FBI (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Partners in Crime

Look, I'm sorry, sir.
He's not here.
I have the appointment card.
It says right here.
Sir, I understand you had a scheduled appointment - 8:00 on Tuesday.
- My manager isn't in yet.
Do you know when he'll be here? Sorry, but you're welcome to wait.
That's why I made an appointment in the first place.
- So I don't have to wait.
- I'm sorry.
Hey Uhh! NYPD! Drop your weapons and get on the ground now! Hit the alarm, now! - Did you talk to Jubal yet? - No, I tried him a few times.
Look, I'm not against the concept.
Then why are you making such a big deal about it? I'm not making a big deal about it.
I'm simply expressing my lack of enthusiasm.
I forgot how exhausting you are.
Is that your way of saying you miss me? I need to grab this.
Hey, Maggie, what's up? Hey, Jubal, we got a bank robbery, one dead.
Right, okay, I'll touch base in five.
Let me guess, you have to go light up the JOC? I'll let you go then.
We'll see you Saturday, right? - Did you see their faces? - No, they were wearing masks.
- What did they say to you? - Nothing.
Not a word.
They just gave me this note.
"PS 59, 3rd grade.
All the cash in the safe, no alarms.
" - PS 59? - My son's school.
I should have triggered the alarm sooner.
That poor officer, I just I just didn't know.
It's okay, you did the right thing.
They were threatening your child.
- Here you go, sir.
- It's okay.
I'm Special Agent Maggie Bell.
This is my partner, OA Zidan.
Deputy Inspector Richard Talmage.
NYPD Major Case Squad.
- We're very sorry.
- I appreciate it.
Name's Oliver West.
Good man.
Wife, two kids.
Three other bystanders were also shot.
They're on their way to the hospital now, but they appear to be in stable condition, thank God.
Excuse me, can you follow them to the hospital, - see what they know? - Yeah.
Got it.
They pull the security footage yet? Yeah, we'll get it over to 26 Fed right away.
- Thank you.
- The teller said the robber handed her this note.
- Ring any bells? - Yeah, we had a few robberies in the area about a year ago.
Same thing silent criminals, threatening notes.
- You make an arrest? - No, we were circling a robbery crew on the Lower East Side, but we couldn't make the case.
Mind if we take a look at those files? Sure.
Hey, I, uh I know you guys are the lead on bank robberies, - but, uh - We understand.
This one's personal.
We'll keep you in the loop every step of the way.
Bank robbery played out like a silent movie.
Robbers communicated with notes.
No words, no voices.
Good news is, NYPD has seen this before.
matches a string of violent robberies from last year.
These are the lovely faces of the various suspects.
Let's dig deep, see if we can't find a nexus - to this bank robbery, huh? - Security footage? Uh, yeah, it came in two minutes ago.
Cue it up for me, will you, Bill? All right, here we go.
Perps walk in, they knock the guard out, bang, a single shot in the air.
The shorter perp gives the note to the teller.
Officer West identifies himself, gets shot returns fire.
- All right, pause.
- Witnesses heard her scream, said it was definitely a woman.
Okay, I want you to start calling all of the hospitals.
I need the name of every female gunshot victim in the Tri-State area.
All right, run it.
Right there, stop.
Can you blow that up and run it again? - Jubal.
- Yeah? The taller perp takes the gun from the female perp, doesn't even let her take the shot herself.
So either he's a better shot Unlikely, given all the times he missed.
Or he's the boss.
Bad news is, Mr.
Alpha didn't get what he went there for money.
Means he might strike again, soon.
Striations in the bullets are a match to the ones found at a home invasion back in 2014.
- Same gun used in both crimes.
- You have a name? Yeah, one of the guys in the robbery crew got pinched.
Did three years.
Matt Tolan.
Matthew Tolan was just released from Rikers three weeks ago.
- Didn't waste any time.
- We have a current address? FBI! - Hey, whoa - Inside.
What the hell is going on here? - FBI.
- We're looking for your brother, Matthew Tolan.
You busted down my door so you could look for Matt? Where is he? He's in the back.
- Wake-up call, Matty.
- Oh what the hell? - What is this? - You're coming with us.
Why? What did, uh, what did I do? There was a bank robbery this morning, so we have some questions to ask you.
Okay, fine, let's go.
I appreciate the energy, Matt, but maybe you want to put some pants on? I keep telling you, I didn't rob that bank.
I'd love to take your word for it.
I was with my niece at her school, PS 142.
- She had a violin concert.
- Can anyone verify that? Plenty of people.
My sister, the teachers.
- I'm sure there's video, too.
- Oof, Uncle of the Year.
Ooh, that coffee's terrible.
Didn't realize you had such refined tastes.
But then again, when you've spent as much time in prison as you have, I mean, it makes perfect sense.
I'm not denying that I made some mistakes.
I'm just saying your coffee sucks.
But you are denying that you did the bank robbery, correct? You're damn right.
Then how do you explain the gun? - What gun? - The one you used in that home invasion robbery three years ago.
It was used in a bank robbery this morning.
- It wasn't my gun.
- Whose was it? There's a dead police officer, Matt.
You sure you want to get all mixed up in this? Uh His name's Patrick Cross.
We, uh, we we did a few robberies together back in the day, but that was a long time ago.
- I was a different person then.
- Where's Cross now? Don't know.
Don't talk to him anymore.
- Why not? - Because he's the one who did that home invasion, not me.
Okay, sit tight.
We're gonna run your alibi.
Oh and I'll get the barista to make you a fresh pot of coffee.
And we'll have 'em use one of those artisanal blends too.
Oh, that's hilarious.
Thank you.
Yeah, well, I'm his father.
I think this warrants a conversation.
Does that make sense? Okay, you know what? I can't talk about this right now.
- Hey.
- Everything all right? Oh, yeah, you know, ex-wife, new boyfriend.
This whole inclusive modern family thing is not as awesome as everyone makes it out to be.
So did Tolan's alibi check out? Yeah, airtight.
Five people saw him at the school concert.
Okay, so Tolan is listening to third graders play violin.
What else? Where are we with this Patrick Cross guy? Last known address isn't current and the landlord hasn't heard from him in months.
Any leads on the female suspect? Not yet.
We're still calling hospitals, but so far no hits.
Let's expand that to undertakers, funeral homes doctor of choice for many smart criminals.
What else do we know? ERT is running various blood samples from the bank, but it could take awhile.
Tell the lab to make it a priority.
- I need it back today.
- Okay.
Yeah, yeah.
Guys, NYPD just got a report of a bodega robbery downtown.
Two people in ski masks, single shot in the air, no talking, threatening note passed.
Looks like Bonnie and Clyde struck again.
Let's get up on every damn camera within a ten-block radius of that bodega.
I've got guys going up and down the block seeing if any other cameras caught sight of 'em.
Do you have the note? "All the cash in the register.
No alarms or we'll kill you.
" Threat's not as specific.
No, it's spur of the moment.
They're scrambling.
They didn't just take the cash either.
You okay? It could have been worse.
Do you know what they stole? Everything that they could get their hands on.
Cash, gift cards, cell phones.
- Cell phones? - Yes, the prepaid kind.
We're gonna need the serial numbers - for every phone they took.
- Hey, one of my guys found a witness who heard the female perp call the male perp Pat.
All right, people, we're looking for Patrick Cross.
34 years old, lifetime resident of the Lower East Side.
As you can see, hardly an ideal upbringing.
To say the least.
Saw his father murder his mother and his two sisters when he was only ten.
Trauma like that at that age chemically alters the brain.
It skews emotional reactions into adulthood.
- Hmm.
- After the murders, his father went to prison and Cross went into foster care.
Bounced around until he was about 16.
What happened at 16? He moved in with Matt Tolan's family.
Before long, they were committing armed robberies.
Files run pretty parallel for the next 15 years.
Until Tolan went to prison three years ago.
Haven't talked since.
Tolan blames Cross for the conviction.
Stolen burner is on.
I've got a rough location.
All right, Ian! So it looks like our suspects are in the Lower East Side.
They're heading west.
- Jubal! - Yeah.
NYPD's got a reported car theft about a block away from the bodega.
CCTV also caught two suspects matching our description.
All right, we're looking for a silver Saturn, 2009, New York plates: India, Tango, Alpha, 10, 15.
Splash that out to everyone we have on the streets.
All units be advised: We have a silver Saturn weaving through traffic near Delancey and Essex.
Delancey heading west.
He's headed for the Holland Tunnel.
Easy, Baby Driver.
Where are you going? Short cut.
Get on the radio, see if NYPD can shut down Delancey at Forsyth now.
Better than shutting down the Holland Tunnel at lunch hour.
Suspects turning left onto Broome, heading west.
Maggie, hold tight.
- You good? - I don't know if good's the word, but let's do this.
Let's go.
Come on! Don't shoot.
There's too many pedestrians.
Get up! Get up! Open the door.
- Stay down! - He's taken a hostage.
There's two suspects inside.
- One male, one female.
- How many hostages? We've seen four so far, but there might be more.
Anyone injured? There were several shots fired.
Didn't hit anyone.
No pressure, Ian, but you don't get eyes inside that restaurant, you're fired.
Almost there.
Restaurant's technology is actually pretty good.
Meaning the cameras are hard to hack? Hard, but not impossible, and for the record, I'm impervious to pressure.
Yes, and apparently sarcasm.
Ex-wife? Yeah, yeah, it was actually.
She's throwing a birthday party for my kid.
- He's turning 12.
- What's wrong with that? Well, she's doing it at her new boyfriend's house.
- I'm not really down with that.
- So you're not gonna go? - Okay, we're in.
- All right, great work.
Your job is safe for now.
All right, people, we got eyes inside the restaurant.
Looks like there are five, six, seven.
Seven hostages all seated near the windows in front.
Hey, the female suspect, she looks fine.
She's not even limping anymore.
She got lucky? Shallow wound? Or she's really tough.
We get the blood results back yet? Uh, lab ran everything we got back from the bank against the criminal database, but no matches.
Good news is our perps aren't masked anymore.
Hey, Ian, can you get tight screenshots of their faces? Well, we were right about one thing.
That's definitely Patrick Cross.
You recognize her? No, but I'll run it through facial recognition now.
Delta 2-1, tell me when you're in position.
The windows in the back of the building are small, but We have snipers in position on the rooftop across the street.
If we can get simultaneous shots on both perps, - we take 'em out.
- Dan, do our snipers have eyes on Cross? Affirmative, they're trying to line up shots now.
Okay, let me know when you have both perps in the crosshairs.
We do this simultaneously or we don't do it at all.
Am I clear? Copy that.
Come on That's right.
Just take a look outside, Patrick.
Gun six, do you have target lock? Affirmative.
Target locked.
Spotter, status update.
We have both suspects in crosshairs.
On your order, ma'am.
Maintain target lock.
Wait! I have something.
- What's going on? - The girl with Cross? It's Julia Parker.
She's 18.
She went missing eight months ago.
- Are you sure? - I'm positive.
Stand down.
I repeat, stand down.
Stand down, stand down.
Julia Parker.
18-year-old high school senior from Richfield, Connecticut.
She went missing eight months ago when she was on her way home from soccer practice.
No ransom note.
No phone call.
As far as I can tell, there's no hard evidence she was kidnapped at all.
- You saying she ran away? - Unclear.
Connecticut field office has been working the case with local police.
No definitive conclusion yet, so we have to consider the possibility that Julia is complicit in all this.
We can take a look through all the footage, see if we can glean any insight into her current state of mind.
But until we have evidence to the contrary we treat her like a victim.
Copy that.
Hope NYPD feels the same.
What the hell is going on? Why are the snipers standing down? The female perp went missing eight months ago, so before we move we need to make sure that she's not being held captive or if she's a willing collaborator.
She just took seven people hostage at gunpoint.
Seems like a willing collaborator to me.
I get that.
We just need a little more time here, okay? We need to make sure we get this right.
This is outside the restaurant right after the car chase and before any hostages were taken.
Aah! Come on! You see that? Right there.
Their guns.
All the muzzle flashes came from him.
She never fired.
Okay, maybe she's just playing along in fear for her life.
Keep going.
Okay, stop.
Right there.
Cross went inside the restaurant and Julia could have easily escaped, but she didn't.
Pull up the footage from the two robberies.
Let's see how involved or uninvolved - this young woman really is.
- Okay.
Has anyone notified her family yet? Uh, Jubal's in the conference room with Julia's father now.
So she's alive? You've seen her? Yes, we've we've seen her on video.
But, Dr.
Parker, your daughter was at the scene of two armed robberies this morning.
- "Armed robberies"? - Yes.
And right now she's with a man and they've, uh They've they've what? Taken seven people hostage at a local restaurant.
Take a look.
Someone must have This man she's with must have put her up to this.
It's it's possible.
We're still trying to figure out her exact role.
Her exact role is she was kidnapped.
It's it's as simple as that.
Have you ever heard the name "Patrick Cross"? No, is is that who this is? Patrick Cross? He he's the one that took my little girl? He's the man that's with her.
We're just not sure if he kidnapped her.
What are you talking about? Your daughter had a blog, right? Current events, pop culture? Yeah, it was for school.
Well, it seems this man, Patrick Cross, began to follow her on her blog, her social media accounts.
So? Some of that communication was flirtatious.
Photos, texts sent back and forth.
She's a kid, for God sakes.
You're blaming her for for sending a few stupid texts? This monster took my little girl from me 243 days ago, and you're saying it's her fault? Dr.
Parker, I want nothing more than to help you get your little girl back, I promise.
But right now we need to figure out the nature of their relationship.
Look, I have kids, too.
We don't always know what's going on with them.
Yeah, maybe you don't, but I do.
I'm a single father with one child.
I know Julia better than anyone in this world.
There's no way she ran off with some middle-aged guy.
No way.
Well, we're doing everything we can.
I'm sorry I upset you.
I'm just doing my job.
Your job is to save her, not criminalize her! Let's open a line of communication.
You take point.
If Cross did abduct Julia, I'm guessing he has some issues with women.
There's no point in triggering that now.
Who's this? Agent Omar Zidan, FBI.
Patrick, you there? Can you tell me if Julia's okay? Her family's really worried.
I want an armored vehicle and a clear path out of the city in one hour or everyone inside dies.
Lily, what the hell just happened? Son of a bitch just shot someone.
- No, his partner did.
- What? Female captor just shot one of the hostages.
Julia? Quick, play it back.
Okay, guys, debate's over.
Your so-called victim just shot a damn hostage.
Let's get those snipers back in position.
No, hold on a second.
That guy rushed her and caught her off-guard.
That looked like self-defense.
What are you, her lawyer? I don't think she's trying to hurt people, and she could still be a victim.
She just shot a guy, for God's sake! It's time to move.
Time to start saving the real victims.
Look, I don't want to get into a turf war with the FBI, but if I need to, I will.
Excuse me? We've got one dead cop and seven New Yorkers held captive.
That gives the NYPD authority to take action.
- Richard - You've got ten minutes to get on board, or we're moving without you.
You move without my consent, and I'll have your badge.
Kristen, NYPD's looking to move in.
Maggie's got them at bay, but she is on pretty thin ice.
You got anything to back up her theory that Julia's a victim? Uh, well, nothing clear-cut, but there is something off in the bank footage.
Okay, you see here? Julia's walk, her stride, her mannerisms is much different in this video than that video.
And she appears much shorter in the bank than she does in the bodega.
- Really? - Yeah.
I mean, Patrick Cross is 5'10.
Julia Parker is 5'8.
But in this video, she looks shorter.
Like, four inches, not two.
Could just be the camera angle.
No, I don't think so.
You see, a standard ATM is 48 inches from the bottom to the top button.
The bank tiles, we know, are 12x12, so by that scale, we can measure this girl and see that she is 5'5.
Three inches shorter than Julia Parker.
So that's why Julia wasn't limping in the bodega or the restaurant.
Because the girl who got shot in the bank isn't Julia.
Hey, Jubal.
The woman who got shot at the bank, it's not Julia.
What? Who is it? We ran the blood splatter from the bank against the missing person's database.
Matched to a girl named Katharine James.
15 years old, abducted ten months ago from her family's apartment on the Upper West Side.
- Jubal.
- Yeah.
The wrists.
Yeah, we got visual evidence that both these young women have been restrained.
Significant abrasions around their wrists.
So when they're not accompanying Cross in the robberies, they're being held captive? Yeah.
- Where's Katharine James now? - Yeah, how do we find her? No, Jubal, how do we save her? She's been shot.
Bank was held up at 8:09 a.
Bodega robbery was reported at 9:27 a.
, so somewhere in between the two Patrick Cross dropped off Katharine James and picked up Julia Parker.
They showed up at both crimes on foot 78 minutes apart.
He couldn't have covered that much ground.
Dig up traffic reports, CCTV footage, reported sightings, any data you can find, and build a radius of everywhere Cross could have gone between the two attacks.
How much time do I have? Maggie and OA are working to hold off a very emotional NYPD.
Is that your way of saying "not much"? That's my way of saying "five minutes.
" Now there are two victims? What the hell are you talking about? The girl inside the bank is not the same as the one inside the bodega or this restaurant.
It's not a hunch, it's a fact.
Both girls have severe abrasions on their wrists.
They're being restrained.
They're being held captive.
I got it.
Cross is our only target.
So let's take his ass out and call it a day.
Not until we find out where the second victim is.
We take Cross out now, there's a chance we never find Katharine.
Not to mention she got shot, so she might be bleeding out.
I get it, but we got a man inside the restaurant who's bleeding out, too.
Okay, we gotta get Cross talking.
So maybe we do have to make a trade.
We have to give him something in exchange for Katharine's whereabouts.
It's worth a try, but it's pretty obvious he doesn't want to engage with us.
Well, we have to find someone who he will engage with.
You'd better find them fast, because this thing's about ready to blow up.
The hell is this guy doing? He is making sure we can't send SWAT in.
We throw a flash-bang, whole place goes up in flames.
Or he wants to set the damn place on fire, create a distraction so he can escape.
Ask me, it's better to lose one life than seven.
No, we're gonna save them all.
We just need to get Cross talking.
Who does Patrick Cross love? Who does he respect, who does he like? Who does he listen to? Does he have a priest, a shaman, a friend? It looks like he's a loner.
Well, there has to be someone.
Well, his mother and his two sisters are dead.
He grew up in foster care, and to the extent that he has any cousins, aunts, uncles, they're obviously not very close.
And he'd despise them for not taking care of him when he was young and needed a family.
No ex-girlfriends, ex-wives.
At least he has that going for him.
Did I say that out loud? Him.
You sure about that? No, but worth a shot.
Family's family.
Joseph Cross, Agent OA Zidan.
We spoke on the phone.
You ready? Yeah, just tell me what you need me to say but I want that 2 grand in my prisoner account by the end of the day.
Hello? Patrick, it's Omar.
I don't want to talk to you.
That's fine, but I have someone here that wants to say hello.
Who? Patrick, hey.
It's me, your father.
The FBI told me what's happening.
And what? You came here to give me advice? Was that a joke? Look, I get it.
I got no right telling anyone what to do, but I I figured I might as well try.
They say no one's dead yet.
That means there's still a way out.
I mean, you do what they ask you could still have a life someday.
But you gotta call off this hostage thing, now.
Patty, you there? Ask him about Katharine James.
Tell him we'll give him a car or a plane if he tells us where she is.
Hey, Patty.
Do you know anything about a girl named, uh, Katharine James? Hey, Patty, you still there? Damn.
Jubal, we scanned through social media posts.
We went through anything geotagged near the bank or the bodega.
And you found something? Tourists caught our bank robbers in the background of a photo taken near the Tenement Museum at 8:49 a.
So we pulled CCTV footage from the area and followed them through the area to these two blocks.
And what happened there? Well, we hit a dead zone, but they'd been walking at about 3.
6 miles an hour, and at that rate they should have hit choke points at these three cameras at one of these times.
What? They disappeared? No, they turned up here, approximately four minutes later than they should have and walking at the same speed.
- So either they got lost - Or they stopped off somewhere between those two cameras.
Katharine James is somewhere in these two blocks.
I just don't know where.
But we have someone who might.
I'm sorry, I haven't seen that kid in 25 years.
- I know.
You did what you could.
- Hey, Joseph! Excuse me.
We think that your son may have been staying somewhere in this area.
Anything look familiar? We lived in an apartment on that block a long time ago.
Years before I What was the exact address? Both bedrooms clear! Right, clear! - Stairs.
- Stack on me.
- Breacher over here.
- Sir.
Upstairs clear! Go, go, go, go! Can you tell me your name? Katharine.
You're safe now, Katharine.
I've got you.
- Get a paramedic in here.
- Yes, sir.
Let me get those cuffs off you.
You're gonna be okay now.
No, no way Julia is a part of this.
She's not a criminal.
She hates Patrick just like me.
Why didn't she escape? We have video.
There are moments she could have run.
Plus, she has a gun.
Why not just shoot the animal? Because she was protecting me.
He ties us up.
He blindfolds us.
We never knew where we were.
If Julia shot Patrick, she would never find me.
He told us every day, "You run, the other one dies.
" Whatever Julia has done, she did it to protect me.
We're family.
We had a pact.
We always go back for the other.
No matter what.
Did Julia make that for you? Yeah.
She has one, too.
We call them "sister bracelets.
" Patrick.
That's okay, you don't need to talk to me.
But I'm gonna talk to you, so listen up.
The hostage inside the restaurant, he is going to die if we do not get him some help.
You don't want that, trust me.
He dies, it's game over.
Nothing we can do.
No car, no money, no plane.
I'm not letting anyone out.
You don't have to, but we're gonna send somebody in.
Okay, send him in.
Go ahead.
You help the guy who got shot, that's it.
You talk to anyone else, you die.
Okay, let's see.
You're gonna be okay.
I'm just gonna clean the wound and put some compression on it.
Okay, this is gonna help with the pain.
Are you done? No.
No, I think he has a fever, and I'm concerned that he might have an infection.
Look, can can I just get some water from the bar? Be quick.
And keep your mouth shut.
Julia, over here.
I don't want you talking anymore.
You understand me? Go.
Oh, my God.
Look, he's burning up.
Can can you just get your partner to help me get some ice? No, no.
He looks good.
It's time for you to get out of here.
No, he's not okay.
His temperature is way too high.
I just need some ice.
I'll get him to cool off and then I'll go.
Okay, you need to take this.
Look down, now! Face forward! She's alive? She's okay? She's safe.
What are you Who's alive? - What the hell is going on? - I just was - I said no talking! - Okay, I just was saying that he he was gonna be okay.
- What did you tell her? - Nothing.
You a cop? No.
He's gone.
It's okay.
Give me the gun.
You're okay.
You're safe now.
Is It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Julia! - Are you okay? - I'm okay.
Are you okay? They were held captive together for eight months.
What can I possibly say to her? Doesn't matter what you say.
Just matters that you're here.
You're okay.
Dad? Honey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- Oh, honey - Mom! I'm so sorry.
I love you, Dad.
Okay, thank you.
Just got off the phone with the hospital.
Julia's in stable condition.
No injuries, no physical trauma.
No physical trauma? No.
Katharine, too.
So then Cross didn't Both girls were examined very closely.
No sign of sexual or physical abuse.
- Hey, Dana.
- Yeah.
So Cross abducts these two young girls, doesn't beat them, doesn't rape them.
What is he looking for? Family.
We all need one.
- Jubal.
- Allan.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
I'm glad you could make it.
You kidding me? It's my kid's birthday.
- Come on in.
- Thanks.