Fate: The Winx Saga (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

A Fanatic Heart

I can only imagine how many questions you have for me.
Yeah, just a few.
I've only got one for you.
Do you have any idea how special you are? Do you wanna learn a new trick? Right… Right now? You need to know where you came from, and I need to get out of here.
Now, access that flame inside you.
Your instincts are telling you that flame will burn you.
Your instincts are wrong.
Grab onto it.
Bloom's been in there a long time.
What could they be talking about? I once heard you talk about dirt for two hours.
Two hours.
It was soil.
We just left Beatrix lying there in Miss Dowling's office.
I just wanna make sure she's not awake, fashioning three shivs.
Don't be ridiculous.
It'll be one shiv three times.
Stab, stab, stab.
- Can we just go and check, please? - Fine.
But you're overreacting.
Ah, look at that.
She's gone.
I'd like my apology via scented, handwritten note after we find her.
It gets worse.
You have no idea of the trouble you've caused.
- We were just trying to find the - Not another word! Come with me.
Hope the brownie points you get from this will keep you company when you have no friends.
Touch the barrier again.
You've got this.
You need food, water, rest.
I need magic.
The secret graveyard passage is… creepy! Wait till you hear about the one Dinner Lady Doris has to lumber over every day.
- In the canteen? - Mm.
Dowling doesn't know about any of them? There's a lot of things Farah doesn't know about.
Insubordination, breaking and entering, endangering the lives of your classmates, and releasing Rosalind? Do you have any idea what you've done? I'd say I was disappointed in you, but this goes way beyond that.
You lied again.
- Excuse me? - About Rosalind.
About Aster Dell.
About everything.
And you're angry with me? You can't punish me for not knowing something that you didn't tell me.
It doesn't make any logical sense.
Well, I suggest you all cool down.
He's used his magic to seal the doors.
I caught him in a logic trap, and he's used his magic to ground us.
That means you won.
- He's overwhelmed.
- Uh, where do you think you're going? I always knew you were a teacher's pet.
I just didn't realize that pet was a rat.
I was planning on deescalating the situation by removing myself from it.
- But if you wanna escalate - Can we just take 30 seconds, please? At least, let me get my headphones.
You always think you know what's best.
Sorry, you have to be visible to have a point of view.
What the hell's going on out there? It's a long story.
You don't snitch.
Everyone over five knows that.
- Even Terra knows that.
- Hey! I mean… Yeah.
But hey! There are Burned Ones outside the Barrier.
Bloom is being selfish.
The last thing Miss Dowling needs is to be worried about Rosalind.
I thought you said you were weak, that you couldn't do magic.
But you can make us invisible? In the Stone Circle, I can draw on the magic of the land.
That's why I had you bring me here.
Recharge the old batteries.
What happened at Aster Dell? Everything Farah told you is true.
I lied to them.
I told them Aster Dell was evacuated.
It wasn't.
- You killed those innocent people? - That's where it gets complicated.
One of the fundamental tenets of the Otherworld is that only fairies can do magic.
The settlers of Aster Dell were the exception.
They were humans who drew on sacrifice and death.
Blood Witches.
Wait So when the Burned Ones descended on them, I saw my opportunity to destroy them both.
If the settlers of Aster Dell were witches and my birth parents were fairies, then… You're right.
Your parents aren't from Aster Dell.
You were kidnapped by the witches.
Your fairy parents were nowhere to be found.
So, they could still be out there? - Why didn't you go looking for them? - You weren't safe in the Otherworld.
The power inside you is too great.
That's why the witches wanted you, to use your power.
That's why the Burned Ones outside the Barrier want you, too, to get rid of you before it's used on them.
They've been after me this whole time? Sucks to be special sometimes, doesn't it? But you've got me now, and that's gonna suck for the Burned Ones even more.
You ready for trick number two? Should I be worried I had to find out from Aisha that Bloom drugged you, Sky? I don't know.
Should I be worried I had to learn from Bloom what happened at Aster Dell? We'll talk about this later.
What's the situation? I think the Burned One's through there.
Pull it up again.
I recognize the hollow Noura ran past.
- Right, let's go.
- Wait, wait.
Without fairies? We counted at least six Burned Ones.
That's fucking stupid.
That's an order, Riven.
Suck it up.
Let's go.
That noise isn't coming from the forest.
It's coming from the school.
Get back and gather all the students and bring them to the courtyard.
Move! Are we having a power outage? - How does that even happen here? - Well, it shouldn't.
Alfea's an outpost.
The electricity it runs on is magic.
Beneath the school are energy wells designed by Yeah, I'm gonna skip the history lesson and check it out.
Hello? …filled up with enough magic, they act like a battery.
Sam! There's a Burned One in the school! Dig deeper than you ever have before.
What you did to free me is just a fraction of the magic you need.
Let the fire consume you.
Keep going.
What if I lose control? Control limits you.
I'm scared.
Good! The moment you start to enjoy that feeling is the moment the world unlocks for you.
A wildfire burns within you, Bloom, and with the right people around you… You mean with you.
With you around me.
You want me to listen to you and trust you and let you guide me? I just met you.
You hid me from Miss Dowling.
You didn't tell anyone I existed.
I almost killed my family because you left me in the First World with no guidance.
The guidance you needed was love.
Farah couldn't give that to you.
Vanessa and Michael could.
You know their names? I knew they were about to lose a daughter.
I gave them a second chance.
And I gave you a hiding place from the monsters that wanted you dead.
I will always, always look out for you, Bloom.
And when this is over, we'll find your birth parents together.
They're in the school.
I need to go.
- Are you charged? Can you help? - I can't.
But you don't need it.
The infection's gonna spread soon.
Musa? You OK? Somebody do something.
I've lost signal.
There you are.
You… you… you seem OK.
Yeah, whatever you gave me wore off a few hours ago.
Come on.
We need to find the others.
All the students are being taken to the main courtyard.
- Hello? - What the hell are you doing? What if it's one of those things? This way, guys.
- There's still more students down there.
- I'll bring them back.
You can grab any stragglers.
W… Wait.
Dane? What the hell? She triggered a trap in Dowling's office.
Some kind of paralyzation thing.
I got her back here, but I… I don't know what to do.
Yeah, well, it sucks for her.
Come on.
- I'm not leaving her.
- Dane.
She's not worth it.
She cares about you, and I know you care about her.
Don't act like you don't.
Oh, please.
You have to help.
- Will you please just say something? - What's there to say? - You kissed me, then drugged me.
- Technically, I drugged you first.
I didn't know that we were gonna kiss when I dosed your drink.
- And I got wrapped up in the moment - A kiss seemed a good way to distract me.
- Thanks for the recap.
- I wasn't trying to distract you.
- You would have stopped me, Sky.
- I opened up to you, Bloom.
I told you shit I have never told anyone.
I trusted you.
And you still would've stopped me.
You can say you trust me, but you still would have treated me like I'm some damsel that needed protecting from herself.
Sorry, that's not trust.
You let a murderer out of jail to free a crazy ex-headmistress.
And what if Rosalind isn't crazy? What if she had a reason to lie? The more I learn, the more I think maybe everyone was doing what they thought was right.
Just 'cause somebody thinks what they did was right, it doesn't mean that it is.
He'll get erratic without Zanbaq.
We need to get out.
- Hi.
- Hey.
We have to get help.
- Oh shit.
- He said there's a Burned One here.
We need to get him to the courtyard.
They're barricading it off.
We'll be safe there.
Every entrance must be secured.
I've sealed the gates, but it's temporary.
Get the fire fairies to weld them shut and materials to place in front of them.
We've brought in as much armor as we could.
If you wear it, make sure you can move to access your magic, all right? Come on.
Move, quickly.
Through there.
Go, go, go! All right.
Stay still.
No, no.
Just… I'd prefer it if you stayed still.
I'll compromise.
I'll stop moving when I'm dead.
Dad! Sam! I need Zanbaq, now! There's so much blood.
Why didn't you bring him immediately? 'Cause we were locked in our room, Dad.
Remember? As I'm sure you're aware, Burned Ones have infiltrated the Barrier and the school.
For some reason, the magical energy wells which power everything at the school have failed.
I managed to speak with Queen Luna before they did.
She understands the gravity of what's happening here, and the Solarian troops are on their way.
We're barricading all entrances to the courtyard.
We're safe for now… but we must prepare for the reality that the Burned Ones may infiltrate the space before they arrive.
This is what we've been training for.
Be cautious, but be brave.
Let magic guide you, and let's show them what it means to be Alfeans.
Prepare the barricade.
- Bloom said you ran away from home.
- Now home's on its way, so that's fun.
- I could help hide you if you want.
- 'Course you can.
And part of me really wants you to, but… breaking up was the right thing to do.
We never should've got back together.
We are codependent at best, toxic at worst.
This time, I have to deal with it for myself.
You sound like Bloom.
Well, I mean, is that such a bad thing? Seems to be what you're into these days.
I'm messing with you.
Kind of.
- I know you're mad.
- An understatement.
Rosalind isn't the monster you think she is.
She had a reason to lie.
The settlers of Aster Dell weren't innocent.
They were Blood Witches.
And my birth parents weren't even there.
She certainly has a way of winning people over, doesn't she? Is your ego so fragile that you can't even consider for a minute that you might be wrong about her? Rosalind gave you just enough information to string you along.
She's manipulating you.
It's what she does.
And what the hell have you been doing? You hid information from me, not her.
Why isn't she telling me this herself? Why isn't she by our side helping us fight? Where is she? She's still weak.
- She's not charged up, but she said - Wait.
So you were in the Stone Circle.
The Stone Circle is a conduit to the magic of the land.
That magic powers everything at Alfea, like our electricity and the Barrier.
Are you saying that Rosalind is the reason the Barrier was weak enough for the Burned Ones to get through? This is no accident, Bloom.
Rosalind always has a plan.
They're after me, you know.
I didn't realize that at first, but I do now.
Which means it's my job to protect you.
But we're gonna fight them, right? Rosalind told me how to Your actions are the reason the school's in danger.
You've done enough.
But if you'd like to be helpful, join the other fire fairies and weld these gates shut.
The water fairies could use your leadership and control, Aisha.
Come on! You want a pink pestle and mortar? You're grinding like a girl.
I don't have the time or energy to break down the problematic gender issues in that statement.
How are you so good with this? Well, believe it or not, Terra and I used to hang out a bunch here.
Look, I'll deny saying this, but she's not the worst.
I might have led you astray this year.
You didn't.
Beatrix is special.
You are gay, right? I mean, I'm not… I'm not blind.
I know when someone wants my dick.
I think you're hot.
She is, too, in a different way.
Mmm, who do you think about when you're having a wank? Fuck you.
That sounds like an answer.
No need to fill me in.
I could hear everything.
You two made the right choice.
Rosalind will be impressed.
When this is all over, you're going to want to be on our side.
- Why isn't the Zanbaq working? - It's a very, very deep wound.
I found a piece of Burned One splinter near his heart.
He's in pain.
Help him.
I'm doing all I can! There is something you can do.
You're a mind fairy.
Feeling emotions is only a small part of your magic.
With your connection, you can take some of his pain.
- How? - Instead of pushing it away, bring it in.
Try it.
- I can't! - You didn't try.
- I said I can't, OK? - Musa! Let her go, love.
Come here and help.
How do we get it out? I can't get… I can't get to it.
I can't… I can't do it.
- You can, Dad.
- I cant.
Dad, you can.
I know you can.
Right, that should slow it.
But the infection is still spreading.
We just need Sam to hold on for now.
He won't be out of the woods until we kill the Burned One that attacked him.
I heard the Solarians won't get here until late tomorrow.
There's no way he'll make it that long.
If these doors don't hold, we're all gonna join him.
Don't you have fairy things to do? I should've told you what I was doing in the Stone Circle, and I should've been honest with you like you were with me, and I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
- And that kiss, Sky, - if you thought it was anything but - It's fine, Bloom.
Whatever it was, I If I still say I don't believe you, can we do it again? What is it? Whatever you're thinking of doing, I'm here.
I know Bloom.
She won't just sit around and do nothing.
Especially if she thinks this is all her fault.
- If only her friend hadn't turned on her.
- Really? You're still doing this? I feel bad, OK? Is that what you want me to say? I figured the fact that I'm coming to you of all people would tell you that I'm sorry.
What more do you want? So what do you think she's gonna do? Probably something reckless and crazy, but for once, I'm not gonna do it alone.
Come on.
You think the barricade will hold? For a while.
I don't know how this night will end, Sky, so I need to tell you the truth about Aster Dell.
Bloom told me everything.
Aster Dell is where Andreas died.
What? How is that possible? You said my dad died in a battle, fighting.
He did.
Saul! There are still people back there.
They didn't evacuate, Andreas.
We have to tell Rosalind.
She knows.
Farah and Ben think they're only killing Burned Ones.
- They'll kill hundreds of people.
- Rosalind has given her orders.
Her orders are wrong! I know Rosalind gave you a sense of purpose.
I know you're indebted to her.
But this is too far.
I can't let you tell them, Saul.
Andreas, you have a choice.
Your orders or your morals.
Don't do this.
- Andreas… - I'm sorry.
Andreas, please! I… I had to run back to Farah and Ben.
I thought I could stop them in time, but… it was too late.
You told me my dad was a hero.
Andreas saved countless lives before that day, Sky.
He killed more Burned Ones than any of us, but he was flawed.
We all are.
Flawed? He killed hundreds of people.
And you killed him.
And all I get from you is you're both flawed? What the fuck am I supposed to do with that? They're here.
Remember to keep your emotions in check.
Runaway fear leads to runaway magic.
Maintain readiness.
Hold your nerve.
Stay close, sweetie.
Just try and ignore it.
Just focus on the task.
- It hurts so bad! - Stay with us, Sam.
Um, OK.
I'm gonna go and get some help.
What the hell? You can't just run away.
- He's in pain.
And Dad's trying, but - Please just leave me alone.
I know you care about him.
That's the problem.
I can't feel it.
I can't feel somebody I care about die.
Not again.
What? Musa… My mum died last year, Terra.
And I was with her, and I felt it, the moment it happened.
I felt everything she felt.
That's why I can't talk about my family, and that's why I can't be with Sam now.
I can't feel it.
Please don't make me feel it again.
No, it's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
I'm not gonna let him die.
It won't hold much longer.
- What are you doing? - We're hiding when we should be fighting.
We'll fight when we have to.
We can't put lives at risk.
They already are, and the only way to stop them is to kill those things.
Not as easy as you might think.
What just happened? They're leaving.
They're all moving together, like they're following something.
Where's Bloom? Come on.
We have to make sure the Burned Ones are following me.
Terra? Don't go out there.
I know you're trying to protect me.
You think I'm a kid.
I'm not.
- I have to do something.
- You're right.
I need your help.
The infection is spreading faster than I'd hoped.
If he gives in to it, he's lost.
I need you to help him stay strong until the Burned One is destroyed.
Sam, you need to fight this.
- I can't.
- Stay with us, Sam.
- I can't.
- Please.
I can't… It's in his eyes! Dad, we're gonna lose him.
I think it's your turn to take some peace from me.
I'll hold it off for as long as I can.
My mum's going to be here soon with an actual army.
They won't be here in time, Stella.
The Burned Ones have always been after me.
Rosalind taught me how to stop them, but I have to draw more magic than ever before, and… I don't know what's gonna happen when I do.
It's OK.
I'll make sure we're safe, and that you are too.
I can surround you with water in case the flames get too big.
You won't see us, but we'll be right here.
Rosalind wants me to believe that she's the person I need to get through this.
She's not.
What are you? Well done, Bloom.
- What's wrong? - She's OK, just weak.
Maybe you girls want to help take her back to her room? We did it.
Yeah, we did.
It's leaving.
I think they got it.
Thank you.
Thank you both.
No, you have to feel the good stuff too.
We should get back.
- We should.
- Rosalind will be here soon.
Hear her out.
Her and my dad have a plan.
The two of you can be a part of it.
- This doesn't have to end.
- Hang on.
Your dad was the one who sent you in here? Technically, he's not my dad, but he'll know what to do.
It's been a long time.
They're friends.
Both of them.
Always nice to have friends.
I expect they want to know what happens next.
Come on.
I don't need help.
- Are you guys sure Sam is OK? - Yeah, thanks to you and Musa.
Please! Terra'll be operating on all of us by the end of the week.
As practice.
Even if we don't need it.
Have to say I'm quite disappointed to have missed the wings.
- Were they full-on Tinkerbell style? - They were much cooler than that.
- Cooler? I love Tinkerbell.
- Of course you do.
You rest.
I'll cover.
I'll call it my one allocated lie of the month.
and Mrs.
No, Bloom's fine.
It's been a pretty rough week.
Exams are killer.
No sign of Rosalind.
But I have no doubt we will see her again.
What happened? Bloom transformed, Saul.
She spent one night with Rosalind and unlocked ancient fairy magic, magic we thought was lost.
She told Bloom the settlers of Aster Dell weren't civilians, they were Blood Witches.
A detail she chose not to tell us at the time.
They were Blood Witches.
So everything we did to try and stop… Everything I did… There you are.
I heard a rumor… you went full fairy last night.
Was that a… Was that a good rumor or a bad rumor? Actually, I don't really care… what other people think.
It was the first time I… actually felt like myself, like fully… myself.
I belong here.
You do.
Are you wearing the same clothes you were wearing last night? What happened? I'm fine.
I promise.
Looks like somebody wants a chat.
How are you feeling? A bit rough, but, you know, I'll survive.
Well, you drew on a great deal of magic last night.
- You're bound to feel drained for - I've been a brat.
I can't stop thinking about what I said to you last night.
You've… You've been incredible to me.
You found me when I was lost, brought me to a safe place, gave me guidance.
You… surrounded me with amazing people.
- And I've… I've just been - It's forgiven.
Do you, um… Can we… hug? When I became headmistress, I made a decision… to become a figurehead.
To project strength.
It's what students your age need.
Admitting mistakes invites uncertainty.
But not admitting them means people you care about have to ask you if you hug.
I should've been more honest with you early on.
I mean… maybe, but… maybe I needed time.
I can't keep ignoring my life back home and lying to my parents.
They deserve to know what I am and what happened to their real daughter.
The truth.
- Bloom.
- Hi.
- How the hell did… Come here! - You're right.
They do.
Vanessa! - Bloom? - Hi.
But a word of caution.
It won't be easy.
I'm sorry.
I know I've been MIA the past few days, but I'm gonna explain everything.
I do have one quick question.
Girls? - Lovely to meet you! - Hello.
- Hello… - Hi.
Uh, can my friends crash here this weekend? Sure.
They're gonna go chill in my room for a while 'cause, um… we need to talk.
Where's Riven? Probably getting stoned somewhere with Dane.
Can't believe he knew this place was fucked way before I did.
Didn't even take a dead dad.
One day, I hope you will see everything I did was for your benefit, Sky.
Why are the Solarians here? I told them the attack was over.
- What the hell is going on? - Easy, Sky.
- Queen Luna.
- Your Majesty.
Saul Silva.
It's with a heavy heart I must place you under arrest.
For what? The attempted murder… of Andreas of Eraklyon.
"Attempted"? Hello, Sky.
Dad… You buried them.
How noble.
Well, it seemed fitting, seeing as they were clearly human at one time.
- But then you knew about them, didn't you? - I did.
I did.
Are there more out there? Shit ton.
Oh God.
Don't pout, Farah.
I'll let you in on a little secret just this once.
There's a legend.
It's a thousand years old.
That's how old the Burned Ones are, by the way.
They were soldiers from an ancient war.
The legend is about the magic used against them.
It created them.
It's powerful.
It's primal.
The Dragon Flame.
It burns inside our changeling friend.
So that's why Bloom was able to transform so easily.
With my guidance, yes.
The Burned Ones never stood a chance.
You let Burned Ones into the school to test her? Risked the lives of countless students? There's a war on the horizon.
The Burned Ones are nothing compared to what's coming.
I fear you lack the composure to lead the next generation into it.
And there it is.
Once I stepped out from under your shadow, I saw a world full of light.
Turns out this place isn't miserable.
It was just you.
What a shame Queen Luna doesn't agree with you.
I was planning to threaten her with exposing her role in the cover-up at Aster Dell, but, apparently, she's been mad at you for some time.
Something about her daughter and Ricki? Dreadful name.
Anyway, she agreed the school could use a change.
I have a feeling most of the faculty will fall in line when I walk through the doors.
Ben will certainly keep quiet for the sake of his children.
Saul would have been a problem, but he'll be on trial for the murder of Andreas.
Sorry, attempted murder.
Poor Andreas.
It couldn't have been easy to stay in hiding for so long, but I needed someone to raise Beatrix, in case you were wondering who was working with me on the outside.
So… now all we have to talk about… is you.
I think you should take a sabbatical.
Head to the mountains.
Take a break.
You've worked so hard, Farah.
I am the headmistress of Alfea.
And there's no way I'm leaving the school in your hands.
I know that.
The rest of the world might believe it.
And if they don't, what the fuck are they gonna do about it? Welcome back, ladies.
There have been a few changes.

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