Farscape s03e22 Episode Script

Dog with Two Bones

Previously on Farscape.
Massive radiation.
I've never felt better.
The, uh other Crichton is dead.
I just can't watch that happen again.
We were so perfect and you're just like him.
I mean you are him.
I'm me.
You give me what I want, or I swear I will keep you alive so that you can witness your home worlds destruction! I suggest you hang onto something.
Talyn Starburst.
This ship is dead! The wormhole experiment is over Aeryn Fly safe.
We all knew the time would come when we'd split up.
In the beginning, I would never even have believed it could take so long.
Don't think I'm gonna to miss you.
Any of you.
I'm not.
Well, maybe a little bit.
And now on Farscape It doesn't work.
Oh yes it does.
Just not for the wedding.
John? You wear this and somebody's gonna marry you.
Come on, Crichton I've been to a few different places.
Your world can't be that hard to adjust to.
You still have to ask her.
Doesn't work that way.
Might I interject? Would you like some yirgra fungal chowder? Oh well, perhaps Aeryn wouldn't have liked your planet anyway.
Big moment.
You're up.
Come on.
"Sarge It.
" "Chh" Again, "chh".
"Sarch It.
" Where's she from? Like Bosnia? Charge it.
Thank you.
I told you! No, look, that was good.
She almost understood what you said.
That was completely embarrassing.
Baby, look.
English is a very difficult language.
Half the time people don't understand what I'm talkin' about.
- You're doing great.
- No.
I'm not.
Nobody here understands what I'm saying.
This whole frelling planet needs translator microbes Hey, old woman.
Why didn't you leave with the others? Because I knew the souffle' would charm you.
You said it was chowder.
I can make you a chowder! Pip? Who is that woman? I thought she was with you.
Look at this Pilot? I'm seeing another Leviathan.
We have arrived at the Leviathan burial place.
D'Argo, how much are you taking? Macton's posting's a long way away.
You could resupply during the journey.
Well, revenge is a feast best served immediately.
You're gonna get yourself killed.
We all are.
At least we'll do it on our home planets.
I'm surprised that Crais sacrificed himself.
Talyn was such a fine ship.
Can't believe this is all that's left of him.
So, what're you going to do after we bury Talyn? Same thing I'm doing now.
Work on wormhole theory.
Vision? D-d-darkness.
M-m-moya s-s-swallowed.
Pilot? Is everything okay? No, Commander! Brace for collision, everybody! Brace for collision! Pilot Oh! Praise the spirit! I'm never gonna finish this recipe.
My name is John Crichton I'm lost an astronaut shot through a wormhole.
In some distant part of the universe.
I'm trying to stay alive Aboard this ship this living ship of escaped prisoners My friends If you can hear me beware if I make it back will they follow? If I open the door are you ready? Earth is unprepared, helpless for the nightmares I've seen.
Or should I stay, protect my home, not show them you exist.
But then you'll never know the wonders I've seen.
Total crap.
Completely dead.
Pilot, how long? Soon.
Moya is rallying herself to recovery.
That lunatic Leviathan's still out there.
Hasn't moved.
Just staring us down.
Central pumping mechanism is a total loss.
Tier three is under water.
Conduit bulkhead breach.
A Janz-2 torpedo could not have done it better.
That crazy tralk really knew where to hit us, didn't she? Moya's nerval crytex is impossible to target so successfully unless by another Leviathan.
What the yotz brought this on? I still haven't made contact with the other Pilot, however, it appears to have something to do with Talyn.
Oh, Talyn again? I told you we should have dumped his debris.
We wouldn't even be here Without Talyn, you wouldn't be here, so show some respect.
Respect?! My tiny, shiny, hiney! It's gonna get us killed! And, who the frell is this? One two three And reroute Moya's systems to help in the recovery process.
Does everyone know what to do? Crichton Pay attention! This is serious! Uh.
It's a good plan.
Thank you, thank you very much.
Thank you.
That's my cousin, Susan.
John Tonight you are the second luckiest man on Earth.
Know what I mean? Though still groggy, Moya informs me that each of this Leviathan's last three offspring were captured and enslaved by Peacekeeper hunters.
And she won't let Talyn be buried in the sacred space because he's half Peacekeeper.
This ship is quite irrational and, as we've seen, prepared to enforce her edict.
Can't you work this out with the other pilot? He has yet to return my communication, but I'm trying.
That's certainly true.
Pay attention! Uh! Fahrbot! When we get out of this, are you still gonna look for that ex-Peacekeeper unit? Can you keep the light on where I'm working? Sorry.
They assassinate people, right? The squad aims to stop terrorism and protect people.
Didn't you learn anything on the Command Carrier? Want some advice? Look, Jool.
I'm not Crichton's mate.
I'm not tied to him in any way.
In the short time I've known you, you've changed so much.
Don't go backwards.
Assassinating people? Seems like going backwards.
Can you melt that? With what? There's no power yet.
Thank you.
Hammond-side's tight.
Looks like Moya's gonna be okay.
Hey, you know you know what I said before about about not wanting you to come with me? That wasn't exactly right.
Pip, it's cool.
Where ya been? Not now.
This is not right.
I would love you to come with me.
But, you know, I I gotta find my brother and and he's in this resistance thing and and as if I'm gonna find him hangin' out with someone who looks like A Peacekeeper? It's cool.
What're we gonna do if this crazy tralk doesn't let Moya into the burial grounds? Perhaps I can offer the benefit of my training? What, how? As a chef? And doctor.
And, among many other disciplines, negotiator.
Listen, Wrinkles.
How 'bout you just stick to the chowder? You can deal with the old frellnik.
Damn! I can't see.
God! Go to the truth.
It calls in your own tongue.
Ignore it and risk all.
NO! Get down! Get down! What the frell happened to him? Uh Uh, nothing nothing.
He'll be fine.
What did you do? Perhaps a slight misjudgment of his weight.
It won't occur again, I'm certain.
So am I.
Aeryn, D'Argo the Leviathan killed her own pilot nutrient starvation! Why would she do that? I'm not sure, but she threatens to attack again if Moya does not take Talyn's remains and vacate the area.
Never one to say I told you so, but shall we go? Well, I can't believe I'm agreeing with Rygel, but under the circumstances with Moya injured.
Moya feels Talyn has earned the right to be buried in the sacred space, and she will not yield.
Don't you ever get bored, living on the same planet, never going anywhere? And what about living in a house? It's too quiet.
There's no engine noise.
Well, wait till summer when the air conditioning kicks on.
John has this fantasy about us having kids and dogs and a pool and barbecues Must seem a strange culture.
I am miserable here.
And he just doesn't see it.
I'm going to get married end up like Betty Crocker.
I just keep wondering when he's gonna wake up.
I'm awake.
You all right? Well between the witch and the Luxan Still? The other Leviathan killed her own pilot, and Moya won't back down.
Can Moya beat her? Damage is too great.
We could dodge for a while but eventually We have to cut and run.
Pilot can't convince her and, uh, Chiana and Rygel are trying.
Sparky and Pip? If you untie me, I shall volunteer again to mediate, ev-ev-even though.
I I know that, um Who is that woman? Listen Moya.
everyone is uh is really concerned about your plan.
I I mean, even Aeryn thinks that that maybe Talyn should be laid to rest someplace else.
I once, uh I once asked Zhaan I once asked Zhaan h-h-how she got along with you so well.
She she she said that uh that the-the key that the-the key was to be honest was to be honest no matter what no matter what.
Well, Moya this-this is what I th I think that you should bury Talyn where ever you frelling wanna bury Talyn!! And I think that the that the frelling tralk should should get out of our frelling way.
That's what I think.
Hey Crichton.
Where ya been? What is all this? I went shopping! Shopping? You-- No, no! You don't have any money! Lifting.
But, look look at these cool presents I bought the bridesmaids.
You and Aeryn can give 'em to 'em.
Sitdown! Hey, I spent some time with the boys.
Think I found who the best man is.
W-w-why are you doing this? Why can't you just act like you always have? Fit in.
Why-why do you have to sleep with all of my friends?! This is such a repressed culture! Back! Son? Dad.
Dad? Hi! Son, your mother has been gone for so long.
This is not right.
That's not right! I do not agree, John.
I think she has a point.
You see? D'Argo, you don't even know how to fly your ship.
I do, in theory.
And it certainly has enough fire power to destroy a Leviathan.
It's just not right.
Why does it always have to be your plan? It doesn't.
But I don't think that Moya is gonna let us kill one of her own species.
I have some information, and it's worse than we thought.
Apparently Moya is not the first to be attacked by this rogue Leviathan.
Three others are already dead.
Still more, grievously injured.
Hang on! Apologies.
Moya is now responding defensively on her own.
Moya understands the grief of losing a child, however this female's behavior is unacceptable.
She asks for your help.
She has our backing, no matter what.
Moya knows.
Which is why she feels comfortable making this request.
Kill the rogue Leviathan! All right, old girl! Not, you.
- I'll fly my ship.
- Kill?! Yes Commander.
Before she kills us! So you'll be there? - Yeah.
But Chiana can handle it - Just be there.
Chiana midwifed Talyn's birth.
She shouldn't have to bury him alone.
I don't make errors.
That Leviathan can't be stationary, but I'm sure it's not moving too fast.
I know.
It's not too far, but it's not too close either.
Do you want me to shoot the frelling thing myself? Even though it's a disturbed creature, you're still about to take a life! Are you gonna be okay with that? - Be careful.
- I don't have to fly with D'Argo.
I heard that.
Do you remember everything I told you about flying the ship? Almost nothing.
We are in position.
It is time Talyn was laid to rest in the sacred place.
Whew! Okay.
You ready? We're in we're in! What the yotz is so sacred about this? All right.
We've got that rogue's attention She's now following us.
Yes, I see her Rygel.
Look, keep it steady! If I don't get accurate resonant capture, then we're all done for.
I thought you said this thing only responds to your DNA.
It does.
That's why I covered all the controls Oh that's why I'm wearing gloves.
D'Argo, Crichton? This Leviathan is a lot larger than Moya.
The best I'll be able to do is annoy her.
That's all right.
Just keep her within range.
We'll give this slijnot something to focus on.
Soon as I see Talyn's remains, I shall commence a firing run.
Just waiting on a go-ahead from D'Argo.
- I understand, it's difficult.
- It's not difficult! Yes it is! Everybody thinks you're a freak.
Everyone thinks I'm a freak.
Hey boys! How're they bitin'? - Terrible, Mr.
- Can you help again? See.
They don't think I'm a freak.
What the hell're you doin? What do you think I'm doing? I'm not entirely sure.
But don't kill Aeryn.
I'm not going to kill anyone! Why are you so disagreeable? - I'm not disagreeable.
- You are being disagreeable! I got things on my mind.
I am sorry that Aeryn is leaving you.
But don't take it out on me.
I heard she left you at the altar.
Shut up.
It's not just Aeryn.
You're all leaving.
Whenever you thought you'd found a wormhole, you fell over yourself to dive in.
Don't begrudge us our dreams.
I don't.
It's just a hell of a dream you got there, D, killin' a man.
I don't wanna kill him.
I just want revenge.
What'd you think you're doin'? You know, when all of this is over John, I think you should head straight for Earth.
That's not an option.
The Peacekeepers would follow.
You know, I should never have come here.
I should never have come to Earth.
I should have left you guys on Moya.
If it's such a simple choice.
Why're you agonizing over it? Because I'm an idiot.
Yeah, you are an idiot! I'm an idiot.
We're all idiots, aren't we boys? Everyone's an idiot! Speaking of idiots that cannot be right.
One shot! And you said I'd never fit in here.
Never said that.
Yes, you did.
No, I didn't.
I remember you did.
He's armed and he's dangerous! Talyn He, uh he-he was our protector our family.
May I say a few words? He he was a lost soul searching for, ah Talyn was special.
joy to his Mother, and a credit to his species both of them.
With fondness, we lay Talyn, offspring of Moya, to rest in his sacred ground.
The rogue is making a run at the debris.
Moya pleads with you not to let her disperse Talyn's remains! Commencing attack.
Here she comes, D'Argo.
Right where you want her.
Good job, Aeryn.
She's veering away from Talyn and chasing you.
All right.
Let's do it.
Very effective.
Did ya get 'em? She's gone.
Chi, they got her! You know what this means? It means we're done.
Talyn rests where he belongs.
Scorpius has no ship.
We're all unhurt, healthy, and no one's trying to kill us! It means, finally we can go where we want.
We can go home! Home! We're going home! I'm going home! Who are you, old woman? It doesn't matter who I am.
But I know who you are.
You made them come back and rescue our lifepod after the Command Carrier imploded.
I'm no longer a prisoner because of you.
So, when the others got off, I stayed on Moya, to repay the debt.
By messin' with my mind.
Oh, no No! I would never leave this on boil for so long.
Would you like - some - What did you do to me? All we lie.
The lies that spew outward do much less damage than the ones that stay hidden.
When I was a kid I dreamed of outer space.
And then I got here and I dream of Earth.
Lately none of my dreams work.
Do you know why? Huh.
Tryin' to make it the way it was the way it never was.
Did my herbs help you? They stripped away the lies.
But I ran from it.
And I am so tired of running.
Show me again.
Forward is the truth.
It's the lies that restrain us May I cut in, son? Everybody? Everybody.
I want to propose a toast to my son and my new daughter.
You all know their incredible story the odds they had to beat.
And the good fortune that brought 'em home safe and sound.
So please join me in wishing the new, Mr.
and Mrs.
Crichton, All the best Get down! - No, see the truth Everybody run! See truth! See truth! See it.
Confront your fear No, Aeryn.
No, baby.
You're gonna be all right.
You're gonna be all right.
Don't you worry bout me.
I've never felt better.
Well then, John Tell me.
What did you expect? It's a nightmare.
What is? My life My dreams.
Earth and my friends.
Uh I tried to merge the two.
They are incompatible.
Then choose one.
I can't go to Earth.
And my friends are all leaving.
You blame yourself.
Dog with two bones.
Dog animal it's a pet.
He has this bone it's the most important thing in the world carries it everywhere he goes, and uh one day he goes down to the water and he sees another dog with a bone, reflected on the surface.
It's identical and he wants that bone too.
So he opens his mouth to grab it and his bone falls in the water and it disappears.
It's gone.
And he's left standing there.
looking at himself.
and he has nothing.
Is this dog smart enough to learn? It's too late.
It is never If the dog could have had only one bone which would it have wanted? I'm coming with you.
I'm sorry.
Well, you're not leaving without me.
What do you want? You.
I'm afraid it's not that easy for me, you see you died.
I watched that happen and yet you're still alive.
I have to go.
Then say good-bye.
We don't say good-byes.
We do this time.
You see, you leave, and then you come back and I-I can't handle the in between, Aeryn.
- Say good-bye.
- Fine.
- Good bye Crichton.
John! My name is John.
"Good-bye, John," to my face.
Guarantee you won't die in my arms again! Guarantee you won't die in mine! I can by leaving! Do you love John Crichton?! Not him not me.
John Crichton.
Then what does that taste like? Yesterday.
Well, nobody can compete with that.
I am so much better dead.
I can't do this again.
And I can't let the one thing I love fly away in a crappy little ship!! You once said it was as if the fates meant for us to be together.
And I believe that.
Well, then, if it's true, we will be together again.
Running away is not fate, Aeryn.
Running away is running away.
Fine, if you want fate-- here, I've-I've got a fate.
- Fate, here.
- What? Coin toss.
What, like that side up, you stay? Absolutely.
Just make a frelling wormhole, and go home.
There is no home! There is no wormhole! There's only you.
Aeryn anywhere in the universe.
You pick the planet.
It's too late for that.
It's not too late.
You're not listening to me.
It's too late for me.
You do this and we'll never see each other again.
Do you love Aeryn Sun? Beyond hope.
Then, don't make me say good-bye and don't make me stay.
Anything positive I do with the rest of my life, will be because of you.
Take care, my friend.
You better not forget me.
You better not ever forget that I love you.
Of all the lesser species, I admit I've grown to like yours the best.
We're in the hands of fate now.
We have to trust in that.
Fly safe.
Good bye, John Crichton.
Crichton? Still alive? Out of fuel? Uh Yeah, Jool.
I'm almost out of fuel.
I'm headin' back.
The human subconscious is a fascinating place.
Malleable, permeable fallible.
Harvey, you gotta get your nose outta the dictionary.
Guess what I found there, John? Go away.
I don't feel like talkin' right now.
I will honor your wishes, John.
However, having chosen our partnership above all else, your well being is now irrevocably mine.
My gift.
Be forgiving Be kind Better angels.
Her life.
Her world.
On her time.
You will know Aeryn is with child.
Aeryn Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you trust me? Old Woman! Pilot Patch me through to Aeryn.
She is beyond our range, Commander.
Get a fix on her position, we're goin' after her.
Hold on a microt! Damn it! Just do it! First we'll go to my Obey his command, Pilot.
Pilot, please.
For the love of God, please.
Uh I shall approximate Officer Sun's vector and initiate chase upon your retrieval.
Commander stay clear! We're being You have got to be kidding me.
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