Fast & Furious: Spy Racers (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Born a Toretto

1 [upbeat rhythmic music plays.]
[engine roars, tires squeal.]
[ominous music plays.]
[female voice over radio.]
Engine room clear.
Deck clear.
Uh, hold on.
Someone's coming.
[engines roar in the distance.]
No, it’s nothing.
Just that motorcycle race on the mainland.
[engines roar.]
[thrilling music plays.]
[helmet beeps.]
[guard shouts, grunts.]
[music fades.]
[low, tense music plays.]
Deck, come in.
[muffled grunts.]
- Huh? - [grunts continue.]
- [engine revs.]
- [gasps.]
[guard grunts.]
[guards shout.]
[engine revs.]
[female guard.]
Turn it off and get out! There's no place to go! We're in the middle of the ocean! Get out! [guards grunt and shout.]
- [tense music plays.]
- [alarm rings.]
[guards grunt and shout.]
[alarm beeps.]
[brakes squeal.]
Two keys down, three to go.
We’re on a roll.
There’s no one that can stop us now.
[boat engine revs.]
[upbeat rhythmic music plays.]
Huh? What do you think? What am I looking at here? You’re looking at a ten-second car, my friend.
I’m about to break Dom's record, set on this very road, becoming the next great street racer.
- This sounds familiar.
- Mm-hmm.
- As if we heard it last month? - Mm-hmm.
- And the month before that? - Mm-hmm! You realize all those times they mention, your car blew up.
This time will be different! I was born to win! I’m a Toretto! This is my destiny! [engine revs.]
[engine growls.]
'Sup, kids.
The king of the road is here.
More like king butt.
I got room in here for a queen.
Echo doesn’t want to ride around in a car with a picture of your mom on the front.
[Cisco snickers.]
Are those rocket engines? What's up, Mitch? Moved from car thief to jet rustler? Maybe.
Don't worry about it.
Hey, Toretto! Let’s see what that soap box racer can do.
After you lose I’ll let you detail my car.
The closest you’ll get to a winner.
Yeah, well, after you lose, you can wash my car.
It’s the closest you’ll get to a shower.
[engines growl.]
Tony, you can’t win, bro.
You don’t have enough power to beat a rocket.
Cisco, you know what my cousin Dom says: it’s not the car, it’s the driver.
Hope you brought your buff rags! You’re a buff rag! The buffest! - What are you talking about? - I dunno.
Frostee, - [Tony.]
start us up! - You got it.
[drone engine buzzes.]
Ready [Frostee.]
Set [engines growl.]
Go! Buh-bye, Mitch.
- [engine blasts.]
- Ha ha! [hip-hop plays.]
Aw, that's sweet, Tony.
But I'm about to "rocket.
" Whoa-ho-ho-ho! [Mitch shouting.]
I won! - Does he know how to stop? - [Mitch.]
Whoa! [crash, glass breaks.]
Mitches get stitches! I can’t believe he beat me.
It wasn’t even close that time.
You weren’t even in the same state as him.
- You wanna watch the replay? - No, Frostee, I don’t.
You won't beat a rocket-powered car with an engine from the dump.
Hey, this engine is solid, all right? The fuel hose just got loose.
Nothing a little gum can’t fix.
It’ll take more than gum to try to beat my best time.
- Dom's back! - What’s up, Dom! What up! Hey, Dom.
Looks like you pushed it too hard.
- [Tony sighs.]
- Reminds me of someone.
I thought I had it.
I hate losing to that guy! That’s because you’re a Toretto.
You’re born to win.
Remember, being a Toretto has nothing to do with what you do in that car.
Being a Toretto is about what’s in here.
Will it make it home? Maybe not in record time, but it’ll make it.
Right, I’ll see you later.
I got something to talk to you about.
[group gasps.]
Get off me! - [Dom grunts.]
- [group pant.]
- [Tony grunts.]
- [group pant.]
Come on! We gotta go after them! [grunts.]
- [engine roars.]
- [tense music plays.]
- [Frostee.]
Who are they? - I don’t know but they can’t get away! [Tony gasps.]
There! [tense rhythmic music plays.]
[car horn blares.]
[siren wails.]
Uh, Tony? I think they might not be working alone.
What do we do? [Tony.]
Split up.
Shake the bikes.
Frostee, track the van.
- [Tony.]
Don’t lose it! - I'm on it.
Stalker drone locked on.
Wherever Dom goes, he goes.
All right.
Let’s divide and conquer.
Scatter! [fast-paced music plays.]
We won't outrun them.
We need a place we can go and they can’t.
I got it.
- [Frostee.]
Turn left.
- [Cisco grunts.]
[Cisco shouting.]
Hang on! [hip-hop music plays.]
- Boo-yah! - Uh, Cisco? [both scream.]
[both grunt.]
Woo-hoo-hoo! Yeah! - [Cisco.]
Echo, you okay? - [Echo.]
Yeah, we’re having fun.
Oh yeah, y’all ‘bout to get shook.
Aw, yeah! Whoo! [Echo laughs.]
I lost my bikers.
- [Echo.]
You okay Tony? - [Tony.]
No, still covered.
- [Tony.]
Got the van? - [Frostee.]
Locked and headed to it now.
Shoot me the location, I’ll meet you there.
- [engine rattles.]
- Oh, no, no, no! My fuel line is loose again.
I gotta ditch these guys.
[Tony grunts.]
[energetic music plays.]
How bad do you wanna follow me? [man shouts.]
[distorted shouting.]
Tony! Wait! - [Cisco.]
We don’t know what’s in there! - Dom is! - [woman.]
And time! - What? See? I told you they were the best.
Could have been faster, but we’ll work on it.
What’s happening? Who are they? Are you okay? You think a couple of guys could pull up and kidnap me? That takes an army.
This is Ms.
I’ve worked with her organization in the past.
And now she needs your help.
I’m sorry, what’s your name? Nowhere.
Uh, I’m still confused.
Where are you? I’m here, but you know Wink.
I’m not here.
Get it? Did you just say “wink”? I’ll cut to the chase.
I need a crew of street racers to infiltrate a criminal organization called SH1FT3R.
Gary! [Ms.
They’re led by this man, Shashi Dhar, master thief and adrenaline junkie.
SH1FT3R hosts races that serve as cover for his massive heists.
He recently stole over three billion dollars from Silicon Valley’s richest men.
Why do you need us? Dom’s here.
There’s no way I could show up at a race without everybody recognizing me.
She needs a group of new agents.
And I recommended you.
You’re out racing anyway.
This way you do some good and Ms.
Nowhere can watch your back.
So you want us to be undercover spy racers? Dope! If you know Shashi is stealing the money, why don’t you arrest him? You don’t earn the name “Ms.
Nowhere” by being a security guard for tech nerds! You had to earn it? You’re one to talk, Echo, or should I say Margaret.
That’s the first and last time you ever call me that.
I’m not interested in money.
SH1FT3R chatter on the dark web keeps talking about “gathering the keys.
” Our cryptographers don't know what that means yet, but we know SH1FT3R has high-level contacts in the underworld.
The keys could be nuclear codes Piano keys.
Wait, they’re trying to steal music? Those maniacs! I thought they were the best and brightest.
I never said brightest.
This is national security stuff at the highest level.
You ready for this? Born ready.
Born a Toretto.
Remember, don’t just follow orders, follow your gut.
You keep my family safe, or this SH1FT3R gang will be the least of your worries.
So if we’re gonna be racing, I guess the government will pay for my fuel pump? You’re going to need more than that.
Gary! SH1FT3R races are like nothing you’ve ever seen.
They’re about pushing technology to the edge.
[Ms Nowehere.]
Smoke cannons, grappling hooks, rocket engines, anything goes.
- Respect.
- Dope.
Now there’s a tryout race coming up in LA hosted by this woman.
No way! Layla Gray? She’s the most awesome racer around! Oh, except for you, T.
Layla Gray is SH1FT3R’s main recruiter.
Win her race to infiltrate SH1FT3R.
And you think she’s going to let us into a tryout race? Hardly.
SH1FT3R races are tightly guarded secrets.
Only a select few know when and where they happen.
But I pulled a list of local suppliers and car customizers, then hacked their databases for a client list.
- At least one of these guys should race.
- We don’t need a list.
We know someone who’ll be there.
If we can get Mitch’s phone, I can clone it and we’ll get all the calls that he gets.
A bet’s a bet.
Let’s get it over with.
Well, look who it is! Soapy Toretto! [laughs.]
Good one, because "soapy" sounds like "Tony"! Uh no, because I called your car a soapbox earlier, and you’re carrying soap suds.
"Soapy" sounds nothing like "Tony.
" What planet are you from? Can we get this over with? You can’t wash my car now.
I’m waiting for a call.
- Wait while I wash.
- But I might have to leave.
- Then I better start.
- Do it later! I don’t want to! Aw, man! My tacos! I’m so sorry Here, let me Frostee? Got it.
Got a bit on your chin.
- [Mitch.]
What - [Tony.]
Let [Tony.]
I'm the buffest, remember! Almost clean! [Mitch.]
What is wrong with you? Hey, let me get you some new tacos.
You'd better.
- [phone rings.]
- I have to grab this.
Where is it? [mouthing.]
Oh, I think that’s, uh, the taco alarm so, you know, we better get over Hey! Oops! What is your problem? Ugh! - I am so sorry, Mitch.
- [Mitch.]
Get off! - [Tony.]
Almost clean.
Let me - [Mitch.]
Get your hands off.
Quit it! - Got it? - Yep.
- Let's go.
- Tony.
Hey! You still owe me tacos! Toretto! I want my tacos! [group laugh and cheer.]
Pretty slick, right? What’s it say on there? Looks like the race will be right here, downtown.
Then that’s where we’ll race.
- Let’s do this! Yeah! - Whoo! No you’re not.
This op is over.
What? Why? The race is tonight.
No problem, I’m ready! Look, according to this encrypted data, drivers need two forms of ID to enter: a retina scan and a code that’s embedded in their cars.
So? You must have some spy gear that can get us in.
I have the gear, but you don’t have the expertise.
I expected weeks to train you while we chased leads.
We found the race in two hours and that’s a problem? So we’re too good.
You’re mediocre at best.
Anyway, I can’t risk you going into this op.
Layla Gray could have you killed.
More importantly, Dom could have me killed! We’re going Plan Bravo, everybody! Launch the surveillance drones.
Just put me in a car.
I know I can win that race! It takes 48 hours just to build a car with the implanted codes.
The whole plan was a long shot anyway.
Gary, get them out.
- I can’t believe we're off the mission! - [Tony.]
We'll do it.
What did you say? I’m not following orders, I’m following my gut.
We can do this.
I don’t know, T.
Getting past security will be tough.
It would help if we had that spy stuff.
I borrowed Ms.
Nowhere’s purse.
It has all the cool gadgets.
- You "borrowed" it? - I was gonna give it back.
Okay, but where are we gonna get a car? We’ll "borrow" one.
Frostee and I will bust in and hack the retina scan computers.
This isn't a good idea, T.
Don't worry.
Ziplines are the safest way to travel.
What? No! No they are definitely not! So I think we just hit this button.
[Frostee screams.]
[Tony exhales.]
[both scream.]
[Frostee yelling.]
How are you still alive? [Tony.]
Cisco, use that mirror to shut down the car and tow it away.
- Okay.
You ready? - Yep.
- Next light, we’re doing this.
- Okay.
- Don't be scared.
- I’m not.
All right, yeah, because, uh, there’s no reason to be nervous.
I know how this works.
Shake the mirror twice, then the red activation comes on.
- Oh, there’s the light! - Cisco, no! - [Echo sighs.]
- [engine dies out.]
So, uh, that means, uh It activates the EMP and shuts down the engine.
- [man.]
Move your truck, moron! - [horns blare.]
At least we know it works.
- Hey, what are you doing? - Improvising.
Hey, Mitch.
Oh! Hey, Echo.
W-What are you doing here? Chasing you.
Well, ya caught me.
What can I do for you? Get out.
- I'm sorry, what? - Get.
Out Uh, okay.
- Hey! - Thanks! - Will you call me? - [Cisco.]
Hi, Mitch! [Mitch shouting.]
My tacos are in there! My tacos! Once we knock that guy out, you have ten minutes.
Got it.
Hey, what are you doing? Is that a purse? Night night.
Aw, lug nuts, my eyes! Ah, dangit! [sighs.]
Hey! Are you okay? Sorry, man.
It’s our first time doing this.
What? Who are you guys? [exclaims, sighs.]
We’re spy racers [sniffs.]
Mmm! Sandalwood.
Drones are up.
We have eyes on our racer.
Gary Who’s driving that car? And where’s my tactical purse? [shouting.]
Track my purse! [groaning.]
Okay, I’m fine.
You good? All good.
You good? I’m working on it.
I’m heading down.
Don’t let us get caught.
I'm working on it.
Hey, girl! Get out of there right now.
Uh, I'd love to, but I’m too young to drive, and my ride just left, so This is no joke.
- Yeah, I know.
- You're in serious danger.
If Layla Gray catches you, I can’t guarantee your safety.
- I know.
- Not just your safety.
There’s also my career.
I just made it to Nowhere, [shouting.]
and I will not get bumped back to Ms.
I was a Nothing for too long, Frostee! [takes deep breath.]
Plus SH1FT3R gets the nuclear keys or whatever.
Yeah, I got it! Can I work now? Bye.
Dom is going to kill us.
We gotta get out of here.
Are our clean identities ready? Jawohl, Fräulein Nirgends.
Huh? Hm.
Whoa! [grunts.]
Yes! Sweet! Phew! Nice purse.
- I know.
- [tires squeal.]
C’mon Mitch, this hose is about to pop right out.
When that happens [imitates explosion.]
Nothing a little gum can’t fix.
- Where are we on that scan, Frostee? - Almost there.
So are we.
[Tony on phone.]
Hack faster.
Do your people treat you like this? "Hack faster"? They have no idea what we do! Hey, I’m Mitch.
This is my crew.
Yeah, just guys, you know Have fun Crew up.
Maybe just keep quiet.
Uh, right, no problem, gotcha.
[Tony whimpers.]
[laughs nervously.]
Phew! Got it.
High-five! Oh, sorry.
[device chimes.]
My bag is packed, let’s burn this place to the ground.
Hold on a second, they made it to the race.
See, I told you they’d make it.
[Cisco grunts.]
- Phew! - Good luck, T.
Yeah, do something, uh, drive, you go, man! Uh, I’m sorry, I'll sit down.
[electro music plays.]
[distant cheering.]
- Whoa! - [crowd cheers.]
Y’all ready for some racing? [crowd roars.]
[Frostee laughs.]
Whoo! It's Layla Gray! She’s really here! Ms.
Nowhere said she'd be here, but she’s really here! Think you got what it takes to roll with SH1FT3R? [crowd roars.]
[engines rev.]
[Layla Gray.]
Time to find out.
[Layla Gray.]
Only one can make it.
The rest of you? Well I hope you’re insured.
I know most of y’all have been street racing and doing all sorts of things to make it into this crew.
But one of you is a bit of a mystery man.
So, as a special treat, I’m gonna hop into our race today and find out what he’s all about.
[engine revs.]
Hello, "Mitch.