Fantastic Four (2006) s01e23 Episode Script

Johnny Storm And The Potion Of Fire

1 Alchemy is the melding of science and mysticism.
With these potions, I can command the elements themselves.
Earth, air, water and fire.
Their essences will live inside me.
Johnny! A little help, please! (JOHNNY SCREAMS) With their power, I will rule this world.
The only thing you could rule is a fairytale, Diablo.
Alchemy isn't real.
This isn't science, and it certainly isn't magic.
You're nothing more than a common thief stealing valuable metals and chemicals.
Just clobber him already! I have planned this ceremony for over 400 years, man of science.
You will soon become a believer.
I don't know what you're doing yet, but it isn't magic.
There's simply no such thing as magic.
(LAUGHING) BEN: I don't know, Stretch, it kind of seems like magic to me.
The universe opens up for me.
It's glorious! Give me a break, pal.
What are you, a magician and a poet? It is not magic.
Hey, living fire, we shouldn't be fighting, we should be friends.
Seriously! You could be my sidekick.
We could have adventures together, melt stuff, roast things.
Think about it.
Hey, that was hot! I'm not supposed to feel hot.
I changed my mind, we're trading back.
- I'm so - Johnny! The element of fire.
- Your power will now be - Catch me! SUZY: This is gonna be Wet! - That was horrible.
- You fool! The potion of fire, it's gone! You've ruined the ceremony! Sorry.
Jeez! Hey, Diablo! We'd like a word, or 10, with you.
Johnny? Gross! I mean, are you okay? (EXCLAIMS IN DISGUST) BEN: "Just some thief," you said.
"No big deal," you said.
You could've mentioned it was a magic supervillain guy! - REED: Don't be ridiculous.
It's not magic! - Hey! Can we focus here? I need a shower! HERBIE: The liquid conforms to no known material.
There are elements of sulfur, several oxides, but the combined result does not compute.
BEN: 'Cause it's magic! Is Johnny okay? There's no medical or biological side effect to Johnny's exposure to this non-magical liquid.
It's odd, though.
This Diablo character was somehow affecting the energy in the area with these chemicals.
HERBIE, run a facial-recognition on this image.
JOHNNY: Guys! That slime got in my mouth! Match found.
Esteban De Ablo, a Spanish alchemist.
Born in 1521.
- Software glitch.
- Say it with me, Stretch.
Magic! JOHNNY: I need a shower! (GROANS) Okay! Great! Thanks for the melt-proof bathroom, Reed.
Nice one! (YELLS) (BUBBLING) Sorry, my bad! (JOHNNY SCREAMS) Sweet! Delicious.
How about turning it down a notch, flame brain.
We're all sweating here.
Johnny, are you feeling okay? Maybe you have a fever.
Gee, Mom, thanks for the concern, but I've never felt better! Window washer in trouble.
Gotta go! Well, at least he's enthusiastic.
- Maybe you should go talk to him, Susan.
- Yeah, that's gonna be fun! Well, that's pretty ungrateful, window guy.
- Would you prefer I had let you fall? - Johnny, what's going on with you? What is your problem? My powers are revving up, big deal! Yours did the same thing.
Remember when you could only turn invisible? Now look at you! - Yeah, but - But nothing! It's all good.
Now, if you don't mind, I've got places to be.
(PEOPLE CHATTERING) Oh, yeah! (BEN WHISTLING) HERBIE? Where's Johnny? I wanna pay him a visit.
Open up, flame brain? You want something, brick head? No, I'll come back later.
DIABLO: Centuries of searching, of preparation, all destroyed.
Destroyed by los Cuatro Fantásticos.
Show me.
Show me the cur who destroyed the potion of fire.
His eyes.
The essence of the fire elemental still lives within the boy.
Yes, yes! I can push the fire elemental within him, make it grow.
Then, when it consumes the boy, I will claim it for myself and complete the ceremony.
The true power of the elements will be mine! (LAUGHING EVILLY) Why you little I'm gonna We gotta talk.
I've designed a particle emitter that I think can neutralize - the energies that Diablo is - Not about that.
REED: Oh! BEN: Yeah, that's what I said, two days ago.
It won't go out.
Kind of makes it hard to sleep at night.
Thanks a lot, Stretch.
I'll go talk to the kid myself.
- Okay, punk, what's going on with - Shh Watch this! Awesome, right? We can make water burn.
But how? That's not It doesn't matter.
Something ain't right with you.
What's with the non-stop burning and these little fire guys? Have you boys been naughty? Don't sweat it, Grimm.
I'll buy you a new room.
Oh, no.
I ain't through with you.
You are now, chump! Well, that was embarrassing.
Ben, are you serious? Little fire people, he talks to them? Yeah, I thought it was Johnny being weird, but he's losing it, Suzy.
- Stretch, are you even listening? - REED: No.
Couldn't he just be messing around with you? You know, just another prank.
This is different.
I've been taking guff from that kid for years, but this, it Something's changed in him, and it's getting worse.
This is going to work.
I've keyed it in to the energies Diablo was generating at the park.
He'll use those very scientifically understandable energies again, and then I'll be able to detect him and neutralize him.
(STAMMERING) It's, well, you know, a neutralizer.
- Way to keep up, Reed.
- Look, Johnny's powers are increasing.
It's no big deal.
Mine did the same thing, right? Look how they fumble.
Their destruction is at hand, and they don't even know it.
- The boy approaches.
- Wait, stop, that's not right.
You've always had access to your full power, but you didn't use it.
Johnny, on the other hand, has used his powers to the max since day one.
If Johnny's powers really are changing, and he's not just showing off, then something may be seriously wrong.
(JOHNNY WHOOPING) (CAR ALARMS BLARING) Thanks a lot, Torch! - Get out now! - I still love you, Johnny! Johnny, I think you need to come down to the lab.
- I'd like to run some more tests on you.
- (ECHOES) I don't think so.
I'm a busy man.
Yeah, busy melting the city.
- Jealous? - They are jealous.
Jealous of the power.
SUZY: Jealous? Johnny, what is going on with you? And what is with your voice? I just want to know if everything is all right.
Show them your power.
Show them the fire, feel it growing within you.
Everything is great! Johnny, I think that the liquid from Diablo's potion may be affecting you in some way I didn't see.
- Johnny, what are - See? You know what I think? I think you're scared of me.
I think I'm more powerful than all of you, and you wanna take that away from me.
Well, it's not gonna happen.
I'm out of here! Not so fast, pipsqueak! Big mistake, Grimm.
The time for talking is over.
Now it's time for fire! I am not the kind of guy that says, "I told you so," but I told you so.
Johnny, have you lost your mind? I can't believe you attacked us.
(LAUGHING) Guess what, sis? I haven't even started! And you're not gonna.
Nice moves.
Let me try that.
Are you okay? Now I know what charcoal feels like.
Stop struggling, Johnny! Your flames are extinguishing! That's That's not possible.
These are made of unstable molecules.
Nothing can damage them.
Except magic, I'm thinking.
(JOHNNY GROANS) The more you struggle, Johnny, the more oxygen you'll burn up.
You're gonna pass out.
Now, knock it off.
If this is Diablo's influence, the neutralizer I built could work on Johnny.
Great! Go get it! But it's untested.
It could disintegrate him.
What? No, absolutely not.
This is my brother, I'll deal with him.
HERBIE, open the doors! HERBIE: Yes, ma'am.
Remind me never to go evil around her.
Johnny, stop this! This isn't you.
This is me, Sue.
You just don't want to admit it.
This is the part where you try to talk some sense into me, right? Wrong! What's the matter, Sue? Maybe you have a fever.
Little brother, you've had this coming for a long time.
Johnny? (LAUGHING) Is that all you've got? No! It's so sad! I think I'll put you out of your misery.
Sue? No! Can't make You can't make me hurt her.
Can't Get out! Get out! Hope that ain't Johnny.
I'm sorry.
Sue, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to Come on, wake up.
You're okay.
You're okay.
(GROANS) You are in so much trouble when we get home.
Well, I'll just enjoy this, then.
Whoa! Where'd you come from? Bend to my will.
Diablo, the alchemist, commands you! JOHNNY: Hey, nice one, buddy! Here we thought you were a bad guy.
I am.
Cool! Man, it is just not my day.
(LAUGHING) I've done it! The power of the elements is mine! - Any ideas? - One.
I assume you don't have a problem with me using this on Diablo? Nope! Are you all better now, flame brain? You ready to take this chump out? Sure thing, buddy.
You go first.
Now it ends! (GROANS) (DIABLO SCREAMING) Yeah! Take that, magic! It was all scientifically explained.
You'll pay for this, the power will be Yes! We beat up an old man! I wonder if there is a supervillain prison for senior citizens.
(SNORING) Hey, guys, I just wanted to say, you know, all that power, I really loved it.
It felt so good, and I let it happen.
I lost myself in that thing.
What I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry.
You guys saved me, and I owe you, so thanks.
You two hold him, I'll go get the neutralizer.
He's still possessed.
Ha-ha, funny, funny guys.
Now let me, let me go! Look, it's me, I swear! Come on!