Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Winter Days, Where the Heart Is

1 A dream Right? #08 Winter Days, Where the Heart Is Were you holding back today? No.
You didn't seem as hard on me as you did yesterday.
Because your abilities have improved.
They have? Specifically, your stance no longer has any wasted movement.
Really? I was only mimicking his moves So you are using Archer's technique, not mine, as the basis for your study.
You can tell that? Of course.
After all, you had no fundamental stance at the start.
I'm sorry I didn't mean it as a slight against you, Saber.
I guess he was in my head because I was around him all day yesterday.
There is no need to apologize.
If Archer's style is a better fit for you, it isn't my place to judge.
Um, Saber Good morning.
Hey, how rare to see you late.
Fujimura-sensei was quite furious.
Finally gracing us with your presence? Shinji You let it go to your head, and now you think you're hot stuff? Still, I'm glad you came.
If you weren't here, it wouldn't be any fun.
What's up? Not going to the cafeteria? I should like nothing better, but Well, just have a look at that.
There can be no doubt.
That girl is peeking into our classroom, nonchalant, yet brazen as can be.
It is not "The one you wait for will not come," but "The one you wait for will not notice.
" She looks about to snap, like one who had left a birthday gift for someone, but even after a year, the recipient failed to notice.
Where are you going, Tohsaka? It's lunchtime, so obviously, I'm going to eat lunch.
Oh, right.
Well, find a nice spot.
I'm eating in the student council office.
Wait just a minute! What, did you forget your lunch money or something? I can share my lunch with you if— Of course I didn't, you numbskull! Over there, you'll be sitting in the wind.
About yesterday, I mean.
I've used a Command Seal on Archer.
I ordered him not to attack you, as long as our alliance stands.
I know it doesn't make up for anything, but I'm sorry.
That isn't something you should be apologizing for.
I gave him free rein yesterday, so I'm responsible.
If that's what you say, I'll go along with it.
Besides, I was partly to blame, and if he hadn't been there, I Let's call it even.
So where is Archer today? I left him at home.
Crap, lunch break is over! Hang out with me for a bit.
Skipping a class every once in a while won't do any harm, right? Why are you so fixated on strengthening magic? I've tried different kinds, but that's the only one I can do.
I can store up simple power, alter its flow, and convert and store mana in various objects.
Should you be telling me this? You told me yours, so it wouldn't be fair if I didn't.
I showed you earlier, but this is my Magic Crest.
In the Tohsaka family, we pass down conversion techniques.
Our specialty is the transfer of power, either in ourselves or in others.
Did you know that the Matous are a mage family? Yes.
But Father told me that they're no longer considered a bloodline of mages.
Wait a second! You knew that Shinji was a Master? I'm sorry I just found out this morning.
I'd written him off as someone who couldn't possibly be a Master.
What are you going to do about him? Attack him right away? I wouldn't attack someone haphazardly just because he's a Master.
Actually, you did You attacked me.
I only did because you weren't taking this seriously.
It was an exceptional exception! Anyway, our enemy is the Master who's hiding at the school.
For now, let's focus on them.
Then you're saying there are four here, at school? Wouldn't there have to be? As a Master, Shinji has no power.
I told him I'd turn a blind eye if he behaved himself, so I don't expect any trouble from him.
Wait, Tohsaka Tell me more about that.
Shinji was the one who approached me.
He said, "Since we're both Masters, shall we join forces?" Naturally, I turned him down, but he wouldn't take no for an answer.
So finally, I said, "I already have Emiya-kun, so I don't need you.
" Right to his face! So that's why he was acting strangely Well, what's the plan, Tohsaka? Shinji might not be a mage, but he did put up that field.
You didn't notice that? Oh, no.
If we aren't careful, Shinji might That's great! This is how Servants ought to be! What's going on? Keep generating mana within your body, Emiya-kun.
Sakura! Wai— She's breathing.
It isn't too late to save them.
We have to find Shinji and take down this field.
Emiya-kun! What are these things? Golems.
A type of familiar! I'll summon Saber.
You used a Command Seal yesterday, right? That means it's my turn.
Emiya-kun Please Come to me, Saber! Saber! I have come in response to your summons.
Master, the situation? It's as you can see.
A Servant has set up a Bounded Field.
I want to dismantle it as quickly as possible.
Archer, do you hear me? I sense the presence of a Servant on this floor.
No way! Here? Rin? No, if that's what you sense, I'm sure you're right.
But I sense the field's point of origin on the first floor.
The Servant's on this floor, even though the field is coming from the first? I can't say for sure, but that's what I sense.
Rin, where is Archer? If he's here, he can give a better assessment.
I'm calling him, but he isn't answering! This Bounded Field cuts us off from the outside world.
A Command Seal is the only form of contact that can get through.
We should consider this a field designed to separate Master from Servant.
The enemy is planning to settle things here, Shirou.
Saber, there's a Servant on this floor, right? You handle that one.
We're going to destroy the Bounded Field.
Emiya-kun? It's dangerous, but that is the correct decision.
Now, while I keep them busy.
Let's go, Tohsaka.
Damn it! Chemistry Room Very good.
This is how a first-rate Master does things.
Once this is over, maybe I'll go check out Emiya's withered husk.
What is it, Rider? Hey, what's the deal? How are you able to move? Stay away, damn it I'm warning you, you'd better stay away! What the hell? Rider! Rider-class Servant Caster Tohsaka, did you locate the field's point of origin? Yes, it's right over there.
Chemistry Room That room up ahead! Damn, they're persistent! Are we ever gonna run out of these guys? Shirou, stand back.
Ein KÃrper ist ein KÃrper! Shinji Don't give me any of your excuses.
I'll make you pay for what you've done, no matter what! Y-You've got it wrong! Wrong! Wrong! It wasn't me It wasn't me! It wasn't me! It wasn't you? Take this field down right now! If you say no, I'll blow your sniveling face clean off! I'm telling you, you've got it wrong! It wasn't me! She was killed by— Shinji! Ouch, ouch Tohsaka! Tohsaka, over there.
She's dead.
Looks like you survived by allowing your Servant to be killed.
But if you saw the killer's face, it'll be your turn next.
Th-That won't happen! I don't have a Servant! I'm not a Master anymore You two are the ones who still have targets on your backs! That's true.
Even if you still have Command Seals, you're no threat.
Gnats can't kill anyone.
G-Gnats? You're calling me a gnat? Be glad I'm not comparing you to a harmful bug! If you saw who did it, answer me.
Right now, that's your only value to us.
Talk! What kind of Servant was it that took out yours? H-How should I know, moron?! Y-You're the ones who should be scared Because you're the ones it'll come after next! It's okay, Tohsaka.
They're all still breathing.
They're breathing? Yeah, they're alive.
All we have to do is call for help.
With something like this, do they need an ambulance? Or should we call We should call the church.
If we explain the situation to Kirei, he'll see to everything.
I'll call him right away, then.
You were fighting Caster? Yes, although it was merely Caster's shadow that controlled the familiars.
I see.
Then the real Caster hasn't left Ryuudou Temple.
Knowing her, she might have manipulated Shinji, to lure Rider into a trap.
Then Rider was killed through deception? Crap.
Still, we know that Caster's Master is someone at this school.
Right Tohsaka, if you have something to say, say it.
Emiya-kun, you're really level-headed.
I was surprised.
I wasn't calm.
I was probably so pissed, I lost control.
Even so, you knew the extent of everyone's injuries.
I couldn't manage that.
It wasn't a big deal.
I'm used to seeing dead bodies.
Used to it? I'll find out whether or not he's a Master.
Anyone who isn't up for this battle should just leave.
And you call yourself a hero? Then you're saying that you are prepared to fight? Next Time The Distance Between Them