FBI: International (2021) s03e11 Episode Script



The competition in Europe is next level.
You know, look at the first touch.
The control is better
than any midfielder
I've played with back at home.
At a dedicated academy, I could
learn so much from these guys.
You know, there's more
to life than football.
Yeah, I really don't think
that's true. [CHUCKLES]
Your mother's not gonna like you living
on the other side of an ocean.
Look, hear me out.
I'm moving out of the house
in two years either way.
If I train here in London,
you and mom can go on some trips,
- and you always say that
- We have to leave.
Get your things.
What? Practice isn't over.
We gotta go, right now.

Give me your bag.
- Get in the car.
- Okay, I'm getting in.
No, you don't have to do this.
Go, go, go!
I need help!

The shooting occurred
just after 0900 hours
at a park in North London.
Alec O'Brien, a dual
Irish American citizen,
died at the scene.
His teenage son, James, was rushed
to Regent's Park Medical Centre,
where he's in critical condition.
The family was in the UK for a week,
touring youth football academies,
planning for the kid's future.
Then, this.
It's infuriating.
It looks like a drive-by
or a professional hit.
Is there any connections
to organized crime?
O'Brien grew up in Northern Ireland.
In his youth, he went by a
different name, Alec Murphy.
Alec Murphy was suspected
of armed robbery
in Belfast in 1994.
He was accused of being a member
of the Irish Republican Army.
Those charges were technically dropped.
O'Brien has been clean ever
since relocating to the States.
Apparently, he left the struggle
for a unified Ireland behind,
married an American,
and he's been living as a suburban dad
for the last three decades.
His death could still be connected.
Maybe he fell back in with his
buddies from the old country.
Okay, but he hardly deserves to be
gunned down in broad daylight
in front of his kid.
I grew up near there.
I've been to that park dozens of times,
so this one hits close
to home, literally.
Then let's get there right away
and find whoever's responsible.
Scott's gonna meet us in London,
and while we are in the air, I want you
to pull everything you can
on Alec O'Brien,
both past and present.
Everyone's eyes were
on the pitch at the time,
at least until they heard the shots.
Then multiple spectators
saw a blue or black
subcompact driving away.
Looks like they left clear tread marks
in the mud, at least.
Well, the weather here is good that way.
Inspector Mullins, did anyone
get a look at the shooter?
Just the boy.
Two shooters, he said, wearing masks.
That's all we could get.
He was in a bad way, poor thing.
Okay, so O'Brien is here,
the shooters are there.
I mean, maybe there.
It's not great accuracy for close range.
The bullet goes through
the window and hits the kid?
That's right.
Alec put himself between
the attackers and his son.
Yeah, that's understandable,
but it left James
right in the line of fire.
Shell casings suggest .45
caliber automatic handguns.
Fired by people who didn't
give a damn what else they hit.
What are you thinking, Vo?
So the ambush occurred right
in the middle of practice,
when nobody else was in the parking lot.
So how did they know that
O'Brien was leaving early?
They must have been watching,
waiting for the right opportunity.
Guys, I got something you should see.

Could be nothing, just
somebody's gym clothes
left behind in all the commotion,
but I don't think so.
It's a message.
It's what the Irish call informers
who work with the police,
but it's incredibly derogatory.
During the Troubles, "touts get
shot", was a common refrain.
Paramilitaries used hit squads
to execute anyone who turned.
So O'Brien was shot because
he was informing on the IRA.
It tracks with the relocation
and the change of identity,
but London Police didn't
say anything about it.
So who exactly was he talking to?

The last thing I want
is a return to the days
of IRA street violence.
Not here, not in London.
I agree, Officer Stroud.
Was MI5 in contact with Alec O'Brien?
No, not really.
When he booked his travel,
we flagged it and advised him
that his protection agreement
only applied in the United States.
He didn't respond.
The protection deal you gave
him for being an informant.
It's my government's strict
policy to neither confirm
nor deny whether any particular
individual has ever operated
as a clandestine agent.
Okay, but you did relocate him.
And according to his FBI file,
he was detained in the '90s,
so can you at least confirm that?
Well before my time, but yes.
O'Brien, or Murphy,
as he was then known,
was questioned by our Northern
Ireland office in 1994.
But those records have
been sealed for decades.
Okay, well, I think it's time
we open them up again.
If he was informing on someone,
maybe that person
was the one who killed him.
It's hardly that simple.
The IRA operates under
a strict code of silence.
Breaking that code
is punishable by death.
O'Brien knew this.
A few whispers, and every thug
in Ireland would want him dead.
He must have thought that
enough time had passed
that it was safe to return.
Clearly, he was wrong.
Well, give me access to his MI5 file,
or at least tell me what
he was informing about.
I'll see what I can do.
But again, I can neither
Confirm nor deny, right.
You know what?
Let me know if I'm off-base here,
but a man was brutally murdered,
and you do not seem
too beaten up about it.
The IRA is a recognized
terror organization.
Membership is a crime, even in Ireland.
You and your team, you're
welcome to set up shop here
at Thames House and help me
get them off the streets,
but if you're asking me
to shed tears for a terrorist,
I can't help you.
O'Brien brought this on himself.
Got it.
Well, I gotta go visit a teenage boy
with a gunshot wound,
so maybe we can at least
get justice for him, huh?
No more questions.
Not until they tell me James is okay.
I know this is a terrible time,
but we wanna find out who did
this, and every second counts.
I don't know how I can help.
I wasn't even there.
James is an eyewitness, okay,
but when the doctors say he's able,
we'll need to talk to him as well.
But while he is in surgery,
you are all we've got.
Did your husband meet
with anybody during this trip?
- Old contacts, family?
- No.
Alec has relatives
in Ireland, of course,
but he never kept in touch.
The trip was James's idea.
He made this whole presentation.
He was so passionate.
How does a parent say no to that?
Did Alec ever talk about
his involvement with the IRA?
I knew he grew up in a tough time,
and he was proud of his Irish heritage,
but he wasn't a criminal.
And he sure as hell wasn't violent.
That is not the man I knew.
When I met him, he was a grad
student with a nice accent
and no interest in politics.
Is there anyone who could have known
that he was an informant?
He didn't even tell me!
Damn it!
You're just doing your job, I get it.
But every one of these questions
makes me feel I don't know my husband,
and I can't think that right now.
I need him.
Our son needs him.
He didn't even wanna come on this trip.
He was just being a good father.

Our one eyewitness is still in surgery.
The bullet was difficult to remove,
but the kid is hanging in there.
That's good to hear. We
may have an ID on a car.
A blue BMW was reported
stolen two days ago
from a lot near Stansted Airport.
The tire treads of that
model are consistent
- with the tracks at the scene.
- Great.
Have Amanda check for passengers
with criminal records
landing at that airport
on that day from Derry,
Belfast, Dublin, you know
I'm on it.
I'll have to loop in MI5 as well.
I'm not sure how forthcoming
they're gonna be.
Your meeting with Stroud didn't go well?
I'm used to MI5 sharing everything,
but there is something about this guy.
He's making it hard
to dig into O'Brien's past.
Sounds like what we need
is a source within IRA circles.
You know someone?
Yeah, but it will
require doing something
I generally try to avoid.
Which is?
Visiting my mother.

I doubt I'm gonna need backup.
You can still run for the hills.
Oh, I wouldn't miss this.
Well, I don't believe it.
A visit from my own daughter.
Is it Christmas already?
It's good to see you too, Mum.
What are you doing ringing the bell?
You know I don't have a key anymore.
Andre, this is my mother, Scarlett.
It's a real pleasure to meet you, ma'am.
Well, don't just stand
there on the doorstep
like you're selling something,
come on in.
Terry, she's here.
Come and see if you
recognize your daughter.
- Darling.
Our prayers have been answered.
She's brought a man home.
She's joking.
- Nice to meet you, sir.
- Oh, call me Terry.
It's an absolute pleasure.
We're having tea.
Scarlett makes the best teas.
And the sandwiches?
Well, I didn't have time
to make sandwiches, did I?
No, it's okay, Mum, we don't
have time for tea anyway.
We're here on a case.
Since Megan started with the FBI,
we see her even less than her brother.
But I won't hold that
against you, Andre.
I appreciate that.
Mum, I was hoping you could help me
find your old friend, Niall.
I don't remember his surname.
- What's this about?
- Oh, the Irishman?
That's right.
He used to visit when we were kids.
He told stories about
your time in Belfast.
Do you think he's still in the IRA?
[SCOFFS] Well, I'm sure I don't know.
And it's not polite
to talk about politics.
This is for a homicide investigation.
There could be actual lives on the line.
If you'll excuse me, I think
- I'm gonna go back to my book.
- Dad.
No, no, no, no, it's fine.
So lovely to see you, darling.
Nice to meet you, Andre.
You know he doesn't like
how dangerous your job is.
Well, I can't help that.
I wouldn't be here
if it wasn't important.
Oh, well, that much is obvious.
We didn't mean to put you on the spot.
In fact, I'm just here
to enjoy this wonderful tea
and get to know you.
But Smitty told me you
were a nurse in Belfast
during the last years of the fighting.
Yes when I was fresh out
of nursing college,
I traveled to Northern
Ireland a few weeks a year
for work experience.
We tended to patients on both sides.
That's where you and Niall met?
Yeah, I stitched up some
of his mates after a raid
on the pub where he worked.
Yeah, he offered all
the nurses free drinks.
Those mates were IRA leaders.
If someone was hurt, I helped them.
Maybe he can return the favor.
Oh, we haven't spoken in years.
I mean, Niall Walsh was entertaining
and he brought you treats,
but he was a criminal.
And the last thing he wants
is a call from the police.
Now, please, promise you'll drop this
and leave the past alone, hey?

- Did you get it?
- Got it.
Contact's full name is Niall Walsh.
She gave us just enough details
that Tate was able
to get a location and a number.
Okay, great.
I'm almost at MI5.
Let's regroup here
before you make the call.
Just one request.
I'd appreciate it if we could
keep this contact hush-hush,
from MI5 and my disapproving mother.
Cam? Cam, are you there?
A bomb just went off.
I'm okay.
Stay back! Stay back!
It's a blue BMW.
I'm not seeing anyone inside.
We're on our way.
Wait, there's something written here.
"We're coming for more touts.
Try and stop us and you're next".
It's signed Saoirse Nua.
Saoirse Nua.
Whoever they are,
they're just getting started.
Okay, the clock is ticking.
Anybody bold enough
to blow up a car outside MI5
is liable to try just about anything.
What do we have
on the cameras in the area?
Two suspects, blue BMW.
It all lines up with the perpetrators
of the O'Brien shooting.
Any luck getting an ID?
Not with the masks.
- What about the message?
- Ah.
Saoirse Nua,
it translates to new freedom,
and it's not a person,
it's an extreme-left party
based in Ireland.
It's allegedly the political
wing of the new IRA.
- Now we're getting somewhere.
- Yeah.
They splintered off from Sinn Féin,
taking the more militant
dissidents with them.
Are they claiming credit for the attack?
No, but their founder, Sullivan Archer,
has been railing against British police
all week on social media.
I found this on their private group.
They're holding a rally
tomorrow morning.
Archer's in London right now.
PROTESTORS: One goal: one Ireland,
one future!
One goal: one Ireland, one future!
Can we count on you to support
the release of all political prisoners
- held by the British state?
- Absolutely.
Can you point us to whoever's in charge?
We'd like to make
a financial contribution.
You should talk to Sullivan.
Sullivan Archer.
That's right.
And you must be more cops
who have no right
to disrupt our lawful protest.
We're with the FBI.
We're investigating a car bombing.
Saw that on the news.
Thank heavens nobody was hurt.
Well, we believe it's
tied to a homicide.
The bombers left a threat,
signed with the name of your party.
Anyone could have written that.
The government would
love to paint Saoirse Nua
as a terrorist group.
Maybe one of these people took your call
for Irish freedom too far.
No party can be held responsible
for the actions of its
most extreme supporters.
All right.
How long have you and
your group been in town?
Three days, but there is no way
anyone here could have been
involved in any crime.
And I can prove it.
See these, uh, gentlemen?
MI5 have been watching me
and my group since we landed.
Don't believe me?
Go ask them.
Oh, Smitty Garretson.
What a day this has turned out to be.
I appreciate you coming all this way.
- It's been, what, 20 years?
- Oh, don't be sorry.
I didn't expect to
live this long, either.
Have I kept you waiting?
No, I was early.
I'm a little nervous.
There's a pub around the corner.
Do you fancy a drink?
Oh, I'm at work.
Of course.
Probably just as well.
If you're anything like your mother,
you'd drink me under the table.
What, Scarlett?
With her two tiny sips
of sherry each Christmas?
[CHUCKLES] That may be now,
but back in the day,
she was an incredible lush.
And I mean that
in the best possible way.
I'll have to take your word for it.
It's a shame you two lost touch.
Aye, must be five years
since I've seen her.
But we're not here to reminisce, are we?
I'm afraid not.
Did you receive the materials
I sent you?
Aye, but Smitty
I do not know who's behind all of this.
I do understand,
but I was hoping with your connections,
you'd be able to point me
to potential targets.
You mean other suspected touts?
Come on, Northern Ireland
isn't a big place.
You still know the players.
All the real troublemakers
have passed on.
So call the ones that haven't.
Ask around.
I have heard rumors that things
may be starting up again.
But who would want those
days back, I don't know.
Don't get me wrong,
I still believe in the cause
as much as ever.
Tactics we used, we were fools.
You want things to be
different, here's your chance.
Help me, before what happened
to Alec O'Brien and his family
happens to someone else.
I'll make some calls.
Really good to see you.

If this is about Sullivan
Archer, you can shelve it.
He was ruled out by the MI5.
Is this a bad time?
[SIGHS] Sorry, we're
just chasing our tail,
and it's starting to get to me.
What's up?
Well, good news first.
I just got off the phone
with the hospital,
and James O'Brien's surgery
was a success.
He's not ready to talk yet,
but he's stable.
That's great. I'll have
Cameron standing by.
What's the bad news?
It's just a thought, but two
things don't make sense to me.
Why is MI5 being so secretive
with O'Brien's file?
And why is the IRA suddenly
targeting old informants?
Maybe the same event explains both.
Is it possible that Stroud or
someone else in law enforcement
leaked O'Brien's file?
That's a hell of an accusation.
Last year, police in Norfolk and Suffolk
released the data of thousands
of victims and witnesses
in response to a Freedom
of Information request.
Can we at least rule it out?
I'll give it a shot.
Stroud and I are due
for a polite conversation
about transparency.
The very suggestion
is deeply offensive to me,
Agent Forrester.
The leaks could come from anywhere.
One of your people could have
an axe to grind with O'Brien,
and they could have let
his file slip out the door.
Just because the FBI isn't being read in
on every single detail, doesn't mean
that I am collaborating with the enemy.
Whose side are you actually on?
The victims.

What exactly do you want,
Agent Forrester?
Take a long, hard look at your people.
Recheck everything.
If you want, we can do it together.
Old grudges can be held
for years, on either side.
This is it.
We're looking for a priest?
Father Ian Crowley.
Apparently, he's been an important voice
in maintaining the ceasefire.
And you trust your contact's intel?
Niall said he's kept close ties
with the IRA and the police,
so he could be a valuable source.

In here! He's here!
Gunshot wound to the abdomen.
He's still breathing. Call it in.
This is Garretson, I'm
Father Crowley, can you hear me?
I'm at 358 Midbury Road in Letchworth.
- We need backup.
We're looking for an armed suspect.
Oh, bloody hell!

Help is on the way.
Just breathe.
I got you, okay, just breathe.
You're gonna be okay.

Don't move! Don't even twitch!
Myra Leighton.
23 years old, lives in Derry.
Your business card has your website.
Online contributor to a series
of Irish nationalist sites.
You just handed us
a clear motive, by the way.
- That's helpful.
- You're not British.
American. I'm FBI.
And what do you buck eejits
have to do with any of this?
The gun you tried to kill me with
is a ballistics match to the bullets
pulled from two American citizens,
Alec and James O'Brien.
The kid got hit?
Yeah, the kid got hit.
Well, I've already said
all I'm gonna say,
so you're wasting your time.
So you don't wanna talk about
murdering Father Crowley?
Or setting a car bomb off
in downtown London?

You know what? I don't wanna
talk about any of that, either,
because you clearly don't give a damn.
But I can think of something
you do care about.
Don't know who that is.
That's your boyfriend,
Brennan O'Doherty.
You got charged for auto theft
together 18 months ago.
Then you used this credit card
to buy you both tickets
on a ferry from Dublin three days ago,
and then you stole a car
and went on a shooting spree together,
killing informants,
trying to reignite a war.
Any of that ringing a bell?
The Good Friday Agreement
was a capitulation
that my generation will
not stand by and accept.
Where's Brennan, Myra?
Who is he gonna hit next?
The Brits have used spies and informants
against the Irish people
since the beginning.
Loyalist gangs murder IRA members,
and the police look the other way.
And you don't see anyone
digging up those cases, do you?
You killed a priest.
There's no moral high
ground for you here.
How'd you and Brennan
learn about O'Brien's
informant work, anyway?
You weren't even born at that time.
Who's really calling the shots, Myra?
Best you can do is cooperate
and tell me who your boyfriend's hiding
before he gets himself killed.
It's all I've got for you.
Thanks, but I would rather rot in jail
and watch him die than be a tout.

I know it's tough with
the masks they were wearing,
but could these be the people you saw?
I don't know.
I'm sorry, I didn't really
look at anyone, to be honest.
It was weird.
I think I mainly was
looking at the guns.
That's okay.
That happens a lot, actually.
I did get a good look at
the older guy with the bag.
- There was another guy?
- Yeah, he was in the stands.
He kept staring at my dad
like the two of them
knew each other.
That's why we left.
I've never seen my dad scared before.
What did this person look like?
He had gray hair, long in
the back, but it was thinning.
Tall white guy.
And how old was he?
Would you say older than your dad?
Yeah, definitely.
Here, swipe through these photos
and tell me if you recognize anybody.
It's just like the world's
worst dating app.
What is that?
My colleagues in Budapest,
they've been pulling
together a collection
of suspected IRA members.
Now, we've been looking
at people younger,
but James's description
narrows it down considerably.

That's him, that's the guy.
- Are you sure?
- 100%.
I've gotta get this out right away.
I am so sorry.
I hope he resists.
I hope that you kill him.

Padraig McEwan, former IRA leader.
- Do you know him?
- Yeah.
He runs a nationalist website.
It's called The Hub.
Where Myra Leighton
is a freelance contributor.
They know each other.
McEwan finds a group,
a new generation of radicalists
who are looking for a target
for their anger,
and he gives them one: informants.
And his son can put him at the scene
- of his father's murder.
- That's right.
Admittedly, it's not hard proof.
I might be able to help with that.
McEwan's brother died
six months ago in prison.
Upon his death, taped
testimony was unsealed.
I reviewed the transcripts myself.
None of it mentioned O'Brien,
and so I ruled it out.
But after our conversation,
I decided to take another look.
Unfortunately, due to a clerical error,
additional recordings from
other cases were released,
including statements from O'Brien
and Father Crowley.
That puts them right
in McEwan's crosshairs
while he's grieving.
Scapegoats for his brother's death.
It appears your theory
was partially correct.
Law enforcement did reveal the
identities of the informants,
but it wasn't on purpose.
It was a mistake.
We simply let our guard down.
You have to relocate every
single one of these witnesses
in the transcript immediately.
The process is already underway.
What matters now is
that we locate McEwan
before he strikes again.
Your team has already
given me a way to do that.
What are you talking about?
I'm going to arrest Niall Walsh.
Niall didn't have
anything to do with this.
How did MI5 even know
that I contacted him?
Stroud is sharp.
He probably was watching him
the second he arrived in London.
He was doing me a personal favor, Scott.
- He trusted me.
- I know.
But when he tipped us off
about the attack on Crowley
before it happened,
Stroud figured that he was
talking to someone involved.
They're gonna charge him
as an accomplice.
The search for the second
shooter has turned up nothing.
Niall is the only link that they've got.
Do you know where he is now?
He isn't answering my calls.
Mum, I am trying to protect him!
Keep your voice down.
Your father's asleep.
If he's contacted you,
if there's anything that you know
I certainly wouldn't tell you.
You lied to me, and
now Niall is in danger.
I never meant for this to happen.
Oh, you never meant it.
Is that what you'll say
when they find him
shot dead in the street?
And how long before the IRA realize
he's working with the police
and they come after him too?
I am sorry for lying to you,
but it is my job.
No, your job is irrelevant.
Niall Walsh had nothing
to do with anything
until you stuck your nose in.
You did it because you're selfish.
You're having a drink?
This is unhinged.
I haven't seen that man in 20 years.
And you managed to find him and
ruin his life in the same day.
- 5 years.
- What?
Niall said he last saw you
5 years ago, not 20.
Oh, fine, whatever it is,
I don't remember.
It doesn't matter.
I think it does.
You're deliberately downplaying
how close you two are.
Oh, don't be dramatic.
You're making me upset and confused.
Who confuses 5 years with 20?
You're lying to me.
Niall cared deeply about our family,
about me, about you,
and you manipulated that.
He has a good heart.
You're in love with him.
Don't be ridiculous.
Yes, you are.
That's why you didn't want
me digging into the past.
You were having an affair
with a revolutionary,
and you're trying to
make me feel guilty.
I'm not discussing this with you.
All your trips to Belfast,
his visits to London,
here in front of all of us.
It must have gone on for years.
You can judge me all you like,
but Niall's a good man.
And you signed his death warrant.
Get out of this house.

I've been reading Niall's record.
He was a person of interest in
the Docklands bombing in 1996.
An explosion in London
killed 2, over 100 wounded.
And Niall was here in town at the time.
They can't connect him.
He wasn't charged.
Maybe he was just here
to visit my mother.
I never should have involved my family.
Smitty, there's no going back now.
I know that this is complicated for you,
but Stroud is not wrong.
Niall is the best shot we have
at finding McEwan
before anyone else gets killed.
He can help us.
I'll send him another message.
This time, I'll tell him
I know about the affair.

Is this why you've been helping me?
- Guilt?
- Smitty.
Don't call me that.
Is it over?
It was doomed from the start.
Two people on opposite sides of a war
with conflicting loyalties.
Like marriage.
Scarlett was already engaged
when we first met.
I was the impulsive one.
Your mother, she was practical
and whip smart,
like you were back then.
I remember.

Look, MI5 knows you're
in contact with Padraig McEwan.
They're threatening to charge
you with being in the IRA
unless you turn on him.
I had nothing to do with this.
The only reason I got
back in was to help you.
You sent me to Crowley
without telling me
he was the next target.
You almost got my partner killed.
I told you everything I know, I swear.
I don't imagine they'll believe that.
What are you gonna do?
Meet with McEwan, wear a wire.
If you do that and we can get him,
then I can convince MI5
to forget about your past.

I'll do it.
Are you sure?
I've made very bad decisions in my life.
I'll try to make this one right.
We need him admitting
that he gave the orders,
because right now, everything
we have is circumstantial.
We'll be watching and listening.
Once we hear what we need,
our people will move in.
You best keep some distance.
McEwan is a crafty bastard.
He'll have somebody watching his back.
It's been a long time, old man.
You look like the world chewed
you up and spit you out again.
Because it has.
Two pints, Tommy.
Comms are up, reading them both clearly.
Waiting for your signal.
So, I hear you been
calling around after me,
talking to all our old friends.
Yeah, I heard about your brother.
I thought I'd come and find
you and pay my respects.
We had to fight just to get
his body back to Dublin.
Politicians and bureaucrats.
You know, sometimes I miss the guns.
Guys are telling me about
Crowley and O'Brien, two touts.
You know, I should be
buying the next round
for what you did to them.
There's a new generation for that now.
All full of piss and vinegar,
and no real sense of loss.
Well, the car bomb
made that pretty clear.
You sure that was a good idea?
That was Myra, the
girl who got picked up.
I just told them to ditch the car.
Kids have a flair for the dramatic.
Well, if they can find
O'Brien on their own
after all this time,
we're in good hands.
Well, not on their own exactly.
The police themselves
sent his name to "The Harp".
A lady at the academy
tipped me off he was coming.
With Crowley, that made
two confirmed touts in London.
I couldn't let that chance pass.
You're not worried that the shooters
might find a conscience?
[LAUGHS] Are you kidding?
Those kids said yes
before I could finish
giving them the order.
That's it, that's what we need.
Stroud, move in.
Mind if I join you gentlemen?
What's going on?
William Stroud, MI5.
Both of you are coming with me.
Oh, there is no way that's happening.
Where the hell do you think you are?
Well, we're not in Belfast
anymore, are we, McEwan?

Your friend came through.
Hang on a minute.
We've been spotted. Get down!

- Anybody hit?
- We're okay.
We gotta make a move.
He's right there.
Hold tight.

The evidence.
Couldn't let the recording get shot up.
Well done.
Are you okay?
Yeah, we got them.

I know it's not much comfort,
but I wanted to let you know
that we did put an end
to Padraig McEwen's attempts
to escalate violence.
And thanks to your help,
other informers are safe,
and the people who killed your father,
they have been apprehended.
And they're going to jail?
With the evidence we
have, I am confident
that they will be convicted
and put away for a long time.
And I shouldn't have
told you to kill them.
I don't care about revenge.
My dad wouldn't have wanted that.
We're going home
to bury the peaceful man we knew.

Great work.
Thank you.
Niall Walsh played a key role,
so we need to make sure
that he's protected.
Yeah, yeah, you have my word.
His slate's wiped clean.
If you like, the FBI can
handle his relocation,
in the spirit of transparency.
I appreciate that.
It's mystifying, isn't it?
Protestants, Catholics,
Republicans, unionists,
all one people, all
fighting tooth and nail
over who the hell we are.
Endlessly turning on each other.
Does it ever end?
I wish I knew.
Back to work, I suppose.

Andre, would you look at this?
Is something wrong?
It's one of the pictures
from the database
of old IRA members.
That's now?
From 1998.
Am I crazy?
Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
You really wanna know?

Were you going to disappear
without a word then?
I thought you could never forgive me.
I see.
Well, the least you could do is
say goodbye to your daughter.
- Wha
- I know the truth.
- That's not the way
- Don't.
I do this for a living.
I checked.
You're my father.
I wanted to tell you the truth, I swear.
It's funny.
It explains a few things, actually.
Her constant criticism,
all the arguments.
How could I possibly be good enough
when my whole existence is a reminder
for her own imperfections?
Whatever you think of me,
you must forgive your mother.
She never meant to hurt anyone.
Nor did I.
So what happens now?
I'll have to disappear.
I could help you
to relocate to Budapest.
And maybe we could be
in each other's lives
a little, somehow.
I made the decision a long time ago,
the best thing I could do
for my little girl
is let her go.
Now this is the answer to my prayer,
one last moment with my daughter.

Are you going back already?
Work is waiting.
I just wanted to say a quick goodbye
and let you know that Niall is fine.
He was able to tell me
everything I needed to know.

Thank you for always being there for me.
I'll call you as soon as I can.
Next time, I wanna
hear all about that book.

What do you need right now?
You wanna get drunk or
go to a shooting range?
There someone I need to beat up?
Just tell me what you need.
A friend.
I'm right here.
Let's go home.


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