Farscape s03e04 Episode Script

Self Inflicted Wounds Part II: Wait for the Wheel

000 Previously on Farscape: I am as concerned about Zhann wellfare | as you, Commander I simply thought you'd like to see this | before it went away Wormhole! | Prepare to launch my module There is a ship approaching… What the hell… Raptures everywhere Moya is frelled Allien penetration of our vessel I am pathfinder Neeyala This region of space… i cannot | funcionar under the bombardments… We've ricocheted into the distorted region | that divides a wormhole from normal space time.
How do we get the ships appart your 'Phaztillon' generator, the key? Yes.
Rygel, what did you do? you have opened It What's your name Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis How long have I been in this chamber? 22 cycles I need empirical information | about our position in the wormhole.
Would you help? Wormhole… Normal space… What are we doing here? it's only collecting images I think wormholes blinded him The creature you have seen… exists exclusively inside wormholes.
It's amazing the number of species | picked up by Neeyala's gizmo.
It's possible to separate both ships But only one will survive.
| We have to pick which one.
I do not enjoy sending you to your death These creatures, I will distract them They must not know your true mission.
Frell we will abandon Moya.
Pilot, I wish you were goin' with us | And now on Farscape: Winona, don't fail me now.
I'm tellin' you, Aeryn it was from Earth.
| A television transmission.
What, you mean, | like that Yoda from Degobah? No, no, no, no, no! Three Stooges.
| Whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo Well, whatever was in there, | it's not any use to us now.
Do you know what this means? No I don't.
It means that some part of this wormhole is | 10, 20, 30, 40 light years at most, away from Earth.
It's doable, I could get home.
Amidst our misfortune.
| I'm pleased for you, John.
Yes I know.
Forget it.
Where is Neeyala's injured crew member? What are you talking about? Well, this is their blood.
No, serpent blood No, no.
This is Neeyala's species blood, John.
Zhaan, there was no one here.
What about their crewmember who died, lost a limb during Starburst.
Could the serpent have done that? Well possibly, but why would they lie? Yo, both of you.
Even if Mr.
Wiggles did chew on that guy, | there was no one here.
Their Phaztillon Generator | what does it do? It alters the phase physicality of an object conceivably.
We wouldn't be able to see it.
Invisible I grow weak Neeyala.
They must continue to believe that their | Leviathan deteriorates faster than it is.
Even the remotest hope will | cause them to rally to her.
Shut down their thermal condensers.
Losing ability to regulate temperature | should convince them to abandon ship.
I will do what needs to be done.
Including destroying them if I must.
My name is John Crichton, I'm lost.
| an astronaut shot through a wormhole.
| In some distant part of the universe.
I'm trying to stay alive.
Aboard this ship this living ship | of escaped prisoners my friends.
If you can hear me | beware if I make it back | will they follow? If I open the door | are you ready? Earth is unprepared | helpless for the nightmares I've seen.
Or should I stay? | Protect my home? Not show them you exist.
But then you'll never know the wonders I've seen.
There's no way to tell if this is sabotage.
Doesn't matter anymore if it is.
Moya's frelled, and our only option is to go on Neeyala's ship.
And what if they are screwing us? Especially if they've screwed us.
Means they have the upper claw.
I'm with D'Argo on this.
I think we need to know the truth.
I do not trust Crichton's judgement.
Agreed, he claims to have seen Earth again, | and I'm sure he's still talking to Scorpius.
We all know where Rygel's loyalties lie.
Sadly, Chiana's too.
All right.
Then whether they agree or not, we must stick to plan.
First thing we do everybody acts normal.
Don't tip them off-- surprise may be our only ally.
If Neeyala's people aren't sabotaging Moya we'll go with them.
If they are, we defeat them.
I'll repair some of the Nexus points.
So they're isolated from Moya's main systems.
That way, if they fry again We'll know it's them.
Do you actually believe they're using their generator to turn themselves invisible? It would explain the sequence of decompressions.
It's geographically consistent with someone running… … from place to place.
Which leads us to the blood in Pilot's Den.
The cavern beneath must be searched.
Can we rely on you, Rygel? Can we rely on Rygel? All right.
But not for you He has been on Moya the longest.
for Moya! Keep comms on restricted frequency.
Switch comms to Deka.
Neeyala? Neeyala Neeyala is mine.
First thing I want to get from them | is a head count.
What is this?! She sheds.
What are you doing? Well, now that we've both asked I made 17 loops through the wormhole-- fried the organic bits on my module.
If we stick with Moya, she makes less than one, and I'm just looking for anything.
Now, what the hell are you doing? Formulating ideas.
Formulating ideas? Well, here's an idea.
Since we know nothing about this craft, how 'bout you stop pushin' buttons? All right.
Two for two-- you're not still feeling a little suicidal, are you? Not in the least.
Now, this looks interesting.
Now, what do you suppose it does? So far, scare the crap outta me.
This ship feels somehow familiar to me.
Yeah, you know, we have a crisis goin' on out there? I said I was formulating ideas.
I heard you.
Being on Moya a fugitive.
It's changed me.
Well, if you're not feeling suicidal, | now is a bad time for a mid-life crisis.
Chiana's a young woman.
She needs attention.
D'Argo… you were focused on your son.
It's completely understandable.
Still, I neglected her.
Do you know what troubles me the most? I did my best.
I did the best I could, and it wasn't enough.
I still lost them both.
My Grandmother used to say that life is a great wheel.
Sometimes it grinds you down into the mud, and other times it lifts you up into the light.
Are we strapped to this wheel? That's a given.
Point is is that, most times, you get a second chance.
Just gotta wait for the wheel.
Aeryn, I'm nine tiers below | Pilot's Den.
I've ah, found the alien girl.
Well, half of her.
Looks like a serpents bite to me.
All right, well, open the gills on her head, and carefully remove some of the needles.
What in hezmana for? I like to know my enemy.
Zhaan Zhaan That woman was invisible when she was killed in Pilot's den.
Their betrayal must be punished.
Not like this, Zhaan.
It won't help Moya.
I must control myself.
It was a bad trade, Zhaan your health for mine.
Don't undervalue yourself.
I'm just a soldier.
Don't underestimate yourself.
I'm being realistic.
Don't be afraid to understand yourself.
We're not as different as you assume.
Violent past, no faith in the future, and then a transformative experience aboard this very ship.
My time grows short, and yours stretches before you.
Use it wisely.
A living ship I've never heard of such a beast.
Which obviously means it can't exist.
Oh, you've 'so' figured me out.
I'm not trying to.
Be quiet, please.
The gag remains an option.
Is it true what the animal said? that you're all prisoners? At some time or another, yes.
Great just great.
I take a multi-civilization tour for my birthday and barely make it through the first stop.
I lose my deposit.
My cousins get murdered.
I've been frozen for 22 cycles.
I've been captured by degenerate aliens.
Attacked by a huge serpent's Dead! All of us, dead! My love, dead! My dreams, dead! You, dead! Me, dead.
You dead, me dead, you dead, me dead, you dead, me dead.
Your list is short and unworthy of entree to this ship of horror.
Tortured by demons you can never know.
Mocked by love that will never be.
Oh, You want to cry young creature I will show you something that will make you cry forever.
It's me.
Uh, tier five, hammond level.
A circuit blew, but I had it off line.
Someone was here, invisible.
Get ready.
The priviledge of working with techology is guaranteed by our families.
Should we fail to return this ship, they will all be executed.
Why didn't you just lie and tell us both ships could survive separation? We would have happily remained here and perished with Moya.
I did not wish to see you die.
But, I incorrectly assumed that given the choice, you would take the rational option.
So, just to be sure you helped things along.
You cripple a living ship and we jump at the chance to escape with you.
I trusted you.
Your feelings for Moya and Pilot are matched by those for our families.
Allow personal passions to cancel each other out.
What's left? Wormhole techology.
Yes, garnered at great cost.
With potential beyond measure.
Would you compare that with the lives of a ship and Pilot which, I assure you, are doomed anyway.
Moya lives, Neeyala You misjudged her will and ours.
Will? is a poor substitute for beersien alloy, | when crushed by astronomical tidal forces.
That's still no excuse for sabotaging Moya.
Stop Kreetago.
He carries no communications device.
| That would give him away.
He will continue his mission until your ship is incapacitated.
Then we shall find a way to stop him.
DRD's find this frelling bastard.
Very krell, D'Argo.
How'd you think of it? Watch for disruption in the beams.
His needles! My leg D'Argo I'm hit! Tourniquet.
It'll stop the poison.
With what?! He's out here somewhere.
Where? Don't look listen.
Zhaan Chiana's got one of their needles in her leg.
Rygel, do you still have the spikes from the alien corpse? Yes, why? Meet me in my lab now.
If this young girl dies, I will come back for you and I will most certainly lose any chance I have left of meeting my Goddess.
The generator has reached optimization phase.
And what does that mean? Once activated, the powercell will engorge a final time.
And when it releases we'll find out if our ships are destined to separate.
Aeryn, you want to hold off? Impossible Even now the reactor shuts down permanently.
Listen! My crew is dead.
This is our one chance to avoid the certainty of joining them.
Go ahead.
Be aware, should our vessels disengage, the built-in timing favors yours being the one destroyed.
How long do we have? Hard to discern with the damage.
Maybe an arn, not more.
We tried Starburst.
Everybody heaved.
Neeyala has fixed it so that when we separate, she enters the wormhole while Moya is ejected through wall and into normal space.
From hetch-impossible to a dead stop.
That's sub-atomic dispersal! All perfect reasons to be on her ship, strapping in for the ride.
Starburst could rotate Moya so it's us who go into the wormhole, Where's she'll get ripped apart from the stress.
I've flown there, remember? We voted, Rygel.
I didn't get to vote.
I was your proxy.
Pilot's in a coma.
Moya's half-decompressed.
Nothing works.
Fine! I'll kill half an arn.
I want you to reconnect Pilot to Moya's external senses.
The Neural Cluster? D'Argo, we shredded those synapses.
It'll take all three of us.
Splice and hook, nothing permanent, I want to give Pilot a chance.
He's unconcious.
Well, do your part.
He'll be awake.
What if we're not done when the time comes? Then we race to the other ship.
We gotta seal all the chambers on the outer rim.
Starburst is gonna spin us like a top.
One decompression and we're vapor.
Once secure, I'll overload Pilot with Moya's adrenal secretions.
I really blew this one, Aeryn.
Not done yet.
It didn't disappear.
That's new.
'Cause the generator's fully on, right? Correct.
We now share the serpents phase existence, and will, until separation.
It just keeps gettin' better.
One-Adam-Twelve, guys.
The critter's part of our reality now.
Be careful out there.
I'll try and chase it to the outer rim.
You do anything to upset the balance that I have set into place Zip it, T Lady! You had your shot, we're takin' ours.
You can't leave us tied up like this! What if that thing comes back? Mm.
These are very similar to the quellian tibor's mating spikes.
Pliable root, tensile fiber stalk, metalline venom tip.
Will she be all right? Well I believe so.
But not if Rygel hadn't secured these other needles for anti-body serum.
I heard the plan, I'm ready to go.
The more your blood pumps, the more chance you'll make a liar out of me, child Ever my protector.
It is not you that needs protecting.
It's the rest of the universe I fear for.
When I was first incarcerated on this ship wild and murderous.
I could not conceive how I would survive.
I heard a rumor that a Luxan Warrior was a fellow prisoner.
I actually prayed that the brute would succumb to hyper-rage and kill me.
How ironic is that There is a planet out there that will heal you.
The intent is noble.
The result is in the hands of the gentle Goddess.
Too bad about Pilot, I liked him.
He liked you too.
How do you know? He told me.
He did? Comms chip.
What are you doing? Deputizing you, debutante.
See those lights? They're cycling faster.
Hear that noise? Pitch is rising.
At some point we're out of time.
I want you to make a judgement call.
When you think it's gonna blow you get us back here.
What?! I mean I don't know how Look princess! I know that this trip to Krugerland was not on your itinerary, but believe it or not, I know exactly how you feel.
Don't presume to know anything about me.
You hold this steady, be more afraid of what you're aiming at.
I've never done anything like this before.
None of us have.
You killed my cousin! Not on purpose! He was a corpsicle, and your other cousin he didn't last half a minute defrosted.
Then why did I survive? I don't know.
You're not sick.
Maybe they shanghaied you for body parts.
You're the freebie.
Everything I have seen so far is despicable! Welcome to the Federation Starship, SS Buttcrack! Decompression, Tier 3! It's rolling! Internal airtights are giving way! Zhaan, do not enter Pilot's access corridor.
Vent Tier Three and Four Air Bladders-- back-pressure the hatches.
On three, big man, you go four.
He's going to be cut off.
Do something! No blocked-- outer hull rupture.
Long way.
Chiana's okay.
So I heard.
Serpent! It's a good call on Rygel and the gill darts.
Anybody ever tell you how good you are around here? Matter of fact, just recently.
Go on, keep movin'.
I got a plan.
Don't tell me you have a plan.
What's wrong with them? They never work.
Damn these doors.
They always work.
Not the way you detail them.
Hey, look, I get results.
You're hung up on details! Your plans never work! This way.
- How did this ship get open? | -Aeryn get in here! But we don't know anything about it Aeryn! Just get in here.
This is wrong.
D'Argo rubbed the damn thing, now get in! Crichton, you idiot! D'Argo found a forcefield here somewhere.
Just gotta find the button.
Idiot? Ha! World class plan.
Why hasn't anyone vented Tier Four's airbladders? Zhaan.
Uh, sorry.
We ran into a little problem here.
The passageway's beyond have opened to space.
There is no way I can get to Pilot.
Your excuses have failed him again, John.
That's it.
All the outer chambers are sealed.
How'd you go, Heavy D? The air bladders are completely vented, but we don't have enough back pressure to reverse the damage done on Pilot's quarters.
If Pilot's dead Yes we're out of here.
Aeryn, it's all you now.
Link number four open to space.
Only one more to go.
Jool, how's the timing? I'm not sure.
Do better.
Faster maybe.
Approximately one third increase.
Geometrically building.
The alien says I'm right.
Third level in is compromised like the last two.
I beseech your wisdom.
Hatale, I entreat your spirit.
Hatala, I petition your mercy.
The gentle are stricken, the kind are helpless, the silent uncounted.
I'm approaching Pilot's Den.
Even as a tenth level Pa'u I am weary and without resources.
Oh, Goddess… of all things holy.
Hear my soul.
This gentle ship is pledged to my care and I am powerless.
Though I am but a mote upon your winds grant me one supplication.
Ask anything in return.
Ask anything in return.
The seal has held.
The air is thin, but it is breathable.
Yes! Thank you.
Thank you.
If we're going to try this, I'm going to need Moya's adrenal secretions pumping on my command.
Just tell me when.
So, we're agreed? One shot.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! You should'nt be up.
These hands can wire a whole lot of neural cluster Get me there! Time? Fractionally faster.
John? Yeah? Why is this ship | .
so important? Still worried about your parents after 22 cycles? Yes.
That's how we feel about Moya.
She raised us.
Bravo! Bravo! Magnificent! Encore, encore, John! John Crichton was riviting in the role of cheerleader.
Rallying his comrades in aid of the | stricken ship he had earlier betrayed That's my dad's Tux.
Take it off! - This is not mine! | - You can choose the venue, - This is not my Tux! | -John, but I'm going to make sure we look good.
Yeah! Macon… Georgia -Macon, Georgia.
| - Ah! College - spring break, hitch hiking to see the strippers | - on the way to Lauderdale-- this is the truckstop Hey! Yo, yo! No, you do not enter my reality! You do not talk to me in my reality! If I want you, I'll call! Those are the rules! Unacceptable.
And I suggest you sue for peace now.
Your distractions are many, while I'm totally dedicated to getting a | measure of freedom.
No more dumpsters, John.
What do you want? You might fool them with your rah-rah but I know the disappointment of letting Neeyala's ship be destroyed.
Yeah, well you can't have everything you want.
I'll figure out wormholes by myself.
Green Chevy I had one of those.
It's not too late to change the outcome.
Oh, you know everything about me.
Do you want to make a point? Excellent, excellent-- yes.
And with familiarity, we might develop a shorthand which will benefit us both.
Try this You would do well, anything to save your ship.
… Anything Make a point.
Why assume less of Neeyala? Jool Jool Adrenal secretions fully opened, Aeryn.
Goddess speed.
Pilot Come on, Pilot.
Feel that nice warm adrenaline flow.
Everywhere! Officer Sun? Hello.
No… n… Wake up! Neeyala Let's work together on this.
We'll all survive.
We'll get you home.
Family executed.
Me to follow.
Knowledge lost.
No thanks… We both defend that which we love.
You shouldn't have lied.
You should not have been in our path.
And I should have listened to Kreetago and destroyed you when I had the chance.
I have failed my crew, and my ship.
Now I will make it up to them.
Don't make me shoot you.
Ion-charged hydrostatic vapor residue in atmospheric suspension.
One spark and we're nuclear? Meager as it is, you do know more than any species we're aware of.
We can find a way! If my ship survives, even without me, a beacon will attract our flight command.
If by some unfathomable circumstance, your vessel survives We share a joined hull.
I have just infused our beacon into the Leviathan's superstructure.
We're gonna have another set of bad guys chasing us across the universe.
Unfortunately, Commander, not you.
I don't think so.
Hey, Neeyala You think this is gonna get you what you want?! What I want you cannot give! Jool, you nitwit! I have never before released my bristles to kill.
Your forgiveness.
Melted tips? Neeyala, what's the matter? Can't you hear me? That's a hell of a scream.
Come on! We're almost out of time.
Crichton it's Aeryn Pilot's just doing the calculations now It won't be long.
We're out of time, Aeryn! Just a little bit more? We are out of time! Which ones? Which ones?! Stop yelling at me! The yelling starts in about two seconds-- which ones? These! I'm pretty sure.
You're sure? Be sure! I'm hurt! She hit me in the head! Well, did you see the order?! This, this, this, this, this.
What the hell is that? Diagnostical Helix.
The mathematical representation of quantum elasticity.
Right, right, right.
That's good, that's enough Enough! Enough! Thank you over there.
Guys, I got Zhaan here with me.
Where are you? On my way.
We're not quitting.
D'Argo Stark We're never gonna make it, John.
We voted to stay together.
No matter what.
Even Rygel? Pilot likes me! You know, I would care to say that anything that gets me out of here alive is what we should be doing! You are a very ungrateful and selfish woman.
Please remain silent from now on! Zhaan, none of this is gonna matter if Pilot doesn't I am ready Pilot, hey! Man, it's good to see ya! How you doin'? No, no, answer that later.
We got a serious situation here! What-- what do we gotta do? Impulse data from each test of their generator was stored in Moya's neural circuitry, allowing me to construct a statistical model eah, yeah, yeah, whatever-- I trust you to do the math.
Just tell me what we gotta do! I must initiate Starburst approximately seven microts after the generator is unleashed.
Oh, dear Chanu, please don't let me die this way, please! Who is that creature? That's ballast, ignore it.
How exact do we have to be? Not as close as you think.
Aeryn Ah, once we start spinning Moya's weight gives us an advantage with the gravitational pull of the wormhole.
And Neeyala's vessel will be the one ejected directly into space.
Pilot, you want to try a little manual point-and-shoot, just in case you fade? Yes Commander.
Crichton, no You feel lucky? No, no, no.
I've never flown a wormhole.
I think it should be you.
Aeryn, it's easy the exits are clearly marked, and you're better with Moya.
No, John Zhaan… I've got this.
What's going on? Well, just a guess, but somebody's got to actually trigger the generator.
Get back.
Both of you, get back.
No! Aeryn.
Aeryn, do you see this disco? I put it here; I'm gonna take it away! Crichton…Aeryn… enough.
You are both so good at gauging reality.
Yet in this instance Zhaan there's a planet out there.
A long shot at best, John.
The illness that is ravaging my body is frighteningly efficient.
No So, while I'm still sound of mind and spirit, I choose this path for myself.
Zhaan, you're needed here.
At one time, I believe I was, but then a family was born.
You birthed it.
We love you, Zhaan.
Decompression, decompression.
Where to go, where to go, where to go? Zhaan, it'll be easy.
I'll start the generator; I'll come across.
If it is so easy, allow me.
Zhaan, no No…n… No more If I am so needed, and so valued, and so wise.
Then you will honor my words.
You will obey me.
For the longest time I feared physical demise, because my spiritual essence was suspect, but now I know I'm worthy.
Now I know the transgressions have melted from my soul.
Now I know I shall meet my Goddess, and be accepted to her bosom.
Sensitive D'Argo exhuberant Chiana wise Rygel selfless Aeryn innocent Crichton My children.
My teachers, my loves.
There is no guilt.
There is no blame.
Only what is meant to be.
Grow through your mistakes, and know that if patient, redemption will find you.
"Wait for the wheel.
" Thank you, John Crichton.
No No Stark Stark… link with me, my beautiful.
Guide me to the place of rest.
Melt into my spirit, Stark so that I may share my last moments, with the man I love.
Good-bye, you big, beautiful, blue bitch.
Nooooooo!!!!!! Always together.
Joined as one.
Peace of mind, peace of spirit, piece of soul.
Goodbye my love.
Aeryn, you gotta fly this baby.
I appreciate your concern, Rygel.
It's just that, you've never paid this much attention to me before.
I think maybe you haven't noticed.
I like you Pilot.
I like you a lot.
And I know Zhaan did too.
Shame you didn't get to say good-bye.
When I was unconcious and in pain she came to me, inside my mind.
I already miss her.
I already miss her.
Ow! Oh wait for me! Not that way on Moya.
You want to move faster? Get better shoes.
Or maybe, get in better shape.
Do you know how much these shoes cost, young whore? For me? Three sex acts.
Probably double that for you.
You have some nerve to talk to me that way.
One of my very very best friends has just gone.
Right now, I'm-- I am nothing but nerve.
You want someone to like you? Invest in a mirror.
Honestly, Aeryn, you don't have to hover over me.
To be honest in return, Stark.
I'd expect you to be a bit more upset.
Oh, after fifteen thousands deaths what's fifteen thousand, and one.
The woman you loved.
Those I minister to in their final moments, are usually resistant to the process.
Not Zhaan.
Imagine being so at peace, so certain what was next was better.
She doesn't want us upset.
She wants us to carry on in her spirit.
Positive, and hopeful.
And you can do that? Not always.
I would appreciate you hovering then.
You're in a court, not in Clancy's pool room.
Sit down! I'm a victim of circumstance.
Ah, Who are you hitting? Why is it always the gentle ones that pay the price for everyone else's ambition? SUBTITLES By | Slay and Pcosmos
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