Father Brown (2013) s08e06 Episode Script

The Numbers of the Beast

BICYCLE BELL RINGS Morning! Morning.
LAUGHTER Ooh, Father! Tomorrow it's the Hambleston Church bingo.
Care to join us for a flutter? Always happy to support a good cause, Bunty.
Don't know why I bother.
I've never won a thing in all my life.
You're a luckier woman than I ever was, Bridget McCarthy.
Oh, my God! Is it you? Hello, sis! It's small, but nice.
A sister, Mrs M? Oh, I must have mentioned her, surely? We had a falling out over her choice of men.
When was this? Um .
15 years ago.
So So.
My lovely husband, Archie, did indeed turn out to be a liar, an adulterer and a criminal.
And now he's in prison.
Oh, Roisin! I'm very sorry to hear that.
I truly am.
I knew the truth about him years ago.
But I decided to pretend everything was fine.
Mainly because I couldn't bear my big sister being right.
Well, it's not as if I'm in a position to crow, given my experience with husbands.
Well, you must tell us all about Mrs M's childhood! Has she told you about the time she pulled down the shorts of the boy next door because he took her apple? I don't believe she has, no.
Did you really do that? Oh, Penelope, please! You don't mind if I stay for a bit, Bridget? Just while I get myself back on my feet.
No, of course not.
Wonderful! Oh, and I want you to meet a friend of mine.
I didn't know you had friends in Kembleford? I do now.
I wouldn't say you were peas in a pod, Mrs McCarthy.
Honestly, Roisin, only you could make a new friend outside a railway station.
I'm telling you - we got on like a house on fire.
He keeps horses, and he sounds awfully well travelled.
Did you say he? I really want your opinion of him, Bridget.
I don't trust my judgment in men any more.
All the more reason to steer clear of them for a while.
Oh, please, Bridget! Well, I'll stay for a cup of tea, but that's it.
Thank you.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Bingo for 700 quid! I'm not in Ireland now, am I? Are you sure about this address? I know this place like the back of my hand, never heard of Devlin Manor.
Trafalgar! It's me! Rinkini.
What does that mean? Beautiful.
SHE GIGGLES Oh, for heaven's sake! And you, lady, are .
I beg your pardon? It means lucky.
Lucky's the very last thing I feel just now.
May I? Fascinating! What does it say? That a very charming man is going to enter your life.
Oh, really? He knows the mysteries of life.
And he speaks the language of love.
I'd say he was a real catch.
We're leaving.
What? I have had my cup of tea as promised.
Tomorrow night's bingo.
The five Jackpot Line numbers.
Can you tell us what they'll be? Of course.
May I? Wow! Well, these are Well, they'rethey're very clear.
Go on.
The five winning numbers will be 6.
87! Oh, thank you! Thank you very much.
That £700 is ours! And he didn't charge us a penny! Oh, and I wonder why that would be.
Oh, Bridget.
You hardly gave him a chance.
The man is a charlatan, Roisin! And did you see hishis his bedroom? It was like some harem.
What's a harem? Anyway, you asked for my opinion.
More fool me.
I think he's lovely and sweet.
And he may well turn out to be a genius.
Oh! Thanks to our fundraising efforts, the Hambleston Church roof repairs are already under way.
Well, if I were to win the jackpot tomorrow, I'd give half the winnings straight back to you.
You mean that, don't you? I most certainly do.
You have worked so hard and it's a wonderful cause.
6, 11.
6, 11 Oh! Hello! This is my sister, Roisin.
You'll be joining us, I hope? Oh, certainly will.
We're going to win the jackpot! That's the spirit.
We've had divine inspiration.
We've had nothing of the sort.
Pay her no heed.
We'll see you tomorrow night, Samuel, and I'll be sure to put these around the church and the village hall.
Yes, of course.
Afternoon, ladies.
These numbers came from a soothsayer.
And divination, as you well know, is a sin! Weren't the prophets in the Bible soothsayers? They spoke the words of God.
These numbers are the Devil's work.
The Devil? No! Stop! What is wrong with you? I need cash! Quickly! If there's any chance these numbers are lucky, I'm going to take it.
Archie had debts.
I went to a loan shark.
They want the money back in a week.
A week? Oh, Holy Mother! Is that why you're here? To get money? No, Bridget.
I'm here because I'm terrified and I want to be near someone I can trust.
I would spend it on a Triumph Roadster.
What about you, Goodfellow? I expect Mrs Goodfellow would quite like a Baby Belling cooker, sir.
Ha! You could have one in every room, if you win this.
Tea? Yes, I'd love one, thank you.
And cake.
Tea and cake.
Right, what have we got here? Thank you.
Good evening, Anna.
Good evening, Peter.
If you win, you'll leave me.
That's what they're saying.
I'm not going to leave you, Peter.
It's not true! Don't trust her! You can't trust her! You can't trust her! Anna! Hearing voices all the time must be so terrifying.
And he was such a gentle man when she married him.
So pleased you could make it.
Three, please, Samuel.
There you are.
Three for me, too, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Three for you, too, Mrs McCarthy? Yes, please, Samuel.
Thank you.
Best of luck.
Yes, thank you.
I've got our drinks.
The middle line.
Mother of Mary! The wings of an angel, number 77.
Two rather plump ladies, 88.
The animals went in two by two, number 2.
One for Father Brown - the Holy Trinity, number 3.
Two little ducks, 22.
Oh, bingo! And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for - the Jackpot Line.
I shall draw just five numbers and, if they complete a line on your card, the jackpot of £730 will be yours! In the trenches, we played bingo for cigarette butts.
Eyes down.
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, psalm 23.
Here we go! Ooh, I've got that one! 6 and 5, 65.
Yes! The sin of man, number 6.
Darn it! Legs 11.
WOLF WHISTLING Sounds like we'll have to wait another month! I don't believe this! Gosh, Father, look at this! Heavens above! And finally 87, 87, 87, 87! Eight and seven, 87.
Bingo! She's won it! My sister's won it!! Well done, Mrs McCarthy! Are you mad, Sergeant? Not her.
Anyone but her! We have a winner! Well done, Bridget.
Your sister can clearly see into the future! Now, as I promised Oh, no, Mrs McCarthy.
I can't take this from you.
I insist.
Well, are you sure? Yes.
My word is my bond.
You are one of God's angels, truly.
I'll put this in the safe.
Mrs McCarthy, you are wonderfully generous.
Father, might I have a word? Of course.
She hates you! She thinks you're stupid! She wants you gone! No, she doesn't! You're lying! I've discovered a fraud.
But I'm not sure if I should go to the police.
I see.
Destroy her before she destroys you! Destroy her! Anna? Anna? Please! Can I come and see you tomorrow morning, early? 7am? I'll be waiting in the church.
It's all right, Peter, darling, it's all right.
There you go, Mrs M.
The luckiest woman in Kembleford! I don't deserve it, truly I don't.
I can't think of a more worthy winner.
More fizz needed.
Don't worry, I've got some in my car.
PHONE RINGS Father, would you mind getting it this time? Excuse me.
It's so beautiful.
I want you to have it.
You don't mean that.
Well, you need it a lot more than I do.
I can clear my debts.
I can start again.
Oh, Bridget, thank you! Yes, but you mustn't breathe a word of how we got the numbers.
Really? If the truth gets out, this community will say that we cheated and then you would have to give all that money back.
All right.
Delilah Gladstone says she couldn't be more delighted for you, and would you consider a small donation to the dog's home? Only after your lavish holiday in the south of France, eh, Mrs M? Actually, she's just given all the money to me.
Oh! Ha-ha! If you'll excuse me, there's someone I need to share this wonderful news with.
Will you look after the money, Bridget? Thank you again.
So much.
Goodnight, Father, Bunty.
Mrs McCarthy, your generosity is quite remarkable.
Well, it's only money.
That is.
Not that I'm surprised, of course, but that is! I can pay off everything I owe.
I can start again.
And it's all down to your amazing power.
When this gets out, the world will come running to my door.
This demands some music! We can't tell anyone.
That you gave us the numbers.
Why not? Because my sister says that if the people round here get wind of it, they'll make me give the money back.
And I can't afford for that to happen.
MUSIC PLAYS I'm so sorry.
I understand.
You do? You forget.
I've dealt with narrow-mindedness all my life, Rinkini.
Whoo-hoo! Rinkini, rinkini, rinkini! And tonight, to lead us in the rosary, we have a special guest.
I won't tell a soul, Mrs McCarthy.
You and me.
We're partners now.
HE LAUGHS BELL CHIMES FOOTSTEPS DOOR OPENS Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
It's just four days since my last confession.
Two days ago, I found myself inadvertently visiting a soothsayer.
Divination is a sin.
However, the Lord will forgive you.
But the thing is, Father, he predicted the winning numbers for the bingo jackpot.
And I saw those numbers on my card, I could have taken a different one, but a wretched, sinful part of me must have wanted that money and I let the Devil tempt me.
Father? Deinde, ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.
And thank you for your candour, Mrs McCarthy.
Good morning, Roisin.
There you are.
Where have you been? I was very tired, so Trafalgar kindly let me spend the night in his caravan.
Oh, don't give me that look.
I just want the key.
Anna? Anna? I don't remember doing it.
I don't remember.
The tip of the umbrella pierced her heart, which resulted in her death.
I didn't say this.
You did the deed, though.
I don't know.
You're just trying to trick me! You admit that you heard voices telling you to kill your wife.
There was no sign of a forced entry and you were found holding the murder weapon.
Trust me, it's for the best.
I took it out.
Huh? The umbrella.
I thought I could save her.
Someone else did this.
Course they did.
Do us all a favour, Padre.
Get him to confess.
Hello, Peter.
You're going to try and trick me as well.
Not at all.
If you did not do it, then you should not confess.
When I got cursed, your God did nothing to help me.
May I ask what medication you are receiving? Doctorsjust hack off your brain or electrocute you or or give you malaria.
Anna mentioned discovering a fraud.
Have you any idea what she meant? ECHOING: Tell him.
ANNA: Don't tell him, Peter.
Tell him.
Don't tell him, Peter.
Peter, I noticed your house was rather bare.
Furniture, pictures missing.
I wonder what happened to your possessions? She was tricked.
She gave it away, every penny we had, to Hambleston Church! To Samuel Hinds? That man should be locked up! They should throw away the key! DOOR CLANGS Thank you.
Well? I'm not convinced he committed the crime.
For goodness' sake.
You virtually caught him in the act! I'm concerned about his welfare.
He needs to be properly diagnosed.
Oh, codswallop.
A dear, sweet woman.
To be butchered by a man she loved and cared for.
Satan's cruelty knows no bounds.
I understand Anna was a regular contributor to your campaigns.
She had a most generous heart.
Peter suggested she may have been overly generous .
to the detriment of their household finances.
On the contrary, Father, her contributions had tailed off in recent months.
Truth be told, I'd been counting on getting rather more of them.
Last night, after the bingo, Anna told me she believed some fraud had taken place.
Did she now? Well, I'm afraid I can't shed any light there either, Father.
Cup of tea perhaps? Samuel Hinds is definitely concealing something.
Well, you're surely not suggesting he killed Anna? If Anna found out that he was exploiting her and threatened to report him, who knows how he might have reacted? Well, the Lord preserve us! He didn't pressure you to hand over your winnings, did he, Mrs M? No! No, I gave them entirely of my own volition.
When was that? Well, it would have been the day before yesterday, when he came round with the posters.
Well, from what I heard from my friend, George, the architect, your gift couldn't have come at a better time, Mrs M.
Why's that? George is working on the Hambleston Church roof repairs.
He says they've run into some problems and the estimate has shot up.
Ah, interesting.
Might you be able to find out more? Mm, of course.
You don't look exactly over the moon, Mrs M.
Yes, well, I was in shock.
Perhaps the fraud that Anna discovered was that you cheated! What? I'm joking! Funny.
Where did you disappear to? Nowhere.
Bridget! We've been robbed! Sh! My money, I put it under my pillow and now it's gone! I decided to return it to Samuel.
What? Winning that money was the Devil's work.
It would have cursed the both of us for all eternity.
And a woman has already been murdered.
Oh, dear God, no! You've just thrown me back into that pit of snakes! Roisin, I'm very sorry, but my conscience would not let me keep it.
My sister got her winning bingo numbers from a gypsy fortune-teller, Trafalgar Devlin! He lives in a caravan on Brunswick Lane! And he's a genius! They may as well know.
It's not as if they can take the money off me now, is it? The Prophet of Kembleford.
"Your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions.
" I don't believe this.
Your village is more open-minded than you thought, Bridget.
You were right about Archie.
But, God, you've been wrong about a hell of a lot of other things in your life.
And not just your own choice of husband! Mrs M? Just leave me be.
Poor thing.
And I assume you disapprove of all this superstition.
Father? Oh, apparently not.
Fortune-telling's the new religion, eh, Father.
Yeah, well.
The desire to control time is strong and universal.
I respect your religion, despite the fact your followers persecuted us for centuries.
Oh, you're not here for a reading.
I'm curious to know whether you were extremely lucky .
or pulled off a rather clever trick.
Well, your God created the world in under a week.
Now, that's a clever trick.
We just want to know how you did it.
27 generations of Romani wisdom.
And, yes, all right, a little bit of talent thrown in as well.
There are forces in this life that go beyond God and Devil.
Or my sister's imagination.
Oh, sorry.
Have you ever been to Hambleston, Mr Devlin? Hambleston? I don't think so, Mr Brown.
Would you happen to know Samuel Hinds or Anna Bailey? No.
Would they like a reading? Well, if they do, they'll have to join the queue.
No true Romani would have allowed a spoon to be picked up off the floor like that.
It's mochadi, unclean.
So, he's an impostor? Well, he's no Romani.
However, I'm still none the wiser as to how he did it.
Afternoon, Sergeant.
Ms Windermere.
Erm, the Inspector just wanted me to check that everything was in order here.
Ah, well, good luck! I'm undercover.
ANNA ECHOES: He lied! He tricked you! No, Anna, he was telling the truth! You believed him, so stupid.
I needed to! I had no choice! Sir.
Well? I put it all on an accumulator.
The first race is in half an hour.
I trust no-one recognised you in that illicit den of thieves? Not a chance, sir.
Here, have a listen to this.
IN NORTHERN ACCENT: Ow do! Al'av an accumulator startin' with Thunder Clap in't five o'clock at Kempton, 'appen.
She was right! It was lies! And "he that speaketh lies, shall perish".
Maybe we should get him looked at, sir.
RADIO: Thunder Clap continuing to race ahead, Buffalo Boy, a near second.
Thunder Clap, racing like a rocket Yes! .
extraordinary to watch.
And as he heads towards the line, Thunder Clap is moving even further away Go on, Thunder Clap, go on, boy.
and Thunder Clap has won it by eight lengths You beauty! .
followed by Buffalo Boy Oh, that gypsy's going to get me a Triumph Roadster, Goodfellow! ANNA ECHOES: Kill him, Peter.
Kill him.
kill him! Thing is, sir, there were only three horses in the race.
Crikey! Oh, my giddy aunt! Morning, Father.
Hello, Bunty.
Have you heard the news? About Peter Bailey's escape? Yes.
Most disturbing.
Looks like Mallory may have been right after all.
It is possible.
I spoke to my friend, George, the architect, and he gave me this.
Good work, Bunty.
Samuel, forgive this intrusion.
I understand the repair of your roof beams cost far more than anticipated.
Er, yes.
All sorted now, though.
Thanks to Mrs McCarthy's timely donation.
You're very well-informed, Father.
I understand your commitment to this restoration, but I also know that sometimes, in our enthusiasm, we may overreach.
Perhaps a cup of tea? Of course.
Father? You must have seen the numbers when you visited Mrs McCarthy .
after she promised you half of any winnings.
You saw the opportunity, you memorised the numbers .
made these lighter balls.
Then you put the numbers on a card, which you gave to Mrs McCarthy.
Then all you had to do was pick out these.
That money saved our church roof.
I have no regrets.
Did Anna find out and threaten to expose you? Did your efforts to keep her quiet go horribly wrong? No! Please! This has absolutely nothing to do with her death.
So, I didn't cheat.
On the contrary.
You won that money because Samuel knew your word was your bond.
Oh! Oh, thanks be to heaven.
And now, if you'll excuse me.
I don't think it will take long for that news to travel.
"Please stop me from doing something bad.
P? Peter Bailey.
I think he wants revenge.
But on whom? How might I be of service? I don't believe you.
He's no prophet, Roisin, as all these people and Trafalgar will soon find out.
But I am sorry.
Are you really? Sure, this makes you right all along.
Just the way you like it.
Oh, of course, sir.
You can rely on us.
LINE DISCONNECTS KNOCK ON DOOR Oh, please, tell me you've found the madman.
Not yet, sir.
The Chief Super wants me strung up.
This is all the Padre's fault! "He needs to see a doctor.
" Pah! More bad news, I'm afraid, sir.
Trafalgar Devlin's second tip fell at the first.
Turns out he may not be the font of all knowledge after all.
From a Triumph to a disaster.
I honestly thought I'd cracked it.
Turns out I'm just as useless as everyone says.
I'll understand, if you want to go with them.
I liked you before I believed you could do the impossible.
This belonged to my mother.
It's only gorgeous! I want you to have it.
Oh, Trafalgar.
Come with me.
Where? Wherever I'm going next.
I'd love to.
You barely know the man! How can you be so sure you can trust him? Well, I can't.
Thanks to your guilty conscience, I'm 'twixt the Devil and the deep blue sea.
Either I go with Trafalgar, or wait here for those loan sharks to tear me to pieces.
Your key.
Lovely bracelet.
It belonged to Trafalgar's mother.
It's strangely familiar.
Well, this taxi's costing an arm and a leg, I suppose.
Trafalgar's paying.
He's in as much of a hurry as I am to leave this place.
Drive on! She was always a flibbertigibbet.
I can't believe she's making exactly the same mistake all over again! It belonged to Anna Bailey! That bracelet.
What? She was proud of it.
She wore it to St Mary's a number of times.
But how is that possible? "Curses removed".
Of course.
Father? Mrs McCarthy, I think Peter is planning a murder.
Heavens Father, what's going on? All will become clear, Mrs McCarthy.
Peter, I got your message.
It's too late.
I need to do this.
God had deserted you.
Medicine wasn't to be trusted.
So, you turned to Trafalgar Devlin to free you from your curse.
He persuaded you he could rid you of your voices.
But the treatment was expensive.
It cost you and Anna everything you had.
And he convinced you that it would only work if you kept it a secret.
But Anna found out what was going on, didn't she? Did she follow you here? She accused him of fraud, said she'd go to the police.
I begged her not to, told her that he was the only hope I had left.
She said she'd think about it.
But now, though .
I realise that everything that man told me was a lie.
And "he that breathes lies must perish".
I know you did not kill Anna.
It won't stop me hanging, though, will it? I give you my word it will.
But for now .
go back to St Mary's and wait.
It was him, wasn't it? Devlin! If you walk away now, you will go free.
And now, what? Now, your sister gets some bad news.
Roisin! Roisin! You'll not stop me going, Bridget.
I'm afraid Father Brown might.
What? The Egg Curse.
You fleeced Peter Bailey and swore him to secrecy.
A classic fortune-telling con and a criminal offence, which could have landed you behind bars .
as you well knew when Anna Bailey confronted you.
I'm really beginning to go off Kembleford.
Trafalgar was already worried about going to prison when you told him about your bingo miracle.
He knew he could make a fortune, once the news got out.
But not if he was behind bars.
So, sometime in the night, you left Roisin asleep in your caravan and went to Anna's house .
presumably, to persuade her not to go to the police.
I don't want your money.
If I take that, you'll just do this to someone else.
I'm going to the police in the morning.
Now, leave.
Ah! She refused, so you took the most desperate and regrettable of steps.
Trafalgar? Trafalgar? Communities like yours always show their true colours in the end.
Bridget! Roisin.
Let her go.
FATHER BROWN SHOUTS The desire for money is the root of all evil.
Trafalgar? I'm sorry.
Trafalgar? What? What are you? If only your divination skills were the equal of your greed, Mr Devlin! I've got a prediction for you.
You'll never catch me on that thing.
Ah! The path to redemption remains open, if you choose honesty and confess your crimes.
I rejected your God years ago.
I'm many things, but I'm no hypocrite.
For a moment there, Devlin, I thought I was heading for the lap of luxury.
Turns out, you couldn't predict Christmas.
Right, Mr Devlin.
In you go, sir.
Make yourself at home.
Sergeant .
I see a guilty verdict! Very good, sir.
Trafalgar Devlin's real name is Arthur Thompson.
And he's from Harrogate.
He was training for the priesthood when he was caught embezzling funds.
The man spoke nothing but lies.
Except when he said I was beautiful.
He definitely meant that.
And he was right.
The wrong man .
What will you do now? Lie low in Kembleford and hope those loan sharks don't smell my blood.
Ah, well, now .
I spoke to Samuel.
He is full of remorse.
And now that the roof repairs on the church are paid for I'm sorry.
I should have put family first.
Oh, Bridget! I don't deserve this! Thank you.
I needed to believe that there was someone on this Earth who could help me.
Promises of a better future are most potent when we are most desperate.
You really think this drug could help? It may well change your life.
And it won't give you malaria.
Mr Bailey? Somewhere deep inside, I knew .
that Devlin was responsible.
Maybe you heard him that night? No.
I think Anna told me.
I hope I never stop hearing her voice.
The best big sister in the world.
You haven't called me that since you were at school.
Now, you go back to Ireland, pay off those loans and then try and find a nice sensible man to settle down with.
I will.
Sure, I might meet him on the train.
Roisin, I meant to ask.
Whatever happened to the boy who stole Mrs McCarthy's apple? He's now the Bishop of Derry, Father.
I'll write.
"Now, indeed you will feel sorrow, "but I will see you again and your heart will rejoice.
Don't leave it 15 years this time, Mrs M.
I won't.
Ten, maybe.