Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

The First Battle

1 Good evening, mister.
This is the second time we've met like this.
It's nice to meet you, Rin.
I'm Illya.
Illyasviel von Einzbern.
You know the name "Einzbern," don't you? Einzbern I'm astonished.
In terms of raw ability, that thing outclasses Saber.
#03 The First Battle It's incredible That Servant could face the other six alone.
Meaning this isn't an opponent we can beat with brute force, huh? Archer, you should use your class's usual methods.
What about defense? If it charges, I doubt you can stop it.
There are three of us.
At the very least, we'll be able to hold it off.
Emiya-kun It's your decision whether to run, or stay and fight.
But if you can, try to run.
Are you done talking? Can I get started? Okay, I'll kill you now.
Get them, Berserker.
Shirou, stand back! No way! They have no effect? Emiya-kun! Can that mass of muscle see her invisible sword? He's powerful.
Got him! He's too agile! How does that thing qualify as a Berserker? It must be a Heroic Spirit of some renown.
Even in the grip of madness, his sword skills are unblunted.
I cannot help but be impressed.
Archer, fire support.
He's less a mad warrior, and more an embodiment of savagery.
He may be mad, but his ingrained sword techniques haven't left him.
Time to finish this.
Crush her, Berserker.
I won't let you win! Tohsaka! Archer! It's immortal? Ignore the stupid rabble.
After all, Archer and Rin's attacks can't overcome your Noble Phantasm.
Follow her, Berserker.
You run away! Understood? Damn it.
I couldn't do anything What could I possibly do against a monster like that? Saber Didn't I just decide that I would fight with you?! Many voices and many desires confound you.
Talk is cheap.
Lies are the sin of man.
There's a sneer on your lips, holy man.
It's not a good look on you.
Is that the way it looked to you? Indeed, it did.
A smile befitting a shameless rogue.
Did you have a pleasant encounter, Kirei? Yes, I did.
I feel as though I've been reunited with an old acquaintance.
How could I not be happy? As you said, the Holy Grail War has begun after a mere ten years.
As overseer, I can only pray that the miracle will be fulfilled, and the Holy Grail will materialize this time.
Even if this land becomes a hell? That is no concern of mine.
After all, it is the Master's role to struggle, to kill, and to trample underfoot.
Our Lord in Heaven will forgive all the sins of the world.
But first, we must wait Wait and see what the outcome of this first clash will be.
My, how scary.
Attacking without warning? You're just like an animal, Rin.
Or is this the Tohsaka style of combat? You're the one who announced the battle had started.
Once the fight's begun, there are no sneak attacks.
Or are you going to introduce yourself again? A step too far away I'll have to destroy those things first, huh? Introduce myself? If you were that boy, I might consider it.
But with you, I don't feel like it.
You don't interest me one bit.
Besides What do you expect me to say to someone who's going to die here? An autonomous type that pursues automatically.
And she's generating mana at her size She's like some kind of mini-mage! But high-performance familiars like these must have limitations somewhere.
What nimble prey.
I'll add two more just for you.
Oh, come on! Complain later.
If they flank me, it's all over.
In which case A frontal assault? That's brave, but foolish, Rin.
Gandr! Two left! The familiar changed shape?! You may have fended off Zelle, but you won't be able to block Degen.
I thought this was going to be fun.
How disappointing.
Well, this is the end for you.
It befits a disgraceful hind to be skewered.
Are you all right, Master? Or was my assistance unwelcome? No, you saved me, Archer.
To be honest, my back was against the wall.
So, where is Illyasviel? My apologies, but my vision is poor in that regard.
Although I can sense you, Master, I cannot track enemy Masters.
I suppose not.
Anyway, what a monster She's superhumanly gifted, creating familiars out of single hairs like that.
So it would seem.
The proper course of action would be to defeat Berserker's Master first, but that seems no easy task, either.
In which case We have no choice but to pin our hopes on Saber.
Stay put and watch the battlefield from above.
I'll meet up with Saber.
When it's time to withdraw, don't hesitate, Rin.
Yeah, yeah Tohsaka? Emiya-kun Don't you "Tohsaka" me! If you have no way to fight, don't you get that you're just in the way? If you're killed without accomplishing anything, you'll have died for nothing! Why are you getting mad over that? If I die for nothing, what business is it of yours? It is my business! I said I'd give you a free pass for twenty-four hours, so if you refuse to go home, you're making trouble! For me! Anyway, you're safe for now, so you should run.
That Illyasviel pipsqueak is determined to slaughter us all.
Sorry, but I can't do that.
Saber's fighting her hardest, so I'm not about to leave her.
Only real mages get to talk like that.
You can't offer any support, so all you'll do is die for nothing.
There has to be something! As long as I have a body, there should be something I can do.
Now, look here! And besides, Tohsaka Will you make someone else do something you can't do on your own? I should expect no less of Saber.
She deliberately let Berserker's blow land.
Did she do it to lure Berserker here? Right.
Fighting that thing without cover would be suicide.
That's why Saber chose this location.
As well as to draw Berserker away from you, Emiya-kun.
Of course, she couldn't expect any support from Archer in a battle like this.
But this is an opponent that can neutralize even Archer's arrows.
Support from him was pointless all along.
Archer's bow We have neither desire to converse, nor freedom to name ourselves.
Our conversation is limited to blows meant to kill one another.
Very well, I shall answer with a strike of all my might.
Here I come.
This is where you die, Berserker! Is it over? Saber! Archer? What do you mean by "get clear"? That was magnificent.
But not enough.
Regeneration? No, that is almost like time reversal, the curse of resurrection.
A Noble Phantasm that activates upon his death! Shirou, stay back! He's Shirou? It survived an A-rank Noble Phantasm without a scratch.
Shirou, what was that? Archer's arrow.
Beyond that, I don't know.
I've changed my mind about you, Rin.
Your Archer is impressive.
That's enough.
Return to me, Berserker.
I'd hoped to get the boring stuff out of the way first, but my plans have changed.
What? You're running? Yes, I changed my mind.
I don't care about Saber, but your Archer has piqued my interest.
So I'll let you live a while longer.
Okay, bye-bye.
Let's play again sometime, mister.
Master Thank you for saving me from that, but would you mind unhanding me? Oh, right Sorry.
Huh? Shirou, what's the matter? Are you unwell? Shirou! Shirou, hold on! Shirou! Is that person called Saber-san? This is our first time having a new foreign student.
It's because the Holy Grail War is a death match.
A witch inhabiting the Ryuudou Temple, huh? I shall see to it that you win the Grail, Next Time Finding the Will to Fight so that I might fulfill my own wish.