Famous in Love (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

Look Who's Stalking

1 Previously on "Famous In Love.
" It's a good photo of you.
Photographer's pretty awesome.
Paige is just famous for being famous.
Marva, let me make "Redemption Ridge" into an Oscar-winning movie.
[CELL PHONE RINGS] (NINA) 'Who the hell is Mirandina Pictures?' Thanks for keeping quiet.
It's a pleasure doing business with you.
Why are you taking my board? This one's mine.
Arrest me? You're my lawyer, dammit.
Find me the law that says I don't have to deal with any of this shit! [SCREAMING] Fuck! Please come see a real nurse.
Hey, Paige.
Oh, my God.
Eddie! [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] I knew Sleeping Beauty was a redhead.
Last night was epic.
It was.
You know, it's not every day a guy gets a second chance with his high school girlfriend.
'This is so.
' Please don't say "Hashtag blast.
" [LAUGHS] No.
What's wrong? [SIGHS] Uh, pfft.
[SIGHS] Running into you like that last night was great.
- It was really awesome.
- Yeah.
You are someone who means a lot to me but.
I can't do this right now.
Why not? Because I have a boyfriend.
I'm really sorry.
Is that it? Ye.
Yeah, things must be awesome with this boyfriend of yours if every time there's a problem you just run off and sleep with some other guy.
That is not how it is.
Really? Then why are you waking up in my bed? [THEME MUSIC] One one one Talking in my sleep at night Making myself crazy Oh, God, you have no idea how much I needed retail therapy.
Yeah, well, after the way Tangey's fans cyber-attacked you you are in desperate need of a shopping marathon.
And I am very happy to help.
Yeah, that, and Ida's been crushing me to do a threesome for the finale of "Alexilicious.
" Which would literally make me a ratings whore.
Honestly, I don't know how you do it.
Live with that camera crew following you around all day.
Thank God the management wouldn't let them in here.
[SIGHS] It's like leaving your dogs 'tied to a parking meter.
' Leave it to me tonight club night's where all the fun begins.
Yay or nay? Practice makes perfect I don't know.
I'm off my game, Lex.
The best shoppin' there was at Yale was the Ann Taylor Loft at the mall.
Dear God, you survived four years without at least one Barneys? Barely.
- Oh, this is kinda cute.
- 'Hmm.
' I'm gonna go see if they have this one in my size.
- Okay.
- 'Excellent choice.
' (FEMALE #1) 'Yeah, it's so cute.
' Here you go.
Don't let him in You'll have to kick him out again Three don't be his friend You know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning And if you're under him - They don't have it.
- Hmm.
- You ready? - Yep.
I got new rules I count 'em.
I saw you take the blouse, ma'am.
You're gonna have to come with me.
You ain't gettin' over him So like this? Or like this? I don't know.
Come on, Adam, this is serious.
I've never died on screen before and it has to look real.
Uh, they-they both look dead, Cass.
What's-what's going on? [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Hey.
Ooh, am I interrupting something? Never.
Cass told me about the break-in.
- Are you alright? - I'm okay, really.
They're scanning through all my security cam footage.
W-we'll see.
Can I talk to you? 'BFF to BFF?' Say no more.
What's up? S-so what did Eddie say to you after you told him it was a mistake? He was mad.
Called me out on cheating, which is fair since I'm officially a horrible person.
You just had a stalker break into your house.
Plus Jake was a total douche to you at Tin Creek.
Yeah, but he didn't deserve this.
So, are you gonna tell him? Well, I mean, what do I say? Um.
I was scared and-and seeing Eddie again made me feel safe and that it was like high school all over again without a care in the world? I mean, wha.
Hey, Paige? I love you but you have to tell him.
People make mistakes, okay? But you don't wanna add another mistake on top of this one.
Yeah, but I just love him a hundred times more now that I know I might lose him.
Don't assume the worst.
Just do it sooner than later so you don't have to keep torturing yourself.
I don't even know when I'm going to do that.
I mean, he comes back from Utah tonight and I have to go to Gold Brothers.
I gotta report that creepy tour guide.
I have a photoshoot and then I'm leaving on a red-eye to New York for a press junket for "Locked.
" [SIGHS] All in one day? I guess it's not so easy to schedule in an hour to tell your boyfriend that you cheated on him.
[GROANS] Hey, it's okay.
He's gonna hate me.
You don't know that.
I hate me.
[PAIGE SOBS] [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] Hey! You're in a hurry.
- Everything okay? - Not really.
Rainer ordered alcohol on Postmates.
- What? How do you know? - Well, we share an account.
And I got a text conformation, it was vodka.
You better hope there's no traffic on PCH.
Hey, um, how's your hand? Uh, well, it's fine.
Thanks to you.
No, thanks to that ER doc who stayed after his 36-hour shift.
Yeah, him too.
What about the deposition? Tryin' to push it today.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Good luck.
Hey, babe, are you ready for soundcheck? What the hell was that? [SIGHS] What the hell was what? That whole touchy feely thing you got goin' on with Jordan.
Givin' each other puppy-dog eyes.
[CHUCKLES] We were not giving.
Okay, like, I was just tryin' to be a good friend.
- Ask if he's okay.
- Mm-hmm.
What's the problem? That's what this is about? A photo you saw on some gossip blog.
I didn't think you were still hangin' out with your ex.
Baby, come on, you know how that is.
People are always lurking in the bushes tryin' to tell a story out of context that isn't true.
P, look.
Jordan and I ran into each other at the lounge last night.
His hand was bleeding all over the place.
I took him to the ER.
[CHUCKLES] Bein' a good friend and all, huh? Exactly.
'Cause that's all we are.
Somebody's jealous.
[CHUCKLES] I just don't like the way he looks at you.
He's thirsty.
He has a girlfriend.
And besides, when it comes to Jordan Wilder you've got nothing to worry about.
[INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] - Can we soundcheck now, mister? - Of course.
Come on.
When I'm chained up Excuse me? What's the deal? You've been holding her here for over an hour.
- You can't do that.
- Yeah.
You're not even the police.
You're a glorified mall cop.
[CHUCKLES] Well, if you'd like I can call the real cops.
'The ones that will arrest you for shoplifting' and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.
- Okay, don't.
- Mm.
Um, my director actually directed me to shoplift.
- To prepare for a part.
- Ah.
I know, hah! Ah, hang on.
I'll give you my manager's number and she'll confirm.
Oh, I must look really young.
Like I was born yesterday.
Or you're just another celebrity who thinks they can commit murder and get away with it.
Okay, whatever, this is stupid.
This store has my credit card they can do what they want with it.
Do you know how often I shop here? Ask the salespeople, I practically keep these doors open.
I'm sorry, did you tip off the press? Eh.
Exactly how much are the gossip rags paying for this Tuesday tidbit, hm? Look, whatever it is I'll triple it if you let me go.
[UPBEAT MUSIC] - 'Alexis.
' - 'Alexis, Alexis.
' - Alexis, did you get caught - How much were the items worth? - I hear you're dead broke.
No comment.
- 'Are they pressing charges?' - 'Why'd you do it?' [CROW CAWING] I nailed it.
Your death scene.
That's killer.
Nobody in the history of cinema has died a more grizzly bloody or exquisite death.
Looks like we both have something to celebrate.
Guess who landed a coveted job offer as second AD on a movie.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
It's a big movie too.
And it shoots in Iceland.
Wait, what? Did you just casually rattle off some place on another continent? Uh.
For how long? Eight months.
[SIGHS] (JORDAN) 'No, that's why I'm calling, I need to delay my flight.
' [SEAGULLS SQUAWKING] Uh, no, no, no.
I'm-I'm-I'm fine.
I just have a situation I need to handle here first.
'Turn it off.
Turn it off!' Oh! Was that really necessary? Bro, shut up and dry off.
What else do you need, aspirin? Nothing, I don't need anything, just.
I think you do.
[GROANS] I wish it was in LA, Cass.
But hardly anything shoots here anymore.
I know.
But Iceland? It's not like we can meet in the middle on weekends.
Eight months will go by fast.
Why do you not seem that freaked out about this? Because I haven't decided to take the job yet.
Well, that's very Zen but Gold Brothers has another 80 gig on a thriller that looks pretty good too.
All I know is I don't wanna be a PA anymore.
You're right, I'm sorry.
I am really happy for you.
[UPBEAT MUSIC] Okay, so good news and bad news.
The good news is you made Star TLTR's homepage and the picture is from a very flattering angle.
What's the bad news? "Now, Alexis Glenn's career has another reason "to be compared to Winona Ryder's.
"The starlet was caught shoplifting today "on Montana Avenue "and this comes after Tangey Turner's fans "wolf-packed her in response to the disc track ""Block That Business.
" "Is America's sweetheart-turned-reality star "going off the rails "or did she just not have enough cashola for a new outfit?" Okay, what is the big deal? I mean, no one's pressing charges and Winona Ryder is, like, rocking her career on "Stranger Things" right now.
I guess there really is no such thing as bad press and will add even more publicity fuel to your fire when the paps catch you looking super fabulous in this.
- You did it? - 'I did.
' - Ah-ha! - I had to.
I just went back and bought it while you had your facial.
Oh, Sloany! You know, Lex.
You could have just paid for the shirt.
Is there something going on? You know you can tell me, right? I just forgot it was in my bag, that's all.
You really shouldn't be working this hard.
It just got real Hi, I'm Rainer and I'm an alcoholic.
(ALL) Hi, Rainer.
I've been sober for.
five hours.
I thought I was workin' the program.
now I realize I skipped a step.
I just hope it's not too late to make amends and say I'm sorry.
(MALE #1) 'It's okay.
' [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Thanks for bringing me here.
I needed that.
It's no big deal, man.
It is, actually.
After everything I said to you.
And you put off your deposition.
Only by one day.
If-if you need anything.
We're cool.
That doesn't look like yours.
- It's Harper's.
- Hmm.
Apparently, she left it here at the meeting last night.
I thought she was in New York.
Yeah, funny.
I thought so too.
[KEYS CLACKING] Yeah, I just got the link.
Okay, I'll watch it before you get here.
So they found your stalker? [EXHALES] Not exactly.
The detective wants me to look at the camera footage 'cause they didn't capture his face and see if I recognize him.
Can you open it.
- Yeah, of course.
- Thank you.
I'm kind of too scared to click it.
Right now, we need to focus on figuring out who this nutjob is.
(PAIGE) 'How? I can't see his face?' Okay, in every psychological thriller the stalker is always somebody that the victim knows.
Never a stranger.
Well, that doesn't really narrow it down, I mean there's everyone from college, the-the movie No, no, no, not an acquaintance like, someone they're actually close to.
Like, in "The Roommate," it was the roommate.
I live alone.
In "Fatal Attraction," "Swimfan" and "The Boy Next Door" it was the person that the lead had an affair with.
- Oh, my God.
- No.
What color is Eddie's hair? Dark brown, but it's not him, Cass.
It's definitely not him.
[SIGHS] I mean, if the hockey skate fits, Paige.
I really think being in this horror movie has made you paranoid.
I mean, I-I've known Eddie since high school and he's a nice guy plus he just got here like three days ago.
- So, it couldn't be him.
- Really? Because I just found a selfie of him on Facebook at Griffith Park, look at the date.
- Three weeks ago.
- 'Mm-hm.
' Uh-oh.
- It gets worse.
- What? "Eddie Callahan's star defense "from Boston College had a devastating blow to the knee" Blah-blah-blah.
Injury ends Callahan's promising NHL prospects.
" Eighteen months ago.
So, he's not a professional hockey player.
He's a professional liar, by the looks of it.
And he was not here to try out for the Kings.
W-why? Why would he lie? Maybe he's a psychopath.
I mean, think about it.
He just so happens to be staying at the Bixby? Yeah, it's a popular hotel.
Yeah, that you used to live at.
Which the whole social media world knows.
I mean, he's probably been creeping around the hotel waiting to run into you.
You're saying I cheated on my boyfriend with my stalker? [INTENSE MUSIC] I took another look around.
Everything's clear.
Although, I lifted a partial print off your dresser.
Oh, my God, he was in my bedroom? The way your cameras were setup left blind spots.
So, have your security company install additional cameras in the areas that I indicated.
That'll give you better coverage.
Thank you.
I also had my partner do some digging into Eddie Callahan.
There was a restraining order taken out against him a few years back.
Looks like he's got a history of stalking his exes.
S-so, then i-it was him? We don't know for sure.
But he won't be bothering you anytime soon.
He caught a plane back to Oregon that's due to land in an hour.
In my unit, we see these celebrity stalker cases all the time.
Now, nothing's 100% guaranteed when it comes to your safety but if you want my advice? Get a guard dog.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
[AIRPLANE RUMBLING] (FEMALE #3) 'Yeah, that's the last one.
' Did you pack your entire bedroom? We're only there for two days.
Girl's gotta have options.
You didn't even speak two words the entire ride from LAX.
What's up? The trip didn't go as planned.
You know, Sundance was a bust and the Tin Creek Festival was entirely pointless.
What are you saying? Tons of people saw your short.
Then why do I have nothing to show for it but a drained bank account and a strained relationship? I've got lots of execs contact filmmakers once I get back to LA and I'm sure you're gonna have tons of calls.
I appreciate the positivity, Billy.
I really do.
But, you know, "Stealing Georgia" is finished.
What if I asked my dads for the money to make your feature? I told them so much about the film and they're super supportive of my career.
What do you think? [CAR HONKING] I think everyone's waiting.
Probably head back to the shuttle.
Hey, handsome.
I didn't hear you come in.
- Hey, Jordan.
- Good to see you again.
- You miss me? - Mm.
- How was the Big Apple? - Exhausting.
And then my flight got delayed.
Uh, Rainer told me you were settin' up Trending Ocean back east.
- You find a location? - Several.
'But they're all the size of a closet and way overpriced.
' Do either of you want a smoothie? Uh, thanks, but I gotta head out.
Thanks, man.
So, you two made up? That's good.
Okay, what's wrong? You never told me you had an identical twin.
She was at a meeting in Malibu last night.
You even dress alike.
I want you back in my arm Mm, what you makin'? It smells amazing.
Don't tell me.
Osso buco? Your favorite.
Well, what's the occasion? You took the job, didn't you? How could I not? It's a huge oppurtunity and a bump up the food chain.
Plus Iceland is on both our bucket lists.
What about the Gold brothers job? It fell through.
So, you said yes? Without me? And Osso Buco is supposed to make up for your utter lack of consideration? Cass, I'm sorry.
I had to give them an answer before they hired someone else.
And they moved up the start date.
So, I leave tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Are you serious? So, I guess how this affects me doesn't matter to you at all since clearly you don't think of us as a couple.
What are you talkin' about? This is the career we chose.
You could book a movie and be off in Thailand shooting for six months But it's not about that, Adam.
I just wished that we would've decided together.
[SIGHS] Right here with you.
'Cause we're hot like hell Does it burn when I'm not there? When you're by yourself? What? No.
No way.
It literally would.
- Will he do it here? - I don't know.
It was ridiculous.
- It's absurd.
- 'Such a joke.
' People do not know how to behave anymore.
[LAUGHING] Oh! When you lay me down right there We just make it right there Um, Lex, what's that? Good times.
In pill form.
Want one? Uh, pass.
It's not, it's not really my thing.
More for me.
I'm not there? When you're by yourself Am I the answer to your prayers? Excuse me.
Could I get a bottle of sparkling water? And, um, please, don't bring any more alcohol to the table.
Thank you.
- Sloany.
- Tangey.
- Hi, babe.
- Hi, beautiful.
I literally cannot wait to hear you tonight.
- I'm so glad you made it.
- Me, too.
I've actually been really wanting to reach out to you.
Um, has Lex been like this for a while? Been like what? She's out of control.
She's bursting into tears one second and then laughing the next.
Wait, Sloane, you're not saying Drugs.
Along with an ocean of booze, Tange.
She's acting a lot like she did before the last time she went to rehab.
Oh, my God.
She's exhausted and overworked and the only person who can give her the break that she needs is your mom.
I'm really worried about her.
- 'Yeah.
' - 'Yeah.
' Alexis.
Is everything okay? Great.
Look, maybe you should just slow down a bit.
Or what? What, you'll.
write another song? Make another quick buck off the back of your former BFF? You're welcome for the hit song, by the way.
Now, maybe instead of making it your life mission to block my business you can go mind your own.
This girl can still learn How many can achieve When we focus and believe Some will get it done whatever you need.
(PABLO) 'Mic check.
One, two.
One, two.
' Bigger lights.
Hey, can I talk to you for a second? Of course, baby girl.
Whoa, now, this is one face I don't like to see upset.
What's the matter? I don't wanna sing "Block That Business" tonight.
I just saw Alexis in the crowd and And that's a pretty good reason to leave it on the set list if you ask me.
I mean, show her who she playin' with, babe.
My fans brutalized her on Twitter over it.
There's no need to add fuel to the fire.
I don't understand why you're protectin' someone who aired out your personal business like that.
- She earned the song.
- Maybe.
But Alexis isn't as tough as she acts.
Hey, do you think Taylor Swift won ten Grammys by handling her frenemies with kid gloves? No.
Alexis is a big girl, okay? She can't face the music, let her go out the door.
You should go change.
You're almost up.
Why? You don't like? Burgundy dress'll look a lot better under the lights.
You've been acting like you believe in me I said believe in me (PABLO) 'Alright, let's get to it, man.
' What'd I say about the burgundy.
You look beautiful.
Pablo Money in the building.
How everybody doin' tonight? [APPLAUSE] Y'all good? Y'all ready to hear our hit single "Block That Business?" (ALL) Yeah! Hold on.
Hold on.
That's not convincin' enough.
I said are you all ready? (ALL) Yeah! Well, alright, alright, alright.
Let's get it.
[INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] Sit down babe sit down babe Sit down babe You and I goin' baby You went and lost your mind so I lost them ditches I had to block that business Block that business Block that business See you got your canvas Girl you think you famous You were just an amateur You were just an amateur Bow down Bow down bow down I know that you're a fan though I know that you're a fan though Let's respect the queen Honey bow down Bow down whoop Cut you from my contacts Contacts Please don't try to contact I don't wanna hear that Bow down Bow down bow down Block that business block that business Block that business block that business Block that business block that business Bow down Block that business Block that business block that business Block that business block that business Block that business block that business Pablo [AUDIENCE CHEERING] [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] - Yo.
- Hey.
It smells amazing in here.
Help yourself.
You alright? [KNOCK ON DOOR] (JAKE) 'It's Jake.
' [SNIFFLES] Adam filled me in.
You okay? Not really.
You know, lots of stuff in my life is on super shaky ground.
Like school and money and my career.
But Adam's the one thing that I thought was rock solid.
Well, you're not gonna lose that.
Why don't you give it a chance? Every couple that we know who's tried long distance has failed.
I'd put money on you and Adam even if he had to go to Mars to shoot a movie.
[SIGHS] Some couples go to grad school in different states for years at a time.
Military marriages has survived tours of duty.
Yeah, some survive.
The good ones do.
And that's you and Adam.
Maybe you're right.
So, how was the rest of the festival? I heard that Paige left early.
Did you hear I was a jerk? So you haven't talked to her since you've been back? No.
How is she? Jake, her stalker broke into her house last night.
- What.
I-is she okay? - She's fine I need to call her.
I'll be back.
(CASSIE) 'But she's doing the photoshoot right now.
' [LINE RINGING] (FEMALE #4) 'Alright, Paige, you look pretty.
' 'Good, and chin up.
' 'Great.
' 'Great.
' And one more.
I know that I lied about going to New York but I did it for a good reason.
When I was packing to go a friend, who's a book editor, reached out.
I got a lead.
on an unpublished novel that is one of the most riveting stories I have ever read.
And I optioned it.
In a-a bidding war actually and, um.
I'm gonna produce it.
And there's a part in there for you.
One for me too.
But before you say anything.
I really think that you and I could be the next Brangelina.
Say s-something.
One, they're divorced.
Two, what part of "I'm leaving Hollywood" did you not get? And three, since when did you wanna get back into acting? Since spending time with you on set.
Rainer, you are so inspiring to watch.
You made me realize how much I miss it.
When I was a kid, I hated it because there was so much pressure on me.
But, now, I.
I realized how much I love the craft.
[SIGHS] You know, I know that you say you wanna quit acting but.
I know that you love it too.
Maybe you just wanna leave Hollywood because you wanna get out from under your mom's thumb.
Among other things.
You wanna do something good for the world.
Baby, your star power is one of the most valuable things you have to offer Trending Ocean.
This story, this novel, it's an Oscar-winning movie.
I can feel it in my bones.
We coulda talked about this.
Without you lying about being out of town.
You're right.
That was dumb.
So, does this mean that you'll read it? The galley copy's on the counter.
I know that you need some space so, I.
I'll be at my apartment if you need anything.
[SIGHS] [UPBEAT MUSIC] Even though the door's closed I I don't care if we're close I I just don't wanna sleep alone I Even though the door's closed I You can.
- Hey, uh.
I'm just wrapping up the photoshoot.
Cassie told me about the stalker.
I'm worried about you.
I'm fine.
W-what time are you done? Can I come over? I don't know.
I have to get on that red-eye for New York.
Paige, we have to talk.
I-I was such a jackass at Tin Creek.
Jake, you just got back.
Don't you have to unpack? No.
No, I-I don't.
Well, you must be exhausted.
We've got way too much going on between us without talking even if we only get a few minutes, I'm coming over.
[SIGHING] Okay, see you soon.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] - I know, I'm just.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We at capacity.
- Uh, what? - Excuse me? I do not take up any space.
I'm like a little magic fairy.
I'mma keep it 100 with you, alright? I don't need nobody comin' in here trippin' bein' all extra-ed.
None of that.
This is my suite, my friends, and my party.
That's why you're not comin' in the suite.
Okay, this your suite, your party, your money, your friends.
Lex, hey! Oh, my.
I'm so sorry, I never meant for an - Babe, I got this.
- No, I'm serious.
I'm so sorry about that.
Tange, I said I got this.
Ahem, sorry, Tange, are you gonna let him come between us? You know what, Lex? It's not worth it.
Why don't we just.
- I'm sorry, seriously? - Just get out of here.
- You wanna take care of this? - 'Take care of this?' - Are you serious? - A fairy got his.
Sir, you cannot just touch me.
- Excuse me? - She can walk on her own.
- Thank you.
- You are not that strong.
- That's enough.
- Okay, thanks.
Sloane, call me.
It's not.
Are you serious, right now? You couldn't just let them in? Baby girl, relax.
Let me protect you from the people who are no good for you.
Pablo, it was my fault, my fans were brutal.
Tange, listen.
People get hated on all the time.
That's life.
That's this business.
It's how you react that matters.
Okay, I understand what I need you to focus on us.
And on the amazing music we make together.
Baby feeling like we're here to spend just one more night Dance to the.
No more Alexis.
No more Jordan.
Let's party.
Come on.
(PABLO) Everybody havin' a good time? 'Cause we're up all night So, I switched my phone to an international plan so we can text hourly.
Exactly like we do now.
Yeah, except Iceland's so damn far away.
Well luckily.
there's a cure.
What is this? It's a plane ticket.
With your name on it.
Come anytime you want.
In a week, in a month.
Really? Yeah.
Come to visit.
- Yeah.
- Or come to stay.
Hope you brought food 'cause I'm starving.
Shane, w.
How'd you get in? What are you doing here? I've been waiting to get you alone.
Shane, you need to go.
Please, you're not welcome here.
I'm not leaving.
We're meant to be together.
I knew it from the first day on set.
How could you betray me? I mean, how could you sleep with Eddie? [GASPING] Paige, I've been there for you.
Everything was great between us until that that jock swooped in and ruined everything.
Shane, you are not well.
You need to leave.
Get out of my house.
You're not welcome here.
Please just go! You're not going to get rid of me.
You can't deny the truth.
' [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] Is anybody out there Can you lead me to the light? Is anybody out there Tell me it'll all be alright? [MUSIC CONTINUES] Hey, mom, it's me.
can you call me back as soon as you get this? I'm worried about Alexis.
Ooh ooh ooh ooh I will carry you [MUSIC CONTINUES] I'm not alone I've been here the whole time You are not alone Not alone I've been here the whole time Singing you a song Ooh ooh And I will carry you Ooh ooh ooh And I will carry you And I will carry you I will carry you Ooh I will carry you Is anybody out there? [THEME MUSIC]