Fastlane (2002) s01e14 Episode Script

Offense (2)

Yup, we heard what she said.
You got any interest in our side of this, man? I'm not interested in sides, detective.
I want the truth.
- Truth? Man, you don't know the facts.
Do you? Did you see the shoot? Could you testify that it was self-defense? - We know Billie.
- Which means nothing.
So far Agent Skylar Kase is our only witness, and she is unequivocal.
It was murder.
We saw the gun lying near.
Right in Cyrus' hand, okay? I read your statement.
But Crime Scene found no weapon and you were not there at the time of the shoot.
So if there's anything else you'd like to add.
Okay, hold on.
If you're so in love with the facts, don't pull us out.
Don't go in there and tell Sky that we're cops.
Keep us next to her.
Just hear me out.
She's FBI.
She still thinks we're thugs, right? We stay under, if it turns out she's spotless hey, you were right, Billie goes down.
But say she's dirty.
Say we could prove it, then we hand her over to you.
You look like a genius.
It's a smart move, Roland.
You just busted a highly decorated fellow officer so the only person in this building under more scrutiny than Billie Chambers is you.
These men are giving you the chance to know the truth about her in a way that no one else can or will.
Think hard, Roland.
Two conditions.
You are not to enter the Candy Store under any circumstances.
It is locked off and guarded, and in no way is it to be disturbed.
- Fair enough.
- You have 72 hours.
Come on, 72 hours? I can't even get my laundry done in 72 hours.
- Change your dry cleaners.
- Hold on, man.
You're locking us out of the Candy Store and piling on a three-day clock? Why don't you wrap a concrete block around our necks and throw us in the river? Hey, buddy, I'm not trying to be punitive but I have a dual-jurisdiction investigation to conduct.
I can delay your entry as witnesses for a few days, but there will come a time where you two will no longer be objective investigators.
You wanna know why? Because you will be giving testimony.
Three days is generous.
Ask your captain.
Make it work.
We have one condition of our own.
- We wanna see Billie.
- Right now.
- Hey.
- How you doing? So you guys know a good lawyer? - You're not gonna need one.
- Yeah.
What's, um? What's up with Cyrus' gun? I don't know.
We all saw it but Crime Scene says it was never there.
I have been over this and over this in my head, and Put your gun down We called it in, and you guys went upstairs to check on the two thugs you shot and I I heard something in the gym downstairs so I I checked it.
You know, I moved in, I sweeped the place.
There was nothing.
I came back and the medics were on the scene.
Was the gun still in his hands then? Look, Parish called, the uni showed up, I gave my statement.
Guys, it was like a circus out there.
Somebody tampered with the scene while you were in the gym.
- Sky? - No, she left right before.
- Maybe she came back.
- Maybe it was somebody else.
I mean, somebody right there, you know, next to Cyrus working with her.
- Who? - We're sure enough gonna find out.
- Yo, you okay, homey? - Yeah, man.
I'm just feeling it, dawg.
You know, like this whole place is just Dead.
You ready? - I'll let you know when I'm ready.
- You have to do this.
You know how far me and him go back? Do you know that he's over there thinking how to do the same thing to you? Cyrus is dead.
The tribe is wide open.
You gotta do this.
Hey, you know there can be plenty of followers.
There can only be one leader.
Burke? Yeah? K-9 needs your full attention.
What up, homey? What now? We get this party started.
- What's the matter? - I don't like the way they're looking at me.
Well, that's called fear.
No, that's called "they wanna put a cap in me when they get a chance.
" No, they wanna be led.
They wanna be told you're gonna make them rich and safe.
You're gonna show them the future, baby.
This ain't exactly the Candy Store database.
It's the best I can get from a Kinko's pay phone.
All right? I'm not criticizing, man.
- There was a tone.
- There was no tone.
- I heard a tone.
I don't know about you, but I don't have time for tone now, okay? So let's just get to it.
Who is Sky Kase, and how do we prove she set Billie up? Let's go over it again.
On the job two years, L.
Worked the Cuaron drug cartel, two citations for bravery.
Been on special assignment under Cyrus five months blah, blah, blah.
This is a waste of paper, nothing that can help us.
All right, let's break it down, okay? Why would she set Billie up? There is no history there.
Maybe she saw a play to be made.
- Hmm.
- Think about it.
Sky's on the inside she knows the tribe cold.
- Mm-hm.
Billie kills Cyrus in a righteous shoot.
What you got? Serious power gap.
One in the tribe, the other in her case.
Say she's dirty.
Oh, she's dirty, all right.
I'll put that on everything.
Middle of a shoot-out, she sees Billie, a cop out of nowhere in the middle of everything.
- She's gotta be thinking investigation.
- Big investigation.
How does she deflect? How does she buy herself time to cover up everything she's been doing? - What's she doing? That's the question.
- No, the question is, what is she gonna do? Captain, do you ever just walk into a room? Knock? Maybe call first? I just went over Agent Kase's statement again.
Cops on the scene still haven't found this gun.
He didn't have one.
That's why we're here.
You ever meet Cyrus? - No, that, uh, pleasure was denied me.
- I busted his ass at least a half-dozen times.
He was a man on fire, that one.
Every single time I put him up against the wall there was at least one very big piece on him.
The day he gets shot by a cop nothing.
Walking around like Gandhi.
Anyway see if that gets you thinking.
Goodnight, Roland.
If she didn't wet Cyrus, you would have.
I ain't so sure about that, Sky.
Well I'm sure enough for the both of us.
You have what it takes.
He was bringing you down.
Killing cops, did that make you a dime? No, it made you a target.
You just remember what we're after.
Everything we can get, baby.
You think you can handle that? You think you can handle getting everything you ever wanted? Because most people can't handle that.
Most people want limits.
There are no limits, baby.
Then I picked the right man.
What if we can't make this case? What if we can't prove? - Do you wanna talk about this right now? - Yes, I do.
You're feeling it, I'm feeling it, let's get it out.
Know what I'm feeling, Van? I'm feeling Billie not being in jail.
I'm feeling her counting on us.
And we're the only hope she's got.
And we're sitting here in a whack-ass diner getting free refills.
In 72 hours, if we can't pull this thing out, what happens to Billie? We'll worry about that in 73 hours.
- Can I ask you something? - Yeah.
Your whole life, what's the most scared you've ever been? I waited on a few pregnancy tests, know what I'm saying? That was pretty scary.
- I'm serious.
- So, what you asking, man? You asking me right now if this is the most scared I've ever been? - Somebody's blowing me up.
- Me too.
- K-9.
- Wants all his earners at the mansion right now.
Let's go.
- All right.
Hey, God, what's up, man? Still working on that new name? Me, I like Suzy.
That's a name with a lot of dignity.
- What you think about Suzy? - Cute little Suzy.
You could put a red bow on his head.
You like that, Suzy? He's so sensitive.
- Hey.
I heard you were there when it went down with Cyrus.
- Yep.
- Travels fast.
- This whole thing is like a nightmare.
- That's exactly the word I would use.
K's been raging.
Told everyone to show or hit the road.
Well, speaking of the devil.
Oh, my gosh.
Set them drinks down and stab out them blunts and everybody listen up.
Cyrus One was my homey, all right? He gone.
And the cop that did that is going down for murder.
That's right, that's right.
Justice is coming, that's right.
And that's not all, you know what I'm saying? We gotta make some changes around here.
And them changes start tonight, all right? We ain't in the cop-killing business no more.
All right? Because that ain't no business.
We're in the thing business, all right? We steal things, we We smuggle things.
And ladies, you know, sometimes we can sell things.
- We gonna get back to the basics.
- Yeah.
People in this room that wanna be down with this tribe got to bring in a meal ticket every week.
That's right, $ 1 million a week.
Who the hell made you boss? I'm the boss, homey, because I don't take no static.
You giving me static? Because the last fool that gave me static was a fool I loved.
And I didn't have no problem doing him.
Who knew K-9 had it in him? He doesn't.
Now, I like all y'all.
But anybody in here wanna give me static, huh? Anybody? Let's go test this theory.
You stay here with K-9.
- I'm gonna float something past Sky.
- All right.
Now, you gonna play defense against the five-0 for the rest of your life? I don't wanna do that.
The tribe ain't gonna do it.
You wanna get behind that, then you behind me.
It's been a very messy week.
Always like this around here? Heh.
You wanna find out? Do what K says, earn.
So tell me something.
What is it that you and your partner are gonna bring to the table? Are you up for a million a week? Is that too big a load for you? How about 10 times that? - Say again? - We will bring you $ 10 million.
- Cash? - Swag.
- But we want 20 percent.
- Fifteen.
Trust me, when you see what we unload, there won't be any haggling.
I'll tell you what.
You show me your stuff, and if I'm satisfied, 20 it will be.
- When do you wanna do it? - Sunday.
- You just hit town.
- Why do you think we're here? Kill the cops, make good with the locals, steal stuff.
You know, I think you're gonna be a really nice fit around here.
Let us know where you wanna do the deal.
You told her what? I told her that I couldn't believe an attractive girl like her was still single.
- No, no, no, man.
That other part.
- Uh Ten million in swag, day after tomorrow.
Oh-ho-ho, man.
Ten million? Where did you get that number from? It just pop out of your ass? - Why couldn't you come up with, like, six? - It moved us to the front, didn't it? You know what, heh? I'm not even gonna ask where we're gonna boost $ 10 million worth of merchandise.
- I ain't that stupid.
- That's because you already know.
- There's gotta be another way.
- There isn't.
We gotta bring something big.
I'm talking boxcar here.
We gotta move fast, and it's gotta be L.
When she downs it to her fence, and she doesn't put in an FBI report then we can bust her for stolen goods.
- Just don't say the other part out loud.
- We're gonna rip off the Candy Store.
I asked you not to do something, right? I say, don't do that, and you do it anyway.
You know, I'm feeling better already.
I'm serious.
This is a genius idea.
You say it out loud, it gives you a little lift.
You know? Try it.
- We're gonna rip off the Candy Store.
- We're gonna rip off the Candy Store.
What was that? Give it a little oomph, some sass.
Some Deaqon Hayes confidence.
Some enthusiasm, come on.
- We're gonna rip off the Candy Store.
- We're not going to a bake sale.
Come on! We're going to rip off the Candy Store! Now, normally, I wouldn't dip my tiniest toe into something like this here.
But I like your boss lady.
She's good people.
And if y'all say this the only shot she got of getting cleared, then I'm down.
The only problem is, that Candy Store she cooked up ought to be called the Candy Fort.
Come on, A, man, you broke into tougher places than the Candy Store.
True that.
- Bank of Brunei, you forget about that? - Heh.
For shizzie, Bank of Brunei, Beverly Hills, broad daylight.
Heh, man, I was a lot younger then.
- You a lot slimmer now.
- You need to stop flirting.
No, for real, man.
We gotta know more than what my boy's hacked off that PD mainframe.
We gotta know who's in there now, and exactly what new system they set up.
I think I know someone who can help out.
K-9, a.
Russell Tilley, has taken over the tribe.
I believe he was instrumental in the death of his associate Big Burke, a.
Alan Mutter.
K-9 is now fully in charge.
- You still have his complete trust? - Mm-hm.
As far as I know.
But it would be helpful to know the full extent of Lt.
Chambers' operation.
That's a valid request.
If I can make one on my own.
The statement you made on the shooting brought up several questions in regards to Lt.
Roland? Cyrus One was found without a weapon anywhere on his body.
Yet postmortem tests on his hands indicate he'd recently fired a handgun.
He was fond of shooting things and people.
Yet he was not armed when Lt.
Chambers shot him? - Apparently not.
- Did you never know him not to be as they say in the street? - Strapped? Guys, you interrogating my agent? We don't have that right.
We're just curious.
Maybe you can satisfy our curiosity first and tell the extent of your operation against Cyrus? At this point, we feel your investigation of Cyrus One's organization is your priority.
But these charges against Lt.
Chambers, that investigation, that's ours.
So we're kind of at an information checkmate.
Seems so.
Well, the call you guys are gonna get from the attorney general is gonna change that.
Which, uh, brings this little sit to an end.
Just keeping my word.
Your guys have two days.
After that, I'm handing over everything we know.
Tell me something.
You get a hinky vibe off of Agent Kase? I get a hinky vibe off of everybody.
That's why I picked this job.
I'm here to see Aquarius.
- Hey, Van, what's up? - Jarod, thanks for coming down.
Aw, hell, no.
I mean, you had to wear that uniform, player? Now, this whole hood's gonna know I got a uni up in my crib.
Listen, when I let you out of here, can you do me a favor? Can you take that night stick and just beat me all about the leg area with it? - I'll help you out with that.
- I knew you was gonna say that.
- You get what we're after? - I talked to a guy on my dad's staff.
Jarod's dad is deputy chief.
Oh, that's good to know.
All the Candy Store's security systems are in place.
But the codes have changed.
Plus, three round-the-clock guards.
Each of those guards, and anyone entering the premises, has to have a coded badge.
The badge sends off a signal to a monitor.
Anybody in there without the badge, alarm goes off, backup swoops in place goes into lockdown.
So how we get around all this? I have no idea.
We're doing this tomorrow night, okay? We're gonna sit here and bang on each others heads until we get an idea.
Because we are not leaving Billie in that place.
That cop who wasted Cyrus.
There are a lot of questions about her.
Before any of them get answered she's gotta die.
- So to answer your question, ahem.
- What question is that? The question you asked me back at the diner.
You might remind me.
I got a couple things on my mind.
- Is right now the most scared I ever been? - Oh, right.
- I hate you for asking me that.
- Because it's true? Because obviously you know me well enough now you starting to read stuff off me.
I gotta tell you, I don't like nobody reading nothing off me, Van.
You read stuff off me all the time.
A blind man in a coma could read you.
That's the whole part of your Van-ness.
That's you.
I'm different, you know? The face that gives you nothing.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to upset you.
You're still deeply mysterious, defensive, withholding and emotionally locked down.
Okay? - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Now, what's going on with you? It's bugging me, all right? Seeing Billie in that place, locked down, maybe never getting out.
I'm scared for her in a way I ain't never been scared for myself, man.
Me too.
After you, you know, reminded me when I was trying to put it past me.
You know what, you put me in a deep place, man.
I'm just trying to release, you know? - Just forget it, don't worry about it.
- I feel better, actually.
- I mean, just talking about it is liberating.
- I'm happy for you.
- You're not feeling better? - No, now I'm feeling worse.
- We are seriously out of sync.
- You're just noticing that now? What's up? - Come on, what you doing? You all ready to do this thing? - You got the phone? - Right here.
Now, according to your little cop friend What's his name again? - Jarod.
- Jarod, is his pops for real deputy chief? - Would I lie to you? - That's gonna come in handy for Aquarius.
Maybe sooner than you think.
Like most of your better security systems your Candy Store here is run through the phone lines.
So your boy found a back door into the central, an activation test code.
Now, it won't shut it down.
But it will set it off.
They're gonna pop off their safeties, contact the central office get backup ready to go, then it's showtime at the Apollo.
Then they're gonna check around and find nothing wrong.
So you set it off again.
And again.
And again.
And while that last alarm is going off, and they're reaching for the aspirin Sarge? In your ass.
Damn, this candy look delicious.
Let the jacking begin.
I know it was you two.
You know what was us two? The Candy Store last night.
I know it was you two.
No, no, no, you said, do not go there.
I remember that.
- He did that.
You did say that.
- This thing reeks of you two.
I'm sorry.
Are you accusing us of something? You have witnesses, right? Security cam? - DNA sampling? - Prints? - Something.
- Like that.
Should we call Johnnie Cochran? - Call.
Tell him I said hi.
- I don't like your attitude.
We don't have to worry.
We have nothing to hide.
Because we were nowhere near the Candy Store last night, lieutenant.
Your insolent lack of sincerity must mean you have an alibi.
- How did you know? - He's good.
- How did you know that? - You should be a detective.
- It better be the president.
- Funny you should mention that.
We were gonna have dinner with him, but things fell through so we did you one better.
They were with me all night.
We were playing charades at my father's house.
- I had a good time.
- Your pops has a hot crib.
- True that.
- You honestly expect me to buy that? Well, you can arrest us.
Go ahead, arrest all three of us.
And then you can call your father, the deputy chief and he can straighten everything out.
- He's in Maui.
- Is he? - With Mom.
- Oh, that's nice.
Oh, he's gonna love that call.
Hello, Dad.
I'm in jail.
I'm calling you from jail.
Can you send me some cookies? In jail? In jail.
Hey, I got it.
You made your move.
Let's see how it plays out in the next 24 hours.
Because then I make mine.
Sky? Hey, baby.
What's up, baby? That little thing we talked about last night? Found some people in the right spot to handle that.
When? Now.
This was one score? One and only.
Wow, who'd you hit? Wu-Tang Clan came to town.
We know their roadie.
I like you.
- I like you too.
- No, you don't.
I can see it in your eyes every time you look at me, don't deny it.
I always know with men.
Ahh So tell me something, Van.
Why do you hate me so much? - Well, I did like you, but this offer - Is the best you're going to get off of us.
You know, I did manage to stay awake in math class, this is 15 percent.
You said 20.
I said 20, if I'm fully satisfied.
- And you're not? - Not yet.
You see, this vibe that I'm getting off of you is like something I've never felt before.
You ought to wear sunglasses when you look at me.
This is the way I look at everybody.
This vibe you're getting off me, it isn't hate, it's mistrust.
You don't trust me, Van? Because I don't trust anyone.
I don't do business with people I don't trust.
And I never settle for less.
We agreed on 20 percent.
You're gonna get your 4 million, even at that.
And here's a whole new concept for you: You're actually gonna keep your word this time.
Call K-9, tell him to pay off Deaq right now or all this goes back to Ol' Dirty Bastard.
You think I'm kidding? K, pay him.
Twenty percent.
Two mil, now.
Satisfied? Okay.
It's a little lonely here at the top, ain't it, K-9? True.
But it ain't crowded.
What's up with you, boys? We just wanted to thank you for the 2 million.
That's right.
Thank you for the heist.
Now we got something we wanna share with you.
Take a little peek at this.
What is this, man? Open it up.
It's Christmas.
Oh, wow.
The f Man, what is? Oh, look at this bitch.
I hate when they're high.
You gotta talk so slow.
Sky is a federal agent.
- You are screwed.
- Ha-ha-ha Yeah.
Damn it.
Ow, man.
Come on, man.
I think you got through to him.
K, if you don't come with us, this little item goes to all of your homeys.
What do you thinks gonna happen when they find out you've been digging it out with a fed? But the best thing you got looking you in the eye right now is us.
We bust you, we protect you, we make sure you get best deal that a dope-slinging, cop-killing psycho can get in this great democracy of ours.
But you gotta nod your head.
Right now.
Mm-mm, the FBI is straight-up whack, man.
Save it for the DA.
- Drop them.
- Ha-ha-ha.
I think everyone knows God.
God, can you take care of this? I told you having the house bugged was the only way to go.
How are you feeling? Twenty stitches and not enough pain killers, but I'll be fine.
One of the women who attacked you had a known associate in her jacket.
- K-9? - K-9.
That's not why you came down here.
This thing with the gun not being on Cyrus' body, it's been gnawing at me.
Also, not why you're here, right? Your guys promised to check in with me at the end of three days and their clock ran out six hours ago.
- They're in trouble.
- I agree.
Look, I, uh I'm not sure who to trust here.
This is a little out of my area.
Maybe, I don't know, you could, um, give me a where or how I might start looking for your guys without drawing attention to myself.
- No? - No.
I'll show you.
One of you guys will tell me what you know.
How much more do you think he can take? How much more can you stand to watch? What did you find out about me? Did you report it to anyone? What do you know about God and me? That God likes to make guns disappear off of dead guys.
- Somebody tampered with the crime scene.
- Somebody right there, you know? Next to Cyrus, working with her.
Very good.
You know what? That's right, God was there.
God is everywhere.
You know, God showed me who I am.
See, I don't wanna bust the lifestyle, I wanna own it.
And we will, soon.
Now, did you tell anyone in the L.
About me? FBI? I'd really, really like to know.
We took an ad out in variety, all right? Billboards on Sunset.
I don't know if you guys are aware of this, but, um, Cyrus was part Comanche.
He was actually very much into it.
He read this thing once on how to torture prisoners.
They take the tips of these hooks and gut out the intestines.
The prisoners would live for days.
Cyrus did it to a couple of cops right here.
Now, you see, he will cut him.
And when he does and you see what comes spilling out you will pray that I will listen to you.
- Go ahead.
- Wait, wait.
We didn't tell anybody, okay? Nobody knows.
I don't believe you.
Go ahead.
You stay here, take care of them.
I've got this, man.
Get the girl.
- You sure? - Don't let her get away, Van.
Come on, Suzy.
- I've got two.
- One.
You had to do this all alone, huh? You wouldn't want anything as mundane as, uh, I don't know, backup? - Are you done? - Yeah, I'm done.
Ready? On three.
One, two, three.
- You okay? - Oh, God, no.
No, my leg is pinned.
Help me.
- Okay.
- Please help me.
Oh! God.
All right, listen to me, try not to move.
I'll come in and get you out.
Thank you.
Oh, God.
I don't lose.
Listen to me.
There's gas leaking all over.
You pull this trigger, you're gonna kill both of us.
Most of your inventory has been recovered.
Here's a, uh Here's a list of the items that are still missing and will probably never be retrieved.
Fair market value will be given, and will be deducted from your budget.
There will also be an internal investigation as to the nature of their illegal removal from these premises.
The officers you two assaulted have agreed not to press charges.
- And you can thank me for that later.
- What about the 2 mil? - Sorry? - The 2 million.
We got paid 2 million by K-9.
Technically, we got our stuff back, man.
Ha! And the two.
Which should put us deep in black.
- Oh, man, I love that phrase.
- Me too.
Officially, none of you were working for the Candy Store at the time of the transaction with Skylar Kase and K-9.
So that money goes to the L.
Not the Candy Store.
Now, uncap the pen and initial that.
- Whoa, whoa, you change your name, baby? - Is that Chinese? Something "you.
" - Oh, this is for you.
Oh, yeah.
That's very mature.
We'll be in touch.
I'll bet you guys fall in love, get married, breed and produce paperwork.
I think she wants to kill him and ask us to be her alibi.
What do you think, Billie? Me? I'm just really glad to be home.
You think she got jail tats, man? Jail tats? "I love Mona"? Yeah, right on her ass.
You should go check that out.