Fargo (2014) s05e08 Episode Script


Here we go down to
the poor people's store ♪
One, two and three and four ♪
You can get more at
the poor people's store ♪
The poor people's store,
where you can get it ♪
You can get more at
the poor people's store ♪
The poor people's store,
where you can get it ♪
Some knockoff jeans
with irregular seams ♪
Some chairs made of beans
and some beauty creams ♪
Some Christine
Aguilera black mascara ♪
Corn tortillas and
some brown aloe vera ♪
You can get more at
the poor people's store ♪
The poor people's store,
where you can get it ♪
You can get more at
the poor people's store ♪
The poor people's store's ♪
Where you can get it ♪
You can get more at
the poor people's store ♪
[CLERK] 313.
Oh, the poor people's
store, the poor people ♪
The poor people ♪
Oh, the poor people's store. ♪
[CLERK] What can I help you with today?
You're petitioning for a name change?
Danish Graves for the
petitioner, Marlin Everett.
You'll see in the file that
all of the required forms
have been signed and notarized.
- 314.
Still me.
Danish Graves for the petitioner,
John Sasquatch.
You'll see in the file
that all of the required
forms have been signed
and notarized.
I think there's been a mistake.
No, ma'am.
The filing is correct.
Are you saying you're
here with two clients today
and they both want to change
their name to the same thing?
Three, actually, ma'am.

Sign it.
Let's go.
It says "Nadine Tillman."
I can't. I'm not
I'm Dot. Dorothy.
You're nothing.
Sign it.
How's your brother there, Kim?
Huh? Ole Pete.
Stayin' out of trouble?
Sure would hate to
send him back to prison.
Now, why don't you print us up
a fresh, new release form
so we can get this done proper.
You want to make a mess of this?
That what you want?
'Cause if someone gets hurt,
I'm gonna pull my
sidearm that's on you.
And it's been a peaceful ♪
- Over here.
And where I'm going ♪
I don't know. ♪
Am I under arrest?
You're just an idiot. Wait here.
Mrs. Lyon?
No. That's not
Little far from home, aren't you?
You need something, Trooper?
Everything all right?
Eh, she's fine.
Just took a spill, is all.
Finishing up some paperwork and then
Heading home.
Right? How we doing there, Kim?
Back to Minnesota, you're saying?
Oh. Nadine's gonna
spend some time with us here now.
That your idea?
'Cause I can drive you home.
My shift's over.
- We should go.
- [WITT] Mrs. Lyon?
I can help.
[ROY] Son, the lady said
it's no concern to you.
I heard her.
But, see
I was drawn into a chain of events
last time Mrs. Lyon was kidnapped.
That never happened.
Uh, see, son
I'm the sheriff of this county.
Now, I know you're not sitting here
telling me I'm a suspect in some
imaginary crime, so
move out of my way
before I move you.
Listen to me.
You don't have to go with him.
I can have backup here
in ten minutes.
Well, that's gonna be too late.
[DOT] This is all just
a bit of silliness.
I'm fine. Really.
Thank you
for your kind offer.
Go home, please.
[WHISPERS] Tell Wayne
I'll be there soon.
Time to go, Jay-Z.
Don't touch me.
He's sensitive.
Careful, boys.
I think Officer Nightstick's
on his period today.
If you hurt him,
I won't come.
We're leaving.
Officer Olmstead.
Uh, Trooper Witt Farr on this end.
This a good moment?
Yeah, just threw a couple
elderly out of their homes.
Evictions. [SCOFFS SOFTLY]
You know, so-called "public service."
What you got?
a bad feeling.
Don't like the sounds of that.
I just saw her.
Dorothy Lyon.
I'm at the hospital outside Bismarck.
Just got her files.
She was in an auto
accident. Seemed fine.
A little banged-up. But, um,
guess who was checking her out.
Roy Tillman.
You saw this?
Yes, ma'am.
I tried to step in, take her home,
but, uh
well, he had strength in numbers.
Where is she now?
Tillman's got a ranch
out on Route 11.
My guess is they went there.
What was her demeanor?
Like one of those hostage
videos you watch on the Internet.
Seemed agreeable to it with her words,
but, uh
her eyes
like a like a trapped animal.
I left a message with the FBI.
Yeah, they never return calls.

Your day is coming.
I don't think you want to
start off lippy, Nadine.
This is just a temporary measure.
You don't even have a plan, do you?
God has a plan.
And what is that?
Must be cold, living
out there in the dark,
so let me spell it out for you.
You made a promise.
To Him. To me.
You broke your vow.
You broke my fingers.
My collarbone.
Three ribs.
You dislocated my jaw.
I was trying to fix you.
Like a window cleaner
pissing on a window.
There's that mouth.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Let me go!
I'm just gonna let you tire
yourself out, like a horse
with a bit in its mouth
for the first time.
Please, I can't be here.
I'm Scotty's mother.
She said ice cream cake for her birthday
and I forgot to order it,
and there's a three-day minimum.
She just started a new school
and the girls are being mean.
There's Thanksgiving and Christmas.
This is probably the
last year she's gonna
believe in Santa Claus.
And I can't unsee it.
Her sitting on Santa's lap at
the mall and he's askin' her,
"What do you want for
Christmas, little girl?"
And she's saying, "I
want my mommy back."
It's not just me.
What you're doing,
you're doing to them, too.
And we're getting kittens next year,
we decided, and who's gonna
be there to teach Scotty
how to take care of them?
Plus, I am den mother
for the Girl Scouts,
and I raise money for the library.
- Enough!
- No.
I'm in love.
True love.
With the most wonderful man.
He's my best friend.
We went ice-skating on our first date.
And if you ask him, Wayne'll tell you
shepherd's pie is
still his favorite food.
We just started watching
Call the Midwife.
And there's, like, 13
seasons of that show.
So if
if I don't come home
who's gonna remind him to take
Lactaid when he eats cheese?
You made a vow.
I was a child.
Oh, please.
You had your hair, you had your menses.
And you had a wife and a son
almost my age, which was 15.
I don't care.
You made a mistake when you left me.
That means everything come
after that is a mistake, too.
My daughter is not a mistake.
Fruit of the poison tree.
That's a legal way of saying
two wrongs don't make a right.
You belong to me.
Do you know how crazy you sound?
The way you see things, your mind.
But you believe it's the
world that's gone mad.
I have to go.
I tell you what, Nadine.
I'll promise you, hand to God
I'll promise to let you go
just as soon as you beg me
to let you stay and mean it.
You want a promise?
I'll make you a promise.
I'm gonna kill you.
Oh, Nadine.
The devil is dancing a jig
on your tongue tonight, isn't he?
Just a-jumpin' and a-jivin'.
Come on in, Karen.
This is Nadine. Nadine,
this is Karen, my wife.
The mother of my children.
Bring it in, boys.
The girls are outside with Dad.
We need to get going if
you don't want to be late
- for the sheriff debate.
- Yeah.
Roy was just explaining
how one more wife and he gets a set
- of steak knives.
- Shut up!
I don't want to hear you speak.
Not once to me.
Not ever.
Be in the truck.
Third time's a charm.
Lars, what are you doing in bed?
It's the middle of the day.
What-what are you doing home?
Told you yesterday. Double shift.
- No.
- Just got to change my togs and get back
You need to be gone when I get home.
[LARS] Where am I supposed to go?
I don't care.
[WOMAN] Sorry.
"Sorry"? What are you sorry for?
Besides betraying all women everywhere.
Go ahead, take him.
He's useless.
- I don't want him.
- Hey.
You know, I, too, would like a wife.
Or, heck, I'd even settle for a husband.
A real man.
Someone who pulls his weight.
- Contributes.
- Hey, you know what?
- I contribute, okay?
- You don't do shit.
You don't work.
Any clothes on your back, I paid for.
You can't get to the
grocery or put your dirty
drawers in the hamper.
You can't even shovel the walk or
remember my birthday to
save your goddamn life.
You'd sooner sit in the dark
than change a light bulb.
And you'd rather die than say thank you
to the person that does.
So good luck to you.
You can leave the toilet seat up
on someone else's life from now on.
Shame on you.
Both of you.
Oh, for Pete's sake.
Wait! Wait!
Wait! Please, wait!
Are you kidding me?

Come on. [MUTTERS]
All right, hey, how we doing there?
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Why don't you take a seat
in the front row there?
Welcome, Sheriff Roy Tillman.
Is that Miss Cordell? What
do you got there tonight?
- [CHUCKLES] Please.
- What an honor.
A little bit, uh, crowded up here, huh?
[ANNDREA] Well, say hello
to the other candidates
for Sheriff of Stark County.
Roy Andrew Tillman,
Roy Chester Tillman and Roy
Roy Floyd Tillman.
- The fuck is this?
No, no. No, son, no, no.
They're not gonna have
trouble hearing me out there.
[ANNDREA] Sheriff Tillman,
the first question is for you.
Well, now, Miss Cordell, I
appreciate your giddyup there,
but someone's gonna have
to answer my question first.
is Jerry here?
Election Jerry. Jerry Belknap.
Where you at?
- Who put you up to this?
[ANNDREA] Sheriff
Tillman, given the types
of criminal arrests and
incidents we typically see
in Stark County, how do you justify
spending half a million
dollars on war-grade
weapons and tactical gear?
Okay, well, Anndrea, I'm gonna have
to disagree with your numbers there.
Does Stark County really need a tank?
As sheriff, my first priority
is the safety of the community.
That means preparedness and defense
Safety of the community.
- That means preparedness.
- Preparedness and defense.
Uh, sorry, fellas,
I'm still talking here.
[ALL THREE] I'm still talking.
All right, that's a good joke.
[ALL THREE] Good joke.
- Cut it out!
- Cut it out.
- Out. - Out.
All right, you know
what, this is bullshit.
Lady, I don't know what kind
of deal you're running here,
but this is a travesty. Come on.
Let's go, let's go.
Are you guys even on the ballot?
- [ALL THREE] Are you guys even on the ballot?
- Sheriff!
- Let's get one with all the Tillmans together.
- No pictures.
- Hey, that's assault!
- Sheriff!

Damn it.
- Ooh. [EXHALES]
Shouldn't you be at the debate?
Dad wanted me to hang back.
What'd you tell the FBI?
Me? Nothing.
I saw you.
With those two agents at the hospital.
That is 1,000% on you.
They came to me.
Because you're sloppy as shit.
And that leaves folks asking questions.
Why were you kidnapped?
Why did your house burn down?
I never told anyone anything.
Gator, I saw your mom.
I saw Linda.
She's safe.
She didn't want to leave you.
She wouldn't.
If she had the choice.
You understand?
He was gonna kill her.
So she had to go to save herself.
But she was coming back for you.
I was bringing her back.
What the fuck are you talking about?
I'm saying
your mom
she made it.
She got away and she's safe.
And I can take you there if you help me.
But we got to go right now.
You're such a liar.
You never told the truth,
not once in your life.
I swear I can take you to her.
I'm not going anywhere.
Neither are you.
Did you ever wonder why
you're not named Roy?
You're the fifth boy
in a long line of first-born Roys.
Your name's supposed to be Roy.
But your dad said he took one
look at you in the hospital
this pale, puny lizard
and he knew you'd be a loser for life.
Said he'd rather have his name die out
than have you to carry it.
Ask him.
Hope you die in here, Nadine.
Never see your daughter again.
No, you don't.
Yes, I fucking do.
You need to drive away.
I'm gonna shoot you for trespassing.
Not until I talk to Mrs. Lyon.
Next one goes in your head.
I know you don't think they're coming.
But they're almost here.
You see him again, you shoot on sight.
Fucking bitch.
No, just tell her it went well
and I'm heading back now.
Nah, believe me, after what I saw,
couldn't get elected
to lick the road clean.
Yeah, okay, bye.
Mr. Graves?
You gave me your card.
Deputy Witt Farr. We met over
in the Twin Cities at the
hospital after the fire?
Uh, of course. Yeah, you're, uh
- Deputy Witt Farr, like I said.
- Yeah.
Can I ask, uh
are you here for Mrs. Lyon?
Well, I work for Mrs. Lyon, so yes.
No, Dorothy Lyon.
The daughter-in-law.
What about her?
She's at the ranch.
Roy Tillman, the sheriff?
He's the ex-husband
who tried to kidnap her.
I think maybe you know this.
He has her right now.
And I don't think she wants to be there.
You spoke to her?
She was in the county
hospital and he took her out.
Roy and three deputies.
Now, look, she said she was
going of her own free will,
which ties my hands,
but I'm telling you,
as her lawyer
she's kidnapped.
[DISPATCH] Car 15, respond
to a 10-99 in progress.
I got to go.
[DANISH] Okay. I'll, uh
- [WITT] Look.
Whatever you're gonna do, do it fast.
I don't know how long she's got.
Uh, what are you saying?

Well, that was just awful.
The way they were laughing at you
You can fix it, though.
I know it.
Karen, I swear,
you're a bag of bolts
in the brains department.
The way you're talking.
- Can't you see the man's upset?
- I just
Don't you see?
It's a curse, is what it is.
This woman comes back
after all these years.
Laughing at you.
Mocking your piety,
the things that we believe.
Rubbing her sins in our face.
She's the albatross.
Hmm? It's not me.

Baby, can't you see ♪
I'm calling ♪
A guy like you should wear a warning ♪
It's dangerous ♪
I'm falling ♪
There's no escape ♪
I can't wait ♪
I need a hit ♪
Baby, give me it ♪
You're dangerous ♪
Too high ♪
Can't come down ♪
Losing my head,
spinning round and round ♪
Do you feel me now? ♪
With a taste of your lips ♪
I'm on a ride ♪
You're toxic, I'm slippin' under ♪
Taste of a poison paradise ♪
I'm addicted to you ♪
Don't you know that you're toxic? ♪

[DOT] What are you doing?
What are you No. Roy, wait
[ROY] Don't do it, Nadine.
- Don't make it worse.
I remember this game.
Last chance, Roy.
You want to go another round?
- To let me go.
- Oh.
You're thinking you're just
gonna stroll right out of here,
Someone's gonna hold the door for you?
- "And on her forehead was written a name of mystery."
- No. No.
"Babylon the great,
mother of prostitutes and
abominations of Earth."
"And I saw the woman was drunk
with the blood of the
saints [SNIFFLES]
and the blood of
the martyrs of Jesus."
- [ROY] Not now, brother.
The lesson's almost taught.
Lawyer at the gate. Danish Graves.
- Wanting to see you.
I'll be right there.
[DOT] No.
No, no, no, no. No!
- There's only one way
you're getting out of here.
Oh, I will.
[PANTS] I will!
I've done it before.
- No.
See, you've always been here, Nadine.
It was the rest that was just a dream.
I'll get away.
Same as Linda.
Oh, you'll end up same as Linda.
I'll bury you right next to her.

Mrs. Lyon, I've been
trying to reach you all day.
Yes. You decided to take the job.
Smart cookie.
I can't do it anymore
put my needs last.
Like on an airplane, you know?
I got to put my mask on first.
Uh, but that's not why I'm here.
I know where Dorothy is.
- You found her?
- Not me.
The sheriff.
Where is she?
He took her back to his ranch.
Come on. You're starting right now.

[GRUNTS] I'm here!
I'm here!
[SAINT LINDA] This is the process.

I'm sorry for leaving you.

Thanks for seeing me, Sheriff.
I'll get right to the point.
Today was humiliating for you.
I know you're sitting there
thinking it wasn't that bad.
But, believe me, it was.
Worse than you know.
A lot worse.
You should probably have a drink.
You're gonna lose your election, Roy.
Understand that.
It's gone.
Out of your grasp.
You'll be lucky if you
aren't charged with assault.
I can fix it for you.
All those other Roy Tillmans?
I can make them disappear
as quick as I made them.
My client
is prepared to deliver
this election to you
in exchange for the immediate
return of her daughter-in-law.
That's a good deal, Roy.
It's smart.
And you'd be smart to take it
while it's still on the table.
Here's a question.
If you're so smart

then why are you so dead?




[MAN] Now I get it.
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