Fantastic Four (2006) s01e09 Episode Script

Puppet Master

MAN ON RADIO: But were saved by the Fantastic Four! Boy, you don't see that every day.
And in other local news, New York has honored three of its greatest artists.
The awards were given for painting, photography and sculpture.
Greatest artists.
Washed-up losers is more like it.
All of whom were considered groundbreaking visionaries in their fields.
Digging up your own clay for sculpting, that's groundbreaking.
Those idiots shouldn't be allowed to finger-paint! galleries across the city! (MUFFLED SPEECH) My genius is ignored, and those idiots are given awards? I deserve awards.
I deserve recognition! I deserve respect! I (GROANS) Well, at least it can't get any worse.
Unless My clay! No! Everyone back.
Everyone off the beach.
(JOHNNY WHOOPING) I'm going surfing! Everyone keep moving, nothing to see here.
You can't keep me off my beach.
I've been coming here for decades.
These super-powered thugs have no right to Excuse me, buddy.
Idol of millions coming through.
Ridiculous golem! You can't do this to me! It's incredible.
There's no residual radiation from the station impact.
All the cosmic energy was absorbed by the clay.
We need to make sure nothing is taken from the beach until we're able to isolate the cosmically-irradiated soil.
Make sure nothing is taken.
- Because why? - Don't ask.
- He'll just get more confusing.
- BEN: Yo, Stretch! Where do you want this? I haven't thought about the space station for a long time.
It seems so long ago that we were up there.
I remember it smelling better, too.
- Not like Eau de Muck here.
- I thought that was you! Johnny, I need you to oxidize the upper geo stratum of sediment - to isolate the irradiated particles.
- See what I mean? Okay, I know you're talking to me, - but that's about it.
- Bake the beach.
Now, that I understand.
Flame on! (CROWD GASPS) I know, I know.
I feel the same way.
My beach! No! That's good clay, you fiery buffoon! Okay, now what? We'll take it and the space station segment back to the lab for analysis.
It's really fascinating to think that the cosmic rays bonded with the station's metal, - then transferred to the soil.
- Yeah? If you think it's so fascinating, why don't you carry it home? Well, it's not that fascinating.
Did you see what the Fantastic Fools did to you, my friends? They destroyed your birthplace! They think they're better than me! That's what everyone thinks! I'll make a brief statement, and then take questions.
Early this morning, a section of the space station, where we were bombarded with cosmic rays and given our powers, fell to Earth.
Your space station almost fell on my head! I should sue! We've retrieved the debris, and have confirmed that there is no risk to the local populace or environment.
Richards, is the space station still in orbit? Could this happen again? No, we're tracking all the debris from the space station, and I feel confident that - Reed's so crazy.
- So, yes, we're on top of it.
Next question.
Please! (LAUGHING) You okay there, Stretch? Did that just happen? I think we should be going now.
(MUMBLING UNINTELLIGIBLY) What? (LAUGHING) Oh! Oh, no! Oh, please stop! Oh, it hurts! (PUPPET MASTER LAUGHING) Reed! Show's over, folks.
JOHNNY: Oh, come on.
Oh, just a few more minutes! Please! With this clay, I can mold men to my will! I can be a great and terrible ruler! I I can get revenge! REED: There must be an explanation.
This is kind of weird, Stretch.
Everything looks normal.
Well, normal for you.
I don't think there's anything physically wrong with you.
It was so strange.
There was almost a whispering.
I could hear it in the back of my head.
- I just couldn't control myself.
- We saw that.
- Along with the rest of the world.
- So much for my dignity.
Ricky, maybe you shouldn't be doing that.
- Well, I'm doing it.
- REED: Hello, young man.
Can you please stop jumping on my spleen? That was boring.
You look weird.
I'm going over here.
Okay, let me explain.
You know how I've been trying to get an acting gig, right? - Wasn't the problem that you can't act? - Exactly.
Well, this kid is the biggest kid actor on TV.
And a huge fan of the FF.
So I figured I can show him around, have you guys pretend to like him, - and I'll get a part on his show.
- Pretend to like him? - Why wouldn't we like him? - Oh, no reason.
This is boring.
And I want this computer.
Put it in my car.
When are we going to save the world like you promised? SUZY: Ah! Maybe we can drop him off at the Latverian Embassy.
I'm sure Doom would love to Ben? Hey! Where's he going? I'm here, he can't leave! Bring him back! Why aren't you looking at me? You know this is some kind of cosmic punishment for you, right? What are you trying to say? Now, my puppet, we will show the world my power.
I call it, Paint on Canvas.
And I believe it is my finest work.
(ALL EXCLAIMING) (THUDDING) Are you here for my show? (SCREAMING) No! My masterpiece! Why? Well, that was a harsh review.
SUZY: It has to be the clay.
You were exposed to some kind of cosmic radiation in the clay.
Then why aren't the three of you exhibiting the same symptoms? You were all there as well.
Can you really call tying yourself in knots a symptom? I know.
It's like there was some kind of intelligence at work.
Pulling my strings.
HERBIE: Pardon me, Dr.
Miss Masters has arrived.
She seems quite happy.
Well, that's good.
No, wait! Upset! Yes, she's very, very upset! I always get those two confused.
- Alicia! What's the matter? - You need to turn on the news.
Something's wrong with Ben.
RICKY: No, let's watch it again.
Look how good I am.
You know it's true.
Oh, Ricky, you're the best.
- Hey, that's mine! - We need to borrow the TV for a minute.
We're watching my show.
And who are you? You're not a superhero! This is boring! - Friend of yours, Johnny? - Don't ask.
Destruction caused by a rampaging Thing caught on videotape inside the famous studio.
Someone help me! I ran out of film! I need to shoot this! Noted photographer was abducted by the superhero, making him the second artist in the past few hours to be taken.
Looks like Ben is experiencing your symptoms after all, Reed.
We have to stop him before he hurts someone.
Something or someone's controlling his actions.
There's clearly a connection to what happened with me earlier.
I just have to find it.
Ben wasn't answering my calls.
Then I heard about this on the radio.
Man, if I knew he was gonna break stuff, I would've gone with him! Why artists, though? I mean, no offense, Alicia, but it's Ben.
You'd think he'd be out abducting hot dog vendors or something.
Both artists that he's taken, I know them.
They worked with my stepfather back when I was first learning to sculpt.
And they were both honored at an awards show last night.
HERBIE! Bring up a list of the artists in last night's awards show.
Two down, one to go! I guess we know where he's going next.
We have to get to the last artist before Ben does.
Alicia, we can drop you off at your loft.
Huh? I'm going with you! - I'm getting one of those flying cars.
- SUZY: No, you're not.
Why are you so quiet? It's boring.
I'm worried about my friend.
That's boring.
I live in a mansion.
I'm famous.
- You know who I am, right? - Yes.
You're the little boy trying to be the Human Torch's sidekick, right? Hey! I'm coming with you! You can't.
This is real superhero stuff.
You'll be safer here.
Ben, don't squish the kid.
He's my only shot at getting on TV.
Johnny, it's not Ben doing these things.
Don't hold back.
Nice try, but less than Fantastic.
Reed! Express elevator going up! Ben, stop! - Please don't make me fight you.
- Now, now.
We wouldn't want anyone to get hurt, would we? Didn't think so.
(SCREAMING) I can't hold it.
It's okay.
The building is clear.
Everyone is out.
That went bad fast.
Can I go home now? Please? I'll be good, I promise.
Father? It's me, Alicia.
If you're there, please pick up.
I know we haven't talked in a long time.
Please call me.
Something is happening, and I need to know you're all right.
SUZY: Alicia, it's Susan.
We lost him.
He's here.
Right now.
Alicia, get out of there.
It's not Ben, it's not - Hello, Alicia.
- Father? What What's going on? What happened? Where's Ben? You mean, my new servant? He's right here.
I had him bring you to me so I could show you what's happened.
(MAN GROANING) Father, what have you done? I've taken my art to the next level, Alicia.
My art doesn't just mirror life, it controls it.
Father, what are you talking about? Did you Did you kidnap these people? - And what have you done to Ben? - Alicia.
I may only be your stepfather, but I raised you like you were my own daughter.
I taught you how to sculpt, and now, together, we can take the respect we deserve.
These three, my so-called peers, they will serve as an example of my power.
No, you have to stop this, whatever you've done.
This is wrong.
(COMMUNICATOR BEEPS) Alicia, don't be afraid of me.
I'm doing this for us! Father, I'm sorry.
Alicia! - Did you lead them here? - REED: You're going to jail, Mr.
You may call me Puppet Master.
Too late, I already started calling you Alicia's crazy dad.
Seriously, dude.
You need to get a life.
I think I'll take yours.
Why do I get the feeling this is bad? Hey, nice.
Is that for sale? Because I might be interested What is it he likes to say? Oh, yes.
Flame on! Human Torch, Thing! Destroy your teammates! Father, no! I need time! There must be some way to break his control.
You handle Ben.
I'll try and distract Johnny.
Susan, are you okay? I'm Let me get back to you on that.
They've mocked me, Alicia.
But who's laughing now? The first statue was crude.
I could only control Richards through physical manipulation.
But now, I can control anyone with just my mind.
Their space station falling was destined! I was meant to rule! And now I have the means to do so with my clay.
The clay! Destroy the statues.
He's using the statues to control them.
A little busy right now.
Alicia, what are you doing? Alicia! Stop her! Ben, I know you can't hurt me.
You've got to fight him! Please, Ben.
No! Destroy them! Destroy them all! - You made me hurt my friends! - Don't, Ben.
You're better than this.
You're not like him.
I know he's done a terrible thing, but he's still my father.
Alicia, you saved us! You know, we can always make it the Fantastic Five.
Thanks, but I think I'll leave the clobbering to Ben.
I just wish it didn't have to end this way.
You kidnapped me! And then, you saved me! Yeah, yeah.
I was under supervillain control.
What, do you want a hug? - No! - No! MAN ON TV: And all three artists were returned, safe and sound.
In other news I'm going to start blaming everything I do on supervillains.
You are a supervillain, flame brain.
Hey, hey.
I got Ricky Carter through your little rampage safe and sound.
Can you say co-star of a hit series? Because I can! HERBIE: Jonathan, your agent left a message for you.
Ricky has decided to go with another actor.
You gotta be kidding me! And, Benjamin, Johnny's agent left a message for you.
You're being offered a part co-starring with Ricky in a hit TV show.
Apparently, young Mr.
Carter was very impressed with you.
JOHNNY: What? We hear you're an artist.
Well, you'll have plenty of time to work on your next masterpiece in solitary.
Exactly what I'm hoping for.