Fastlane (2002) s01e04 Episode Script

Things Done Changed

Strip clubs is for suckers, man.
A bunch of tricks shaking ass to take your cheddar.
We steal, they lie, we're all trying to make a living, man.
No, they the thieves, homey.
Damn tricks.
You've got a serious issue with women, don't you, dude? You'd rather be home watching Oz.
What? Calling me homosexual? I'm calling you a jerk-off.
Get that out of my face.
- You ready, Deaq? - Just say the word.
Let's do it.
Let's go skin the kitty.
Everybody get down on the ground now! - Get down.
Get down.
Get on the floor.
Everybody down.
What are you, deaf, dumb or blond? I said, get down on the ground now.
- Get down.
You too, down.
You the manager? Where's the safe? - There ain't one.
- What? There ain't one.
Where's the safe? - In the back.
- Let's go.
Move it.
Sixty seconds! Sorry to interrupt your romance, folks but I must kindly ask you to drop your wood and grab your wallets.
Let's go.
Everybody, get down.
Get down.
Face down.
Didn't I tell you to get on the ground? Get your ass on the ground.
What you waiting on? I can't remember the numbers.
What if I blast off one of those fingers? That'll jog your memory.
Give me a second! I can't think with you on top of me! You'd better open that safe, boy.
You're killing me, man.
Thirty-eight, 37, 36 Thirty-six.
Thirty-six, 24, 36.
Move it, Opie.
How are you gonna forget some numbers like that? What are you, a squirrel? Come on, drop the pecans and give me your wallet.
Oh, look at this.
This is not a Rolex.
Time's up.
Hey, you didn't have to shoot homeboy, dog.
- Nobody told fool to play a hero.
- You trying to play hero, player.
We did what we had to do, man.
- What? What? - What's that? Wanna get knocked out, huh? Look, we showed you what we got.
We in or we out? Can't find better players than me and Deaq, man.
You're welcome to try.
Y'all some real live monsters, huh? Look, there's gonna be meeting tomorrow at the garage at 3 p.
Y'all be there.
Yeah? Just checking in.
Will you give Van a message for me? You tell him if I was really a blond, I'd kick his ass.
Billie says, "Good job.
" Well, thank you.
Tell her I know.
Van says he's sorry.
How's Watkins? He's sore.
But the sting went off without a hitch.
- How did it go on your end? - Don't worry, baby, we're in.
That's net.
What are you talking about? I was on it.
I hit it over.
- I spiked it.
- Are you up in my face, Martel? Are you up in my face? If you're up in my face, believe me you'll be parking your butt in that sandbox, playing with those short kids.
Get out of my face and put the ball back in play.
- Aquarius.
- What's up, Deaq? - What's going on? - Peace, little baby.
Ah, what am I in, a lion country safari? - You look like a damn supersized zebra.
- You'd rather see me in a tank top? All these vertical stripes be slimming me down, player.
What's up, man? I got your message.
Why couldn't it wait till tomorrow? Man, it seems like a blast from your past tracked me down.
You got an old friend in need, man.
It's not my place to jump all in the middle of this but if I was you, I'd run like Forrest Gump.
Run, Deaqon Hayes, run.
What you talking about, man? What? Damn.
Hey, get out of there.
Seeing it all in slow motion, ain't you? Don't you admit it, man? You've fallen and you can't get up.
The Aquarius only got so much wisdom to dispense on you.
Better walk your path, man.
Martel, come on now.
Come on, get out of here.
Come on.
- Hey, Deaq.
How you been? Good, I'm good.
- You? - Better than some, worse than others.
Actually, I'm I'm doing pretty bad.
Things are They're complicated.
I'm sure you know lots of people who can help make it simple.
You know, I still talk to your sister every now and then.
- Humph.
- I know you're a cop.
- What kind of trouble you in? - Marital.
I didn't know.
So who is he? His name's Alton White.
I met him right after he got out of prison.
He robbed a bank or something stupid like that.
You always liked the bad boys, right? He said that he'd learned his lesson.
He said all he wanted was a regular life.
White picket fence, 9-to-5 job.
- But? - He's still pulling scores.
- He's planning a big job right now.
- So leave him.
- You don't need a cop for that.
- Uh, Deaq, wait a minute, I tried.
But he hunted me down at my mother's and he dragged me back here.
He told me that if That if I ever left him again, he'd kill me.
I'm afraid to stay but I'm even more afraid to leave.
I know I can't I can't expect you to help me.
I know that.
Not after what we've been through.
But I don't have anywhere else to go.
Alton White, convicted twice of armed robbery.
Eddie Jefferson, L.
's finest car thief.
And Owen Little, a.
Shadow, professional psycho.
- What happened to you? - Yeah, what happened to you? Nothing.
I tripped over the belt of my robe and hit my head on a table.
We get shot at every day, you got beat up by a bathrobe? It's the truth.
I hit my head on a table.
I could've lied.
Does it make me less of a man? And the rest of Alton's crew.
The Franchese brothers.
- New York's finest stickup men.
They were put in the witness-protection program after testifying against the Fagalo crime family.
- They've been two very bad men.
- They're airtight, how are we getting in? - Our friend she says that they're pulling down a score real soon.
Oh, this friend is a she.
Yeah, from the old neighborhood.
She's a childhood friend.
- She She is a female, then.
- Yes, she is a female.
- She's a woman, yeah.
I have women who are friends, unlike other people I know.
- Hey, I have women who are friends.
- Who? Yeah, who? Your mama? Okay, great.
- Billie.
- We work together.
If you're gonna split hairs, come on.
They already have a big crew so it's gonna be real hard to get on the inside, Billie.
Well, I think I can free up a couple of spaces.
All we have to do is get rid of the Franchese brothers.
You're probably wondering who I am.
I was taken in three times.
Where were you to read me my rights? I just got off the phone with Joe "The Whip" Fagalo.
The guy you testified against.
- How's that idiot doing? - Oh, he's doing really good.
He just wanted to send you a Christmas card so I gave him your address.
What? Don't tell me you guys are Jewish.
- We're in witness protection.
- Mm, yeah, I know.
But then I heard Sammy the Bull was dealing drugs while still in witness protection so I decided I wasn't a fan of the program anymore.
Those guys will kill us.
Then you'd better get your fettuccini to go, then.
- What's up? - Hey.
Look, I only have an hour.
Alton thinks I'm at the dentist.
- It won't take long.
I'm nervous, Deaq.
- When did you start smoking? - This morning.
Give me this.
Look, all right, everything's gonna be fine.
- You still do that.
- What? The pinky thing.
I always loved when you did that.
Always made me feel like all was right with the world.
You be just a banger then, but now you're a cop.
Yeah, things done changed, Rosaria.
Now, I can help you but I wanna be clear about something.
- Okay.
- We gotta do this my way.
If that makes you scared and you wanna back out, you tell me now.
- I want this.
- You're about to meet my partner, Van.
He's mad cool.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
This is Rosaria, an old friend of mine.
You have to memorize all of it.
You have to know it like the back of your hand.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- All right, who is Deaq to you? - My cousin.
- And his mother? - My Aunt Felicia, who died six years ago.
And is Deaq the oldest or youngest of her two sons? - Oldest.
- Sure about that? Oh, wait.
Um, no, youngest.
You can't waver like that, all right? You've gotta be sure.
Cover stories could come back to bite you in your ass at any time.
Like, my captain, he used to make me use flash cards.
- Maybe we should do that.
- I don't need flash cards.
- She doesn't need cards.
- I'm saying - Say it over there.
Try it again.
What's with the tats, man? I'm playing a role.
I'm an ex-con.
Ex-cons wear tats.
What's up with your hat? - What role you playing? - Hey, this is my hat, okay? You don't like my hat? Just never seen you get your full Brando on, that's all.
Uh-uh, uh-uh, my husband's not home.
You're lying, baby.
Ha, ha.
You've got that little crease in your brow the one you had when you were a girl.
The same one you got right now.
Come on, we wanna meet the myth, the man, the legend.
We ain't talking about Elvis, you know? - You said he was your cousin.
- He is my cousin.
- Yes.
- Alton.
Alton White, you home? Rosaria, what the hell is going on here? What you yelling outside my house? Ha, ha.
- Who are y'all? Hey, man, I'm your family.
You and I are related, man.
Ha, ha.
I'm related to Alton White.
That's hot.
He's my cousin.
Yeah, come on in.
Thank you.
Toss me that lighter, baby.
Sure missed these brews in Chino, man.
How much time you spent up there? Eighteen months.
I get out, I heard my baby cousin married to the Alton White, ha, ha.
I had to see for myself, man.
You're like a legend in the pen.
That must mean you know my boy, Two Tears.
Two Tears.
Heard he doing 20 years at Lompoc.
- It's a long way from Chino, man.
- No, baby.
He got transferred up to Chino about six months ago.
Come on, now, everybody know Two Tears.
And Two Tears knows everybody.
Definitely know the name.
Armed robbery, right? See, I was hanging with the Rolling Sixties in Block 3.
Two Tears or his boys ain't nowhere around that crew, know what I'm saying? True, true.
Ask him, man.
Can you wait a minute? Ask me what? We're wondering if you had anything lined up.
Looking for work and we got skills.
What's your story, pretty boy? Once upon a time, there was a man named Van.
Never got caught, never did one day in the box.
End of story.
You like that? Well, I got a habit of not taking on any stray dogs unless I know they can do some tricks.
You wanna see us do tricks? We got a strip club we've been waiting to hit.
We showed you what we got.
The sting went off without a hitch.
How'd it go on your end? We're in.
All right.
I'll catch you later, all right? - Yo.
Yo, wait a minute.
- What? - Look at this place.
- Ha, ha.
- Are you kidding me? You gotta be kidding.
- Ha, ha.
You like this? - I'm only gonna be here two weeks.
- Two weeks? - You got something going on with Billie? - No, man.
How come I gotta live in the hotel bungalow and you got the sweet, phat pad on the beach with the pool and the view? And do you even play piano? - A little.
- And a pool table.
Oh, that is not the kitchen.
That kitchen's bigger than my whole hotel room.
This is a gourmet kitchen.
I mean, come on, man, you know how lucky you are? Oprah Winfrey's cook would flip to cook in this kitchen.
Now, look at this, I saw this on a cooking show once.
- I don't know what that is.
- Check that out.
I'm gonna get, uh, my Chef Vanardee on.
I'm gonna cook spaghetti.
- You're gonna tell your grandkids about it - I don't like spaghetti.
Black people don't eat spaghetti.
I'm tired, really.
I just wanna relax a bit.
You know, chill out, get my mind right that type of thing.
You know what I'm saying? I wanna hit the silk, dream of Jeannie.
That's it.
- All right.
- You know what I'm saying? - No - No hard feelings, right? - I don't care.
I'll just get, uh, room service.
- We cool.
Right? - I'm sorry, man.
All right.
- Yeah.
You sure it's safe for you to be here? Oh, yeah.
Alton plays poker tonight.
He's not gonna be back until midnight.
You know, I just came by to thank you for putting yourself on the line for me.
It's my job.
You know, the last time I saw you, you were outrunning a cop car.
Now you're behind the wheel.
- Just can't get over it, Deaq.
- Mm.
I guess cops make a lot more than I thought they did.
- Trust me, they don't, all right? - Mm.
Don't get it twisted, this ain't mine, okay? Ha, ha.
But I'm real happy with my life right now.
When you get a clean slate, you'd be surprised how your life can change.
And I want that for you.
I should have left with you nine years ago.
I was scared, Deaq.
Leaving my friends and family behind.
Couldn't leave Darnell either, huh? I did what I thought was right at the time.
Well, the best thing now is probably for you to go home, right? The past is the past.
Just leave it there.
Is that what you want? Maybe when this is all done Maybe we should talk about it then, you know? What are you doing, man? - What are you doing? - I hope I scared you.
- Well, I hope I hurt you.
- I knew you were lying, man.
I knew it.
- I didn't lie.
- Yes, you did.
Exhibit A, the whole beautiful girl who happens to be a friend.
Exhibit B, the pinky twisting.
Don't think I didn't see that.
And C, you ramble when you lie.
"Man, I'm tired.
I'm gonna shut it down.
I'm worn to the bone, just hit the silk, dream of Jeannie, know what I'm saying?" You've got two tells when you lie, one of them is rambling.
Okay, all right, I lied.
That's what you wanna hear? We're undercover, lying to criminals 24/7.
I don't need a partner doing the same.
I need to know the truth.
Can I talk now? Now that you've got that off your chest, can I speak, please? All right, Rosaria and I, we had a love thing, man.
We were kids, 17, 18 years old.
She was dating this Crip, Darnell, all right? They broke up, we get together, kicks off this whole street war.
My brother sent me to New York.
Rosaria was supposed to come with me, all right? She never showed up.
She went back to Darnell.
That's the whole story which has nothing to do with this case, man.
It doesn't matter.
You know why? Because this case is officially over.
Okay? If Billie would've known that she would've shut it down and she'd be right.
That sounds so stupid coming from you.
Not once did I ever lie to you.
You just jeopardized our lives to play pinky twist with your little girlfriend.
I could've been Alton and you would've been dead.
I cannot believe you're trying to make this about lying to you.
It ain't about you.
It's about me, all right? Where I come from, there ain't nobody you can trust but yourself.
And if you've got a problem with that, do what you gotta do.
Do what you gotta go, Van.
You know what a good friend of mine once said? You gotta trust your gut.
Mine's telling me to get out.
You've got 15 minutes.
Fifteen minutes.
On the gate.
Lot of peeps come through these doors.
I ain't never heard of no Deaqon Hayes but, um, you keep it on the DL and I'll do some recon.
Yeah, right on.
Van makes a habit of being late? He's not gonna make it.
What's with the armored truck? Yo.
Yo, I'm here.
I'm here.
- Sorry I'm late.
I said 3:00.
Yeah, well, the traffic on the 405 was a total suck fest.
So, what are we looking at? - This is where the money is.
What is it? It's a little building inside of Los Angeles County that moves $2 million every Friday from the safe to the armored truck.
- This little building have a name? - That's none of your damn business, is it? Look, we operate on a need-to-know basis.
That way, nobody gets drunk and try to impress their little girlfriends by telling them when and where we do our business.
Is that okay? - That's how he does it.
- You cats got a problem with that? - I'm cool with it, man.
You cool with it? - Yo, cool with me.
The 2 mil gets handed off to three armored-car guards.
The cart is wheeled for 200 yards towards an armored truck waiting outside.
Now, I've got a man on the inside of a securities company who's gonna provide us with uniforms, credentials.
And he'll also help set the plan in motion by phoning in that we're gonna be arriving 10 minutes early in this truck, a perfect match.
So that means three men on the inside, one stays in the truck another dressed as a civilian in a follow car.
Nobody notices a thing.
What's up with your man at the security company? Well, he's mine and he's solid.
His take comes out of my end.
These phones are identical to the ones worn by the guards.
Everyone will have a two-way.
Everybody stays on speed dial.
One last need-to-know piece: Don't make any plans for Friday.
Bull riding, the most dangerous of all of our contest events.
They ride for eight consecutive Oh! You know, I did the rodeo circuit for, like, three years.
What, were you, like, a clown or something? The clown's the toughest job in the rodeo, stupid.
What's troubling you, man? Something ain't right.
I talked to Two Tears and he said he ain't never even heard of no Deaqon Hayes in Chino.
There's a thousand cons in and out of Chino every day.
I trust him.
I don't like him, but I trust him.
Hey, yo, man, they kicked ass at the strip club.
Hey, Deaq.
Why don't you stay for dinner? Thanks for the invite, but, uh, me and Van, we already going out.
Van can go out with Eddie and Shadow.
You stay seeing we family and all.
Yeah, we know where we can take him.
Okay, I get it.
You're upset about the clown thing.
Look, I have great respect for the whole rodeo system and their clowns.
But if you feel the need to get up on that thing and prove how tough you are go for it.
No, homeboy, you gonna show us how tough you are.
That's right.
Yeah! Whoo! Ha, ha.
Boy, that was fun.
Don't you wanna do it again or what? Sure.
He all right, man.
What's the matter, cousin? You don't like my baby's cooking? No, it's really good.
Thank you.
Just holidays coming up, you know? I'm just trying to watch myself, you know? Ha, ha.
I bet you all spent a whole lot of Christmases together, huh? Oh, yeah, quite a few.
Now, which one of my baby's aunts is your mama? - Felicia.
- Yeah, she died six years ago.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
That must have really broke your little brother Brady up, didn't it? Bobby.
Girl, was I talking to you? I believe I was talking to him.
Now, here I am, trying to bond with your relatives and you won't let us have a simple conversation.
She's always interrupting me.
You're really starting to piss me off.
I'm sorry, Alton.
Yeah, you're gonna really be sorry if you don't learn to keep your mouth shut.
My baby always told me that she had one true love before me.
She just never told me who.
She had all the ballers after her back in the day.
You see why, don't you? She's still fitting into these little bitty jeans.
But once she's pregnant, she won't be able to fit into these no more, will you, baby? She tell you? We gonna start us a little family.
Right here.
I'm happy for y'all.
Deaq, they made me ride a mechanical bull, like, 600 times.
And then we actually drank boilermakers, okay? - Boilmak What is a boilermaker? - You hung out with those guys all night? Yeah.
Ha, ha.
Shadow's got a little short-man's complex, but Eddie's not so bad, actually.
You know, he's not bad at all.
Look, don't hit that bag anymore.
It's making me sick.
Look, man.
I just wanna say it's cool that you showed up today, all right? Look, man, I know that, you know ha, ha, you don't trust anybody, right? But you and me are a team, dude.
I love you, dog.
Hey, man, take two aspirins, you'll be all right.
Well, listen, this is what I can tell you about Alton's need-to-know layout.
There are 655 businesses in L.
County that move seven-figure cash carts on Fridays.
Banks, casinos, federal reserves, racetracks.
You guys are just gonna have to stay tight on the inside until I find more information.
- Hey.
Huh? - What's wrong with him? - Uh, he's just working off dinner.
You shouldn't be here.
Alton's sound asleep.
He won't even notice I'm gone.
Look, Deaq, we need to talk.
Yeah, you're right.
You know what? Let's start this talk with how you can explain to me how you sleep with a man you don't love.
That's not fair.
I'm just playing this the way that you told me.
You said, don't change your behavior, right? Damn.
Hello? Wanted to let you know about this Deaqon Hayes.
As far as I can tell, only thing to come to Chino is his records.
I can't find anybody who's ever met this guy.
Something smells rotten, man.
Right on.
Look, I came to you as a friend.
I'm sorry about the other night.
You're right.
I'm just a friend.
I don't know how that happened, but I'm just a friend.
Alton, what's up? You left without telling me.
I was really worried about you.
I just needed to talk to Deaq.
Yeah, I can see the need to dash out in the middle of the night to go talk to your Aunt Felicia's eldest son.
We just catching up, man.
Just talking, man.
What's wrong with you? Yeah, now your ass is mine.
Get him out of here.
Better not put your hand on her.
I'm telling you You'd better not put your hand on her.
You see, now I know that he's not your cousin.
Now, I'm gonna ask you one time and one time only.
Is he your lover? Is he? Hey, cousin.
- Lf you hurt her - Do you hear that, Shadow? Here, this man is barely breathing and the only person he can think about is my wife.
Well, you'll be happy to know that she's concerned about you too.
I know you've been inside my wife.
Heard all about you and Darnell and the gang war and blah, blah, blah.
All I was doing was just looking her up, man.
Oh, no, no, no.
You can't lie to me.
You see, I checked you out, homey.
That whole Chino thing doesn't fly.
Because it turns out there's a record of you in Chino, but nobody knows who you are.
Now, either you're not a memorable guy, which I find very hard to believe or you're a cop.
- I ain't no cop.
- Well, then, maybe you're a dirty cop.
Now, what you're gonna do to make everything better for me is you're gonna call your cop partner and you're gonna tell him that the job isn't happening.
And if you say anything that I don't like then it's Rosaria that's gonna be the one hurting.
No! Unh! Aah! - Shadow.
Some men are just born without a conscience.
Speed dial, daddy.
- Hello.
- Hey, Van, it's me.
What's the matter, man? You sound sick.
Yeah, man, um, I must have ate something.
Listen, uh, Alton is, uh, gonna move the score to next week.
What? Why? He said he's got a heavier load next Friday.
All right, well, I guess we're gonna have to wait till next week.
- Want me to bring something? - Uh, no, no, I'm gonna go to sleep.
Um, I'm tired, man.
I mean, I'm worn to the bone.
I'm gonna hit the silk, dream of Jeannie, you know what I'm saying? Yeah.
Get some rest.
All right.
Deaq just called, he said Alton moved the score.
He's lying.
It's going down today.
He must have got made.
All right.
Well, we find the robbery, we find Deaq.
I'm gonna kill you, man.
- Aah! - Leave him alone, Alton.
- Does that hurt? - Unh.
You really care about her, don't you? Bet you'd be willing to take a bullet for her, wouldn't you? Would you die for her? Why don't you find out? You're Alton White's best friend, right? Alton doesn't trust anybody but you.
I think he tells you everything.
You've got three seconds to tell us where the score is.
One, two, three.
Hear you're having trouble with the Rolling Sixties.
How about we transfer all your boys out of Chino leaving you the last Blood? That's when they get to go Sodom and Gomorrah on your ass.
All right, you tell us where and you'll walk out of here in seven days instead of seven years.
Did you hear me? I'm not some beat cop.
I've got the governor's phone number on speed dial.
I had dinner with the judge who heard your case.
So you tell me where, and I swear to God you'll walk out of here.
Did you say Alton? My bad.
I thought you said Allan.
That's what I thought.
Casino, right next to Hollywood Park.
Don't worry, cousin, I ain't gonna kill you.
I still need you to help me with this robbery.
Need three men on the car.
Now, get dressed.
Help him put his pants on.
Come on up front.
Why don't you let her go? That's your wife.
She was my wife.
Now, if you plan on doing anything stupid you'd better say your goodbyes right now.
We're gonna take care of him after the hit, okay? How's it going? What, uh? What happened to Larry and his boys? Food poisoning.
- That sucks.
- Go figure.
- Have a good one.
Take it easy.
They're already inside.
All their cell phones are blocked out.
They have no communication.
You think you can take out that armored car? Yeah.
What are you gonna do? - Going in.
I know the geography.
- They know your face.
Hey, you think I'm giving the easy job? Wait till you meet Shadow.
- Don't get yourself killed.
- Don't fall in love.
Oh, man, I knew you guys were doing this today.
I knew it.
What, you think you could do this without me? - Man, you shouldn't be here.
- I knew you're lying when I talked to you.
You and I are partners.
You just trying to cut me out of my share, fine.
- Good to see you, partner.
- You're lucky I was in the neighborhood.
It's taking too long.
I hope your boyfriend didn't screw things up.
Get down, get down.
We gotta run.
You okay? How's it going over there, Eddie? You okay? Hell, no, I ain't okay.
You shot me, man.
Look, I know we got off on the wrong foot, but honestly, I like you.
If you're bleeding as much as I think you are we're gonna have to get an ambulance.
Well, thanks a lot for your concern, man.
But I'm gonna be all right, all right? SWAT's gonna be here any minute, they're gonna be crawling all over this place.
- Are you gonna outrun them with one leg? - Oh, so you're a cop, huh? I knew you were the smart one, Eddie.
You give up now, you'll do, what, two years tops? Hey, sir? Just to let you know, your tire's out.
No, I'm saying you have a flat tire.
What's your problem? You got PMS? I'm telling you've got a flat tire.
Move and you're dead.
Come on, man, how are we gonna have a conversation if you're not gonna talk to me? Hey, hey, call an ambulance.
Hey, nice shot, cousin.
Now, let's see if you're really willing to die for that two-timing bitch.
I'm really tired of hearing your voice.
Hey, smell that? You shoot and we both go up in flames.
And you arrest me and she's dead before sunset because I got people everywhere.
But if you let me go then maybe I'll just kill her myself.
So, what's it gonna be? Go ahead.
Pull the trigger, man.
You know what? Your name is gonna be the last thing that I whisper before I cut her open.
Pull the trigger.
Die for her.
- Rosaria.
They're just friends.
Yeah, right.
It leaves in five minutes.
Hold that door, please.
Are you gonna see her again? - You gonna butt out of my business? - No.
- I was afraid you was gonna say that.
- When are you gonna see her again? Maybe never.
Sometimes it's too late, you know? There's a lot of bad history there.
Gotta leave the past behind you know what I'm saying? - There you go lying again.
Again! Look, you said I got two tells when I lie.
What's the other one? I'm not telling you.
How are you gonna help me be a better cop? Good point.
Now, I'm still not telling you.
Ha, ha.
Oh, that's cold, right? Hey, that's my business.
Yeah, the pinky business? Do not tell Billie.
All right, then we done.
I'll pinky swear on it.
- Ah! - It's great.