Fate/Zero (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

The Evil Forest

1 This is it.
What is that? All of you, return to your posts.
It looks like a ball of mercury.
It's almost as if it's alive.
I need to get this out of here.
Is something wrong? I need to get this out of here.
Huh? Load it onto the truck! Quickly! Kurikaesu sekai nando te wo nobashitara In this endlessly repeating world, how many times must I reach out Hakanai namida wa kuroi kokoro tokasuno? so that my hopeless tears thaw my black heart? Mebae dashita omoi ga mune ni hibiita nara If these freshly-sprouted feelings are echoed in your own heart, Kimi no tonari de zutto kawarazu mamoru darou I will forever be by your side, protecting you.
Ochita kibou wo hirotte asu ni tsunaide yukeba If I pick up the fallen hopes and fasten them to tomorrow, Karamatta ibitsuna negai datte hodokeru even my tangled, knotted wishes will come unraveled.
Hikari wo kazashite tamerai wo keshita Shielding my eyes from the light, I did away with all my hesitation.
Ageta katta no wa mirai de What I wanted to give you was the future.
Naiteru yoru daita mama nageki wo sakende As I shouted in grief, holding the teary night close.
Fumi ireta ashi wo tooku no risou ga Sotto iyashite yuku Far-off hopes soothe my feet that are weary from walking.
Tashika na kizuna wo tsuyoku nigiri Hold tight to this bond we can count on, Susumou doko made mo and let's keep going as far as we can, Kegare kitta kiseki wo se ni with this tainted miracle on my back.
The Grail War is in grave peril.
We have identified Caster's Master as the person behind the recent kidnappings in Fuyuki.
Thus, in accordance with my emergency powers as overseer, I am temporarily altering the rules of the Grail War.
All Masters are to cease any ongoing combat, and eliminate Caster instead.
And the one who defeats Caster and his Master will receive an additional Command Seal as their reward.
These are unused Command Seals left by the fallen Masters of past Grail Wars.
They should prove to be of immeasurable value to all of you.
Once Caster's destruction has been confirmed, the Holy Grail War will recommence.
If anyone has questions, please ask them here.
Of course, that is limited to those who can speak in human tongues.
Well played, Father.
Now the Masters will all hunt him down.
Five familiars were gathered at the church.
Which means Which means that the missing Lord El-Melloi is still alive.
And the offer of a Command Seal as the reward should draw him out, given that he's already used one.
And the other Masters, as well.
They'll seek to keep it from the rest by claiming it for themselves.
But it also means that the Master who wins the Seal will gain a formidable advantage.
Naturally, it isn't an ideal solution.
Once Caster has been weakened and is on the run from the others, Archer must be the one to deal the final blow.
U-Um Is this the MacKenzie residence? Just so.
That is the name of this domicile's residents.
Well, then Might there be a Mr.
Iskandar, King of Conquerors here? That would be me.
Oh I see.
Could I have your signature on the receipt? My signature? Very well! You have my thanks.
Th-Thank you for your business Conquest What a feeling, to have the entire world emblazoned across my chest! Why are you dressed like that? My package just arrived.
You went outside? Ta-dah! I merely tried out that "mail order" thing.
I told you not to leave the second floor! If the residents are not at home and you are occupied with your familiar, who else is there to answer the door? I had no choice A summons by the Holy Church is a big deal.
Don't be so grouchy.
After seeing Saber last night, I came to a realization.
If one wears modern attire, there should be no issue with going outside.
Hey, wait! At least put on some pants before you go out! Oh, leggings"- That's true.
Everyone in this land wears them.
Must I? Yes, you must! And just to be clear, I'm definitely not going all the way to town just to buy you XXXL pants.
What? Boy, would you stand in the way of my triumphant conquest? Conquest and your pants have nothing, not even in the slightest, to do with each other! Before you start planning to screw around outside, go beat one of the other Servants! Then I'll buy you pants, or anything else you want.
I understand.
Very well.
Then you swear that once I defeat an enemy, you will buy me pants? You You really want to wear modern clothes and go outside that much? The King of Knights was doing it.
As a fellow king, I cannot allow myself to be outdone.
I like the design on this shirt.
It is fitting attire for a ruler! And we have to find Caster, too What are you doing? There is a powerful barrier over Mt.
Enzou, with Ryudou Temple at its center.
Because of that, anything other than natural spirits like Servants can only enter via the temple path.
Keep that in mind as you're using Saber.
There are three other spots where the leylines converge.
Tohsaka Manor and the Fuyuki Chapel.
And this new residential area east of the city center.
Consequently, this means that there are four locations in Fuyuki that have all the spiritual characteristics needed for the Grail to appear.
When the war enters its second phase and there are fewer Servants left, we'll have to secure one of these as a base of operations, won't we? That's right.
That covers the lay of the land.
Do you have any questions? Is there anything that you aren't clear on? It was a perfectly adequate explanation.
Kiritsugu, can we assume that all the others will go after Caster? It's a safe bet However, we have an advantage as far as Caster is concerned.
Out of whatever madness, he believes Saber to be his Jeanne d'Arc, which is to our benefit.
We need only wait for him to come to us.
Master, that is not enough.
His evil deeds must be punished.
We should take the fight to him before he can do any more damage.
Iri, do you have a handle on this forest's barrier spells? Yes.
That's fine But our real problem is the curse on Saber's left hand.
Eighteen hours have passed since your defeat of Kayneth, but Saber's wound hasn't healed.
Lancer must still live.
Shouldn't we defeat Lancer first, so we can face Caster at full strength? That isn't necessary.
You just need to use your knowledge of the area to confuse the enemy, keeping Saber away from him.
You won't have her fight Caster? Someone else will deal with him even if we don't.
The ones hunting Caster in a frenzy will make for better targets.
I'll attack from their flanks and take them out.
Master, you are To what depths do you intend to sink?! You do an insult to Heroic Spirits.
Why do you not allow me to fight? Do you mean to imply that you cannot trust me, your own Servant?! There's a truce against everyone but Caster, isn't there? It will be fine.
This overseer of ours can't be trusted.
He harbors Assassin's Master, and doesn't say anything about it.
He may also be working with Tohsaka.
We should be skeptical of anything he does.
All right.
Kiritsugu If If I If I decided to abandon everything and run away Iri, would you come with me? What about Ilya? She's still at our castle! I'd return for her, killing anyone in our way.
And then I'd give all I have for you and Ilya! And for no other! Could we get away? We could escape! If we go now, it's not too late! You're lying.
That's a lie.
You could never run away.
You'd never forgive yourself for abandoning the Grail.
For failing to save the world.
As your first and final accuser, you would kill yourself.
I'm scared.
He Kirei Kotomine is after me.
Maiya told me.
He used Kayneth as bait to draw me out.
He anticipated my actions.
I've already sacrificed you to this conflict, and I've had to leave Ilya behind.
But the most dangerous of them all has set his sights on me already.
The one that I'd hoped to never cross paths with! I won't allow you to fight alone.
I'll protect you.
Saber will protect you.
And Maiya is here, as well.
Kiritsugu? An enemy attack? It's lucky that I hadn't sent out Maiya yet.
We can mount an all-out defense.
Iri, find a remote-viewing crystal ball.
There they are.
Irisviel, the enemy is trying to lure us out.
Those must be hostages.
I'll have to go down and save them.
He knows we're watching! As promised last night, I, Gilles De Rais, have come for you.
I wish to see you, Jeanne.
My beautiful Holy Virgin Irisviel You may take your time if you wish.
I have come prepared for a lengthy wait.
Now, children, it's time to play hide-and-seek.
The rules are simple.
You need only elude me.
But if I find you Don't! Run, children! When I count to one hundred, the chase begins.
Well, Jeanne? How long do you think it will take me to catch them all? Saber, defeat Caster! I shall! Welcome, Jeanne.
How do you like this horrible sight? It pains you, does it not? Do you despise me? Yes, I'm sure you must.
I'm sure you'll never forgive me for turning from God's love.
Unhand the child, monster! Jeanne, if you so dearly wish to save the boy Rejoice, child.
God's devout messenger says that she will save you.
It's dangerous here.
Now, run away.
Follow this path, and you'll come to a large castle.
Do you not remember? I said that when next we met, I would be prepared.
Very well My fight with you is no longer over the Grail! Oh, Jeanne How noble! How beautiful! Holy Virgin, even God's beauty pales before you! Caster! I take up my sword to destroy you! If only I could use my left hand Even Caster's mana isn't infinite.
If she can last until it runs out, Saber can win, right? Kiritsugu? More importantly, is there still no sign of the other Masters entering the forest? Maiya.
Take Iri and flee the castle.
Head in the opposite direction as Saber and Caster.
I can't stay here? With Saber fighting away from you, it isn't safe.
One of the others is sure to have had the same idea.
All right.
What's wrong, Iri? It appears another has arrived.
HOW? Is there no end to his mana? Impossible.
The source of his mana is So that book is your Noble Phantasm? Just so.
The grimoire left me by my teacher Prélati gives me the means to command a demonic legion.
What do you think, Jeanne? It brings back memories, right, Jeanne? Everything is just as it was then.
Your indomitable Warrior's spirit and noble bearing prove you to be none other than Jeanne d'Arc! So why? Why do you not awaken? Do you still believe in God's grace even now? Even when faced with mortal peril, you still believe a miracle will save you? How tragic Have you forgotten the Battle of Compiegne? Even after enduring that humiliation, you still remain God's puppet? Pathetic, Saber.
Such swordsmanship is unworthy of the title King of Knights.
Who are you? Who gave you leave to interfere with us? That is my question, monster.
It will be my lance that takes Saber's life! It was my prayer! It was my Holy Grail that brought her back to life! She is mine Every scrap of flesh, every drop of blood, even her very soul is mine! Hey, Caster.
I won't comment on your notion of romance.
If you say you're going to make Saber yours, then try it.
But know this I, Diarmuid, will not allow you to defeat a crippled Saber before I can! Lancer, you Don't get the wrong idea, Saber.
The only thing that brought me here today was the order to defeat Caster.
To that end, I believe cooperation to be our best option here.
What do you think? Just to be clear, Lancer, I could kill a hundred of those things with just the one arm.
A mere hundred is child's play.
You'll pay for this Don't get any ideas, you savage! Fervor Mei Sanguis.
Kayneth El-Melloi, ninth Archibald family head, is here.
Mage of the Einzbern, let us duel for the Grail with our lives and our honor! Mechanical traps, of all things Have you fallen so low, Einzbern? Very well.
Then this is no longer a duel, but an extermination.
I see Automated probes.
Found you, rat.
Sculp! Time Alter: Double Accelerate! He manipulated time to accelerate himself by using his own body as a Reality Marble It seems that he knows a little magic after all.
Still, only a coward would rely on petty tricks after being trained as a mage.
Perhaps dying will teach him his place.
Ire Sanctio! If he's manipulating his inner time, it must be placing enormous stress on his body.
I've found him.
Now then, how far can you run, as exhausted as you are? Time Alter: Triple Stagnate.
These things don't have eyes.
If I slow my internal time to a third, and lower my pulse and respiration as far as they can go, they can't sense me.
Kayneth! You fool! You're wasting your time! Episode 7: Dark Forest Shizuka ni utsuri yuku tooi kioku no naka In my distant, shifting memories, Omoide ni yorisoi nagara kimi wo omoeru nara All I wish is to love you as I snuggle your memory.
Itsumo minareteru madobe ni utsutta Your eyes, which I see reflected in the window so often, Sono hitomi wa ashita wo muite ita were looking out towards the future.
Aa sakaraenu sadame to shittemo Kowaku nai Even if I learn that my fate cannot be changed, I will not be afraid.
Kokoro kara shinji te iru I believe in you from the bottom of my heart.
Shizuka ni utsuri yuku tooi kioku no naka In my distant, shifting memories, Kimi to sugoshita akashi wa tashika ni koko ni aru The proof that we spent time together does exist here.
Afure dasu kimochi wo oshiete kureta kara Because you told me of your feelings that could not be contained, Kono sekai ga nakunatte mo watashi wa soko ni iru even if this world vanishes, I will be with you.
Maiya, no! I've shamed myself as a mage! Tremble Despair.
Strike! Gae Dearg! By whose order did you engage in battle? You're ready.
Right, monster?