Fate/Zero (2011) s01e10 Episode Script

Rin's Adventure

1 Rin.
Kurikaesu sekai nando te wo nobashitara In this endlessly repeating world, how many times must I reach out Kurikaesu sekai nando te wo nobashitara In this endlessly repeating world, how many times must I reach out Hakanai namida wa kuroi kokoro tokasuno? so that my hopeless tears thaw my black heart? Mebae dashita omoi ga mune ni hibiita nara If these freshly-sprouted feelings are echoed in your own heart, Kimi no tonari de zutto kawarazu mamoru darou I will forever be by your side, protecting you.
Ochita kibou wo hirotte asu ni tsunaide yukeba If I pick up the fallen hopes and fasten them to tomorrow, Karamatta ibitsuna negai datte hodokeru even my tangled, knotted wishes will come unraveled.
Hikari wo kazashite tamerai wo keshita Shielding my eyes from the light, I did away with all my hesitation.
Ageta katta no wa mirai de What I wanted to give you was the future.
Naiteru yoru daita mama nageki wo sakende As I shouted in grief, holding the teary night close.
Fumi ireta ashi wo tooku no risou ga Sotto iyashite yuku Far-off hopes soothe my feet that are weary from walking.
Tashika na kizuna wo tsuyoku nigiri Hold tight to this bond we can count on, Susumou doko made mo and let's keep going as far as we can, Kegare kitta kiseki wo se ni with this tainted miracle on my back.
Hey! You shouldn't gang up on someone to bully them! You suck! You really suck! What's your problem, Tohsaka? This doesn't concern you.
In that case, why don't you do the same thing to me? Then it will concern me.
This is lame! Here! You used too much mana at once.
Maintain a calm mind.
In order to control magic, you must first control your mind.
Lose control, and the mana will rebound back to your body.
Too much power, or power in the wrong form, will endanger not only you, but those around you, as well.
Strive to consistently maintain the proper flow.
That is the Tohsaka family motto.
It means always remaining reserved and elegant.
You shouldn't let them get away with it when they try that stuff, Kotone.
If they're in the wrong, you have to get mad.
You're amazing, Rin.
The way you always speak your mind like that.
It's not amazing.
I think it's normal.
It's only natural.
That's right It's only natural.
Hold out your hand.
Father, teach me more! How do I make something like this? Well, that might be difficult for you right now.
But if you work hard every day, you'll be able to make it eventually.
After all, you're a daughter of the Tohsaka family.
Hey, Rin Can you show me how to do this part? Of course.
Which part? Me, too! - Me, too.
- And me This was on page 23 in the textbook.
You just did the math wrong here.
For this problem It's just like this example, see? Kotone? Have a seat.
I'll help everyone in turn.
Okay! Do I have to go live with the Zenjos? Once the Holy Grail War begins, it will no longer be safe here in Fuyuki.
I want to help you win the Grail War Rin You mustn't cause trouble for your father.
Are we in the way? Not at all.
This time, I'll need to make extra preparations for the battle.
Those preparations include ensuRin! your safety.
And for me to do that, you shouldn't stay in Fuyuki.
I'm certain there's something I can do to help! That's right I just haven't learned how to yet.
So all I need to do is study on my own.
I-I don't understand any of this What is this? Jeez! Du, wer die Tür geÃffnet hat, wird Freunde sein.
I have to close it.
Fiir die Aussage, nimm meine Hand, wir weden in meinem Zimmer treffen.
It won't move! Sind deine Hände klein? Gross? Schlank? Steif? Rin! - Jede Hand ist dankbar.
- Are you all right? Ich will sie erhalten.
I ch schneide sie vorsichtig It's still too soon for you to read this book.
Some things in this world contain their own mana.
This is called a mana compass.
Normally, it doesn't point to anything.
But if there are mana traces in the area Rin, try generating mana in this.
See? Like this.
And with that book Anything that provokes a reaction like that is beyond your ability, so take care.
I'll give this to you.
As an early birthday present.
Th-Thank you, Father! Once the Holy Grail War ends, we'll try some real jewel magic.
And then, strange things began to happen.
They said we have study hall again There was another kidnapping on the news this morning.
In Fuyuki City, the sudden disappearances of children The teachers have been in a meeting all day.
- They said we won't have fifth period today.
- All right! But they said we should stay home.
Why? Another kidnapping They said only children have been kidnapped.
HEY, did you hear? Apparently, there's no body inside the coffin.
It was in such bad shape? It definitely happened in Fuyuki, right? U-Uh, my name is Tohsaka, - and I'm in Kotone's class - The person you have called is not home.
Please leave your message after the beep.
Please be safe Kotone This is Fuyuki at night It's completely different than duRin! the day.
It's really creepy What is this? I've never seen it do this.
Does this mean there are traces of magic all over? I have to find Kotone! Someone out with their kid this late? What was that? Oh, “Q! That was close If I'm spotted, they'll take me home.
You've gotta walk, kid.
Two of them? He has more kids.
Why? Wait Why am I hiding? I can't accomplish anything this way! No one's here? H-Hey! Kotone! Kotone! Kotone! Something's been done to her? What do I do? There has to be something What have we here? Are you lost? No Um Perfect timing.
We're just about to get the party started.
We still don't have enough guests, though.
You wanna help? The more the merrier, right? No! What was that? Don't run from me.
He's controlling them with that bracelet? Ow! I have to destroy it! What? So you are gonna help me? Huh? What? You used too much mana at once.
I can destroy this! What?! Kotone! Rin What's going on? There's no time to cry! Run! Hey! Wait! Oh! Man I hope the big guy won't be too pissed.
Huh? Where's Rin? What a relief I should start back.
I did it, Father.
What? Anything that provokes a reaction like that is beyond your ability, so take care.
Rin I can't believe she went to Fuyuki Rin! Rin Rin is fine.
She's just asleep.
Kariya What is this? What's happening here? What are you doing here? Your face Behold the family magic of the Matous.
You offer your flesh, and your life is slowly devoured.
That is the magic's price.
But Sakura will be fine.
I'll save her before this happens to her.
Zouken's only desire is the Grail.
He promised if I win it for him, he'll release Sakura.
The Grail? Yeah, so don't worry.
My Servant is the strongest.
He won't lose to anyone.
Hope would be nothing but cruel torture to Sakura right now.
So since she can't do it herself, pray in her place.
For my victory.
For Sakura's future.
Kariya, you Someday, I'm sure we'll all play in this park, just like we used to.
And Rin and Sakura will be sisters again, just like they used to be.
SO, you don't need to cry anymore.
Kariya Do you intend to die? After you kill Tokiomi? Mother? Rin! I was so worried I'm sorry I'm sorry.
I'm sorry Master Kirei, are you certain that you wish to allow Tokiomi Tohsaka's wife and daughter to go free? It's fine.
Continue monitoRin! Berserker's Master.
It wasn't much, but I did manage to do something.
I guess I'm not a full-fledged mage yet.
I passed out halfway through.
That means I need to work harder.
But that's just for now.
I have plenty of time.
And someday, I'll fight as a Tohsaka mage.
I'll have to practice really hard and obey my father, so that I'll be ready when that day comes.
And when the time comes, I'll do what I can to the best of my ability as elegantly as I can.
Episode 10: Rin's Big Adventure Shizuka ni utsuri yuku tooi kioku no naka In my distant, shifting memories, Omoide ni yorisoi nagara kimi wo omoeru nara All I wish is to love you as I snuggle your memory.
Itsumo minareteru madobe ni utsutta Your eyes, which I see reflected in the window so often, Sono hitomi wa ashita wo muite ita were looking out towards the future.
Aa sakaraenu sadame to shittemo Kowaku nai Even if I learn that my fate cannot be changed, I will not be afraid.
Kokoro kara shinji te iru I believe in you from the bottom of my heart.
Shizuka ni utsuri yuku tooi kioku no naka In my distant, shifting memories, Kimi to sugoshita akashi wa tashika ni koko ni aru The proof that we spent time together does exist here.
Afure dasu kimochi wo oshiete kureta kara Because you told me of your feelings that could not be contained, Kono sekai ga nakunatte mo watashi wa soko ni iru even if this world vanishes, I will be with you.
A weak king is even worse than a figurehead! Of what worth is a king who fails to protect the powerless? We stand to lose nothing.
A Reality Marble? I shall have to kill you myself.
Your goal was supposed to be world conquest!