Farscape s04e02 Episode Script

What Was Lost Part I: Sacrifice

000 Previously on Farscape We all knew the time would come | when we would split up.
- I'm coming with you.
| - No.
I'm sorry.
Aeryn is with child.
Commander! Stay clear! | We're being torn I suggest you aim that behind you.
The creatures following me execute on sight.
Hey! Nice to see ya.
And you haven't seen Moya? If an officer superior to you ordered it, I would summarily execute you without hesitation.
So says every one | of your psychological evaluations Captain Braca.
Grayza is a manipulator! I understand you no longer | have a ship to command.
We would like to repay our debt.
You don't owe us anything.
Nevertheless, if we are able, you shall arrive at the planet | you think your friends may be.
And now, on Farscape That do it? Elack senses a planet but the erratic weather patterns are interferring.
Oh, frell! Sparky! Can you fix scan? I'm trying.
Come here and hold this.
Hold 'em yourself.
Crichton | why are we searching for this planet? Arnessk is uninhabitable.
Jool told us every few cycles the magnetics drop | low enough for the dig team to remain there for a while.
Help me! My hand is still too weak.
Yah, right.
Pull the other one | and I'll whistle "Falle Loosen".
No life forms are registering | on Elack's sensors, but but I I'm so weak I I | I cannot be sure.
| You rest, sweetheart.
We're gonna go check it out.
Hey, Crichton.
| Don't go done without me.
I don't want to be here | when Psycho zapps the final zolk.
I don't see anyone.
You see anyone? No! What's the matter? Just got a feeling.
Is that a feeling feeling or Just a feeling.
Okay, now I'm getting a feeling.
| You're not getting a feeling? No.
No feelings.
Hang on.
Take this, take this - while I check on this load.
| - Right.
Then again I might have had a feeling.
Get back.
Peacekeeper, drop your weapon.
That's a common mistake.
| I'm not a Peacekeeper.
Drop your weapon or the female dies.
He's not a Peacekeeper.
Wait! Tarnat! Stop! You're breakin my back.
Let go.
- It's you! | - Look at you! Yep, it's really me, Princess.
Who is this Peacekeeper? | And why is he with the tralk? - She's not a tralk.
| - He's not a Peacekeeper.
Forgive Tarnat.
He's new security here and he's just a little | gung ho about protecting the dig.
You've been warned.
There are races that would kill | for what we've discovered.
These are my friends.
So, are Aeryn and Rygel with you? Rygel, yah.
Aeryn we haven't heard from.
| Has she contacted you? No, not yet.
But | you know, she will.
Is is Moya here? | We didn't detect her when we came aboard.
No! look for Aeryn, you know what? | You've got to come with me I don't think the instructor would want that Tarnat.
Just put it back in your pants | and calm down.
Cheer up, John.
I have a lot to tell you about my travels.
Can you believe it? We're here.
| We're here and we're alive and nobody is trying to kill us! | Ahh! Come on! Check this out.
This is the most important planet | in the Universe! Jool, Moya got spat out like a furball.
| How the hell does that happen? Stop! That's all I remember.
Please! D'Argo's gone to find the weird old lady | and she'll explain what happened.
She spoke to Pilot for arns.
Okay? These sensors are for the magnetics.
When it's blue, the levels are safe.
Red is bad.
| Red means: don't pack, fly.
But this This is what I was talking about.
This is the greatest archeological discovery | of the last one thousand cycles! This? Yah.
I mean, it may not look like much | to the untrained eye My eye's okay, Princess.
Hey? Is that valuable? I'm not sure, | but I'll run some tests and check Nice arm.
What are you doing? Fantastic as this is, I'll take the tour later.
- What is her problem? What did I do? | - Nothing.
You did nothing.
She just had a rough time away from Moya.
Jool, if it's alright, I'm gonna find Grandma.
No, no, no! Stay here.
D'Argo's getting her.
Please just wait here | and let me show you all this? Please? Please? D'Argo? Wrinkles? - It's remarkable, isn't it? | - You scared me.
I don't know.
We better go find Wrinkles.
I was I couldn't find her down by the cliffs | so I thought she might've come here.
It's it's good to see you again, Chi.
Twelve thousand cycles ago, | Arnesskan priests worshipped.
Somehow they maintained a truce with the Scarrans | and the Peacekeepers for five hundred generations.
Imagine if we could discover their secret for peace.
No one knows how they achieved it because one day they just vanished.
And it's like everyone just left | in a microt and no one knows why.
I know why.
This is Instructor Vella.
You're John Crichton.
Tarnat said I'd find you here.
I see why he mistook you for Sebecean.
Same size, weight, coloring.
Though the brain cavity appears smaller.
Yah, but my choppers are first class, | and I do an excellent turn my head and cough.
What? I see you're not interested in any of this.
I just have some unfinished business to attend to.
This is more fascinating | than any business you might have.
Believe it or not, | this planet was once a paradise.
Virgin water, panoply of life forms.
Three of these probes, which form the Darnaz Triangle, | were launched by enemies of peace.
They created magnetic summers that killed | the priests and drove civilization away.
You understanding any of this? Well, I missed a couple of big words, | so maybe I should just tsk tsk tsk tsk Instructor Vella has found two of the probes.
Legend has it, if I find the third probe, | I can reverse its damage.
and so reactivate the Darnaz Triangle.
Jool started to drive you crazy yet? She she just keeps going | on and on about this place.
Well, it, uh can be like an obsession.
We've been working from dawn til dusk.
You and the Princess? You and the Princess Did the Peacekeepers capture you and | and and steal your brain and replace it | with whatever you're using now? What's the matter? They were always this far away from getting me, | and they didn't get you? LoLah hid me.
Lola? LoLah.
Your ship can disappear For a short time.
And you named her LoLah.
It's short for Lolan.
| In memory of my wife.
Ryg D'Argo and Jool are here | and D'Argo's got his ship back.
They expect that Moya's | gonna be back sometime soon.
Well, she'd better hurry.
I can barely hear you | and the heat's knackered in here.
Crichton, this Leviathan is dying.
We've got to get off it soon.
Were you still talking? | Sorry.
Connect me back to Crichton! Cannot do it.
| External comms are dead.
This ship is entering termination shutdown.
In case we need it in a few arns I want to get this module started.
Pilot of Moya Crichton and the others are here on Arnessk.
Their presence is a source of irritation.
Retrieve them now, | or we'll have to take our own steps.
We intercepted this transmission | to Moya sixty microds ago.
You were right.
They did follow the Interion to the planet.
How long will it take | for our Command Carrier to get there? Ten arns.
Make it five Captain.
But first come and see this.
I find your amateur attempts at torture to be quite pleasurable.
I could resist it for cycles.
Maybe you can or maybe you can't.
But this rod will make it | a little more difficult.
Don't do this, Braca.
| I made you.
No I made you.
I think now you will finally tell me | all you know about John Crichton.
I told you everything about John Crichton! No, Scorpius.
You hold onto secrets because you fear | that when you finally do tell me everything you will die.
And you're probably right.
Grandma! response when I told him | about the Darnaz Triangle.
- I still don't trust Crichton.
| - has no interest in it.
Well, don't worry, it will be over soon.
Our last vector test will reveal the third probe.
Oh, damn! Grandma.
Damn! | The Creature from the Black Lagoon sorta.
Grandma, how're ya doin? You remember me? Me Crichton you Grandma.
Get away, Oo-Nii.
Go on, scat.
| Go on, go on, scat.
Go on.
I remember.
You're hooman.
Crichton! Oh, ah, damn.
You need a bath.
Never bathe, never bathe.
| Not your head.
It washes off the juice.
That's more than I want to know.
Listen, Jool said that you guys got spat out of a wormhole.
| She said that only you knew what happened.
Ask Pilot.
Pilot knows.
| I talked to Pilot.
- But now Pilot knows what? | - No, no, no.
Ask him.
I must follow Vella.
Hey! I need to know about what How old are you? How old? I am 293 cycles.
Anytime there is goodness, | it will be destroyed by by a cause.
By Vella.
Yes, yes, this is who it will end Yes! Oh, no.
I won't let Vella have any of it.
It's the voices.
| They scream to me.
| The Darnaz Triangle must never be used again! I don't hear your voices.
Back off.
Get back.
Go on, get back.
I'm not interested in your voices.
You know what I'm interested in.
Aeryn's child.
You pierced my subliminal message.
And I might've stopped her | if I'd known sooner.
Why would you want to stop her? She's carrying my child.
Well, my DNA.
I didn't keep that secret from you, she did.
I just wanted you to accept Aeryn's decision.
But now, I can help you forget.
It's all over planet.
Squeeze the juice meat out of it | and stick it up your nose.
You'll get a jolt out of it and Wham! | and for 500 microts, nothing bothers you.
No think of Aeryn.
- Get that thing away from me.
| - Okay.
Away, away.
Ask Vella If all the priests died here, why are there no bones? Why are there no bones? Do you feel that? Just let the tug of energy | tell you how fast you need to work.
Now I guess that now Crichton's back you'll head off with him again soon.
No, I mean perhaps.
Being here I've I've really enjoyed it.
Yah? Yah.
You know, I think we've really found | something here.
We should, ah clean it up and show to Vella.
Stick it up her nose.
It's a prayer wheel.
Found on every wall in the site.
| And it would never fit up my nose.
Yah, well I didn't actually mean that I Now why are you using that? Well, for this In unskilled hands, a carver can be perilous.
You see, Luxan the process that strips away cycles of age, | when it hits living flesh absorbs the molecular signature | of whatever it touches.
Thus, that Lakah is now rock.
Magnetic pulses surrounding the planet make it | impossible for the Command Carrier to land.
But Mauraders with less sophisticated | electronics can make it through.
How much longer will | the dig site remain habitable? Forty to fifty arns.
Well, that's Chief Scientist | Taylik's best estimation, Ma'am.
No, you closer.
On your knees.
Are there any other vessels near the planet? Just a dead Leviathan in decayed orbit.
I am prepping a squadron now.
Closer! Braca? Does it bother you | what has happened to Scorpius? No.
We won't need a squadron.
| We'll go to the planet together.
You and me.
Three mauraders, twenty soldiers Wh whwhy ca ye I always assumed John Crichton | was just an outlaw.
An excuse for Scorpius' mistakes.
But he destroyed a Command Carrier.
The Scarrans desire him.
Perhaps somehow I can use him.
Perhaps Scorpius' enemy will be my friend.
Grave robbers leave snares.
This has been opened.
Make certain you turn your face away and open it.
Just a primitive jarnice flash.
Only if it hits your eyes will it cause damage.
You're brave and listen well.
Do you plan to keep studying | when we leave the dig? If I'm allowed, yes.
And the Luxan? He is he's my friend.
But not your equal! Intellectually, Luxans are a sub-species.
He will make mistakes and you will be blamed for them.
I know Crichton! He's arrested me! | Shoot him! Hey, yo, yo, hey! | No need no need for guns.
The old lady told me how you plan to stop us.
I didn't plan to do any He's one of the defilers.
They lie.
They will not use the probes for good.
- Kill him.
| - No.
Vella may not fear you, | but I know you're their leader.
I've heard about you.
Get him, Crichton.
I helped you.
| I showed you Aeryn.
You didn't show me squat.
| Sit.
Just sit.
Listen to me.
I don't even know this old lady's name.
She came onboard our ship like | a really bad smell that won't go away.
I'm not a threat to you.
I just want Moya to come back, so I can get the hell outta here.
That's it.
Except one thing.
Do not point guns at people.
That's right! Hit him again.
No! Oh, go on Crichton.
| Let me show you.
Like this.
And See? What the hell are you doing? What why are you telling me | to shoot people? Cause you have to.
Vella will take the Darnaz probes | and use them as a weapon.
Why do you think she sent | the rest of the dig team away? I have no idea.
There was peace here once.
You must see what was lost here.
I can't let this happen anywhere else.
- Would you | - Arrgh! Damn! No! See See the ancient world.
See See what I see.
The children's tiles.
The peaceful thread within us all.
It started here.
See See the Darnaz probes.
See it all.
I saw priests.
A a and a goat.
Probes falling from the sky.
I saw where they landed.
Like a wormhole back to the past.
See See the peace.
Now sleep sleep, Crichton.
Crichton, wait, wait! I just had to wake you.
Wait Crichton.
| I'm not going to hurt you.
Scared the hell outta me.
Thought you were a sea monster, | creature, critter, somethin.
What's with this weather? | I musta been out for a long time.
Not long.
You must stop old woman.
Oh, just let me clear the anti-freeze outta my head.
Vella! She has found the third probe.
It's still under the ground.
Your old lady, she swears she will kill Vella | so she cannot use it as a weapon.
Nah, nah, nah, she's she's just nuts.
| She's not gonna do anything.
She she take your gun.
Granny! - W who? Who is there? | - It's all right.
There's no one here.
No one at all.
Hey! Hey, what are you doing? Why didn't you stand up for me? D'Argo most Interions think Luxans are inferior.
That's just the way it is.
What do you think? Don't ask me that.
What do you think? I think that you're unusual for a Luxan.
Yah, I am that.
Sikozu! Have you finished with that module? Sikozu! D'Argo, you can't blame Vella | if she thinks she's smarter than you.
No, but I can blame you.
I never believed that any of you | cared what I thought.
I care.
And just so you know, if someone had criticized you, | or insulted you, called you a stuck up, arrogant little Princess, I'd have defended you.
Granny? Granny! Granny, I just want Winona | so I can get the hell outta here.
Receive the spirit.
Receive the spirit Granny! Granny Must stop Vella.
Won't let her destroy another world.
The carver.
Have to protect.
The voices.
The voices say don't let them use it.
Don't let them.
Who's there? Show yourself What are you doing here? Is this some sort of joke? No! Grandma? Oh, boy.
Wha? What happened here? | Turned my back for like five minutes - What's Laura Croft doin in the wall? | - Shh! Quiet! Instructor Vella Are you all right? We saw | What're you doing? Now, don't say a word.
Not a word.
Receive the spirit of Instructor Vella.
No matter how selfish, how evil.
You knocked him out.
She's like "in" the wall.
What happened to the rest of her? She told me that if the carver hits flesh, | it alters the DNA.
Nobody cares about the DNA.
| Why did you knock that guy out? If he'd seen me with her, | he would have attacked and then he would be dead.
I saved his life.
Receive the spirit We're still missing one person.
- Wrinkles? | - Yup.
- You think she did this? | She can't even take a bath.
| - She's been acting weird.
If you're planning to escape in that, | I'm going with you.
Does all your species have truncated spines? Don't play arky-arky with me, and I promise I'm smarter than you'll ever be.
Then you should realize | even with the combustion liquid I synthezied, this module would not travel | for more than an arn, so no.
I am not trying to escape in it.
- What's that? | - It's Peacekeeper code.
Three mauraders are heading to the planet.
That receiver has never picked up | coded transmissions.
I know.
I modified it.
Go to Pilot's den.
| Get that hangar door open.
Then hide in the neural cluster.
That will shield your life signature | should the Peacekeepers scan.
What are you going to do? I'm going to warn the others, | so they can hide.
You're lying! I told you.
I would not last more | than an arn in this.
Now get those doors open.
Move! Then send a secure comm to Moya.
Stop her from coming | until the Peacekeepers have gone.
Do you smell Granny? No.
No She's not here.
- It's weird.
| - What? I've I've been here.
This there.
How's this thing work? | It's point and click, right? - Keep it away from me.
| - Hey, it's not a problem.
Under here there's something that has, | I think, symbols on it, most of them alien, one maybe I recognize.
How did you know that was here? Holy crap.
It's real.
- What is it? | - Child's tile.
You know any of these? This one's Interion.
That one might be early Sebecean.
Never seen the others.
What do they mean? The symbol is peace.
You recognize any of the symbols? One.
From my homeworld.
Come on.
| Got a change of plan.
Let's go.
Chiana, can you hear me? Chiana, I'm prepping for a fly-over | to see if I can find the old lady.
Chiana, I'm getting some sort of proximity | alarm warning.
Can you hear me? Chiana? Do you know what this means? It means there is a link | between my world and this one.
Somehow, they're connected.
Peacekeepers! Chiana, if you can hear me, | I think the ship's The Peacekeepers already have them.
Stop the comms.
We must come up with a plan.
Remember me? Oh, yah.
I remember a couple of things.
Tell her to shove it up her tork, Crichton.
I can make things easy for you.
And to prove my goodwill.
Bracca? He'll never bother you again.
Scorpius Do anything you want to him.
| Anything at all.
Crichton! No thanks.
I don't think I can come up | with anything better than that.
What do you want from me? What I want may not be as bad as you think.
You might even like it.
What are you doing? Crichton? What are you doing? Wait an arn.
Then we'll meet.
Secure the site.
Wake up! Wake up! Awake.
What's the matter? Peacekeepers.
We have to get a secure comm to Moya.
Elack's transmission core is corrupted.
| Everything's dying.
- I can't do what | - No, no Pilot.
Stay with me.
Pilot! Pilot! I'm I'm finished, Dominar.
I'm sorry Please Pilot.
The orbiting Leviathan is empty.
At present we've captured an Interion, | a Nebari and an old Traskan.
What about the Luxan | and the Peacekeeper traitor? Uh nothing.
And this? The magnetics have spiked.
According to this, | we've got approximately 20 arns left and under these circumstances, | I think we should leave.
He's regaining motor stimulus.
Change him.
This is for all the times I had to say yes.
They're still here.
The two probes are safe.
He found a tile? Yah.
The the then he saw something | with that pad on that you hacked him with.
- A real tile? | - Yah.
That's what he said.
- From the vision.
| - Oh, no.
What? What's the matter? Chi? Yah? When we first met | did you know I was on the run? Accused of stealing from a Noatian Gem Mine.
We've all gotta cheer up, okay? Because you are driving me nuts.
I stole things from digs, | but things that I needed to study, to learn more, | you understand? I don't have a problem with that, Jool.
But I never stole from here.
There was this legend of this glorious temple here, that touched the sky.
| And no one's ever found a trace of it.
And I dreamed of discovering it and - now I'll never discover anything.
| - Thanks for sharing.
The priests will help us.
You'll see.
You'll see.
Have to get Crichton.
Crichton is nelly-whipped! Give me a distraction and I'll save us all.
All right.
Okay, Wrinkles.
Follow my lead.
Hey! Minya! Hey, ahh the old lady, she's she's got a problem down below.
What do you mean? She needs to go to the nooly! Okay, go.
Do you like that? It's better than what Scorpius used to do.
Peace can only be maintained if there is sacrifice.
Do you like that? Peace.
Whatever you want.
You can have it.
Peace can only be maintained | if there is sacrifice.
Never been real before.
What are you doin here, Old Woman? In the vision I enhanced, you saw a tile, a child's tile.
Just like the one I found.
What did you do to me? Must be the magnetics.
Pushes the vision further.
Somehow the suggested turned real.
Does Grayza know | you saw the Darnaz Probes? No.
I have seen the carnage | weapons of mass destruction bring.
For Vella to have had one | was awful to consider.
But the Peacekeepers they must never have it, Crichton.
Do you know where the final probe landed? Yah.
This is my fault.
I wanted only to show you | the peace they had achieved.
But somehow, I showed you what you must not know.
No!! Again! The vision I showed you became real.
Grayza can never know | where the third probe is.
You cannot tell her.
| You must die.
Oh, forgive me.
Forgive me.
No other way.
Forgive me.
Walk to the cliff.
To the cliff go now! Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Receive his spirit.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Receive the spirit of John Crichton.
He has to die.
Ohh! Forgive me.
He has to die.
Has to.
He had to die.
He'll never tell you now.

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