Fate/Zero (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

The Vicious Beast Roars

1 My name is Iskandar, the King of Conquerors! In this Grail War, I am of the Rider class.
Wh-What are you thinking, you idiot? Fate has brought us together to do battle for the Grail.
But first, I wish to make a proposition.
What think you of yielding the Grail to me, and joining my army? You would be treated as honored allies.
And together, we shall share in the joy of world conquest! I am afraid I must decline.
I may give the Grail to but one man: my new avowed lord.
Not to you, Rider! Did you interfere with our battle merely to proffer that ridiculous plan? If so, it is a grave insult! I'd be willing to discuss compensation.
Shut up! And further, I am the rightful King of Britain.
I could never lower myself to mere retainer, even in service to a mighty king.
King of Britain, you say! What a surprise! I'd hardly have expected the King of Knights to be a little girl.
Then would you like to taste this little girl's blade, King of Conquerors? I suppose negotiations have failed.
Such a waste.
What a shame Rider! Kurikaesu sekai nando te wo nobashitara In this endlessly repeating world, how many times must I reach out Hakanai namida wa kuroi kokoro tokasuno? so that my hopeless tears thaw my black heart? Mebae dashita omoi ga mune ni hibiita nara If these freshly-sprouted feelings are echoed in your own heart, Kimi no tonari de zutto kawarazu mamoru darou I will forever be by your side, protecting you.
Ochita kibou wo hirotte asu ni tsunaide yukeba If I pick up the fallen hopes and fasten them to tomorrow, Karamatta ibitsuna negai datte hodokeru even my tangled, knotted wishes will come unraveled.
Hikari wo kazashite tamerai wo keshita Shielding my eyes from the light, I did away with all my hesitation.
Ageta katta no wa mirai de What I wanted to give you was the future.
Naiteru yoru daita mama nageki wo sakende As I shouted in grief, holding the teary night close.
Fumi ireta ashi wo tooku no risou ga Sotto iyashite yuku Far-off hopes soothe my feet that are weary from walking.
Tashika na kizuna wo tsuyoku nigiri Hold tight to this bond we can count on, Susumou doko made mo and let's keep going as far as we can, Kegare kitta kiseki wo se ni with this tainted miracle on my back.
That moron nearly conquered the known world? What is wrong with you? So you were the one, eh? I'd wondered what madness had compelled you to steal my relic.
I never imagined that you yourself planned to enter the Holy Grail War Waver Velvet.
How would you like me to offer you a private lesson? How mages really kill one another I'll teach you all about the fear and pain involved.
You should feel honored.
Mage! So you were to be my Master, rather than this boy.
Absurd Only one brave enough to ride the battlefield at my side could ever be my Master.
A coward who lacks sufficient courage to show himself is nowhere close to being worthy! And there are others, as well! Out there, skulking in the darkness! What do you speak of, Rider? Saber.
And Lancer.
Your duel was magnificent.
Surely, the sound of your blades called other Heroic Spirits than myself here.
Heroic Spirits, born again through the Holy Grail, gather here and now! Those too craven to show themselves will draw the scorn of Iskandar, King of Conquerors! This is Yes.
Quite unfortunate.
Quite unfortunate indeed.
That's The Servant that defeated Assassin? So, two lesser beings dare to name themselves kings, even in my presence.
I fail to see where the problem lies I am Iskandar, the legendary King of Conquerors.
What nonsense.
I am the one true king.
All others are mere pretenders.
If you're that insistent, then why not name yourself? No true king should be troubled by giving his name.
So you would question me, pretender? Me, the king? If, even in the presence of my glory, you cannot discern my identity, your blindness will seal your doom! I see.
So that is how he killed Assassin.
That is his Noble Phantasm.
Berserker? Hey, King of Conquerors.
Were you planning to ask him, too? He doesn't seem terribly interested in negotiations, does he? Boy How powerful a Servant is he? I don't know.
I can't tell! What? Are you not a Master? You can sense their strengths and weaknesses, right? I can't tell.
That black thing is definitely a Servant, but I can't read its status or anything else about it! It appears it will be another difficult enemy.
That spirit has some curse or other special ability that entirely conceals everything about him.
But that isn't all.
With four others present, we have to be very careful.
Why did he materialize here? No sane Master would choose to send out their Servant here.
Not into the middle of all this chaos.
Maiya, keep watching Assassin.
I'll look for Berserker's Master.
Who gave you permission to look upon me, you rabid dog? May your death provide me some modicum of entertainment, mongrel! Is that truly Berserker? For a madman, he's rather nimble.
What, you couldn't tell? That black thing casually snatched the first blade that was flying toward him, using it to destroy the second spear as it approached.
You dare lay your filthy hands on my treasures? You must long for death, cur! That's impossible! Let us see just how long your parlor tricks can keep you alive! Fool I belong among the heavens, yet you would have me trod the same earth as you?! Your impudence has guaranteed your death! Mongrel, nothing will remain of your corpse! Gilgamesh is serious.
He plans to open the Gate of Babylon even further.
Repeatedly exposing his Noble Phantasm to the others How rash.
Your decision, my Master? By the power of my Command Seal, King of Heroes, quell thine anger and withdraw.
You dare to order a king to withdraw? You have nerve, Tokiomi.
You were fortunate, mad dog.
Mongrels! By our next meeting, see that you've culled your numbers.
Only a true hero is worthy to look upon me.
It would seem that Archer's Master is less stubborn than he is.
Irisviel, get back! What? So that's it Whatever he grabs becomes his Noble Phantasm.
Saber? We", Maiya? Do you have a visual on Berserker's Master? No, I don't.
This looks bad.
What are you? That's enough messing around, Berserker.
Saber has a prior engagement with me.
If you insist on interfering, you'll have to face me.
Lancer What are you doing, Lancer? This is your chance to defeat Saber.
I, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, will defeat Saber I swear it on my honor! If you insist I kill her here, then I will first defeat that mad dog.
Please, my Master! With my Command Seal, I order you My lord! Help Berserker kill Saber.
Lancer! Saber, I'm sorry Irisviel, I shall hold them here.
While I do, you must run As far away as you can get.
Irisviel, please! It's all right, Saber.
Believe in your Master! Kiritsugu is here? Kiritsugu, I know that you can still turn this to victory.
I'll kill Lancer's Master now.
It's the only way out of this.
Maiya, attack Assassin on my mark.
Suppressive fire.
Six Five Four Three Two One.
Rider! Ah This is a tough one.
As you can see, our black friend will be retiring for the evening.
Master of Lancer.
I know not from whence you're watching, but do not sully a battle between knights with your petty tricks.
Have Lancer withdraw.
If you insist on humiliating him further, then I shall join Saber.
Together, the two of us will annihilate your Servant.
What will it be? Withdraw, Lancer.
That's enough for tonight.
My thanks, King of Conquerors.
It was nothing.
I enjoy watching the flowers of a battlefield in bloom.
When you first arrived, what was your intent, King of Conquerors? I try not to think too hard about such things.
Saber First, settle matters with Lancer.
And then, I shall face the victor, be it you or Lancer.
King of Knights, goodbye for now! I hope to enjoy our next meeting as much as I did this one.
Boy, you got anything nice to say to the lady? I do wish he'd man up a little Farewell! Saber, your left arm! Yes, it was a painful blow.
It is as Rider says.
If I fail to deal with Lancer first and undo the curse on this wound, it will damage my chances against the other Servants.
Thank you, Saber.
I survived thanks to you The reason I could focus on the battle before me was that I had you to stand behind me.
Saber The battle is only beginning, Irisviel.
Tonight, we saw the mere opening gambits of a battle that is just beginning to unfold.
That's right.
They were all powerful adversaries.
Not one of them was a conventional enemy.
So this is the Holy Grail War.
They all turned and ran from my Berserker And I embarrassed that arrogant ass! Tokiomi, how I wish I could have seen your face.
That damn Berserker broke free of my control and started fighting Saber If he keeps doing that, my body won't last long.
But if I can control him, I can win.
Just hold on, Sakura.
Begging your pardon, Master Kirei.
What is it? Right, I've come to report that I found something of interest, outside the church.
A familiar? Yes.
It was outside the barrier, but it was clearly sent to monitor this church.
Awesome! That was so awesome! Hey, Bluebeard That was all real, right? It was for real, and not some kind of special effect? So awesome So, the Grail War, right? You're gonna do it.
Right, big guy? Big guy? My wish has come true Come true Um.
Look at her! She is the answer! Her beautiful face, her noble bearing She is none other than the maiden of my dreams! Someone you know? Indeed! She was forsaken by God, died in shame, and now At last, she has come back to life! Such Such a miracle.
What else could it be but the fulfillment of my dreams?! Oh, maiden MY holy virgin Soon, I will come for you.
Episode 5: A Wicked Beast's Roar Shizuka ni utsuri yuku tooi kioku no naka In my distant, shifting memories, Omoide ni yorisoi nagara kimi wo omoeru nara All I wish is to love you as I snuggle your memory.
Itsumo minareteru madobe ni utsutta Your eyes, which I see reflected in the window so often, Sono hitomi wa ashita wo muite ita were looking out towards the future.
Aa sakaraenu sadame to shittemo Kowaku nai Even if I learn that my fate cannot be changed, I will not be afraid.
Kokoro kara shinji te iru I believe in you from the bottom of my heart.
Shizuka ni utsuri yuku tooi kioku no naka In my distant, shifting memories, Kimi to sugoshita akashi wa tashika ni koko ni aru The proof that we spent time together does exist here.
Afure dasu kimochi wo oshiete kureta kara Because you told me of your feelings that could not be contained, Kono sekai ga nakunatte mo watashi wa soko ni iru even if this world vanishes, I will be with you.
I promise you Saber's head.
The next strike will be for real! Aren't you the one who's mistaken? Behold the magic of Kayneth El-Melloi You mean to lecture me? I've come for you, my holy virgin.