FBI (2018) s04e19 Episode Script

Face Off

Sarin gas is a valuable commodity to a particular group of people.
You mean terrorists.
They likely intend on using that sarin gas in New York City.
Unless we find them.
We need to wait for the protective gear, and you have to trust me on this one.
Change of plans, we do not have time to wait for SWAT.
We need you to make entry now.
No! No, no, no, no! - Gotta get me out of here.
- Stay with me.
Maggie! It's not even like she had a fever or anything.
She was just coughing.
Her parents are being cautious, which I, for one, appreciate.
Can you pass me the egg rolls? Look, I know you're disappointed, but you can go to Rachel's next weekend.
I'm with Dad next weekend.
I'll talk to your dad, okay? But for now, can we try to have a good time? I got you cookies from Weaver Street Bakery.
The double chocolate ones? Mm-hmm.
Oh, my God.
Maria, no! No.
Get off.
No! - Brooke, honey, wake up.
- What's going on? - Wake up, we have to go.
- You're scaring me.
- Get in the closet.
- Mom.
- Shh.
- Mom! Ah! Two of your agents were exposed to sarin gas.
Agent Bell is still undergoing treatment for nerve damage, which I'm hearing will require months months of rehab.
You want to explain to me how the hell we got here? There was an accident at the lab, and the doors sealed automatically.
What were your agents even doing in the lab without backup in the first place? We had evidence that the suspect had been tipped off; we had to confirm that he was still on premises.
Without Swat? Without HAZMAT? Knowing there could be chemical weapons inside? - We were moving quickly.
- Yeah, too quickly.
You nearly cost your agents their lives.
I made the best decision I had with the information I was given.
Yeah, the problem is, these big, impulsive decisions are quickly becoming your MO.
Excuse me? You're getting a reputation for being a bit of a cowboy, Isobel.
What does that mean? It means I'm getting calls from the deputy director asking me if he should be concerned.
My advice? Take it easy for a while.
Okay, you played the game.
You beat out the boys, made it to the top of the pecking order.
You don't need to try so hard to prove yourself anymore.
Understood, sir.
So have you guys talked to Maggie? How is she doing? I went to the hospital yesterday.
She's awake.
There is a lot of residual nerve damage, and she is looking at a lot of physical therapy, but Maggie's a fighter.
- She's gonna get through it.
- Good.
- Hey.
- Hi.
All right, folks.
Uh, heads up, this is a rough one.
Last night, morning show host Maria Blake was brutally stabbed to death in her house in Boerum Hills.
Her wife Olivia was also attacked, but she survived.
She's in critical condition at Hope General.
Olivia's ten-year-old daughter called 911.
Was she there during the attack? Uh, yeah, she was hiding in a closet.
Yeah, NYPD thinks the MO of the attacker matches two others across town.
They are asking for our help in a potential serial killer case.
What do we know about the earlier murders? First victim was 38-year-old real estate broker Chetna Burman.
Killed at her brownstone on West 73rd Street sometime around 2:00 a.
on March 20th.
Two weeks later, bank president Jamie Merritt, 42, was found dead with similar wounds at her place on West 87th.
Those are Upper West Side addresses.
So the Blakes in Brooklyn would be a departure.
Yes, but the other case markers all line up.
Like townhouses broken into late at night, powerful women in their 30s and 40s being attacked with a knife, so.
Yeah, let's get to work, huh, people? You four want to head to the scene, see what you can dig up? - Oh, welcome aboard.
- Thanks.
So, you're, uh Oh, filling in for Maggie temporarily, yeah.
I got the call this morning, so I didn't have a chance to tell you, but, you know, don't make it weird.
This is a nice house.
The family doesn't have a security system? House has one, but it doesn't look like they had it set up yet.
Neighbors said they just moved in, had workers in and out.
- Any sign of forced entry? - No.
Back door was unlocked when we arrived.
Got markings around the keyhole.
Looks like the guy must have picked the lock.
We're gonna need you to touch base with the neighbors again to pull their security footage.
You got it.
I know you're just doing your jobs, but she's been through a lot.
Between the divorce, her mom getting remarried, and now this, it's just I mean, it's We'll keep it brief, okay? We just want to ask her a few questions.
Of course.
Now, Brooke, honey, I, um I need you to tell them what you told me about the guy that you saw, kay? I'm not sure, but he kind of looked like the man who worked on our house.
He had the same kind of boots on.
I think she said that, uh, the guy was arguing with her stepmother, Maria.
Okay, uh, when was this, Brooke? A few weeks ago.
And do you remember what they were arguing about? What did the man look like? He was tall.
Do you know how old he was? Or what color skin he had? He was about your age.
And he was Black.
Do you think you would recognize the man if we showed you a photo? Yeah, I think so.
Yeah? Okay.
Isobel Castille? SSA Deon Marshall from the Behavioral Analysis unit.
I've been assigned to your serial killer case.
Well, thank you, but I did not request a profiler on this case.
ADIC Hawkins is an old friend.
He asked me to advise.
I'm sure you have a handle on it.
Just here if you need an extra set of eyes.
Welcome aboard.
Okay, listen up, everyone.
This is Deon Marshall with BAU, he will be assisting us in this case.
- Great.
- So, uh, the killer did not leave and forensics on the scene, but we just got the ME's report.
The knife wounds found on Maria's body are similar to those found on Merritt and Burman, so it seems like we are looking for the same killer.
Have you been able to identify any connection between the victims? We're still digging into their backgrounds, but so far, no.
No clear nexus.
Hey, I just talked to Scola.
ERT thinks Maria's wedding ring was stolen.
There are lacerations on her finger like it was forcibly removed, and they can't find it in the house.
Did any of the other victims have jewelry taken? Yeah, uh, Burman wore a diabetes bracelet that NYPD never recovered.
No, there's nothing about missing jewelry in Merritt's file, though.
It's not unusual for serial killers to take jewelry as trophies.
Yeah, Kelly, you want to make sure ERT is doing - a full inventory at Merritt's? - Got it.
Listen, did we ever alibi out the ex-husband? Uh, yeah.
He was in Philly overnight - on a job interview.
- And we confirmed it? A theater there confirmed he had an interview to be their technical director, and I talked to the host at the Airbnb he stayed at.
She said Owen checked in yesterday, left early this morning.
Not to mention that he is a far cry from the daughter's description.
Okay, speaking of which, we get an ID on that construction worker? Yes, got a list from the Blakes' contractor.
Showed the photos to Brooke and she ID'd a man named Jeremiah Carver.
All right, eyes up.
- What do we know about him? - Not much.
Carpenter, 32 years old, lives in Queens.
All right.
Let's bring him in.
Have Tiffany and Scola get over there.
Look, I don't want to overstep here, but your killer's been careful every step of the way.
It doesn't make sense for him to attack someone he's been working for.
We just had a witness ID him.
Yes, but cross-racial identifications are less reliable, and the witness is a ten-year-old who saw him from across the room in the dark.
I understand, but right now, it's all we have.
I'm not seeing him anywhere.
We sure he's still here? Carver charged his card here less than ten minutes ago, and his crew says he hasn't been back to the house yet.
Heads up.
Jeremiah Carver? We're with the FBI.
We have a couple questions for you.
Hey! Let me go, I didn't do anything.
Then running wasn't the best move.
Can you get these out of my face? Do you find the photos upsetting? Hell yeah, I find those upsetting.
How do you think their daughter feels? Ten years old, and she had to watch the entire thing.
That's messed up.
I I got nothing to do with that.
- Anything? - Uh, ERT found eight ounces of marijuana and a few hundred dollars in cash in Carver's bag, but no sign of our murder weapon.
Where were you last night at 1:00 a.
? Bar in Crown Heights, Grand Matador.
I told y'all, I haven't seen those people in weeks.
But you didn't exactly leave things on good terms, did you? Witness said they saw you and Maria Blake in a heated argument a few weeks ago.
Said you seemed pretty upset.
She was an entitled bitch.
That doesn't mean I killed her.
What was your fight about? She got me fired.
Accused me of dealing weed out of the house.
Based on the stash we found, I'm assuming that's not far from the truth? So what? Weed's legal in New York.
That lady blew things out of proportion.
Okay, one, it's not legal to traffic, but two, we're not trying to roll you up on some petty drug charge.
We are investigating a murder.
I didn't kill nobody.
Like I said, I was just pissed off.
She sent photos to the general contractor of me selling weed.
Photos from her house? Where'd she get them from? No clue.
She wasn't around much.
The Blakes must have had hidden surveillance - for the construction workers.
- Right.
Okay, this is from the camera we found in the clock in the Blakes' kitchen.
12:45 a.
, night of the murder.
Okay, here we go.
Figure crouched outside, he's Obviously picking the lock, and All right, here's our guy.
That's not Carver.
No, and we confirmed his alibi.
Bartender at Grand Matador said he was at the bar till close the night of the Blake attack.
- Can you get facial rec? - I'm running it now, but the quality isn't good enough.
- Yeah.
- No luck.
OA, I need you to get up to the Upper West Side.
Take Nina with you.
NYPD thinks we have another victim.
Pulled footage from an exterior camera at the next-door neighbor's house.
Caught him breaking in the back.
Same method of entry, same hoodie, same height.
What do we know about the victim? Name's Joan Zoffer.
She's a surgeon at Presbyterian.
Single, no kids, lives alone.
Her boss called NYPD to do a wellness check when she didn't show up for her shift this morning.
Two attacks in two nights.
Our killer's on a spree.
Ripped the earring right out.
- Has anyone recovered that? - No, not yet.
He must have took it with him as another trophy.
We've got a shoeprint.
What is that? I'm not sure.
Looks like glass.
I'll get ERT to send it to the lab, see if they can ID it.
Well, a security camera caught the killer breaking into the victim's house, but he managed to avoid the street cams in the area, so that means he did his homework.
He scoped the area out.
So we're checking for video earlier in the day, - earlier in the week - Well, what about the victim? Anything that connects Zoffer to the others? I mean, there's There's some overlap with Merritt and Burman, but most of that can be chalked up to living in the same neighborhood.
The nexus may be the women's success.
Killer's resentful, attacks powerful women as a way of regaining power.
Right, all right, so let's chase that.
That would mean the killer is underemployed or unemployed, someone on the fringe.
Yeah, sounds right.
Someone bitter, disenfranchised.
Statistically, it's probably a blue-collar worker.
Right, well, that That tracks with the print we found at the scene, size 11 Starks Common work boot.
- Jubal.
- Yeah? - We got something.
- Lab ID'd the fragments in the boot It's stained glass.
Any stained glass found at Zoffer's house? No, we think that the killer must have tracked it in.
- Probably from a church.
- Right, good.
So let's get boots on the ground.
I want agents canvassing any and all churches on the Upper West Side.
And schedule a press conference.
I want to get this guy's face out there.
Somebody knows who he is or has seen him loiter in the neighborhood.
Yes, ma'am.
Isobel, wait.
I don't think this is a good idea.
- Excuse me? - Holding a press conference, blasting his face out to the community I'm not sure the person we see on camera is the killer.
Something isn't adding up.
We have video of him breaking in.
I know, I saw it.
But from a statistical standpoint, there are very few Black serial killers, and the ones we do know about typically target disenfranchised, low-income victims.
We have video of him at various crime scenes.
We can see his face.
- He's Black.
- I know.
Doesn't make sense to me either.
But I think it's prudent to hold off on releasing a photo.
This guy kills in order to feel powerful.
You give him more media attention, you're giving him more power.
You could trigger him to strike again.
He has killed two nights in a row.
He's gonna strike again regardless.
We have to find him before that happens.
I agree, but the ADIC sent me to offer my expertise, and I'm telling you, making a public announcement based on shaky evidence We have a photo.
How in God's name is that shaky? Okay, wrong adjective.
It's incongruous.
What is the alternative then? We wait for him to kill another woman, hope he makes a mistake that we can capitalize on? If there is any chance someone can identify the man in this photo before he strikes again, I am taking it.
We have recently obtained a photograph of the suspect.
If anyone has seen this man or has any information as to his whereabouts, please contact the FBI immediately.
In the meantime, there are ways you can protect yourselves.
He is not a particularly sophisticated or adept criminal.
He is a coward who is overpowering women by ambushing them when their guards are down.
Stay alert, stay diligent, and I promise you, we will find him.
Thank you.
All right, folks, I know you're tired, you're running on fumes, but if this guy follows the pattern, he could strike at any time.
The clock is ticking.
All it takes is one good tip to crack this.
Any luck? Well, I just got off the phone with a 90-year-old woman who claims she might have dated our guy back in high school.
75 years ago in Tampa.
A lot to sift through, but we'll work all night if we have to.
Thank you so much.
I think I got something.
- Yeah.
- Woman from Harlem said she saw a man matching the suspect's description coming out of a condemned church at 98th and Amsterdam late last night.
That would explain the stained glass.
FBI! Federal agent! Cover back! Covering! Get eyes on? Eyes on? - You good? - Yeah.
- Stage, clear! - Front room, clear! It's clear.
Uh, I got nothing but old papers and some moldy Communion wafers.
Oh, yum.
Hey, OA? Bloody clothes.
Okay, he was here.
Found a backpack too.
Let's see.
Some clean clothes.
Let's see.
- I think he was stalking them.
- Yeah.
He has notes here on their schedule, the trains they take, their home addresses The addresses all match up with our vics? Yeah, Zoffer, Merritt.
There's a new address here.
552 West 24th Street, Chelsea? Hey, what do you got? We found a notebook with all of the addresses from our victims, but there's one that we don't recognize.
We think he might be heading after a new target.
Okay, hit me.
552 West 24th Street in Chelsea.
OA, I need you to get over to that address right now, that is where Isobel lives.
Tommy, I need a patrol car over at 552 West 24th Street right now.
- I'm on it.
- Elise, get Isobel on the phone.
Hi, you've reached FBI Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille.
I am not available to take Kelly, how we coming? NYPD's five minutes away, OA and Nina another ten behind them.
- Okay, I'm heading over there.
- Elise? Keep trying her.
Jubal? Isobel, thank God.
Hey, just saw I missed your calls.
- What's going on? - Listen to me.
The perp has your address.
You might be the next target.
- What? - That doesn't make any sense.
- He'd have to be - No, you you fit the profile.
He saw your press conference or read about it.
Now, listen to me, agents and cops are on the way, but you need to get out of the house right now.
Jubal, hang on.
I hear something.
Jubal, I have to go.
He's here.
All right, keep me on the phone.
Isobel? Isobel? I lost him.
Hey, have your units seal off this block.
I don't want anybody in or out.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
What do you mean his face was a mask? It it was silicone.
It it was hyper-realistic.
Even in the same room, I couldn't tell it was fake until I actually felt it.
So those photos that we have They don't tell the whole story.
Did you get a look at the guy's real face? No, but I saw his skin.
He was white.
I should I should have never released those photos.
I just told the public to be on alert for a Black man who is actually white.
We all saw that video, Isobel.
No, I moved too quickly.
Marshall warned us that something was off, and and this This guy set us up to look for a Black killer, and I took that bait.
Hey, don't do that.
We'll we'll put out a press release.
We'll correct the killer's description.
But that press conference That led us to the church, which gave us evidence.
You should take a few days.
You rest up.
We'll handle this.
- No, I'm good.
- Isobel.
You were attacked in your own home.
I am fine.
Let's get back to the JOC, and let's catch this son of a bitch.
Yeah, and that's gotta give us something.
Kelly, any leads on the, uh the mask? Not yet.
There are six companies in New York that carry these hyper-realistic masks, another 30 or so nationwide.
I've sent our perp's photo around to all of them, - but so far - Okay, keep digging.
You know, the fact that he was wearing a Black mask might give us some insight to who he is.
We think this is racially motivated? Unlikely.
He seems to be choosing targets based on gender and career.
Or maybe the mask is just meant to be a good disguise.
Gets caught on camera, hard to identify the suspect.
And the cherry on top is that he can use the old "the Black guy did it" to get away with murder.
Hey, Elise, we getting anywhere with that journal? Well, he's thorough.
He cased the buildings, took notes on the layouts, victims' schedules.
Any idea how he got my address? Yeah, he has your train route in here.
Looks like he followed you from the office to get the address, circled back after dark.
I mean, this much stalking means a lot of exposure.
Kelly, uh, let's make sure we track Isobel's movements after leaving work.
We need to find this guy on camera - without a mask on.
- Copy that.
Can I see that one? - You got something? - He's classifying them.
"Chetna Burman, PX," "Jamie Merritt, PPX.
" That's restaurant code for VIP.
PX means important, PPX means very important.
Dated a waitress in college.
So if that's how he's labelling them, he has to work at a restaurant, or have worked at a restaurant, where all three of them have been.
Uh, Kelly, you're charting overlap - between the victims, right? - Uh, yes, but there wasn't anything that applied to all six of them.
Well, maybe it's not that straightforward.
We know Isobel was off-pattern.
And maybe the Blakes were too.
There's no PX next to their names in here.
Oh, okay, so let's focus on just the Upper West Side victims for now, Merritt, Burman, Zoffer.
Anywhere all three of them have been? Yeah, a few places.
Uh, an organic market on 87th Street, Dave's Coffee.
No, you're looking, for a high-end restaurant, Kelly.
Place that's hard to get into.
Antonia's? West 72nd Street.
These are the only four staff members who worked all three nights that the women were here.
Uh, our hostess, Anne, our bartender, Lena, and two of our waitstaff members, Kaitlin and Deshawn.
I need you to think.
Are you sure these are the only people who could be aware of their VIP status? Um, our reservationists, I guess.
- Um, Tracy and - David Owen.
That's Olivia Blake's ex-husband.
Let's go.
All right, people, what do we know about David Owen? Let's turn over some stones.
If he cheated on a test in middle school, I want to know about it.
I thought we confirmed that Owen was in Philadelphia the night of the Blake attack? Well, we confirmed the trip, but Philly's less than two hours away.
He could have driven back in the middle of the night.
And he had us looking for a Black suspect with the mask.
He couldn't wait for his daughter to tell us she'd seen the construction worker, - Carver.
- So where's his daughter now? With her maternal grandparents.
We already called.
They started her back at school this morning.
Yeah, uh, looks like Owen worked as a technical director at an off-Broadway theater for several years.
That explains how he had access to the masks.
But he lost his job during the shutdown, started working at Antonia's.
Then Olivia divorced him, started dating Maria.
They got married on March 20th.
That's the night Chetna Burman was killed.
The marriage set him off.
To David, these women tore his family apart.
He starts going after targets with similar profiles.
And there's no shortage of powerful women coming through the hottest restaurant in town.
All right, where is he now? Uh, not sure.
Manager said he didn't come into work today.
But they have an address on file.
Washington Heights.
400 West 171st Street.
Get Tiffany and Scola over there now.
FBI! Go.
Bathroom's clear! We're all clear.
Looks like somebody was trying to get out of here in a hurry.
I'll take the kitchen.
Think I found our Black suspect.
Also, it seems our trophy theory was correct.
- Nice.
- What's that? Uh, MetroCard receipt.
Found it in the trash.
Bought with cash last week.
Okay, looks like Owen got on the subway at the Bedford/Nostrand stop.
- Any idea where he got off? - Uh, not yet.
But there's good camera coverage down there.
I got him.
This is 20 minutes ago near the 7th Avenue stop in Park Slope.
Okay, can we track where he went from there? No, he hits a dead zone outside, and we lose him again.
Okay, so what's in that area? Well, the Blakes' house is a block away from there.
Yeah, but why would he go back to the house if his ex is still in the hospital? Where does his daughter go to school? Middleton Elementary, which is two blocks from there.
He clearly cares about her.
Spared her in the attack.
If he got spooked by what happened at your house and he's running Maybe he's taking her with him.
I didn't know what to do.
It's not your fault.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Agents Zidan and Chase, FBI.
What's going on? Possible abduction.
One of the parents came in and pulled the kid out of class.
- Was the student Brooke Owen? - Yes.
Okay, we can take it from here.
- I I'm so sorry.
- No, it's okay.
It's okay.
Breathe, okay? Tell us what happened.
I was in the middle of a lesson, and Brooke's father barged in, told her to get her stuff.
He he looked really off, almost deranged.
Did he say where he was taking her? No.
Just that it was a family emergency.
I tried to tell him that he couldn't just take Brooke out of class like that, but, uh, he flashed a knife.
And I I had 20 other kids in the class.
I I just let him take her.
- Okay, when was this? - About ten minutes ago.
- Which way did they go? - I don't know.
I I'm sorry.
It all happened so fast.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
It's all right.
We're gonna need to see the school's security footage ASAP.
- Okay.
- I'm so sorry.
You did the right thing.
All right, so David Owen kidnapped his daughter from school about 15 minutes ago.
The school just sent over security footage.
Great, throw it up.
What is that car? Can we get a license plate? Not from this angle.
Hang on.
Yeah, there we go.
Let's run that plate.
- 2AYW082.
- On it.
It's the hospital.
It's registered to Owen's ex-wife, - Olivia Blake.
- Does it have GPS? No, it's an older model.
All right, let's get a BOLO out now.
Okay, yeah.
Thank you.
That was Hope General.
Olivia Blake is out of surgery, awake, and in stable condition.
All right, maybe she knows where he's going.
I I don't know where he could have taken her.
I I can't believe this is happening.
I know that this is very difficult, okay? But we need your help.
When was the last time you spoke with your ex-husband? Just a few days ago.
Okay, did he mention anything unusual? Anything that might indicate what he was planning? No no, he I mean, he was upset.
He had an interview in Philadelphia.
He wanted Brooke to move there.
I told him that was never gonna happen.
But he didn't argue.
He just said, "I'm sorry you feel that way," and hung up.
I thought he'd accepted it.
W what is it? Your E-ZPass just went through a toll near Bear Mountain Bridge.
Does that mean anything to you? My family has a house near there.
- He's here.
- We got movement! Shots fired! We have shots fired.
All right.
Stay back, all right? Just stay back.
We need you to put the gun down.
- We can talk about this.
- No! No, no, no, no.
You don't come any closer or I'll shoot, okay? I swear to God I'll shoot.
Don't come any closer! Just get back! All right.
JOC confirmed with Olivia, there's a working landline in the kitchen - we can use for contact.
- Okay, how are we looking? We don't have eyes inside.
He's got all the windows covered.
What are our options? Looks like the siding on the house is vinyl.
We could possibly drill in and get a pinhole camera on the inside.
Okay, but wouldn't he hear that? Not if we can cover it.
We'd need some sort of distraction.
So what, flash bangs? Might not want to risk startling him like that.
That's too short anyway.
We need something we can sustain, for at least ten seconds.
What about a siren? Okay, we're in.
I'll take point and make contact.
- Daddy, you're scaring me.
- No, no, no, no.
Sweetheart, everything's fine.
Daddy's got everything under control, okay? Um, uh.
What do you want? David Owen, this is Special Agent Zidan.
We met the other day.
I'm here to help you.
Oh, come on.
How are you gonna help me? I would like to start by getting you and your daughter out of that house safely, and you can help me with that.
I need you to come outside, unarmed, with your hands up high, and we'll take it from there, okay? Come on, how How do I know that you're not gonna shoot me or you're not gonna shoot me and my daughter? You have my word, David.
If you come out with your hands up, - I promise you that - No, no, no.
No, 'cause I know you're lying.
You're lying to me right now.
I know it.
I know that you are.
You're lying to me right now.
David, no.
Listen to me.
Oh, come on, how are you gonna let me walk out of here with everything that I've done, huh? Yeah, everything I've done, you're gonna let me just go - No.
- David, that is the last thing that any of us want to do to Come here.
Come with me, okay? What's he doing? He's taking her to another room.
Isobel, what's our move? He knows it's over.
He's spiraling.
I think we need to hit that house, and get Brooke out of there.
But we were making progress.
Might be worth another try.
Let him cool off.
He has that little girl barricaded in a house.
If he wanted to kill her, he would have done it the night that he attacked her mother.
Based on the profile We cannot base every damn decision we make on his profile.
What else do you want to base it on? A hunch? This is exactly what the ADIC is concerned about.
You're being reactive.
Data doesn't lie.
It's the best indication of future actions.
My hunches are based on years of experience, not algorithms or statistics.
Isobel Owen just used Brooke as a human shield.
That tells me when push comes to shove, he doesn't give a damn about his daughter.
This is about the way he sees himself, his own narcissistic fantasy.
And right now, that fantasy is falling apart.
He will kill his daughter and then kill himself before he faces reality.
- If you're wrong about that - Then I will take the heat.
But I'm not gonna let a little girl die because I played it safe.
OA, we are going in now.
Copy that.
Put the gun down, David.
It's over.
Put it down.
- Put it down.
- No.
You stay back, okay? You stay away, okay? You stay away or I swear to God, I will shoot her.
- I will.
- Dad, you're hurting me! Owen, you gotta let her go.
Your daughter has nothing to do with this, man.
She has nothing to do with this.
- You're hurting me! - No, no, no! Just stay away.
- Let her go.
- No.
- Let your daughter go.
- Dad, you're hurting me! Don't even think about it.
- Come on, no.
- It's gonna be okay, Brooke.
Hey, hey, do not talk to her, okay? Do not speak to her.
I just need - Okay, okay.
- I just need a minute.
- I just need a minute, okay? - Listen, hey No.
- Let your daughter go.
- No, just just just Okay, okay.
All right.
Look at me.
- What? - Hey, look at me, all right? You don't want it to end like this.
Brooke has her whole life ahead of her.
- Oh, shut up.
- Will you just shut up? Just shut up! I wish you two would just Don't hurt him! Brooke! David Owen, you're under arrest.
I just wanted to say goodbye.
Oh, right.
Um, let me walk you out.
Listen, I know that we have had our differences, but I really do appreciate your help.
You got the right result.
But But what? You got lucky.
Owen actually harming his daughter was remote.
Statistical anomaly.
Well, I have been getting lucky for 20 years.
Led me to being one of only ten female SACs in the FBI.
I'm sure you can find the statistical anomaly in that.
Good night, Isobel.

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