Fargo (2014) s04e10 Episode Script


Antecedently on Fargo

LEON: You need me.
I ain't just muscle.
- The Doctor's dead.
- Say his name again!
- Boss!
- Say his name again!
- OPAL: Enough!
- Say his name!
OPAL: This is Happy's cousin!
Hey! We're gonna need Happy
if we're gonna win, man!
ETHELRIDA: Dear Dr. Harvard,
- I am writing to inform you
of the actions of one of your nurses.
Attempted murder, the authorities think.
ETHELRIDA: Dead patients,
misappropriated personal items,
stolen medication.
I suppose you have to ask yourself
is this the kind of nurse you trust
around patients in
your fine establishment?
LOY: Your business is mine now.
You'll sign over
the deed this afternoon.
Satchel is dead.
MILLIGAN: If you can't run,
just do like we practiced.
And remember: if I don't come back,
I'm dead or in jail.

I went out ♪
To the insane asylum ♪
And I found my baby ♪
Out there ♪
I said please ♪
Come back to me, darlin' ♪
What in the world ♪
Are you doin' here? ♪
Then the little girl ♪
Raised up her head ♪
Tears was streamin'
down from her eyes ♪
And these are the things ♪
That the little girl said ♪
When your love ♪
Has ceased to be ♪
Lord have mercy ♪
There's no other place for me ♪
Mmm ♪
If you don't ♪
Hold me in your arms ♪
Oh, child, oh, child ♪
I'd rather be here ♪
From now on ♪
Some people have it ♪
Halfway fare ♪
Without your love ♪
I ain't nowhere ♪
- Hey.
Salute, huh?
- Salute!
OFFICER: Police! Dinner's over.
- Come on. Hey, hey, hey.
Let's go. All right,
all right. Let's go.
He's gonna try and get your goat.
Whatever brings him to yes.
You just remind that boy
who bailed out his papa.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey.
How long I been doing your hair?
I ever cut you?
He's gonna try to take over.
But he's a country boy.
Why's he want a big-city headache?

First off,
what happened with your cousin Leon
That deserves a conversation.
Meant to care for him.
Show him the ropes.
Yeah, but
how many strikes is a strikeout?
This kid can't tie his shoe.
Should've called.
My cousin, my problem.
You're right.
No excuse.
Losin' this war, is you?
LOY: You're always losing.
Till you win.
That's why it's called an underdog.
Where I'm from
we mind our forefathers.
Take stock in their wisdom.
Like a rock knows the river.
And we think your head's
getting too high.
Who thinks?
Fathers, grandfathers.
Men born to bondage
who escaped the chain gang
and the hangman's noose.
Decades that tell us
the only thing worse
than livin' in darkness
is steppin' into the light.
So, what
Born on the bottom,
die on the bottom?
You get your picture in the paper,
you think it's just a picture of you?
We all in there,
crowded together.
Cops decide to bust a head,
they don't care which head,
long as the color's right.
We need your help, Happy.
The family.
He ain't my family.
My mama and yours,
like sisters,
which means his kids are your family.
His wife is your family.
That makes him family.
I got a cousin on death row.
You want me to do what
Sit in the chair with him
when the switch get throwed?
I need leverage.
Just some muscle from
the country to puff me up.
Show people I'm here to stay.
That's the Cosa Nostra, boy.
This ain't no Podunk thuggery.
You think you gonna, what,
drive 'em out of town?
Don't need 'em gone,
just in their place.
There's pressure from New York.
None of us can afford a war much longer.
You got all the slaughterhouse
boys on your side.
Texas cousins.
Smugglin' from Oklahoma.
You make me sound like a big deal.
Maybe you should be helping me.
I told you this was a mistake.
Lionel Halloway,
stop messin' around.
You want to talk about all boats risin',
that goes both ways.
It don't matter if you think
we should be in this war,
we're in it.
They killed my son.
Ten years old.
What did he ever do to anyone?
And they killed him.
And now they want to snuff us out.
'Cause after they string me up,
they comin' after you.

Two weeks.
We put our strength behind you,
let it be known,
city hall and on the streets.
But you got to make things
right with my cousin.
How much?
Tell your mama I miss her greens.
Two weeks.
It'll be enough.
But we got to end this quick.
If I kill the brothers,
New York's just gonna send two more.
Don't care about them.
I want justice for my boy.
And then we make a deal.
You're the flavor of the month.
Mayor called,
saw your picture in the paper.
Said he liked the cut of your jib.
Just trying to keep
the streets safe, Captain.
You watching your back?
For what?
You bite the hand that feeds you,
you're gonna feel the burn.
Excuse me.
JOSTO: I wrote your name on a bullet.
Want to meet up so I can give
it to you, personal-like?
I'm sorry.
It's against police
policy to accept gifts
from the chain gang.
Which is ironical,
since I can give you
all the bullets I want.
I miss you, kid.
When are you coming home?
I'm home now.
You think I don't got records of
every dollar you took from me?
Maybe I send 'em to city hall,
see what the mayor thinks
of his hero cop then.
Son of a bitch.
- Twitchy piece of shit!
- Hey.
One, two, three, four, five!
What's this?
You going steady now?
We need to put the squeeze on this cop.
Hit him where it hurts,
turn the city back to our side.
Boss, we got word from New York.
They want this thing wrapped up.
It's too
Oh, I'm sorry. Is our fighting
for our lives keeping
people up at night?!
GAETANO: Hey, J. Hey. Come here.
You make it personal.
Can't be personal.
Come on.
We need another mulignan.
- Yeah.
- Someone waiting in the wings,
thinks they can run things.
Somebody weak, thinks they're strong.
A replacement for Cannon?
Somebody we can deal with.
And what happens to the now boss?
That's the new guy's problem.
But my guess is that
it rhymes with "flurder."
Hey, J, what about the rat fuck cop?
Nobody turns their back on us and lives.
You may run on
for a long time ♪
Run on for a long time ♪
Run on for a long time ♪
Let me tell you God
Almighty gonna cut you down ♪
You may run on
for a long time ♪
May run on for a long time ♪
- Run on for a long time ♪
Let me tell you God
Almighty's gonna cut you down ♪
- Go tell that long-tongued liar ♪
- Yup, yup ♪
- Go tell that midnight rider ♪
- Yup, yup ♪
Tell the gambler,
the rambler, backbiter ♪
Tell them God Almighty's
gonna cut 'em down ♪
Well, stop, God Almighty,
let me tell you the news ♪
My head's been wet with
the midnight dew ♪
I've been down on my bended knees ♪
Talking with the man from Galilee ♪
My God spoke and he spoke so sweet ♪
I thought I heard the
shuffle of angel's feet ♪
He put one hand upon my head ♪
Great God Almighty,
let me tell you what he said ♪
- Go tell that long-tongued liar ♪
- Oh, well, well ♪
- Go tell that midnight rider ♪
- Oh, well, well ♪
Tell the gambler,
the rambler, backbiter ♪
Tell them God Almighty
gonna cut 'em down ♪
You may run on for a long time ♪
You may run on for a long time ♪
Run on for a long time ♪
Let me tell you God
Almighty's gonna cut you down ♪
You may throw your rocks
and hide your hand ♪
Plotting in the dark
against your fellow man ♪
But as sure as God
made the day and night ♪
What's done in the dark will
be brought to the light ♪
You can run and hide,
you can slip and slide ♪
Talk about the mote in
your neighbor's eye ♪
But sure as God made
the rich and poor ♪
You're going to reap
just what you sow ♪
You can run for a long time ♪
You may run on for a long time ♪
Run on for a long time ♪
Let me tell you God
Almighty's gonna cut you down ♪
- Go tell that long-tongued liar ♪
- Yup, yeah ♪
- Go tell that midnight rider ♪
- Hey, now ♪
Tell the gambler,
the rambler, backbiter ♪
Tell 'em God Almighty's
gonna cut 'em down ♪
You think Aunt Zelmare's okay?
That girl ain't met a trap
she can't squeeze out of
or a hole she can't fit into.
are we really cursed?
Your great-grandmother was in
chains down in Mississippi.
Her daddy come over on a ship.
The captain of that ship
was the devil himself.
Theodore Roach.
There was a storm.
Water coming over the sides.
A hundred men shackled
together down below,
never seen the ocean,
and here they were fixin' to drown.
And that man the captain
He just stood, laughing and laughing.
- The ship went down?
- Not that night.
But they got thrown
about something fierce,
and on one go,
that captain got close enough
for your great-great
granddaddy to grab him.
And he choked the life out of that man
with his own mouth full of seawater.
Your Grannie was six
when she saw him the first time.
The Roach.
Eyes sewn shut, wooden nose.
And he's been with us ever since.
You ever seen him?
I smell him more than see him.
Low tide, the sounds of
Like creaking ropes.
Or the waves.
So he's mine now.
Can't we cast him away?
Get free?
Your aunt tried to take him,
but she's not what he likes.
- What does he like?
Well, we're done loading in.
More than five thousand in merchandise.
I'm supposed to stay here
for a couple of nights, hold guard.
I can, uh, camp on the couch downstairs.
I keep a shotgun loaded next to the bed,
and I'm a real light sleeper.
Yes, ma'am. Sensible.
Can't be too careful these days.
Well, I'm gonna see to dinner.
You check out Bird?
Sax player?
That's cool.
I want to talk to your father.
Loy Cannon. The boss.
Can you help me, tell me where to go?
- You want to talk to my father?
- I worked it out
How to get the house back.
- Please.
- ORAETTA: Hi there.
Don't let her get me.
Hi. Aw.
Well, now, will you look at you,
the happy couple.
Yeah, you caught us.
Lemuel Cannon. And you are?
Hon, I wondered if I might bother you
to come up to my apartment.
I've got nothing to say to you.
Now, hon, let's not do this
in front of your boyfriend.
- He is not my boyfriend.
- More of a suitor.
Fine, you want to do this here?
You give me back my ring!
That's right. I know
you stole it from me.
And I have half a mind
to go to the police.
No police.
Great. Call them.
I can tell them what
else I saw up there.
All your tokens, letters from the grave,
bottles of death, evidence.
Plus, how you like
to poison people's pies.
And who's gonna believe you?
- LEMUEL: I believe her.
- Who that counts?
Excuse me?
The Devil's got a special place in hell
for small minds who betray
their better's trust.
Who take advantage
of their charitable acts.
You need to leave now.
Is that place above or below
the place you're going?
- There's a word for people like you.
- No.
That's your word.
You invented it to make
yourself feel bigger.
But that's not what I am.
Walk away.
(WHISPERING): What does it feel like
to be so sure you're right
and know that nobody cares?
I'll see you in your dreams.
Thanks for making the time for me
on such short notice.
Uh, one question before we get started.
Who am I talking to here Him or you?
HAPPY: You're talking to Leon.
He'll run things in the city.
We're just here for support.
Great. Isn't that great?
EBAL: Tremendous.
Of course,
if you want to take over from Loy,
you know how that works.
Just sad I can't kill him twice.
Yeah, I heard about
that tune-up he gave you.
Some people got no
respect for a promise.
We don't make promises.
- We make deals.
- HAPPY: Then let's make a deal.
Leon's gonna take over
all of Loy's territory,
including the slaughterhouses
on the East Side. And
you gonna give him a piece of trucking.
I ain't been fucked
this rough since prison.
- GUARD: Hey, hang on
- MILVIN: Absolutely not.
I am a city alderman, and I'm coming in.
What's this?
A top-secret meeting of the Hi Ho club?
- Who the fuck is this?
- My father-in-law.
Kind of amazing to see
him walking and talking,
don't you think?
Considering he's made
entirely out of Play-Doh.
Ha fuckin' ha.
Can I talk to you outside?
JOSTO: Do you just
know when I'm having
a bad day or are you watching
me from the bushes?
Laugh it up, greaseball.
Not sure yet.
Okay. Make it fast, Pops.
- I got a war to win.
- Fine.
I'll use small words
'cause I know you're low IQ.
The wedding's off.
You and your greasy wops
are public enemy number one.
So I'm breaking this retard union
like glass in an emergency. You hear me?
Don't call. Don't write.
- Means he's an idiot.
- I'm an idiot?
- Yeah.
'Cause now's not the time
you call off a wedding.
Now's the time to renegotiate
the terms of our deal,
'cause you got me over a
barrel and I'm spread thin
and I'll spend anything
to keep from having
one more goddamn problem.
But clearly,
you're not smart enough to do that.
Listen to me, eggplant Einstein.
You and your kind
are getting run out of town on a rail.
It doesn't take a wizard to see that.
So, I'm doing us both a favor,
and I'm running away from you
like a fart in an elevator,
which is what you are.
You're crazy.
I'm a U.S. alderman.
You can't punch a U.S. alderman.
Well, apparently, you can.
- You hit him for me?
- Yeah.
- I'm-I'm I'm touched.
- Ah.
We are brother, no?
Come here, you big lug. Come here, boy.
It's okay.
You're still alive.
I hope so.
Anything from the lawman Weff?
Police raided Apex this morning.
I put the word out.
He ain't long for this world.
What about our friends in the staties?
Laying low for now, I gather.
Waiting to see which
way this thing goes.
Like rats fleeing the ship.
Charlie called.
He's on lookout at the JDC.
He said two hours ago,
the Italians had some visitors.
It was Leon.
LOY: Skunk's gonna skunk.
Happy was with him.
It was blizzarding when
Satchel was born.
Middle of the night.
Why do babies always come
in the middle of the night?
OPAL: It's the moon, my mama said.
Babies come like the tide.
Buel birthed him in a tub with her mama.
I was downstairs with the girls.
I swear I couldn't hear a sound.
My missus.
Passing a 12-inch head
through a six-inch hole.
On my best day
I'm half as tough as that.
And this ain't my best day.
(SCOFFS) No, sirree.
That's behind me, I think.

Hey, boy.
What you doing out here
all by your lonesome?
You hear me, boy?
What you got, shit in your ears?
- No.
No what?
Oh. Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
No you.
No boy.
No do what you're told.
No everything.
This is my world.
I'm the boss. I tell you
what to do.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Now fuck off.
Start the damn
LOY: Odis, I own you.
JOSTO: I miss you, kid.
When are you coming home?
Four little, five little,
six little Indians.
Seven little, eight little,
nine little Indians.
DEAFY: Cheer up, palomino.
One little, two little,
three little Indians.
Four little, five little,
six little Indians.
Seven little, eight little,
nine little Indians.
Ten little Indian boys.
Cop's not home.
I left him a surprise.
That's his car, though.
Got picked up by
a squad car this morning.
My bet, he comes home the same way.
JOSTO: All right.
Beat it up the street.
Keep your eyes peeled.
- Wait in the car?
- Yeah, let's go.
Thanks for the lift, Jimbo.
GAETANO: You know the story
why Papa sends me away?
I think so. You got in trouble.
Groucho have that daughter with big
- Groucho?
- Mm-hmm.
Right. She's Hey, now, wha
what was her name again?
How old were you?
But already like an ox.
Yeah, yeah.
I got a big dick, too, you know.
Big like a pickle.
- Just finish the story.
- Okay.
So, every day,
I follow her home from school.
"Adelina, I love you.
"Adelina, my heart is like the moon,
and you're the sun." (CHUCKLES)
What does that even mean?
Who cares? It worked.
So, we are
on the fire escape outside her window.
One little, two little,
three little Indians.
her father, Groucho,
grab me by the neck,
pull me in through the window,
- and he's choking me.
11 years old, and he's choking me.
And Groucho was I remember
He was, like, your size now.
Adelina, she beat his back.
"Daddy, please!
Daddy, stop!" But
he's going to kill me.
The boy who take his little girl.
So what did you do?
You know, on the floor there's the
the glass from the window.
I grab a piece, and
- that's why he's
- Yeah. (CHUCKLES)
That's why Dad sent you away.
Back to Sardinia.
JIMBO: You want us to tuck you in, too?
ODIS: Yeah, you're a maroon.
We're here now.
We're here now.
Everything that happened
We're here now.
Come here.
- Come here.
High on the mountain, oh ♪
Wind blowing free ♪
Thinking about the way
you used to be ♪
High on the mountain, oh ♪
Standing all alone ♪
Wondering where the years
of my life have flown ♪
Oh, I wonder if you'll
ever think of me ♪
Or if time has blotted
out your memory ♪
As I listen to the breeze ♪
Blowing gently through the trees ♪
I'll always cherish
what you meant to me ♪
JOSTO: Hurry up! I got to piss.
What the fuck?
Ho, there, ma'am. Are you okay?
Uh, yeah, I just got
got a little scared, is all.
Silly old me. Uh, w-what are
you-what are you doing here?
Ms. Mayflower, you need to come with us.
- Huh? What? Where?
- We have a warrant for your arrest.
For my, uh
DETECTIVE 2: He woke up.
The hospital administrator, Dr. Harvard.
So, HQ told us to bring you in.
Oh. Well, that's great news.
Can I just maybe
I'm just gonna get my purse.
Now Hey, hey, oh, excuse me. That
You know, you take
you take your hands off me!
- Police! Police!
- DETECTIVE 1: Ma'am, we are the police.
You're only making it worse.
Well, okay, well,
this is all due to some very
- a very silly misunderstanding.
- Yes, ma'am.
- I'm sure it is.
- If-if I if I could just maybe
grab my grab my purse,
then it wouldn't Oh, geez!
My name is Ethelrida Pearl Smutny.
I have an appointment to see Mr. Cannon.
Thank you for taking the time to meet
with me today, sir. I'll be brief.
My son said I should
hear what you got to say.
But this thing is dead.
Your house is mine.
Your business is mine
for as long as I live.
Which could be another half an hour.
Exécution sans jugement sous
Les Rois Maures De Grenade.
- What?
- Your painting.
It's by Henri Regnault.
Painted in 1870, when he was just 26.
He died the next year in
the Battle of Buzenval.
It's not the original.
Saw it in a magazine.
Had a cat I know make me a copy.
Supposed to make me look
like a bad motherfucker.
What'd you say it was called?
Summary Execution under
the Moorish Kings of Grenada.
You want me to give your
parents back their house.
No, sir.
I came to tell you they earned it.
The original loan was $3,500.
Interest starting at ten percent,
spread over six months.
That's $6,200.
They stole from me.
With all monies returned.
And seeing as how you
chose not to kill them,
I'm assuming you felt their
punishment should be monetary.
A fine.
I took their house.
You said the house was yours,
but they still have the deed.
They still pay the taxes.
Did they send you?
A girl for the sympathy factor?
Is that what you see a girl?
You know a lot of girls
who study European art
and speak two languages?
I came on my own to right a wrong.
We don't do that here.
You're in a war and you've lost 27 men.
Something like that.
No. Exactly that.
27 men Shot, stabbed, strangled.
27 men requiring the services
of a licensed mortician.
I've got the invoice here.
The total cost comes out to $8,700.
That's not how it works.
8,700 in agreed-upon services.
Plus this.
Gold ring.
Pawn shop'd give you four, five hundred.
Which would leave you at
who the hell cares?
I already told you
That's not how it works.
No. You haven't seen the part
that makes it priceless yet.
The part that's gonna make
you give me what I want.
There's a nurse who lives
across the street from me.
She had the ring.
So now you're selling me a stolen ring.
She had a lot of other things,
this nurse.
Took them from her patients.
Kept them in a closet
next to their obituaries,
and medicine she gave
them to help them pass on.
This nurse?
Cops arrested her last night.
She poisons people, see?
And takes their things.
A keepsake, like this ring.
And I started thinking.
Whose ring is it?
So, I went to the library
and looked through the obits.
I want you to give my
folks their house back.
And their business.
All debts forgave.
And just what the hell
do you think you've got
that's gonna make me do that?
I'm gonna help you win your war.
You do that,
you can have anything you want.
Swear it.
Yeah, she did ♪
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