Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) s01e06 Episode Script


1 This is far enough.
Oh? You don't need an escort, then? Like I need an escort who wants to kill me.
You impress me.
It seems you know enough, at least, to sense hostility.
I'll obey Rin's instructions and not attack you as I escort you home.
Will you? If you want to go at it, I'm happy to take you on.
Although I am inexperienced, I am still a mage.
Don't be absurd.
#06 Mirage A mage who doesn't reek of blood is worse than a novice.
You're saying that I don't have the smell of blood on me? Mages are beings who become cold-blooded in order to achieve their goals.
You should try to emulate Tohsaka Rin.
She might have a soft spot or two, but she has the proper mindset, despite her age.
It's fortunate for you that Tohsaka's your Master.
She's your best shot at getting the Grail.
That malevolent treasure chest that can grant human wishes? I have no interest in such a thing.
No interest? Don't Servants fight in this war to have a wish fulfilled that they couldn't achieve in life? Hardly.
We have no choice.
We simply end up here.
We Servants have no free will.
Your Saber is probably the only one who answers the call of her own free will.
Only Saber? That's right.
Heroic Spirits are summoned by another's will.
We're no more than disposable tools.
Do you honestly believe that, in our heart of hearts, we wish to help humans? Well Listen.
Heroic Spirits are mere instruments, tools summoned to aid the disadvantaged, to settle the matter and disappear.
They're cleaners, stripped of their will and made to serve humans forever.
That is what Heroic Spirits are.
Beings called "guardians" that are summoned when it's convenient.
Instruments? What are you talking about? Saber is a person.
If she doesn't want to do something, she refuses, and I'm sure she's made choices since appearing here.
Being provided with a Servant's shell, in itself, allows Heroic Spirits to regain their humanity.
Along with old obsessions and regrets.
Regrets? Picture it.
How would you feel if you died with unfinished business, only to find yourself brought back by a human to do their bidding? All in the name of seeking the Grail.
But why aren't you interested in something so powerful? I had no dream that went unfulfilled.
I fulfilled my dream, died, and became a Heroic Spirit.
So I have no wish I want granted.
I'm home.
Welcome back, Senpai.
Welcome back, Shirou.
Saber-chan was really mad at you.
You know, Mitsuzuri-san was found a while ago.
They found Mitsuzuri? Wait, how did you know about that? Ah, Ryuudou-kun asked me to tell you.
He said her memory's a bit jumbled, but there's no visible trauma, and her condition isn't life-threatening.
Isn't that great news, Senpai? Yeah.
Sakura, do you have a minute? It isn't safe at night, so I want you to spend the night here again.
Actually, if possible, could you keep staying here for a while? Sorry.
Am I putting you on the spot? Okay Um, I'll take you up on your kind offer.
Transcend One's Self and Be One With the Universe A Peaceful Mind Shirou You gave me your word that you would return before sunset.
I'm sorry.
You have every right to be angry.
But before you yell at me, do you mind if we discuss our strategy first? There was a third Master at school.
So, Tohsaka and I agreed to a truce until we identify this other Master.
Are you opposed to working with Tohsaka? No.
I merely wish you had consulted me before making such an important decision.
Oh Sorry.
Just to be clear After this Master at your school is defeated, your truce with Rin will be null.
Is that correct? Yes.
As long as you understand that, I have no objection.
Let us work with Rin, so that you may gain more combat experience.
Saber, you need the Grail, right? Yes.
But why do you need it? Does this question bear on our future strategy? No, I just Did something happen, Shirou? Forget it, it's nothing.
I would like to offer a suggestion.
Moving forward, you should build experience through hands-on training.
Yeah, you're right.
Thank you for your help.
Hey, Emiya! Did you hear about Mitsuzuri? I just heard at the dojo this morning Mitsuzuri was found in New Fuyuki, huh? And in a back alley I heard that her eyes were glazed, and her uniform was in tatters.
I don't know what happened, but how did a normal girl like her end up ditched in an alley like that? As a friend, I'm dying to— Shinji! Wow, scary.
I'm just kidding.
It's only a rumor, right? But after yesterday, she's becoming a real celebrity among the first-years.
You were the last person to see Mitsuzuri, weren't you? Yeah, but all we did was make idle chitchat Don't start speculating.
If you throw around false accusations, you'll regret it, Emiya.
Library How do you identify a Master? If you were near a Master, would you know? I suppose But only if they hadn't made any attempt at concealment.
A Master is a mage, so if you follow their mana, you can locate them.
But that would only give you suspects.
Emiya-kun? Trace on.
There really was one.
I'm impressed! That's a sigil? Yes.
Emiya-kun, for a guy with no sensitivity to living things' mana, you can really sense when a place has something abnormal.
Was that a compliment? You didn't think I was a mage, either, remember? Why was that? What? You want me to spell it out? No, forget it.
I can guess.
Clever boy.
Anyway, that's just how it is.
Mages only recognize people with a set level of mana as mages.
I thought it would be something like that.
That should be most of the active sigils.
You were able to disable the Bounded Field, then? The field itself is already in place, so all I did was weaken its potency.
Anyone who'd put up a field like this isn't going to stand by and let others interfere.
In my opinion, they'll show themselves, maybe even tomorrow.
They will, huh? Anyway, I have other business to tend to, so I'm heading home.
I need to buy some supplies for tomorrow.
You should head home early today, too, Emiya-kun.
What? You're worried about me, Tohsaka? Th-That's not it! We have an alliance now, so if you get yourself eliminated, it'll ruin my plans.
That's all it was! I just said it to be clear! Heading home so late, after all that tedious sigil-erasing? What was that? The Bounded Field you've been systematically erasing is an insurance policy I set up for myself.
Shinji, I knew it.
You're Please don't be so stiff, Emiya.
Just like you, I don't have any mana, but they're making me a Master.
So what's the story with that field? I told you, it's just insurance.
Then are you the one who attacked that student yesterday? I didn't have any choice there.
My Servant did it on her own.
Come on, you have to believe me.
I don't want to fight anyone.
All right.
Wait, Emiya! Will you team up with me? We, the Matous, used to be a mage family.
The Matous? Well, it's no surprise that you wouldn't know, since you aren't a proper mage.
If you don't believe me, ask Tohsaka.
Shinji, does Sakura know about you? Mage families only pass down their secret arts to the eldest son.
As if anyone would teach magic to that dunce of a girl.
Well? What do you say? If you aren't going to do anything, I have no reason to work with you, right? You won't work with me, huh? Emiya, are you actually going to try to win? I see If so, I can't leave my sister in the home of one who's taking part in this slaughter.
I'll tell Sakura myself.
It's so nice that you're such a caring senpai to her.
What we discussed here is a secret between you and me, right? I came clean out of respect for our friendship.
Sure, I'll keep quiet.
You're wide open! Okay, one more match! Ouch Damn Saber When she decides to do something, she doesn't hold back.
Trace on.
Crap Concentrate! Shirou? What is it, Saber? Nothing.
I just sensed mana.
You are training? Yeah I do this every day.
May I enter? Sure.
I heard that your magical specialty is strengthening.
It's the only thing I can do, so I'm not sure if "specialty" is the word.
How does one train in the art of strengthening? Strengthening isn't just about increasing a thing's toughness.
It also includes increasing its effectiveness.
For this rock, it's making it harder.
For that light bulb, it's making it brighter.
I visualize an object's component materials, and pass my mana through them to strengthen it.
I understand.
I-It's better to show than tell.
I'll try it on this.
Trace on.
Tracing fundamental structure.
Tracing component materials.
Altering fundamental structure.
Strengthening component materials Damn, another bust.
My success rate is actually pretty low.
No, I sensed just now that your concentration was lacking.
Oh No, my luck is a lot better with bladed tools like this.
I can see that my presence here is a distraction.
Please try not to push yourself too hard.
I won't.
Is this Ryuudou Temple? Yes, it is.
Mmm Roasted cod roe.
The Caster-class Servant? Indeed, I am, Master of Saber.
Do not bother.
Once cast, a spell cannot be washed away with the water of mana.
Especially by the flow from Magic Circuits as feeble as yours.
Meaning that I was easy to summon here? Because, of all the Masters, you are the weakest by far.
You're going to kill me? Relax.
If I killed you, I would not be able to drain you of mana.
At first, I recklessly killed a few before I had the feel for it, but now, I can collect just the right amount.
You're the one behind those comas in town? Oh, you didn't know? We Servants of the Caster class have the prerogative to establish territory.
By building a temple here, I've protected myself from you.
You can see it, can't you? The mana of hundreds of people stored in this soil The fragments of the rabble.
Caster You involved outsiders? All the people in this town belong to me.
Caster! Well, I think we have chatted for long enough.
Let's get those Command Seals off you.
A Bounded Field that repels the very concept of Heroic Spirits? If I may, what class of Servant are you? The Assassin-class Servant, Sasaki Kojirou.
Isn't it natural to identify oneself before combat? When my opponent identifies himself, I am honor-bound as a knight to do the same.
Once I have done so, I will make you step aside.
My name is— No matter.
My blade will tell me all I need to know of my enemy.
If you wish to pass, then force your way through.
You want to take my Command Seals? That's right.
I will transplant them onto my own Master.
And then, he will have Saber deal with that irritating Berserker.
Removing Command Seals also requires extracting your Magic Circuits.
That's a good boy I do enjoy it when you struggle.
I expected to find you long dead, but you seem to have more tenacity than I'd thought.
You Why? Oh, I merely happened by.
So, how is your body? My arrows should have severed Caster's threads.
Yeah, I can move Then that's good.
As much as I would like to say, "Do what you want," I suggest you stay where you are for now.
If you move without thinking You are Archer? Damn that Assassin! What is he doing? See? She'll take her anger out on you.
A woman's fury is difficult to control.
I think things are about to get a bit violent.
I don't need your help! I can no longer tolerate a fool like you.
To those who call me a witch, I shall deal the appropriate punishment.
A Servant who uses only sword skills to achieve what a Noble Phantasm would Next Time The Reward for the Death Match Shall I break open that belief with brute force?