FBI (2018) s04e21 Episode Script


♪ Another late night, huh, Tommy? Yep, still a working man.
I put an extra donut in there for you.
Don't tell the girlfriend.
I said I was going keto.
♪ All right, come on in, folks.
This one hits close to home.
Thomas Webber, retired DEA agent from right here in New York.
He was gunned down outside a bakery in Greenpoint.
- Looks like a hit.
- DEA.
- We suspect it's job related? - Uh, TBD.
He put in his papers 2 1/2 years ago.
DEA has already reached out offering to help.
They're sending over Agent Webber's old case files.
Okay, great.
Kelly, you guys want to, you know, fine tooth comb and all that.
Yeah, how far back do you want to go? I mean, dig into anybody he put away who's still breathing.
- Copy that.
- Elise, you guys want to look into finances.
Did he owe somebody, somebody owe him.
On a personal front, look for any beefs, big or small.
I will leave the digital trail to you, Ian.
emails, texts, voicemails, et cetera.
- On that.
- Thank you.
This guy already put in his 20.
Yeah, probably retired the day his pension vested.
And barely had a chance to enjoy it.
He left behind two kids.
This guy is one of ours.
All right, people, let's go.
We need answers.
Hey, sorry I'm late.
It's all good.
I just got here.
I had to, uh, come from my aunt Jo's.
I stayed at her house last night in Floral Park.
50 minutes in traffic this morning.
Is that a new watch? Oh, no, it's an old thing.
Vic still had his wallet and phone, so cross off a robbery.
- Retired DEA agent Tommy Webber.
- Tommy Webber? Yeah, you know him? Our paths crossed.
Uh, anything on canvass? Nothing too interesting.
We have two witnesses.
They both saw a tall, masked man fleeing the scene.
Dark clothes.
What about ERT? A couple of .
45 shell casings left at the scene.
- Winchester's.
- Mm.
Bakery owner Carlos Cuellar sold him his last Danish.
All right, thank you.
Hi, Special Agents Wallace and Chase.
I can't believe this happened.
Tommy was salt of the Earth.
You knew him well? Came by every day for at least two years.
Always the first customer in.
Did you see anything suspicious this morning? Anyone following him? Did he get into an altercation? No, nothing like that.
What was he doing that he was here every morning at 6:00 a.
? He was bouncing over at Show Palace on Lorimer.
I think it was under the table.
Um, I don't want to get him in any trouble.
No worries.
Thanks for talking to us.
Hope you nail the bastard.
Tommy was a good guy.
He's right, Tommy was a really solid dude.
I worked with him for like three years in joint task force.
Well, let's do right by him and catch the guy that did this then.
I hired Tommy the second I met him.
Worked for the DEA, means you know how to handle yourself, - right? - Could he? Damn straight.
Had that "friendly but in charge" vibe you want.
Always defused stuff before it got outta hand.
So he never got into it with clientele? With clientele, no.
But he did have words with some mope a couple of nights back.
Okay, can you tell us about it? Tommy's ex moved to Pensacola a few months ago with his kids.
He was lonely.
Wound up hooking up with Miranda, one of our dancers.
Some guy claiming that she was his girl took exception, came storming in here.
How heated did that get? Raised voices was the extent of it, and then Tommy showed him the door.
We're going to need you to pull security footage for us.
Okay, this is security footage from the Show Palace lobby two nights ago, 1:43 a.
That's Webber on the right.
And here's the altercation.
Stop it there.
Ian, can you Yeah, running facial rec now.
Oh, this guy is a charmer.
Rafer Boggs, aggravated assault, larceny.
His tax returns put his place of work at Branch Electronics on Canal Street.
Let's pay Mr.
Boggs a visit.
♪ Rafer Boggs.
How you doing? FBI.
We need to chat.
♪ Hey, man! [BOTH GRUNT.]
If you're going to run, it helps to know where you're going.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Oh, yeah, then why did you run? I'm on parole.
Maybe, and I'm saying maybe, I lost the paperwork for those boxes.
It's your lucky day we don't care about stolen laptops.
- We care about Tommy Webber.
- What about him? Why were you beefing with him a few nights ago? - Why, did the guy complain? - We asked you a question.
Found out the piece of crap had been messing with my girl, Miranda, behind my back.
I'm living with her and she's stepping out on me.
So you thought you would just roll to the club and confront him? Had a few drinks, sue me.
- Club's making a beef, right? - Club isn't.
We are.
Webber was shot dead this morning.
Way we see it, you had motive to take out this, uh what did you call him? Piece of crap? So you better account for yourself.
I was home, okay? Who can vouch for that? Ready Moving Company.
I had all the junk Miranda left at my apartment sent to the garbage dump.
Best money I ever spent.
Where are we with Boggs, his alibi? Clear, his moving company was there from 6:00 until 10:00.
Okay, so we can cross Boggs off the suspect list.
We ever get a hold of Webber's ex-wife in Florida? Yeah, agent out of Tampa spoke with her.
Said she had genuinely nice things to say.
- Seemed broken up.
- Uh-huh.
Are we getting anywhere with financials? Nothing suspicious.
Yeah, nothing on the digital front that points to a suspect.
Yeah, and what about the old case files? Webber was on the job for 20 years, closed hundreds of cases.
We're still working our way through them.
Okay, well, uh, Elise, if you're hitting dead ends, shift some of your people over.
We don't get through the stack of hay, we're not going to find that needle and this trail is going to go cold.
Oh, it looks like that's not going to happen anytime soon.
Yeah, what do you got? NYPD just reached out about another murder in Inwood.
Tall, masked gunman on foot took out a janitor at St.
Mary's church.
Two in the chest, looks like they may be connected.
Yeah, only one way to find out.
Detective, what do we have? Victim is Willy Lomax.
Been tidying up St.
Mary's for 36 years.
Any luck with video? No security camera, as far as we can tell.
We just spoke to the witness.
A parishioner named Antoinette Pissaro called it in, saying she came here to plant flowers, saw a masked guy run up, plug Mr.
Same M.
as Tommy Webber.
Now we just have to prove it.
Hold on.
I think we just have.
Get that.
45 Winchester.
♪ All right, team, so preliminary ballistics confirms that the shell from the church is a match to the one from the bakery, so we need to figure out the connection.
Why did our shooter target both these victims? Well, they live 15 miles apart and have no social or professional nexus.
Is there any reason to believe that Lomax ran into Webber at Show Palace? No, there's no evidence that Lomax stepped foot outside of Inwood this year.
So maybe this has more to do with his DEA past than his strip club present.
But Lomax has never been on the DEA's radar.
Actually, that's not true.
What? Before he retired, Webber led a big RICO investigation into a drug syndicate called LS-19.
Yeah, I ran across them when I worked drugs.
They're a big player in the heroin market.
Right, right.
And the investigation culminated in a RICO indictment of two dozen LS-19 associates.
Now the trial is finally calendared for next month in the Eastern District.
They're in the jury selection now.
So a lead investigator like Webber would have to testify, which would put a target on his back.
But what does that have to do with the church janitor? - Was he a witness too? - Bingo.
Lomax was moonlighting as a mechanic and apparently found drugs stashed in the wheel well of an LS soldier's ride.
Prosecution was going to call him.
Yeah, Teddy, Marshal's Service needs to coordinate with DEA and get every witness in that trial into protective custody.
- I'll see to it.
- Nina, Tiffany, we need to take a deep dive into LS-19.
Yeah, we'll talk to the DEA, see what they know.
Thank you for meeting with us, Jennifer.
I was sorry to hear about Tommy.
One of the best agents I ever supervised.
And I know you two were friends.
I learned a lot from him.
He was a great agent.
So how can I help? Well, we're thinking that Agent Webber's murder had something to do with his up upcoming trial against LS-19.
Tommy worked that case for three years.
Hitting LS-19 like that was the takedown of a lifetime.
So what can you tell us about it? Ruthless, tight-knit presence in five cities, but it's run like a syndicate.
That RICO case had two dozen named defendants.
Do you have any thoughts on who might've pulled the trigger? No, but I can tell you none of them would've had the authority to greenlight the murder of a DEA agent.
But here's who would have.
Callum Brewster runs the Brooklyn branch of the gang that Webber's indictment could bring down.
Has a restaurant in Clinton Hill called the Square Note.
Is it a front? We've been trying to nail him with money laundering charges for the past year, but place appears to be fairly legit.
- He in the system? - Not even a parking ticket.
Guy's careful.
But here's what's interesting.
We're pretty sure he worked his way up to the top of the Brooklyn branch on the strength of his skill as a hit man.
DoubleTap with a .
45 sound like his style? To a T.
♪ Brewster's a pro.
He keeps everything close to the vest, so I doubt a visit from us is going to scare him too much.
Yeah, we'd have to find a different angle.
Or maybe a different person.
LS-19 is pretty tight-knit, but they're not the only ones who might have access to Brewster's burner.
- Ah, the restaurant.
- Right.
If we can find somebody there to get close to him and steal his phone, it's possible we can get his GPS history and the call logs that tie him to these hits.
- Smart.
- I'm actually going to tell the JOC to dig into the Square Note and see if they might have any vulnerable employees.
- Okay.
Sorry, one sec.
No, I, uh, transferred the money to the trust.
You should see it in your next statement.
Okay, I will call you back.
Hey, Tiff.
Good call.
I think we found an access point.
Kayla Marsh, 22, waitress at Brewster's restaurant.
She was busted for opioid possession this summer, referred to a diversion program.
How is that something we can leverage? It looks like she hasn't kicked the habit yet.
I just ran her bank statement.
She pulls 200 bucks out of an ATM every Wednesday at 2:00 on Van Buren and Lewis.
- Okay.
- All right.
What's interesting about that is NYPD has flagged the bodega on that corner as a probable pill mill.
It's still pretty speculative.
Well, stay with me.
- Ian, you want to - Yep.
This is a traffic cam facing the bodega from just after 2:00 p.
Right, a week ago today.
And this is Kayla exiting through the rear door three minutes later.
♪ And, uh, I bet I can guess what's in the bag.
Are we sure this is the play? Why? What's the reservation? I just don't like using drug addicts as informants.
Neither do I, but we're not asking her to do a deep dive.
We just need her to grab Brewster's phone.
Right, I I agree.
All right.
Let's get to work.
♪ - Okay? - Yeah.
♪ Okay, we have eyes on our subject.
Looks like she got herself a ride.
Ian, I need you to run some plates for me.
Eight, Whiskey, Juliet, Romeo, two, four, five.
Okay, it comes back to a Trey Cooper, 38, no record.
Has a textile mill in Ramsey that manufactures towels.
And a young girlfriend he thinks is getting a mani-pedi.
Here's our cash withdrawal.
♪ Our target is entering the location.
Got it.
Copy that.
Hey, I'm sorry if I came off abrupt back there.
It's all good.
I mean, I do have sympathy for addicts.
I just You want to nail the son of a bitch that killed Webber.
I get it.
There she is.
Our target's heading out the back.
Let's go.
Want to show us what you just put in your pocket? - Sorry? - Put your hands up.
You want to tell me what this is? Don't say aspirin.
But I have a bad back.
But not a prescription.
Put your hands behind your back.
Let's go.
This is a mistake.
No, the mistake was buying oxy.
It was only a few pills.
Oxycontin is a controlled substance, Ms.
Um, I know, but my friend's Toyota was rear-ended last year by a taxi.
I was in the passenger seat.
The doctor said I shouldn't have any pain anymore, but I do.
And you think it's okay to address that pain by illegally purchasing pills? I was in a treatment facility for two weeks this summer.
I'm I'm trying to kick it, I swear.
The amount we found you with was felony weight.
It leaves us little choice.
Please, I'm in nursing school.
If I'm arrested again, they'll kick me out and my my boyfriend, he he hates drugs.
He made me promise that I would never get high again.
Okay, just take a deep breath.
We're going to help you out.
But first, you need to help us, okay? You understand? Yeah.
You're a waitress at the Square Note, right? It's how I'm paying for school.
The man you work for, Callum Brewster, we believe he's been involved in some illegal activity.
We need your help accessing his phone.
What? You want me to No.
No, I can't.
Callum's my boss, and he's scary as hell, too.
So is prison.
And if you don't cooperate, you're going back in.
Simple as that.
I'll grab his damn phone, but then I'm done.
Right? Yes.
All we need is his phone, and once we have that, you can move on with your life.
When do you start your shift? Two hours.
All right.
Let's get started.
We don't have much time.
♪ I mean, she's terrified.
I'm just not sure that she can do this.
Look, we only need her to steal a phone.
She's not infiltrating the LS-19.
This is a woman's life we're talking about.
- If she messes up - She's not gonna mess up.
And if she does, we'll be there to make sure nothing happens.
Look, Nina, I'm sorry you have such strong feelings about this, but we need her help, whether she's a drug addict or not.
♪ Excuse me.
- Is this your place? - Yes.
Oh, I got to compliment you, you know.
Not many bars know how to properly mix a martini.
Gin, not vodka.
Very kind of you, sir.
Tell you what it is, though.
You guys are making them dry, right? Not a splash of vermouth, but a wash.
That's the key.
No, no.
You're thinking this guy's a blowhard, but, hey, a properly-mixed drink, that is a key to a good meal.
Am I right or am I right? Welcome to the Square Note, sir.
Thank you.
Do you have any specials tonight? Uh, we have sand dabs, chicken cacciatore.
And, um, for starters, I would recommend the crab cakes.
They're in season.
Um It all looks pretty good.
I'll tell you what.
Surprise me.
Yes, sir.
Because at the end of the day, customer's got options, right? So I appreciate an establishment that isn't trying to pull one over on you.
Excuse me.
Want to tell me where your head is at today? I'm sorry, Mr.
Is something wrong? Table six is still waiting for food.
Table 13 hasn't been cleared, and this menu is filthy.
What did I say about reusing dirty menus? - [GLASS SHATTERS.]
- Oh, man, I'm so sorry.
Oh, man.
Damn, martini glasses.
Can't get a grip.
- Let me pay you for it.
- No, it's fine.
- No, come on, I insist.
- We're good, bro.
Just leave it be.
I'll leave it.
♪ Okay, I'm pulling up GPS history on Brewster's burner for the last 24 hours.
Okay, so we know what time Webber was killed in Greenpoint and what time Lomax was killed in Inwood.
Was Brewster at either location at the time of the killing? We can put him at both.
All right, he's our guy.
Let's pick him up.
Ian, is he still at the bar? Negative, he's in Red Hook.
Track him down now.
♪ FBI! Put your hands in the air! Not going to ask you again, Brewster, put them up! Hey.
He's dead.
Got shell casings.
45 Win? - Yeah.
- Same as the others.
So our shooter just got shot with the same gun - he was shooting people with? - That doesn't make any sense.
No, it doesn't.
- This is Agent Zidan.
We need the ME vans and ER to 2444 Union Street right away.
♪ All right, folks, so Ballistics confirms that the same gun was indeed used for all three murders.
Guys, what the hell is going on? - What am I missing? - [SIGHS.]
I don't know.
The only thing that makes sense to me is that Brewster was working with somebody else, maybe somebody higher up in the gang, somebody giving orders.
And whoever this was didn't want to leave any loose ends, so he dumped Brewster to tie off the investigation.
But according to the gang unit, Brewster is the boss of the LS-19s.
That's what they said.
But as we know, everybody answers to someone.
Boss or no boss.
Hey, we cloned Brewster's phone, right? - Mm-hmm.
- When was the last call he made or received? It was an incoming one from another burner while he was still at the bar, and yeah, that same burner called him just before and just after the Webber and Lomax killings.
So let's cross-reference this unknown number with the other agency databases.
See if we can ID this unknown caller.
This number is linked to a pending Homeland Security investigation.
Homeland Security, see if you can tell who that number tracks back to.
No need.
What do you mean? The waitress, Kayla.
There are tons of calls to and from her phone to that same burner.
How do you remember that? Well, I could also give you pi to 300 digits.
O-okay, let's stick to the phone number thing.
Bring Kayla in.
You said I had one job then I was done.
This is part of that job.
We need some more information, okay? No, not okay.
Kayla, Callum Brewster's dead.
What? Now we need to figure out who killed him, otherwise a lot more people could die and you don't want that to happen, correct? Did this have anything to do with me stealing his phone? No, it has nothing to do with that, I promise you.
But it does have to do with who Callum was and why we still need your help.
What do you want to know? Whose number is this? My boyfriend Trey's.
African American guy, drives the Range Rover, right? Yeah, we live together.
What's his last name? Cooper.
Why? He's got nothing to do with Brewster.
Trey's clean.
He barely drinks.
He has a business.
He sells towels, bathrobes.
- Can I go now? - We need you to stay put in case we have more questions.
You said all I had to do was grab Brewster's phone and then I'd be done.
I did that, so I'm done.
Kayla, sit down! Unless you want to go back to jail.
You're done when we say you're done.
♪ All right, team, we need to dig deeper into Kayla's boyfriend, Trey Cooper.
Yep, we ran him before, but he's not in the system.
Well, it means he's smart, not innocent.
Right, let's put him under the microscope.
Elise, talk to me about his business.
His textile company reported about $20 million in revenue last year, but here's the ownership structure.
We're looking at S corporations, LLCs, LPs with offshore partners in Panama.
The kind of corporate structure you'd expect if you were laundering money for the LS-19.
Right, so how do we tie him to these three murders? Well, finding the murder weapon would be a hell of a start.
Or we could try for a warrant.
No, we don't have enough.
We could also put Kayla back in play.
I mean, she lives with him, has access to his personal property.
We did make a deal with her, though.
You know, she grabbed Brewster's phone, she was even.
I'd rather renege on a deal and catch a guy that killed three people than honor it and let his ass walk.
Well, we have a duty to protect her.
We also have a duty to Tommy Webber.
We're asking a girl that we caught with a couple of pills to run multiple operations.
It just it feels really risky.
I hear you, but right now, Kayla is the best game in town.
She's got access to Trey's house and his property.
So talk to Kayla, see if you can persuade her to play ball.
Trey? A killer? You're joking, right? No, not even close.
The guy you're living with has another life, and it's a dangerous one.
Do you want to be a part of that? I'm not a part of it.
I wait tables.
I go to nursing school.
Does Trey own a gun? I mean, for protection.
He's worried someone might try to rob us.
Does he own a gun like this one? [SCOFFS.]
I don't know, all guns kind of look the same, right? But does he own one that kind of looks like that? Yeah.
We're going to need you to get that gun for us.
- No.
No way.
- Look, if we're wrong, then your boyfriend's gun won't be a match for the murders and you'll know that he's a businessman.
But if we're right and he's a dangerous criminal, I would think you would want to know.
Where does he keep his guns? In his safe in the closet.
Okay, do you know the combination? It's not that kind of safe.
There's a key under the mat.
It'll be easy to open then.
You promised me.
You promised me I was finished.
I was done.
Do you want to go to jail for the opioids we busted you with? Your future, nursing school everything would be over.
Is that what you want? No.
Then just work with us.
'Cause if Trey is the kind of guy that we think he is, we're doing you a favor.
Okay, this stone in the necklace, it hides a tiny little camera.
That way, we'll be able to see everything that you see.
And I don't have to operate it? Nope, it's just there.
And the same goes for the earpiece, okay? We'll be able to talk to you, but Trey won't be able to hear us.
Just follow the plan.
You'll be in and out in five minutes.
There has to be another way to get what you want.
We'll see you in five minutes.
You got this.
♪ Sending her in this unsettled is not a recipe for success.
Honestly, Nina, it seems like you're more worried about Kayla than solving this case.
You're wrong.
I just deal with CIs differently.
Look, I get that where you come from, you're probably not used to seeing people circle the drain, you want to help them, but This has nothing to do with where I'm from.
She's going in.
♪ Hey.
Kayla, what are you doing here? Thought you said you had class this afternoon? This guy seems on edge.
He's not the kind of guy who gets his hands dirty, and he just killed his trusted subordinate.
I do.
I did.
I, um Don't be nervous.
Class got cancelled.
You're going to work out.
My professor cancelled class.
The flu or something.
I decided I'm going to take advantage and go play some tennis.
Get one of the ball machines and practice my groundstrokes.
Tennis? You haven't played tennis in months.
Give him a kiss and go get your stuff.
Which is why my pants are so tight.
I'm just going to get my stuff.
Oh, my God.
You did great.
The hard part's over.
But hurry up, okay? We gotta get the gun.
♪ It's here.
All right, put it in your bag and cover it with clothes.
You're almost there.
Now lock the safe and put the key back where you found it.
All right, let's get out of there before he gets suspicious, okay? [EXHALES.]
♪ - Bye, babe.
- Hey.
Hold up.
♪ Didn't I buy you luggage? Where are you going with that ratty bag? Oh, uh, it's just for the gym.
The stuff you got me is so nice.
But I brought you a gym bag.
Okay, smile and get out of there.
Don't worry, baby.
I'll start using that.
For sure.
- Babe.
- I'm going to be late.
Great job.
I'm done now, right? The spy necklace, the gun charge, the drugs Say I'm done.
You're done.
Kay, now is there someplace safe that you can lay low until the dust settles? My sister's place in the Bronx.
That's great.
We'll let you know what we find out about Trey, but until then, do not reach out to him.
Do you understand? - [ZIPPER CLOSES.]
- Hey.
Your bag.
You're wrong about Trey.
You're wrong about everything.
For your sake, I hope we are.
♪ Let's get this gun to Ballistics.
♪ So what are we looking at exactly? Here's the bullet you pulled out of Lomax, Webber and Brewster.
Notice the identical striation pattern.
It's the exact same as the striation on the bullet I just fired into the water tank.
Gun's a match.
Meaning we just got proof that Trey is our killer.
Oscar, Mike, let's move.
♪ Clearing teams inside.
- It's pointed.
- Go, go, go, go.
Run that wall.
B squat.
- Nina, this safe is empty.
- Yeah, look.
She said she was going to play tennis and left her racket behind.
He must have seen that, noticed his .
45 was gone, grabbed the rest of his guns, and hit the road.
Yeah, well, now we have to figure out what road and where he's headed.
Hey, Trey's phone is off.
We put a BOLO out on his car.
He must have left some kind of breadcrumb at the house telling us where he's going.
No, nothing beyond any indications that he cleared out fast with a bunch of cash and a few handguns.
- All right.
- Jubal, we got something.
Yeah, what? Traffic cam on the West Side Highway just grabbed a plate on Trey's Rover 30 seconds ago.
Okay, so he's heading South.
Can we track him from there? Only if he crosses another checkpoint.
Hey, but we do know that he's Midtown.
All right, cross-reference his files.
See if we can find another location he might go.
Actually, there might be another way to find Trey.
This yellow dot is Kayla.
She's only a few miles behind him.
Wait, you're tracking her? We thought there was a chance she might reach out to him, so we put a tracker on her car.
Elise, we still up on her phone? Yeah.
Kayla got a text from an unknown burner 18 minutes ago.
"I need to leave town, come with me and meet me at the 34th Street heliport.
" It's definitely Trey, but why would he want to escape with the person that just sold him out? - He's going to kill her.
♪ There he is.
Come on, hurry up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing? [BOTH PANTING.]
Shut up.
Put your hands up! - You okay? - Yeah.
- I don't have a shot.
- Damn it.
Let her go, Trey! [GUNSHOTS.]
- Look.
Put the gun down, Mr.
Make it easy on yourself.
You got nowhere to go.
Look, you back up off me! I'll blow her dumb ass away right now! Turn it on! Turn it on now! - [GROANS.]
- [SOBS.]
Hey! Put your hands up.
Kayla, Kayla.
Okay, come with me.
We're going to need an ambulance.
Good shot, Tiff.
It's okay.
Just stay here, okay? ♪ [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
How's the arm? [SHAKING VOICE.]
Um uh, shrapnel just missed the brachial artery.
I would have made a really good nurse.
Well, maybe someday you still can be.
Not with these.
♪ You were attempting to flee the country with a fugitive.
It's called aiding and abetting.
We told you Trey was bad news.
I just wish you would have trusted us.
Trusted you? All you did was lie to me and use me.
Yesterday, I had a boyfriend, a job, a career, and today I have nothing.
I did trust you.
I believed you.
♪ Hey.
I just, um, wanted to say about Kayla Yeah, I don't really wanna talk about her.
Well, I just want you to know that I'm not thrilled about how this all turned out either.
But I don't think she's the victim.
The families are the people who are murdered are.
Yeah, I know that she's not the victim.
You know what? Whatever.
Maybe this bleeding heart thing just comes with the territory.
And what territory might that be? I don't know.
The territory where privileged people with Rolexes live.
I bought myself this when I graduated Quantico as a gift.
And the privileged territory that I grew up in was a trailer park in East Houston.
I just overheard you talking about your trust fund.
Not my trust fund.
I had a CI who got killed last year had a daughter who was 19, and I sent her $500 every month.
She pays for college that way, but I send it to a trust so that she doesn't blow it.
I see.
♪ I'm sorry.
I made an assumption and that was wrong of me.
It's okay.
Was a tough case.
You know, um you know, when I first got my shield, I was the youngest person on my case.
I was the only woman and I was the only person of color.
And I got frozen out.
But Tommy Webber took me under his wing, and he made sure that nobody treated me as if I was less than and that really meant a lot to me.
So I guess I just kinda took this case very personally.
I get it.
I think we both did.
Tommy sounds like he was a really great man.
He was.

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