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[TINY TIM] And now, because
you've all been so sweet,
another duet for you.
They say we're young ♪
And we don't know, won't find out ♪
Until we grow ♪
Well, I don't know,
I guess it's true ♪
'Cause you got me,
and, baby, I got you ♪
Babe ♪
I've got you, babe ♪
I got you, babe ♪
They say our love won't pay the rent ♪
Before it's earned,
our money's always spent ♪
Well, I don't know, we got no plot ♪
Still I'm sure of ♪
All the love we got ♪
Babe ♪
I got you, babe ♪
I got you, babe ♪
They say we're young
and we don't know ♪
Won't find out until we grow ♪
Well, I don't know,
I guess it's true ♪
'Cause you got me
and, baby, I got you ♪
Babe ♪
[IN DISTANCE] I got you, babe ♪
I got you, babe ♪
They say our love won't pay the rent ♪
Before it's earned,
our money's always spent ♪
Well, I don't know, we got no plot ♪
Still I'm sure of
all the love we got ♪
Babe ♪
I got you, babe ♪
I got you, babe ♪
I got flowers in the spring ♪
I got you to wear my ring ♪
When I'm sad, you're a clown ♪
When I get scared,
you're always around ♪
Some people say your hair's too long ♪
I don't care ♪
With you I can't go wrong ♪
- So put your ♪
- Ah, ah ♪
- Your little hand ♪
- Ah, ah ♪
- In mine ♪
- Ah, ah ♪
There ain't no hill or
mountain we can't climb ♪
- Ah, ah ♪
- Babe ♪
I got you, babe ♪
I got you, babe ♪
They say our love won't pay the rent ♪
Before it's earned, our
money's always spent ♪

Still I'm sure of
all the love we got ♪
Babe ♪
I got you, babe ♪
[DISTORTED] I got you, babe. ♪


Hey! No, no, no, no, no, no!
Go after her!
Jesus, Nadine.
Shame on you, Gator.
- There's a baby in this house.
- I saw her.
She's like nine.
Now get your ass in that car, let's go.
I'm not going back.
Now, Nadine,
we both know you're going back,
like it or not. [GRUNTS]
She's in the basement.
Go get the husband.
[GROANS] Is-is he
The kid gets you bonus points.
Where are you, Mama?
It's time to go home.
Your husband it's Wayne, right?
He's a nice guy.
A little soft, maybe.
Is that it?
Is he soft?
Well, you don't come out of there,
we're gonna find out.
Wipe that stupid grin off your face.



Can't find this fucking guy.

- Mommy!
- [DOT] Not now!
[BRANDY] Gator!
Stay, stay, okay?
Come here! I'll kill you!
- Babe?
- It's okay.
- [GATOR] Nadine?
- They're up here!
- Hon, hold him.
They're up here!
Got 'em up here. Wait, wait, wait.
What are you gonna do
with What are you
- What are you
- Wait!
- Go, Mom!
- [GATOR] I'm coming for you, Nadine.
[GASPS] Quick. Down the laundry chute.
Who's Nadine?
- Wayne.
- [WAYNE] No. That's
- You got me in the dark here.
- Get Scotty down the chute.
- Jesus.
- Uh, down the the master bedroom,
- the trellis, we'll climb down. Go.
- No. No, no.
- Hon. Oh!
- Come here.
- Nadine!
- Nadine!
- [ECHOING] No, hon!
- Wha Oh.
- Daddy?
Check his breathing.
- [GATOR] Nadine.
Oh, my
Okay. [GASPS]
Help me get him up.
Scotty, don't focus on
that. Focus on this, okay?
We got to sit him up. Okay, baby?
Yeah. [GRUNTS]
Gosh. [GRUNTS]
You're gonna climb out. It's okay.
- Good.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay. [GRUNTS]
Okay, mister
[STRAINING] Out you go.

Trellis. Okay, come on.
You're doing great.
Wayne, honey?
I need you to wake up now.
[GRUNTS] Nadine?
[GRUNTS] Ooh, sorry, baby.
Okay, okay. I'm coming.
Grab the stiff. We're done.
[GRUNTS] Okay.

[ROY] Well, old friend.
It's the crossroads, no question,
and we know who's waiting there.
The midnight man.
With his serpent tongue.
I met him once.
Old Baylor Maze cut
his children to pieces
and hung his wife with a curtain tie,
and I was first through the door.
And old Baylor was sitting
there in his easy chair
- Whoa.
- taking it easy.
Behind him, I swear,
and you know this 'cause
you were there, too.
Beelzebub himself,
crouched low, whispering
in that poor man's ear.
You protected me then, old friend.
Be with us again in our hour of need.


- [SCOTTY] Mama?
- [DOT] Yeah?
[SCOTTY] Were those demons?
[DOT] No, hon.
There's no such thing
as demons, only men.
[SCOTTY] But why were
they so mean and nasty?
[DOT] Listen to me, okay?
We can't talk about those men.
If we talk about them,
they come back, right?
They hear you talking,
and they come back.
You don't want them coming back, do you?
So we got to
If people ask,
we got to say it was just wires.
Your dad touched some
wires, and that's how
And the scratches on
his face, that was
Him falling in the bushes.
We-we chased him with
the zombie killer,
'cause he was a zombie, right?
And there he goes, off into the bushes.
That's right.
Good. Yeah.
He fell into some bushes.
He fell into some bushes,
and then when we got home,
he touched a wire
trying to plug in some lights.
An accident. That's
what started the fire.
Because bad things don't
happen to good people.
The wicked stick to the darkness,
while we get to stay in the light.
But sometimes accidents happen.
And we all know your dad is clumsical.
Always tripping over his own left feet.
And we know that if you follow the rules
and think of only good thoughts,
that the kingdom of
heaven will be the reward.
I blew up the image.
You'll see that next.
- [INDIRA] Huh.
- [WITT] See?
[INDIRA] Yeah, that's her all right.
[WITT] And then here I come.
And then the lights go out.
So, nothing on the perp.
Yeah, that's the shame.
But they say ghosts
don't photograph anyway.
A ghost?
Something else.
[INDIRA] I get it even less now.
You get grabbed up, taken,
somehow you manage to
get away, get shot at,
come to the aid of a sworn officer,
lifesaving actions.
Why the heck would you
pretend none of it happened?
I've seen trained soldiers
couldn't have kept with her.
Get this. Five alarm
fire at the Lyon house.
- What?
- Yeah.
Fire boys are there right
now rooting out the cause.
But Wayne's in the ER,
so you might yeah.
[WITT] Wait for me.

- [INDIRA] Olmstead.
- [DALE] Mrs. Olmstead.
This is Dale Pickney,
debt collection services.
[INDIRA] Oh, yeah.
You know, this really isn't a good time.
[DALE] It'll just take a minute.
[LORRAINE] It starts as an itch.
[DALE] You want to
make things right here,
don't you, Ms. Olmstead?
[LORRAINE] I want a new pair of shoes
or maybe the minivan
finally gives up the ghost.
[DALE] Well, I see here an
outstanding uncollected debt
from medical services for $2,671.43.
Yep. That was
Lars, my husband, he-he
degloved his ring finger
in a in a fall last year.
[LORRAINE] And just
like that you're in debt.
[DALE] Well, that debt's just
sitting there accruing interest.
[LORRAINE] The stress
takes a toll on your body,
like that old joke about the hangman.
You're at the end of your old rope.
[DALE] You want to do what's right
People in debt feel powerless.
They are powerless.
Here at Redemption Services,
we work to give them their power back.
Aren't you the one calling
them at breakfast and dinner?
We call, of course,
but not like you say.
These are professional
debt relief specialists.
They're offering solutions
payment plans, timetables,
debt consolidation
intended to give
people their dignity back.
Your company earned
record profits last year,
buying consumer debt
the credit card companies
and insurance companies had
written off as uncollectible.
And you're telling me that
you turned those dead ends
into $1.6 billion with
timetables and empathy?
Mrs. Lyon, there's, uh
I said not to be disturbed.
Yes, ma'am, but, uh
Your son's house is on fire.
Of course.
Here's what you need to
understand about Americans.
They don't want a handout.
What they're looking
for is an opportunity
to fix it themselves.
We give them that.
Now, why don't we pick this
up again in the morning?
Where is he? Where's my son?
Lorraine, they're
looking at him right now.
Some kind of shock, they're saying.
Bad wiring, I guess. You
know, one minute, we
I want to talk to a doctor.
The head of the department.
Which department?
Call Larry.
He's on the board of the hospital.
Tell him I expect the Saudi package
private suite, experts flown in.
That's not
I'm just saying, he's resting now
and then it'll be, you know,
lickety-split, good as new.
You're killing me here.
I'm supposed to be
making up the sit-down
with the Forbes reporter 20 minutes ago.
That got blown yesterday
by the cops showing up
on your last boondoggle,
and here you go burning down the house.
Not I didn't burn it.
Like I said, faulty wiring.
We'll just get a hotel for a few days.
You expect my granddaughter
to live in a hotel?
I'm not
- This just happened, so
- Excuse me.
We're waiting on service.
Ma'am, this isn't a hotel.
You got to check in at the
desk, just like everybody else.
She's fired. Get her name.
- Mrs. Lyon.
- Yes.
No. Sorry, we're here
for your daughter-in-law.
I knew it. You're arresting her.
Well, do-do something.
They're-they're arresting her.
[INDIRA] We're not This is Witt Farr,
state trooper over in North Dakota.
But we'd like to talk
to Mrs. Lyon in private,
clear some things up.
My husband's unwell.
I can't leave his side.
[INDIRA] Well, technically, Mrs. Lyon,
you're not by his side right now, so
- Hi.
- I got my daughter with me.
I'm her grandmother. I can watch her.
Somebody better.
Her house burned down last
night, under her watch.
Yes, ma'am. I heard about that.
Fire department's there right now,
- extinguishing the embers.
- Bad wiring.
[INDIRA] I'm sure they'll
do a thorough investigation,
ferret out the root cause.
Officers, my client would be happy
to schedule a sit-down, but
clearly this is not the time,
given the circumstance.
Well, see, I got to push
back on you there, Mr., uh
Graves. Esquire.
I represent the family.
Well, Mr. Graves.
We've got one state trooper dead
with the suspect on the loose
considered armed and dangerous.
So there's considerable
exigency to the circumstances.
And, Mrs. Lyon
It's good to see you again, Mrs. Lyon.
That's not accurate.
Ah, well, first of all,
I recognize you.
And second,
we pulled the security
tape from the Gas N Go,
so it's-it's clear you were there.
And for the record,
that's that's just reality.
With all due respect,
we've got our own reality.
You can't That's not a thing.
[SCOTTY] Mommy?
Hi, baby. I'm here.
We're all here. Grandma, too.
- Hi, Grandma. Our house burned down.
- No.
And whose fault is that?
Jack Skellington.
[DOT] It's a character in a movie.
How about you go get something to eat
from the vending machine?
- Okay?
- [SCOTTY] Snickers?
For breakfast? Are we on welfare?
It's fine.
Snickers is fine.
Here you go, kid.
[WITT] Mrs. Lyon.
You got to tell me,
who were those fellas, and
what did they want with you?
[DOT] I didn't
I need to be with Wayne right now.
- Can you
- [MARCY] Mrs. Lyon?
- Yes.
- Oh, I meant
Your husband's awake.
You'll watch Scotty?
You don't have to tell me to watch her.
She's my granddaughter.
You're the one needs watching, I think.
I mean, I've been waiting
for four fucking hours.
Look, they're taking six feet
of my intestines tomorrow.
All right? Cancer.
But not if you don't
I mean, it's on the goddamn papers.
- Your gal's supposed to do the enema.
- Sir, sir
[PATIENT] Well, where is
she? I'm fucking waiting there
- with my ass hanging out.
- Just calm down. Yeah.
[PATIENT] I mean, I've been
waiting for four fucking hours.
Hey, baby.
Are you
How are you?
Is everything
What did the doctor say?
No. That
I'm Dorothy.
Your wife.
My wife.
Did they put you on something?
Morphine or something?
[PATIENT] Bring me the dang thing now.
- I'll do it myself.
- [MARCY] Sir.
[PATIENT] Or a bottle
of freaking Ex-Lax.
I don't care, I need
this cancer out of me.
- Angry.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
Some people don't know
how to wait their turn.
Did you
I'm wondering
what you remember about what happened.
Well, no.
You touched a wire, I guess.
Got some kind of shock.
You know, something like that
can play tricks on your mind,
make you think you did
something that maybe you didn't.
Ask Scotty. She'll tell you.
We were out trick-or-treating,
then we came inside
and you went to plug
in some lights, and
- My wife.
- Yeah.
The one.
I'm so sorry.
I never meant for any of this to happen.
Our house was on fire.
I'm going to fix it.
I promise.
And the house.
Or we'll build a new house,
and we'll live just
like the fairy tale says.
My wife.
Move over, you.

[MEYER] Have you seen his billboards?
"A hard man for hard times."
Meanwhile, he refuses
to enforce the basic law,
which [SCOFFS] can you
still call him a lawman
if he skips that part of his job?
Maybe he loses the election,
and the whole thing goes away.
Arrest him then, you're
saying? As a private citizen?
No, I'm saying wash our
hands. Good riddance.
Oh, so more like a dysfunctional family
than a federal law enforcement agency.
Smile and pretend Daddy
didn't touch our pee-pees
- when we were kids?
- What?
- Weapons are missing, sir.
Tactical equipment.
We think he bought
them for his department,
and then gave them to his
friends in the militia.
- Odin Little.
- You think.
[MEYER] We had an informant,
but he disappeared.
[JOAQUIN] A lot of people
disappear around this guy,
including two of his wives.
Just put one of his deputies
in the ground yesterday.
Local coroner said car crash,
but they had him buried
in less than 12 hours,
Don't tell me you want to dig him up.
No. What we want to do
is increase the pressure.
the rule of law, or else.
In 1958,
the Chinese went to
war with the sparrow.
- Sir?
- Mao gave the order.
The birds were eating the
people's seeds and grain.
They had to go.
So people all over the country
started beating on pots and pans
to drive the birds mad.
Death by exhaustion.
Two billion sparrows exterminated,
all praised a great leader.
But do you know what
happens when you remove birds
from a food chain?
There's no one left to eat
the bugs and the locust.
So instead of solving a hunger problem,
they end up creating an even bigger one.
You ever heard of the Great Famine?
Possibly 50 million
Chinese starving to death.
- Sir
- One step ahead.
I'm not asking you to play
four-dimensional chess.
I'm saying think one step ahead.
If we go to war with
the most powerful sheriff
in North Dakota, whose fathers
and grandfathers were sheriffs,
and who's connected to
the most powerful militia
in the upper Midwest,
what do you think happens next?
Until you can answer that question,
I want you to make Roy Tillman
more like a hobby of yours,
something you do in your spare time
when you're not punishing
the actual criminals.
[JOAQUIN] You're on his side.
We're done here.
Thank you for your time, sir.
- [CHUCKLES] A hobby?
- Tony.
- I mean, can you believe this guy?
- They found her.
It's the bulwark. We're the bulwark.
It's in the Constitution.
I mean, he should
he should read it maybe, you know?
Like, it's-it's the justice system.
It's a system of justice.
You know, not like
just one man on a horse.
- Tony.
- What?
[CHUCKLES] They found her.
Nadine. The second wife.
We just got a hit on her fingerprints.
Living in Minnesota
under a different name.
Dorothy Lyon.
Feels like fate, right?
- Hobby my ass.
- Ah.

[MUNCH] When Munch was a boy
freedom was a potato.
It was you didn't get killed today.
Freedom from hunger,
from the rusty blade.
But to free himself,
the man ate first so others could not.
He killed before he was killed.
He wanted nothing more,
because only kings
had the freedom to want.
But now everywhere you look,
you see kings.
Everything they want,
they call their own,
and if they cannot have it,
they say that they are not free.
They even pretend their
freedom should be free,
that it has no cost,
but the cost is always
Life for life.
or you.
I don't understand.
Why are you here?
What do you want?

What happened?
Boogeyman came, left a
warning in the kids' room.
- Who, Munch?
- [BOWMAN] I don't know his name.
Full-on wild man, though.
Creature from the Black Lagoon.
Where's Roy?
No funny business this time.
Got some groceries, then.
[ROY] "Now, after the death of Moses
the servant of the
Lord, it came to pass,
that the Lord spake unto Joshua,
the son of Nun, Moses' minister,
saying, 'Moses my servant is dead;
now therefore arise,
go over this Jordan,
thou, and all these
people, unto the land
which I do give to them,
even to the children of Israel.'"
What the fuck you talking about?
Did you tend to your man like I said?
Make him feel respected?
Nobody asked you to come here.
See, there were 12 spies of Israel,
sent to scout the Land of Canaan.
Joshua was one of the good ones.
Are you one of the good ones, Joshua?
I tried.
My great grandfather's
name was Roy, Indian killer,
fought in the battle of Big
Mound, Dead Buffalo Lake.
Lost an ear in the
Battle of the Badlands.
He's the only American to
ever earn four Medals of Honor.
Now, he was one of the good ones.
Me, I try to be.
You not so much, I think.
You're what we call a waste of skin.
Eating our food, breathing our air,
wasting precious resources.
Yeah, keep talking, see what happens.
See, now your beta male thinks
that having a firearm
makes him an alpha,
but it's just lipstick
on a pig, you feel me?
You don't know when to
fucking quit, do you?
Babe, don't.

A man threatened my children last night.
Came to my house, face
painted like an Apache.
Maybe it wasn't a man.
Some-some kind of spirit.
My point is, this you
Like a paper airplane in the rain.

Fuck it.
Fucking hell.
You okay?
Can I get a glass of water?
[GATOR] Uh Dad?
Uh, what are we doing?
Oh, did you get her?
- Um
- Don't bother, I can see it all over your face.
Worked you over pretty good, did she?
Uh, Lenore.
Dad, that Nadine, it's I don't know.
It's like he said, some kind of tiger.
The husband got hurt.
House caught on fire.
Not now.
Um, we got Munch.
You did?
Got him right there on the couch.
The guy from the filling station.
The cop killer.
Tip came in over the hotline.
Lenore here called it in
herself, didn't you, Lenore?
Husband came home bragging
he killed a state trooper,
wounded another one, I responded.
Shots fired. You were my backup.
- So
- Loop's closed, I'm saying.
States can call off their dogs,
and we're free to settle
our differences in private.
- Huh.
- Now, all I need to know from you
is that you see how this helps you.
No more black eyes and broken bones.
Cash in your pocket every month,
'cause Roy Tillman
never forgets a friend.
And we're friends, aren't we, darling?
Y-Yes, Roy.

Think I'll go for a ride, clear my head.
All right, buddy, let's go.
Come on, hon, let's go.


[MAN] Now I get it.
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