Faraway Downs (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Chapter One: The Land

Just one ♪
Drop from ♪
The sky like the ♪
Teardrop ♪
That forms in my eyes ♪
It brings ♪
New strength ♪
To take its claim ♪
Regeneration ♪
To heal our pain ♪
Ride into the wind ♪
Until you're home again ♪
Feel it in the rain ♪
Can you find the way? ♪
Feel it in the rain ♪
Can you find the way? ♪
It's time we start to relay ♪
The wonders of our history ♪
Our breath defies ♪
The story's page ♪
The songs created ♪
The path we made ♪
Ride into the wind ♪
Until you're home again ♪
Feel it in the rain ♪
Feel it in the rain ♪
Can you find the way? ♪
The way, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Feel it in the rain ♪
The rain ♪
Can you find the way? ♪
The way, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Feel it in the rain. ♪
My husband must sell Faraway Downs.
All Lord Ashley is asking
is that you be patient.
Patient! Maitland has
been out there for a year.
But, Lady Ashley, the
property is the size of Belgium
and the offer from this
Cattle King, Mr Carney,
is only one-sixth of
what it was once worth.
£10,000 is enough to save
this house and my horses.
But Maitland is just
about to muster the fats.
Get the big cows ready for market.
Ramsden, let's be honest.
You and I both know
there is only one reason
my husband has spent
so much time down under,
and it has absolutely
nothing to do with cows.
At least not of the animal variety.
Lady Ashley, I I do
think that's a bit harsh.
It's hardly a crime
that everybody loves him.
LADY ASHLEY: Oh, dear.
The world is on the brink of war
and all people care about
is silly fairy tales.
Well, I rather like Miss Garland.
Oh, Ramsden, drink your tea.
Lady Ashley! What do you intend to do?
I intend to travel to
this cattle station,
sell it,
and bring Maitland home myself!
But, Lady Ashley it's Australia.
ATTENDANT: We all remember when
Lord Ashley flew out with us.
Great bloke! Everybody loved him.
I'm sure.
LADY ASHLEY: Maitland, your concern
regarding war duly noted. Stop.
MAITLAND: Have plan concerning cattle.
Sale to King Carney not necessary.
Need more time. Stop.
LADY ASHLEY: Nonsense. Stop.
Expect contract for sale of station
to be drawn by time of my arrival. Stop.
LORD ASHLEY: Cannot meet
you. Stop. Am mustering. Stop.
Have sent trusted man.
Stop. The Drover. Stop.
The Drover?
[LAUGHS] Drover, you boong lover.
Any of you other Carney
boys want to have a go?
Come on, fellas. Don't
let fear stand in your way.
I'll have ya.
Hey! No boongs in here!
He's not in the pub, Ivan.
BULL: Go on. Run after
your boong friend,
'cause as far as this town's
concerned, you are a black.
You work with them, you eat with them,
and you sleep with them. [LAUGHS]
Oh, crikey.
When you see her, wave your hat.
What are you waiting for? An invitation?
I hate comin' to town.
Lady Sarah Ashley.
A genuine aristocrat
living right here in Darwin.
Administrator, we're at war.
You represent the Government.
As the officer in charge
of livestock purchases
for the armed forces
She's quite a looker.
Oh, yes, she's very, very
SKIPPER: Everybody knows you're here.
His Lordship won't be
able to help himself,
seeing you on the wharf.
- I beg your pardon?
- Your husband. Lord Maity.
- You know him?
- Yeah. Great bloke.
Everybody loves him.
Especially the ladies.
Do you mind?
ADMINISTRATOR: Her husband, Lord Ashley,
claims he's mustering
fats at Faraway Downs.
- Faraway Downs?
- Faraway Downs.
The only cattle station
in the whole of the north
not owned by Leslie King Carney.
Lord Maitland Ashley is
mustering on Faraway Downs?
MAN: Yeah, yeah.
Isn't quite what we had
in mind, is it, Neil?
No. Yeah.
And now his missus has
arrived on the flying boat.
Doesn't look like they're gonna
sell Faraway Downs to me, Neil.
Ah, she won't last.
A delicate English rose
withers in the outback.
You with me?
- Can't see your Lord Maity.
- Oh!
If you must know, I am to be met
by my husband's trusted
man, a Mr Drover.
The bloody Drover?
That's my luggage! That's my luggage!
Put that down. Put that down!
Look at the little creamies.
Seem almost like us, don't they?
LADY ASHLEY: What do you mean?
SKIPPER: Those little half-caste
kids are fair on the outside
but in their hearts,
they're as black as night.
I don't understand.
What do you expect? They
come from cattle stations.
Lonely men. Native women.
Native women!
SKIPPER: Church does what it can
for 'em out on Mission Island.
Ask the Drover. He's an
expert in the subject.
Well, hoo-roo! Give my
regards to his Lordship.
Tell him we'll sink a few
next time he's in Darwin.
"Sink a few"?
Maitland Ashley. What a
top bloke your husband is.
Everybody loves him.
No, that's No, that's my luggage.
Hurry! Yes. Bring that
down here, thank you.
Quickly. Nine pieces.
Nine. S.A. Ashley.
My husband has sent a
trusted man. You savvy?
A Mr Drover.
The Drover is at the pub, Missus.
No good place for woman.
- No good place for woman.
- Pub?
Move it!
It's quite a coup for my wife.
Lady Ashley, may I present myself?
I am the wife of the Administrator.
Look at my wife and daughter down there
giving her the royal welcome.
My fiancé, Neil Fletcher,
manages Faraway Downs.
We were hoping that
you would be patroness
of the Women's Auxiliary
Ball at the end of the month.
The end of the month?
Oh, no, no, I shall be
returning to London next week,
once I have divorced my husband.
Good luck with your
Auxiliary Ball, church fete,
whatever it is you call it, hm?
Did she say 'divorce'?
Bit pale.
Not a bad-looking sheila, but
what's the story on the luggage?
Wants to settle down in
the outback, does she?
If she stays
and helps Lord Ashley breed
cattle on Faraway Downs,
then we've got a competitor
for the Army contract, Neil.
Administrator, Carney's control
of every cattle station in the north
jeopardises the supply
of beef to our troops.
You represent the Government.
It's your responsibility to do something
about the Carney Cattle Company.
But it's a poor war that doesn't
make a decent patriot rich,
so I don't want a single
beast from Faraway Downs
to set a hoof on that wharf.
- You with me, Neil?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Nature will take its course.
CARNEY: What about the missus?
I've arranged for someone special
to give her the old scenic route.
Give her a taste of the outback.
Who's taking her?
The Drover.
The Drover?!
Enjoy the ride, sweetheart.
I'm Sarah Ashley.
My husband, Lord Ashley,
has sent a trusted man
to collect me: a Mr Drover.
It seems as if he has been waylaid.
No women.
Ladies' lounge next door.
The hen parlour's thataway, my dear.
No wonder your establishment is empty.
Good day.
Welcome to Australia.
Hey, look.
Love, you'll be a lot more comfortable
if you change into something a
little less, er, constricting.
You keep your eyes on the road
and your hands on the wheel.
Just trying to help.
- Oh, goodness. Ah, quick!
- Drover!
- Drive faster!
- Alright.
Faster! [MAN YELLS]
- You'll never catch us.
- MAN: Drover, hey, hey!
He is! He is catching us.
Hey! Where you going? Drover!
- Drover!
It's Magarri's cousin, Goolajbaloong.
Lovely name.
- Water.
- I said Oh! Oh!
That's it. That's it. Stay, Jedda, stay.
"Trusted man." Typical of my husband.
Actually, your husband's
a pretty good bloke.
Yes, well, he certainly knows
how to choose his employees.
Mm. No wonder the place is bankrupt.
- Lady, I'm not an employee.
- Oh, really?
So you're just driving me all
the way out to Faraway Downs
as a personal favour to
my husband, are you? Hmm?
Him being such a good bloke and all?
I'm driving you out there
'cause he promised me a drove
of 1,500 head of cattle.
- What, to buy?
- No, you goose, to drove.
- Oh!
- I'm a drover, right?
I move the cattle from A to B,
alright? I work on commission.
No man hires me, no man fires me.
- Everything I own,
I can fit in my saddlebag,
which is the way I like it.
[EXCLAIMS] Yes, well, it's all
all very outback adventure, isn't it?
I'm not saying it's for everyone.
No. It's definitely not for everyone.
Most people like to own things,
you know, land, luggage, other people.
Makes them feel secure.
But all that can be taken away.
And in the end, the only
thing you really own is, uh
is your story.
Just trying to live a good one.
Oh, yes, an adventure
story, am I right? Hmm?
- Whatever you like.
- Mm-hm. Yes.
Well, you sound just like my husband.
He loves adventures.
And the wonderful thing about
adventures is that [SIGHS]
is that you can break all
the rules, all the time,
whenever you want,
with whomever you want.
And then when one adventure gets stale,
you just find a newer, fresher,
younger, more exciting adventure.
- Hey, hey. You right, love?
- I'm thirsty.
- Yeah?
- Here, hang on. Have some water.
- No, no, no, no.
- Have some water. Water.
- Thank you. Oh!
No, Magarri, no, no, no, no!
- Do you want me to stop?
- No, please, just keep going.
- Sure? Really?
- Yes, yes. Thank you.
Oh! Oh, kangaroos!
- I love Yes!
- DROVER: Big reds.
- Oh, lovely!
- Beautiful, huh?
- Yeah, beautiful.
I've never seen a
kangaroo. Beautiful jumping.
- Yeah, they're jumpin'.
- Oh!
- Oh, it's beautiful!
Oh, look at them jumping!
DROVER: At least we've got some dinner.
Mr Drover.
- Hey, Missus Boss.
- Tucker, Missus Boss?
- Mr Drover.
- Yeah?
- There's only one tent.
- That's right.
For the four of us?
Well, you know it gets
pretty chilly here at night.
We, uh, we like to bunk
up together, eh, Magarri?
Goolaj, huh?
Nice and close, you know?
- DROVER: Ooh, it's freezing!
- Oh!
Oh, come on, Lady Ashley.
We're just having a laugh.
Never really slept
in a tent in our life.
We just bunk around the fire, you see?
See, we're not really used to, um
A woman?
I suppose you think I
should be back in Darwin
at the church fete or the ladies', uh
whatever you call it.
Well, I will have you know
that I am as capable as any man.
We're not used to guests.
That's what I was about to say.
But now you mention it,
I happen to quite like
the women of the outback.
But they're mostly native women.
Aboriginal women.
Yeah, we, er
We get along.
Flynn. Him always punctual. Him on time.
WOMAN: Get outta here!
- SARAH: What's that?
- Your accountant.
Hey, Drover. He's your
bloody problem now.
Whoa, babe, what can the matter be? ♪
How come I can't come ♪
WOMAN: See you, Drover.
back and around your door ♪
Whoa, babe, why did you let me down? ♪
Whoa, babe, why can't I hang around? ♪
Since when ain't I your ♪
[DRUNKENLY] Kipliflip.
I'm sorry. What was your name again?
Flipling Klim, M-M'lady.
Kipling Flynn.
Thank you.
Whoa, babe, how do you get that way? ♪
SARAH: Oh, so horrid and dry.
Doesn't it ever rain out here?
DROVER: Sure it does.
When the wet comes.
The heavy rains. They go on for weeks.
This place gets transformed
into something beautiful.
SARAH: Sadly, I won't be here to see it.
SARAH: How long will it be
before we reach Faraway Downs?
DROVER: We've been on
it for the last two days.
Mr Drover, my husband,
does he visit Darwin often?
Yeah, yeah, he goes a bit with that, uh,
fancy black English thoroughbred of his,
Capricornia, yeah.
She is She's a gorgeous creature.
Gorgeous creature.
I'm sure he doesn't go there
just to show off his horse.
Oh, no, no, we're both
into breeding, you see.
Yeah, no, we're both
dead keen on breeding.
I've always had a dream.
I've always wanted to mate
an English thoroughbred
with a bush brumby.
It'd be magic, wouldn't it? Magic.
- Imagine that combination.
- Don't!
Don't you say another word!
I know what you're implying.
You've thought about
it too, haven't you?
Capricornia, you Poppycock!
- What are you talking about?
- Poppycock!
- What are you talking about?
- You You want
You want to have it on with me.
What? What What was that?
Oh, you know exactly what I'm saying.
You You exploit those
poor women. You abuse them.
- Hang on, hang on!
- They just do as they're told
- Hey, you watch what you say!
- Well, I do not do as I'm told!
Yeah, I've noticed!
You've got a filthy mind, lady.
- You're an animal!
- I wouldn't have it on with you
if you were the only tart
left in Australia, you hear me?
- Animal. You are a
- Believe me, I wouldn't
- SARAH: What was that?
- DROVER: Stay in the car.
- No, no!
- Get your hands off me.
For once in your life,
do as you're bloody told.
FLYNN: There she is.
Faraway Downs.
DROVER: Lady Ashley,
wait! Don't go in there.
I'm so sorry.
FLETCHER: My family has had the honour
of serving the owners of Faraway
Downs for three generations.
We know how hard this land can be,
but Lord Maitland Ashley,
he he never gave up.
The only thing that could stop
this decent, courageous man
was a spear from a murderous black,
the so-called King George,
and he will be brought to justice.
Let us now pray for Maitland Ashley,
that his soul may enter peacefully
through the gates of heaven.
Excuse me, Lady Ashley.
Would you be prepared to
leave for Darwin today?
We could get you
safely on your way home.
Once you've concluded your business
with Mr Carney, of course.
You're engaged to Mr Carney's
daughter, are you not?
Yeah. Yeah, Cath, yeah.
This place is so barren,
I can't understand what my
husband would've seen out here.
Yeah, this land has a strange power.
There'll be no bringing her back to life
now that the bore's dried
up and there's no water.
His Lordship just
couldn't accept the fact.
I will trouble you no further.
Have them pack the car.
MAGARRI: Drover. You
might want to see this.
DROVER: Hey, Fletcher. Hey, Fletcher!
What's going on?
Fletcher! I've been sitting
out here for three bloody hours.
Now, what about the bloody drove?
Please, please. Lady Ashley
just lost her husband.
- I'm sorry about that
- We're leaving.
- DROVER: Hang on. Hey, mate, no.
- FLETCHER: Come on, move it.
- You're always welcome.
- Don't stand there, Chinaman.
I only agreed to bring
her here on condition
you give me a mob of cattle
to drove back to Darwin.
Believe you me, I bloody well earned it.
Mr Drover, I cannot believe
you are talking about
cows at a time like this.
I'm not, I'm talking about cash.
Now, your stockmen tell me
they've got one day of work left
and they've completed a muster.
FLETCHER: We're leaving for Darwin now.
Well, drive her tomorrow,
for Christ's sake.
- She doesn't want to stay!
- Mr Fletcher, get in!
I'm sorry, Lady Ashley.
Not even for another 10,000 quid?
Did you say £10,000?
Yeah. Out here your cattle's
worth more than your land.
Hey, listen, sunshine. There's
a murderous black out there.
- It's not safe. You with me?
- Safe enough for you, mate.
Yeah, but Lady Ashley's a woman.
Mr Fletcher, I am as capable as any man.
Besides, I have no
shame in saying that I
I need the money.
DROVER: Well, that makes two of us.
Ah, Lady Ashley's leaving.
Yeah, you know what?
He's probably right.
You should listen to Fletcher.
As a woman, it probably is
Just let me out!
Very well. I will stay one night.
You will complete the muster.
Ah, no, he'll complete the muster.
FLYNN: M'lady!
I'll be back in the
morning with the horses
FLETCHER: If Lady Ashley
sees that little creamy,
she'll send him to Mission Island
and throw away the bloody key.
She has to leave tomorrow.
Dinner finish!
You go bed now!
Who are you?
How did you get in here?
What do you want?
Wrong-sided business?
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, my goodness! Mr Fletcher?
Maitland? I I mean, Lord Ashley?
[GASPS] The bulls.
That's where Maitland was killed.
Please, don't! Don't make him
get policeman, take away my boy.
Please, Missus, quick!
- Missus Boss.
Oh, it's you.
Yeah, she's a beautiful day, isn't she?
How was your sleep? Restful?
I wouldn't say so, no.
Yeah, no, the boys are just
taking the herd to the yards
for the drove.
Gotta tell you, they're a
pretty sorry mob of cattle.
Seems hardly worth the effort.
Right to go, Lady Ashley?
Mr Fletcher.
Tell me about the big, fat
cows that crossed the river
down at the billabalong, or
whatever it is you call it.
The billabong? No, that's
Carney property over there.
Our cattle don't cross the river.
Apparently they do.
Yeah? Who Who says they do?
That little boy there.
Oh, you mean the
little half-caste fella?
Hey! Hey, little fella, come here.
Come and tell Mr Fletcher
what you told me last night.
Yeah, come on, Nullah. Nullah, come on.
They're funny ones.
did you see big, fat cattle
crossing Marmont River?
Or were they just Carney cattle
on the other side of the river
having a drink?
Them just Carney cattle, Mr Fletcher.
- I've been looking but myself.
- Yeah?
Ah, you tell great big
tall stories, don't ya, eh?
SARAH: It's alright, Mr Fletcher.
I'm sure the boy just made a mistake.
Righto, we'd best get
going, Lady Ashley.
Hey, Sing Song, take the
little fella to the kitchen
and give him a big bloody feed
of that tucker that he likes.
- SARAH: Forgive me, Mr Fletcher.
- FLETCHER: Look, I understand.
Wait, wait!
- NULLAH: Let go!
- Nullah!
Well, that old windmill
hasn't turned in years.
He's a sweet little boy. I
don't think he meant any
They're funny, little creamies.
All a bit soft in the head, yeah.
[SOFTLY] Bag in, top up.
That's why the Government
sends them to the Mission.
They all tell bloody monstrous lies.
And the next one, quick! Come
on, we haven't got all day.
WOMAN: No No, leave him alone!
[WOMEN YELLING] Leave him alone!
Leave him alone!
SARAH: Mr Fletcher!
Get off my property!
You no longer work for me.
FLETCHER: If I go, my men go with me.
There won't be a single
bloody beast in the stockyard
to start the drove in the morning.
SARAH: You heard what I said!
Get off my property!
Go! Now!
You're the boss.
Flynn! Get in the car. I'll give
you a new job somewhere else.
Bunchemup, leave the cattle.
We don't work here anymore.
Let's go.
Bloody old fool.
Carney's gonna get this property.
Been a pleasure working
for you. Real pleasure.
Open the gate! [LAUGHING]
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