Fastlane (2002) s01e16 Episode Script

Slippery Slope

What's that got to do with us? I can't think of any ski resort that falls under the L.
Wanted felon with a rap sheet three pages long.
We bring this one back on our turf, we get credit for the collar.
I like it.
Do a little snowboarding, have a shot of schnapps grab this fugitive, and be back for Animal Precinct.
- Michael Madsen narrates.
I love that guy.
- And I love the snow, so count a brother in.
I'm glad to hear it.
There's just, um, one little piece I left out.
She always does that.
What? Not what, who.
You know I let you win.
Cassidy Shaw.
Um, ahem You know we let her go.
You shot my brother.
He didn't even see your face.
- Don't do it, man.
- Do it.
Get out of here.
I understand why you guys let her go.
And if Cassidy had gone to Cabo San Lucas and sat on the beach and sipped pina coladas, I'd be okay.
- But she hasn't.
- Meaning? Meaning Cassidy has been scamming and conning her way across the country.
And every crime she's committed between the time you guys let her go and now we're responsible for.
I'm responsible for.
The Candy Store is responsible for.
Okay, I get it.
Cassidy is a loose end, we need to tie her up.
That's right.
And if you need another reason to get your asses to Mammoth, listen to this.
We're not the only ones looking for Cassidy.
Rumor has it she's made a few enemies along the way.
So if you guys don't get to her first, she's a dead woman.
Oh - You're trying to kill me, aren't you? - What do you mean? Alcohol in a steam room? They say dehydration is a terrible way to go.
I can think of a better way to go.
You stole from Reno Castell.
Did you really think you were gonna get away with it? What? Ready to do this? No, are you ready to do this? It's what I live for.
Let's go.
- You gonna be able to do this? - What? You had feelings for this girl, Van.
Think you'll be able to slap the cuffs on her this time? No, if memory serves me correct, you instigated the letting-her-go part.
- That was Cassidy.
- All you could see was her ass.
Trust me, I know that ass anywhere.
Van? Oh, God.
It's good to see you.
Good to see you too, Cass.
Yeah, I'm really proud of you, partner.
Heh, heh.
I had my doubts, but you did not hesitate.
- I love it.
- Yep.
Maybe we just keep right on driving.
Right past this deal, right out of our lives.
What's wrong, Van? You should be proud.
- You didn't even hesitate.
- You're not gonna make me feel guilty.
Everybody has a job.
You did yours, I'm doing mine.
Let me ask a question.
Why did you let me go in the first place if you're just gonna arrest me later? You were gonna go to a new place, start a new life.
What happened to that? It just doesn't work out the way it should.
You apparently, uh, upset some pretty bad people while you were living your life.
Lucky we got to you before they did.
- I guess I should thank you, then.
- You're welcome.
Yeah, Billie.
I hear stress.
Cassidy must be with you.
Yes, and, yes.
But no worries, we got everything under control.
Really, you think? Because I got off the phone with Mammoth P.
It turns out the last guy Cassidy was seen with turned up dead this morning.
The guy's name, Chad Ramsey.
Chad, huh? Name like that, maybe he was asking for it.
I'm gonna connect dots, figure out who this guy is, who he's working for.
You see what you can find out from Cassidy.
So Chad - Long story.
- I got six hours.
- What the hell was that? - That didn't sound good.
This is a $80,000 truck.
We shouldn't be having sounds like that.
This day just keeps getting better and better.
Pull over.
Can you tell what's wrong? Hole in the radiator, stone in the road, takes a hop up and under.
Happens all the time.
So this is cake for you.
- Cake? - I mean, you can fix it.
I have to tinkle.
Okay, but the cuffs stay on.
- What's up? Bathroom.
Try not to look like a criminal.
May I use the restroom? Thanks.
We're newlyweds.
I lost the key.
Two days? Gotta order the parts.
Could be one day, but I don't wanna make promises.
Jerky? No, thanks.
So why don't you tell me about this dead Chad guy? He was a bad guy, Van.
He's got bad friends.
They'll be coming for me.
Now that you're here, they'll be coming for you too.
Come on.
Let me guess.
Chad's friends.
That was Anthony, and that was probably Leo.
What exactly did you do to this Chad, if you don't mind me asking? Nothing.
I did sort of steal something from his boss.
Who's his boss? Reno Castell.
Castell, I'd like to thank you for coming down here for this very informal chat.
My pleasure, Ms.
I'm proud to help out the L.
Whenever possible.
It's nice that you feel that way.
I don't wanna keep you long.
I know you have a company to run.
I just wanna ask you a few things about Chad Ramsey.
Of course.
Chad is a trusted employee, been with me for a long while now.
He's the only one that isn't afraid to beat me in paddle tennis.
I like that.
When's the last time you talked to Chad? Thursday.
He took Friday off, went up to Mammoth to ski with some friends.
Chad's not in any kind of legal trouble, is he? No.
No, nothing like that.
There's no easy way to say this.
Castell, Chad is dead.
Castell, I need to know if you know a Cassidy Shaw.
I'm sorry, Ms.
Chambers, given this unfortunate turn of events I was wondering if we could continue this another time.
- Absolutely.
- Thank you.
This wasn't part of the deal.
You said you were going to Los Angeles.
By law, I gotta stop every certain number of hours to sleep.
Yeah, but we gotta get to Los Angeles now.
I don't know what to tell you.
Either keep hitching or drive yourselves.
- There's a used-car lot right over there.
- Thanks.
Everything was going well till now.
Not one car has driven through this town since we've been here.
And we ain't getting another ride, man.
Well, we can't get a cell signal out to Billie.
I say we get a hotel and use the phone there.
- I get a shower.
- I'll get some food.
We'll buy one of these cars in the morning.
Ugh, can't you get all hard-ass cop on me after I've taken my shower? Only took them off because we needed a ride.
Ain't nobody picking up anybody in handcuffs, Cassidy.
Guess you haven't been to some of the same clubs I have.
- That's cute.
- I'm not going anywhere.
Where would I go? You already attempted one bathroom escape.
You think I'm stupid enough to let you go for round two? There are no exits, man.
Unless you plan to go down the drain, I think it'll be cool.
No peeking.
Yeah, it's me.
We ran into a glitch.
Something happened to the Rover.
Then we had to shoot a couple of guys, then Yeah, Reno Castell.
She's good.
So plan B is we're gonna get a new ride in the morning and we'll have Cassidy at Parker Center by like 10 a.
Ah And all-American hamburgers.
Oh, if I don't get something to eat, I'm gonna go crazy.
I think I saw a diner down the road.
- So go.
- I was thinking you should go.
Yeah, but I'm not hungry.
Listen, personally, I don't wanna leave you two alone.
You know what I'm saying? Yeah, know what? I have been nothing but professional on this whole trip.
We hunted Cassidy down, we caught her.
She tried to escape, I caught her again.
I've been a total pro.
So you're not attracted to her anymore.
The whole bedroom, sexy, pouty-mouth thing.
That doesn't do it for you.
That's over.
Let's not be ridiculous.
She's an attractive woman.
- Okay.
- I'm not denying that.
But do I have to sleep with every attractive woman I meet? No.
I'm a grown man.
I think I can consider the consequences before I blindly take action.
Good for you, man.
Good for you.
You are impressing a brother this time.
- That's kind of cool.
- Thanks.
We're feeling each other.
I like that.
That's partner stuff right there.
I can leave without any worries.
You're sure? Go eat.
All right.
Can someone bring me a towel? Uh, there's, uh, no towels out here.
Cass? Cassidy? Cass.
Found my towel.
Why didn't you start over, Cass? I gave you a second chance.
You're a cop.
You know people don't change.
I'm still me and you're still you.
You're better than that.
I know you are.
I think you really mean that.
- You know I'm still taking you in, right? - Mm-hm.
Sophia? Van? Who's this? You must be Cassidy Shaw.
You're the one I'm here for.
So what? You're like a hit man but a woman? She's bright, Van.
I can see the attraction.
Okay, um Why don't you let us get dressed, and we can all talk about this? No, I have a much better idea.
Don't look at me like that.
You slept with her, didn't you? Take out the target for 100 K.
That was the agreement.
Nobody said anything about the police.
Yeah, I've got her.
The price just went up.
Three hundred grand.
There's a turn-off about 30 miles up on the left.
Nice dirt road.
Good place to dump a body.
Not all pretty blonds are stupid.
I knew this day might come.
I look at you, I don't see pretty.
All I see are dollar signs.
I do see stupid.
Stealing money from Reno Castell was definitely that.
Don't front me with that hard-ass hired-killer bit.
None of this is about the money.
This is about Van.
I saw the look on your face when you opened that shower door.
You have as much history with the guy as I do.
This is crazy.
- You had me until the Sophia Jones part.
- You don't remember Sophia? Crazy hit woman caught you in the shower with Cassidy, the other crazy killer.
Cassidy's not crazy.
She's misguided.
- She killed Chad in self-defense.
- Right.
It's good, because you got down and dirty with the lesser of the two evils.
Remember when I said I was impressed? I was on crack.
Wanna lecture me or hear my theory? You want the real answer? Sophia didn't kill Cassidy on the spot.
She's delivering her to Castell or she's gonna kill her soon.
Either way, we need a car.
That's very easy there, Van.
All we need to do is hotwire this ride here, drop 10 G's in the office door over there.
- That ain't stealing, right? - No, except we don't have 10 K.
Why don't we have 10 K? Sophia took my wallet.
And my cell phone and my gun.
You know this is our last case together.
- Is that a threat or a promise? - A promise.
Right now, all we have is what I have in my wallet an emergency platinum AmEx card, which is doing us absolutely no good here.
And a thousand dollars cash.
That's just great.
Well, there's a car for 999.
Chin up.
I'm guessing when Billie had to sit down with Castell he found out Chad was dead, so he's sending reinforcements.
- Sophia.
- Yep.
I cannot get a signal here, man.
We are stuck in the middle of nowhere.
Soon to be in the middle of somewhere.
Or not.
We were not stealing the car.
Did you or did you not hot-wire it? We left the money under the office door.
We already told you that.
The shootout at gas station in Bishop, you didn't have nothing to do with that? - They started it, I finished - Shut up.
You had that Desert Eagle because you're a cop.
See, now you're getting it.
We're both cops.
- L.
Special Division.
- Yeah.
- Escorting a prisoner back to the city.
- Uh-huh.
- This is your story? - That's correct.
But you have no badges.
Because this special division is so special, there are no badges.
Okay, listen.
I know how it looks, okay? All you have to do is let us call our lieutenant.
She'll explain everything.
You'll let us go, we can get back to our pursuit Of the two sexy women.
The redheaded hit woman and the blond ski bunny.
Why does it sound so crazy when he says it? No phone calls.
You boys just have a seat.
I'll check on you two later.
How could you possibly find any humor in this whatsoever? Just quit laughing.
I liked it better when you were mad at me.
Be mad.
I am mad, man.
Okay, fine.
I slept with two marks and it's all coming back to bite me in the ass.
- Us in the ass, actually.
- Mm-hm.
And since I'm gonna rot in this jail cell, I'll admit to you that I had feelings for both.
- Oh - Different feelings but feelings just the same.
There, I said it.
Van, Van, check this out, right? Hey, man, look, hey, I'm just picturing it, all right? Those two women in the car, nothing to talk about but Van Ray.
You think they're comparing notes? Hmm? Mm-mm.
Hmm? Mm.
Mm? Mm.
We gotta get out of here.
I met Van a few months ago.
He wasn't who he said he was.
But then again, neither was I.
Then you slept with him, then you found out he was a cop.
Then he let you go.
I have the exact same story.
He let you go? He arrested me.
- I don't think that means anything.
- I think it does.
Van's just a guy.
We don't know if he loves you or me, or neither of us, or both of us.
And we never will.
All we know is that Van takes care of Van.
That's what survivors do.
Have you ever had a partner, Sophia? No.
Sometimes, partnerships pay off bigtime.
Hey, Van, I've got an idea, man.
What's that? You all right? - Oh, yeah, yeah.
I got a better idea.
Huh? Like that idea? That's a good idea.
I'll kill you.
Hey, don't you ever hit me in the nose like that again.
Break it up, you hear? Get off me! It's my bed, it's my pillow.
Get off.
My apologies.
Sorry, sir.
We don't have your cell phone or wallet.
We gotta stop, call Billie and give her the 411.
No, no, we don't have time.
We gotta get to Sophia before - You know.
- I got another idea.
Don't hit me again.
Sheriff Groves here.
Come on, who's gonna fall for that, you moron? Go ahead, Steve.
I need you to, uh, patch me through to a long-distance number, darling.
No problem, babe.
Where have you been? I've been trying to reach you.
We sort of lost our cell phones.
Well, as long as you didn't lose Cassidy.
Yeah, yeah.
Somebody wants to talk to you about that.
Take Well, yeah, we sort of lost her too.
You slept with her, didn't you? Why does that keep coming up? The reason she's gone isn't because I slept with her.
It's because of Sophia.
Sophia? Sophia who? You remember Sophia? Redhead, lethal, insane, deadly.
Oh, my God.
Listen to me, Sophia didn't kill Cassidy.
She had the opportunity and didn't do it.
- She took her instead.
- To the desert, to do it there.
Or she took her to Reno Castell.
The guy hired her.
Maybe he wanted back whatever Cassidy took.
Either way, she's probably headed west towards the major interstates.
She's only an hour ahead.
I can set up roadblocks before Lancaster, and APB looking for a redhead.
- And a blond.
- Right.
- Three hundred grand to kill me? - Correct.
I stole two million.
Two million that I haven't spent, by the way.
You have my attention.
Spare me the bullet, and I'll give you half.
So I pretend I kill you, we go and divvy up the cash.
You disappear, I disappear.
It could work.
How do I know you're not gonna double-cross me? You're not a very trusting person, are you, Sophia? - No.
- The money's locked up safe and sound.
I can't get to it without this key, but only I know where the money is.
So You have the location, I have the key.
We have to stick together.
Last partnership I had was with Van.
Look how that worked out.
Come on.
You know you wanna do it.
Does that bull charm work with all the guys? Yeah.
Well, I don't wanna sleep with you, so cut it out.
What is this? We don't know what we'll find at the end of this trail, right? - Right.
- It could be anything.
- Right.
- Mm-hm.
Could be Cassidy, Sophia, could be both of them.
- We just don't know.
- You got a point.
Come the wet-ass hour, I need to know my back is covered, that's my point.
I need to know now, what comes first, Van being a partner or a boyfriend? I can't believe you're asking me.
You let your heart get in the way of business.
You admitted that you like these girls.
Now I need to know.
Half mile south of Indian Ranch Road.
I think I got them.
Two females, one redhead, one blond.
Approach with extreme caution.
I gotcha.
Well, well, lookie here.
- You're a P1, aren't you, Officer Sacks? - Yes, I am.
But I'm having a great first year.
That was a real good pat-down.
You're gonna go a long way.
I don't know what you two ladies have done to deserve all this commotion but something tells me it's pretty bad.
Wanna ease up a little, or you want me to blow a little buckshot your way, huh? - L.
I think we can take it from here.
- Be my guests.
I can't believe you slept with that.
I can't believe you slept with it.
I can't believe I'm here for this.
So the roadblock worked.
Both women are in custody? Yeah, the gang's all here.
I gotta tell you, Cassidy doesn't think we'll get to Parker Center alive.
I kind of believe her.
Because of Castell? The guy went through a lot of trouble to take her out so far.
I just wonder what else he has in store.
If we're gonna get these girls into custody safely and get them to testify against Castell which is the only way we're gonna smack the smug off his face we're gonna have to get creative.
Inspire me.
How's the vibe between you and Sophia? Uh, hate's a good word.
But does she still love you? I'll take that as a yes.
Then she'll believe whatever you tell her, even if it's a lie.
Set me free.
- Just like that? - Yeah.
All you have to do is call Reno Castell, tell him you killed Cassidy.
We get to Parker Center safely, no more crazy people trying to kill us.
You mean, crazy people like me.
Look, Sophia, you do this, and we'll let you go.
All we really wanted was Cassidy anyway.
Other than my boss, none of the L.
Brass even knows you're involved in this.
Here I was thinking you cared about Cassidy more than me.
Because you let her get away and you arrested me.
Maybe you do care about me.
Just a little.
Look, you're on one side of the law and I'm on the other.
But, yeah, I do care.
We're a pair, you and me.
Does that mean you'll do it? Yes.
But on one condition.
I don't get this.
Sophia will call Castell but only from inside Union Station.
And this is Billie's idea? No, the Union Station part was Sophia's idea.
- The phone call was Billie's idea.
- Why are we doing this? It clears the way for a blood-free delivery to Parker Center, okay? We back off, she makes the call, then we let her go.
And what? We trust her to do that? Van, think with the big head, okay? We have no reason to trust her.
She's She I don't even wanna say what you are.
I'm trusting you to let me get away.
You're trusting me to make the call, and everybody wins.
I don't like him.
- Have I mentioned that? - Yes, several times.
Well, I think it's smart.
Trains going in all directions.
Sophia can get off anywhere along the way.
Thank you.
So, what, you're all caring about the health of the woman hired to kill your ass? - No, I still think she's a skank.
- Ditto, bitch.
Can we just do this, please? Drop the gun, Sophia.
I think you should drop yours, Van.
Why don't you lean down, reach into Deaq's pocket get the keys to the cuffs? Okey-dokey.
What can I say, we had some things in common.
Damn, I knew I smelled female bonding.
Why are you doing this, Cass? Trying to get back at me? Don't take it personally, Van.
It's not about you.
It's about $2 million.
But it really was nice to see you though.
It really was.
I thought we had a deal, Sophia, huh? You had your freedom, still have it.
Just stick with the plan.
I might have a thing for you, Van, but that doesn't mean that I believe you.
I've killed cops.
You can't let me go.
Now, put your gun down on the ground.
Nice and slow.
This is what happens when you sleep with a mark.
If you call me the mark one more time, I'll pull the trigger right now, you Come the wet-ass hour.
Right, partner? I'm gonna count to three, Van.
If you don't do what I'm telling you, I'll blow him away without batting an eye.
You set me free.
I'm out in the world.
I like where I am.
Not knowing where I'll be next or who I'll be next.
She's gone, Van.
Go get Cassidy.
Well, ahem, where do you wanna start? I'd, uh, like it on record that my client came here again willingly and is only represented by counsel to insure that all of his rights are protected.
I think we all understand that, Dick.
Chambers strikes me as a brass-tacks kind of person.
So why don't we let her begin? Yeah, let's get down to those brass tacks.
Sophia Jones is dead and Cassidy Shaw is missing.
I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with either one of those names.
So Cassidy Shaw didn't steal $2 million from you and you didn't hire Sophia Jones to kill her? A message to the world that nobody messes with Reno Castell and gets away with it? Well, that is a very harsh accusation, Lieutenant Chambers.
I hope you have the proof to back this up.
No, no, Mr.
Aspis, I don't.
I have no proof.
I'm just asking Mr.
Castell a few questions.
He can answer yes or no.
I don't know a Cassidy Shaw.
And, no, I didn't hire anybody to kill anybody.
Oh Okay.
Then I guess this isn't yours.
This is $2 million we found in a rental locker in Union Station.
Cassidy Shaw's locker.
But if you didn't know who she was and she didn't steal from you then, hell, I guess this is L.
's money, then.
Think he's gonna be okay? He'll be fine.
I just wish I knew what to say.
You know, the perfect sentence that would make him feel better.
Maybe we should just give the man his space.
Hey, uh, we're gonna get out of here.
- You gonna stay here, man? - Ahem, yeah, I'm gonna hang out a while.
- All right, well, we'll see you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
Yeah? It's me.
Um, I just wanted to ask you something.
What? Sophia, is she dead? Yeah.
I'm sorry, Van.
I'm sorry things went that far.
Um, I'm sorry for a lot of things.
You're a survivor, Cass.
That's one of the things I admire about you.
It's what I admire about you too.
She loved you, you know, Sophia.
She told me that.
Did you love her? It wasn't love.
I don't know what it was, it's Kind of hard to describe.
It's hard to love more than one person at the same time, isn't it? Can I ask you something, Cass? Did you play me? I mean, in the end, you did what you had to do, but In the shower this morning, was that just you surviving? I read someplace that every relationship is set in the first five minutes.
Whatever happens in those five minutes that's the dynamic between the two forever.
What do you think?