us.
- Where is the boat meeting us? - Tomorrow morning.
Off Selma.
Stop worrying.
We got away with it.
[MOANING] Yeah, we did.
We did it, baby.
We did it, we did it, we did it.
Oh, Lord! Oh, money, money, money, babe.
I can't wait to make love to you on all this money.
- And cut! - 'That's a cut.
' - That was great.
Nice, guys.
- 'Alright.
' - How's sound? - 'Good for sound.
' Okay.
We're gonna move into single coverage of both of you.
Shane, when do you have to bartend? - Uh, 2:00.
- Cool.
We'll get you out of here by then.
Paige, you can take a break.
We're gonna do Shane's coverage first.
[MOUTHS] Go, please.
Come here, Mr.
There's no escape Uh, let's take five.
Real quick.
Get your mind right For somethin' You ain't ever seen You better get movin' ready or not It's about to go down here it comes now Better get movin' ready or not It's about to go down here it comes now Get ready Oh-oh-oh Ooh-oh-oh-oh-oh Get ready Ooh-oh-oh Ooh-oh-oh-oh-oh Fire's blazing The storm is raging Here it comes here it comes Get ready You better get movin' ready or not It's about to go down here it comes now Better get movin' ready or not It's about to go down here it comes now Get ready Ooh-oh-oh Ooh-oh-oh-oh-oh Get ready Ooh-oh-oh Ooh-oh-oh-oh-oh Get ready Ooh-oh-oh Ooh-oh-oh-oh-oh Get ready Ooh-oh-oh Ooh-oh-oh-oh-oh Get ready Ooh-oh-oh Ooh-oh-oh-oh-oh (ALAN) Mmm.
Alan, we have to go.
We overslept.
Though, why I am rushing back to a job that I'm about get fired from 'I don't know.
' Just so you know we are never doing that again.
Why? That was amazing.
We can't stay close for Rainer if we're having sex.
This always ends badly.
I can't argue with that.
Well, I'm glad we agree.
I'm actually supposed to go ring shopping for Treena today.
Who? My girlfriend who I was going to make my fiancee.
Well, don't let me stop you.
No, you know what, you should let me help you pick out the ring.
- What? - Yeah, Alan.
You have terrible taste.
Your last two wives returned the rings for an upgrade, so.
You know what? We can do it at lunch.
I'll clear my schedule.
What? You are so nuts.
I love that about you.
Alan, we just agreed Yeah, but we're here, in the moment.
So technically, it's still the one and only time.
You do have a good point.
Yeah, you tell me.
[PHONE BEEPS] Is that your phone or mine? - I don't know.
- And I don't care.
- We-we're at a hotel.
- They'll never find us.
- Okay, okay, wait.
Alan, Alan, something's happening.
- Oh, yes, it is.
- I gotta answer the phone.
What? Alright, what is it? 'Oh, crap! It's "TMZ.
"' Rainer's out of rehab.
Uh, I'll drive you.
- No, uh, I'll take a taxi.
- Rainer will never know.
Absolutely not showing up with you.
- Alan.
- Hand me my pants.
Hey, it's my favorite client.
Oh, I didn't know you were coming to my set today.
Your phone's off.
Here, I got you a latte.
You didn't need to come all the way down here to give me a latte.
I didn't.
Came all the way here to tell you that.
Rainer is out of rehab.
Well, maybe that's a photo from rehab.
Wait, is that Harper Tate? The childhood star from "My Secret Diary" who's been doing vodka shots since she was nine? The same.
Rainer is actually volunteering at her charity beach clean-up that's going on right now.
Which means you'll likely be starting on "Locked" next week.
Which means we gotta get you a make-up artist, a stylist and maybe even a PR firm because this time I wanna stay ahead of the online haters and make a game plan.
Got it? Welcome to the heart baby come get it get it Breezing through the city like Jell-O Pa-Ra-Ra-Ra There's no pushin' no There's no pushin' no I'm gonna be a role model Yeah yeah yeah Goin' straight to the top Yeah yeah yeah Right.
One bag of trash gets you one selfie.
And don't forget to wear plastic gloves, people.
Hey, anyone that wants to hit the beach down that way they'll find a large pod of dolphins.
I counted 13.
That's what we're here for, people.
Clean oceans are trending.
- And so are you! - 'Yeah.
' Yeah.
[APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] Yeah yeah yeah I can't believe I told you not to come.
This is the best turnout we've ever had.
That's great.
I love bein' here.
No doubt hey watch out No there ain't no doubt I was born for this [APPLAUDING] Well, if it isn't mom and dad.
Hey, Rainer.
What are you doing? Um.
Think it's obvious what I'm doing, I'm.
trying to rid this lovely, pristine planet of unwanted trash.
If only it were that easy in my personal life.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I got work to do.
Uh, wait, Rainer! We really need to talk.
No, no, no.
We don't.
Okay, come on, Rainer.
Let's talk.
I mean, now that you left rehab we need to talk about, uh you know, are you ready to come back to work? - Why? - Why? Because the movie's been on hold for two months is why.
And the insurance money has run out and the studio is about to pull the plug.
That's not my problem, Nina.
But if we were to tell them that you were ready to go back to work, say, Monday, we could save it.
Do you hear yourself? I just got out of rehab.
Not even 12 hours ago and all you care about is work and money and the movie.
That is not fair, and that is not true.
Even your counselor said that you were healthy enough to go back to work.
Healthy enough to check out.
No one but you is pressuring me to go back.
Okay, okay.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Rainer, hey, come on.
You know we love you and care about you.
But this isn't about us, a lot of people are depending on you to come back and finish "Locked.
" A crew of about 300 people.
For one.
Come on.
We're done here.
But if you'd like to pick up some trash.
that'd be great.
- We even made his bed.
- Okay, okay, let's not.
Pick up trash.
Are you kidding me? [UPBEAT MUSIC] [CHILDREN CHEERING] Yeah.
Whoa! You whopped my butt.
Whoa, I, uh, probably shouldn't have said butt.
No, you got it right the first time.
I did whoop your butt, and I'll do it again.
Alright, y'all.
You come take some photos.
- 'That was so funny.
' - 'I know.
' [CAMERAS CLICKING] Hey, what's your director's name over there? - Maricel.
- Maricel.
Hey, Maricel.
Wanna join? Take a photo? No.
This is their moment.
But thanks for coming.
[UPBEAT MUSIC] - Hey, you ready? - Yeah.
You okay without having Shane here? He decided he has to go.
Sure, no problem.
- You okay? - Rainer's out.
- What? - Yeah, Rainer's out of rehab.
That's actually why Joanie came by was to tell me and warn me because people are still hating me and blaming me on social media for putting him in rehab.
And now he's out.
Does this mean you're gonna have to go back to shooting "Locked" right away? I don't know.
We still got at least three more weeks of shooting before we finish.
You know, maybe he doesn't wanna go back to work right away.
Did he tell you that? No, y-you know I haven't talked to him since the press conference.
[EXHALES] Okay, what's Joanie think? Uh, she wants me to get ready.
She's having people come over later tonight for interviews, uh, styling and a PR firm and.
So she thinks you're going back right away.
Yeah, but she doesn't know.
N-no one does.
It's just a guess.
Oh, wow! Okay.
Uh, let's go! And, Georgia, remember, you've never been happier in your entire life.
I'd like to come back.
- Work with kids some more.
- Yeah, right.
No, I r.
I really mean it.
Mm, you all mean it when you say it.
Who is "You all?" Celebrities with a cause.
You come, play a few games with the kids.
Take a lot of photos and then we never see you again.
No, that's not me.
(MALE #2) 'Yo, Jordan, we gotta make a move' 'or we're gonna be late for Ellen.
' Thanks for coming.
You'll see.
I'm different.
Alright, I'll be back.
In fact, the kids want me to come back for game night.
- When is that? - Tomorrow, six o'clock.
Alright then, I'll see you tomorrow at six.
Bye, Jordan.
You'll see.
I'm different.
[UPBEAT MUSIC] - Positive.
- There you go.
- Oh, thank you, roomie.
- Okay, great.
- Alright, Alexis, you ready? - Mm-hm.
Okay, great.
now, Alexis, did you get to visit Rainer while he was in rehab? No, I didn't.
But now that you asked that, I kinda feel like an asshole.
I probably should've.
We were in rehab together the first time.
His first time.
I had a real coke problem back in the day.
Oh, so now that he's out though you'll, you'll get to see him again, you know work together with all your old friends.
Actors you worked with on "Backsplash.
" People like Jordan Wilder, and Tangey Turner Oh, I love Jordan and Tangey.
They're great.
Ah, so we wanna show you something 'and then ask you what you were feeling at the time?' (TANGEY ON LAPTOP) Alexis? - This stays between us, okay? - Okay.
I didn't know you had cameras in my bedroom.
Is this about Jordan? I found out that he and Nina had an affair.
(ALEXIS IN VIDEO) 'Girl, that's a kaboom-ass bombshell.
' I said no cameras that night.
I can't believe you.
Stop! Stop filming.
Cut! Keep going.
What are you talking about, Alexis? You know the deal.
You agreed to be on camera 24/7 whether you knew it or not, whether you liked it or not.
You know what? I said stop filming! - Keep going.
- Ida.
We need to talk in private.
There is no such thing as privacy anymore.
Okay, my best friend, your daughter told me that in confidence.
We can't betray her like that.
You want a season two pickup? Then you gotta make a choice.
Friends or fame.
Now what's it gonna be? I'm exhausted and starving.
Let's see what we got.
I can offer you.
saltines and olives? Maybe we should go out.
I'd love to stay in.
So, I might've overheard your parents asking you to go back to "Locked.
" Wanna talk about it? I really don't think that's the best plan for my recovery.
Well, let's be real, Rainer.
I mean, you were in rehab a month longer than you needed to be.
I think you should go back to work, Rainer.
I mean, post rehab you need something that gives your life purpose.
Something that gives you meaning.
What the hell are you talkin' about? I'm an actor.
It's probably the most purpose-free meaningless career one can have.
What you do has purpose.
Over 300 people showed up today just to see you.
Just to take a selfie with Rainer Devon.
And then they stayed all day long picking up trash because you asked them to.
I think you're looking at this all wrong because you can choose how to use your celebrity.
It's up to you, Rainer.
Come here.
Are you sure you can't extend our policy one more week? No? Then why am I talking to you? They won't renew our insurance? Nope.
Listen, you don't have to tell me.
I'm gonna pack up my office so I can avoid the walk of shame tomorrow.
It's over.
If you need anything, you let me know.
He looked good, right? I mean Rainer seems healthy.
Yeah, I think he's still battling with his demons but he's doing better.
Because I was not gonna force him to go back on to the movie if he wasn't ready.
- I would never do that.
- No.
I know that, Nina.
But sadly, it's not up to you anymore so stop beating yourself up.
[UPBEAT MUSIC] See? It's sexy without being slutty.
- I love it.
- Yeah? You don't think maybe the skirt's a little too short? - No, no, no.
- No, no.
It's gorgeous.
Oh, hey! Uh, we're almost done.
Jake, what do you think of Paige's new look? - Ta-da! - Great.
She looks great.
Uh, can I talk to you? Alone.
Um, thank you so much, Sergei.
We will let you know by tomorrow.
I also picked something out for your boyfriend.
He's very Liam Hemsworth.
Uh, you can take them.
I'm good.
Um, thanks, Sergei.
That's very generous.
Thank you.
Sergei dresses Ryan Gosling Liam Hemsworth, Zac Efron I don't need anyone to dress me.
Your Keds and hoodies suggest otherwise.
No, seriously, I think I'm fine just the way I am.
Well, if you wanna run with the big boys in Hollywood your shirt needs to be James Perse, not Jockey.
I'm not having this conversation right now.
I really need to talk to you.
Yeah, I'll go see if the next stylist is ready.
What's wrong? What's not wrong? Paige, I feel like you're acting like nothing is wrong when everything is falling apart.
Look, I got a hold of the Sundance submissions office and they won't extend the deadline.
Not even a day.
We'll step up production.
Rest of the shoot days are exterior days.
There's just not enough time.
Then rewrite the scenes.
Change 'em tonight.
You seriously think that you can work all night on "Georgia" after working all day on "Locked?" For how long, Paige? That's just not realistic.
I'm gonna go for Sundance.
I need to recast your part.
Well, what if you apply to Sundance next year? And then we finish the film together after I'm done with "Locked.
" Do you want me to just wait, an entire year? No, of course.
No, I don't want you to wait an entire year.
I know how important this is to you.
It is.
Hey, I cannot wait.
Because next year, you'll probably just book another movie or the sequel to "Locked," and you should.
I mean, that's what you want, right? Why are you getting mad at me? I don't wanna give up on all the work we've put into this film just as much as you do.
I love the role of Georgia, okay? I just wish there was a way I could do both.
I understand if you can't wait.
No, I-I want to get.
Come in.
This is the last one, I promise.
Paige, this is Suki Namaguchi.
Okay, look, Paige.
It's gonna be fine.
We're gonna figure it out.
Cassy and I are gonna be down at the bar.
Just meet us if you want.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] I don't even know where to hold auditions.
At our apartment.
Adam won't mind.
I couldn't ask you to do that.
You don't have to.
I'm like a filmmaking fairy godmother.
What else do you got? A new lead actress and a time machine so I can film everything before the Sundance deadline.
But even then, I don't think I'm gonna make the deadline.
You shut up.
Okay? You gotta be positive.
We'll make it happen.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- Hey, Cassy.
- Hi.
Is that, uh, what you're gonna wear when you see Rainer for the first time again? [BABBLES] Okay, how's the think tank going? It's good, I mean, Cassy's been great at helping me figure out this fuckin' problem I'm in.
Wait, I think I just solved it.
W-w-why, why don't I recast your part with Cassy? You know all the lines.
You'd be great.
Uh, seriously? Uh, yes.
I love that idea.
I mean, Paige, if, if it's cool with you.
No, I mean, of course it's cool.
It's just, that would mean that Jake has to recast your part, so he has to reshoot not only my scenes but your scenes.
It's the entire film.
- Oh! - Oh! Mm.
See, hi.
Can I get another round, please? Thanks.
Oh, what about, um.
the waitress at the diner? You said she read your script and that she was really good.
- Vera, right? - Yeah.
Although, I might be more impressed because she was roller-skatin' and pouring coffee at the same time.
But, yeah, let's audition her.
Uh, i-if not her, there's gotta be other actresses out there.
That is the spirit.
Okay, and I will help you post on all the right casting websites.
I'll hold an audition.
And get a hold of Vera and.
Gosh, we're.
We're still makin' a movie.
- To "Stealing Georgia.
" - To "Stealing Georgia.
" Yes! A feeling.
- Ugh! - That was disgusting.
A feeling Hm.
[SIGHS] Hey! - Honey.
- Don't get up.
I'll finish "Locked.
" Okay.
Well, thank you.
I'm not doing it for you.
I'm doing it for the 300 crew members who depend on this job.
But after this.
I'm done working with you.
[INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] [MUSIC PLAYING] Ooh yeah yeah yeah Thank you, Rainer, for making the decision to come back.
What is it, Nina? We are going to resume production on Monday.
Julie what's-her-name won't be there, right? No, but we're hoping that you and the entire cast can be there tonight for a Facebook Live announcement.
I'll have to reschedule some TV interviews but that's cool.
Look for a call sheet in your inbox.
Yes, I will be there.
Great! Now I have to put the frickin' fat suit back on.
Stop! (PAIGE) Great news, Nina.
No, I'm not doing Jake's film any longer.
Okay, cool.
Yay! See you then.
[GROANS] So, it's official? Yes.
Also it's back to work on Monday.
And how do you feel? Besides hung-over.
I just don't know how I'm supposed to do all these romantic love scenes with someone who won't even talk to me.
I tried to text Rainer when he got out of rehab to talk and he didn't even text me back.
Well, maybe when he has to see you he'll come around.
Yeah, maybe.
And I've to see him in the Facebook Live event today.
I'm really glad you slept over, Cass.
Me too.
Is Jake still breathing? When did that happen? I don't know but isn't it so cute though? Um, uh.
I don't kn.
I'm going back to bed.
- Hey! - Hi.
- Mwah.
- Hi.
- Wait.
Just, just you and me again? No cameras? No, no, no.
It's just, just the two of us.
Wow! I feel so special.
- Two nights in a row.
- Do you? Because you know you're really special to me, right? And, like, that's what I am to you, too, right? Like, that's the kinda relationship we have like best-friends-forever type of friends, right? Are you okay, Lexi? You-you're not on anything, are you? No! God, no.
It's just.
This show, these cameras.
Like, I'm never alone, they follow me everywhere.
I had to lie and say that I had a gyno appointment to get rid of them.
- Stop.
- Yeah.
It's, like, taken away any amount of normal life that I have which, you know makes me really cherish a real friend which is you.
Wait, we really are best friends Will you stop it? Of course, we're best friends, okay? And I love you.
I love you.
I do.
I love you.
Okay? Breathe.
[CHUCKLES] Now, can we drink or not? You know what? Let's go out.
It's still early.
We could probably get into Katsuya.
Let's go.
[UPBEAT MUSIC] Yo yo yo Okay, I know my apartment is the set of a reality show but I would like a heads up if you're gonna hang out here.
I'm not hangin' out.
I'm waitin' on you.
On your answer.
- Really? - Look, Ida.
Tangey's the only friend I have.
We're not airing it.
I'm an equal producer to you and I say we don't need it.
Is that right? Well, you better bring me something better.
I will.
I promise.
I'll get you see-behind-the-scenes footage of "Locked.
" After all, Rainer's fresh out of rehab and Paige chose Jake over him and all they have left are their love scenes.
So, trust me, there'll be plenty of shocking, juicy stuff and I'll be there for all of that.
And if there's not.
I'll just turn up the heat and stir the pot myself.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, we just closed the kitchen for lunch.
But you're more than welcome to sit and order a beverage if you like.
Uh, actually, I'm looking for one of your waitresses.
Vera, blonde hair, roller skates.
Uh, sorry, she was fired.
- Fired? - 'Yeah.
' She was givin' out cold fries and hot monologue.
She had to go.
Well, can you give me her number or where she works now or somethin'? Look, she wasn't the best waitress but I'm not handin' out her number to any guy who walks through the door.
No, it's not like that.
Uh, I'm a director.
That's what they all say.
[BELL DINGS] Awesome.
(JORDAN) 'Hey, Maricel.
' Yeah, as soon as this work gets done.
'I'll change into my game night clothes.
' That's right.
See you soon.
Hey, Paige.
Hey! Jordan, how are you? Um, congrats on all your Oscar, buzz.
That's huge.
Don't congratulate me just yet.
I got a long way before those Oscar noms come out.
Well, I loved your film.
I thought you were really great in it.
- Thanks, Paige.
- Um.
Hey, so, uh, how is Rainer doing? Getting out of rehab.
Is he okay? He's alright.
Takin' it one day at a time.
He's gonna be fine.
I'm headed over.
You comin'? Yeah, well Jordan, um.
You and Rainer are friends, best friends and you're an actor I really admire so I could really use your advice because Rainer won't even talk to me.
And then next week we go back to playing these two people who are in love.
Look, I know he'll come around.
Really? 'Cause he hasn't so far.
He wouldn't even see me in rehab, as I'm sure you know.
And I just feel like he, he blames me.
Oh, his addiction has nothing to do with you, Paige.
Okay, but.
all we have left is romantic love scenes.
How are we supposed to do those? Look.
You're still into Jake, right? Well, y-yeah.
So, if Rainer's still hating, use your feelings for Jake.
Come on, let's head over.
- Almost, almost.
- Alright.
- Almost show time.
- So far, so good.
Now that we are finally, finally back on Monday 'we are gonna be doing an announcement.
' Are you kidding me? We're gonna be announcing it for Facebook Live.
No! No cameras! where we will announce it to the world.
- Hey, Nina.
- You can't bring those in here.
[SCOFFS] I'm allowed to film my reality show.
Well, I'm sure you are, but not on the "Locked" set.
[SCOFFS] This is not the "Locked" set, this is Facebook.
- Um, no! - Excuse me? It's a complete sentence.
You're not allowed to bring the cameras in.
And I've already discussed this with Ida.
Nina, that's ridiculous, there's cameras in there filming anyway.
What's the big deal? Uh, the big deal is that we get to control the information and the content that goes out not some trashy reality show.
Hey, get that camera off of Rainer.
Stop that.
Nina, I can assure you, my show will be airing well after this Facebook Live announcement.
There are no cameras allowed.
Not here, and not on the "Locked" set.
I can't have you spoiling plot points Well, that's not what my show is about.
That's right, it's about getting nipple rings and trashing everyone in Hollywood.
I do not have.
I don't have nipple rings.
But that's not who we hired.
We hired someone who we thought to be a top-notch actress not some sell-out who's pandering to the lowest common denominator.
How dare you? If your camera crew doesn't turn around and exit this lot with security now you will also be escorted off the lot.
So, which will it be? If my cameras can't come in I'm not either.
Your choice.
- Close the doors.
- Wait, what? Uh, excuse me.
Hey! Screw you, Nina! (JORDAN) Keep telling yourself that.
Heh-heh! I am so excited to get back to work.
I really miss our cast and crew.
It's really, really exciting.
And I just want to say thank you to all my fans who supported me when I was in rehab.
All your letters and cards your encouragement really got me through.
So we're back and we're a family.
Be on the lookout for those trailers comin'.
'In theaters and on TV.
' Yes, uh, I heard the trailers will be hitting theaters next weekend.
It's coming your way, fans.
"Locked, 2019.
" - Whoo! - Yay! So exciting! [APPLAUDING] We're back.
We're back.
- Way to step it up.
- Rainer, can I talk to you fo.
- W-wait.
- That was great, guys.
- 'Thank you.
' - 'Copy that.
We're out.
' (PAIGE) 'Rainer!' - Rainer.
Hey! - Shh.
Rainer! Rainer, stop! Please! [SIGHS] I wanna talk to you but I think you already know that.
Well, we're about to go back to work playing two people who are madly in love, and.
You know, maybe we should talk about what happened.
You know, get some closure, move on.
Closure? Why would I need closure for something that never was? Closure is for two people who had something.
But, if you're talking about bailing on me at the press conference.
I should thank you.
It was the single best thing that's ever happened to me.
because I found someone really special.
You and me.
we would've burned out by now.
[INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] But instead, I found this new person who I have a deep, soulful connection with.
Crazy for each other.
That's great.
I'm really happy for you.
Don't worry about playing two people who are madly in love.
It's called acting.
[MUSIC CONTINUES] What are you lookin' for? Somethin' to eat.
I'm starvin'.
What are we.
What do you.
Uh, you headin' out? Yeah, I'm going to the City Block Kids.
- Oh, well, good, good, good.
- What are you up to? - You and Harper hangin' out? - Uh, no.
We're she's doin' a meetin' with her board of her charity or somethin'.
Ah, right.
So, did you find what you were lookin' for? To eat.
There's nothin' really here, man.
I haven't had time to shop.
Yeah, you're not really the domestic type, or.
You know what, it's kinda late.
I'll, uh, volunteer later.
Yeah? I think I'm gonna stay in.
Wanna order some Thai food? Sound good? That's.
That'd be great.
I'll order.
The usual? Double up the satay.
I'm really hungry.
Uh, I'm gonna go get out of this suit.
Oh, hi.
You look.
You look amazing.
I don't think I've ever seen you so dressed up before.
It's, uh, what Sergei picked out for me.
Me and Liam Hemsworth.
I feel bad for Liam.
Look, Paige, I just want to apologize.
Uh, since you told me you have to go back to work all I kept thinking about was all the things I was losing No, no.
I, I'm sorry, too.
Uh, he was acting like it was no big deal, and No.
I messed up.
I-I was so worried about all the things I was losing that I overlooked everything that we could gain.
I mean, maybe we made our relationship too much about working together instead of being together.
Because I realized, in all the years we've been roommates and friends never once taken you out on a date.
So, Paige Townsen.
will you go on a date with me? [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] - Can you spin? - Yeah, yeah, I'll spin.
Wonderin' if you just might be anything Yes.
I'll ever need one night I guess life comes down to a couple moments And you are in every single one I want to feel alive Want you by my side (FEMALE #1) 'Paige! Paige!' [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [CAMERAS CLICKING] (FEMALE #2) 'Paige, over here.
Over here.
' Take me back to news I'll be a passenger I'll be a passenger (NINA ON LAPTOP) If your camera crew doesn't turn around and exit this lot with security now you will also be escorted off the lot.
(ALEXIS ON LAPTOP) 'Uh, excuse me?' 'Well, screw you, Nina.
' [SIGHS] [SIGHS] How did I feel when I first found out Jordan and Nina had been having an affair? I was shocked.
'I didn't even believe it at first.
' I mean, for a mother to be having sex with her son's best friend? And then it got worse.
Tangey told me they first started sleeping together 'when we were filming "Backsplash.
"' Yes, "Backsplash.
" When Jordan was 16.
I mean, who does that? Who would take an advantage of a young a-actor a-at such a sensitive time in his life after his parents just died in a car crash? So you wanna know what I think? I think Nina Devon should go to jail for what she's done.