Fargo (2014) s05e10 Episode Script


Alpha team is moving.
Alpha team is moving.
I love these moments.
You see a man in a
dress come through here?
Haircut like The Three Stooges?
When the violence comes, it
comes fast, and it's over.
You can never really be sure.
Did I draw first? Or did he?
Shouldn't you be out on
the line, inspiring the men?
It's your goat-fuck.
I saw Karen.
Yeah, well, she should've
pulled the trigger.
What can I say? She's soft.
Maybe that's why you
haven't killed her yet.
Not today, old man.
And then there's why number
two's still breathing.
And how come your son is such a fuckup?
- Weak.
- All right, go ahead.
Take your dentures out,
so I don't break them.
See, that's your problem.
No respect for your elders.
Well, you'll be calling me "professor"
by the time I get finished
teaching you a lesson.
What's that?
I-I can't quite hear you there,
Rot in hell, you piece of shit.
Goddamn it.
I swear to God, if I got
to chase you, woman
- That's her. Go.
- Weapons free.
Just give us a minute.
Just give me a minute.
Come on.
Give us a kiss.
FBI! Drop your weapon. Drop your weapon!
What? No! The hostage. I'm the hostage!
Oh, he's gone.
Stay down.
- I got to get him.
- No.
I got him.
Drop the knife.
What knife?
Geez. I guess somebody
can't take a joke.
Not a joke.
Next one goes in your
mouth. Now drop it.
Make me.
- This is Witt Farr.
- Belly shot, can you believe it?
- By a female.
- I am underground
- with the suspect.
- Oh, this can't be happening.
- Shut up. There's an entrance
- I am an emissary of the Lord.
on the southeast
slope, by a tree Stop.
Son, my destiny is at the
other end of that tunnel.
I'm not your son.
Now drop the knife.
There it is.
Don't fight it, son.
It's all over now.
Where is he?
Did he get him? Huh?
Come on, kid.
Almost there.
Your son gave you up, by the way.
I told you, I'm fine.
I just need to call my daughter.
- I need to get home.
- Nadine?
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's over now.
Did you really see my mom?
No, hon.
I thought I did.
But she was just a
beautiful angel in a dream.
Would you
come visit me
in jail?
With cookies.
You still like oatmeal raisin?
Mrs. Lyon?
I spoke to your husband.
He knows you're okay.
Thank you.
He worries so much.
Could you help me? I need to find
I need to find my trooper, Witt Farr,
just to thank him.
Almost home.
Come here. My baby.
Let me look at you.
My beautiful girl.
So, you're okay, then.
I I just got the download.
Shot him in the stomach,
they said, which
that's my girl.
There, there.
Good for you.
Something about anniversaries.
You want to do the flowers?
Go on.
I can't believe I never asked.
Was he married?
No. Just a cat named Lucky.
Mine, now.
His mother came to the funeral,
brought his six sisters.
Can you imagine?
No wonder he was so nice.
I want six sisters.
How about we start with one, hmm?
I like the new ads.
You and Wayne together.
Oh, yeah. We're moguls now.
Opening a new location in Saint Paul.
Wayne's the people
person, so he does sales.
I'm more back-of-the-house, strategy.
- Ah, perfect.
- Yeah.
Well, I got to go meet
your mother-in-law.
Some business to take care of.
And Wayne's making
chili, so we better
Hopefully see you soon?
- Oh, yeah. You will.
- Okay.
We got to pick up sour cream for Dad.
Can I get M&M's?
Only if you drive.
I'd actually like to drive.
Oh, you would, would you? Not today.
Not on my watch.
But the M&M's
I think that we can do.
I love that color on you.
You know what I'd love to see on you?
- A noose.
- Hey.
Watch your mouth, convict.
She wouldn't last five
minutes in here, that one.
Too many principles.
But you
you'd be queen shit.
I saw you filed for an
appeal. That was a mistake.
Please. That whole thing was rigged.
- Your so-called trial.
- You should know
I'm the single largest donor
to the Federalist Society.
Oh, yeah? What do they do?
Something with books?
They control the courts,
selecting judges all the
way up to the Supreme Court,
with the president's blessing.
buy a throw pillow is my advice.
- You're gonna be here a while.
- It's funny.
Prison is the way the world should be.
The natural order.
No apology.
Men separated by race.
Races stacked with the strong on top.
You fuck the weak, you kill your rivals,
sleep with one eye open.
Yes. Well, I just came by to say
I hope you've settled in,
because now your real
punishment will begin.
My what?
Wait outside, please.
- Are you sure?
- Oh, we'll be fine, won't we, Roy?
You're right.
She does have principles.
Where was I?
Oh, yes, punishment.
Did you know that 85%
of all prisoners are in debt?
Hundreds, if not thousands
of dollars, interest accruing,
their families put out on the street.
Well, I've started a fund
to help certain prisoners
free themselves from this burden.
A private fund.
Plus a little fresh cash each month
in their commissary accounts.
Vienna sausages,
that kind of thing.
Which prisoners?
That one, I think.
And him over there with the scars.
And all of the men on cell block D
and B and A.
Well, that's mighty Christian of you.
Oh, no. This has nothing
to do with that book.
It's an older text,
written on stone tablets
in the Age of the Skull Fuckers.
Did Nadine put you up to this?
Please. She's a Girl Scout.
I fight my own battles,
and you need to pay
for what you've taken.
- So you want me dead.
- No.
I want you alive
for a very, very long time.
But while you live,
I want you to feel
everything your wives felt,
every blow,
each humiliation
I'm not afraid of you.
It's not me you need to be afraid of.
These might come in handy.
- Hiya, hon.
- Hey.
Oh, it smells good in here.
- Yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
We got the sour cream.
they had that sharp
cheddar that you like.
Hi, hon. Uh
Yeah, the, uh, chili's on the stove,
and then this fella
just came to the door,
said he, uh, knows ya.
- Ya.
- Ya.
What are you doing here?
A man frees a tiger
so the tiger can finish her fight.
This does not mean the man
is finished with her.
Well, we-we saw a tiger once,
at the Minneapolis Zoo.
D'you know you can, uh, hear them roar
from, what, two miles away?
And they're good swimmers.
- And they're good swimmers.
- Wayne.
And, you know, they run,
like, 40 miles an hour, so
So, I don't think I, uh, got your name.
It's Moonk.
Oola Moonk.
Well, I'm Wayne, so, uh
And that's Scotty, so, yeah.
You want a pop?
I want a pop.
Would you take these over to Dad, hon?
Thank you.
We will finish
our engagement now.
I thought we were done.
You said
The debt must be paid.
A man's flesh was taken.
Now a pound is required in return.
There you go.
The man is grateful.
So, are you from, uh,
you from around here?
Across the sea.
But here a long time.
From the age of the carrier pigeon
and the 600 tribes.
The Arapaho,
the Cree and the Tonkawa.
A man comes,
never having seen a mountain.
He cannot remember
the year of his birth.
He is paid to soldier.
But one night,
he wanders from his post,
drawn by the songs of the river.
Well, Scotty's grandfather took us
to the Vermillion last year.
My-my dad Wink, well,
he's a big fly fisherman.
- Remember that, hon?
- I caught a cold.
Yeah. Yeah, she did.
It's-it's kind of funny.
Why must debt be paid?
I understand keeping a promise.
But people always say debt must be paid.
Except what if you can't?
If you're too poor
or you lose your job.
Maybe there's a death in the family.
Isn't the better thing,
the more humane thing,
to say the debt should be forgiven?
Isn't that who we should be?
Oh, game's on at seven.
Probably time to make the biscuits.
You know what? You're right.
- It's not chili without biscuits.
- No.
How about you two go set the table, huh?
Oh? Well, I was thinking chopsticks.
For chili?
Come on.
Whatever it is you think
you came here for
we're halfway to supper.
And it's a school night.
So either you wash
your hands and you help,
or we do this another time.
Can I have chocolate milk?
What? You just had M&Ms, so
I wasn't supposed to tell Dad. Sorry.
You ever made drop biscuits before?
They're mostly for
when you're in a hurry.
But we maybe like 'em
more than the all-day kind.
- Oh, hon.
- Hmm?
Would you mind helping
Mr. Moonk with his coat?
Oh, sure.
Yeah, sorry about that.
All right.
- Mama?
- Ya?
You know what I learned today?
Chimpanzees can learn to drive.
No way. Did you know that?
Didn't know that.
- Wow.
- A man
You know, I was thinking
- has a code.
- I might have a beer. What do you think?
- Let's do it.
- He has a code, and the code
You're in the way.
The code is ev
- Here you go.
- Thanks, hon.
Okay, so, I'm gonna
tell you a little secret.
It says to use water, but I use milk.
Even better
So, go ahead and measure out a cup.
This one's a cup.
Thank you.
Pour it in there.
Okay. Then
you add just a little honey.
I'm assuming he paid you to come here
and do what you did.
Maybe you're feeling sideways about it,
'cause of what it cost you.
A partner.
An ear.
You go ahead, stir.
You took a job that had a risk to it.
You got hurt.
You can't be mad at the risk.
That'd be like getting mad at the table
you stubbed your toe on.
I might have gone over
the deep end on the spices.
I know you had a mom back there,
across the sea.
And she loved you.
If someone came for her,
don't you think she would've done
whatever it took to get back to you?
You say that as if
life is a circle, but it's a line.
Mother is the start.
This is the other side.
Well, I don't know what that means.
What I'm saying is it's a choice.
You made a choice.
Bless us, Oh Lord,
and these thy gifts, which
we are about to receive
through Thy bounty,
through Christ our Lord, we pray.
Hmm. All right, hon, would you, uh,
pass, uh, Mr. Moonk's bowl?
Honey. Ah. Thank you.
Well, personally, I
never been across the sea.
By long boat we came.
Three dozen men pulling at the oars.
The rain so heavy,
some drown in their seats.
First in forest,
then on grassland.
The man's hair grew long.
He rode the horse
without saddle or reins,
and the people of the plains
were his people.
But then came the cannon and the musket,
and he was alone once more.
For a century he spoke to no one.
I don't know if I could
go an hour without talking.
- Daddy does sales.
- Yeah.
- Daddy likes talking.
- Yeah.
A lot.
- Yeah.
- I, uh
You ever drive a Kia, Mr. Moonk?
It's like flying a cloud.
I think we should see how
your biscuits turned out, huh?
Before the boat,
the man lived on the moors
and ate fleas
from the rats.
He was frightened all the time.
Then one day,
a man comes on a wealthy horse
and offers him
two coins
and a meal.
But the food
was not food.
What was it?
It was sin.
The sins of the rich.
Greed, envy, disgust.
They were bitter
the sins.
But he ate them all,
for he was starving.
From then on,
the man does not sleep
or grow old.
He cannot die.
He has no dreams.
All that is left
is sin.
It feels like that, I know.
What they do to us,
make us swallow.
Like it's our fault.
But you want to know the cure?
You got to eat something
made with love and joy.
And be forgiven.
Now I get it.
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