Fastlane (2002) s01e02 Episode Script

Girls Own Juice

This is a life of crime, 24/7.
You don't drop cover.
You never flash a badge.
This is personal for me.
I'm your partner, man.
I cut the deal myself.
That party was off the hook! What don't you understand, man? Billie said, "Rule one of the Candy Store is everything we seize, we keep.
Everything we keep, we use.
" - I seized the Bell helicopter, I'm using it.
- You seized the Bell helicopter? I drew on the pilot, I made him stand down.
Then the Bolivian guy rolled up in this Porsche right here.
Which, by the way, is also mine.
- I stopped the Porsche.
- Getting run over doesn't count.
I stopped it.
The booger sugar was in the Porsche, so the whole bust is mine.
I spent three weeks undercover sucking up to a dealer that didn't even use soap.
I was right there with you.
And it was just a deodorant issue.
So you're saying this is your bust? All I'm saying is that this little chopper pilot that you busted is like those orange-jumpsuit extra guys at the end of a James Bond movie.
I bagged the Goldfinger.
So if you wanna start putting "dibs" on things, I at least got the Porsche.
Okay, you know what? Cool.
I get the Bell helicopter, all right? - Can you even fly a Bell helicopter? - I've got lessons lined up.
- You got lessons lined up.
- A brother will be flying very shortly.
And on the real, this little secret corner of L.
, this is all right.
- I'm glad you like it.
- Glad you talked me into staying.
I also wanna try to talk you into leaving.
- What happened to the Bell helicopter? - I traded it with DEA.
For what, like, a jet, a yacht or something? - No, this.
- This what? I think she means the car, dude.
No, you don't mean the car.
What if it were Steve McQueen's car from Bullitt? Whew.
You're saying McQueen had his actual ass in that actual seat? Actual ass.
No! Don't touch.
Right here.
You can still smell the cigarette smoke.
Man, sweet.
I can't believe you actually like Bullitt.
Chicks hate that movie.
I had a girl break up with me for making her sit through it.
- Yeah, see, I doubt that was the reason.
Ha, ha.
Anyway, Bullitt was the reason I became a cop.
Really? - Mm-hm.
You're a lesbian, right? It's totally cool with me.
I don't care.
- Let's go for a ride.
- No.
Chance of rain.
I wanna put a third coat of wax on her before she deals with the elements.
Have a great weekend.
"Have a great weekend.
" "I wanna put a third coat on her before 'she' deals with the elements.
" Fifty bucks says the boss plays all-girl fast pitch.
The woman is clearly in love with Steve McQueen.
No, she identifies with him, okay? Big difference.
Whatever, Van.
Look, I'm out of here too.
Big party tonight.
That's cool.
Hey, maybe we could, uh No.
- Why not? - We're partners.
So we can't hang if we're partners? Look, you're a great guy, Van.
You're a little unstable but I think we'll work better if we keep it clean and simple.
Ha, ha.
Whoo! All right.
You don't wanna hit that party in Steve McQueen's car that's fine with me.
Billie finds out, you know we're fired.
- I'm disconnecting the odometer.
- I'm driving.
Do you mind? I was feeling that.
See, that's the reason I don't wanna hang with you.
What is your problem? Do you have an attention deficit disorder? Hitting my buttons, shifting around in the seat like you're a Ritalin boy.
Distracting me from the road.
That's vintage Stevie Wonder, 1968.
Just like this car.
I have nothing against the classics.
But I happen to think that this artist is overrated.
- Overrated? Over what? - Overrated.
This man has shaped the music we listen to today.
He's the reason you became a cop? No.
He's the reason I became black.
What the hell was that? I think that was a moving violation.
Yo! Why is there never a cop around when you need one? Please tell me that didn't happen.
I really hate these guys.
Well, I really hate your driving.
We gotta get those guys.
One problem.
They're not guys.
Look, I know what you're thinking.
There's a perfectly good explanation for all this.
Okay, the explanation is lame.
Bottom line is we shouldn't have taken this Mustang.
We know that.
- It was my idea.
- That's true.
He drove.
It's really not that bad.
I mean, some of these dents might just buff right out.
What the hell happened? Well, we were just cruising along totally feeling guilty about borrowing the car.
A block away, a crew comes into a jewelry mart for a little smash and grab scooping up We find out later, that's the third job in three weeks.
They're on these tricked-out hybrids.
They can get places L.
They hit their targets during rush hour, go over what they can't get around.
That's when we came in, victims of circumstance.
What he said.
Could that excuse suck more? Look, we know we screwed up, okay? - Right? - Right.
But we think we can get these guys.
See, that's very interesting.
The problem is, Robbery-Homicide is already on the job.
RHD has had three shots at this crew and they fumbled.
I'm thinking we swoop in, get them first, old school versus new school.
Do I have to remind you guys what we do here? What we seize, we keep.
What we keep, we use.
What do these criminals have that we want? Bikes are rare, total custom hybrids.
They could pay for the McQueen car.
Well, they could pay for something.
Bikes aren't enough? How about this? We know something that Robbery-Homicide doesn't.
And what is that? These three bad guys are three very bad girls.
We're in, we're out.
Clean and simple bust.
You have 72 hours.
Look at that.
- Oh.
- Ha-ha-ha.
- How much you think they're worth? - Paper says $460,000.
Oh, we are rich! Yes, girl.
All right, we gotta settle down, okay? We're not spending a penny of this until things cool off.
I understand playing it safe, Jade.
But we've been sitting on all this for weeks now.
If I'm gonna put little Henry in school, I gotta front some cash.
All right, all right.
School only, Gina, okay? No new cars, no new clothes.
- Nothing that's gonna draw attention.
- Swear to God.
Now, we have to turn all this into some cold hard cash.
- You know what I'm saying? Yeah.
Diamonds might be some girls' best friends, but I'd rather be hanging with Ben.
What's up, baby? Uh-oh.
Is that how you greet your close friends, man? Tarot cards told me a friend was gonna stop by, player.
And it wasn't gonna be good.
Maybe those cards were talking about another.
How do you know I ain't just here to hang out with you, dog? Just kick back and break bread, you know what I'm saying? Ha, ha.
- You brought your little white friend.
- That's my partner.
Exactly my point.
Good to meet you.
Do it like this, player.
No fingerprints.
We're looking for three thieves.
Who do I look like, Huggy Bear? Looking for three bikers that can ride, and I mean ride.
Tricked-out, custom hybrids, armed and very dangerous.
You think they're the same people who jacked those liquor joints and that jewelry mart, am I right? Maybe he is psychic.
No, playboy.
Robbery's in today's paper.
What that paper didn't tell you is that those bikers are chicks, man.
There's some real spit right there.
Look at this food.
I thought you was on the Zone, yo.
Oh, now, man, it's the Atkins thing right there, man.
All protein, bam, all the time, bam.
I'm down 86 pounds, homey.
You'd better open up your eyes twice the size and realize.
What about the girls? You know what, man? I might know the name of a little honey that fits that description.
But, uh, what's in it for your boy Aquarius? - What do you want? - Well, since you did ask, man.
Partner of mine by the name of Tony Hornsbury.
Got him up in the county right now, man.
Total frame job, homey.
Harsh, very harsh.
I was about to call the Reverend Al when y'all walked up in here.
Y'all get him out, I give you the skirt.
Done deal.
Can we do that? I have no idea.
Goldilocks, man.
Over in Boyle Heights.
Jade, Jade something, man.
Work over at Mo's, man, doing those custom rides out that way.
Now, her and her corner crew they probably could have pulled something like this off, man.
But I ain't heard nothing about no stones changing hands.
It'd be cool if you kick our name around on the street.
About us being high-end fences.
I could do that.
Now, who's your man holding it down in BH? A cat by the name of Jimmy Lipps, man.
He take care of all the bigger action out that way, you know.
But he's up in Vegas right now on that crap table doing that seven-11 thing.
He won't be home till tomorrow.
It's been great.
Enjoyed dinner with you.
No fingerprints.
Hey, man, and that female Jade she hot to def, you understands me? Whew.
But you don't wanna go nowhere near that.
Couple of years back, whacked her ex, player.
Took a knife, split dude open like a pinata.
And ain't a piece of candy come out of that.
- Thanks, man.
Thanks, man.
And stop coming in here yelling my name loud like that.
"Aquarius! Aquarius!" Don't do that, player.
See you later, Aquarius.
Aquarius is right.
Hot to def.
The fact she smoked her boyfriend takes it down a notch or two She said it was self-defense.
- Reading her trial transcript? - Jury believed her, she walked.
- Let me ask you, man, are you soft? - Am I what? I'm feeling a lot of empathy radiating off you, man.
You ain't even met this girl.
I gotta know the person to play the person.
That's how I do things.
See, there's the problem.
She's not a person, she's a mark.
You get too deep into this little biographical stuff and pretty soon, you're not seeing things so clear.
- We went through this with the last blond.
- I'm just doing my homework.
You wanna sit in the back of class and pass notes, that's on you.
So you're telling me that if it was an ugly pock-faced Vinnie with a buzz cut and neck tats, his face would be on the plasma? Jade speaks Portuguese, did you know that? I know that.
You speak Portuguese? - That might be an in.
- So, what you saying? - You play bass? - She does.
By the way, so do I.
If you ever asked me anything about myself, you might know that.
I don't have to ask anything because you tell me anyway.
Why waste my breath? She'll kick your ass at pool.
Do your homework, player.
Ain't nobody beating my ass in pool.
There is no way this is gonna play.
You're just jealous of my idea, okay, because my ideas always work.
A girl like this got game.
You gotta go at her straight, Van.
State your business.
You wanna bet on that, huh? Whoever loses takes to the stage and sings that overrated song that you love so much.
You're on, slick.
- What's up? - Hey.
You ready to take me on, sweetness? You wanna put your money on the table and wait your turn? I bet you say that every night, you know what I'm saying? Ha, ha.
Game of pocket pool's awaiting in the john.
Hey, Mr.
Leather-Pants-in-October, do you see me talking to you? What's your problem, man? - What's your problem? - You don't have to do that.
- I got it.
What's your problem? - My problem? It's your breath.
Get one of those sonic toothbrushes, kill the gingivitis, tongue scraper, something? - Ha.
You're really funny.
- Yeah, I'm funny.
Aah! Unh.
You think that's funny? A friend would cut me some slack.
We're not friends, remember? - Let go, man! - Why don't you give me a reason? He ain't worth it.
Come on, cut him loose.
I'll buy you a beer.
- There's a reason.
Bar in back is less crowded.
Yeah, in a minute.
I gotta use the john.
Did I win the bet? I think I won.
- You almost broke my arm.
- Don't try and get out of it.
- I'll pay you instead, cash.
- No.
Come on, use your diaphragm.
Go get them, tiger.
Thank you, ladies.
Very nice.
Excuse me.
And now, we have "For Once in My Life.
" Okay.
Who the hell are you? - You hit me.
- I'm about to start cutting.
Van Strummer.
- Who's your friend? - Who? - The guy you saved me from.
- The guy out there? That show was the oldest play in the book, pretty boy.
Deaq told me I couldn't fade you.
He's obviously right.
Deaq, that's his name.
I know you usually do business with Jimmy Lipps.
But I thought, you know, if we met in a social setting maybe you and I could hit a groove you know, kind of like we're doing now and talk some shop.
Deaq told me to play it straight.
I should've listened to him.
And what makes you think I need a fence? Heard you got some rocks to move.
Anything high-end I can get top dollar, that's why I got Deaq with me.
I can't tell a diamond from an ice cube.
Yeah, well, I build motorcycles.
You see that? It's grease.
I look like I wear diamonds to you? Is that a trick question? Even if I did have something to fence, which I don't I wouldn't go to you.
Because I don't know you from Adam- 12.
Whoo! Hey! Thank you.
Can't take what Yo, man, did you hear me out there? I was good! Oh, man.
I am seriously thinking about a career change, man.
Vicious D.
No, just Deaqon, that's fly.
Well, I'm happy for you, okay? I was a little unconscious at the time, but I'm sure you were great.
You won the bet, by the way.
You telling me I got up there and sang and I didn't even lose? - Hey.
What's the matter with you? - Nothing.
- He got beat up by a girl.
- He got beat up by a girl? I didn't get beat up by a girl, okay? I just got decked.
And then a little knifed.
Wait, so in other words, you blew it.
Please tell me you guys have another plan here, please.
It's all good.
She's just careful.
I gave her my cell phone.
Just need to get rid of her fence.
We still have to come through for Aquarius.
If Tony Hornsbury don't get out of county, that source dries up.
Well, I'll talk to my boss.
He can take care of Tony.
You have a boss? - Everybody has a boss.
- You don't act like you have a boss.
That's what my boss says.
What's the name of this fence? - Jimmy Lipps.
- Jimmy Lipps.
Did you hear about Jimmy Lipps? Three DUls.
They ain't never letting that man back behind the wheel.
Yeah, when he gets out.
That's the problem.
We can't be waiting around for that.
Don't be telling me we ain't got no place to go.
I met a guy.
His name's Van.
Says he moves pretty high-end stuff.
I asked around.
Seems to check out.
So call him.
- Hey.
- You're late, girl.
First thing you ought to buy yourself is a watch.
So, what's going on? Jimmy Lipps got busted.
But Jade's about to call this other fence.
- Why are you still not dialing? - Because we didn't exactly hit it off.
She means she was a beyotch.
So get him on the phone and show some love, girl.
All right.
Yeah, come on.
Don't be scared, just pick up the phone.
Come on.
Hello? Hi, is this Van? Could be.
Who's this? Uh, this is Jade.
We met last night.
Jade, Jade.
Uh Yeah, I'm the one who hit you in the face with brass knuckles.
Right, right, okay, it's all coming back to me now.
I had a little amnesia from the blow.
Yeah, well, I'm so sorry about that.
It's okay, GQ pushed my photo shoot back.
You're funny.
You're funny.
Listen, Jade, I got a really busy schedule.
Is there something I can do for you? Yeah, I was, uh, hoping we could talk some business.
Oh, gee, I mean, I don't know.
I don't know you from Adam- 12.
- Are we having fun yet? - No.
So are we gonna hook up or what? If we split up, let's meet back at the Candy Store, midnight, all right? Yes, Pop.
Hope you don't mind, I brought my partners.
It's okay, I brought mine.
Remember Deaq? Mr.
What's up? - I deserve that.
- Van.
What's up? I'm Shelly.
This is Gina.
- She's sorry about the brass.
- And the knife.
It's all good.
Just add some pain and suffering to my price.
Speaking of price, maybe we could see a sample of something, ladies.
You're coming with me.
That looks real good.
Doesn't it, though? Nice cut.
Yes, it is.
I can't think of nothing God invented sexier than this right here.
Well, I guess I can think of a couple things.
Four hundred and sixty thousand things come to my mind.
I need to see a lot more than this to come up with that number.
Only have what you see.
Jade has the rest.
I love this part.
This for me? Not yet.
Where you going? Think you can keep up? Absolutely not.
Your boy had better be shooting straight with Jade this time around.
My boy's cool.
Let's go.
We want the other one.
He'd better be.
If Jade doesn't trust him she'll take him out the way and whack his ass.
Last guy did her wrong, she cut him from the herd.
Nobody's seen him since.
He's got nothing to hide.
So it's all good.
It's all good, baby.
Why the stress? Come on, let's roll.
Trying to play hard to get? I had to make sure we weren't followed.
Not really the trusting kind, are you? There's 72 rocks there.
You'll see the rest later.
Your partner will vouch for their quality.
What? I heard you killed a guy.
Does that bother you? Mind if I ask why? One tried to play me.
And the other? Tried to kiss me.
I'm hoping that's a foreign object.
Me too.
I'll raise you one.
A little good-faith money put your mind at ease? There's 20,000 big faces staring back at you.
Assuming all goes well with Deaq and these are the stones I think they are I'm offering you 230,000 minus what I just gave you.
- That's half what they're worth, Van.
- It's a fair deal.
Buyers are hard to find.
Stones have to be recut and shipped offshore.
All right.
Let's do it tomorrow.
Twelve o'clock.
Sounds good.
Not yet.
One day I got a handful of diamonds.
I'm on top of the world, right? The next day, you two walk into my life.
I don't know what happened.
How did I get into this? You're a smart girl, Gina.
You'll do the right thing.
You're asking me to sell out my two best friends.
We've known since second grade.
You should be thinking about your little boy.
The kid needs his mom.
You do this, you walk.
You get a second chance to do good.
If you don't, well You call, let us know when the deal's going down with these two losers.
We'll grab them up.
You don't need to be there.
They won't do it without me.
Like I said, we're friends.
Besides, I didn't say I was doing this.
She'll do it.
"Hey"? Is that all you have to say for yourself is "hey"? Okay.
Hey, you really should get that sonic toothbrush.
Look, man, while you were out there hitting it with Jade I've been sitting here for six hours, man, wondering if you're dead or alive.
Look, I wasn't hitting it with Jade, okay? I was just driving around, trying to clear my head, that's all.
Ain't nothing to clear, Van.
You don't even think.
I'm your partner, man.
I'm supposed to know where you are, if you're okay or if you're just an idiot.
I'm sorry, okay? I just I really hate this sometimes.
Hate what? What, you're gonna give me that I-feel-bad-for-the-girl speech? Because if you are, man, I don't wanna hear it.
These people, Van, they make choices, all right? They make the wrong ones, they gotta come see us.
Because that's the job, man.
We're here to catch the bad guy.
Now, whatever that takes, that's what we gotta do.
Look, I know what the job is, okay? But I don't wanna hate myself.
I'm just a liar.
I mean, that's what I do for a living.
I lie.
And I'm really great at it, which sucks, because I have to look into Jade's eyes and in a thousand more down the road and I have to say: "Hey, you know, don't worry.
You can trust me.
I'm a stand-up guy.
" I'm not saying that they're not guilty, you know, that they don't deserve time.
I'm just saying that I feel guilty too sometimes.
I wish I could tell you something to make you feel better, you know? Look, I I'm sorry I didn't call, okay? I didn't mean to worry you.
- We cool? - Yeah.
We cool.
You guys are gay, aren't you? Not that I care.
It's totally cool with me.
They've been smart not to spend, but they still have three new bikes.
Like a Jesse James custom, you know what I'm saying? Worth about 75 K, easy.
Well, here's $210,000.
Of course, they'll never be able to get to spend it.
What's with you? Nothing.
I'm just a great liar.
Why I like to work alone, by Deaqon Hayes.
He likes me, but he's worried.
Okay, listen, the meet's at noon.
I want you guys to start the deal, let them count the money.
- At 12:20, I'll come in and close the deal.
- Fine.
Can I ask you a personal question? - Yeah.
- Excuse us.
What's with those? I mean, you ever gonna smoke one of these? It's a willpower thing.
It's not really working.
Well, I hear it's harder to quit than heroin.
It's about the same.
You're full of surprises, Billie.
Full of surprises.
You look like you need a release.
Get that out of my face.
Van, wait up.
- What the hell's wrong with you? - Nothing.
Well, if you're worried Van's a cop, he's not.
He gave me $20,000 last night, all in good faith.
- I'm not worried.
- Maybe we should keep some of these.
Don't spread them out all over the table.
You wanna get jacked? No, we wanna see the cash first.
- Okay.
What happened to good faith? - I don't wanna look like amateurs.
Will you get away from that window, girl? We don't need no welcome wagon.
You look ill.
You feeling okay? I'm fine.
I was just up with, um, Henry all night.
He had a fever.
Just tired, is all.
Now you can take him to a good doctor instead of that quack at the strip mall.
All right.
You guys let me handle this, okay, because Van and I, we talk the same talk.
Yeah, I bet you do.
Freeze! Police! Put it down! Jade! Stop! Stay with me.
All right, all right, all right, let's go.
Start the engine, start the engine.
- Maybe Shelly's just hurt.
- She ain't hurt, Gina.
There ain't nothing we can do about that now.
We gotta get out of here.
I can't go.
What about Henry? Listen to me.
We just killed a cop, do you hear what I'm saying? Both of us are gonna feel the heat for that if we hang around.
Henry's better off at your cousin's place till you and I find somewhere to settle down.
We're gonna stick together tighter than ever, but we gotta go now, go! Oh, God.
Ray, Ray.
Ray, stay with me, stay with me.
Damn it! I mean, Shelly's dead, Cornwright's dead.
I just wish like hell it was me! Who is Cornwright? I said, who is Cornwright? - I don't know.
- It's that cop, isn't it? And you know his name? Girl, don't lie to me.
What did you do? They said they would take my son away.
- You didn't.
- Jade, I Because I would never sell you out for nothing, Gina.
And you do this to me? - Jade, I had no choice.
- Come with me.
Let's all just stay cool.
Bitch killed Shelly.
They're all cop killers and scumbags.
Jade, just think about what you're doing, okay? Shoot them all if you have to.
She is your partner.
She's your friend.
You're talking about my friend since grade school here? The one who lived with me and my mother after hers died? Now she's making deals with the cops.
Forget about the friendship.
Put down your weapons and come out with your hands in the air.
Listen, she's no good to you dead.
There's at least five sharpshooters out there.
They're all waiting in a line to take a shot, Jade.
Think about it.
She's one of them.
We use her as a hostage, we all get out alive.
- Jade, wait - Shut up, bitch.
- Look, you got the money? - Yeah.
Here's my end.
Toss that bag to Gina, we'll be on our way.
All right, you cradle that, bitch.
Because you sure as hell ain't ever gonna see your boy again.
Hold your fire! - Don't shoot, don't shoot! Hold your fire! It's my informant.
Don't shoot! It's okay, it's okay.
Keep quiet.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, take it easy.
Whoa, whoa, relax, relax, relax.
Thanks for coming up with the whole hostage idea, partner.
This is desperate, Jade.
They're just gonna shoot all of us.
- Why don't we just give ourselves up? - I'm all for that.
No, what we're gonna do is hop on that bike and rocket out of here full throttle.
Let's go.
I hate to tell you, I can't let you take him.
Will you listen to that? I wish Gina had been that loyal.
Yeah, he's great.
Don't make me shoot you, Jade.
Go ahead and shoot.
Far as I'm concerned, both people who mattered are dead.
And if I get caught, I got death row waiting.
Now, come on, let's go.
Get on that bike.
Hold your fire! Ugh.
My ass! - Doesn't look like he can make that ride.
- You shot me in my ass! Drop your weapons and come outside with your hands up.
What you thinking? That you couldn't shoot me before.
That you wouldn't shoot me now.
What are you thinking? I wish we were up on Mulholland Drive right now.
Are you for real? I'm laying here bleeding on the floor! - Don't do it, Jade.
- I'm trying to think of a reason why not.
Nothing's worth dying over.
You got anything else? I care.
How about that? I think you do.
I just wish it was enough.
Jade! Jade! No! Ow! You hurting me, man! Hey, I'm trying to be gentle, okay? Will you just stay still? Ugh.
You're doing it too slow, that's the problem.
It wouldn't hurt if you just did it fast.
Don't tell me how to do it.
I know how to do it, okay? I've done it before.
There, it's over.
Okay, you baby? I just got back from the hospital.
Detective Cornwright wasn't whining half as much as you were.
That's because he's still unconscious.
I, on the other hand, am well aware that my partner shot me in the ass.
You know, a black man takes pride in his booty.
And mine was fine.
- It was okay.
- It was great.
Now look at it, it's all dented.
- It still looks pretty good to me.
- Okay, look.
- Can you stop looking at it? - You know, you could thank me.
- Thank you for what? - For saving your life.
See, that's what I get for being a good partner.
You're a terrible partner, man.
You're just terrible.
That's why I like to work alone.
I would never shoot myself in my own ass.
You're supposed to shoot the bad guy.
That's the protocol, right? He's right.
Well, SWAT would've filled you full of holes if it wasn't for me.
Now, he's right.
Well, I would pick, but I kind of wanna shoot you both in the ass.
Listen, never ever steal anything from the Candy Store again.
You're staying here, aren't you? - I thought you'd want some company.
- I don't.
Get your paws off my rolls, man.
You're awfully rude.