FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s01e01 Episode Script


1 We're ready for you, Dr.
Lang, what's your story? Um, my, um, my right ankle hurts.
Leslie Varick, what's your story? Don't you remember me, Doctor? I've been coming here a long time.
I'm sorry.
Crazy day.
- Where does it hurt? - My knee.
Thank you, Doctor.
I knew you'd understand.
You're just the best.
Hey! The hell are you doing? Justin, help me.
What was that? Hello? Hello? Hello? Are you still there? Ma'am, are you still there? Is Justin your husband? Stay with me.
A unit is on the way.
Wind's about right.
Okay, now take off the jess.
- Can I pet him first? - Of course.
Good-bye, Wally.
Give him a nudge.
Go on.
He's flying strong.
Just like new.
What if he wants to come back? He won't.
Up there's where he wants to be.
That's why we nursed him back to health, so he could do what he does best.
It's okay, Dad.
Go to work.
You heard the boss.
Go on.
All right.
Agent LaCroix.
Ready, set, go.
I'm on my way.
Cheater! The criminal investigative division put Dr.
Brock on the Most Wanted list this morning.
The headlines are: two homicides and a fugitive with the resources and means to flee the jurisdiction.
Not to mention the medical skills to set himself up in a foreign country.
And the unlawful flight warrant should be here any minute.
In terms of the number of fugitives that have made our Most Wanted list, I did not check where Brock stands He's number 524 on the hit parade.
But who's counting? Well, I look forward to this task force putting him on this list.
Brock found his wife in the kitchen, shot twice by the intruder.
He then finished her off with the intruder's gun.
But get this: Mrs.
Brock managed to call 911 on her cell.
The operator heard her identify Brock before he shot her.
Bummer for Brock.
When the Newburgh cops turned up 15 minutes later, Brock was gone and the family safe was cleaned out.
Tell me about the intruder.
The late Glenn Ericks, priors for burglary and weapons possession.
Associated with a local biker gang.
And Brock's family? Step-daughter.
This was a second marriage for him.
Divorced his first wife 12 years ago.
Where are we on the U-FAP warrant? Just got in.
We're good to go.
We're looking for girlfriends, boyfriends, anyone with a personal or business hook with Brock.
Hana, deep dive on background, social media, sites for naughty husbands.
Crosby! If you could put that protein bar down long enough Hey, I'm a growing boy.
Did you say you have a growing butt? Check Brock's phone records, texts, emails.
Clinton: malpractice suits, financials, side businesses.
I wanna know what Brock's done, and I wanna know who he's done it with.
Barnes and I will start with the step-daughter.
Now, don't underestimate this fugitive.
He might look like a foot doctor who's in over his head, but he got the drop on an ex-felon, and he executed his wife in cold blood.
Skill and depravity.
We have to consider him capable of anything.
I don't get it.
I I thought Mom and Justin were happy together.
- They were married six years? - Yes.
- I just didn't see it.
- You didn't see what? How bad things must've been for him to do this.
I just assumed she was happy.
We used to talk all the time until she married Justin.
Did they have a vacation home anywhere? No; why, you think he left the country? We'll catch him.
Do you know any of his friends? I don't know if he had any.
He said he was too busy to have a social life.
What did you think of him? I thought he was boring, but he spoiled my mom.
He bought her this house.
He supported her causes.
- Veterans' causes? - Yes.
He was a veteran himself.
That's why Mom got interested in him.
Plus, he was a doctor too.
She felt so lucky.
Is that where they met, at a veterans benefit? No, on a blind date.
Mom was the one who got him involved in the charities.
She was so giving.
It doesn't make sense.
I'm sorry.
Whatever was doing between Brock and his wife, they kept it to themselves.
Nothing like a man in uniform.
I think Brock would agree.
His legal and financial records are as clean as whistle.
No complaints with the medical board.
And nothing popped in his phone records.
Texts, emails, they'd put my grandma to sleep.
His social media put me to sleep.
I've never seen so many pictures of shrimp cocktails.
Bottom line, there was no sign he was gonna step out on his wife.
I don't see how he'd have time.
He was seeing 50 to 70 patients a day.
There must be a lot of bunions in Newburgh.
This is Ms.
Augustin, Brock's nurse.
Agent LaCroix.
This is Agent Crosby, Agent Barnes.
Thanks for coming in; this must've been a shock to you.
- Yes, very much.
- Have you been with him long? Since he opened the clinic four years ago.
We need to see Dr.
Brock's office.
He was a two striper in the 12th infantry.
My regiment.
Served in Bosnia.
He's very proud of his service.
We noticed.
- What was in this drawer? - Cash.
A lot of his patients paid in cash.
And Dr.
Brock kept it all in his office? They paid him directly.
He liked to do his own bookkeeping.
It's not my area.
What's in here? - Prescription pads.
- Do you have a key? I don't understand.
There were at least a hundred pads under there two days ago.
None of these patient files have any medical histories: no blood work, no X-rays, no MRIs.
What exactly did Dr.
Brock do for his patients? He treated them.
They presented with ankle pain, foot pain.
And he treated them without any tests, or maybe it didn't matter.
He just wrote them a prescription for painkillers.
Is that what this was, Ms.
Augustin: an opioid pill mill? I don't know, I just did what Dr.
Brock told me to do.
What was his fee for writing a scrip? His basic consultation is $300.
Just for writing his name? Maybe he thinks he can bankroll his run by selling scrips for opioids.
Let's start with his most loyal patients.
Why are you talking to me? I didn't do nothing wrong.
I had good reason to see Dr.
Just tell them the truth, Mom.
He was giving you pills.
You're an addict, and you can't admit that.
Cassie, please.
I have injuries.
I have chronic pain.
Look, I injured my knee.
- See? - Those scars are old.
- How'd you do that? - It was an accident.
It wasn't no big deal.
How long has she been an addict? No, you leave her out of this.
Three years.
You tried talking to her? All the time.
I beg her to stop.
She's too out of it to care.
All those years you still go to school, you do your homework every day? You're a strong person, Cassie.
Cassie, please, I try my best.
You have a roof over your head.
Yeah, because we're living at Grandpa's.
There are times when I still see the Mom I used to know.
And other times I just want you to be my mom again.
How 'bout it, Leslie? You can start right now.
You can help us catch Brock.
- I don't know where he is.
- Then how'd you get these? Prescription for Oxynet, filled yesterday at a pharmacy in Pennsylvania.
Isn't Oxynet what Brock gives you? He gave me the prescription, not his clinic.
On Monday, this was yesterday in Pennsylvania.
Why Pennsylvania? Come on, Leslie, tell the truth.
I am.
He has another clinic.
Federal agents.
We have a warrant.
There's no Dr.
Brock here.
This is Alan Ashworth's clinic.
And who's this? That's Dr.
He's a back specialist.
Ashworth was Lilian Brock's maiden name.
A Pennsylvania medical license was issued to Dr.
Alan Ashworth two years ago.
Brock's car is out back.
Engine's cold.
- He keep another car here? - An Audi.
- Color? - Silver.
I'll get BOLO out.
Silver Audi, get it.
Brock's patients are gonna be mighty disappointed.
- There's so many of them.
- Enough to fill two clinics.
Where does he find all these people? Good morning.
Did you bring money for your appointment today? Can I see it, please? Don't worry, you're not in any trouble.
$50 bills.
Lower profile than Benjamins.
All right, folks, listen up.
We're not here to cause any trouble for you, but somebody's been taking advantage of your circumstances.
You good people can help us do our job, and you'll be on your way.
Now, $300 in $50 bills.
Is that what everybody has? Excellent.
Thank you.
Now, who gave you this money and sent you here to see the doctor? Any takers? I couldn't help notice some of the ladies are looking at you.
Maybe 'cause I'm good lookin'.
You're not that good lookin'.
How'd you get here this morning? I drove my pick-up.
You left your hog at home? The scuff marks on your boots are from a Harley gear shifter.
What's that ink on your arm? Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey, hey.
We got him, we got him.
We got him.
It's all right, it's all right.
Turn over.
Turn over! Yeah.
Forsaken Sons.
Don't let him move.
The intruder who shot Brock's wife, what bike gang did he belong to? Glenn Ericks.
"Forsaken Sons.
" Forsaken Sons.
Maybe that's who's recruiting patients for Brock.
He's in business with 'em.
With partners like that, he's got the means and the muscle to avoid capture.
Gil Rickman and the Forsaken Sons like to wrap themselves in the flag and ride in veterans parades.
It's just a cover for gun running, drugs, prostitution.
But this connection with Dr.
Brock, that's a new one on us.
Near as we can tell, the gang recruited addicts to get a scrip for Oxynet from Brock, and then they'd walk the patient to a pharmacy to fill it, they'd give the patient a tip and sell the rest of the pills on the street.
Brock and his gang were clearing around $800 per prescription, 70 times a day for the last four years.
Brock was making 28 grand per day.
Lilian Brock knew Rickman from her work with veterans before she married Brock.
She probably introduced them.
Maybe she found out what Rickman and her husband were up to? She wasn't havin' it, so Brock had her killed.
His whole identity was wrapped up in this heroic image of a warrior healer.
His wife threatened that and sent his narcissism into a frenzy.
I don't think he's gonna do well without money and status.
I think he's gonna look for a way to keep his business with Rickman going.
Brock prescribed over 3 million pills.
You think someone would've noticed and picked up the phone: the drug company or a pharmacist.
They all had reason to look the other way.
And maybe keep looking the other way.
If Brock is gonna keep his business going he'll need pills.
We need to visit with the local sales rep.
Hey, Kenny.
You got a moment? I know.
My bad.
I laid in to that guy a little hard.
Won't happen again.
I thought you had this under control.
If you need a refresher course in anger management, we can make that happen.
You sleepin' okay? Yeah.
I count on you, Kenny.
That goes both ways.
You need anything, you let me know.
He was pilfering my desk.
He was trying to make it look like a robbery.
That's what you say, but he was reaching for his gun, and he was gonna shoot me.
Glenn always was twitchy.
Lilian was still alive for God's sake, he couldn't even do that right.
Woman's gonna ruin my empire.
Your empire.
I don't know why I don't just throw you in that hole with your car.
- Because we're still partners.
- Mm.
I have another plan.
One last score.
Then I can disappear to some out of the way place where they appreciate a doctor with my qualifications.
New phones.
New name.
Time to shed your old skin.
A strip club? This is where the sales rep takes the doctors to talk business.
You gotta give it to me, right here And if you want me, baby Right over there.
Which one of the two is Sydney Lane? The one giving the lap dance.
The two men are doctors.
Sydney used to be a stripper before she was a sales rep.
You were keeping that from me, weren't you? Ms.
Sorry to interrupt your sales presentation.
Can we speak to you outside for a minute? This is about Dr.
What about him? He was my top prescriber.
3 million pills over four years? That's drug pushing, not prescribing.
Not my problem.
I'm paid to get doctors to prescribe my company's product.
By grinding yourself in their lap? That's why the company recruited me, and six other exotic dancers I know of.
I'm sure you've heard what Brock is accused of, not to mention his pill mill.
He might need some money, he might reach out to you.
Pill mill? Until a nonaddictive painkiller as good as opioids hits the market, every practice is a pill mill.
Even with Brock out of business the wholesale pharmacist from my territory just doubled his order of Oxynet.
Doubled? Three days after your top prescriber went on the run? There's a whole lot of pain out there.
You think maybe this wholesaler could be in business with Brock? Maybe selling him pills out of the back of his warehouse? With the regulatory agencies breathing down his neck? I don't think so.
But a robbery, that would be easier to explain.
- Wouldn't it? - Easier.
And when does this shipment of Oxynet come in? Let's go! Let's go! We got ten minutes before the next shift comes in.
Let's go, prospect, move it.
Move it.
- Freeze! - FBI! - Hands up! - Get down, get down! - Get down on your knees! - Get down! Get down on the ground now! Where I can see 'em! Put the box down! Put it down! Don't move.
Find Brock! - Let's get out of here.
- I'm not leaving my brothers.
- Screw you.
- Hey! I said we're stayin'.
I'm not going to jail for this.
- No sign of Brock.
- Just these knuckleheads.
I barely put a finger on them, boss.
This is Victor-7.
I have a DB in a vehicle at Sweeney and Glover.
Looks like multiple GSWs.
The door was like this: open? Yes, sir.
Nine mil.
Same caliber Brock uses.
Brock's wife wanted a divorce.
She threatened to snitch on his side business unless he gave her a good deal, but he said he would never split his empire with her, so His side business, the pill mill? Is that why she wanted a divorce? I don't think that bothered her.
I mean, she introduced me to Brock, and she knew that I was no angel, but you know, so long as I supported the vets and Brock was raking it in.
So why leave him? We heard Brock spoiled her.
I don't know.
I never got the chance to ask her.
Okay, Rickman, new question: What's Brock's next move? Where does he go? You are the FBI.
If you don't know You're a fountain of no knowledge, aren't you? For this you gave him a break on his sentencing? - Agent LaCroix - This charade that he didn't know Brock hired one of his men to kill his wife? It's bull! You conspired to kill a witness to an interstate drug operation.
You should be up for the death penalty.
Okay, take a deep breath.
They expect us to dance a minuet with that piece of dirt? He doesn't want Brock found! Brock could be a witness against him.
- Agent LaCroix! - Don't you cut a deal with him! We'll find Brock without him.
Now we know why you didn't take a desk job at 26 Fed.
Thanks for coming.
You didn't tell your daughter, did you? No, no.
It was so thoughtful of you to reach out to me.
I don't forget my patients.
I know you've been sick, so I brought you your medicine.
Thank you.
I don't believe what they say about you.
Yeah, well, it's all a misunderstanding.
Oh, your hands are shaking.
Let me help.
You got a good heart.
I know it.
N no, no.
That feels good.
I won't let anything bad happen to you.
He lost his accomplices.
He's on his own.
He'll run out of moves.
He served in Bosnia.
Probably not the first tight spot he's been in.
That was a long time ago.
He's grown used to his comforts.
Hey, it's Tali out in the back field.
Your father took it this afternoon.
Every day after school, she's out there looking for this bird we released.
- She's a funny one.
- Are we doing photos? Here's Anais at the park last Sunday.
She loved the ducks.
She wanted to go swimming with them.
I remember when Tali was this age.
It was well, special, right? I've got a live feed of my clownfish.
- Wanna see? - Yeah, I wanna see 'em, covered in beer batter and deep fried.
Shut up.
I don't think it's about the bird, bro.
There's a purchase at a jewelry store that just dropped on Brock's AmEx corporate card.
25 grand the day he killed his wife.
Bullock Jewelers, Richmond, Virginia.
A gift for a girlfriend charged to his corporate card so his wife wouldn't see it.
Any other hooks to Richmond? Yeah, a dozen calls to a Richmond cell phone registered to his New York clinic.
I'm seeing three flights to Richmond in the past year, all paid in cash.
Sounds like he was trying to keep an affair under his wife's radar.
Call the jewelry store.
Find out who the lucky girl is.
Megan Curtis? I'm Agent Barnes, this is Agent LaCroix.
It's about my father, isn't it? - Justin Brock? - Your father? You mind if we talk in your apartment? Yeah.
Curtis is my mom's maiden name.
Started using it after my parents got divorced.
You angry at your dad? I was ten.
You know, I was a kid.
I didn't know there were two sides to every story.
You can take a good look.
He's not here.
We didn't think he would be.
Have you been in touch with him? No, no, we don't talk that often.
I've only seen him twice this year.
He was supposed to come down for my graduation next week.
Bought me a bracelet.
We saw that.
The jewelry store has it on hold for you.
We also noticed he liked to cover his tracks whenever he flew down here.
That's because of his wife.
She was very possessive.
It was a whole soap opera.
Can't have been easy for you.
Can't be easy for you now with your father accused of killing his wife.
I don't believe that for a second.
What do you think happened? Lilian introduced him to some bad people.
They used him, they killed Lilian, and they would have killed him too if he hadn't run away.
He's lucky to have you in his corner.
I'm the lucky one.
My dad's a hero.
He inspired me to join the ROTC.
I interviewed him for this essay in high school about his service in Bosnia.
It was awesome.
It was something he never talked about when I was growing up.
He's so humble.
It's he even told me not to say anything to Gramps - about my essay.
- You mean his father? Why not? Gramps is a veteran too.
Dad didn't wanna make it look like he was bragging.
That's the type of person he is.
In case he tries to get in touch with you, Megan, it really is better for him if he turns himself in.
It's nice to have heroes.
" Not a word I'd associate with Brock.
His old man lives in Norfolk.
Justin wouldn't reach out to his dad.
He knows better.
Right there.
It's just some people from church.
Let's go in there.
Frank had a stroke a year ago.
He's on assisted breathing.
He can't speak.
He can't walk.
I haven't told him about Justin.
It'd probably kill him.
Those photos, those are all Frank? Yes, he was decorated for his service in Vietnam.
You said that Dr.
Brock knew better than to ask his father for help.
Is that because of the stroke, or something else? Nothing Justin ever did was good enough for Frank, no matter the success.
It just broke my heart.
That's a Bronze Star, isn't it? Yes! Were you in the service? No, no, my wife.
Army intel, Afghanistan 2016.
She didn't come back.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
You know, Dr.
Brock won a Bronze Star too, in Bosnia.
- He did? - You didn't know? No.
I didn't know he was in the service.
I mean, Frank never told me, but then Frank never had anything positive to say about Justin.
Most of my psych classes are about boys and their mommies, but boys and their daddies? That is a higher level of screwed up.
You'd think Brock's service'd be the one thing his old man'd be proud of.
Brock was more interested in displaying his medal than wearing it.
He was puffing himself out.
The photos, the money, the status, he was proving to himself he's worth his father's respect.
I wonder how far he went.
You would not believe the hoops I had to jump through to get his service records.
Brock was enlisted in '95.
After four months he was medically discharged with something called Optic Neuritis.
- Sounds serious.
- It's just an infection.
Couple months on steroids, and you're back in business.
It's an off ramp out of boot camp.
Brock couldn't hack it.
He never went back? No record he did.
Stolen valor.
That son of a bitch pretended to be a veteran to impress his wife.
I think she was on to him.
I found an FOI request in this file from her from a month ago.
She was looking for his military records.
The veteran she fell in love with? That explains the divorce.
State cops.
It's about one of Brock's patients.
She was found early this morning dead of an overdose.
Her car is missing.
Syringe was still in her arm, with a partial thumbprint belonging to Brock.
He killed her for her car.
He didn't have to do that.
His patients are just things to him.
Hey, her car was just found abandoned outside of Harrisburg.
He's smart.
He's mixing it up.
I'll get the video footage from bus stations in that area.
Hey boss, just got the phone dumps off Megan's cell.
So last two days, she got three calls from a burner in New York.
That's gotta be Brock.
And get this.
Same burner, coming from Maryland.
He's heading south towards her.
I have finals tomorrow.
I can't talk to you.
I have to study.
This is your father's military record.
You should read it.
I don't understand.
He never made it out of basic training.
No Bosnia, no medals, no heroics.
It's a fantasy he created to seduce his new wife; maybe even rehabilitate himself in your eyes.
It's a mistake.
No, no mistake.
His life was a fabrication.
The only medicine he practiced was prescribing opioids to addicts.
This is one of your father's patients.
This is when she started seeing your father.
This is six months later when she was arrested for a DWI.
This is yesterday where your father left her after he stole her car.
The syringe had his fingerprints on it.
Look at her, Megan.
Look at her.
She has a 16-year-old daughter, Cassie.
Cassie has lived through her mother's addiction, an addiction your father monetized to pay for his cars, his vacation, your bracelet I know what it's like to be disappointed by a parent; To find out he's not who you thought he was, but You have to face it, Megan.
Help us.
We think your father's coming here.
We wanna get him into custody without hurting him.
I don't wanna hear it.
I have exams.
I work a part-time job.
I I have to find a real job.
Just please Please, just leave me alone.
So much for tough love.
Maybe you rubbed it in her face a little bit too hard.
I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think she could handle it.
She can't avoid the truth.
She has to live through it.
It's the only way.
Brock's not coming here for her graduation.
There's something he needs.
Something from her.
We found three 529 investment accounts in the name Megan Curtis.
Yes, those are federal tax-deferred college savings plans.
Who set up the accounts? Can you look that up? Now? Here, the accounts were opened by Justin Brock three years ago.
There's almost two million dollars in here.
Has Ms.
Curtis accessed this money? No, Ms.
Curtis has never contacted us.
The way she was sweating finding a job, maybe she doesn't know about the money.
And Brock is blocked from accessing it.
Yes, we got an alert on him from FIN-cen two days ago barring him.
But not his daughter.
He needs her to get to this money.
That's why he's coming here.
I told you to leave me alone.
Does your father know how hard you work to put yourself through school; to earn your officer's commission? You think he gave you that bracelet because he cares? Your father hid $2 million under your name in an investment bank here in Richmond.
It's money from his drug operation.
He didn't tell you, did he? While you scraped by.
He needs that money to escape.
He can't get to it now, but you can.
That's why he's coming here.
It's not about you.
It's about the money.
I'm sorry, Megan.
Can you help us? Can't imagine what she's feeling.
I got a good idea.
Probably what my mother felt after my old man gambled away the college money she'd saved for my sister and me.
It's time to give Brock a taste of what that feels like.
Clinton's in position outside Megan's.
Somebody accessed the accounts.
Chuck Reid.
Reid is in a meeting off-site, but I can help you.
There's a problem with my 529 accounts.
I'll need one of the account numbers.
Name on the account is Megan Curtis.
- Mother's maiden name? - Curtis.
My name is Justin Brock.
I'm authorized on the account.
I see that.
How can I help? These accounts are showing a zero balance.
Why is that? I had a significant amount of money in these accounts.
What happened? I'm sorry.
Let me check.
The beneficiary, Ms.
Curtis, came in yesterday and wired the funds out.
She wired the funds where? I can't release that information.
That little bitch.
What was that, sir? His arrogance worked in our favor.
He never saw us coming.
This is Megan.
I can't answer the phone right now, but if you leave your name and n - On the pick-up.
- Copy.
Megan! Here! Get back! What did you do with it? - Drop the gun now.
- Hey.
- Drop it.
- No.
You get out of my way.
She's coming with me.
Let her go, Doctor.
Setting me up? Your own father? Talk to me, Doc.
I'm not going to jail for this.
Let her go, and we can talk.
No, no.
She's coming with me.
- Hey! - Aah! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you.
Megan, don't.
I looked up to you.
You were my hero.
It was all fake Listen to me Everything that I am, you took from me with your lies.
I have nothing! Megan, don't do it! Listen to me, Megan.
You can get it back But not if you kill him.
You do that, you lose it all forever.
Megan, please, don't.
I'm sorry! Shut up! Shut up! Look at me, Megan.
Megan You're graduating next week.
You did that.
You did the work, not him.
You're starting a new life your life, a good life.
Don't let your anger at him take that away from you.
You're gonna be okay.
Now, just give me the gun.
Get up.
Justin Brock, you're under arrest pursuant to a federal fugitive warrant.
You like uniforms so much? We got a nice pretty orange one you actually deserve.
Come on.
What's on the menu for the flight home? Local specialties: Sweet potato soup and spoon bread.
We'll pick it up on the way to the plane.
We'll try and save you some.
Hey, Kenny.
I meant what I said.
You stay on top of it, okay? Yeah.
I got it.
I hope you're right; that she'll get through it.
She will.
She's a lot stronger than I was at her age.
If her dad had been my dad There she is.
Hey, wáten, how you doing? I'm okay, Uncle Clint.
Are you staying for dinner? If you're asking, sure.
I'm gonna go talk to the folks.
So have you seen Wally? Nope.
I don't think he's ever coming back.
I miss Mom.
I miss her too, sweetheart.