Fastest Car (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

King of the World

I've raced helicopters, I've raced jet planes.
I don't know what's out there for me, but I want to be ready.
I like being the underdog.
My whole life, I've been the underdog.
I think that's where the whole sleeper thing really attracts to me the most.
I'm definitely known as Turbo Tony.
I'm doing this race to prove that a low-buck car can race a supercar and run with it.
The adrenaline rush is insane.
You're doing something that's dangerous.
You know, you could die.
- Dude, that thing looks ridiculous.
- Look, you can see her ass.
So, I'm gonna put my roof on, 'cause if you beat me, I don't want pieces of your car flying at me.
I don't really see the Lambo having a bunch of a shot with us three.
What the hell is that? Most people don't like to race me.
I'll do whatever I have to do to win.
If you're driving a Lamborghini Aventador, everybody expects you to win.
And if you don't, that's humiliating.
I always liked cars, and I liked art and after college, I wanted to something really creative.
It was just so horrifying to think that I would have a regular job.
I just wanted to do something different.
And I said, "I don't know what I'd be.
King of the world? Is that a thing?" My dad said, "You can do anything you want on your spare time, but make money through a real career.
" My parents didn't have any money.
So, for him, a real career was law, medicine or plumbing.
So, I chose law.
I became a divorce lawyer to please my dad.
But then on weekends, I like to really let loose with the rally cars.
The Lamborghini has more style than any other car.
You can be the king of the world.
I'm probably the only person who thinks that a Lamborghini's understated.
So, I customized the car.
Everything I owned, I always customize.
So, shoes, suits, everything, I want it to be an expression of creativity.
Ready? Up.
These Lamborghinis, no one would dare to take a brand-new car and re-invent it as a very flashy car.
If you can just chrome everything, I would.
Everything looks better shiny.
Right now, I own a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Superveloce.
- Nice car.
- Thank you.
It's got a 12-cylinder engine.
It now has about 800 horsepower with the factory exhaust tunes, and it has almost every single option.
I think the price for this was 725,000 dollars.
This is the only car ever like this, isn't it? Yeah.
You know how you can tell? Check this out.
Over here there is a plate that says it was made just for me.
Life is art.
Or at least my life is art.
Holy shit, it does have your name right in there.
- Yeah.
- That's freaking awesome.
They had they had one that said "Made for Jackie Chan", and I know Jackie, and fuck him.
So, I made it specially made for me.
People want to interact with it.
It's a spaceship on the streets of New York.
Looking good! She looks good in that car, right? I like the attention.
It makes me happy, because it makes me feel like I did a good job with the car.
- You just stopped in tonight? - We do this every every weekend.
But, you know, we go all across the country.
The only way I have fun is to go and do different things with the cars.
Yeah, it's a wonderful life.
You see the smiles.
You also see the opposite.
You have people who look like why would they ever do that to a car? I almost threw up in my mouth.
I can't un-see it.
All the negative and all the positive.
As long as it impacts someone Make a statement! I would be humiliated if I get my doors blown by a station wagon, or an ice cream truck, or whatever the heck this sleeper car is.
But you know what? When I go home, I'm gonna be looking good while you get that crap back to your house.
Back in the end of high school, I started getting into racing, and a lot of people don't understand that if you built a car and you win a race, it's like no other feeling in the world.
You've got a crowd of people surrounding you, you've got cops behind you.
You know, you're doing something that's dangerous.
You know, you could die.
But when we're in the driver's seat, ready to make the pass, the adrenaline rush is insane.
And that's why I like to street race so much.
My car is a third-gen Camaro.
It's a small block, small tire car.
It's a nitrous car, and it's a sleeper.
Under the hood, it has the best of the best, the electronics, the fuel system, but the outside of the car looks like shit, so we called it the Shitbox.
A fast car is only as good as its team, and a lot of people don't understand that.
You know, a good team helps make the car better.
And Team Shitbox is very solid.
- What are you doing? - Me? - Yeah, bro.
- I'm here for - Moral support? - I need a nap, bro.
I know you got my six, bro.
Here you go, high five.
I've met my best friends and my crew because of racing.
That is not a high five.
We also get to enjoy, you know, hanging out.
You know, we get to go to car shows, we have big barbecues, we go on vacations together.
We help each other, and we all trust each other very well.
That's a big thing about us.
It's not just being a team.
It's almost being family.
This is actually a picture of me and my dad when I was a little baby.
My dad's always had Camaros.
When he passed away when I was 13 years old, that was a very tough time, because, you know, growing up, you know, especially during high school, if you don't have a dad, you know Those are the years you kind of learn the most, you know, about life in general.
And did not have my dad.
I had to kind of learn my own way.
Where's the drill? The car's kind of, you know, helped me through, you know, the depression of losing my dad.
I just wish I was able to to know him longer.
This is a picture of my dad in the Navy.
He was 18 here, or 17.
As you can see, there's a little bit of a resemblance.
My dad actually gave me my first Camaro.
I was 9 years old, and I learned a lot about automotive, and I also built my own engines.
I always wanted more Camaros to play around on and build them.
So, every time I saw a good deal on one, if I could afford it, I would buy it.
I've had 35 of them.
And that's because I used to part them out to make money to be able to build my project car, which is the Camaro I'll be racing.
I kind of do everything to impress my dad.
Every time I race, I get to think, "Oh, if I win, he's there watching, you know?" Even though he's not here if he's watching.
Everything I do is to make sure he's proud.
My car is a '92 Plymouth Colt.
I swapped with a 4G 6.
3 engine out of a '91 Mitsubishi Eclipse.
It's loud and obnoxious, kind of like me.
Prior to modifying it, its max speed was only 82 miles an hour.
Like, I couldn't get it to go any better than that.
I love cars that look like shit.
I have 14 cars, which is a lot.
But my Colt is absolutely my favorite car.
And I just knew that after I had done my touches to it, that it could be a monster.
And that's exactly what it is.
The car runs in a quarter of a mile 9.
8 seconds, 157 miles an hour.
This car's a true sleeper.
If it was quiet, it'd be even better.
But the exhaust was so crappy, it fell off and I never put it back on.
I love my Colt so much 'cause it's like family to me at this point.
I've gone through some really bad times in my life with this car, and the car helped me get through that.
Growing up, family life wasn't great.
My dad, he just wasn't a father.
And he wasn't really involved in my life that much.
My parents smoked in the house, and I went to school smelling like a cigarette.
So, I would be the smelly kid, and, like, wouldn't have much money, so, clothes were on the back burner.
I'd always wear the same stuff all the time, you know? We didn't have a lot of food, you know, so you're concerned more about eating than what you look like.
Cars are an outlet for people that get over things, and just pass some time.
Cars are just it was like an escape from reality, like, the best way to, to describe it when I was a kid, just 'cause that's all I had.
I knew nothing.
So, I went to the library and literally rented a book on how to take an engine apart and read it.
I was just like, "Wow, I can actually do this.
I can actually take an engine apart and assemble it and actually know it can work.
Now I've got to figure out how to make it faster.
" If you were in high school with me back in the day, you'd be like, "Wow, he actually made it.
He did all right, you know?" Having this garage and being able to call everything here mine is pretty nice, you know? It doesn't come overnight, and it definitely comes from just being dirty as hell at 02:30 in the morning, working on a fricking piece-of-shit car that shouldn't even be on the road to begin with, - just trying to make ends meet.
- How was work today? - Good, busy.
- Yeah? - It's always busy.
- Yeah.
The hustle with street racing is difficult, and luckily, obviously, my girlfriend lets me do whatever I want.
I got this race coming up on Tuesday.
I'm gonna be racing a Lamborghini Aventador SV.
- The car is 800,000 dollars.
- 800,000 dollars? Yeah.
Odds are he has a very small penis.
And there's two other sleepers as well.
Probably win.
- I always win.
You know that.
- You always win.
I am definitely known as Turbo Tony.
A hundred percent, that is my nickname.
I like being the underdog.
My whole life, I've been the underdog.
I think that's where the whole sleeper thing really attracts to me the most, is just having that sense of "You're not supposed to be doing this, but you are.
" And it's just bad-ass that you're doing it.
The racing's important to me because these guys own these cars worth literally 100 times what your whole investment is worth.
You know, they're doing something right in their life to be where they're at.
I just want a small piece of how they feel for even if it's only ten seconds.
I'm definitely a very mechanical person.
I love knowing how things work.
And I've always just had a passion for cars.
The truck I'll be racing is a 1984 C10.
It has a stock-style fuel injection, 4L 80 overdrive transmission.
I couldn't begin to tell you the amount of hours that everybody has worked on this truck, from my dad, to me, to my friends helping me with it.
My favorite part with driving the truck and it looking like a piece of crap is nobody assumes that it's quick.
The truck makes roughly around 700 horse on 14-15 pounds of boost.
The truck is a sleeper, because anybody can build a Mustang or a Camaro and make it fast.
To make a 4000-pound brick wall fast is pretty impressive in my book.
I knew the basic idea, what I wanted to do to the truck.
And then about four years ago, I started getting parts together, this piece here, this piece there.
But everything was used, junkyard parts.
It has a 700-dollar junkyard motor with 74,000 miles on it.
I decided I wanted to do twin turbos.
I just thought it would be cooler-looking to have PO2 turbos underneath the hood.
Everything's been cut, fit, and made in the shop.
I'm usually out of the house by 05:30, 06:00, every morning.
I'm home by 2:30, 3:00.
Get my kids off the school bus when they're in school.
- Hey, baby.
- Hey, babe.
How was your day? - All right, how was yours? - It was good.
Me and my wife, we've been together for 21 years now.
- What's up, you two? - Nothing.
The drive to race definitely went away after the kids were born.
It wasn't a priority for me to be in a car and going down the drag strip.
It was more wanting to spend time with my wife and kids.
- What are you drawing, Taylor? - A person.
- A person? - Yeah.
- Looks good.
- Thanks.
When my twins were born, they were premature, they were seven weeks early.
They spent roughly a month in NICU.
That was a very trying time for us.
Having kids, it's a life-changing experience.
My twins are now almost 11 years old.
With me growing up with my dad and my mom, how close I am with them, I want that with my kids.
I enjoy being around my kids.
It's awesome hearing them call you "Dad" or "Daddy.
" I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Usually sit, eat dinner, and I'm usually at the race car shop till nine, ten o'clock every night.
All right, I'll get underneath of this and do this oil change.
Grab that filler wrench.
Growing up, my dad was always working on cars.
I was always out there helping him, trying to put stuff together with them, testing cars when we first started really driving them a lot.
So, it's always been a common ground for me and my dad to work together.
I still get amazed to this day, watching him figure out a new roll cage, or a new back end for a race car.
If we get this oil changed, maybe we can do a set of plugs in it too, Dad? He did a really good job on that truck.
Of course, he picked up on everything.
He watched me do a lot of stuff.
And okay, there's mistakes along the way.
There's stumbling blocks and everything, and that's how you learn.
And that's how I learned, and my dad taught me the same way.
We'll check and make sure turbo, all the V-bands are good.
Check the header bolts too.
I want to do the race because I want to prove to my dad that we can put something together low-budget and it can run with a supercar.
So I got this race coming up on Tuesday.
Two other sleeper cars and a Lamborghini Aventador supercar.
Well, the only car you should worry about is the other two sleepers, probably.
That's exactly how I feel.
I feel the sleepers are more important than the supercar.
Supercars are something, I like to look at them, like I think anybody else does, but they're not all they're cracked up to be.
The maintenance, the money.
At the end of the day, there's other cars out there that are actually more well-built than most of them.
We got to do the injectors.
The injectors are probably 15 years old.
It's all rust.
It literally is full of rust.
All right.
Let's get some new injectors in here.
We're changing out the injectors just 'cause they're old, so putting a bigger set of injectors in so we can run more power to get down the track, and tear apart these other cars.
And this car, for what it is, you can put a hurt on people.
Yeah, the Lambo is not the problem in this equation.
Just 'cause you got money doesn't mean you're fast.
I know some supercar owners that are actually the most down-to-earth people you've ever met.
But also know some that are the biggest assholes you've ever met as well.
I guess it all depends on the situation.
The bullpen.
The bullpen houses the bull.
It's a working garage.
There's nothing fancy here.
I drive my car all the time.
I drive it 12 months out of the year, seven days out of the week.
I've done 30,000 miles on that car.
So, this is a working garage, and I don't think anything but Lambos can park here.
I keep the Bentley, it's a placeholder for the next Lambo that's coming.
And the next Lambo that's coming? Beyond belief.
They're protected by the eagle.
This came off a castle.
I always liked it.
It's predatory.
It could have cameras on it.
It could have motion detectors.
It could have a license plate reader.
When I hit 50, 50th birthday, I said the only thing I don't have is a dinosaur.
So, now I have a dinosaur.
What the neighbors think would be in the "I don't give a fuck" file.
Some people say, "Wow", you know? "It seems like you don't give a fuck.
" And that's because I really don't.
And here it is.
This is the wall of fame.
And you know what? These are the best moments of my life.
For example, right here, this was me racing a Cobra helicopter.
That helicopter went 185 miles an hour.
I went 204.
I won that one.
Very few people get front page, above the fold of a major metropolitan paper.
And we didn't have to kill anyone to do it.
The tour of Italy.
You had to be selected, and I was car number 34.
Very special.
Racing the world's best sleeper cars, I have more skin in the game, and I have more to lose.
So, I better be prepared, and I better win.
And I think it's gonna be exciting.
Does anyone see the price tag on this Lamborghini? - Jesus.
- Yeah, okay.
535,000 dollars! Man, zero to 62 in 2.
9 seconds.
- Any information on the quarter-mile? - I'm looking now.
- No.
- 10.
- 10.
40s? - That's yo ass.
I thought they said a supercar.
We're also on a drag radial tire.
And all them on radials too, I'm assuming, right? Yes.
It's all the same, same rules for everyone.
Whatever, let's do it.
But the other two sleepers, that's what I'm more worried about.
- Did they tell you what they were? - No.
There's one in Connecticut and one in Jersey.
Connecticut? Not worried about Jersey, 'cause we beat the fastest guy there.
- Definitely.
- Not worried about Connecticut, because I haven't heard anything fast about them.
We might be the fastest car in the tri-state area.
We can hashtag it.
Fastest car in the tri-state area.
It's ugly, but it works.
- It's what a sleeper's supposed to be.
- My man.
I'm willing to race anyone at any time, and proving people wrong, and beating people that are faster than you or have better cars than you is even better.
That's what I strive for.
I think we're just gonna pull out nitrous right now.
'Cause basically if we don't take the nitrous out, I just think we're gonna annihilate the tires.
With not knowing the road I'll be racing, I'm gonna be taking power out of the car, because I'd rather get down the road than blow the tires off and lose by spinning.
This thing's gonna leave slow.
Well, supercars don't leave that hard either, but they go fast on the top end.
That's why I don't want to take out too much.
- Right.
That's right.
- And we'll gap him.
We're racing that Lamborghini Aventador SV.
- Okay.
- I'm not overly scared to race it.
I just said that's one of the faster supercars that I know of.
Just don't let him get in your head, that's all.
740 horse, all-wheel drive, estimated quarter mile runs 10.
That's gonna be a good race.
The truck's capable of running 10s.
Now, actually, that's gonna depend on track conditions, weather there's always a lot of factors in drag racing.
- Holy price tag.
- A little bit more than this? Couple of bucks, 447,000.
With a top speed of 217 mile an hour.
- Only 700 horse.
- Yes.
For that kind of money, only 700 horse.
It's telling me, like, 750? He's gonna be a little upset when he gets beat by a Chevy pickup.
I mean, we can only hope he's not a drag racer.
- Don't know how to make it leave.
- Drag racers don't buy them cars.
No, they don't.
Most supercar owners aren't drag racers, so they're not used to leaving a red light hard.
- They do have launch mode in it.
- Okay.
If the guy has any clue on how to drive the car, that's gonna be can be an issue.
Well, that comes to you getting out of there.
- Yeah.
- Don't be late.
So, before the race, we go through a tune.
We make sure the boost levels look good, air/fuel ratio, stuff like that.
The only other thing we want to do is put more boost in it.
I can go to 20, see what it does.
That'll be all right for one pass.
Turbochargers use exhaust to spin a turbine to force air into the motor.
The harder you spin the turbo, the more air you're forcing into the motor, the more boost it creates.
And that creates more power.
On the street, I'm running 13 pounds of boost.
For this race, I can put it to 20, and it would take it.
For how long, I don't know, but it would take it for a bit.
Twenty is kind of a time bomb.
I think you've got nothing to worry about that Lambo.
- Yeah.
- If we get out on him, - it's over with for him.
- Oh, yeah.
He won't catch me once I'm out.
The Lamborghini Aventador SV is an awesome car.
It is my favorite supercar out of probably any supercar out there right now.
And being able to prove that I can run with that kind of car is a pretty cool feeling to have.
First time I saw Davina ten years ago, I looked at her and I said, "That's it.
My life's over.
" Now I'm not gonna get any more women, 'cause I just met the only woman for me.
- The Lambo is amazing.
- You like it? - Love it.
- You know, during the day What wheels did you put on? - Nishi road wheels.
- Nishi? - Enjoy yourself.
Nice seeing you guys.
- Thanks a lot.
Good to see you.
We're not actually married, but we are soulmates.
Mai Tai right here.
When I met Davina, I had a Lotus, and I loved that Lotus.
She's a self-professed gold digger.
When she saw that Lotus, that wasn't really going to work.
That's good stuff, man.
It's so dope.
She figured it wasn't even 100,000 dollars.
And then she said, "You know, look, if you're so rich, how come I'm not in a Lamborghini?" And I said, "Oh, yeah?" And went right to the store.
This is the love of my life.
This is concubine.
- She made this tonight.
- Yes! This right here, from the slipcovers of my grandmother's couch.
The plastic slipcovers.
Do you see that? Yeah! Bryan loves to call me the concubine.
This all started when he went to China.
From what I hear, the most powerful woman there was not the empress, but it was the concubine, dragon lady.
And I have a dragon on my back.
So, I was like, dragon lady, concubine? She's in charge? I want to be the concubine.
You guys know that Bryan's birthday is coming up in the next two weeks.
So, every year we do a photo shoot.
Lamborghini gave me, us, a status everywhere we go.
Do you remember, they said, "Oh, if you buy this car, you'll be invited to parties that you were never invited to.
" And I'm thinking, "Oh, bullshit.
" Within six months, we had met most every celebrity, - had been to the Playboy mansion - Yeah.
had been to parties we would have never been invited to.
- Right.
- And it just got better.
Salute! We're never apart.
It's like no other relationship I've seen, and I've done 20,000 divorce cases and I've never seen anything like my own relationship.
- Babe, you got the key? - Yeah, I got it.
I met a man that's not only rich, but he's also a wonderful person.
And he gives back like nobody else does.
Davina is the most experienced Lamborghini co-driver on the face of the earth.
She is the navigator, the social media, she's the DJ.
So, for this race, she has her own plans.
I'm gonna go there, and I'm gonna talk shit.
I'm gonna distract the other driver, and he's gonna win.
The next thing we've got to do is change the tires.
A regular tire has steel belts in it.
These tires are bias-ply.
They're softer.
When you heat them up, they get even softer, and then grips the road twice as hard as it did prior to, like, a regular street tire.
Nice and flat, the way they need to be, so we can heat them up and get that traction going.
We don't want to lose.
It's pretty unsafe to lower the pressure in a regular street tire versus a bias-ply tire like this.
- Just ready to do some burnouts.
- Yeah, let's do this.
There's definitely a fear of racing Turbo Tony, so to speak.
When I first started, everybody wanted to race, 'cause I was just the new kid.
As time progressed, nobody really wanted to race anymore.
Just because of the fact that I kept winning.
They just feel that they don't have a chance to begin with, 'cause I build some pretty bad-ass street cars.
I'll just take the nitrous bottle out now.
So, you're coming out with almost no nitrous.
Yeah, it's basically our motor.
Another thing we have to do is change the timing, 'cause we lowered the nitrous shot.
So, took nitrous out.
You know, we took power out because of the radial tires.
It's the only way we're gonna be able to go A to B.
I'm gonna be taking power out of the car.
Performance-wise, I'm not worried at all.
It's more of getting down the road than blowing the tires off.
I think I have a big shot at winning.
This is a road that I like to test on any time I make any kind of changes on the truck.
I like to try to simulate what will happen if I'm driving normally down the road where it's not a prepped road, there's not a lot of rubber down.
So, I'll do a quick burnout just to get a little bit of heat in the tires, and I'll try to make sure the boost levels look good, air/fuel ratio, stuff like that.
Make sure everything is cohesive with the truck.
I usually try to find that happy medium to where it'll take maximum amount of power but not spin the tires going down the road.
Burnout went well.
The truck feels like it's accelerating pretty hard right now.
Tracks look pretty even.
The truck's got to be 100 percent.
You can never be too prepared going in to race anything.
I saw a little bit of smoke right after I did the burnout, and the one turbo feed line which actually oils the inside of the turbo got a small leak in it.
So, it's just kind of spitting a little bit of oil out right on top of the turbo.
It's an easy fix.
It's just a fitting.
It's not the end of the world for the truck.
The most important part of anything with racing is making sure your car's running 100 percent before you get there.
You can make all the power in the world.
If you can't use it, it's useless.
We're making a burnout box right now.
The tires are nice and flat, the way they need to be, so we can heat them up and get that traction going.
When the tire's full of air, it's just gonna end up spinning off, and it doesn't grip.
We're gonna be around six to eight pounds of air pressure, just so that way the tire is flat and it's just gripping with everything it has and gives you more traction.
It's not running right.
The reason why we couldn't do a burnout is because we have to work out the bugs in the fuel system.
It's crazy lean, dude.
Like it dropped pressure instantly.
When we took the old injectors out, found a little rust in them, which obviously, that leads to a rusted fuel tank, and nobody wants that in their race car.
It didn't hurt the engine or nothing, 'cause we were just we're testing.
This is why you test, to get ready for the big day.
This race means something to me.
And I want to look good.
Very difficult to rock clothes like this, but I can pull that off.
Growing up, I had maybe two pairs of jeans.
Often, I was made fun of, because my clothes were dirty.
But I noticed that I could have nice things if I worked hard.
So, after law school, I worked seven days a week, and then the money started to come in.
I wanted to take it to that next level, and I didn't know where to go.
So, actually, Davina used to go to this woman who does she does clothes for strippers.
If anyone has what it takes to win, that would be me.
These are not sleeper clothes.
Let me tell you something.
And that's about as chrome as it gets, now, isn't it? Yo, you got plugs in it too? - Yeah, are you able to check that? - Yeah.
I've changed every nut and bolt on this car.
It's just an ongoing process, and I'm gonna keep building, just go faster and faster.
The adrenaline rush of street racing is insane.
It's confidence.
It's how confident that you're gonna win that race at that time.
The car's ready.
I think I got it, no problem.
If I took this car on race day and tried to race, I would've embarrassed myself, 'cause it would've gone absolutely nowhere.
The car just didn't have any power.
It was basically starved for fuel.
Not a big deal, we're already back in it.
Hey, you're looking good.
Actually, got to add another part to it, real quick.
Well, she's gonna run much better now.
I know she gonna run much better.
Mitsubishis inherently have electrical issues, and adding extra grounds in these cars is actually proven to pick up horsepower.
It's the most important part of anything with racing, is making sure your car's running 100 percent before you get there.
- Now we're ready.
- We're ready.
I've learned a couple tricks talking to guys that I know are big turbo guys that race.
Definitely a huge learning experience with this on how the turbos are piped, turbo sizing.
There's a lot of factors in how it makes boost.
- Did that stop leaking? - Yeah.
- It's stopped? Did you change this? - No, I tightened it.
I tightened it up.
I think the truck's gonna be a lot faster than a lot of people think it is.
I'm a rally driver.
I've never done a drag race.
I'm just gonna put this car on launch control.
That's what it's for.
Lamborghini spent millions developing this exact feature.
The car's gonna do all the work, so I am extremely prepared to win and to be very fast.
Gabriel, you know I commissioned this just for a race against sleeper cars.
I wanted to look good and I'm not sleeper.
Everything about me is flashy, but this jacket is elegant.
- Elegant like crazy.
- So, we have the white piping.
- You've got the Lambo patches.
The lapels.
- This piping is fantastic.
Looks just like the seats, man.
You got the magnetic buttons, you've got the inserts.
- Got my high collar.
- High collar, - double - What's on the back? I can't see.
That's Lamborghini.
I've raced helicopters, I've raced jet planes.
I don't know what's out there for me, but I want to be ready.
Well, they're not gonna look as sharp as you, - so that's something.
- That's it.
So, I'm winning either way.
Driving and feeling my truck right now, I am not worried about racing a supercar.
But this is drag racing.
Anything can happen.
- All right, Chuck.
Very nice.
- Thank you.
- Thanks for coming out.
- Thank you.
I'm very confident in racing my Colt.
I know the car inside and out.
Is that pizza delivery? - That's Domino's.
- They still deliver? I could actually say, he might be more sleeper than me.
In street racing, it's never a guarantee you're gonna win.
It's how confident that you're gonna win that race at that time.
- That's an eight-second car.
Low nines.
- It's got a big motor in it.
Yeah, that's not what I was hoping for today.
This thing.
Our crew is heavier than this car.
What's going on, man? How you doing, it's Chuck.
Nice to meet you.
- I want to see this truck.
- Pop the hood.
- Yeah.
- It's hilarious, it's a junkyard motor.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
It's always a junkyard.
It is a junkyard motor.
- What? - That's fucking cool.
This guy's the man.
All three of us will mile-an-hour real well in the quarter-mile, so I don't really see the Lambo having a whole bunch of a shot with us three.
It's really gonna come down to who can get the car to leave the hardest.
Let's guess what color it is.
- Green.
- It's gonna be white.
- Yellow.
- Black.
- Look who we got here.
- Looks chrome.
And not a bad way to spend 500,000.
He's driving down right now being like, "Look at this, what is that, a junkyard down there?" Oh, look at that.
- Oh my god.
- Oh, look at that.
I bought an Italian supercar, and didn't build it, 'cause I don't build shit.
I just polished it last night.
That's all I do.
Dude, that thing looks ridiculous.
I've never wanted to game someone more than them.
Look, you can see her ass.
Yeah, when I go home, I'm wrapping my Colt in chrome.
Unfortunately, the wrap's gonna cost more than my whole car.
That's why I say he's got more in the wrap than I do in the whole truck.
All right.
Dude, that thing's gonna blind you in the sun.
I know.
Is that illegal? I'm like.
All right, D.
Look at that thing.
- He is gonna be pissed later.
- Yes.
You know, I wanted the name Team Shitbox.
They must have contacted you first.
The ones I saw online, I was like, "Wow, that's a really nice car.
" You see that thing, and you're like, "What the fuck are you doing?" So, I'm gonna put my roof on like you do.
'Cause if you pass me, you beat me, I don't want pieces of your car flying at me.
After today, are you gonna change the plate to "Losing?" Oooh.
Actually? No.
You might want to check out the front of my car, though, 'cause you might not see that again.
Yeah, there we go.
That's how that goes.
- Who's the driver of this? - Right here.
- Hey, I'm Bryan.
What's your name? - Tony.
- What is it? - Tony.
Hey, Tony.
Good to see you, man.
So, this right here, too big to put a potato in.
Oh, my God, there's a turbo in this.
- It's a turbo.
- Yeah.
It's little.
This is the one that my experts are telling me to be afraid of.
I think you might need some new experts.
These cars are all fast.
If I can get ahead of these guys, they're not gonna get ahead of me.
I need a little luck.
Just my driver skill here.
- What's the duct tape for? - Hold the fender together.
- This is not a wrap? - No.
No? Please get to your car.
We're gonna go to the starting line.
What the hell is that? I hope nothing flies off that thing and hits me.
It's gonna be a whole bunch of tire smoke, and then you're gonna see this little white Colt pulling way ahead.
Driving and feeling my truck right now, I am not worried about racing a supercar.
Fucking Lance, what the hell? You've got to shut that thing off.
I can't hear myself All right, everybody here, please, drivers and teams.
Here, please.
Thank you.
All right.
So, thanks everybody.
Again, thank you for coming out.
We will go over the rules for the race.
So, we will bring you all to the line.
Everybody set on the line, we say we're ready to race.
I will hold out my arms like this, right? And I will turn my back, and I will point to each light, to draw your attention from me to the lights.
That means we're about to go.
We are hot.
I'm gonna sprint out of the way, back through the box.
It'll be flashing red, flashing red, and then go green.
That's when the race starts.
- It's instant green light? - It's instant green.
You go on green.
If a vehicle has a false start, that vehicle will be disqualified.
The light will not turn green until I am completely off the track.
The winner of this race will go on to the championship race in El Mirage dry lakebed.
Let's have a good race, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for coming out.
Appreciate it.
Want to check them tires real quick? I've got to a whole computer thing now.
First hold down the engage first gear.
You got your gloves? I can't do the gloves, 'cause I have to do my launch control app.
Okay, we're gonna bring you to the line.
We're good? All right.
Now, that's it, man.
Corsa, escape! The Lamborghini launch control has the car engaged at 4,500 RPM.
And you feel the whole thing shaking.
You live by or die by this system that they have in this car.
The truck has a lot of meaning to me and my family.
To win the race, I think, is gonna be an awesome feeling for me and my dad, knowing that you don't need a ton of money to build a race car.
I like being the underdog.
My whole life, I've been the underdog.
I'll do whatever I have to do to win.
When you're standing there with the chrome Lamborghini, everybody expects you to win.
If you don't that's humiliating.
I want to be the baddest, you know, small tire racer in the northeast.
I want to be, like, the fastest of fast.
You know? So, this is, like, a dream for me.
Are you ready? - They both jumped, right? - Those two are out, gone.
Come on, bring it up, bring it up.
Bring it up.
Come on, baby! - That was a good race.
- The Colt won.
The Colt won.
- You did it! - I know.
- How bad did you drive around him? - I did, I thought he hit the brakes.
- Yeah, buddy.
- Yeah.
Way to wait.
Way to wait.
This was a good combination of cars.
It really was, like, I'm just glad that I fucking kept it together and the car stayed together.
Like, I saw him go, and I'm like, "Why'd they leave so early?" It didn't make any sense to me.
And then I was like, "I'm just gonna sit here and wait for my light to turn green.
" The truck just took off and I'm just like, be calm, be calm, just keep driving.
Bang, second, bang, fucking third, and as soon as I hit fourth, it was just coming, coming, coming, coming.
- I went by him pretty fast.
I did.
- The underdog won.
It's funny.
She wants to go to California.
I'm just God, I cannot believe he came around me.
Fuck, man! He came by me like a frigging missile.
I'm mad that I had to watch that front-wheel drive car come around me at 150 mile an hour, but for the most part, yeah, it was a good day.
This was just absolutely great.
To see this thing go down that track, and it's just amazing.
He did a heck of a job in building this truck.
That was stupid.
Dude, he left so early that I thought I didn't see the light, so I just left.
Yeah, I was I didn't have a good time there.
It sucked that we lost on a default.
We hate losing on that.
If I'd went on green, I probably would've won.
I think after this, I'm gonna go home.
I'm probably buying everyone food, because they've been all busting their ass and helping me out so much that I've got to hook them up a little bit.
But it never ends.
I've got to fix the car, 'cause I had a little issue at the end.
So, I've got to do some updates, and I'll be back on the streets.
Dude, you went, like, really, really, really, really, really early.
I fucked that up so bad.
I saw him go.
I'm like, Lambo's out.
- Wait, no, there goes Lance.
- I went be I went off him.
Oh, my God, I'm such an idiot.
Did I almost mow you down? I'm sorry.
I woke up this morning.
I said, "Don't get killed.
" - Good stuff, man.
- It's what I say every day.
I'm gonna blame the equipment.
Oh, I'm not a drag racer.
I'm more of a rally driver, and I've never had to use the launch mode.
This was pretty new to me.
It's a good day it's always a good day when you don't die, right? I jumped the line, which is not a good thing.
See, so I finished too soon.
This usually doesn't happen to me.
I'd like to say that.
- Hey, Tony.
- What up? - Good job, man.
Come here.
- Thanks.
You know, I've done it all.
I've swam with great white sharks, I've jumped out of planes, I've been on Mount Kilimanjaro.
This, I'm just so grateful to be here.
These people were good people.
And this is gonna be the best experience I've had all year.
- Lance? - Yeah.
- Sorry I jumped the line.
- It's all right.
- Come here.
- No problem.
- Any time.
- That's it, man.
The first reaction of the Lambo driver, you know, him pulling up with, you know, the girlfriend hanging out the window, you know, he's got all the gold and stuff on like, this guy's gonna be the typical Lambo driver, cocky and this and that.
But, you know, as soon as I met him, he changed my mind right away.
All right, so how was that for you guys? Apparently, we have a winner.
We do have a winner.
- All right.
All right, yeah.
- So, Tony, congratulations.
Congratulations, very nice.
I'm happy how the car is running.
It's running absolutely perfect, and I'm happy that I won.
I'm pretty happy.
This is a good day.
I'm so proud of you.