FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s02e09 Episode Script


20 degrees out, and she's rocking a crop top.
- Oh, no complaints here.
- Stacy's in my econ class.
Econ? That's gonna destroy your GPA.
- My dad made me take it.
Well, maybe Stacy can tutor you on some of the finer points of supply and demand.
ALL: Oh.
Hey, what's up? You guys on the lacrosse team? [INHALES SHARPLY.]
Uh, yeah, yeah.
Why? You thinking of trying out? [LAUGHS.]
No, no, recruited for football.
I was all-state O-line in high school.
- I'm kidding.
I'm a grad student in the philosophy department.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- He believed me, though.
- Did you see that? [CHUCKLES.]
- Yeah, right.
So, uh, how did you do last season? 12 and 4.
- Oh, sweet.
- Yeah.
I'm Dylan, by the way.
Oh, you guys look empty.
Is it cool if I buy us another round? Yeah, yeah.
Whatever, bro.
Go for it.
Four drafts, please.
That dinner was amazing.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
It's ever better in summer when the local corn and tomatoes are in season.
Then we'll come back.
So can you put a bow on a horse? [CHUCKLING.]
Yeah, I don't see why not.
Tali's gonna be thrilled.
Oh, I've been meaning to ask you.
There's a barrel jackpot coming up in Medford.
I'd love for Tali to get a taste of competition.
Well, if you think she's ready for it.
That's what you did growing up, right? Uh, my mom was into dressage, but I wanted to jump, so I rode in the junior steeplechase circuit back home.
I don't know sounds a little dangerous to me.
Says the guy who became an FBI agent? It was either that or classical piano.
Yeah, right.
So - You want to grab coffee? - Yeah, yeah.
I'm not ready to go home yet.
- Okay, great.
Jake you okay? [CHUCKLES.]
Yeah, yeah.
You shouldn't be driving, dude.
- Let me take you home.
- [SIGHS.]
- Come on.
Wha Why are we stopping here? You look like you're gonna be sick.
Dude, I'm okay, I'm okay.
I don't want you to puke in your car.
Come on, let's get some fresh air for a minute.
- You good? - Yeah, yeah.
There you go.
- You'll be okay.
I'm good, I'm good.
Aah! What are you doing? Get off! Get off of me! Get off me! Aah! - Hey, hey.
Look who it is.
- How you doin', kiddo? Good.
Glad to be back.
Yeah, well, we missed you around here.
It's been like Gladys Knight without all her Pips.
You meet Ortiz? - Yes, sir.
- All good.
- How's the foot? - One more week in the boot.
Isobel's official orders: "Take it easy.
" Oof.
Good luck with that, huh? [CHUCKLING.]
You're chipper today.
Yeah, well, I, uh [CLEARS THROAT.]
I think we should get to work.
Hana, you run it.
Show Ortiz how it's done.
It's your anything- but-typical Friday night at Bard College.
Second from right is our quarry, Dylan Wright, at least that's what the ID he flashed at the bar said.
The bro with his arm around him is our victim, Jake Ferris.
He's a senior at Bard.
We're chasing one-offs now? Jake is a son of New York Representative Diane Ferris.
Ring a bell? The Republican who votes her conscience.
Pro-immigration, pro-choice, abstained on impeachment twice.
Which really pissed off her party's base.
She's had protesters outside her home.
Well, Jake never made it back to his dorm last night.
His body was found on the banks of the Hudson early this morning.
The coroner says he drowned.
So what makes this a murder, then? This.
Surveillance footage from the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge 30 minutes after Jake left the bar.
That's Jake's car, and, presumably, that's our Dylan.
He pushes him over and takes off.
Annandale PD found the car abandoned in an alley.
No fingerprints, no eyewitnesses.
This could be anything from a targeted political hit to a fight about a girl.
Any address on the other boys in that photo? Yeah.
They're the ones who gave the selfie to the Annandale PD.
They live in a house off-campus.
Okay, Barnes and I will go see the boys.
You two see if you can nail down who this Dylan is.
- I got the campus.
- I got the bar.
- Uh, what about me? - Oh.
Uh, yeah.
Get with Joint Terror Task Force upstairs, see if there's any open threats on Ferris and the family.
You need a wheelchair or anything? - Bite me.
You gonna let him do you like that? He's just mad I moved back into his love nest with Zadie, who I hooked you up with in the first place.
You're welcome.
We didn't know him.
It was the first night we ever met him.
He came to our table, and started asking Jake about lacrosse.
Then he went to the bar and bought us a round.
Had two beers with us, and he left.
- Jake left right after? - Yeah.
He said he felt tired.
Weird, 'cause Jake will usually close the place down.
What's really weird is Jake's a D-pole.
200 pounds of muscle and quicker than a cat.
There's no way that little shrimp could've thrown him off a bridge.
He would've kicked his ass.
Maybe not after a night of drinking.
Did Dylan ever mention Jake's mother? No.
She's been in the news a lot lately.
Yeah, but people are pretty chill about that here.
She's kind of a hero.
Were the four of you together the whole night? Yeah.
- Although - Although what? Dylan went to take a leak before he left.
I went in after him, and he was still there writing something on the stall door Graffiti or something.
You remember what it was? Just that he was using a red Sharpie.
That bathroom's covered in tags.
I figured it was his cell number and he was looking for a dude to hook up with.
So he wasn't really interested in lacrosse? He didn't hit on us or anything, but that's the vibe we got.
Could he and Jake have had a misunderstanding about that? - [SCOFFS.]
- Jake? Definitely not.
All right, fellas.
Thank you.
He was here three nights in a row.
That's how I remember his name on his license and gave it to the cops.
Did you know it was a fake ID? It's a college bar.
Most of them are.
Can't turn away everyone.
Otherwise I'll be flipping burgers somewhere.
Did you see him buy beer for anybody else? No, but I saw him chat up some clean-cut, good-looking guys.
Definitely a jock sniffer.
Hey, Boss.
What's up? All right.
I got it.
I need to see your men's restroom.
Corner to the right.
Help yourself.
Thank you.
Hey, pal.
I'm gonna need you to step outside.
Come on.
Come on, man.
- Damn, this place reeks.
- Wasn't me.
- Your music's too loud.
- Sorry.
What are you doing over there? Uh, nothing.
Just, uh, work stuff.
You left the light on in the foyer again.
Turn it off, or you'll be paying my electric bill on top of your rent.
I will.
I'm sorry.
You going out again tonight? I'll be quiet when I come in.
You better be.
I tracked every name in the threat profile on the congresswoman.
None of them mention Jake, but one guy was at the Capitol on January 6th.
He said he wanted to put a bullet in Diane Ferris' head.
We bringing him in? He's in jail on a parole violation.
He couldn't have done it.
And none of the other guys on the list have traveled to Upstate New York in the past month.
I don't think this is political.
Yeah, that grad-student story is crap.
Admissions office said the only Dylan on the books is a freshman girl.
You show his photo around campus? Yeah, last night.
But classes were over, so I'm gonna head back now, post up in the quad, see if anyone recognizes him.
By anyone, you mean college girls.
It's a rough job.
Someone's got to do it.
They were at the bar for at least two hours.
What was Jake's blood alcohol content? .
Drunk, but not hammered, especially for a guy his size.
Any drugs in his tox screen? Just the booze.
Let's have Quantico vet those results.
Something's not right here.
New York state alert.
A junior at Marist College went missing last night.
That's a half hour from Bard.
They just pulled his body out of the Hudson River.
It's a lot of feds for a floater.
This one could end up being ours.
Hiker spotted the body in an eddy.
Fits the description of an undergrad who went missing last night.
Mark Hilliard.
History major, junior tailback.
Last seen leaving a campus bar three sheets to the wind.
Any signs of a struggle or defensive wounds of any kind? No.
Given how drunk everyone says he was, we're thinking accident or suicide.
Hey, boss? Come check this out.
This tag was also in the men's room at the college bar.
Look at this.
Same symbol, same color.
A one inside a zero Looks like a power button like on a laptop.
Two college athletes found dead in the river, same calling card, two nights in a row I think we're dealing with a serial killer who might just be getting started.
Lab report from Quantico came in.
They found midazolam in Jake Ferris' system.
The state doesn't test for it in their standard tox screen.
I never heard of it.
Out in LA, we get all the party drugs first.
And you sound disappointed.
Was Dylan buying drinks for Mark Hilliard last night? Bartender and both friends said yes.
This is it.
He's putting it in their drinks.
Do the same screen on Hilliard.
Midazolam isn't a recreational drug.
It's a sedative used in surgery as an alternate to a propofol drip.
Chances are he got it from a hospital.
Dylan may have a medical background.
He seems to know how to dose his victims just enough to render them compliant.
If a controlled substance goes missing from a hospital, there's supposed to be a report filed with the DEA.
Searching the last six months in the Northeast region.
I got one in January Peekskill Medical Center, 40 tabs of midazolam missing from the hospital pharmacy.
Who reported it? The pharmacy manager, Joanna Reed.
She still works there.
I filed a report, the hospital investigated, they interviewed all the employees, and everyone denied it.
- Including you? - Yes.
You seem nervous.
I have four FBI agents standing in front of me, and it kind of feels like you're accusing me.
Do you want to test me for midazolam? I'll give you my blood and urine right now.
We don't think it was for you.
- I'm gonna call a lawyer.
- Be smart here, Joanna.
Someone used this medication to commit two serious felonies.
You get on the phone, we assume you're his accomplice.
We're not here to make a narcotics arrest.
We're hunting a fugitive.
If you know who that is, you need to tell us.
And tell us now.
I took the meds for my friend.
His name is Ira Kopec.
- Is that K-O-P-E-C? - Yes.
Is this him? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Oh, my God.
What did he do? How do you know him? We were lab partners in nursing school in Massachusetts, and he moved down here for a job last summer, and he reached out to me.
To provide him with midazolam? I'm a friend, not his drug dealer.
- Well - He works at a nursing home.
He was pulling a lot of overnight shifts, and when he got home in the morning, he couldn't fall asleep.
He was afraid he was gonna get fired or harm one of his patients.
He said midazolam was the only thing that helped him.
So you just gave it to him? Ira has this way of making you feel sorry for him like it's always him against the world.
I took a couple of boxes that were near their expiration dates.
I know it was wrong, but I just had to help him.
- You have his cell number? - No.
He changed it recently.
What's the name of the nursing home? - It's called Tremont.
- It's in Chappaqua.
Our last known on Ira is Poughkeepsie.
Rents half a duplex owned by a Todman Cox.
Also drives an Audi.
You two check out the nursing home.
Barnes and I'll go see the landlord.
Are you gonna tell me what he did? - Ira, it's me again.
- Look, call me back.
I need to talk to you.
- Should I keep trying? - No, that's good for now.
Let's give him a minute.
- How long did Ira live here? - Almost three months.
Always knew he was weird.
No friends, no girls.
It's not natural to keep to yourself like that.
- He ever have any visitors? - Not that I saw.
He'd go out at night, a lot, come home late.
But he was always alone.
Red spray paint.
It's almost empty.
What do you bet that's midazolam? Mm-hmm.
It's Ira.
Put him on speaker.
We're not here.
Remember what we talked about.
Hello? I'm busy, Todman.
What do you need? We got a situation over here.
Plumbing leak in the kitchen.
You need to come home.
- I can't right now.
- Well, it's pretty bad.
Where are you? Why? Well, are you at work? [LINE CLICKS.]
- Wait a second.
- There's the Audi.
- Yeah.
- That's him.
- Come on.
- Hey! Slow down! [TIRES SQUEALING.]
In pursuit of a black Audi northbound on Bedford Road.
He just blew a stop sign on King Street.
Eastbound on Franklin now.
He's headed into town.
There he is.
- Keep up with him.
- Yep.
I got him.
- He went right.
- I see him.
Damn, people! Go, go, go! Go, go, go! You see him? Up there.
Check the alleys.
- Still nothing.
- Right or left? - I didn't see.
Going left.
- We lost him.
- Damn it.
Kopec grew up in Stoughton, Massachusetts.
He went to Fitchburg State for undergrad, Boston College for nursing school.
His license is clean and no criminal record.
What about family? No siblings, but I have his mother, Esther Kopec.
Retired and still lives in Stoughton.
Same address for the past 30 years.
Mark Hilliard was from Illinois.
Not seeing any connections between him and Jake.
They were both college students and athletes.
Did Kopec play any sports? Doesn't look like it.
Yeah, thanks.
- Got a hit on Kopec.
He ditched his Audi in Edgewood Park, stole a lady's SUV.
- He have a weapon? - No.
But he took off north on I-95.
BOLO's out on her Tahoe.
- Probably headed home.
- Back to familiar territory.
Maybe to see his mother.
I can't believe we almost had him.
- I know.
- We're headed to Boston, people.
He knows we're after him, so let's stay a step ahead.
Hana, you dig in on the college friends.
- You two - Cover the nursing school.
Barnes and I will go see the mother.
This is so upsetting.
Ira's a sweet boy.
He would never hurt anybody.
When's the last time you saw him? Uh, two weeks ago.
He came to visit me on my birthday.
Did he live with you all through college? He went to Fitchburg so he wouldn't have to move away from home and stayed here for nursing school.
He always wanted to be a nurse? Oh, his plan was medical school, but, oh, I didn't have the money for that.
I feel bad because he could've done it.
He skipped two grades when he was young because he was so smart.
What about his father? - Oh, oh, he's all gone.
- Ira never met him.
- I'm fine.
Thank you.
- No, thank you.
When he moved to New York last summer to take that job he seemed so happy.
What about you? Honestly I worried a little about him living on his own for the first time.
Ira had a rough time growing up, but I always tried to help him fit in.
I think the other kids were jealous, but I told him, "You're special.
You're Mama's little star.
Don't listen to them.
Could we see his room, please? - [INHALES DEEPLY.]
- Oh, yeah, this way.
Is this Ira's? Yes.
Does he leave it out all the time? I don't know.
He stayed in here two weeks ago, but I never came in.
Oh, my neighbor.
She probably saw your car outside.
The glee club, debate team, Sword and Stylus Society, whatever that is.
His nickname was Babyface.
That's a crappy way to go through high school.
All prominent colleges in the Boston area.
Maybe schools he didn't get into? Could be some kind of inferiority complex at play.
But serial killers like to take trophies.
And both those colleges are on the Charles River.
This might not be his first time.
First time here? Yeah.
- Vanessa.
- I'm Dylan.
What brings you out today? Nothing in particular.
I just found out I'm getting evicted, so here's to that.
That's too bad.
How about I buy us a round? I wasn't trying to No, I know.
I'm just being friendly.
- Hey, what can I get you? - Two.
So what do you do, Dylan? - [HAUGHTY VOICE.]
- I'm a hedge fund manager, and I'm on my way to give a talk - at Harvard Business School.
And I'm a GameStop millionaire.
- Here you go.
Thank you.
- Got that for you.
I don't usually let guys buy me drinks, but you seem harmless enough.
Yeah, oh, boy.
I got to hit the ladies' room.
Be right back.
Gregory Burke Jumped off the Mass Avenue Bridge after a long night of drinking in 2018.
He looks like an athlete.
Sophomore linebacker.
Was on the verge of losing his scholarship due to poor grades.
We ruled it a suicide.
I have Chris Spellman.
Got drunk at a pub in Harvard Square.
Slipped on some ice at the crew team's boathouse and fell into the Charles River February 2019.
Did you coordinate on these cases with Boston PD? - Ours was an accident.
- Didn't seem necessary.
They agreed on suicide with Gregory Burke.
Why? We suspect these young men were drugged and murdered by a serial killer.
Hold on, hold on.
This kid was depressed about his grades.
His family was furious because he might lose his scholarship.
His tox screen was clean.
Spellman's just showed high blood alcohol.
Your state MEs were testing for recreational substances Weed, Molly, coke, the usual suspects.
They weren't testing for midazolam.
It's a powerful sedative.
Most likely used to overcome your victims.
But there were no witnesses to anything like what you're describing.
Serial killers are careful, and they're practiced.
They are trying to avoid detection.
It's most likely they were targeted, and they didn't even know it.
Did you happen to see anything like this? It's the One Zero power icon.
There was a lot of graffiti near our scene, but that looks a little familiar now that I see it.
You know what? Something like that was carved into the Harvard boathouse.
It's a calling card.
His name's Ira Kopec, known as the One Zero Killer.
Reopen your cases.
We'll coordinate with Boston PD, and we'll be in touch.
- Okay.
- Sure thing.
This all started here when Ira when in nursing school.
Whatever it's about, it didn't stop when he moved to New York.
Well, it's not uncommon.
James Deangelo, the Golden State Killer, his first victims were in Southern California.
Then he moved to Sacramento.
It's a different location, same pathology.
- He kept on killing.
- He kept on killing.
We know Ira's first two murders were a year apart, but he killed Jake Ferris, and Mark Hilliard on successive nights.
- Something set him off.
- Hey, we just got a lead.
Attleboro PD found the Tahoe Kopec stole dumped in a downtown parking lot.
- So he's on foot now? - Or switching cars again.
Okay, let's start a canvass of the downtown area.
Surveillance cams, witnesses, whatever we can get.
He is in the area.
Let's keep him close.
I'm such a lightweight.
Two mojitos, and I can't drive myself home.
- It's not a problem.
- I can Uber back to my car.
I normally wouldn't trust some rando, but it's been a bad day, and you helped me get better.
Didn't your mother ever tell you "Don't take rides from strangers"? [LAUGHS.]
You're not a stranger, Dylan.
You're sweet.
My new little friend.
You sound like them.
Who? I just wanted your car keys.
And then you called me harmless.
I just meant that you're not I know exactly what you meant! [TIRES SQUEALING, ENGINE REVVING.]
What are you doing? - You snotty little bitch.
- Dylan.
I'll show you who's harmless.
I thought he was going to kill me.
But he just did what he did pushed me out of my car, and drove away.
We're so sorry, Vanessa.
I know this is difficult, but if you could tell us anything about what happened, it might help us find him.
I was alone at the bar when he came in.
Seemed like a decent enough guy polite, well-spoken.
He bought me some drinks, and we talked.
Everything was fine until he was driving me home.
What happened? He was mad about something I said in the bar.
I called him harmless.
He couldn't let it go, and it was like he snapped.
He pulled over, got on top of me.
I tried to fight him off, but I was too groggy.
- Did he have a weapon - A gun or a knife? No.
I just started crying and begging him not to hurt me, just begging him.
- You did great.
You did what you needed to do to survive.
We're ready for you now.
Uh, they want to take me for X-rays.
It's okay.
You go.
Thank you.
You take care of yourself.
Kopec needed to prove he wasn't harmless.
Vanessa gave him his power back when she stopped struggling.
Not a good sign he's targeting women now, too.
She's lucky to be alive.
Next woman might not be so lucky.
So they're all jocks, right? We got two football players, lacrosse, crew.
I mean, maybe it's some sexual fetish? I don't think so.
Kopec was coddled by his mother and overprotected.
He was two years younger than everybody in his high-school class and likely bullied by those same types.
Is this some sort of Columbine thing? Well, that would explain the Dylan alias.
That was the name of one of the shooters.
Screw those guys.
In LA, we didn't call 'em shooters.
We called 'em failed bombers.
Well, maybe Ira saw them as heroes.
How? He would've been in grade school when that happened.
Ira didn't know these victims, all right? Whatever rage he had, they were symbolic of it, and he was taking it out on them by proxy, slowly at first, without anybody knowing.
That's why Vanessa doesn't add up.
Why does he all of a sudden pivot and sexually assault a woman? The One Zero symbol is about power.
Rape is about power, so is revenge.
Ira's escalating because killing strangers in secret isn't enough for him anymore.
He wants to be seen.
He wants to go directly to the source of his suffering and show them who he is.
I think I know who that might be.
According to district records, there were 134 members of Ira's senior class, but there's only 132 senior pages in this yearbook.
Look at this.
He tore two of them out.
I'm guessing you know who's missing.
I found their senior profiles online Nick Preston and Petra Lansgraf.
Both currently residents of Stoughton, Massachusetts.
- Football and track.
- All-star point guard.
So Nick's an athlete? Look at her candid.
They were boyfriend-girlfriend.
Well, Ira's at his endgame here.
We'll cover more ground if we split up.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing here? - I was in the neighborhood.
- Thought I'd look you up.
Can I come in? Um, I'm kind of in the middle of something.
It's freezing out here.
What's it been? Ten years? - Mm-hmm.
I friended you a while ago, but you didn't respond.
Oh, yeah.
I don't check that much anymore.
You have plans tonight? Just work.
Teach yoga now.
Are you still seeing Nick? Nick Preston? [CHUCKLING.]
God, no.
Uh, I haven't seen him since graduation.
He was always a dick to me.
I know.
So why'd you date him? I thought we liked each other.
We did, just not in that way.
I'm not gay.
I know.
Who cares if you were? They did Nick, all of his friends.
They used to call me, Bi-ra.
Remember? Look people are idiots, Ira, especially in high school.
I just remembered that I have to get to the dry cleaner's before they close.
- Why didn't you defend me? - I did all the time.
You were like a little brother to me.
Oh, so that's how you saw me? Like I was a harmless little kid running around? I didn't say that.
Ira, I think you should go.
You need to see something.
Oh, God.
- You didn't know? - Of course I didn't.
Well, you should read the news, Petra, and pay attention to the world and other people.
- Hey! No! - Let go of me.
Calm down.
My neighbor's right next door.
Ira, no.
You're gonna get out of those sweats, and you're gonna put on one of those sexy little dresses you used to wear for Nick.
Don't cry, Petra.
It's a party.
It's gonna be so much fun.
Petra Lansgraf? This is the FBI.
We'd like to talk to you.
- Petra! - Hello? Anybody here? - Clear.
- Clear.
You find Nick? Not home, but Stoughton PD just called, said Kopec's mom's at the station, saying Ira called her all upset, told her he broke into a neighbor's house and took a bunch of guns and ammo.
Said he was planning something big, like he was saying goodbye.
- Jess! - Yeah? Check this out.
Their high-school reunion is tonight.
Starts in an hour.
This is what triggered him.
He's headed to Eastside High School.
Alert SWAT.
Have them meet us there.
No, no, Ira, Ira, please.
Please, you don't have to do this.
- Please.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
As long as you stay here till I get back.
Come on, come on.
No, please, please.
Where are you going? I'm gonna go check out the room and figure out my plan.
What plan? Ira, Ira, who are you gonna hurt? Everybody.
And you're gonna watch the whole thing.
- No, Ira.
Please - Stop talking! I mean it, Petra.
If you leave this bathroom, I will be out there, and I will shoot you down in a second.
- You understand? - [GUN COCKS.]
This way.
All right, let's go, people.
Cafeteria's clear.
That's where the party's supposed to be.
- Building surrounded? - That's him.
Cafeteria's on the first floor.
That's where he's headed.
Let's go.
- FBI! - Drop your weapon! - Ira, this is the FBI! - Come out with your hands up! Talk to me, Ira.
Ira! I know what the One Zero means! We're the ones, and you're the zero! Is that right? Ira? Where's Petra? What'd you do with her? You have the power, Ira.
You have the power, and you need to use it to end this.
I understand that.
We all know how dangerous you are.
You all right? - You okay? - Yeah.
Subject's down.
Let's spread out and go find Petra.
Petra? - Are you hurt? - [CRYING.]
Okay, honey.
It's okay.
Found the hostage in the bathroom.
She's okay.
We're coming out.
- Sarah, please listen to me.
- I drove all this way.
- That was your choice.
- Things are different now.
I haven't had a drink in six months.
- It doesn't matter - Yes, it does.
We can fix this.
- I told you it's over.
- I have a whole new life now.
Everything all right? Yes.
I just don't like leaving Tali in the ring by herself.
I'll be right there.
You need to go.
- I said I'm sorry.
- Please stop.
- Doesn't that count for anything? - Please stop.
You should leave.
Stay out of this.
Now! I'm sorry.
I didn't catch your name.
Jess LaCroix.
I'm Hugh.
And I will leave as soon as I'm done talking with my wife.

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