Fate/Apocrypha (2017) s01e19 Episode Script

Dawn of the End

1 As soon as preparations are complete, which may be as early as tomorrow, we'll launch our attack on the Hanging Gardens via plane.
Attention all passengers! This is your captain speaking! We'll have a golem handle the piloting.
But a plane's an easy target for the enemy.
Do you have some sort of countermeasure in mind? We've sketched out a few scenarios, but there is no definitive solution.
Basically Our losses will be heavy.
If only I could remember my Noble Phantasm's true name H-Hold on a moment.
What did you just say? You know, my Noble Phantasm.
I kinda forgot its name.
What a pickle, huh? Huh?! Ame no shizuku mitai mayoinagara ochiteyuku Like drops of rain we fall blindly Down the path of life we each chose Sorezore no omoi eranda michi he Hora mou sugu kuroi yoake ga kuru kara Look, the black dawn will soon rise Dakishimeta yume no kakera ga itai yo Shards of the dream I followed pierce me I pretended to believe to cover my cowardice Shinjiru koto nise okubyou ni natta Konna sekai de nani wo kizameru no darou I wonder what can I find in this world I'll give it a try Tameshitai I stand on the backs of countless past mes Ikutsumo no boku wo koete umareta yo Believing is the only way for me to get stronger Shinjiru koto de shika tsuyoku narenai I wonder what can I find in this world Konna sekai de nani wo kizameru no darou Bokutachi no ima This moment together It's really convenient.
I just have to carry it around for it to work.
Rider, you're saying this tome cancels all magic, right? So with that we could break through the Hanging Gardens' defenses? How do you even forget its true name? At least I know what I need to remember it.
And that is? A moonless night.
On a moonless night, I can definitely use it.
A moonless night? Does the new moon count? Yeah.
When's the next one? Three days from now.
Three days? What will you do, Yggdmillennia? What do you think? In three days, the Hanging Gardens will leave Romanian airspace.
They'll be outside our territory.
The Association won't ignore such an opportunity.
I know.
Yggmillennia's bet everything on this.
Our knowledge, our wealth, our magic.
All for nothing, if we lose.
I am aware.
So if you, as a mage, really seek the Grail, we must depart tomorrow.
I know! Caules, what's your point?! I think this is the turning point.
Of wha— Of whether you become a mage or remain human.
The path branches here.
Are you telling me to quit practicing magic?! That's your choice.
Isn't it obvious?! I— You can't stomache people dying.
But— You remember that dog? How could I forget? It's not something that ought to be forgotten.
Why? Because Because if I forgot it, where would it have to go? See, this is what I meant.
You're right.
I might've hesitated too much.
I'm just a useless girl, huh? I think you're better off that way.
We'll attack in three days.
I see.
The next battle will probably be the last.
The last Um Oh, Ruler you're here? Hey, why are you running around naked Ruler, is something wrong? You're making a weird face.
Did you see her face last night?! You're still laughing about that? It's just so funny every time I remember it.
I didn't expect her of all people not to know.
I wonder what Yggdmillennia are on about.
Who knows? They just told us to leave the castle for the day.
Master! That pie is beckoning me.
Let's try some! Hey! What should I have? Saber of Red? Are you afraid? I'm expendable.
Get a grip.
Once this is over, you'll be leader of Yggdmillennia.
Usually it's best to give it time and transfer little by little.
We've got no other choice.
Begin please.
I will now commence the magic crest transfer ritual.
Caules, you're rushing! Calm down! I know, but I can't His immune system is reacting to the crest.
Caules! Caules, listen to me! Focus on my voice! Caules! Caules! Caules! I know this place.
You? Fiore? You remember? I was here too.
So Will you take it? Yeah.
It's my responsibility now.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
The transfer just completed.
Don't strain yourself.
This is nothing.
If it becomes too much, take this.
It will ease the pain.
You did great, Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia.
You too, Master.
Caules is the only one deserving praise here.
I'm so proud of him.
Why do we have to have tea with her? Ask that Master of yours.
He said he wanted to chat.
I have a blunt question for you.
Do you think people are right? Jack the Ripper? Yes.
I know not all people are like that, but still Then you get it.
Humans are humans.
Messed up people who'll do good or bad as the circumstances demand.
In the end, they're just animals who happen to be slightly smarter than the others.
They're driven by greed, always forget favors but never slights.
They aren't worth lifting a finger to protect.
You're wrong! That makes them interesting! That's why I— What about you? What do you think of humans? I like them, I think.
Or I did up until I learned of Assassin's past.
What about now? I don't know.
I wanted to protect them.
I thought that was the right thing to do.
But I no longer know if that's the correct choice.
How am I supposed to tell you that? There's no right or wrong choice here.
I do what I want, how I want.
That responsibility is mine alone.
But— One day, I'll become king.
How can a king who weeps and laughs with his people help them when they need it? They're no way! My king would! You're leaving? Are you still not done bothering me? Tell me one more thing.
Do you want to be a good or evil king? Good, of course.
So he met with Saber of Red? I hope he regains his love.
For humans? Yes.
That's important.
How exactly is it important to you? I-It's nothing significant.
Are you hiding something? Nothing at all! Can you swear to God? Huh? I— But I agree.
He should love people.
He still has a future.
U-Um, do you fancy Sieg, Astolfo? What about you? I Good luck there.
Don't expect much support from me though, miss Totally-Not-A-Ruler.
Is something wrong, Ruler? No, nothing.
If you're feeling weak— I'm really fine.
You're very kind.
Kind? Me? You are.
You're wrong.
You all are the kind ones.
I just run away from reality and can't even decide what step to take next.
I'm a failure.
No, you're not! Ruler? You don't have to be a Servant or a Master.
You're still wonderful.
Are you Let's go already! Are you really fine? This is probably very hard for you now.
Don't worry about it.
Regardless of who possesses the crest, you're still my sister.
So keep being a good sister to me.
Thank you.
Leave the rest to me.
Just watch the house— What are you talking about? I'm going to the Hanging Gardens.
Huh? But— You may be the leader of Yggdmillennia now, but I'm still Archer's Master.
But that's You should stay here, Caules.
Someone has to handle everything in case I die.
No, I'm going.
It's the same for me.
I'm a surviving Master.
It's my fate.
But Berserker's gone.
She might be.
My Command Spells might be gone too.
But I'm still a Master, and an Yggdmillennia mage.
That's a responsibilty I must assume.
I'm going.
It's the last fight.
Let's pull ourselves together.
Master? You realized I'm not suitable to be a mage.
You had outstanding magical abilities.
So much is true.
Thank you.
But I didn't have what it takes to be a mage.
You treated me as a person—a comrade—instead of the ultimate weapon a Servant is.
I just didn't want you to hate me.
Three days from now, you should fight with all your might.
Don't worry about me.
That is the most effective way to protect Caules and me.
On the name Sagittarius, I swear to protect you.
This courtesy did not exist in my age.
Please forgive me if it was clumsy.
Not at all.
Archer, I pray for your victory.
Thank you, Master.
I've overdone it.
You're right.
I'll see it to the end.
Whatever it may take.
I don't know what's waiting for me.
Leticia, I envy how straightforward you are.
I don't get it.
Why do I want him not to fight? Why do I want him not to die so badly? I don't get it.
Say, Master.
What? What makes a good king? I didn't expect that.
Come on.
I've never served a king.
I'll pull out the Choosing Sword.
I must.
Then I'll become king.
That's how far I've thought about this.
I have no idea how to surpass the King of Knights.
One thing I do know.
What? That you must face your father.
My father? I see that you hate and adore him.
I don't ado— But that's the feeling of a child chasing after their father's back.
If you want to surpass him, then analyze.
Your father.
Well, uh.
Thanks for the advice.
You have my thanks, Master.
You're very welcome.
Now, then.
This will likely be the last battle.
Once it's over, I get my pay, you get your wish from the Grail and challenge the Sword.
I'd love to see that, after all we've been through.
Don't sweat it.
You've got your wish too.
What next, Master? What do you mean? Oh, you know.
How do we kill that woman? In that case I might need this, then.
What's that? A safety measure.
Hey, Saber.
What are you doing with that? I just don't like the name they gave it.
Oh, it's you? Rider.
Do you think we can save all children? I don't think so.
But I think— Dawn approaches! The dawn of the end! EPISODE Dawn of the End Mabuta no mukougawa tsuioku no keshiki wa I close my eyes and dive into my memories I feel the fading, faint images with my fingers Usurete yuku awai kagerou yubisaki kasumete I feel the fading, faint images with my fingers Usurete yuku awai kagerou yubisaki kasumete I feel the fading, faint images with my fingers Usurete yuku awai kagerou yubisaki kasumete If I lived my life without sadness or pain Itami mo kanashimi mo shirazu ni ikitetara If I lived my life without sadness or pain Itami mo kanashimi mo shirazu ni ikitetara Mune no oku no nukumori sae kizukazu ni ita no kana Maybe I'd have never noticed the warmth in my heart Mune no oku no nukumori sae kizukazu ni ita no kana Maybe I'd have never noticed the warmth in my heart Mune no oku no nukumori sae kizukazu ni ita no kana Maybe I'd have never noticed the warmth in my heart Ima tashika ni todoita sono koe ga I definitely heard your voice just now It tore through the clouds as my guiding light Kono kumo kirisaki michibiku hikari Lighting this uncertain world Aimai na sekai wo terasu you na With love and kindness Itoshisa wo yasashisa wo Tears may dry, but they are branded in my memory Namida wa kareagete mo kioku ni yakitsuiteru Owaranai monogatari A never-ending tale