Fate/Apocrypha (2017) s01e22 Episode Script

Reunion and Farewell

1 No longer can one of us live while the other survives.
I will defeat you for justice, on my name as a hero! Enough, Archer of Red! I'll kill you, whatever it takes, whatever may happen.
Noble Phantasm! Agrius Metamorphosis! I'll kill you.
I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! That's the only way to avenge those kids! Will you throw everything away to defeat me? Don't expect any mercy from me, Atalanta! Ame no shizuku mitai mayoinagara ochiteyuku Like drops of rain we fall blindly Down the path of life we each chose Sorezore no omoi eranda michi he Hora mou sugu kuroi yoake ga kuru kara Look, the black dawn will soon rise Shards of the dream I followed pierce me Dakishimeta yume no kakera ga itai yo I pretended to believe to cover my cowardice Shinjiru koto nise okubyou ni natta Konna sekai de nani wo kizameru no darou I wonder what can I find in this world Tameshitai I'll give it a try I stand on the backs of countless past mes Ikutsumo no boku wo koete umareta yo Shinjiru koto de shika tsuyoku narenai Believing is the only way for me to get stronger Konna sekai de nani wo kizameru no darou I wonder what can I find in this world This moment together Bokutachi no ima Out of time? I order my body— Wait.
Before that, let us talk.
Talk? Yes.
Chat with me, Master of Black.
You too, he who hides.
What do you want? A request? Yes.
Rescue our original Masters.
They are locked away in a room here in the Gardens.
Assassin's poison thieved away their mind while Amakusa Shiro robbed them of their Command Spells.
They have dropped out of the Great Holy Grail War.
But then aren't they not your Masters anymore? True.
Yet they are still the ones who called us.
I want to do what I can for them.
You still remain loyal to them even without Command Spells? Is that so extraordinary? It is my pride as a Kshatriya and as a Heroic Spirit.
Then won't you change Masters and join our side? That cannot be done.
While it was decided without any questions asked, at this point Amakusa Shiro is my Master.
Then hear my end of the deal.
If you can't defeat Saber of Black while he is transformed, let us go.
Oh? What glory is there in slaying an unworthy foe? Very well.
All right.
You've got yourself a deal.
It's done.
He got them out.
I see.
Many thanks.
Now I have nothing holding me back.
Why would you accept those terms? Don't you think I'll just draw out the fight? I don't mind that.
I know your circumstances.
All is fair in war.
Will you fight Ruler once this is over? Why do you ask? I feel you're different from those I've fought before in this Grail War.
I'd prefer if you didn't fight her.
I see.
I shall answer your question then.
I will defeat you then take her down as well.
Such are the orders from my Master.
Then why are you fighting me, instead of chasing Ruler? 'Tis a promise I made with Saber of Black.
That we would fight once again to the end.
With Saber of Black? Yes.
An oath between warriors must be honored even at the cost of one's life.
So if he can only emerge for a short time, then I will pour all my might into those moments! Then as the one who received Siegfried's life, I must fight you! That makes you fit to pierce with my spear.
Your eyes are those of one who wishes to protect and fights with honor.
I will fight you and protect Ruler.
As you have a promise, so is that my wish.
And I will triumph! En garde.
Come! I will never let you interfere again! I've fought so that unloved children could have some happiness.
Though it can never be enough, I thought I had some success.
But look at this age! The misery of children still goes on.
I didn't fight for a future like this! You killed children, ignoring their grief and pain! We could've saved them! Tauropolos! This strong? I'll kill you and fulfill my wish! A world where all children can live in happiness.
Your wish itself is not mistaken.
However, you condone and commit evil to satisfy it.
That, I cannot accept! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll avenge the children! Where do you get that power from? Tauropolos! Sorry, Ruler.
Leave this to me.
Rider of Red? Wait! I can't just leave her— I know.
This is now between her and me.
But she's— Please, leave.
I won't do half-assed work.
Hold it! It's time to stop, Atalanta.
Out of my way! Not a chance.
Slaying those who fall astray is the duty of heroes.
I'll kill Ruler and let those children— Somewhere along the path, you must've taken a wrong turn.
You should've turned back instead of running on.
You'll get in my way?! This happens every time.
I'm ruin what I hold dear.
Nothing but regrets.
But not this time.
Sorry, Atalanta.
Take this! Welcome, Ruler.
Assassin of Red.
Do you believe in this salvation of mankind Amakusa Shiro proposed? I didn't take you for the kind to believe a fairytale which holds no chance of ever becoming real.
You came all this way to say that? Of course I believe it.
It becoming real or not is the least of my concerns anyway.
Servants exist to serve.
Your Master wills it, so you obey? Precisely.
Not to mention he said he would let me have the world he saved.
I would get a real body and rule over the world as its empress.
A lie.
Why do you think so? You know yourself.
A saved world would have no place for an empress.
So what is it? My Master's deeds exceed your lowly imagination.
He will save mankind and grant me a world to rule with a flick of the fingers! Brahmastra Kundala! Balmung! Even that was insufficient? You repeatedly use your Noble Phantasm? Very good.
I can feel the true warrior fighting to protect in you.
It seems I will need to go even further.
Thus, to defeat you, I must rely on this skill of complete destruction! Warrior carrying Saber of Black! I want to know your name.
Sieg! A good name.
This is the greatest attack I have at my disposal in this second life.
I devote it to you with great respect! Know the mercy of the king of gods! The evil dragon shall fall This is destruction, this one rift! and the world will see another sunset! Burn! Vasavi Shakti! Fall! Balmung! Siegfried's power is so much more! I'm holding him back.
If I can't defeat Lancer, Ruler and Rider will die! I can't ignore these facts! By Command Spell I order my body! Grant me the shining victory of freedom! It's still not enough? I won't let you die! Take this! What's this? Isn't this your Noble Phantasm? Yep.
Take it.
I don't need a shield anymore.
What? I promise I made to my teacher.
Where are you going? I have stuff I need to settle too.
Oh, I almost forgot.
The name of that Noble Phantasm.
Even if it's not yours, you can use it as long as you know its true name.
Its name is Achilleus Cosmos! Is that an entire world? Go! What? I was one step too late.
I am sorry.
I apologize for demanding this of you.
I should be apologizing.
This victory is not solely mine.
There's no shame for a Master to be using his Servant.
We fought with all our might.
You are a Master.
Your Servant was always part of the equation.
You are my enemy, yet you treated me as a human.
Again, it's nothing remarkable for a Heroic Spirit.
We are but shadows of the past.
You live to see the future.
Whoever you are, you are a treasure to Heroic Spirits.
We worked for this future you live in.
I was satisfied just being able to fight as a hero.
But you have a future waiting beyond that.
I want to see her again.
I do.
Then you better hurry.
Our Caster will kill her.
He is the worst possible match for Ruler.
Are you leaving, Lancer? Farewell, Karna.
You are a champion of charity.
To the very end, you stayed a Servant.
I offer you my respects.
I doubt I did much Servant-like.
But you're satisfied.
I am.
Take care of Sieg.
Atalanta! Rider, what was I supposed to do? I knew this wouldn't possibly save them.
But then what was I supposed to do? If abandoning those children was the right choice to make, this world isn't worth Still, I wanted to stop you from falling.
You're such a fool, Rider.
I was fine with that end.
If I fell, it would have stopped me from soaring again.
You're such a fool.
Mabuta no mukougawa tsuioku no keshiki wa I close my eyes and dive into my memories Atalanta, you and your dream were beautiful.
You knew you would gain nothing from it.
I feel the fading, faint images with my fingers Usurete yuku awai kagerou yubisaki kasumete Yet you kept striving for it.
Itami mo kanashimi mo shirazu ni ikitetara If I lived my life without sadness or pain Mune no oku no nukumori sae kizukazu ni ita no kana Maybe I'd have never noticed the warmth in my heart Ima tashika ni todoita sono koe ga I definitely heard your voice just now It tore through the clouds as my guiding light Kono kumo kirisaki michibiku hikari Aimai na sekai wo terasu you na Lighting this uncertain world Itoshisa wo yasashisa wo With love and kindness Namida wa kareagete mo kioku ni yakitsuiteru Tears may dry, but they are branded in my memory A never-ending tale Owaranai monogatari Very well.
Waste no more words.
I will defeat you and head to the Greater Grail.
Do as you please.
What are you doing? I must welcome some guests.
I have no time to spare for you.
Just be warned, that in the Hall of the Grail, the last Servant awaits you.
Indeed, the moment you meet Caster will be your undoing, Ruler.
Reunions and Farewells EPISODE