Farscape s04e05 Episode Script


Previously on Farscape Aeryn is with child.
Aeryn why didn't you tell me? - Ah.
Still obsessed, I see.
| - Did she say anything to you before she left? He'll never bother you again.
- Is he dead? | - Yes I think so.
Say Skernac it will save you.
Bury him.
- They got body armor? | - They're shielded.
That's a hell of an invention! | How come we don't have that? Ka D'Argo, a received transmission | awaits your review.
We have an answering machine? Ka D'Argo Moya and I have recieved your signal.
Here is our location.
| We look forward to your return.
Pilot By the yotz Moya's all right.
| She's waiting for us.
And now on Farscape How much frelling longer? If this is the right vector, | where is your Leviathan? Can you check the environmentals? | The air stinks in here.
- I have Tofa Root if anyone's hungry.
| - Absolutely not! Fun traveling with kids, ain't it? There she is.
Pilot Moya looks beautiful.
She thanks you, Ka D'Argo.
- We are eager to have you back aboard.
| - Not as eager as we are.
Open up the bay.
We're comin' in.
- Pilot, you and Moya okay? | - We are well.
- Pilot knows knows what happened.
| - So shut up and let him tell us.
- Tell what? | - Where the prang have you been? We stopped at Arnessk, | then searched for you at the burial grounds.
Back it up a sec.
Moya was sucked down a wormhole | and spat out again.
What happened in the middle? My memory is unclear.
We were not harmed, merely examined.
By who? - Neeyala's Pathfinder buddies? | - I couldn't say.
- You truly remember nothing more? | - Nothing of importance.
We await your arrival.
How odd.
He told me he remembered.
| Something's very wrong.
I mean, what if what if the people | that examined Moya are still aboard? Maybe it's a trap? - One sure way to find out.
| - Walk straight into it.
- Weapons are primed.
| - Right.
I'll take point.
| Everybody else stay put till I give the word.
Aeryn you've come back.
Everything's going to be all right.
Everything is gonna be Baby, you're burnin' up! I've I've got heat delirium.
But you have to promise me something.
Promise you what? You have to promise that you will not kill him.
Won't kill who? He found me he saved my life.
Who saved your life? Who? I did.
No! You're dead! I saw you.
You're buried.
You're dead.
What did you do to her? I put her in this coolant suit | to stabilize her fever.
You're weak - you must resume the full cooling treatment.
| - You don't tell her what to do.
- D, get out here! | - No! He's right, and he's not a threat.
- He's always a threat.
| - No! Lower your weapons! Scorpius! Stand aside! Aeryn What's he done to her? I gave my word that he would not be harmed, | put your weapons down.
- And you expect us to honor that promise? | - Yes, or I leave Moya now.
What is he doin' here? | What does he want? He wants asylum.
PROMISES Asylum? What is it with Peacekeepers? First they hunt us | then they want to move in? W-what what are we, a bed and breakfast? | We have a sign outside that says 'Free HBO'? Okay.
Space him.
- Yes.
| - No.
| - Let her rest.
Allow her to return to the chamber, then | we will talk.
Chiana Aeryn needs help.
You promise me that you will not harm him.
You promise me! I promise.
What did you do to her? I saved her yes.
She was alone, wounded, adrift in a Prowler, in an advanced state of heat delirium.
- Had I not found her | - How did you find her? I was looking for all of you.
Get it through your head, Scorpius you will never get the wormhole tech from me.
I could not use it even if I I merely want to safeguard it, and hope that when the inevitable | Scarran bloodbath begins you make the appropriate choices.
Oh, so you're here to be John's protector.
How nice.
I don't believe it.
Silver Bullet.
Buffy? What's it gonna take | to keep you in the grave? Perhaps we should just take your head off.
It worked for Durka.
Good advice, John, so why hesitate? | You know what has to be done.
Damn it, Harvey, guns are dangerous, man - and no smokin' in my head! | - It'd be foolish to let him live.
- I need to know what his plan is.
| - Same as always, surviv To steal what is in here.
So why give him a chance? And what would you have me do? Whack him straight away? Without hesitation.
Ah, Scorpius your room's prepared, | and we have relocated your possessions.
How many coolant rods do you need? Rygel, cut it out Aeryn needs those.
Perhaps we should save them all for Aeryn.
Would've arranged for a fruit basket, but | we didn't know you were comin'.
You play nice with the other kids, alright? You know what to do.
Watch him at all times.
Pilot of Moya, these consoles need repairs.
Where are the DRDs? Busy elsewhere.
Have we been introduced? I am Sikozu Shanu.
Command function is our first priority.
| Send DRDs immediately.
Ignore her, Pilot.
Hey! That's a new record.
You've been on the ship for less than an arn, | and you're tryin' to run it.
Chiana, someone has to.
That someone is not you.
You're cargo baggage.
You think we forgot you were | in the grave with Scorpius? He's alive.
| You said that he was dead.
I thought he was.
| They buried him.
And then what happened? | Did you dig him up? Hm? Did you tell him to come here? Hey, listen to me.
| Are you working with him? I never should have let Aeryn go.
| I should have knocked her down and sat on her.
John, it's not your fault.
I don't know where Crichton is! Of course it's my fault.
I'm really sorry.
For what? For everything.
This is not how I pictured coming back.
It's just fate as usual, keeping its bargain and screwing us in the fine print.
So, how did you catch this cold? Dancing barefoot in the rain? I can't talk to you about that.
Why not? I really want to tell you.
But I can't.
And we need to leave it at that.
It's cold in here.
What kind of room is this? Um something to do | with regulating Moya's temperature.
How'd you find it? Scorpius did.
Of course he did.
What else does he know that I don't know? | Does he know how you got the flu? - Did he give it to you? | - No.
I had the symptoms before he found me.
You don't know that, Aeryn.
| This is Scorpius we're talkin' about.
He could have engineered the entire thing | to get his ticket onto Moya.
He didn't.
And I need you | I want you to believe that.
You make it very difficult.
Everyone! There's a ship approaching fast! - Well, Starburst now! | - We can't too much mass, too close! How can one ship be too much mass? Reverse! Get clear of it! I'm trying, but it's moving with Pilot! Can you hear me? Outside signal overriding comms! I am Ullom.
| Chief Protector of the Prime Hokothian.
Addressing the Leviathan designated Moya and all her crew.
Including the assassin Aeryn Sun.
I know she's suffering from heat delirium because I induced it | with a bio-engineered contagion.
It's genetically encrypted making me the only | one that can save her from the living death.
Is he for real? Aeryn My proposal is simple.
Aeryn Sun gets this antidote when she gives me the name | of her employers and her fellow assassins.
I await your reply.
- Alright, you have to talk to me.
| - I can't, I gave my word.
- To who? Scorpius? | - He has nothing to do with Ullom.
You know the kind of games he plays, Aeryn.
He took advantage of a situation | he could not have created Alright, fine.
Forget about Scorpius, | let's talk about Mr.
Simple Proposal.
He says you're an assassin, | I call him a lyin' son of a bitch.
| What do you say? Aeryn, you have to give me something.
I don't care about what you did, | I don't care about your promises.
Just tell me that.
He says he has the only cure.
| Do you believe him? So tell me | what am I supposed to say to the guy? If you love me you say nothing.
Plan? Yeah! You're gonna talk Ullom into letting us | aboard under a flag of truce.
And we take that flag of truce | and hit him over the head with it.
Feeble plan.
Give me half an arn with Aeryn and a tokar knife | and I'll get those names.
You're way first.
The missile carries a pulse charge.
On impact, the pulse charge will destroy | the biologics, killing the Leviathan.
And it doesn't affect | any of the life forms on board? The passengers will be unaffected.
Good very good.
Then why don't we use it? Not yet.
She wants a Prowler to carry it.
A projectile with this much mass | belongs on a Marauder.
A Marauder would be detected | long before optimal targeting distance.
Sir, only a Prowler can fly close enough | for a guidance lock.
With that aboard, no Prowler can fly | steady enough to get a lock, sir.
My simulations indicate | that a skilled pilot could manage it.
I'm the best damn pilot there is | and I say you're dead wrong.
There's no need to take rigid positions.
Why not run another round of simulations | and recheck stability.
That should alleviate your concerns? What sort of leadership was that? Ma'am, this weapon is an unproven prototype.
| It needs study.
I don't want studies, Captain I want Crichton.
Knock, knock, knock Candygram! Scans showed no weapons | on your pod nor your persons.
Just as we agreed.
Scans also showed you aren't Sebacean.
You could have just asked.
Do you want to see Aeryn Sun | suffer the living death? Well if that's the case.
So you risk your lives for this antidote.
- And we wanted a face to face.
| - I don't care what you want! - I want the names of those who hired Sun.
| - We have no idea.
You played no part in her monstrous act? Don't even know what the monstrous act was.
She and two others invaded our homeworld and shot their way into the governing chambers and assassinated our most beloved Prime Hokothian.
You know for a fact that it was her? Before the killers escaped, we managed | to dose her with a contagion that induces heat delirium.
Her illness should be all the proof you need.
Something's not right - this should be blue.
| - Put it back and get a replacement! Some fyang powder will deepen her sleep.
| Crichton won't mind.
Is he still aboard the Hokothian ship? Yeah, with D'Argo.
- Been a long time, maybe they're makin' progress.
| - Or maybe they've been killed.
You didn't have to say that.
Hope this fyang's still potent.
Yes it is.
You! - Out! | - I'm analyzing | - Now! But I must know who hired them.
My people are ready to go to war over this! You need to know who paid for the hit.
| We don't have a problem with that.
| We-we have a problem with that? You might tell Sun that if she'd cooperate I'd have no reason to hunt down | the other assassins.
Ullom I know what you're doing, and you should know | by now that I will not play.
- Everyone, Aeryn's up in the Command! | - Aeryn, get back to the cold room, now! - Pilot, send DRDs! | - Deal with me, threatening my friends is not going to help you.
So, send them home, and let Moya go.
I am breaking this stalemate.
Good-bye, John.
Pilot somebody stop her! You said she'd cooperate.
I said 'maybe'.
After a suicide attempt?! I've been too patient.
My soldiers could easily board your ship.
Well, go ahead! Bring 'em on.
You know damn well what will happen.
Aeryn will never allow you to take her alive.
And I need her more than you do.
So, back off and we'll get your names.
May I talk to you? Please do.
Stasis command you speak Pilot.
It should not even have worked.
| They're very badly programmed.
What else can you speak? Scarran perhaps? Yes On Arnessk why did you save my life? Your death would serve no purpose, | but your life might.
So far it has not.
I could not even prevent your burial, | and yet here they blame me for your presence.
How did you survive? Foresight and preparation Why did you come here? To safeguard John Crichton amongst other things.
You do realize that this is a damaged Leviathan | with a fraudulent Pilot and a crew of idiots, do you not? | They need help.
Oh, they are more resourceful than you realize.
Don't be so upset death is nothing to fear.
I should know.
Why won't you allow her to die? Soon enough | you'll wish you had.
I'll get the antitode end of story.
Ah that's my Johnny! Still in denial.
| Do you remember what I said to you once? Before the living death takes hold | you have to be prepared to kill me.
Not a chance.
Why don't you just let her go she's not yours.
Point of fact I never was never will be.
| But you'll never be lonely.
Whether I'm here or here.
or in a grave on Arnessk, or in a cell on Moya.
| You'll never be rid of me.
You have no right to do this it's my life.
And what if other people | depend on you? Ullom doesn't care about anyone else, | he just wants me.
Not as much as I do.
I made a promise.
| Doesn't that mean anything to you? Doesn't life mean anything to you? When did you become an assassin? When I found a cause that required it.
So, tell me about it.
Tell me the Prime Hokothian | is the devil incarnate.
Tell me you did the universe a favor.
Tell me why the saints | you're protecting need anonymity.
Tell me it's worth you dying.
It is.
Marauder recons have detected | a Leviathan which might be Moya.
Any recommendations? - Ponara | - Sir.
- Is this missile operational? | - Absolutely, sir.
Then I recommend we use it.
Ready the Prowler.
I'll fly it myself.
- You, sir? | - You're convinced this mission will fail, | you're obviously the wrong person for the job.
Dismissed! Good hunting, Captain.
No, John John you gotta stay away from Scorpius! Just gonna pick his brain.
Yeah that's what he wants, | a chance to lie to you, you gotta stay away! Damn it! Harvey, cut it out.
Don't you ever do that again! That's it.
Now, tell Crichton So that's how you survived.
She was on your team all along.
- She has just begun to help.
| - How? By sticking another chip in my head? Quite the reverse.
This device will take the neural clone from your mind.
What clone? John Officer Sun is in danger, and so is Moya.
I can help.
Simply clear your mind and I will.
Consider this: I saved Officer Sun's life, | while the clone killed her! Don't listen to him, John.
No, John.
That is not necessary.
I'll get back into the dumpster.
That's not good enough.
Come sit.
What? This is a private place, Harv'.
You don't belong here.
I've been your ally, John.
And your friend.
It's time for you to go.
Take this please How could I leave your mind? | It's full of so many wonderous memories.
Cool jazz piano, chocolate ice cream, | women's perfume Women! How could you take that from me? You're not real.
I'm real to you.
I'm real to myself.
Sit ! Good-bye then, John.
I will miss you.
Stay out of it! Without hesitation.
He's gone Harvey's gone.
What can you do for us? Information.
In less than three arns a Prowler | will fire a missile and Moya will be killed.
If you don't trust me now then we're all as good as dead.
And there's no way for us to stop | this Peacekeeper super torpedo? Once locked on, it'll be able to ride | Moya's slipstream through Starburst.
So we should Starburst right now Though I know we will not.
Not while there's a chance | of getting a cure for Aeryn.
There may be a chance.
Sikozu has a theory about the Hokothian ship.
Anomalies in its mass readings | have convinced me.
It's a chameleon a projection.
I buy that.
These guys are big on holograms.
| So, how big is the actual ship? Tiny.
Crew of four or five at most.
That's better odds.
- John, I volunteer | - No! No and no.
| And no arguments.
You have great difficulty | trusting people, don't you? You're staying here.
You're coming with me | we might need a nerd.
John, I've learned that we have one and | eight-tenth arns before the Prowler's in range.
How did you learn that? I have a spy with the Command Carrier.
And she wonders | why I have trouble trusting people.
Well, if it's any consolation, | I think you've had much worse plans.
Not by much.
Pip, everything okay there? Scorpius hasn't moved one flot.
Pilot? - Get me Ullom on the horn.
| - Done.
Ullom Aeryn gave up, she's ready to talk.
- About time! You should | - Ullom! Listen, she's ready to talk | because the heat delium's worse.
We can lose her.
| We're coming in now.
Captain Braca diagnostics verify the missile's fully operational.
If it delivers on its promise, Ponara you've got a medal.
Keep moving she's losing consciousness.
All right, let's do it, come on! What are you waiting for? I can get you the names, | but you gotta save her.
Now! Come on, do it! That's not enough.
Hit her again.
One dose is more than sufficient.
| She should soon recover enough to speak.
He's still faking it! What's the point? This place is sealed.
| You're trapped and outnumbered! Yeah, you got any more warm bodies, | trot 'em on out.
Or get your own ass down here | if you've got the nads for it! Any luck?! It is completely sealed off.
| There is no way out.
That's right.
I control this ship! I can cut off your oxygen, or let you starve! Come on, Ullom come out.
Stop fighting your battles with contagions and holograms and face me.
Or are you a coward, Ullom? I faced you once, murderer.
You do not remember? You shot me a left me for dead.
You killed so many that day.
I remember but your leader had more people slaughtered | in one day than I could possibly kill in a lifetime.
And if asked to do again what I did I would do it again, and again and I would do it for free.
| I wasn't hired to kill him.
My life support - What did you say this was? | - Tarkan body shield.
- It's the best part of the plan.
| - Well, it worked.
Yeah, it's a first isn't it? I think this is a control orb - a direct neural interface.
| - God, I hate those.
- He runs the entire ship with this! | - No! You run the entire ship with that.
- No I would never | - Yes, you do! I will try.
It's it's amazing! I I see every every system! You know what? | I am really happy for you.
| Can you get us out?! I have to learn the ship, | find the hatch controls.
Pilot, how we doin' for time? If Scorpius is correct, you're already too late.
You won't get back before the missile is fired.
- Got it.
Hatch open.
| - I'll take Aeryn to the pod.
| - Right.
You stay here.
Wha? - Keep the motor runnin'.
| - Okay.
Pilot, patch me through to the prisoner.
Scorpius, what does that missile lock onto? A Leviathan bio-energy signature.
Yes It's individual pulse, if you will.
Is there anyway to shut down Moya's pulse? - Only by a full biologic shutdown.
| - Yes.
Moya could survive that | for no more than 800 microts.
That might be long enough.
| All right, here's the deal.
This is a chameleon ship.
| You're a Leviathan expert.
Create a decoy.
A Leviathan's bio-energy signature | is very complicated, - I would never get it | - Just get a close as you can.
All right.
You should be coming into range any microt now.
Missile reads armed and ready.
I think it's working.
- You're still with us, Holly? | - Not for long Life support destroyed.
You have finished what Aeryn Sun began.
John, get aboard.
| We're out of time.
Pilot's ready.
All right, Sputnik, now or never.
Wait Coming into targeting range.
Scanning for Moya now! Come on, come on damn it! Ah! They did it.
Now, Pilot! I must have a system malfunction.
| I'm reading two Leviathans.
No, no Captain, no malfunction.
| Marauder recons reading the same thing.
Analyze the data.
| Which one's Moya? Uh we're checking.
That's it.
Lock it off.
Captain, one of the Leviathans is dead.
| It has no energy readings at all.
It must be a decoy.
- Are you sure? | - Positive, sir.
Transmitting proper coordinates now.
Acquiring target.
Here's your rematch, Crichton.
The missile has been fired.
It is now irrevocably locked | to the counterfeit signature.
Pilot? Resuscitate Moya now.
Initiating resuscitation.
You can do it, Pilot.
Come on, baby, give us a heartbeat.
It's not working.
| Moya may have been dormant too long! You can awaken her.
You will! Come on come on I told you you could do it, Pilot.
| You're the draddest.
You're very kind to say so.
Okay, we're in.
Go! Detonation.
| Readings have changed.
The dead Leviathan's moving.
The dead decoy just went into Starburst! It it's not possible.
I | I had the correct target, I'm sure of it.
You're relieved of duty immediately.
- Report to Detention Block Three.
| - I'll handle the postmortem, Captain.
Report to the Aurora Chamber.
Just take a seat.
I'll be with you shortly.
You made it through the day | without getting shoved out the airlock.
Of course this day is not quite over.
I have two questions.
One : did you do anything at all to Aeryn? No.
I have not harmed her in any way.
Two : On the Command Carrier you said you knew where Earth was.
Is that true? Do you? I do.
Anyone else? No.
No one.
I purged all records.
The knowledge exists in here.
You can use it to get home.
Or you can safely eradicate it by killing me.
Again the choice is yours.
It is so so good to see you and Moya again.
You know it, uh it kinda feels like coming home.
We're equally happy to see everyone with the exception of the newest arrival.
I now miss Jool more than ever.
Hey listen if Sikozu ever speaks to you like that again if she ever gives you any lip you just drop her in the bat dren, okay? Nobody nobody should talk to you like that.
Nobody should tell you what to do.
Yet everybody does.
In fact Moya and I have made a decision.
You want us gone? Ah, not at all ! But we cannot serve so many masters at once.
We ask you to choose | one spokesperson.
- You mean, just pick a captain? | - Yes.
A single voice for us to follow.
I'll tell the others.
We'll take a vote or something okay? Hi! Hey! What are you looking at? Nothing in particular.
I'd like to stay.
Well, I'm sure Moya | would be very happy with that.
I need to recover.
Is there any other reason? I need to help you keep an eye on Scorpius.
I'm not gonna hurt him.
| I gave you my word.
I know.
I want to be here.
Is there a problem? Any other | oaths of silence I should know about? So, you could tell me if | you were pregnant?
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