Fast & Furious: Spy Racers (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

The Key to the Strip

1 Yeah! Quit your bellyaching! Cleve, Shashi stole my key car and half of my operating capital! My board is trying to fire me, and half of them are my kids! You know what your problem is, Williams? You live on a boat.
Man can't get a firm footing on a boat.
You're supposed to protect us, Cleve! It's not my fault that you can't keep your keys in the garage.
Now, just relax.
My key car is locked up tighter than a tick on a deerhound.
Without that, that kid's got nothing.
- But he's gonna try - Let him try! I made my bones on the Strip with Rudy the Fish and Big Poppa Umami.
I can handle this punk.
And, by the way, we should have taken care of this when we got rid of his parents.
But no.
"Cleve, that makes us feel so dirty.
" I hope you learned your lesson on that one, you bunch of soft serves.
But how do you know your car is safe? Because I got an old war buddy watching it, and he would eat a glass sandwich before he would let my car get snagged.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a blowing-up party to attend.
You know, the Passline was my first hotel.
I'll miss you, old girl.
Haven't felt this way since I had to put down my old pony, Butterscotch.
But my new hotel will make ten times more money, so, "boom" goes the dynamite! What a bunch of candy canes.
General Dudley, how's my baby? What? What do you mean you lost it? Hello, Las Vegas! Oh, applesauce.
Please clear all traffic from the Strip.
Huh? Attention, guests of Cleve Kelso's hotels.
I need you all to please evacuate the Yo-Leven, the Ace Deuce, and the Horn Casinos.
No need for alarm.
You are all about to receive the biggest payout of your lives, the biggest payout in Vegas history! Jun, head to the smart city hub.
Connect it to the main power grid.
You got it.
I should be able to amplify Skeleton Key's range in about 30 minutes.
And then we can hack the world and destroy every government on Earth.
While you're doing that, I'm going to hunt down the man who killed my parents.
Where are you, Cleve? I'm coming for you! There's got to be some way to stop Shashi.
He's commanding a whole army! We must shut down Skeleton Key.
Frostee, can you hack it? I don't think so.
I could maybe Trojan-horse a virus to shut it down for ten seconds or something.
- That's all we need.
- Seriously? It might be.
I just need to get close enough to knock that helmet off his head.
We would need a really powerful transmitter to project the malware.
You're going to Vegas.
Why don't you use Big Ben? That might work.
It does have that big antenna on top.
But we need a massive power source.
I was joking.
How about the top-secret government battery in my car? Yeah! You see? We got something going here! Look, even if this could work, you don't have enough time.
By now, Jun is jacked into the main grid, and it's a matter of time before Shashi takes over all the world's computers, or whatever he's doing.
You were in his crew.
Don't you know his plan? I like racing cars and stealing stuff.
Politics was his thing.
He'll probably eliminate the global banking structure, take control of all nuclear weapons, pretty much destroy modern civilization as we know it.
We better get moving.
But how are we gonna get close to Shashi if Skeleton Key can control all our vehicles? It can only control ones with a chip.
We're going in old school.
All right! Yeah! Uh Yeah! Take that, Shashi! You don't have to break them! We can put them back in later! Oh.
Sorry, man.
I-I got carried away.
Echo, find some radios.
We won't be able to communicate with watches.
Oh, snap! Check out this beast! I don't even have to rip anything out.
You love that, don't you? Just one to remember me by.
What do you mean? I told you I would stick around long enough to get Frostee back.
Well, he's back.
But we can still stop Shashi.
Great! Then law and order will prevail, and I'll go back to prison.
Yeah, I-I think I'll just hit the road and try my luck solo.
After everything that we've been through? We really need you, Layla.
You need more than me.
Try to stay alive, Toretto.
There you go.
Who's a hungry little guy? - Nummy roach! - Wait.
Did you just feed him Papa Roach? Nature is cruel, Gary.
Only the strongest pets survive.
I thought I told you to keep my cousin out of trouble.
Seems like trouble follows the Torettos wherever they go.
Let's move.
Twenty-five minutes until global domination.
I'm not picking up Cleve on the cameras.
Time to flush him out.
Cleve! I know you're watching somewhere.
Check this out! That's Cleve Kelso's money, everybody! Giving back to the people! You son of a gun! I stole that money, fair and square! You think you can rob me? This is my town! You want to fight Cleve Kelso? Here I am! Gotcha.
All right, Echo and I will run interference for Cisco so he can get Frostee and Echo's car to Big Ben.
Frostee will hook up the battery, activate the transmitter and launch the virus.
- I hope it works.
- Wait, what do you mean? I mean, it's not like I tested it.
Frostee, can you just stay positive, please? The virus will work, and I'll take out Shashi while Skeleton Key is down.
In ten seconds.
I'll do it in five.
Hey! Toretto's coming! I'll handle this.
Uh-oh! I can't stop their cars! Toretto must have pulled out all the tech.
If that's the way they want to do it, we'll take them out the old-fashioned way.
Today, I'll say goodbye to Cleve and Tony Toretto.
There's Big Ben a mile ahead.
Scatter! We'll keep Shashi busy while Cisco finds a way to the tower.
Gross! Ugh! Glad I missed that.
Yeah, glad you missed it.
There, that should be better Whoa! Hold on! Whoa! Find another way to the tower! Ten minutes until we launch worldwide.
I can't lose Rollie in this bucket.
Let's play some chicken.
- You ready? - You know it.
Get ready to steer, bro.
Do what, now? Whoa! Five minutes left.
Should be just enough time to finish my business with Cleve.
It's been a long time Oh, did I crack your glasses, four-eyes? You think you can take my money? I've waited a long time for this.
You got sand, kid, I'll give you that.
If someone killed my parents, I would do the same thing.
Oh, my mission is about more than personal revenge.
I'm about to create a new world order.
Ha! That's what they always say when the tanks are rolling down main street.
Shashi, Toretto took Nacho and Rollie out.
We need some help down here! Not now, Jun.
Trouble with the new world order? - Shut up.
- Forget the old man! We can get him later.
Toretto can't touch me here.
Finish your work and stop interrupting.
Being boss is harder than it looks, isn't it? Don't act like I'm one of your corrupt billionaire buddies.
People like my parents don't have a real shot at the American dream because you rigged the game.
But I'm gonna make the world a better place.
I'm leveling the playing field! I'm gonna redistribute Holy Moses! You here to take me out or make me subscribe to your newsletter? Uh-oh.
Guys, we got a problem.
I threw away my medallion, and now I don't have anything to solder these wires.
Will a drone laser work? - That will do.
- I'm on it.
Whoa! Whoo! Wahoo! Yeah! Wahoo-hoo! Oh, yeah! Coming your way, Frostee! Wahoo! That was awesome! Sorry, little guy.
Wow! I'm glad DJ Drone wasn't here to see that.
Two minutes until Skeleton Key is ready to launch worldwide.
How much longer, Frostee? I'm ready to go.
But Shashi is on top of a building, and you'll only have ten seconds to get to him and take down Skeleton Key! So how are you gonna do that? I think I just found a ramp.
Whoa! Guys, I got a little missile problem here.
I can't shake it! Wahoo-hoo! - Layla! - I got the missile.
Now, finish this! Layla! Are you all right? Does anyone have eyes on Layla? Skeleton Key is linked into the West Coast grid.
We're ready to launch worldwide, Shashi.
I could do this all day, but sadly, I have other business to handle.
Goodbye, Cleve.
Fire up the transmitter.
You got ten seconds, T! Good thing I have a ten-second car.
What's happening? Jun, I've lost power.
Someone is transmitting a virus! I'll have it handled in just a second.
Nice one, Frostee.
Really wish I hadn't yanked out that electric rocket ignition.
No way.
Wahoo-hoo! Yeah! Did you see that? Got it! Shashi, you're back online.
No, no, no, no, no! Let's see what this thing can do.
Nowhere to hide, Shashi.
This is how you took out Layla.
Hiding behind a mask, letting machines do your dirty work.
Get up.
Let's finish this, Toretto-style.
Shashi! Shashi, come in! Hack that.
Come on! What's the hold up here? Let's blow this old gal! See you later, Shashi.
That was a heck of a punch! Tony! The building you're in is exploding! I noticed! If we make it out of here alive, I'm gonna knock you out all over again.
- Get out of there, T! - How? Hey, if Dom can do it, so can I.
He's not gonna make it! No, no, no, no, no! Are you seeing this? Is anyone seeing this? I can't believe I'm seeing this.
- Look who dropped in.
- Dom? Didn't anyone ever tell you cars don't fly? Dom, what are you doing here? You know I'm always there for family.
I always wanted to be just like you.
I guess I didn't realize what that really meant.
But you stepped up and finished the job.
And I'm proud of you.
Layla! You're alive! Of course I am.
You're the one who needed saving again.
- You really tore things up here.
- Yeah, this was pretty fun.
I've never been to Vegas before.
After this, you might not be invited back.
So, Shashi's gonna be locked up for a while.
What are you gonna do now? I could talk to Ms.
Nowhere about the prison thing.
What, are-are you recruiting me to join your little spy squad? Yeah, why not? You get to travel around, play with cool spy stuff.
What did I tell you, Toretto? I'm a lone wolf.
I better get out of here before someone remembers to arrest me.
See you around, Toretto.
Later, Gray.
Looks like Cleve managed to get away in all the chaos.
But don't worry, we'll find him.
Any chance we'll find Skeleton Key in there? Doubt it.
I think only Shashi and I survived.
Probably for the best.
It was too powerful.
That thing in the wrong hands Yeah.
Gary, where did you park our plane? It was right here.
Uh Look.
Toretto! Don't you do it! Sorry! Wahoo! That's right! - Whoo! - Yeah! Ms.
Nowhere is probably calling in a missile strike on us, like, right now.
She'll be fine.
- We deserve a little vacation.
- Yeah.
We'll give Skeleton Key and the plane back next week.
But first, I was thinking, maybe we could hop over to Japan and visit the Yoka factory? I hear they have all kinds of crazy flavors, like lychee and seaweed and platinum tiger.
A lap around the islands before we hit the road? Let's do it! Because we're spy racers Riding jet skis Taking laps around the keys! Ha-ha! Whoo! Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh We run the world like a family Speed it up, because together we We ride out, ride out Chase the legacy Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh We run the world like a family Speed it up, because together we We ride out, ride out Chase the legacy We ride together Because family is love And in my life, family is everything