Fargo (2014) s04e02 Episode Script

The Land of Taking and Killing

(wind whistling)
(indistinct announcement over P.A.)
(buzzing in distance)
(thudding in distance)
(metal creaking)
(metal creaking)
(both laugh)
(both whooping)
You can't roller-skate
in a buffalo herd ♪
You can't roller-skate in
a buffalo herd ♪
You can't roller-skate
in a buffalo herd ♪
But you can be happy
if you've a mind to ♪
You can't take a shower
in a parakeet cage ♪
You can't take
a shower in a parakeet cage ♪
You can't take a shower ♪
(faintly): In a parakeet cage ♪
But you can be happy
if you've a mind to ♪
All you got to do
is put your mind to it ♪
Knuckle down, buckle down,
do it, do it, do it ♪
Well, you can't go a-swimming
in a baseball pool ♪
You can't go swimming
in a baseball pool ♪
You can't go swimming
in a baseball pool ♪
But you can be happy
if you've a mind to ♪
(toilet flushes)
Let me see that lipstick.
You can't change film
with a kid on your back ♪
You can't change film
with a kid on your back ♪
You can't change film
with a kid on your back ♪
But you can be happy
if you've a mind to ♪
(clears throat)
With a tiger in your car ♪
You can't drive around
with a tiger in your car ♪
(laughs softly)
(whispers): I like your getup.
- (laughs)
- Thank you.
All you got to do ♪
- (toilet flushes)
- (music playing)
We need a boiler and some duds for you.
And maybe requisition a bottle
of certified non-toilet hooch in reward.
Hey. Stay clean, stay free.
Unless you broke out just to go back.
Now whiplash those duds.
Which of you ladies wants
to go around the world
with this big buck, huh?
I'll take a ride.
(insects chirping)
(pounding on door)
THURMAN: What the heck?
(door opens)
ZELMARE: Happy holiday.
THURMAN: D-Dibrell? Get down here.
It's your sister, the elder,
and she's-she's brought a friend.
(whispers): Back to bed.
(Dibrell and Zelmare exclaiming)
(Zelmare crying)
DIBRELL: What are you doing here?
Showing up, middle of night.
This is a decent house
with decent people.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Would've called, missus,
but we found ourselves
without precise coinery.
She ain't mad. Just bossy, like always.
I ain't neither.
And just what kind of Halloween costumes
you got on?
Wasn't released but this morning.
SWANEE: No time to shop proper.
But I feel I come across rugged.
Hon, let's not keep them crowded
in the doorway.
- Come on in. You hungry?
- (laughs)
- Famished.
- DIBRELL: Uh, they can't stay here.
You can't stay here.
Well, a cup of coffee, at least.
She's your sister.
- Come on.
- Yeah.
(floorboard creaks)
Well, look at you.
Little Miss All Grown-up.
(laughs) Come down here
and give your auntie a hug!
(laughs) Ooh!
Whoa! No, there
Don't get ideas. She's a good girl.
Oh (exclaims)
Am I the only one
who smells dead people?
In the stir, the eggs is powdered.
Eggs are powdered. Speak proper.
Taken her education upon myself.
SWANEE: You'd have thunk
the white school they shipped me to
from the reservation
would've seen to my English,
but they was mostly concerned
with raping the native
- out of me.
- Language.
Sorry. Did I say that wrong?
Looks like you done well for yourself
these years I've been away.
- You ain't getting no handout.
- Listen at you,
acting like the big sister.
Wasn't asking for money.
Swanee and me got prospects.
What kind of prospects?
Bank robbing. (exhales sharply)
Go to your room.
Mind your mama.
We catch up tomorrow.
DIBRELL: They didn't let you go
from that prison, did they?
You crushed out.
We freed ourselves
on our own recognizance.
What happened was, we met a moll
goes with one of them Cannon boys,
knew I was your sister.
She tells me you in the hole
to some big-time leg-breakers,
who knows why.
So we decided to come bail you out.
Leg-breakers if you're lucky.
- Nothing to say?
- Don't need your help.
Got everything under control.
How much interest he charging?
Ten percent the first month,
then it goes up from there.
Don't tell her that.
I told you. Didn't I say?
Day one,
we shouldn't have taken that loan.
DIBRELL: That or go under.
Then what? This is our problem
As I said in my letter, Mrs. Will,
a cancer ward will be De rigueur
in any modern hospital.
They have an entire wing
up at the Mayo Clinic.
And I would hazard
that our Missouri elite deserve
the same quality care
as the rubes up in Minnesota.
Don't you think?
Say the number.
(engine idling)
HARVARD: And unless you object,
the plaque will read "The Walter
and Mathilda Will Cancer Ward."
Fine. Just promise me, no Jews.
(laughs) No Jews
- (gunfire)
- Oh!
- You get him?
- I-I think so.
Think? What do you mean, "think so"?
(dog barking in distance)
(man whistles)
What's the skinny?
You know. Salad days.
I got that formaldehyde
your dad asked for.
It's inside.
We got a big one today.
Italians, with all the wailing
and the rending of clothes.
You'd better wait here.
They're not too big on colored folks.
No offense.
(organ music playing in distance)
(crying in distance)
- (crying)
- (guests murmuring)
(door opens)
(guests murmuring)
(whispering indistinctly)
ORAETTA: Shouldn't be doing that.
Well, now, look at you.
Like a lucky penny, always turning up.
A bad penny.
Bad pennies turn up.
And what do lucky pennies do?
Bring good luck.
- Well.
- (door closes)
And she speaks French.
Yes, she does.
Either you got him or you didn't.
I-I think so.
- We definitely got a driver.
- What driver? Whose driver?
- I know you?
- Mr. Fadda,
Oraetta Mayflower
from St. Bartholomew's.
Condolences for your loss.
- You're the nurse. His nurse.
- Yes, sir.
I was with your father when he passed.
But I want you to know
it was real peaceful.
Like a baby going to sleep.
That's Don't do that.
- Let's go.
- Andiamo
Thank you.
- You're gonna go back.
- Boss.
This fucking sfigato
doesn't get to breathe air
while some people
some people, better people,
are buried in the ground.
They ain't buried him yet.
Shut the fuck up.
What's the matter? They didn't
let you talk on the boat over?
You got to bust my balls now?
At Pop's funeral?
CHIANNA: Boys. Don't fight.
Already my heart breaks.
Don't worry, Ma, we're just playing.
- Just boys playing.
- And the ring.
Your father's ring. Il mignolo.
- What about his ring?
- You couldn't wait
until he was cold
before you take him apart?
Your own father.
What are you talking about, Mama?
Nobody took anything.
Ah, and the business was really good.
I keep his teeth in my pocket.
To remind me
business, family, country.
Business, family, country.
The question is
which side are you on now
You take the next one.
(speaks Italian)
(car door closes)
(engine starts)
(car doors closing)
(engine starts)
(indistinct chatter)

(indistinct radio transmission)
(whispering): One little, two little,
three little Indians.
Four little, five little,
six little Indians.
One little ♪
Two little ♪
Three little Indians ♪
Four little ♪
Five little ♪
Five little. ♪
One little, two little
I know what I saw, what this is.
And that is?
Retribution for some perceived slight.
- Against Mrs. Will?
- No.
Against me.
Enough already!
Sir, you should take a restorative.
Something for your nerves.
Your blood pressure is very high.
Do you hear that? I'm hypertensive.
If I have a stroke, promise me
you'll charge them with murder.
Charge who?
The hatchet men.
Uh, sir you're not making
a lot of sense.
Y-You said it was a blue Ford.
We had, five days ago, in this hospital,
a fracas.
An incursion of undesirables.
Men of and I'm no bigot
but Italian origin,
- who I turned away.
- Mm.
And you think this is related?
Son, are you deaf?
We're talking a gunshot wound scenario,
combined with a half dozen
swarthy Lotharios
straight out of central casting, and me,
a law-abiding citizen
of Protestant descent
enforcing the rules
of this establishment,
maintaining the purity
of our blood supply.
Dr. Harvard, I'm gonna put you
with our sketchbook artist.
See if you can reconstruct
the visage of some of these
what did you call them Lotharios?
I'm gonna make sure to issue
a full-point bulletin
for this blue Ford,
license plates unknown.
it would help
if you could say for certain
that the man you saw
with the gun was the same
as the man or men you removed
from the premises
a-a few days bygone.
I saw
I'll be honest.
I only saw the gun.
Well, yes, sir, they can be
Do you think Uh, should I
increase security in case they
We'll get back to you.
(knocking and grunting rhythmically)
It's no, no,
you don't have to Just turn the knob.
(continues knocking and grunting)
Is he some kind of retard?
Thank you for your cooperation.
You'll be hearing from me shortly.

Oh, yeah ♪
The Funky Dawgz Brass Band, y'all ♪
You know we're number one,
turn it up, y'all ♪
You know what we do,
you know our résumé ♪
LOY: Let's go.

Listen to me.
I'm not your father,
but I'm responsible for you.
These people inside,
they're your blood.
But do they love you?
Do they respect you?
You know how you know?
They get down on your level,
they look you in the eye.
That's when you know
you're not just along for the ride.
(chuckles) Capisco.
He comes in, you cop a squat.
Send out my boy first.
What's the matter, you don't trust me?
(speaks Italian)
Do you remember me? Gaetano. Hey.
That's close enough.
You know who I am?
Yeah. You're the guy
that's not coming any closer
or I'll pop you one.
He says he's gonna
punch you in the face.
He really say that?
(Gaetano laughing)
Stop! Stop.
Are we good?
You tell me.
Yeah, we're good.
Your mama's inside. Go give her a kiss.
Stai bene?
I'll give you a minute with your boy.
We should sit sometime, you and me.
Hash out the rumpus.
Things have changed.
Nothing's changed.
Have a nice visit.
Come here.
They feeding you?
Mostly peanut butter.
Where do you sleep?
He's got a room
on the third floor with me.
You seeing to his education?
I'm teaching him how the world works.
And how's that?
It's dog eat dog.
That's how dogs work.
Men are more complicated.
Not in my experience.
You like staying here,
in the master's house?
He make you feel appreciated?
We live with the choices we make.
Who's the big Italian just off the boat?
It's Josto's brother, Gaetano.
Over from the boot.
- He staying?
- Not sure yet.
You'd tell me if they were taking my boy
out to the woodshed.
'Cause in my book, they say safe,
they mean sound. Unmolested.
Nobody interferes with the boy.
He's entirely in my keeping.
Your mama says eat your vegetables.
We love you and you're coming home.
That I don't know.
Tell your boss we need to talk soon.

(indistinct chatter)
(power tools whirring)
(phone ringing)
(power tools whirring)
(phones ringing)
I called three more banks in the area.
No one's biting on the credit card.
- You didn't tell 'em the idea?
- No.
But I stressed that this was
a groundbreaking financial instrument
and they could be the first
on their block.
We keep this in the neighborhood,
just for us.
How do we know they don't burn down
the neighborhood
once we start to pave
the streets with gold?
We need their restaurants,
their department stores, their banks.
Last I checked, I couldn't even
try on clothes at Gimbels.
The brother came in from Italy.
Older or younger?
But big.
Difference between a lion in the jungle
and a lion in a cage.
Tigers live in the jungle.
Lions are on the plains.
You're saying there could be
a power struggle?
- I
- We should move now.
Expand before they get
their heads on straight.
Or it's a trick and they're trying
to make us spread thin.
So we test their flanks.
Start small, see what's the response.
Me and Donatello were talking about us
taking over the slaughterhouse
before he died.
He said yes.
- He said
- Is our position.
We asked, he gave permission.
Now that's what we're doing.
I'll take Opal and his crew.
Meanwhile, you need to ask yourself
how far you're willing to go with this
in case it becomes a skirmish
or a battle or a war.
We're in a groove.
Money's coming in,
business is heating up.
Maybe we get rich anyway, hmm?
Why stress the system?
You know who else is in a groove?
That lion in the cage.
He just wears it in the floor,
pacing back and forth.
Well, you know who's got no groove?
That lion with his head
hanging on the wall.
He's just hanging there
with nothing but the smile
they forced on his face.
My guess is they make a move.
Today, tomorrow. Test us.
(speaking Italian)
They are twisted.
These spooks.
The way they think.
Always with their hand out.
(Paolo speaking Italian)
JOSTO: We're not killing anybody.
Dad made a deal.
We're gonna respect the deal.
That's, um
What do Americans say?
I'm here few days.
if you want to be pussy, be pussy.
(knocking on door)
- Sis, we're talking here.
- Your Dessie is here.
- In a minute.
- The alderman also.
They've come to pay respects.
No killing.
(sputters) Pussy.
(Josto sighs)
(indistinct chatter)
Oh, my darling. Is it awful?
- I'm managing.
- Oh.
- I have my family.
- Oh.
We're your family, too.
Isn't that right, Daddy?
- Not married yet.
- Oh, Daddy, don't be awful.
Do you need anything. Are you eating?
I'm, uh what do you copacetic.
Men. Always acting so Humphrey Bogart.
You go ahead and cry if you need to.
A boy losing his father,
nobody's gonna judge.
Sugar plum, give Daddy a minute
with your fiancé.
I want to hand him some words of wisdom.
We'll talk later, honey bear. Okay?
Kiss-kiss, kiss?
Am I getting fucked here?
Slow your roll.
'Cause the only reason
I'm letting my daughter
marry some guinea greaser
is that I got ambitions:
political, financial
And here I am, hopelessly in love.
Go fuck a state park.
You ain't getting a piece
of the Gillis legacy
until I got assurances
you can deliver votes.
Mayors don't elect themselves,
and elections aren't free.
Dad? Can I call you Dad?
My pop didn't claw his way out
of the plebeian dynasty
so that his sons could end up
in middle management.
You want to be mayor?
I want my kids to be president.
So I'll get you your votes
and your, uh
But first I'm gonna slow-pump
some babies into your daughter
one at a time and twice on Sundays.
Now get a drink.
And try the calzone. They're a riot.
ODIS: Condolences.
I noticed the blue Ford
parked out front.
Congratulations. You got eyes.
Witness at the private hospital
saw a blue Ford
fleeing from the scene of the homicide.
Blue is a popular color.
You're not curious who got whacked?
You see all the black suits
when you walked in?
Ladies crying into their meatballs?
And what if I said I've been tipped
to some s-swarthy Lotharios
that got jacked from the premises
a few days prior?
JOSTO: Is he dead?
You know who, you twitchy piece of shit.
Is he dead?
Boss, boss, boss, boss.
You can't shoot civilians.
That fucking guy
put my family on the street
like we were shit on his spats.
He lost his breathing license.
I know but him you missed.
And now I got a wealthy socialite
what eats meals with the mayor
sporting a fresh hole in her head.
A And top brass measuring my asshole
like they're fixing to move in.
No, sorry, I-I came in to ask,
I-I can guide this
a different direction
find a patsy to frame up,
but you got to lay off this Dr. Harvard.
What'd you say to me?
- We won't touch him.
- Says you.
This year we don't touch.
Next year.
He goes back to his ordinary life,
the fat moglie, his pot roast.
Builds his model airplanes. Forgets.
But we don't forget. We wait.
We sharpen our teeth.
And one day, when he can't even remember
that old woman's name
I won't speculate on coincidence
in front of an officer of the law.
But you got assurances
this thing is over.
(knocking and grunting rhythmically)
ORAETTA: Hi, hi, hi, Mr. Cosmopolis.
Good morning.
It's Nurse Mayflower again.
How are we feeling this fine day?
- I
- Hmm?
Oh. Well, a crisp fall Tuesday
is what it is.
Gobble, gobble.
(chuckles) Almost Thanksgiving.
Do Greek people celebrate that?
Turkey Day?
Oh, you poor soul.
You, your body is just working so hard
to pump that blood around.
Your old daft heart.
It's not doing its job, is it?
- It's a bad heart, bad, bad, bad.
- (slap)
Yeah. And here the doctors say
there's just not much
they can do. (sighs)
Mean old doctors.
(blows raspberry)
But Oraetta's here, and she can help.
You want Oraetta's help, right?
- Take the pain away?
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Of course you do.
Life's hard enough
without a lamb shank for a heart.
Don't you worry.
Your angel of mercy has arrived.
SNEET: It's, well
I have to say, Nurse Mayflower,
highly irregular.
not good is, well, what it is.
Such a high dosage of
not even the proper medication.
Resulting in
certain death, which
We can't have that.
Patients come to us for care.
Top quality care.
Not to be mismanaged.
Mr. Sneet, believe me,
no one's more embarrassed
than little Ole me.
But at the same time,
have you seen their handwriting?
The doctors? Hmm.
Like a cave painting with a stick.
- N-N-Not, not that I-I
- This isn't, I hate to say,
the first time we've had concerns
about your care.
The level of care.
Patients passing untimely
or rushed to the ICU
without biological provocation.
Not to mention the pharmacist
has noticed some discrepancies
in medicines requested
and medicines removed
over the last few
Requests made by you.
In summation,
after the latest unpleasantness,
I don't see how
we can keep you on staff.
I'm saying you're fired.
I see how it is.
Yes. So, if you could
- clear out your locker
- A cover-up.
An incompetence of doctors. (scoffs)
A few lost souls,
and someone's got to pay the piper,
so old Oraetta's made the goat.
Well, I am no goat, Mr. Sneet.
- Oraetta Mayflower, she is no goat.
- Now, Nurse
Call the police,
you're so concerned about malfeasance.
About medicines removed
without dotted I's.
Heck, pick up the phone,
tell them to send the paddy wagon.
Take this woman away
in silver bracelets.
Or what about call the news boys?
- Now, hold on, there's no need
- This is America, sir,
last time I checked, not Soviet Russia,
where a man gets rationed
a quarter potato
and has no rights under the law.
And here's you,
sitting like judge and executioner,
tossing old Oraetta
on the bone pile, and for what?
The inability to read the handwriting
of what appears to be an epileptic?
Miss Mayflower
Nurse Mayflower
I'd be happy to
How does a month's severance sound?
Three months.
I can offer two, and of course
a glowing recommendation
- to your next potential employer.
- In writing.
I have to say, Mr. Sneet,
I'm disappointed
in this institution.
In you.
When our days are at an end,
and we stand
before the Lord, he will weigh the color
of our immortal souls
and judge us lacking,
have we not shown
an unflagging commitment
to excellence in his name.
And if we have failed
in our devotion to him,
then you and I are going straight
to the hot place.
And Oraetta Mayflower
has no intention
of sweating out eternity
at the end of the devil's pitchfork.
Good day, sir.
- Who's that?
- Nurse, lives across the street.
Get out of sight.
It's just amazing.
Who would've thought
they're teaching French
down at the Negro school. (sniffs)
They don't. I'm learning on my own.
Mm, you got pluck.
And I know,
'cause everyone always says
I've got it, too.
What's that?
Sun sign. Astrology.
See, scientifically, our birthdates
correspond with celestial events.
Happenstance that shape our destiny.
What's the date of your birth?
- December the first.
- Mm.
Like I said
Huh. Yeah.
I guess that makes us sisters of a sort.
Well I got to get to my chores.
Oh. Yeah.
I-I was wondering if you might
be looking for some after-school work.
A little housecleaning,
put 50 cents or a dollar in your pocket.
That's all we are to you the help?
There are long-playing records upstairs.
French songs, stories.
Postcards from gay Paree.
You can clean and listen.
I decided to make you
one of my special projects.
What does that mean?
You like pie?
Yeah, you do.
Everybody likes pie.
Stay-stay tuned. I-I-I will be back.
That's one weird white lady.
(train whistling in distance)

Sir, I just want you to know I'm ready.
Not just for muscle work.
Got math through high school.
Read a lot of history.
Strategy is what I'm about.
Yeah, well
In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
a stately pleasure-dome decree.
- Come again?
- (chuckles)
- What's your name?
- Leon.
- I'm Happy's cousin.
- Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, Happy's cousin,
we'll see how you, uh,
handle yourself tonight,
with the easy stuff.
Then we'll talk about strategy.
Let's go.
- (cows lowing)
- (indistinct chatter)

What are they? Decorative?
Or you just like the smell?
It's a warning to the other rats.
Son, I think you're overestimating
the brain power of your foe.
We ain't got no money.
Well, this ain't no robbery.
No, no.
No, this
this is what you call
a transition of power.
A what? (screams)
- Oh, God
- We're taking over.
Boy, do you know whose house this is?
Yep. And you best get going.
(shouts, moans)
(phone ringing)
So, what happens now?
we wait.

(Oraetta whistling, humming)
(singing along):
You've got to accentuate ♪
The positive ♪
Eliminate the negative ♪
- Latch on to the affirmative ♪
- (whistles)
Don't mess with Mr. In-Between ♪
- (humming)
- You've got to spread joy ♪
Up to the maximum ♪
Bring gloom down to the minimum ♪
Have faith, or pandemonium ♪
Liable to walk upon the scene ♪
- To illustrate ♪
- (whistles)
Jonah in the whale, Noah in the ark ♪
What did they do? ♪
Just when everything looked so dark? ♪
Man, they said we better ♪
Accentuate the positive ♪
Eliminate the negative ♪
Don't mess with Mr. In-Between ♪
No, do not mess with Mr. In-Between ♪
Do you hear me? Hmm? ♪
Oh, listen to me, children,
and, uh, you will hear ♪
About eliminating of the negative ♪
And a-accent on a-positive ♪
And gather 'round me, children ♪
If you will and, and sit tight ♪
While I start reviewing ♪
The attitude of doing right ♪
You got to accentuate ♪
The positive ♪
Eliminate the negative ♪
Latch on to the affirmative ♪
Don't mess with Mr. In-Between ♪
No, don't mess with Mr. In-Between. ♪
(cows lowing)
(bolt gun fires)

(bolt gun fires)
(bolt gun fires)
You know, my father worked
in a slaughterhouse for 33 years.
Butchering cows and pigs, chickens.
All day long, he cut up rib eye and,
uh, lamb chops.
You know what we ate?
Pigs' feet.
Ham hocks, neck bones.
CALAMITA: What did I tell you?
They like to talk.
See, in America,
even the food means something.
Means whether you're up or down,
in or out.
White, colored.
This is ours.
We haven't met.
I'm Doctor Senator.
You got to give respect to get respect.
Is that why you Americans are so soft?
All this giving and getting?
In the land of taking and killing,
Gaetano is king.
(bolt gun fires)
A deal was made.
On high.
Wednesday, last.
Well, this might be a news flash
for his majesty.
A deal
between Fadda the senior
and my man, Cannon.
Mm-hmm. (chuckles)
Territory was allotted
from your organization
to the Negro syndicate.
Well, this is us,
come to collect.
That sound like mulignan bullshit to me.
Am I talking to you or to him?
(bolt gun fires)
If you can't respect that,
then we can't respect anything.
Very clever.
These words you hide behind.
How do you think your words will taste,
spit from the mouth of the wolf?
Muscle and bone.
This is the power.
Not all your
If this is a misunderstanding,
let us see.
You take your men, go home.
I'll talk to my brother,
feel if this is what you say.
And if so
But if no?
DOCTOR SENATOR: Happy's cousin!
Easy, Happy's cousin.
(bolt gun fires)
Molto bene.
But remember:
we'll be back.
Because y'all just got here yesterday.
But we're part of this land,
like the wind and the dirt.
LOY: Lord, we know the road is long.
We thank you for that road,
because the journey makes us wise.
We know the climb is hard.
We thank you for that climb,
'cause climbing makes us strong.
LOY: You made the land and the sea,
and you filled it with injustice
so that we would have work to do.
And we thank you for that work.
You made the meek,
so the meek could inherit the Earth.
And you made the mighty
so that we could defend the meek.
Let us pray.
LOY: And we will be mighty for you,
O Lord.
You've shown us pain and loss
so that we would know the joy of victory
when it comes.

LOY: Hear our prayer now, O Lord
so that we might feel your blessing.
And know that we can bear
this burden you've given us
because our hearts are pure.
- Amen.
- OTHERS: Amen.
(doorbell rings)
(lighter clicks)
(indistinct chatter)

We're moving.

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